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How Quickly Does Earthing
Affect Your Body?

Laura Koniver, MD
The Intuition Physician


4 Minutes

In this information-packed video, Laura Koniver, MD a main character of 'Heal for Free' describes the medical effects of Grounding aka Earthing, explaining that any amount of time that you can find to have skin contact with the Earth will provide health benefits for anybody.

No amount of Grounding is too little. As she says, "The effects are instantaneous" - and she is sure that it will never be found that any amount of Grounding is "too much." 


This video practically make you want to jump out of your house and go barefoot, where there is a conductive surface, which transmit the constant stream of electrons, which flow from the surface of the Earth and neutralize the disease-causing free-radicals lurking in our bodies, from environmental toxins, be they chemical or electromagnetic.

She cites the scientific literature that describes the effects upon your organs and bones, your recovery from injury and your immune function.

She describes the medically-tested results of 5 minutes of grounding, 20 minutes, one 8-hr night of sleeping on a bed with grounded bedclothes.

She describes distinct, scientifically-proven results, from a couple of hours of grounding, to a few days, to weeks, to months and to years.

Although she says that "No amount of time is too short," many who watch this will be convinced to go out there and get as much grounding as they can get, for, as she also says, "there is no such thing as too much Earthing."


Video (4 minutes): 

Published on Sep 20, 2014

'HEAL FOR FREE,' is a Transformational Media project that contains a timely, yet timeless message about how Nature Deficit Disorder, including the wearing of shoes, deprive us from the naturally-healing electrons, which constantly flow from the Earth's surface - and how the practice of making regular skin contact with the Earth, like taking walks on the beach or on the grass - or better yet - swimming in natural bodies of water - have the ability to heal chronic inflammatory diseases in 95% of all cases. Sumptuously shot in 35mm with a larger-than-life score performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the film stars Apollo Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, Canadian Environmental Scientist and well-known Broadcaster, David Suzuki, Internet Health Guru, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Earthing innovators Clint Ober and Dr. Stephen Sinatra, his healed son, Step Sinatra, the film’s creator, Steve Kroschel and Laura Koniver, MD.


Earthing Effect on Blood Viscosity

The surface of red blood cells carries a negative electrical charge that maintains spacing of the cells in the bloodstream. The stronger the negative charge the greater the potential of the cells to repel each other, the better the viscosity (thinner!) of the blood, and the better the flow. This potential is referred to as the zeta potential

In this short video clip, you see a demonstration of the effect of grounding on the zeta potential of red blood cells taken from one of ten participants in an experiment published in 2013. The participants were grounded for two hours by means of Earthing patches (electrodes), placed on the bottom of both feet and the palms of both hands, and connected with a wire to a ground rod placed in the soil outside.

In the experiment, a single drop of blood was taken from each participant before and at the end of the grounding session. Each time the blood sample was exposed to an electric field and monitored with respect to the field’s effect on red blood cell movement as seen under a dark field microscope. The image on the left shows red blood cell movement and aggregation (clumping) before grounding. The image on the right was taken at the end of the grounding session and shows the results of the enhanced zeta potential effect: improved red blood cell aggregation (less clumping) and greater red blood cell flow.  

These changes indicate a greater negative surface charge on the red blood cells, a result of grounding, that produces a stronger zeta potential and blood thinning effect.

Technically, among the ten participants in the study the average zeta potential value increased by a factor of 2.70 – almost three-fold!

The implications are significant. Thicker blood viscosity is associated with a number of clinical situations, including hypertension, smoking, lipid disorders, advancing age, and diabetes mellitus. Research has found poor red blood cell zeta potential among diabetics, and poorer yet among diabetics with cardiovascular disease.

The Earthing zeta potential pilot study, if confirmed by subsequent research, indicates that connection with the Earth’s natural electrical charge and surface electrons can promote desirable blood electrodynamics, and specifically better blood flow.

Chevalier G, Sinatra ST, Oschman JL, Delany RM. Earthing (grounding) the human body reduces blood viscosity—a major factor in cardiovascular disease. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2013; 19(2): 102-110.

Beauty: “The Earthing Facelift”
Posted on  November 22, 2014  by Earthing Institute

Facial blood flow-horz

Improved facial circulation (right image) after 20 minutes of grounding, as documented by a
Speckle Contrast Laser Imager (dark blue = lowest circulation; dark red = highest circulation).

One of the participants in an Earthing study some years ago was a woman named Cindy with multiple sclerosis. She, like others in the study, was grounded for about forty minutes. Afterward, she visited the restroom, and then rushed back, a surprised look on her face, to the office where partcipants were being grounded.

“I just took one look at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I saw,” she said. “It was as if I had slept for three days or been on a healing retreat. I looked so much better and younger. I’d been very tired, sad, and stresesed out. I was amazed.”

Cindy’s revelation was not unique. Many other women have made similar comments, even after just a half hour or hour of grounding, or after sleeping grounded. They have noticed a difference. They quickly feel better and look better. They talk in terms of more radiant skin, brighter eyes, and more vitality.

Study: Grounding the Body Improves Facial Blood Flow

Now, a 2014 study published in the online Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications, has demonstrated, for the first time, an improvement in facial blood flow, one of the likely ways that Earthing can potentially − and quickly − improve how you look.

How quickly?

Better facial blood flow was documented within one hour, according to the study. Such improvement implies enhanced nourishment of facial tissues and functions, and, based on Earthing observations over the years, one can expect that continued grounding would generate continuing benefits to skin, complexion, and vitality – in essence, an “Earthing facelift.”

In the study, electrophysiologist Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., of the Developmental and Cell Biology Department at the University of California at Irvine, and the director of the Earthing Institute, used a double-blind model with forty subjects to determine if Earthing can improve facial circulation within one hour. He used both sophisticated Laser Speckle Contrast imaging and thermal imaging to document changes in circulation.

Both techniques showed a clear improvement in facial blood flow regulation from grounding. No such result was found among the non-grounded participants. The laser camera study was published first. The thermal imaging study will be published at a later date.

Participants were individually tested over the period of an hour while sitting in a comfortable recliner chair. The chair was fitted with a grounding mat and pillow. Grounding patches were also placed on both palms and soles of the feet. The Earthing wires used to connect the participants were randomly assigned to either allow or disallow conduction of the Earth’s energy. So individuals were either actually grounded (27) or sham grounded (13).

Dynamics of Better Facial Blood Flow

The results from the laser camera showed a fascinating and clear rhythmicity in the facial blood flow of grounded subjects. Such rhythmicity relates to a more efficient regulatory effect on blood flow by the autonomic nervous system (ANS), and another example of how Earthing contributes to homeostasis and more natural functioning in the body.

As Dr. Chevalier notes in his paper, the ANS regulation of facial blood flow dynamics “brings to mind an analogy of an efficient thermostat that activates or deactivates the heating or cooling system according to temperature fluctuations within the controlled environment. For the body, grounding may contribute to the restoration of regulation by the ANS of the distribution of blood, and therefore needed oxygen and nutrients, to the various organs and systems according to their needs.”

Dr. Chevalier suggests other mechanisms are likely in play as well:

1) Improved zeta potential and blood fluidity. Earthing increases the negative electric charge on the surface of red blood cells, promoting reduced clumping, a more desirable viscosity (blood thinning effect) and better flow. For more information see ourzeta potential study and video clip of blood flow change.

2) Improved overall physiology.

3) A calming effect on the body and normalization of the stress hormone cortisol. Stress has been linked to many skin conditions. In the study, Dr. Chevalier also asked the participants to fill out a standard mood questionnaire before and after each session during which they were either grounded or sham grounded. When he analyzed the answers he found that the grounded group had a more pleasant experience, felt more positive, and was more relaxed. The results correlate with previous Earthing studies demonstrating reduced stress and greater calmness.

4) Reduced inflammation. Observations over the years clearly indicate that wounds and injuries heal faster when the body is grounded, and that the common signs of inflammation are reduced or eliminated.

The new study helps explain also the results of an informal survey conducted at a 2012 women’s wellness conference. The 100 women in attendance had filled out a questionnaire before and after one hour of grounding while seated during a lecture in the conference hall. When their answers were totaled up, about 75 percent or more reported that after grounding they had a better mood, more energy, and an improved complexion radiating more vitality and color. Here are the results of that survey.

There’s an old saying that beauty comes from within. No doubt about that. Now it may be equally correct to say that beauty comes from the ground as well.

The age of the “Earthing facelift” is here!
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Grounding –
Help for Premature Babies?

Posted on  November 5, 2014  by Earthing Institute


 A 2014 pilot study suggests that the health of premature infants may be enhanced by Earthing.

Researchers at the Pennsylvania State University Children’s Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Hershey have reported immediate and significant improvements in measurements of autonomic nervous system

Their study, presented at a 2014 pediatric medical conference, is pending publication. (ANS) functioning critically important in the regulation of inflammatory and stress responses.

Specifically, grounding the babies, clinically stable and from five to sixty days of age, strongly increased measures of heart rate variability (HRV) that indicated improved vagus nerve transmission.  The vagus nerve, extending from the brainstem into the abdomen, is the main nerve of the parasympathetic division of the ANS.  Its offshoots supply and regulate key organs, including the lungs, heart, and intestines.  HRV refers to beat-to-beat alterations in heart rate, and is influenced by the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the ANS.

This is the first Earthing study conducted with babies. A 2011 study demonstrated that grounding rapidly improves HRV among adults, and generates a shift from an overactive sympathetic mode, associated with acceleration and stress, into a parasympathetic, or normalizing and calming mode. If you improve your HRV you can reduce the likelihood of stress-related disorders.

Improved HRV occurred consistently among 20 babies in the new study when they were grounded during testing periods over 20 to 40 minutes.  The improvement disappeared quickly when they were alternately disconnected from the Earth.  Grounding was achieved by adhering a grounding patch on the skin of the babies, while in their incubators, and connecting the patch wire to the hospital’s grounding system.  

Among the babies tested, “grounding raised parasympathetic tone within minutes,” says Charles Palmer, MB.ChB., a specialist in neonatology, and lead researcher in the grounding study. “We obviously need more research to further prove that grounding may enhance vagus nerve transmission and thereby improve stress and inflammatory regulatory mechanisms in preterm infants.”

Dr. Palmer and his research colleagues previously reported that decreased vagal tone – meaning diminished vagus nerve function − is an indicator of risk for necrotizing enterocolitis, a potentially fatal intestinal disorder affecting about 5-10 percent of premature infants.

It is interesting to note that during the last fifteen years research has discovered that the vagus nerve represents a major component of an anti-inflammatory process that helps regulate basic immune responses and inflammation during pathogen invasion and tissue injury.  Among other things, vagus nerve activity helps to inhibit excessive production of pro-inflammatory chemicals.

To date, Earthing has been thought to reduce inflammation as a result of 1) electrons from the Earth neutralizing free radicals involved in chronic inflammation, and 2) normalizing the stress hormone cortisol that has a regulatory effect on inflammation. The fact that Earthing improves vagal tone in adults, and apparently also in infants, suggests a third mechanism for Earthing’s anti-inflammatory impact on the body.

The Penn State researchers also reported that grounding immediately and substantially reduced skin voltage induced on the babies from ambient electric fields radiating from surrounding medical and incubator equipment.  Such voltage may have a stress effect on premature babies.  In a 2005 study, Earthing has been shown to significantly reduce induced voltage on the body.   

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly a half-million babies are born preterm annually, or 1 of every 8 infants.  Preterm means a baby is born prior to 37 weeks of pregnancy. Preterm-related causes of death account for about 35 percent of all infant deaths, and more than any other single cause, and is also a leading contributor to long-term neurological disabilities in children.

More research is obviously needed, however, before Earthing can be considered an adjunct treatment strategy for preterm babies by clinicians.
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To Stay Grounded???

 Such a simple solution!

How did we miss it for so long??

Many people stated that we are like delicate electronic receivers. Our brains that is.

Let's examine this assumption.

In order for any electronic circuit to operate properly, the circuit requires a ground connection. Ground is the reference point in electronics. All voltages in an electronic circuit measured against ground. If the fundamental concept of the theory of relativity would be applied to electronics, we wouldn't have electronic devices.

Ground is the “static force” that is most prevalent, most dominant in our physical world. Even the mighty lightning strikes submit to the static force of ground and ground neutralizes them.

Any electronic receiver, which looses its ground, it will not operate properly. Look at an audio system that lost its ground. It picks up stray electricity and starts feeding it back on itself. Cancer for anyone?

It is logical and reasonable to state, that if we are delicate electronic receivers, then our bodies also need proper ground in order to operate as it was originally designed for. It is undeniable that our physical existence is connected to the Earth (ground or probably to the sea itself) in more than one ways but are we grounded?

The sad and sober answer is that our bodies are not grounded anymore.
When was the last time you were running around bare foot on the ground and how did you feel after it? Did you feel refreshed, rejuvenated?
Because our bodies are not grounded, we are not functioning as we were designed to function!

The lack of grounding of our bodies is the reason why modern men is so screwed up. We look like the Borg drones after a species 8472 attack. We literally lost touch with the Earth (ground). Some say, we lost touch with nature, or we have to get back to nature. Its insane! You were and are in nature already, you just lost your ground! Ground yourself!

Here is the solution to get you back on track again, to reset your electronic circuits so it will operate within its designed parameters! At the same time, you also have to rejuvenate your old conductors within your body so it will conduct electricity and to do this, you need salt. Oh, that dirty, repulsive word!
There are three different methods listed below, how to ground yourself and literally start a new life.

Starting with the best setup.

If you live in an area where you can pound into the ground a “ground rod” (I don't mean a 303), do it. Attach a wire (about 14 gauge stranded) to it and route the wire inside where you sleep. The shorter the wire the better. Make sure the connections are solid and won't corrode in time. Get yourself a stainless steel hose clamp that fits snugly on one of your big toe and attach the other end of the wire to it. Before you go to sleep, put the hose clamp on your big toe and you'll sleep like a baby and dream like you never dreamed before.

Instead of the ground rod, hook up the wire to the metal cold water pipe in your home. Hopefully it has good ground.

This is the least desirable option, because it depends how your place is electrically wired, so do it at your own risk! Get yourself a three prong electrical plug and hook up one end of the wire to the ground terminal. The other end of the wire goes to the hose clamp, which goes on one of your big toes. If I would do this setup, I wouldn't use it during an electrical storm because if there is a lightning strike near where the hydro ground is, the ground itself will be electrified in the vicinity for a short time and you might get curly hair because of the feedback.

By grounding yourself, you eliminate all stray electricity (Eddy currents and all the piggybacked electronic control signals of subliminal nature) within your body/receiver so your body will start to operate properly, as it was designed for. I have the suspicion (can't tell you for sure because I just started doing this) that you'll eliminate the “colds” and “flues” from your life.

“Ground” always takes precedence over everything and we are supposed to be “grounded” beings but we fail to function properly because our rubber sole foot-ware. We insulated ourselves from the ground, our foundation. We are literally short of a wire. We are operating as an “open circuit” and any kind of signal can come into our bodies and alter/influence our makeup and behavior. HAARP and/or microwave towers for examples. Let alone your LCD TVs inside your home.

If your body is properly grounded and able to conduct electricity, you won't be “brainwashed”. It is simply not possible. You will function within the parameters of your designed circuits (DNA makeup) without any invading outside interference and static.

Remember those aluminum foil “hats”? They didn't do you any good, they just extended your “antenna” to pick up even more stray/subliminal nature electrical signals, which were detrimental to your well being. Who came up with that idiocy??? It had to be the controllers of humanity, not the helpers of humanity.
Because we are “body electric”, we also need proper conduction in order to conduct electricity in our bodies.

What do you think our bodies need to be a good conductor of electricity?


Do you recall what those misinformed (genuinely stupid) people and traitors of humanity and disinformation agents tell you constantly? EAT LESS SALT! But you know what? They are right! Why? Because the salt “THEY” give you is the “Kalium salt”, so you should definitely eat less of it.

On the other hand, you can eat as much “Natrium Chloride” (good salt) as you want. Pure Natrium Chloride is banned in Europe. Why do you think THEY banned it?

I'm used to the name of the elements listed in the periodic table. That is why I use “Natrium” and “Kalium.”

Note from Anne:
Use Himalayan Cell Salt.  Get it at any health food store.  I eat gobs of it every day!  I eat it on popcorn (no butter) before going to sleep.  Some people actually take a half-teaspoonful.  It is also a great source of natural minerals.  Remember, vitamins do not work without the presence of minerals!  I have NEVER restricted my salt intake. Before Himalayan, I used Sea Salt... very similar.

In order for your body to be a good conductor, it needs 30 units of “Natrium Chloride” and one unit of “Kalium chloride.” SEA WATER! Keep the 30:1 ratio of salts and your body will have good conduction and consequently good health!

For more info on “good” salt, please read the post “To: What is the truth about salt in your diet for your health?” But be careful, it might not make any sense to you.

You need to be grounded first, before you get it!

Posted by Freewill at 2:23 PM 0 comments


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Through this new "Earthing" science, we can at last see measurable health-enhancing Earth frequencies either reaching and supporting our body-energy, or ... being blocked from our bodies by rubber soles, asphalt, concrete and mechanical vehicles.
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Dale Ratcliffe

Hi Anne,

I was listening to the last conference call and heard you talking about the earthing book and products , I found a site in australa about 8 months ago and bought the bands kit to place around my back, it was very good in relaxing the body and releasing stiffness in my back and joints, you can also wear this at night while you sleep. The leather shoes/moccasins are a good idea for winter, it is very hot and humid here in summer so I also bought a pair of earthing thongs which I wear most of the day at home, they are very comfortable and when I wear them I notice not being tied as much. Sometimes I go barefoot here in summer for short periods of time especially when at the beach, feels good to walk without shoes when you can.
Love Light and Joy
Miss Dale


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Grounding Sandals!

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