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DECEMBER 13 2014

Tell us about Prince William; did he sign off on a treaty? 
FEMA camps have been opened?  - Ships appeared only for her 
Santa and reindeer intercepted by six aircraft who confirmed 
Marriage/divorce in Hollow Earth? - Shingles GONE with Soul!

Web page: blogtalkradio.com/hollowearthnetwork
Telephone replay:  1–209-255 1099 + 439724# Ref 95#
Total Broadcast Minutes: 2:07:00

Intro Music
Beginning dialogue

Anne:    Well. Did you all sing along like a good family? I know a lot of you have the lyrics and I know a lot of you do that. So welcome. Welcome to our every other Saturday call with Zorra from Hollow Earth.

Zorra will be joining us shortly as he and his son, who has been living here on the surface for over 60 years, just trade bodies. Zorra borrows Zaraya’s earth body/surface body and he can talk to us over the telephone as he has been doing for four years now. Zaraya’s other half up here on the surface, Quazar, often exchanges her body with Zorra’s other half, Saryya in Hollow Earth. One minute we’re talking to Zaraya and Quazar, our narrators and monitors here on the surface, and then the next minute we’re talking to Zorra and Saryya. So that gives you a little idea what to expect. The whole story is posted as our featured episode on BlogTalkRadio.com/HollowEarthNetwork. Just sit back and enjoy it. When Zaraya gave us this particular episode he included many details even I had never heard in the previous three yeas. So you’re in for a treat.

INVOCATIONS -----------------
Let’s do our invocation first.  We’ll start by enjoying the Violet Consuming Flame as given to us by our dear St Germain in his series of books the I AM Discourses, as given through Godfre Ray King way back in the ‘30s. I grew up with a lot of those books. So let’s first do the Violet Consuming Flame.

The Violet Flame, for those of you who are not familiar, is a special dispensation given to us by the Divine Creator to allow us to let loose of things that have nagged us and plagued us, and mistakes that we’ve made. Our galactic friends tell us you learn by your mistakes, you understand why others make mistakes when you make your own mistakes so it’s part of the learning process, but don’t get stuck in them. You can release that energy and free yourself to move on to higher vibrations. That is our prime work right now. As Zorra would say, our prime (not work but) joy is to move to higher vibrations and be among the very first as the ascensions begin, which will begin shortly. Be prepared. Do everyday what’s necessary to raise your vibration. Let’s do the Violet Flame which will consume these energies of mistakes we’ve made and free us to move on.

So stand with your feet flat on the floor and your hands at your sides with the palms facing Mother Earth and together we say.


I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame, now and forever, consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic record.

It is totally transformed and transmuted. And when I do this in my own private meditations. I follow Peter Olson’s guide and repeat it four times which he recommends for short mantras and affirmations to really set them in. And so now it’s nice to linger in this Violet Flame.

You’ll see a picture of the Violet Consuming Flame on the home page of HollowEarthNetwork.com. You’ll see this particular quote. We have a page dedicated to St Germain quotes if you want to learn more about the Violet Flame: a special state of grace; a dispensation to free us from these mistakes. It shows a figure standing in the Violet Consuming Flame allowing it to transmute and consume all past and present mistakes.

Now we’ll do our second invocation, which is the White Light of Protection. The Pillar of White Light is given to us by Lord Ashtar as he personally dictated  to his own twin flame, who I know well, Pallas Athena. She is very careful with the words as they come, reads them back singularly, to make sure everything is correct.

Again standing with our feet flat on the floor, our hands above our head, palms together, fingers pointing to our own beloved I AM Presence. This is between us and our own I AM Presences. No one else can place a pillar of white light around us. And as we focus upon that beautiful Presence which we are, and as we speak the invocation, draw this wonderful pillar of white cosmic light substance down around yourself like a wonderful soothing cocoon. Extend it 3 feet out all the way around so you are standing in the middle of a 9 foot pillar of white light substance. And here we go.


Beloved I AM Presence,
Intensify your protective pillar of pure white light cosmic substance in, through, and around me.

Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.

Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it. It is done.

I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.
I AM that I AM. I AM that I AM.

(I AM Lady Nada.)
As above, so below.

And with that we are opening the line to Zaraya and Quazar and then to Zorra, and hopefully Saryya will join us.

Quazar:    Well hi there Lady Nada! Anne, how are you doing down there in Arizona this wonderful day?

Anne:    Well we are in for rain today. They promised and I think they are going to deliver. Rain is always welcome in Arizona.

Quazar:    Yes I would think so. And hello and welcome to our beloved family. Today we know that we are going to have a two-hour call. That is something Zorra has been wanting to do as part of our weaning process as we get closer and closer to ascension.
Today we have a few things I think will be discussed besides going back and answering many of the questions. And we had a slew of questions come through the internet as well so I think I am going to hand this over to Zaraya since he has a few things he wants to talk about, too. Here he is.

Zaraya:    Okay everybody, how is everybody doing out there? How are you doing Lady Nada?

Anne:    Oh, I'm fine and thank you for asking. Welcome. It's good to hear from you guys.

Zaraya:    Last Wednesday when I departed, I found myself at Santa's house out there in the north polar region. The location of Santa's home is around the north polar opening, a little bit inward. Out of sight out of mind, so to speak from any prying aircraft that might flyover. It would be like going due north of Spitsbergen, just north of Norway. If you continue going north you would eventually be flying over Santa’s area.

It’s really interesting because they’re really, really busy preparing for the holidays. Way, way back kids all over the world had a firm acknowledgement of Santa. Down through the years, of course, that has been weaned away from them. And that’s really a shame because the jolly old fellow is a very, very compassionate being.

And he still, you know even today a lot of kids receive things they want that they don’t tell their parents about. They write a letter to Santa. A lot of people say these letters go into the dead letter box at the post office. In the early days that was true but in the latter days that's not so true. In Norway they write the letter to Santa and then they throw it in the fire pit and it somehow gets to Santa. Miraculously.

Well it's still miraculous how kids get things under their tree that no one bought. It's from Santa. So it goes on like that all the time. You hear stories about that.

Santa as a being does exist. So anyone that says he doesn't needs to go back to get educated because he does exist.

Last year through Nancy Tate, she brought forth Santa Claus during a tour. I don’t know if we can arrange that again. But that would be an interesting… Maybe my dad can arrange that. He [Santa] really enjoyed that get-together with the children last year. It made him feel wanted and loved, and more appreciated if you will.

So when I was there I saw a lot of very interesting things and of course, a lot of celebration going on. But I have a hunch I might end up there again today. I can't be sure of that. Or I might end up on my father's ship. Either way, just wanted to throw that out there to everyone: don't tell your children that Santa doesn't exist because he does!

One last thing I will say about this. When I was young I was told the same thing that Santa was the mother and father. And yet, while going up on the roof of the house I saw skid marks and hoof prints in the snow. So that was something my adoptive parents couldn't explain.

Quazar:     Zaraya, what are you doing up on top of the roof anyway? Were you on top of the roof? What were you doing on top of the roof?

Zaraya:    It goes from the attic onto the roof. I wanted to prove to myself that they were lying. And I did.

Quazar:    Do you think perhaps maybe you had an inner voice telling you to go up there and check it? Maybe that might have been your Dad…

Zaraya:     It might have been my dad influencing me. I did feel a pressing desire to go there and check it out. And I saw the skid marks and I also saw the hoof prints.

Anne:    Zaraya, did Santa leave anything for you?

Zaraya:    Yeah, there was a gift there that I had not told anyone I wanted and it was there under the tree.

Anne:    That’s what we wanted to hear!


Quazar:    Well I think with that I’m sure Zorra will be speaking to us about Santa Claus. Because if that was where you were, then Santa Claus probably will be coming again around this time, at least to the United States and around the world. I’m sure he’ll be talking about Christmas or the season of giving.

Zaraya:    The season of giving should not be just Christmas.

Quazar:    Exactly. So Zaraya is going to be leaving and we feel he will probably be going to Santa’s village beyond the North Pole. And for a few of you that are new to our website, Zorra has a wonderful way of explaining who Santa Claus is; that he’s always been in existence. Perhaps maybe we could have Santa Clause come through him. Wouldn’t that be a treat, Lady Nada?

Okay, so give us a couple of seconds here and … oh, my, I think Zorra’s here already!

Well hello there, Zorra. And welcome!

Zorra:    Indeed. And how be everyone this day? How be you? And how be you Lady Nada?

Anne:    Oh, I be wonderful. So happy to hear your voice, Zorra. Thank you for coming.

Zorra:    Well it is expected, I believe, for me to come forth on this day. What we want to do is let everyone know that what is called the plan that has been set forth is nearing its completion. So we will not go into full detail on that because it's not all that necessary to do so. However, the confirmation of the GCR is 100%, of course. And that shall be coming forthwith.

Now the receiving different things in what is termed your e-mails, one in particular, is NASA has made a statement that the sun will be in six days of darkness coming soon. I believe their dates are the 16th on Monday to the 22nd of December. Which shall be quite perplexing to people if it does occur. And I will say to that. Wait and see.

Quazar:    Does that even make sense?

Zorra:    It would have to be what would be termed as a massive, massive storm. However, how do you validate a storm in space? [laughs] So I would say wait and see.

Now what would six days of darkness do to your planet? Besides causing much panic and discord and too many what is called consequences of it, on the planet. Even for crops that require sunlight. Six days of darkness with no sun would have an adverse effect upon them, of course.

Quazar:    Zorra, do you think this is another fear tactic?

Zorra:    It seems so yes. It does seem like that is what they’re trying to do, bring fear into the population. Just as in the past they have brought out other things such as near-earth objects and things of that nature. Predictions that earth would be struck and things of this nature. And of course those predictions came and went and nothing happened. So I would say take it with a grain of salt, if you will.

Quazar:    The reason I mention that, Zorra, in terms of the fear tactic, it lowers the vibration of this planet especially here in the United States where it was advertised. People will go into all levels of expecting all of that to occur. And at this point where we are ascending and transitioning, only good things are coming forward for us now. So it doesn’t make sense from my point of view that this could even be a possibility. (Zorra: Indeed) Although they make it seem like it’s inevitable.

Zorra:    Indeed. But you also understand that The Galactic Federation also has a protective shield around earth as well. So for it to blot out 90% of the sunlight, that seems quite doubtful.

Quazar:    So there’s another bit of news recently. The information that we received is that we are now a Republic. Prince William was flown in to Reno by a military jet to sign off on a treaty between us and Great Britain and we are a free nation. Could you confirm this?

Zorra:    Let me explain something to you peoples out there. Your country has never been independent. It’s what is called it’s founding, if you will, from the Crown of England was never severed. Meaning, you have always been in subjection to the Crown of England. And even what is termed as the secret document which is in London, so states that the United States is a Commonwealth of Great Britain. Just as many other countries are.

Now that is perplexing to many because you speak of what you term as the Declaration of Independence. And being what is termed as the wars that took place between the British and the Americas. But in actuality, the United States has always been a part of Great Britain… even your national anthem.

Quazar:    What about now? What about the information?

Zorra:    This is a coming event that will be taking place because there will be what is termed, all nations will be free.

Quazar:    So are you saying that this didn’t occur? That Prince William did not come in to Reno to sign off on this?

Zorra:    He may have come to America to sign some documents, but understand what is termed as the freedom of the countries that were under subjection to the Crown of England will all be freed, separated and given to their own countries because that is part of the plan for what is termed as full independence of the planet. Indeed.


Zorra:    Indeed. FEMA camps reopened. Hmm. If the FEMA camps were reopened they were only doing what is termed as housing peoples that were causing difficulty against the peoples of the United States and detainment of said peoples.

Quazar:    Apparently what this particular notice said, Zorra, is that the bad hombre’s are being rounded up…  

Zorra: That is what I was saying.

Quazar:    Oh, and had been deputized by the marshals. I think that’s who they were referring to.
(Zorra: Indeed.) Those are the ones that are in the FEMA camps? (Zorra: Yes)

So just to confirm once again, Prince William coming in to Reno: that was not actual? I mean is that true then or not true? I mean we’ve seen this now in two or three different emails sent from different sources.

Zorra:    Indeed. [hesitating] As I have said before, as far as the United States being what is termed independent from England, that has not occurred. So this is … (Quazar: It’s saying we are free now.) Yes it’s saying you are a Republic. So, let us see what transpires in the next two or three days on that.

Quazar:    You mean as far as further publicity and that is becoming world known … or even in the United States. (Zorra: Indeed) And you don’t think that’s fabricated, or you don’t know. … I mean you do know!

Zorra:    Of course I KNOW!  (Quazar: I’m sorry!) [everyone laughing] WHAT don’t I know?!?!

Anne:    You guys are so funny! [laughing]

Zorra:    Indeed! Hmm. Anyway. [referring to other questions] Let me do this one.  I addressed this one before. As the plan is transpiring, we foresee you peoples as having what is termed a very, very happy holiday or Christmas as you term it, and much funds to do what is termed as to buy presents. (Quazar: Oh, thank you Zorra!) So that is still in the plan according to what is taking place.


Orbs, Not Ellenin
Quazar:    Yes, this particular individual resent us an email which is somewhat similar to the pictures that we received from Evelyn. [Who saw Starship Ellenin move away from the sun.]

And so this is another one, sent about a year ago, that shows similar pictures like the ones from Evelyn.

Zorra:    That one is not Ellenin. What it was, was for Maria. Strictly for her eyes to see. It was not seen by any others.

Quazar:    Zorra, I think you said for Evelyn that was for only her to see as well. And this one from Maria is …

Zorra:    Well, as she had stated before, she saw orbs around her. And that is so. Those are just orbs. Around the sun, yes.


More on Pyramid Homes
Quazar:    Is there anything we can do to our existing homes if building a pyramid home is out of the question?

Zorra:    Of course you can. If it is out of the question for building a pyramid on your property for those that rent or are in apartment buildings and things of this nature, you can create a pyramid. Depending on where the structure off the building and providing you can get permission from the landlords to do so, you could structure what is termed a frame of a pyramid about the structure that you live in. Which could be fashioned by means of putting a pole in the center of the roof and then fashion a pyramid on the end of that pole, creating the illusion of the lines of a pyramid over your structure. And that is another way of doing it.

And if you have your own property you can do as you will, do as you please and do whatever you want to. Who is to say you cannot? And there again you can do the same. Put up a pole of a certain height and make what is termed the edges out of non-conductive material.

Quazar:    If I can insert, I know that when we were living up in Shasta, Zaraya put four crystals at four edges of the house. And then he climbed up on top and put another crystal – these are all clear crystals – he put a clear crystal on in the middle of the house. He put it in a copper bowl. So it wasn’t on a pole.

Zorra:    I’m just speaking of for it not to be touching the structure. The capstone should not be touching the structure.

But you can do it that way as well. If the house is square -- yours was more rectangular – but if the house is square or what is termed large enough, you want to cover it completely with the power of the pyramid. In doing so, that is how you eliminate little pests from coming in to visit you.

Quazar:    If people have trailers for example, those are not square.

Zorra:    No, unless they are double wide.

Quazar:    So for a typical trailer, how do they do that?

Zorra:    They would put crystals as you did before. You would measure out from the sides of the trailer and then also the same width measurement as the length of the trailer (maybe a little longer). And then you place the crystals in proportion with the length so it would create a square. That is how you would do that.

Quazar: I think we don’t have any more questions here. I know that Anne/Lady Nada has more questions that people would like to ask you. But maybe before that, could you …


Zorra: Maybe we could have my beloved come.

Quazar:    Oh, okay. I’ll be leaving then. So in the meantime, maybe you could talk a little bit about Santa Claus.

Zorra:    I will talk of Santa.

Zorra:    Santa is a beautiful being. He is also an Ascended Master. He is an Ascended Master of the world famous what is termed St Nicholas. And of course he had been around for many a decade as it were.

You also have what is termed as a passed-down tradition. What is termed as one Santa [works] a certain amount of years and then another one takes his place. And then it is passed down, passed down, passed down. Just as you peoples have passed down your businesses to beloved ones and so on. It’s the same with Santa. The reigning Santa goes for a certain time frame and then another takes over.

Quazar:    So then in a more practical sense, Zorra, most adults (myself included I would say,) were brought up here in the United States believing that Santa Claus is only your parents and there really isn’t a Santa Claus. There is a legend of St Nicholas but in terms of a real Santa Clause???

Could you elaborate a little bit more why we even have a Santa Claus now, and that there really is and always has been a Santa Claus. And how do you convince us adults that there really is one. I guess I’m asking now for myself.

Zorra:    Understand beloved masters that what is Santa Claus? Santa Claus is the spirit of giving but in an incarnated form.

I will tell you this: the real Santa is not wearing a red suit. It is green.  Like St Nicholas, it is green. But of course you will not see too many green Santa Clauses in any of the stores and things of that nature. But it has been reported throughout time and throughout the ages that every time a Santa has been accidentally seen by little ones, he wore a green suit, not a red one. That is a little bit of information for you.

But, the reality of Santa has been in the hearts of everyone in the past. And it is the act of giving; it is the coming together as one on this holiday. The reality of Santa is more of faith as well. Understand? It is more of a case of faith, if you will, that he does truly exist.

We say, nowadays that Santa does use what is termed as elusive aeroships instead of what is traditionally what is called reindeer and sleigh. That has been a bit modernized if you will. It makes it much easier to traverse the entire world in such a time as needed. Occasionally to make the reindeers feel better they will do a, what is termed, journey with them. But they have been seen not only on what be termed as radar, there was one instance and I believe it was last year that the historical flight of reindeer and sleigh was done and was picked up by NORAD. (I believe that is the strategic air command.) They sent up interceptors and saw -- which was very perplexing to the ground peoples -- the jet pilots reported back we have the target in sight and you are not going to believe what we are seeing. And when they described it [NORAD] asked the pilots if they had been drinking or had they been what is termed hallucinating. The pilots say, ‘no, we are seeing what we are seeing.’ It was a group of six aircraft and they confirmed it was a sleigh with reindeer.

So, are they real? Of course he’s real. So it was confirmed. And it has happened in other countries as well.

Quazar:    Hey Zorra, this is a special request perhaps for all of us. Do you think maybe you could channel Santa Claus and see what he has to say? I would love to hear him.

Zorra:    I would not say today. No. Possibly on Wednesday, we’ll see about doing this adventure. But he is quite busy at the moment. I will see as doing as what is termed having him come forth on Wednesday, if he is not too involved. So for your peoples who tell your children that Santa is not real, shame on you. He is very real.

Anne:    Zorra? You know this is very, very, very, interesting because we’re actually saying that the spirit of Christmas is more real via the spirit of giving and love through Santa than the actual birth of Christ that they are depicting.

Zorra:    Well you understand that the birth of Christ was in April, not December. That and also the spirit of giving should not be what is termed restricted to one day of a year. It should be for all 365 days a year. And that is what I say to you all. If everyone was to do what is termed as accept that the Christmas gift of giving on a yearly basis you would not have wars you would not have conflict anywhere. You would all be what is termed as galactic beings already.

Saryya:    Indeed.

Zorra:    Indeed? Oh, hello Mother. And how be you?

Saryya:    We are absolutely magnificent! (Zorra: Wonderful!) Hello Lady Nada, and good day. Oh my! What a wondrous and glorious day for all of you!

As we are speaking about this time in your reality there is much to celebrate. There is much to be grateful for. Because this time of giving is also a time of being really grateful for all that you have received. (Zorra:  And being in gratitude. Indeed.) And so being in gratitude is extremely important that it raises your vibration as well as your consciousness.

It is time once again -- even though this is something to be done on a daily basis, at least when you become conscious of it -- to be grateful for every little thing that has happened to you. Not just in this lifetime, but to where you are today. Because of all the many, many hundreds of lifetimes or sometimes thousands of lifetimes that you have had to bring you here to now.

It's your time of letting go and surrendering the ego that has so many wants and desires. Much of that is related to this dimension of gifts of oh, of a house, of all of those things that we say is wonderful for you to have. But for you to understand that it is beyond that, you can transcend the material things that you desire and want; to go beyond; to know that you are this greatest gift to the world, to yourself, to all of us. For we are all one.

You see, the greatest gift that you are receiving now is your understanding that you are truly divine. This gift that you are the gods and goddesses that you are is our gift for all of you … to have a clearer understanding of that. You are magnificent. Even beyond magnificence. We are all that and we are grateful for our Prime Creator that we are here at this time -- for you as well -- at this time to realize all of this.

Yes, Santa Claus in your understanding, is alive and ever so present. In fact, he is really present all the time as he is also one of our wondrous beloved Masters. (Zorra:  Ambassador) Ambassador indeed. And of course my beloved can speak of this in terms of his being the ambassador also to other worlds.

So as far as Christmas time, as you say, is coming is on its way, much of what Prime Creator and we are gifting you with is the Great Celebration. The great celebration of where you are now in this time. It is such a blessed time to celebrate. The time of giving; the time of being in gratitude. That is the reason why Sananda, as well for you on this planet, seems to want to celebrate Sananda’s birth at this time. And that is fine as well because it is a time of giving. And that is why he came upon your beloved Earth (or Terra as we like to call her), to celebrate too.

So it is synchronous. It is in synchronicity that he should come upon and be celebrated at this time and to celebrate, too. I guess it's about more than 2000 years already since his coming as also a great divine Ascended Master. There is much for all of you to be in celebration of. To let go of all the things and get beyond this ego that yet still needs to be transcended. It is here. Your celebrations are here to be celebrated now. So be it.

Zorra:    And I will also tell you this. When children in the United States receive what is termed toys representing war toys, representing battles and fighting, and things of this nature, I can assure you and your children, they do not come from Santa. Santa is a very peaceful, loving being. And in peace and goodwill to man he would never, ever give a BB gun or what is termed fighting robots or anything that has to do with violence …ever … never. Those come from your parents, not Santa.

So if you want something that is nonviolent in nature that is what you ask Santa for. And that is what you will receive. There has never been a gift given by Santa that represents war. Ever!

Saryya:    I think we are ready for questions.

Zorra:    Indeed. And maybe we can have also besides questions we can have testimonies as well included in there.


Anne:    Oh we've had some wonderful ones. Any experience that you have benefited from the  and Saryya’s healing pulse from either of our two recommended health products, Laminine and Soul. I know many of you just really want to tell people so that they can hear it from their peers, not from us. And help themselves. We’re giving you all the different options of help so let's hear your wonderful healing stories as well.

Zorra:    Lady Nada. What is termed as the questions will be answered up until the hour 15 minutes to the hour of 11. At that time we will do the Pulse.

Anne:     Okay we have 45 minutes then. So I'm going to ask each of you to try to be concise. Once you have Zorra’s ear I know it's a temptation to linger but let's try to hold it to 5 minutes each.

LISTENER CALLS Q & A ----------------------


865:        I want to ask Zorra if you have marriage and divorce in Hollow Earth. When you come together with somebody do you guys stay together or do you separate? Do you have that kind of thing in Hollow Earth with your people?

Zorra:    Beloved master understand this. I have been with my beloved since the beginning of time. Do we separate? No. We are together forever. There is no such thing as divorce. There is no such thing as separation because we love each other greatly.

Saryya:    When children are growing up, they come to a place where they learn all about relationships. As on your planet they also go through schooling. They will be with other people when they become of a certain age/existence like on your surface. They will also become attracted to people. And they will go through what you call dating, but they will be with others as well.

There will be a certain time where they will be able to choose a person or their twin flame to be with. But there is no marriage as you term it on this planet in Hollow Earth.

In fact, what they do is they will take their time to understand and know each other. If at some point they do not feel they would like to spend more time with each other, they are free to be able to associate with others. It is a process of learning and growing and developing, just as it is on your planet/on the surface. So that evolution takes many trips around the sun. (Zorra: Indeed)

In terms of what you call a marriage, it isn’t just the two of them that make this decision. They may make an initial decision that this is what they desire, however there are other things that come into play. [To Zorra.] And you can take it from here.

Zorra:    Did that answer your question?

865:     Yes, it did Zorra. With us, when we have such thing as divorce and people leaving us, and rejection, how do you take that without taking this silly pain and anger …  the feelings we as humans go through. Do you all go through pain, rejection, anger, fear?

Telepathy (Says it all)
Zorra:    No we do not because, understand, communication in Hollow Earth is what would be termed as telepathy. And in telepathy you have what is termed as knowing each other's understanding or thoughts, if you will. Therefore, there is no what is termed as my beloved said we have no marriage as in the terminology that is on the surface. There would be no need to have a divorce either, or separation as you term it.

But as far as being in anger, separation, no, none of that occurs. There is no reason for anger. We are in perfect harmony with each other. And if you are in perfect harmony, what would you be in anger about?

865:        So if we had telepathy here we would not feel anger or rejection towards each other because we would understand why we were all doing what we were doing?

Zorra:     Indeed. There is no ego to damage or anything of that nature in Hollow Earth. There is no duality either; we are all one. And we are all one with all the peoples on Mother Earth as well. We are one with you beloved master. So I will tell you that once you become what we term as galactic humans, at that time your talents, your skills, and things of this nature will surface, and also your ability to communicate without speaking. And when that occurs, you will understand what we mean because you will be able to understand your beloved twin flame without even speaking.

Saryya:    When you reach the higher-dimensional characteristics, that is, when your DNA has completely transformed and transcended this particular DNA that many of you are still in; when you are transformed, you will know that there is absolutely no separation. There is no anger. There is none of these lower-dimensional characteristics at all. There is only oneness, joy, and equality. That is all. You will see your enemies as your friends.

You will see all of those people that you think are the enemies. They are not. You are only one. Only one. That is what you will feel. You will feel a magnificent – more than a magnificent – it is truly out of this world, I would say. [laughter]

Zorra:     Indeed.

Anne:    That was good. That was very enlightening. I don’t think it's ever been asked before. That was very informative to many people.


Confirming ??? Report of Prince in Reno
775:        It's so good to be here this morning. I have a question regarding what Quazar said earlier when she was speaking about Prince William and the report that he had been flown into Reno to sign off on a treaty between the US and Great Britain making us a free nation.

This report was on the 12th. And being in the area on the 11th, my husband and I looked up overhead because that day all the flights into Reno were canceled for high winds … which I don't ever remember being the case before.

The winds were very high because of the projected weather but at that particular time the winds had calmed down considerably. We looked up and saw a plane of a very unusual configuration. My husband, because he's been in the military, commented that it might be a military jet. It didn't look like a commercial plane.

And then the next day, after seeing this report, it occurred to me that this might have been the military plane that was spoken of in the report. Can you comment on that?

Zorra:    It was the British military aircraft.

775:     Okay well thank you. That somewhat confirms what the report said and that’s very encouraging as well. So I thank you for that. And thank you for your continued availability. We appreciate it so very much.

Zorra:    Beloved master, you are in Reno?

775:        Yes, that's correct.

Zorra:    Indeed. We are in Sparks.

775:        Oh really? Well actually I'm in Sparks too. You know, there’s a saying that Reno is so close to hell that you can see Sparks. It’s a silly thing to say but kind of the local saying. [laughter] We are very blessed to be here, it's a beautiful area and we very much appreciate it here.

Anne:     Thank you for that report. I know you’re sorry they can't tell us anymore. I appreciate that you didn't push them. So we'll sit and wait on our turn as Zorra has asked us to do and will learn more.


Sedona Earthquake = Tied to Crystal City?
928:        I was wondering if Zorra can comment on the earthquake we had in Sedona. Was it connected with the Crystal City? A couple of Sunday nights ago around 11 o'clock in the evening we had a just under five point earthquake in Sedona, Arizona. Some people think it might be connected with the Crystal City.

Zorra:    Indeed. It had direct what is called connection with this Crystal City.

928:        Really? Well okay. Thank you.


NASA’s 6-Days Darkness Hoax Goes International
Int’l:        Hello. How are you? How is everybody? I have a question to Zorra about the darkness that is coming about, because it is has been dark already for the last two weeks in Germany.

Zorra:    Dark in Germany?

Int’l:        Yes, we have had no sun at all. No sun at all. So I'm just wondering if this already in force? Yes?

Zorra:    I would say no.
Int’l:        Okay. It will get darker then?

Zorra:    According to what is termed NASA it is supposed to be dark over the entire planet. Not just in one area.

Int’l:        Not just one area? Okay. Been terribly.

Anne:    We're all going through natural darkness. These next 10 days are going to be the darkest of the year and then we’ll go through the winter solstice. After that we’ll start getting lighter again. So I get what you’re thinking about how dark it is but I think you're just kind of relating it to the other.

Int’l:        Okay, I understand. I wish everybody well.

Zorra:    Indeed.


Buddha’s Back
Int’l:        Hello from Singapore. Good morning, Zorra, how do you do?

Zorra:    I do fine.

Int’l:        We studied the Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō mantra which is just the first section of the sometime called lotus sutra. Is this mantra from a Buddha 700 years ago in Japan, Nichiren Daishonin. This is about universal peace. So my question is, is this Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, walking on this earth now or in any other part of the galaxy now maybe spreading this mantra?

Zorra:    Hmm. I would say that the Buddha you are speaking of is an incarnate and he is what would be termed is a child now, in what is termed Japan.

Int’l:        I see. Because he said one hundred and seventy five millions in the future, this mantra is still existing. That’s all.

Zorra:     Why don’t you do what is termed as to send a copy of the mantra to Anne DeHart and let her post it.

Int’l:        Okay sure. Thank you very much. So thank you for that, for answer this question. Thank you.


Anne:    That's very. Good. I'm going to keep scooting. It's good to hear from you, always good to hear from you.

661:        Hello good evening from London. Hello. Zorra. It's a very quick question. Can you tell us the story of how Mother Earth came to be called Sophia? [pronouncing as So Fie Uh]

Anne:    I don't think you mean Mother Earth you must mean Mother God.

661:        Mother Earth. As we have learned it, it used to be called Terra, now we have Gaia but there was a period of time when Earth was also called Sophia.

Zorra:    Mother Earth, Terra, Gaia has been called many names and also the one you have just spoken of, Sophia. Sophia [pronunciation] actually, but that was brought into existence by what is termed as a messenger of old. He was a teacher and she mentioned the earth Sophia. But it's just another name for the earth.


NESARA & Debt Forgiveness
Constant gratitude can save a home from foreclosure
843:     The question I have is on NESARA. The reason I'm asking is I have a dear friend whose home is going on the auction block Tuesday. I was just wondering if we’ll get the RV before Christmas so there will still be a chance of debt forgiveness and everything.

Zorra:    Well. According to what is in the plan, you were supposed to have much funds in the very, very, very near future. So I would say that that is a good possibility for what is termed as not to loose the home.

So, put it out there into what is termed into the universe, and also be in a constant state of gratitude. By being in a state of gratitude that will start to sway the Others that are coming against you.

And so, by being in a state of gratitude for all that you have, and all that you have had in the past, and all that you have now. Just be in gratitude that you are where you are and let it take the course that it will be taking. By being in this state of gratitude and sending forth love to those that are coming against you, it does what is termed as plant a seed in their hearts, in their minds, that what they are doing is not a giving spirit. And we shall see what transpires of that.

Anne:    Thank you [caller]. I'm sure there's many in similar situations that appreciate your asking that question.


Pyramids Provide Natural Disaster Protection
202:     Hi Zorra and Anne. My question is, I read the pyramid website that you sent us to. Do we need to get the big size, the one that's the size of Giza, or will any pyramid size do as long as we don’t change the shape of it.

They have different sizes but I didn’t know if we had to keep to the one the size of Giza Pyramid in order to make it safe from the weather elements.

Zorra:    No a pyramid, no matter what size it is, will be a protection from the elements and from the systemic activity. Understand, the structure of a pyramid is such that it withstands the earthquake. Because earthquakes come in all different directions in the earth, a structure must be able to withstand the different directions of what is termed the fault lines and things of this nature, and the pressures that are imposed upon the crust of the earth.

Anne:    I think what Nancy was asking was, should the proportions be equal to the proportions of Giza Pyramid.

Zorra:    No. You can shrink them down. You can shrink them down to a smaller size in proportion.

202:        Thank you. I also wanted to warn everybody that there’s a lot about guns and machine guns and stuff on that website, unfortunately. I don’t think that’s Father God’s heart. I don’t think you have that intention for that use. Just wanted to let everybody know.

Zorra:    Understand beloved master, if you wish to have what is called … I am speaking to people that are in what is termed the area that they are frequented by tornadoes and twisters and things of this nature. I believe it is what is called the tornado belt [or tornado alley] across the United States.

Anyway, what is termed as to build a pyramid -- now this is speaking of what is termed weather – to build a pyramid of a certain height of at least a hundred or a hundred fifty feet in height, and what is termed as to entwine copper cable along the sides and the base of it. That would eliminate, completely eliminate tornadoes and hurricanes, cyclones, twisters, whatever you want to term them. And it would cause the force of the tornado to go around the pyramid and to go around the town or the city it was built around. So the power of the pyramid, the tallness of it will keep the weather away from that area, within a hundred miles around it.

Anne:    Zorra, I might add that on the Resources page of our webste, there is a lot of information about pyramids that Russ Michael has gathered.

Zorra:    Yes, Dr. Patrick Flannigan as he is so termed is the one that put together this structure and has tested it to confirm that it does what I have just said.

Anne:    Wonderful, wonderful. So it’s right there and we don’t have to look at weapons that way, so go to Resources on our website.


703:        It’s a magnificent day here in Maryland. I have two testimonies for our family.

Zorra:    Indeed.

A Job – A Joy
703:     You said last week in The Pulse, for those of us who are unemployed and want to become employed to write it down. Now I need to confess that I didn't write but I did have it in my mind – I did ask for it, a joy. And I will start my new joy on January 6th! And I'm very grateful that you told us to do that.

Zorra:     Indeed!

Don’t Forget Soul Can Be Applied Topically
703:     Now my second testimony is about Soul. My sister said that she had a breakout of shingles on her arm. She received a box of soul that day and remembered me telling her to apply it. She applied it to both arms and the pain went away and the shingles went away.

Zorra:     Indeed.

Anne:     Oh that is wonderful! I appreciate that.

Astrological Event
928:        Hi. I wanted to bring this information about tomorrow night, the Uranus square Pluto at 9pm PST. To bring this up to our information, to be very gentle with and not be fighting with it, and going with it for just the few minutes they ask for our support this time in our giving up our time for this event. It’s the Uranus square Pluto aspect and in Cairo it’s happening on the 15th, but for us it’s happening on the 14th.

Anne:    For those who understand the language of what is being said and for those that don’t, just hold the focus, listen to her words and send your love and attention to Uranus square Pluto. If you want to know more, look it up on the internet and expand your awareness of what this is all about.

Blood Pressure & Heart Disease
646:        What is the true cause of high blood pressure?

Zorra:    The true cause of high blood pressure is stress and diet. Worriness and what is termed as pressure from others and attitudes. There are many causes for high blood pressure, however, if you wish to get rid of high blood pressure, take Soul and Laminine.

Twin Flames
770:        I’d like you to go back and reiterate on the question of mates and to explain where the twin flame scenario originated and who those twins are on the ships that’ll be coming down.

Zorra:    Indeed. Well, twin flames have been around since the beginning of time. And from where they originate? Prime Creator.

770:        So we were all created … were we born created with a twin?

Zorra:    Of course. [Saryya in background:] You were created one but then you also have in the process of your incarnation, have several, actually. But that is my answer as far as where twin flames come from, they come from Prime Creator.

770:        How many planets are ascending behind us and how do I know what my home planet is, Zorra?

Zorra:    Where your home is, you would be Arcturian, my beloved master.

The Same Wave (of Ascension) Lifts All Boats (and planets)
770:        Arcturian? (Zorra: confirming) And how many planets are ascending right behind us? I’ve read that there are other planets – we’re the first, but there’ll be other planets behind us, joining the galactic…

Zorra:    Well there will be many, many.

Anne:    Actually the whole universe is being affected by this transition, is it not, Zorra?

Zorra:    It is indeed. That’s why there are many ships in orbit around your planet.

Anne:    Right. That’s what we’ve been talking about for quite a while.

The ‘Big One’
760:        I’ve been hearing a lot of scuttle that there will be an earthquake on the west coast and once this happens it will be under water. Is that true?

Zorra:    [Laughs] No!

760:        Okay! Thank you.

Anne:    Well that was short and sweet.

619:        Hi there. Could you tell me where I can get more information about this Soul that you talk about? I’m not sure what it is but it’s been mentioned a lot.

Anne:    On our webpage you’ll see “Health Programs.” You’ll see wonderful information there. Everything you want to know about Soul.

619:        I’ll do that. Thank you so much. God Bless you.

808:        On behalf of all those who are working to overcome the condition of rheumatoid arthritis, I have been religiously taking Soul, Core and Laminine. I’ve been into healing for 60 years. I’m wondering if these three could be sufficient enough to push me through. I’m still having some signs of degeneration in the joints but I’m feeling positive and just need a little wisdom or insight in the products to help all of us with rheumatoid arthritis.

Zorra:    Indeed. Understand beloved master, rheumatoid arthritis will be eliminated by using Soul. It does. It will eliminate it. Put it directly on the area where you have your rheumatoid arthritis. Open the pack up and put it directly on the skin on your areas where you are having your rheumatoid arthritis and you will get relief from that. But we are also going to address that in what is termed as the Healing Pulse that we are going to do straightaway.

808:        Thank you. And much Aloha. Peace and aloha to you all. Thank you.

Zorra:    Indeed.

Anne:    Thank you. That’s our last question. Everyone, I do need people to lower their hands by touching 1. And we’re all clear, Zorra. We’re looking forward to you and Saryya.

Zorra:    Indeed. And I’m going to have my beloved Saryya to do the Healing Pulse this time as I must relieve this body.


THE HEALING PULSE ---------------------

Saryya:    I shall start our Healing Pulse.

All of you understand that the healing and this energy, this glorious and very powerful energy will be sent to each of you throughout the world, out through, into the cosmos. This will be a most powerful healing for all of you.

To begin:  We would like for you to sit comfortably, whether it is in a lotus position, or comfortably in your chair or wheel chair. And just relax. To relax, you take some nice, easy, deep breaths in through your nostrils, and out. Simply exhale out through your mouth. Do this now three times.

In, relax all your muscles and bones, all of your entire body. Exhale. With each inhalation you are relaxing more and more. All of the muscles, the brain, all of your ligaments, your bones, etcetera. And breathing in again and exhaling, removing, exhaling out all of the toxins, all of the aches, all of the pains that you are feeling. Also exhaling out all of the worries, the anxieties, the depressions, all of what is aching in your heart. Exhale all of that out. Because all of that now is being removed. And so we shall begin.

As my beloved likes to start, he likes to start with all of the ailments and disorders and diseases that are occurring in the head area. So all of those that are suffering some dementia, any neurological problems, all of those that have eye concerns or issues. Whether they be cataracts, macular degenerative disease. All of those that have ear problems. I want you to focus on all of those areas that are effecting you. And visualize that it is dissolved. Visualize that you have perfect eyesight, that you have perfect hearing. That there are no longer any tumors. ‘I have no tumors, I have no cancer. I have perfect vision. I have perfect hearing. I have no mental disorder. I have no depression. I have none of those cited above. I am perfect.’

Begin and go down from your head. Oh, we should like also to mention that in your head cavity we have what we call the pituitary and pineal glands. As I see them, I see them being activated to its greatest potential and thus your third eye opening up brightly.

So then is your intuition, your insight where you are able to communicate with beings of higher dimensions are opening up. Your dreams will become more lucid and more vivid. And therefore with those two areas of enlightenment that brings you greater and greater connection with your higher beings with your higher self, with the god and goddess that you are.

Now bring this energy, this magnificent Prime Creator and our God energy to come through and fill your head, your brain, and it is now floating down through your throat as it is now repairing and dissolving all of the concerns and illnesses that are effecting the throat area. And in all of the different systems that are effecting you. Whether it is difficult for you to be able to speak your truth, if it is difficult for you to speak and communicate with others, if it is difficult for you on a physical level to heal what is ailing or have an illness of what is in the throat, area. Those are now being dissolved. They are now being healed.

Down the throat, down your shoulders, all of the pains all of the aches that are upon you on your shoulders, and your arms, on your joints, on your fingers. Whether they be carpal tunnel issues. Whether they be arthritis in origin. Whatever they are, they are being healed now. As we speak of the shoulders, many of you have burdens upon your shoulders, many there in a spiritual area, on an emotional area. Your shoulders are relaxing because those worries and those burdens are being lessened. They are being healed. Because you know you are gods and goddesses. You do not have that at all. You only have perfection. Because you are perfection. Bring this energy down now.

Zorra:    Rotator cuffs.

Saryya:    Rotator cuffs. Beloved I shall have you take over now.

Zorra:    Indeed. Now going back up to the shoulder you have what is termed as rotator cuffs and they are also being rectified. If you are having difficulty raising your arms above your heads I ask you to do that now. Go ahead. Do it. Put them all the way up above your head. You will find that there is no pain in the rotator cuff area. Completely done and finished on that area.

On what is termed as rheumatoid arthritis throughout the body, that is now being removed from you.

We will count from 5 to 1. When we get to one you are going to feel the release. Five, four, three, two and one. It is done. Now, for that beloved child who is speaking of the case of rheumatoid arthritis. A special direction to you. Five, four, three, two and one. Instantly no more discomfort coming from that issue. So be it.

Continuing on down the body we have what is termed as down the forearm what is termed as the fibula. Upper and lower arms, the elbows, the areas where arthritic pain can situate itself in joints of the elbows. That is also being rectified as we speak.

Now it is dropping down into what is called the carpal tunnel area. That is also being rectified and completely healed. If you are wearing braces, take them off. You do not need them anymore. You do not need the surgery that you have scheduled for your carpal tunnel issue. That is no longer an issue as of now. So you can put away your check books or your insurance is or whatever. Anyway. That is being rectified and put back to normal.

And down into what is termed as the chest area, the breasts for females and the pecs for the men. It is also being rectified in that area. The lungs are being restored and re-created if you only have one you are now receiving another. Ones that were removed. In the case of women, I ask for you to touch the area of your breast that had the lump. And you will find that it is gone. Do not be afraid. You in Florida. In California, in Texas, Denver, what is termed as Colorado and what is termed the Chicago and what is termed as New York and what is termed as Florida and what is termed as Tennessee, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga. What is termed as Atlanta, Georgia, Savannah, Georgia Columbus, Georgia, Jacksonville, Florida, Tallahassee, Orlando, Miami Key West. And anyway, so many, many areas. It would take me all day to name them all, but they are all being rectified. There is not one area on the planet that it is not affecting.

I am now renewing what is termed as the hearts of everyone who has issues with the heart. They are also now the heartbeat is back to normal, there is no fibrillation of the heart, there is no extra heartbeat or start and stopping. None of that is taking place. It has all been rectified.

Opening up of the arteries throughout the heart. The arteries are open. And are being replenished and restored so you no longer have issues with your heart. And so you no longer have need to have what is called replacement of the heart. The people who have what is called that are donors. You no longer need to worry about that. You now have the restored heart.

The energy is dropping down into what is termed the solar plexus into what is termed the liver and kidneys. Into what is termed the digestive system and what is termed as the ovaries and the uterus for females. What is termed as prostate for men. All these areas are being restored. Those who have an enlarged prostate, it is now shrinking back down to the normal size. And so dropping down into what is termed the hip area, and also going back up to the spine. All the way down the spine in the different areas where it is affected, such as curvature of the spine is also being rectified. So you can stand up now. Go ahead, that's right. Ah, surprised you, didn’t we.

All those who have curvature of the spine and you wish to stand, and you wish to stand straight, do so. Because you can now do it. Those who had fused vertebrates, that is also being unfused and restored back to its normal functioning. What is termed as bone marrow in every one is back to normal levels. All that to normal levels, there. So no need to have any what is called bone marrow replacement because they are all being restored. Those who are suffering from what is termed cancer, that has also been restored.

Cancer Explanation
I will explain a little bit about cancer. Cancer is what is termed the fungus. It is a fungus that enters the body through what is termed as smoking, and through what is termed as burning of oak wood. You have on those two particular plants, the oak and tobacco, you have a fungus that is known as gall. It is the purest form of cancer. And when it is ground up and in to the tobacco and then you partake of it. Then you are taking that plant in you and that fungus within you, and it causes cancer in the body. And also, those who have oak wood in the fireplaces: a word of caution there. Just because the wood burns longer and hotter, does not mean that you need to burn oak wood. However, if you're going to burn oak wood, you need to strip the bark from the oak wood and then burn the oak wood. The bark is the culprit that houses the cancer; the gall. So anyway that is a little bit of advice for you who have fireplaces and are burning oak wood. Take off the bark and you will be fine.

Anyway your ancestors have burned oak wood in campfires and fireplaces and they have contracted cancer at that time and have passed genes and so that is why many people have cancer from birth. That is the travesty of many children that have cancer because of that.

Continuing with The Pulse ------
Down we are going and the energy is dropping down into the upper thighs and down to the area of the hips have also been rectified, so you can now walk without pain. If you have a hip replacement and you have what is called titanium replacements you are feeling a little bit of warmth/a little bit of coolness that is because your metal is being restored into bone. And so physicians are going to discover their operation was altered.

The energy is now dropping down into the knees and into the upper calves and to the ankles and what is termed as the heels of the feet and what is termed as the arches of the feet. Those that are flat are now beginning to feel an arch being created. And those who have too much of an arch are now being lowered. And that also takes care of what is termed as the fungus and things of that nature that has to do under the nails. That is also being worked on. And out through the toes.

So it is done. It is finished. So be it.

Anne:     Thank you Zorra. Thank you Saryya. We are just a little bit into overtime, here. We will all be getting back together on Wednesday, right Zorra?

Zorra:    Indeed. We shall get together and we may have a visitation from Santa unless he is extremely busy. He's always busy.

Anne:    Zorra remember last year we had an evening when the children could talk to Santa. Do you remember?

Zorra:    I do remember that, yes I do. And we may have another one of those. We shall see. With that, I think I hear a New World coming.

Anne:    I do too! Here it comes! And who knows what’ll be here by Wednesday!


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