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Making History & 
New Beginnings

Making History & New Beginnings

For approximately four years many have followed the extraordinary endeavors of Neil Keenan through numerous highs and lows.

But against all outrageous odds, his  perseverance and utter dedication to the mission have never swayed one bit.  He has held his vision and the deep understanding that he is holding the key and the right IDEAL – save the world.

Remaining steadfast in not allowing his thoughts and plans to be deterred by anyone or anything, he has always known the right way to move ahead.

There have been many opportunities to cause him to walk away from it all – incredible offers from the Cabal to go away, multiple assassination attempts on his life, and a severely painful leg injury for which he was told surgery was needed.

Any one of these events would have been enough for an ordinary man to give up, retire and wish the world good luck.  But he endured, stayed the course and kept pushing and pushing until the doors opened.  And now they have.

Not only has he and his team finally succeeded in opening the doors, the world can now see what is behind them.  Here is history in the making.

Naysayers, hateful betrayers, malevolent detractors, disinfo agents, sycophants, would-be assassins and Cabal criminals:  Rue This Day!

The Bunker Venture

In a historic precedent of enormous consequence, Neil is the first Westerner to ever enter one of the bunkers.  This one bunker (one of approximately 1,000) is a 16-acre, 4-level underground cavern filled with treasures deposited by the “Family” over many years until the present day.

Access to the bunker was not without multiple and unforeseen challenges.  A number of clearances by the Elders were required before Neil, Nelu and Jo could enter the bunker, but they remained undaunted by the long delays, lack of sleep and spare shelter conditions as they waited “on-call” for entry.

They even found some entertainment with listening to the loud mating calls of the indigenous lizards.  (Neil intends to use one of the lizard calls as a ring tone for his phone.)

A profoundly humble, pure-of-heart man, the Elder “gatekeeper” lead them to the bunker.  It is important to note that several years ago Neil underwent a ceremony conducted by the Elders to determine that his motivation was solely for the highest good — his own pureness of heart.  Only with this being indisputably established was Neil allowed to enter a bunker.

Although they were unable to obtain video inside the bunker during this first venture, what Neil and the team found were chests/boxes apparently filled with gold, jewels, museum artifacts, modern global currencies in all denominations (including 2015 US dollars printed by the Federal Reserve), and of equal magnitude, invaluable documents that detail the truth behind some of the atrocities committed against humanity.  (These documents will be used to fortify Neil’s lawsuit when it is refiled.)  If that wasn’t enough, there was even a full-sized helicopter stored inside.

Upon exiting the bunker, Neil was rewarded for his determination and courage.  The Elder gatekeeper presented him with numerous sealed and locked boxes which, as you will see in the video, required serious manual labor to break open.

Precious few have seen these boxes, much less seen them opened, because only a few have ever gotten close to them before.  Most don’t believe they exist but here is undeniable proof that they do in fact exist.  Here is the first disclosure of what one box might contain.

Before the box was opened, Neil joked that with the Keenan Team’s luck, the contents were probably from Al Capone’s vault that was moved to Asia.  In this one box were gold bars each weighing 1 kilogram (2.3 lbs) and worth approximately $50K.  The ravages of time and humidity have created oxidation and mold on the bars, but there’s no question about what lies beneath.

The Elders unequivocally support Neil and his efforts with a solid, long-term commitment to sustain his efforts.  On behalf of the world at large, we humbly thank the Elders for all that they are doing.

With these assets they are compensating Neil for some of his own expended funds and providing the backing to move forward with his operations to restore our world through humanitarian projects.  These beneficent and wise Elders have given him a “key” to enable the opening the Global Collateral Accounts.  Never before has there been such definitive proof that the Accounts exist!

While many people do not believe that there are Global Collateral Accounts, this is because the Cabal and their cronies have gone to great lengths for the world to accept this as truth.  They have everything to gain in perpetuating their programming that our destiny remains in their total control.

They would have us continue to believe that only carnage, terror and violence change the world overnight.  But we give you undeniable proof here and now that righteous and positive global events can and will manifest to transform our world.

It needs to be very clear, however, that this is not about Nesara or anything like it.  When the Accounts are finally opened, there will be much clean-up to be done and there will be humanitarian projects throughout this world, not just in the West where people will procure jobs.

There will be no hand-outs but only real work to be done to restore our civilization and live up to our potential in a reality where our species will thrive in harmony and prosperity.  These are the hard facts and to believe otherwise is nothing but delusion.

Build the Momentum!

For their part, the West must take action toward the ideal and what absolutely needs to get done.  They must find the courage to make a stand against all that is corrupt and bring real meaning to their lives with action that thwarts what is happening — the complete demise of our species.  Neil has risked all to get us to this point.

By example he has shown how one man can make a tremendous difference in this world.  It is now time to be known for your actions; to be known for leaving this world a better place than how you found it; to be known for the great potential that is inside each one of us.  Choose now the legacy that you will leave for your family and the generations to come.

Round #2 – Upcoming

What a spectacular beginning this is!  Obviously there is still an extraordinary amount of work ahead for Neil and the team, and soon the forthcoming ventures into the bunkers will yield video footage for all to see.

In watching this video you will know beyond a doubt that the Global Collateral Accounts do exist and understand how vital, and delicate, this matter will soon be.  We present this to give you an idea of some of the actual painstaking efforts involved, and, true to Keenan style, with a bit of humor.

And this is our Christmas present to you.  God bless us all – Peace and Joy to the World!

“The Opening of the Box” Video Part One

“The Opening of the Box” Video Part Two

“The Opening of the Box” Video Part Three

Copyright © 2014, GROUP K, Ltd.


  1. I humbly thank U & Ur team 4 all U have done & all U are doing! Merry Christmas 2 U & May The Great Spirit continue 2 bless U. Great BIG hugs from Great Gramy J & T @ Fort Hood, Texas. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  2. Today, 12-21, is very relevant 2 me spiritually. But, frankly, I expected it because many relevant things have been happening on dates that are very relevant 2 me spiritually. The Great Spirit has a reason & a time 4 all things. BIG hugs. ~~~

  3. I am so happy to hear what has happened !!!
    Thank you Neil and Team for all your efforts.

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS NEIL and CREW.. thanks for making mine.

  5. one more, I hope everyone can appreciate how long you have held onto this information and not let it slip… I know I do.

  6. You said the news would be delivered before Christmas, and here it is. As of yesterday I was filled once again with a level of doubt. If Neil could bottle and sell his level of determination and courage, he would soon be a very wealthy man. Of course, being that he exhibits this level of determination and courage, he already is an extremely wealthy man. Thanks to Neil and his team for all your hard work. I hope there will be jobs for 60 year old women. I have no immediate family. I have no binding ties. I live from week to week, but I can be tapped with the right opportunity to relocate if necessary. Or, quite possibly there will be work to do right where I am right now.

  7. Thank You Neil for all your hard work. Nelu is strong as an Ox and deserves a hug for all he has done. Bless him! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE KEENAN TEAM !! You’ve all helped make my own Christmas! Many thanks….

  8. Awwwwwwwwwwesome! Woot woot, way to go Group K!!!
    Thank you…. Thank you thank you

  9. To: Ir Soekarno also known as Bung Karno born June 6 1901 and died June 21st 1970
    CC: John Fitzgerald Kennedy born May 29 1970 and died November 22 1963

    You both were going to do the right thing and from my heart and soul may you both now rest in peace. I love you both to eternity!

    • I agree & I noted Nelu opened the box on 11-22; the anniversary of the day JFK was assasinated in 1963. I was 15 & The Great Spirit told me it was a horrible conspiracy that went all the way 2 LBJ & 28 years later the movie JFK came out & in short said it was a conspiracy that went all the way 2 LBJ. Great BIG hugs.

  10. Congratulations Neil and everyone there. You deserve this discovery.
    Merry Christmas to all …you made my day

  11. Happy holidays , Neil , Nelu , Joe and team, wonderful , we love you , have a wonderful Christmas & holidays ,we here ,in the states are standing up spreading truth & solutions.god bless you all there.

    • Thank you very much, Robert!
      BTW, my name is spelled “Jo” (without ‘e’) because it’s short for Johannes, not Joseph. When my grandparents christened me, they thought of the disciple, not the father…

  12. very good Neil, congratulations and thanks at name of all humanity, for your work, effort and sacrifice for us everybody !, we have several humanitary projects in fields of free energy, food, agriculture, natural fertilizers, health, then hope next year 2015 we could make all these true !, for now the fight will continue, and hope we can help you, just ask us, your friend came to know us to our offices here, then we know this all is true !.

  13. Wonderful to see you all in good Spirits, I hope you manage to drink some in celebration for what you have all achieved! … and right on Benjamin’s doorstep, what a finish Neil…!!!


  15. I greatly appreciate the good news and this update of Neil and his team are giving us. Although…I DO wish that there had been even a sentence given to the rest of the good people who have made this happen because all that is happening now was not done by one man alone.
    There are many many spiritual and loving people who have believed in our humanity and have not given up the ship’s goals. I site this because obviously it took a HUGE amount of people to raise frequency of the planet by their own frequency in order for these riches to be released…otherwise, if not correct, I would have to ask…WHY were these treasures not shared before now? WHY did we have to get to the very bottom of the snake pit of horrors and NEED before these treasures were shared? WHY did so many people have to parish because these funds were not distributed before now?
    I can only guess the answer is because humanity as a whole was required to pick themselves up by their own boot straps by raising their frequency. If there is another answer or explanation please tell me so I am not ignorant of the WHYS?
    As much as I appreciate what Neil and his team have done for humanity (wonderful work!) i do not believe we should stop thanking the rest of world’s people who are holding up the globe in meditation and prayer every day…I believe they deserve a sentence of praise here…one man did not do it all.

  16. JUST AMAZING !!!
    Could the team briefly and simply explain for newcomers what opening of the accounts mean in actual practical terms to world’s financial/banking ‘system and to start humanitarian packages for the benefit of humanity in this planet…

  17. What such wonderful news, Neil. This is really an awsome Christmas gift and we thank you and your Team for the magnificent work you are doing to all of us. Please, keep your mission going and never give up.

  18. Congrats Keenan Team!!! All of your perseverance is paying off, thank you and thank our Creator. Wow if that box is 8 layers deep that is 64 1 kilo bars = to roughly 2.7 million. That ought to go a long way in helping you folks finish this. God Speed Neil…

  19. Susan Reeves Oatman

    DECEMBER 21, 2014 AT 5:24 PM

    No matter what happened, you kept on going!!!!!! I always had faaith in you. God bless you and yours. Many, many thanks for all you have done, you are an incredible person!!!!! Because of your determination, so many things in the worl d will be changing and so much better! Thank you so much and have a very Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!!!!!!!!

  20. Thank you, Neil. This is a very significant milestone for your efforts.

  21. I knew that your long silence could only mean one of two things….either you died trying (Ha! not likely, they’d send you back to complete your mission) or you were up to something big…….VERY big! The world loves a tough guy with heart.

    CONGRATULATIONS, NEIL KEENAN & TEAM! Thank you for your valiant efforts. Happy Solstice indeed…a turning point….from today, the Light will be increasing on Earth, overtaking the dark more and more…

    Many Blessings,
    Phoenix Boulay

  22. Good job Neil and team! Keep up the good work as your are a true blessing to humanity! God speed!

  23. Awesome work K man, Keep up the great work, everyone appreciates all you and your crew are doing.

  24. Goood day to all.
    I have always lived from a consciousness of a
    Perfect abundant world, I thought however it
    Was all my imagination, but this makes things
    A lot clearer , and now finally our physical
    World will be aligned with our spiritual world.
    This really is the golden age.
    May god bless everyone. And may the blessings
    Continue , like they were always intended….

  25. The road has been a long and arduous journey, but it now finally shows there is a pot of gold at the end of it!!
    To Mr. Keenan, Jo, Nelu, Lorraine, Richard special thanks to you all, you have served humanity well.
    We rejoice in the great work that has been done, but much more is still to be done, but we are now in the light at the end of a very dark tunnel that has pervaded humanity for far too long.
    Cosmic Voice and it’s members have been proud to have been a part of it, and we will continue to provide support going forward as required.
    Our journey continues with an end goal for me personally, that every child, woman and man is provided with the basics in life, of food, clean water, power and shelter, wealth is only of value if it is applied to ALL the people of this planet.
    This directive must be applied when going forward, yes it is called an ideal world, but the world has real wealth in which to provide it, so why not create an ideal world?
    Let us be the generation that laid the foundations for a prospering, peaceful world with life abundance not wealth abundance.

  26. You did it All of you! Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year.

  27. Bravo!! Neil Keenan team!!!
    Showing us Great Hope, for the Human Race….!!!
    Very interesting packaging..There is a lot to learn about the history of those boxes..
    Blessings to you for Christmas…!
    Thank you.

  28. Great news – and thank you sooo much for all that you have done and are doing. I never doubted your integrity for one moment – this is momentous – and perfect for a Christmas gift – and a Very Happy New Year in 2015!

    Love to you all. Hope you get some time now to recover.

    And may we all continue to play our part – and turn this world around xxx

  29. Thank you Neil. After so many years , this is first proof that those accounts are real. Thank you for shoving us. Thank you for all yours hard work. Thank you and your team.
    Merry Christmas

  30. I hope next time the Family will give you the keys to the locks!

  31. The tyrannies of wealth taken from common humanity and used to enslave us can now be broken, as the iron & steel, of the now retreating Kali yuga, (coarse metals made into proverbial weapons and chains), Now are Yielding on every level to gold of the dawning Golden Age. This unveiling of incomprehensible wealth of noble metals, gems, art….. representing abundance sufficient for All humanity; renders the paper tigers, the cellophane dragons that have long held sway through illusions of wealth… illuminating them into the transparency of the carnival puppets that they are… fakeries that fall before the efforts of Authentic Humanitarians who now may Proceed with the Restoration of worldwide abundant material wealth/health through Wisdom (wise use of the trade potentials/empowerments of this treasure), and thus Enabling full Spiritual Health that has sunk under the fascisms of demonic Oppressions.

  32. Mr K …. THANK YOU for your leadership and selfless act to save us
    Kennan Team … THANK YOU for your sacrifices to deliver us from the evil cabals…

  33. How many years i’ve read from this, and finally i see it!!!
    Back to dignity, once for all!!!
    Thank U K team : D

  34. Here we go for all the doubters out there!….. but mainly the cabal EAT CROW! IT is over for you thugs!

  35. Merry Christmas Neil and team K, what a wonderful way to celebrate the new moon solstice, much love to all.

  36. CONGRADULATIONS celebrate and keep your head and eyes on a swivel. With your success the vultures and hyenas will circle. Blessings, light and love.

  37. Thank you and Congratulations Neil and co. I am so glad that you are alive and well and have finally been compensated and that Nelu is out of jail. Now I look forward to hearing more from you. I would love to work for the benefit of humanity. I have been running my Yoga and Holistic Healing Center for the past several years and am now retired with almost no income, I forgot to provide for me. I have no energy to do anything that supports this present system, but please let me know when and where I can apply to support the New System.

  38. I have always believed that our Creator has a plan for each of us and when he is ready he sends special people into our lives that can educate us and teach us certain lessons. In this case he has sent a very special man who does not take ‘NO’ for an answer and keeps on doing what he feels is right for all of us.’ When the true history books are rewritten the name of Neil Keenan will be in them as one of the men who took our frequencies to the highest points and changed the history of the people of the Earth forever. May our loving and divine Creator keep u safe and continue on your very life changing plan for all of humanity, The Elders chose well my friend and i am so proud to call u my friend, With love and light………stay well my friend

  39. Yeehaw!!! Excellent work Team Keenan! It’s great to see Neil and Nelu together. It’s hard to put into words how we people of the world (I’m speaking for humanity) are feeling at this moment in history. Wow!!! Elation! Lots of love and appreciation for your unyielding devotion to the cause. Absolutely awesome!

  40. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEIL AND TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY YOU could have
    completed this exhausting work!!!! We ALL as a planet of people
    THANK YOU All for keeping steadfast and diligent for our entire population!!!!!!!!!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Many Blessings,

  41. Pretty awesome stuff! The future is exciting indeed! Thank you all for your efforts

  42. Very good news. Exciting times we live in.

  43. What grand tidings! Seems we’re about to have the time of our lives getting everyone taken care of, and healing the environment. Merry Christmas to all, and Happy New Age!

  44. Congratulations!

  45. THANK YOU NEIL AND TEAM K FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! I just can’t get over it!!! I’m speechless! This is the best Christmas present I’ve ever had, way beyond my wildest imagination; there are no words to express how I feel right now. The tears won’t stop.
    I’ve always had absolute unconditional faith in Neil and in all of you. I am so happy and I feel so proud…the good kind of proud; it’s been a long hard road. CONGRATULATIONS to each of you and I send much love and big bear hugs to all of you. Stay vigilant and safe. God Bless you! I keep you in my prayers always and forever.
    live oak xxxxxxx ooooooo

  46. Thank you Neil & crew for all efforts to make this a better world. Bless you and yours and be safe.

  47. Hi, Neil and Team;

    It took awhile to get this update… but it was worth it.
    Congratulations on your success.

    Thanks to the Elders for their help in freeing humanity from the Dark forces who want to deepen our slavery.

  48. The K Group post is unprecedented and will probably be dropping a lot of jaws this holiday Thank you Neil for sticking in there for all of us, this is truly history in the making. Also a big thank you to the team. Without all the hard work you guys have put in we would be in a much different situation. Soon there will be many ceremonious events for everyone to participate in. I am looking forward to our future. To many a great blessing. Have a wonderful and happy holidays.
    - Sincerely Sevren

  49. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  50. Congratulations all.

    However, the box which was opened on film; was created with a great deal of creativity and ingenuity.

    Would it have made more sense to actually take the box apart in the fashion in which it was put together? The box itself probably cost more than Neil Keenan’s transportation to the vault. At the very least it is an heirloom and record of the contents.

    And now it is destroyed. Everything from the engraved stainless-stell plating, to the leaded-glass plate-coverings. Most if not all of the container is now significantly less than the original intention.

    Like I said. Congratulations. In any case, you have at least received physical evidence of what Mr. Keenen has been trying to relate to the public. And it is important.

    I realize you probably will not allow this on your blog, because sensibilities are not well appreciated within the Keenan Team. I have had my posts rejected or deep-six’d before.

    • Hi Paul,

      The exterior boxes symbolize all that has been kept from us by those who would keep us enslaved. Yes, the workmanship is to be admired, however, “heirlooms” like this have no place for display to the world as museum pieces. What lies inside represents our future. There is not one more minute of time to be lost on focusing on anything else.

      If your previous comments have not been posted, then they were not seen as sensible or supportive. There are plenty of other websites for these kinds of comments where there are those who are receptive to them. We have had enough of the unlevel playing field — our site is for our supporters. This is how we choose to devote our time and energy. And we do sincerely appreciate the support that you have expressed here — thank you!

    • Hi Paul, are you the Paul Pollock from Courtenay BC??? Nevertheless, this box has nothing to do with the issue here. I understand your concerns about the workmanship in regards to the packaging but does it really matter??? this demonstration show at the very least how much thought has been put in the packaging of the content. Therefore, you have some sort of art appreciation of it. There is more boxes in there which can be opened with more refine manners regarding other type of tools or with the keys if they are given to Neil and team.

  51. I am . . . so relieved to see this . . . . at last. Love and Best Wishes to you all and Thank you for all the hard work, perseverance, steadfastness, commitment to the dream and sheer unshakable belief in that which is right. I am here to congratulate all of you and to let you know we are here when you need any help. YeeeeHaaaaaw. Peace, Karen

  52. OMG! We have waited lifetimes for this moment. Amazing. I am so happy for you, Neil and company. I cannot wait for the “rest of the story”! God be with you all.

  53. WOW. Neil . If i had the connections like you have I would help you out. Pretty dangerous work. Look at Nelu getting Hurt on the job. And also. Don’t let those guys get off easy. Given them what they deserve. Thanks , Jerry A.

  54. Neil and team, you just made my Christmas in knowing that our Creator is good, in having us in mind for this moments in history. Thank you all for sticking to the plate..tc

  55. I am so glad to be alive to see these earth shattering events take place. It feels wonderful to finally see that brilliant white light for humanity known as freedom.

  56. Michael/The Long Island Man~~~~!!!!!

    DECEMBER 22, 2014 AT 3:09 AM

    “GO, TEAM, GO~~~!!!!!

  57. Give all the glory to YAHWWW WHEY AND NEIL KEENAN AND CREW ! Thanks for e verything. Paul r


  59. Dear KEENAN Team,

    This update could not come at a better time! It brings hope to those who have been on this road for the longest time. Bravo team.

    Best wishes for the holiday!


  60. somas wodi Anisahoni

    DECEMBER 22, 2014 AT 4:32 AM

    What a ironic miracle ….to release that video on the 51st annaversity of the JFK assassination …….then cabal is going to get their just deserts…..oh how sweet it is….praise the great mystery….praise the divine creator….blessing to you men there working so ….oh so long……be safe….thank you for your determination and sticktoitiveness……now lets bring the minds together and tackle the biggest human disaster facing man kind….Fukushima….and stopping the western cabal from starting WWIII…..lets all work together….be at peace and the trust will prevail…sincerely somas wodi Anisahoni….

  61. Hip, hip hurrah a thousand times!

    Great work, great people!

  62. Neal and Team – I never lost faith in you. I knew you were telling the truth, I shared the updates I did receive; however, most came from KP’s blog. For some ‘odd’ (not) reason some seemed to get skipped; or blasted out of my email.

    Anyway, I’m so proud of all of you, even though all I had to share was prayers and lots of ‘love ‘n light’ sent your way. If I had money, I certainly would have contributed. But I finally had to get on state aid, and get a food card. So…that’s my only excuse. That said, sometimes prayers and sending light are just as important. Your safety, and that of the people working with/for you, was and will remain, my biggest concern. Anyway, things will change soon for everyone.

    May you be blessed always, and my our God source keep watching over you. Much love to you all.


    To Neil and his crew I thank you from the depths of my soul you are all true humanitarians, history will remember you kindly. You put a smile on this old lady’s face because I now see a ‘real’ future for humankind. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year

    Just a side note in the third video Neil was decked out in his Irish attire and I got this vision of a Leprechaun with his Gold….it was perfect did you set that up? ;-)

  64. Big Bear Hearts…Thank You All!
    Heaven comes to Earth ~ * ~

  65. I don’t know if anyone else has made this comment because I haven’t read them all, but I wanted to say that without the Elders and their plan for humanity, none of this would have been possible. Saying Thank You to them doesn’t express the enormous amount of gratitude that the people feel for them. And we thank them for trusting Neil and his team to do the work that needs to be done. What they are doing for Humanity is incredible!

  66. BRAVO! After a much needed rest, your journey will continue. My thoughts are with you Neil and your team as you enter the next phase of this fantastic journey. This is the best gift to humanity. Thank you all.

  67. Neil, this is fantastic news. I’m just glad to know all of you are okay. I was worried without hearing for so long! If anything takes a long time again, please just leave a message up on your site and let us know all are okay!

    P.S. Did you just make 3 videos without saying that you’re Irish???

  68. I want some of those boxes just for the fun of trying to get into them.

  69. Neil and Team, I have been a silent fallow’er for some time now, Thank you for all you and your team has done for us, May God always be with you and yours and Keep you all safe. Merry Christmas and Be Blessed in the New Year.

  70. It great to see what you are accomplishing despite the layers of attacks that have been made against you lately. I suspected the slander and character attack on you and Fulford was simply a tactical maneuver by the minions of the cabal to weaken your support and disposition. Lets see what they say now…
    I only became fully aware to the deceptions and crimes against humanity in the last few years and had almost come to the point where I lost all hope for our generation. I have done nothing to even shadow your efforts and accomplishments. However… my concerns, prayers and the efforts I have made to expose the evil that has kept humanity in slavery and oppression and divided at war with each other for centuries, is to try and ensure the future wellbeing and happiness of my children, grandchildren and the generations that follow. It would be fine to leave this life knowing that life will one day become what it was intended to be for the children God.
    It has been proven throughout history, that it only takes a few courageous pure of heart and pure of soul people to change the world.
    I would like to believe this is the time ans that you are the unassuming people that will lead the way.
    Good Luck and Bless you all on your dangerous journey… you will still need plenty of strength to bring light into the darkness and shadows of the evil that has reigned supreme on our planet for so long.
    Kick Some Ass…

    • john reporting in from Ireland It,s great news i,v been so poor and feeling so helpless,, over life on this planet, i have so many dreams i want to live but i can,t even afford the bus not to mind ever affording a car or having my own house . thanks to all the keenan team things can start to turn around now.I have been spreading neils story world wide for years. and to see this now has made me cry with happy tears.to neil what ever has to happen now let it be done i want to help in every way i can, i will continue to spread this great news. and hopefully humanity can come together as a hole in peace and happiness and finally break free the chains of slavery .may the shielding light of love protect ye all.and have a great Christmas Ireland sends it love

  71. Way to go! Victory for, of, by the Light! Here’s to humanity! Well done Keenan and team. Cheers to you all!

  72. Congratulations to the Neil Team for persevering for that is the secrete to successfulness. So happy to see assests coming out of the preverbal box.

  73. Neil,
    Please keep up to great work you are doing. I also love your humor. I request any and all BEINGS for a most benevolent outcome for all the work you are doing to free humanity. You are One great soul.

  74. CONGRATs, Neil & Team (with special mention to Nelu!) !! … just saw this in my email… CHEERS!!!

  75. I started this journey with CAFR’s, which lead me to Green Hilton Agreement and then the NK Team. All I can say is WOW! I’m not crazy after all! I prayed for the day when all the peoples of the world can have proper shelter and clean running water, something this cabal has denied for generations. Godspeed to all who have found their way here, there is much work to be done! That crazy Irishman has done it! Saint Neil? LOL

  76. Congratulations!!!! All of your hard work has paid off! I’ve always enjoyed listening and watching your videos. Can’t wait for the pictures of the bunkers!

  77. The Hidden History of China’s Secret Societies


    Ming (“brilliant”) Dynasty 1368 – 1644 China was world superpower under secret society strength for global exploration, trade and control.

    Qing ( last ) Dynasty 1600 – 1945 China ruled by foreigner Manchu “Manchurians”of north who united tribal regions trying to resist Jesuit western introduction consolidation of power. Secret societies died down as no longer exploring for trade. Post WWII was current control scheme government.
    Continued suppression of secret societies.


    The secret societies claimed a rival order to that of emperor and mandarins.
    One of the most influential of China’s secret societies went by the name White Lotus. The White Lotus sect may have been one of the main ancestors of the Chinese organizations known as the Triads. The Triads were originally members and soldiers of the Tiandihui or “Heaven and Earth Society” during the period of the war between the Ming and Qing dynasties. The Triads’ formation was not for criminal purposes, but to overthrow the Qing and restore the Ming to power. The White Lotus Society may have been one of five branches of the Heaven Earth Society which formed at the Shaolin Monastery from Ming loyalists. The Five branches, known by some as the “Five Ancestors”, were the Black, Red, White, Yellow and Green Lodges. After there was no longer any need for the triads on the battlefield, some high-level military leaders resorted to criminal activity in order to find means of survival.

    The White Lotus reemerged in the late 18th century in the form of an inspired Chinese movement in many different forms and sects.

    One such large-scale rebellion was led by the female warrior, Wang Cong’er.

    In 1774, one instance of a derivative sect, the Eight Trigrams arose in the form of underground meditation teachings and practice in Shandong province, not far from Beijing near the city of Linqing. The leader, herbalist and martial artist Wang Lun, led an uprising that captured three small cities and laid siege to the larger city of Linqing, a strategic location on the north-south Grand Canal transportation route. After initial success, he was outnumbered and defeated by Qing troops, including local armies of Chinese soldiers known as the Green Standard.

  78. Thank you to the Keenan Team. Neil, will you Please be out U.S. President?
    Light and Love, Jan
    P.s. I’ve continuously pray for you and “the team).

  79. The Keenan Team should send all those (opened and mangled) metal boxes (*minus the gold and valuables*) to that meddling hag’ ( ¬‿¬) Karen Hudes. At least she can then make a few shekels from recycling the tin and steel.

    • Always nice to hear from someone who thinks of others, Gary. lol!

      • It is wonderful when other people think of others. While I have no knowledge, thoughts or comments on jhaines6, I most appreciative of your video talking about the journey and all the people you have worked with over the past four years. Lots of love to the Neil Keenan Group; and, to you Neil Keenan with Irish luck.

  80. Another Canadian Fan

    DECEMBER 23, 2014 AT 1:45 AM

    Way to go you guys!!!
    2015 is going to be a great year now that you have opened the door to goodness. Damn the cabal and good riddance to them all and their minions.
    Thanks for confirming my instincts Neil. I believed in you right from the very beginning and have never wavered a speck. Poor Jean, she must feel like a fool.
    Best wishes for a happy Christmas and new year.. you deserve a long rest. Maybe you can hitch a ride on Santa’s sleigh to the North Pole and get a real long rest there outta sight.
    Love you guys!!! Wow! Good work!!!

  81. This is wonderful news and I’m happy for you Neil and Team. But this is the time to become more careful and vigilant I fear. Now that they ( the Cabal) know what you have they will be after you guy’s relentlessly and try every trick in the book to separate you from the gold etc.. etc.. Please, please, please be extra careful and alert. I would be so disappointed to hear that something tragic has happened to anyone of you now. Good luck and stay safe

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