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DECEMBER 17 2014


Zorra and Zaraya have arranged to have...



Tuesday - December 23rd!
5 PM Pacific - 8 PM Eastern

All callers must be under the age of 12

Yes! They will speaking with the REAL Santa
Speaking from the North Pole!

Channel:  Nancy Tate




December 17th

Zorra tells about the reality and history of Santa Claus
Dinarland update - Are we now "Galactic Humans?"
Will trusts be needed with new governnance?
Solstice and Masculine/Feminine Energies?
Will the energies continue to increase? How cope?

Web page: blogtalkradio.com/hollowearthnetwork
Telephone replay:  1 –209-255 1099 + 439724# Ref 97#
Total Broadcast Minutes: 1:15:36

Intro Music
Beginning dialogue

Anne:    It sure is, isn’t it? [referring to lyric] If you heard Tony’s call today, it’s a new world coming.

Welcome everybody. This is Anne DeHart in southern Arizona welcoming you to our Wednesday night catch-up with Zorra from Hollow Earth.

Zorra will be speaking to us as he has been for almost four years now, speaking to us through the surface body of his son, Zaraya, who’s been up here, volunteered to be the communicator between the surface and the Hollow Earth civilizations. It only took him about 60 years to find the right group and that’s us, guys!

Our First Introduction To Zaraya

April 2nd of 2011, six of us were introduced to Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, also known as Zaraya.
Two weeks later, Zaraya introduced us to his father Zorra for the first time. And at that time we knew there was about 100 who knew and now of course there are thousands globally that love both Zaraya, Zorra, and our dear Quazar who holds it all together for us.

Quazar and Zaraya are standing by. If you want to know more about how this all began, go to BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork and in the featured episode you'll hear Zaraya tell his story in his own words.

So with that we only have an hour here and hands are up. But before I hand it over to Zaraya -- because he’ll just hand it right back to me -- we’ll do the invocation. So let me have one more sip of my hot Ovaltine. It’s been a pretty rapid day, a very short day. Lot’s to do. Okay.



We’re first going to do the Violet Flame. And as those of you who have been with us since we started the invocation a few months ago, you are aware that the Violet Flame is a special dispensation from the divine realm to those of us here, volunteered here on the surface. Challenged in many different directions, sometimes unhappy with our response, thinking we could have done better. That's the idea, folks: to be challenged. And if we make a mistake we’ll never forget it, we've learned from it, and we can help others, but we don't have to dwell on it. We don't have to let it hold us back. And that's what the Violet Flame is. This particular Violet Flame affirmation came from the St. Germains’ group of 12 books, the I AM Discourses that he dictated through Godfre Ray King.

My mother and grandmother studied the I AM Discourses. (I guess I picked the right entry into this world.) And we're going to do a short affirmation with the Violet Flame that has the ability to release us from these binding, troubling energies that just won't let us go forward. We are caught in them. We don't have to be. And it doesn't have to be something that happened a long time ago, it could be something you just did today and you’re stomping your feet over. “I don't know why I didn't blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” Just let it go. So let's do it right now.

Let us stand with our feet flat on the floor, hands at our sides, palms facing our dear Terra. We came here to help her relieve all that she has been subjected to by calling on the Violet Flame. We’re going to do it just once but when I did my meditation today, I repeated it four times very thoughtfully. And here we go.

I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame, now and forever, consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic record.

It's simple and it's right there on the home page of HollowEarthNetwork.com along with the visual of an individual with these soothing Violet Flames all around that figure consuming and transmuting, changing his troubling energies into love and release. So just take a look at that.

There is also a page called St. Germain Quotes where you’ll learn more about the Violet Flame and how to put it to use. That's why St. Germain gave it to us. He paid his dues on the surface; he knows what it's all about. And that's why he gave it to us.

Now we will do the White Light Of Protection as dictated to us by our beloved Lord Ashtar, a very close friend of mine. Lord Ashtar dictated it through his twin flame, Pallas Athena, another very good friend of mine. They are extremely careful when they do these dictations: Pallas Athena reads it back word for word. And when I do a typed transcript for her as she reads it, she catches me in even little words like ‘is.’ So this is, the White Light Of Protection, that Lord Ashtar wants us to utilize especially in these end times. And here we go.

Standing with our feet flat on the ground, this time our hands above her head, palms together, fingers pointing outward toward our own I AM Presence. That's where the white light comes from. It's between us – because it's an inside deal – it's between us and our own I AM Presence. Nobody can just plunk a tube of light over your head. It doesn't work that way. This is where we take responsibility for ourselves and we always go to our I AM Presence. Feet flat on the floor, fingers pointing up. And as I say it, I like to spread my arms down and just draw this healing, protective, White Cosmic Light Substance like a soothing, protective cocoon. So let's do it now. And remember it is pillar. It's not a tube. It's not a bell. It's a pillar. Solid. Here we go.


Beloved I AM Presence,
Intensify your protective pillar of pure white light cosmic substance in, through, and around me.

Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.

Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it.

This morning when I was doing my meditation, I added this last little one that is encouraging. If you have Unveiled Mysteries From St. Germain, this comes from pages 11 to 13. He gives a meditation and says that if you will do this for 30 days, you won’t need proof; you will be the proof. And if you want to get that book, just go to our St. Germain Quotes page. It tells you how to order. I grew up with this. On page 13, I believe it is, up at the top right:

I AM a child of the Light.
I love the Light. I serve the Light.
I live in the Light.
I AM protected, illumined, supplied and sustained by the Light.
And I bless the Light.
So be it.
It is done.

And now we’re going over to Zaraya and Quazar and Zorra and possibly Saryya.

And off we go, folks. We are on a short time line here but we do like to do these invocations. So I’m opening the line and expecting to hear from Quazar and Zaraya.


Quazar: Hi there Lady Nada/Anne. Getting ready for the holidays are we not? Well, for many. And hello there to all of you, our beloved brothers and sisters. It is a time for great celebration, I know. We feel it already. Many of you are already feeling the intensity of the energies that are really flowing through. Just embrace it. Rest if you need to rest. Drink lots of water. And enjoy because you know what it's doing, it's really helping to raise the vibration and the consciousness of our beloved Terra and all that is on top of or in her. [Chuckling].

So I think Zaraya might have a few words before we bring Zorra in, since we only have an hour show. And here’s Zaraya.


Zaraya:    Okay. And how are you doing Lady Nada?

Anne:    I am just doing fine. I'm going to kick back and enjoy the show.

Zaraya:    Last week we had said that we may have a visit from Santa, but he's kind of tied up with something, so I don't think he's going to make it this time around. But we'll just see what happens.

We listened to Tony's call today and it was awe-inspiring and also very positive. So they're just sitting on the edge of their seats, I guess is what everybody's doing right now, waiting for that announcement. So that's what we’re all doing. So I guess we'll just keep on waiting for that. That's all we can do.


Selfless Gift To Us Was “Worth It" To Him
I want to talk a little bit about giving. I gave of myself back in 1951 with my twin sister, when we volunteered to come to the surface on a mission.

We didn't have to do it; we weren't forced to do it; we did it willingly because we knew that it was important; that the information had to be gotten out, be released. We were really sorry to hear that Adm. Byrd was suppressed from giving out information that he was given to give to the surface.

Let's think about that for a minute.

He was given a gift to bring to the surface world. And that gift was a gift of healing all manner of diseases that were present on the planet during that time. All the illnesses that were known to man at that particular point in time, he had the formulas for and written notes of what they needed to do to put these formulas together to rid the planet of disease. And they put it on a shelf! And that is just… [incredulously] wracking my brain.

Why would they want to keep that from the world?!? But that's what happened. So, we were asked to come to the surface and we did willingly.

And I think if I was back in Hollow Earth and I was asked to do it again, I probably would! [Laughter]

Quazar: Right answer!

Zaraya:    Yeah, I probably would. Because, I mean, the people of the Earth are worth it. You people are worth it. You’re worth the pain and suffering that I went through when I came up here. And it kind of reflects back to the persecution that Sananda went under. Not the same thing but similar. But the disbelief and name-calling and things like that, it was just … Well, we all give in one way or another to the goodness of man, you know to the goodness of mankind, a gift to mankind I guess is what I’m trying to say.

But when I went through what I went through and was asked was it worth it: Yeah, it is.

So with that, I'm going to shut up and let my father come through because I know you want to hear him more than hear me. But that's fine! Anyway, so I'm going to turn it over to Quazar, and I'm going to go bye-bye. I don't know where but I'm going bye-bye.


Quazar:    Okay Zaraya, we'll see you later.

In this time on the surface, it really is a most auspicious time. And when we think back, as we think about Christmas or the holidays, (because there are many holidays besides the Christian holidays – you know, there is the … oh, I forget what it's called again – specific different holidays even Hanukkah as well as the Muslims also have a very special holiday around this time … I forgot the name, and others,) people around the world in one way or another are celebrating this specific time on this planet. And it is very interesting that some of the things that are going to be happening are happening around this time.

But I think I see Zorra here in front of me. I think I'm going to go ahead and let Zorra speak.


Quazar:     So Zorra, welcome.

Zorra:    Indeed beloved master. And how be you Lady Nada?

Anne:     Oh just wonderful. Zorra. It’s good to hear your voice. Thank you so much for joining us.
Zorra: You are most welcome.

We had attempted to do what is termed as to line up what is termed as an audience with the Santa Claus. I even went to what is termed as to ask Zaraya to contact the prior person who had channeled Santa Claus. And of course that was not able to be done. No answer. Anyway, but, we may or may not have a call next Wednesday. It depends if anything can be lined up for that.

But anyway, so, being what is termed as Christmas falls on Thursday, and Christmas Eve is on Wednesday, and then what is called New Year's Eve is on a Wednesday, so that will also be canceled for that purpose and for in honor of that celebration.

But you might be quite busy anyway because of that … because of the RV.  [emphasis added!!!!]

And of course there's only a few short days between now and the Yuletide and we are hard pressing to get that accomplished before your Christmas Eve … before Santa takes his epic journey.

A Little Santa History

And of course he's not going to be using the elusive aeroship this year, he is going to be using the reindeer and of course, the traditional sleigh. He enjoys doing that occasionally, not always but occasionally. I mean, you must understand the sleigh is thousands upon thousands of years old.

Quasar:     So that makes Santa thousands upon thousands of years old? (Zorra: Of course.) Hmm, well how old is he in our time frame?

Zorra:     Well the original Santa is well over what would be termed as 3000 years old. However, there are ones that have come after him that have taken up the reins so to speak or the torch has been passed to them. So there are actual multiple Santas, but still the original is still around. And just as jolly as he was before.

And occasionally he even visits on occasion, he actually has visited what is termed malls, shopping malls as you term them. And there was a proper, what is termed holiday film that portrayed his essence in a way, because he appears to people according to their race, in their color, in their what is called their understanding. So he is not just white; he is black and he is red and he is yellow. He is whatever color the child sitting on his lap happens to be. So it is a wondrous thing to see.

Quasar:    So he can shapeshift.

Zorra:    Of course he can. He can shapeshift quite easily. And he can change what is called his voice. And he can change his language, as simple as blinking an eye.

For he knows all languages no matter what they are. And of course people have experienced this wondrous thing to happen. So it is perplexing they do what is termed as have a Santa at the malls and specifically what is termed one called Macy’s, that one in particular is one of his favorite stores.

So enough of talking about Santa.


Zorra Says It Again! RV Before Christmas!!!

Let us get down to what the call is. We have what is termed as I have said, we are pressing hard to get your blessing accomplished so if all goes according to divine order, to divine plan, you should have your blessing before the what is called the Santa hour. As you term it. And we are pressing very hard to have that accomplished again.

Quasar:     Zorra, can you elaborate as to what is just … I know Tony has said on the call that it should be done in a couple of days. Completely.

Zorra:    Yes, well it is done. It just hasn't been what is termed fully released. Is that the term? (Quazar: Announced) Announced. But you must understand the Dinarland and what is called the Admiral’s Group must be what is termed exchanged before the general public. So they are really trying to put together that scenario as you term it.

Yes my love, I hear you. Goodbye.

Anyway, I just said goodbye to Quasar. Because she is leaving and my beloved Saryya is about to enter. So I will have her speak momentarily.

So it is a joyous time to be on Earth and many people are saying as the one farmer has said [speaking of a rancher who called to dispute the definition of "done"], we say it is done but it is not done because it is not in his pocket.

We Need To Be In Supportive Agreement and Have Patience 

Understand, much of what is transpiring depends upon everyone as a whole to agree on the same thing: the reality of the RV. And because it doesn't happen in the time frame in which the farmer wanted, then he is disheartened and he is disappointed, and then he begins to blame peoples. Primarily me. But I do not begrudge him his feelings it is his feelings and we are not going to debate that. But he needs to have what is termed patience and of course he has heard that before. So anyway, I'm turning it over to my beloved.


Saryya Speaks on Giving

Saryya:    Hello beloved children, beloved ones. This is a beautiful time for everything to unfold for all of you, for each of you, for all of mankind. For our beloved Terra as well. So see things as far as events to take place. So we shall have the RV which is completed. It's just the minor things now that are in place. But not to worry. Remember ‘worry’ is no longer part of your vocabulary. (Zorra: Or shouldn’t be.)

So, we hope that at this time as you go within your heart or as we call it your heart-mind, that you have within your heart, in your thoughts, your thoughts of giving, the thoughts of pure love, to be able to extend from within and throughout this world and throughout the cosmos. For we of the cosmos, feel it from all of you.

We would like to say thank you. Thank you for giving of yourselves as well. Sananda has done so. Many, well all of your Ascended Masters have also given. And many of you who know who you are, that you are also aspects of these divine beings, whether angelic or Ascended Masters or many from all the different universes and galaxies that we have. All of you that are cognizant already of who you are, really versus being in your physicality, have come here to volunteer and to give.

Therefore, all of us as one, have given so much at this time to each other. And especially for those that are on a particular tiny little planet called Earth… [Zorra in background: Terra]  Yes, my beloved says Terra. The rest of the world knows our beloved Terra as Earth, Mother Earth.

These are the times and many of you now do not belong to a church per se. Many of you have denounced or do not feel it is complete in their teaching. Many of you over time have realized that you are part of a greater whole, the greatness of the cosmos. So you are beyond what you have learned all these eons, these thousands of years.

And we thank as well, in particular, our beloved Sananda. For he was also a great turning point for this beloved Terra, so that you could be where you are today. As my beloved Zorra also was very instrumental that he volunteered that we be here with all of you now.

Know Thyself

And so there is much again to be of giving in terms of all the different ones that you are in touch with. At these times because you beloved Lightworkers and Light Warriors and Star Seeds etc. etc., Galactic Humans we call you now. It is now the time to really know who you truly are. You have volunteered to give to this particular, to give of yourselves to this particular time and age. And it will not stop.

However, you will now soon become your Galactic Humans that you truly are. And this is the time to begin, to be who you are; the love truly, the gods and goddesses of love that you are, that you are galactics, that you know that you are one together, at this time.

Giving of Ourselves And of The Cosmos

And that you give when you give, you are giving not only of yourselves, you are giving as well from all of the cosmos where you have come from: the different star systems, the different galaxies where you have come from. You bring forth from those parts of the cosmos to this Earth.

You embrace all that is here upon beloved Terra. You are raising their consciousness and their vibration as well. So yes, your mission is just beginning now. Your true mission is beginning now as Galactic Humans now, and no longer in just the physicality that you have been held in so to speak.


So we enter into this realm where we are one with together as just brothers and sisters. Indeed. For you are gods and goddesses just as we are. Just as Sananda, just as all of our Ascended Masters. It is a great time for giving because we know how much you have given, and how much more you are going to be giving as well to each other.

Oh, of course, and receiving. For when you know that when you give, you also receive back a thousand fold.

Zorra:     Indeed. And of course we have not many minutes left on this call…

Saryya:    But before we do that, perhaps you can tell us what Sananda would like to say to our beloved ones.


Sananda Taught Us To Give Without Reservation

Zorra:    Well Sananda agrees upon what we have been saying, as it is much better to give than receive. And of course that is a fact. And of course he gives without reservation. And that he is one also being instrumental in the processing of the RV as well. He is working behind the scenes just as diligently as we are. So we shall see what shall occur. Anyway.


Prime Creator’s Message

Saryya:    We are not going to be… Beloved since we will not be here until after the big celebrations, how about a little message from our beloved Prime Creator.

Zorra:    Prime Creator duty.

Saryya:    Well, I'm sure he has a couple of words. A couple of words.

[Zorra transforming]

Prime Creator: It is I, Prime Creator. And I tell you this, one simple phrase: The Healing is Done. That is all I need to say.

And so it shall be.


[Zorra transforming back]

Zorra: Well, I don't think we do have to do what is termed as a do a Healing Pulse! [Laughter]

Saryya:    Well it is a done!

Zorra:    Indeed. It is. Anne… questions.

LISTENER QUESTIONS   Q&A ----------------

Anne:    Well, yes, we have a lot of people waving at us here on the screen. And if you're ready I'll see if I can just scoot right through them. We're asking everyone to be very specific and prompt and please don't linger because there’s others waiting. We have about eight people.


Gratitude Makes It Happen

661: Hi. I want to say thank you to everybody that volunteered to get us here. I just want to say thank you. And then I just want to say that today I felt like it’s gonna happen! And I might not be the only one that feels like afraid to believe that that's really going to happen, right now, because of being disappointed again. [becoming emotional] And then I felt bad that I even feel that way. But I want to say that I really feel like it's going to happen. [choking/tearing up] . That's all.

Zorra:     Indeed. [Indeeds all around]

Anne:     Well I know that [caller] has put herself on the line with her family and many can agree with her. They're right there with you. We all have had to stand by our truth but we can't force it on people. So we just have to allow them to be where they are for right now. We support you. It is done just as we've been told. It’s unfolding as we speak.


Testimony of Love Working and Gratitude in Action

843:     Hey Anne, Zorra, Saryya. I just want to give a quick testimony. My friend whose home was supposed to be forclosed on and auctioned off. There was supposed to be a letter was faxed out on the fourth, it’s in resolution right now. And there was a lot of love sent to the universe to the ones that came against him.

And there was something else that touched my heart the other day personally, I caught the last minute of the news. There was an individual or some people that went into the Missouri Police Department and they were…

Anne:    [Anne interrupts, referencing odd noises] Oh we’re getting some feedback here. Yeah Zorra, this feedback is indicative of interference from the Otherside. Is there anything you can do about that?

Zorra:    Send them love.

Anne:     Okay because that happened some time ago and it turned out to be interference from the Otherside. And we want to hear what [caller] is saying. Yes. Okay.

843:     Well, I was just saying I caught about 30 seconds of the news CBS World News and something really touched my heart and I just want to state what a person or individual had done. I don't know who did it or maybe a group. But there was a $1000 secret Santa Claus mission that was given to all bunch of police officers and they randomly just give away $1000. It was beautiful and I just wanted to testify to what happened. It happened in the state of Missouri and I thought it would be something to raise our joy in our hearts.

Anne:    Yeah, the whole world has transformed.  Isn't it something? It's beautiful. Thank you Thanks for sharing all the good news. Those are good Christmas stories.


708:     Anne, can you hear me? I did not put up my hand, but this is [caller] from Chicago. As long as you got me I just want to wish everybody a blessed holiday. And the blessings are upon us and like [caller] said in Washington, I feel the same thing: it's just hours away.

Bless everybody and bless you so much for being with us these whole four years. Anne, and you and your family have a blessed holiday also. That's all he needed to say.

Anne:     Aww, thank you [caller]. I guess you were meant to say that because your line was open and you came through beautifully. Thank you we could feel it coming from your heart. We felt that.


770:     Namaste and happiest of holidays to all of us! We have been waiting for this for a long time.

I just have a question actually for Saryya. Last week I asked Zorra for his take on the twin flame scenario, and she cracked up … Zorra, you laughed a little bit [too]. I missed the joke. What was funny about that?

Zorra:    Again?

Anne:    Yeah, I don’t understand.

770:        Well I asked Zorra to give me his take on the twin flame scenario and Saryya burst out laughing in the back and Zorra kind of laughed a little bit …

Anne:    Well you asked them how long they’ve been together and they said ...

770:        Oh no. No, not them, Anne, just the whole scenario of the twin flame. But if you guys don’t remember, not to worry, not to worry.

Anne:    I remember someone asked them and it was beautiful because they said we’ve been together since the beginning of time.

Zorra:    And the twin flames have also been in existence since the beginning as well.


Twin Flame Dance on the 21st

Anne:    You know speaking of twin flames … you breaking up a lot [caller] so I’m going to go ahead and speak right now.

There was a communication through Metatron saying that on the 21st which is Sunday, there’s going to be some incredible masculine and feminine energies entering our space here and it’s going to be almost like a dance between the twin flames. Do you have anything to share about that energy that’ll be coming through on the 21st in regard to the twin flames?

Zorra:    The Winter Solstice is going to be extremely powerful. More powerful than the one before.

Anne:    Oh my.

You know I think that caller was concerned that she asked a serious question and people were laughing. I think she felt they were laughing at the question. But I think is that happened, the two of you were joking about who was going to answer this, like you often do. And I think that was what the caller was asking clarity on. I’m moving on because I think we sorted that one out.


Zorra:    Anne, the what is termed as the twin flame question, the what is called the Winter Solstice is going to bring about what is termed an awakening as far as what is termed twin flame. Many twin flames will be revealed to those that are expecting them.

Anne:    Oh my! Well, Pallas Athena and I are getting indications from our twin flames.

Zorra:    Indeed. Next question.


Trusts in the Post-RV, Common Law World

720:        Hi. I’m glad to have your call tonight, very much. I’m very appreciative of everyone’s effort in so many ways.

I have a post RV question that other people might be interested in. The one question is, is it true that we don’t need trusts? Did I hear that correctly?

Zorra:    It is a personal what is called decision as to whether you want to have a trust or not.

720:        I think I heard it from another source thru Zap or maybe it was Poof about trusts wouldn’t be needed and I didn’t know if the bank accounts that we open for the RV would somehow have containers. I didn’t understand that.

Anne:    May I just add a little something here to maybe put some clarity on this. Since we’re moving in, once the RV happens, the next event will be the new governance, and the new financial system, Common Law will prevail with NESARA Law and I don’t personally see how a trust written under English law right now would have any place in where we’re headed. That’s my opinion.

770:        Well there are Common Law trusts that people have been doing and I think I had one and the IRS went after the people who created it.

Anne:     They did. I spent thousands of dollars on trusts, yes.

Let’s see what Zorra says. I didn’t meant to interrupt but it just seems in my opinion irrelevant but that’s my opinion. I do know we will be having to take into consideration the new government and the new NESARA Laws and Common Law. So Zorra, how would that all go together?

Zorra:    Well, what is termed as you have when what is termed the new governance takes over, then many what is called programs that are present now will be replaced with others that will pertain to the Republic. Now such as the IRS, such as Social Security, such as retirement and things of this nature. Having to do with Federal Reserve banks and things of this nature. All that will be either absorbed or dissolved, one of the two.

Finally! Gold-Backed Currency

And many peoples who are on these programs from the federal government are going to be in a panic when this occurs because suddenly they are going to get notification from what is termed Social Security and what is termed as retirement and things of this nature that they can no longer be paid in their federal reserve notes.  It is going to cause many people to panic which is understandable. However, when the new governance takes over then of course it will have new what is termed gold-backed currency.
Which is much more valuable than the paper fiat money.

770:        Yeah, I understand that. Right now in the tax law, there is like a little over 5 million gifting limit that you have to pay a higher tax if you gift over 5 million. And I know there’s a lot of Dinarians and people with other currencies who want to give much more than 5 million but it also brings them into being taxed an extra tax for doing so.

That Pesky IRS Again

Zara:    But you also are doing when you term beloved master you were also bringing into play what would be the IRS. And the IRS at that time will be a non-issue.

770:        And I've looked into the new paradigm investing things and even the green investing groups. They don't have a big enough vision for me. Will there be groups opening up to help people do investing that supports free energy and all those things?

Zorra:    I will let my beloved answer that question.


Much Assistance Will Be Provided for our Missions

Saryya:    For those of you that have projects or missions that you would like to accomplish as we have said before that you should have some plans for the prosperity that you are going to be receiving soon. Therefore, go ahead and begin to write your plan; go ahead and research and do the investigations. When the time comes, you know, Disclosure is around the corner. Your mentors will be here to assist you. They will help you with the greater involvement that you desire to bring forth as part of your mission on this planet.

Zorra:    And bring forth the green prospects as you term it. There will be much what is called enlightenment that will be coming forth at that time. So the questions that you have concerning green issues or call it green companies and things of that nature. Will be answered at that time. And they will also have guidance from on high, as well.

770:     Oh, that’s a great relief. Thank you.

Anne:     [Caller], I think that was a good question, and we don't have to feel like we have to instantly get rid of it the minute we get it. Because that will be the beginning of a transition time and we're going to be moving into a whole new set of boundaries and rules and no rules and releases of technologies so there's going to be a lot more choices. So don't look at today's choices because there is much coming off of the shelves as Zorra’s told us. So don't be too eager to just hurry up and find a place to put it. Let things unfold and your heart mind will know what it wants to do.


Gratitude and Love

864:        Hey Anne, Hey Saryya, Hello Zorra. Good evening, everybody.

Zorra:     Indeed beloved master and how be you this day?

864:     I am doing wonderful. How about you?

Zorra:     Now tell the people why you are doing wonderful.

864:     Because I, on the Solstice, I usually celebrate the Winter Solstice Yule as most of us pagans do. I will be working with Mica and Metatron, his father, in working on bringing in and anchoring those feminine and masculine energies. (Zorra: Indeed) And mind you I didn't even read the message, I just asked Metatron for what was the long and short of it. And I also wanted to wish all my pagan family blessed Yule, and all of my Christian family, Merry Christmas, and everybody happy holidays! (Zorra: Indeed)

It is truly a time of celebration! (Zorra: And gratitude!) One that is loooong overdue. Yes, and very much gratitude for everybody who has worked behind the scenes. (Zorra: Indeed) And that's all I had wanted to say. I'm out.

Blessed be to everybody. Happy holidays. Let's enjoy the celebrations.

Zorra:    What is termed Happy Christmas.

864:        Ah yes, that too. Happy Christmas.

Anne:    [laughing] I love your message. Thank you for that. Good night sweetie. That was beautiful. Thank you.


Anne:    Going to 623. That'll be our last call. Come on. We hear noises but we don't hear you. Looks like you are not attending your telephone. The telephone is with us, but you are not. Okay I’m going to close the line.

That's it. Zorra. Oh, there's a couple of others that just popped up.

Zorra:     Go ahead.

Anne:    Okay now these are the last two. Don't take advantage of Zorra.

479:     Thank you very much. Happy holidays to you all. I have a question about after the RV happen and I bring money to the bank to exchange. Do I have to bring all the money to the bank or can I bring one time and then come back another time? And can I bring money in one Bank America and some in City Bank?

Zorra:    It matters not where you bring it. Do what is termed as what makes you feel better to do. You can do what is termed as bring more forth but you must also understand, what is termed as a contract rate will be a one-time thing. After that, you'll have to settle for what is termed as market rate.

479:     Oh okay. And one more question. I heard we will have new money and backed from gold so how would they change from the regular dollar to the new dollar? What would be the difference?

Zorra:    No federal reserve logo on it.

479:        No, I mean. We'll have to bring regular dollar and change to new money, right?

Anne:    Exchange the federal reserve into gold-backed, you’re talking about exchanging?

Zorra:    That will be what is termed exchanged before you even … at that time. It will not be an issue because when is termed as the federal reserve notes will be no longer used. And so you will be receiving the gold backed money instead.

479:        So after RV we'll use the money to help people and the rest to buy gold?

Zorra:    That is up to him.

479:        Okay thank you very much. Happy Holiday.


The Incoming Energies Are Making Her Crazy!

818:        Last Wednesday, it seems that the planetary was accelerating too fast. It was so rapid. What did happen on that day after midnight? On Wednesday because everybody was dizzy and myself, I got very, very sick from these energies. What did happen?

Zorra: Indeed. The energies that are coming forth are transmuting the human body to that of an alkaline body or a crystalline body if you will. And your bodies are being transformed from the inside out to what is termed to a crystalline-form, crystalline-based body. So that is what is transpiring, beloved.

818:     Yeah, but last Wednesday it was so rapid like my head was spinning. So is my eyes my eyes were going crazy, it was so fast. So where are we now?

Saryya:    Where are we now? (818: Yes) Could you explain that? We do not know what you are meaning: where are we now.

818:        Why was it so fast that day? It was like going crazy.

Saryya:    Well you understand that there was a portal that was opening up that week. Do you remember? So therefore, any time a portal is opening up, that is a pouring forth of energy. (Zorra: Intense energy.) And therefore many of you that are very sensitive to energy will feel the intensity of it. It was being again in preparation for your ascension. And so, therefore, on the Solstice coming up, again prepare and brace yourself for more energies to come forth.

818:     Is it going to be too fast?

Zorra:    It is going to be much more powerful.

818:        Oh my goodness I don't want to get sick.

Zorra:    What is that? Do not manifest that term ‘sick.’ You will make, beloved master...

818:     [speaking over Zorra] It make my stomach turn.

And By The Law Of Attraction …

Zorra:    Beloved master, when you make a statement, making a statement stating that ‘I got sick’ you are drawing that to you by the law of attraction. And you do not wish to do that. So do the opposite. I am receiving energy for my benefit. And that is how you state it. Do not use a negative in the face of what is termed an energy. Because the energy that is coming forth is all positive not negative at all. So you say I am receiving of my body and that will eliminate the sickness.

818:        Say that again. Zorra. Which should I say?

Zorra:    Say what is termed as I am receiving the energy for the betterment of my body and do not even mention illness because when you do that you attract it to you.

818:        Okay, that's what I'm going to do.

Anne:     Go with the flow honey, just go with the flow.

Zorra:    I'm going to do what is termed as send you a Pulse directed to you. And it will be a balancing Pulse. And of course this will also go out globally so others will receive it too.

Five, four, three. two, and one. Receive now.
You are feeling a little what is termed tingling, a little warmth, possibly a little coolness within your body. That is balancing all of your energies to where you will be able to cope with them. And you may begin to laugh a little also. So be it.

Anne:     I’m glad you brought that up because we’re all responding in our own unique ways and it’s good to hear that you are willing to share.

That was our last question for tonight and I'm turning this back to Zorra and Saryya.

Zorra, our next call will be the Saturday call, right? We're going to skip the Wednesdays because that's Christmas Eve and New Years’ Eve, but we will get together on Saturday. Yes Saturday the 27th.


Zorra:    I'm going to do what is termed as make contact with an individual that accompanied what was termed as our tour in the past. And she is what is termed a willing vessel to bring forth St. Nicholas. And if I can make arrangements to do that, then maybe we will have what is termed as a pre-Christmas Santa call.

Anne:    Oh that would be fun. Just let us know and I'll get the announcement out. You're probably talking about Nancy Tate.

Zorra:    indeed.

Anne:    That would be wonderful. We all love Nancy. And her messages are wonderful. She is a very good channel.

Zorra:    Indeed. And she does Santa so lovingly.

Guys Being Guys: Sananda and Zorra Comparing Sizes of their Ships

Anne:     She does, she does. I remember when I joined you on that tour you're talking about. I drove up to Prescott and Nancy was channeling Sananda and Zaraya was channeling you. And you and Sananda were talking to each other from the platform. And you are comparing the size of your ships. [Laughter] and you said my ship is only 400 feet in diameter. It sounded so human in a way to hear you talking together like that.

Zorra:    Indeed. So, I hear a New World coming.

Anne:    Maybe we'll see you before Christmas then. Thank you both Zorra and Saryya. And the new world is on its way right now, if not, we'll see you on Saturday, December 27th.

Cue music

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