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NOVEMBER 29 2014

A global shield 7200 miles up! Confirmed! 
A ship 3x the size of Saturn? -
Our plea to Prime Creator and His answer 
Is Obama in  China? Has he met General Ham?
Explain his strange TV appearance. 
Tell us more about General Ham - What is Sananda doing now?

Web page: blogtalkradio.com/hollowearthnetwork
Telephone replay: 1 209-255 1099 + 439724# Ref 90#
Total Broadcast Minutes: 2:06:27

Intro Music
Beginning dialogue

Anne:     Okay. We’ve finished our sing-along. Those of you who have shared the lyrics and all sing together, that’s a lot of fun.

Good morning. This is Anne. Welcome to our Saturday call with Zorra from Hollow Earth. Today, because of the holiday weekend, our regular 3-hour call will be limited to 1 hour and we promise to complete unanswered questions. I see that we already have people waiting to ask questions.

I see Zaraya and Quazar are here. I’ll get through the preliminaries as quickly as I can so that we make the most of our hour with Zorra and his other half Saryya from Hollow Earth.

How are they going to talk to us? Well, Zorra’s son, Zaraya has been up here on the surface since he was placed here in a little 4 or 5-year old body. He’s been here over 60 years waiting to establish his connection with us.
And it finally happened in the year 2011. You can hear all about it as a featured explanation by Zaraya on our Blog Talk Radio site so you can listen and learn all about that.

Zaraya has connected with Quazar, his other half, and the two of them – Quazar has also been trained now on how to trade bodies with Zorra’s other half. So first we will be talking with Zaraya and Quazar, but before you know it, Zorra trades bodies with Zaraya and Saryya (Zorra’s other half) trades bodies with Quazar. And here we have Zorra and Saryya speaking with us, and it’s just a delight. We love to hear the interaction between the two of them.

Now before I turn this over to Zaraya and Quazar, If I do it too soon they give it right back to me and ask me to do our invocation. So let’s do that right now.

First we’re going to call on the Violet Consuming Flame that you will see on the home page of www.HollowEarthNetwork.com. You will see a figure standing in the Violet Consuming Flame. This is what we’re going to envision as we do this and allow this soothing, transmuting flame to clear us of any disturbing vibrations. So it’s actually something to give us a state of grace.

I received it through my series of I AM Discourse books written by Godfre Ray King in connection with our Beloved St Germain. The Violet Flame is quite well known but this is directly from Godfre Ray King’s books.

We’re going to stand with our feet flat on the ground or on our floor, hopefully in our bare or stocking feet and out hands down at our sides, with the palms facing Beloved Mother Earth. We want that Violet Flame to come up through the soles of our feet and the palms of our hands and encircle us. And we will envision that very same illustration that we see on the home page as we stand in the Violet Consuming Flame and we make our invocation to the Violet Flame.

And here we go:

I AM the mighty Violet Consuming Flame,
now and forever, consuming and transmuting all past and present mistakes, their cause, core, effect and Akashic Record.

And so be it.

[Repeat four times for fullest effect.]

This is the state of grace where we’re relieved of the burden of memories of mistakes we’ve made. And that’s what we came here to do. We learn from our mistakes but we don’t dwell on them and we don’t stay in them. We learn to let them go. And that’s what the violet consuming flame is all about.

We’re wiser because of this. We’ve learned a lesson. And that’s what we’re here for. None of us have done this before, what we’re doing. It’s never been done before so let’s don’t be hard on ourselves.

So now let’s go on to the White Light of Protection given to us, this particular affirmation was transmitted from beloved Lord Ashtar to his own twin flame Pallas Athena. Athena is very, very careful when she takes transmission from Ashtar. She repeats it back to him to make absolutely sure that she has his words as he intends.

So we’re going to do the White Light of Protection. It can be found also on the front page of our website, hollowearthnetwork.com.

Now we’re going to stand with our feet flat on the surface, again. This time raising our hands, palms together, fingertips pointing to our Beloved I AM presence that’s always with us right above us. This is an inside job, folks. Nobody is going to place a pillar of protection over us. This is between us and our own I AM presence. So we’re going to call now for protection from our own beloved I AM presence. And I like to take my hands as I say this and draw that pillar – this is not a tube of light, it’s a pillar. It’s a solid pillar of light. That’s the intention. And the outer edge is a hard surface that cannot be penetrated.

So, we’re going to draw this pillar of white light of protection, starting at the top, pointing toward our I AM presence, pulling it down around us as we say:

Beloved I AM presence,
Intensify your protective pillar of pure white light substance in, through, and around me.
Charge it with your invincible protection, all-powerful and impenetrable that keeps me insulated from all that is not of the Light and keep it sustained.
Make and keep me ever sensitive to you and your direction, and immune to all imperfect vibratory rates.

So be it.
It is done.

As above, so below.


We in our own I Am presence are all snuggily encased in our pillar of pure white light substance like a cocoon. Safe and sound and ready to hear the words of wisdom from Zorra and Saryya.

And with that I’m going to open the line to Zaraya and Quazar who are here on the surface and will be trading bodies with Zorra and Saryya very shortly.

Zaraya:    Good morning Anne. Anne, there’s going to be two hours not one hour.

Anne:    Oh. I set it up with two hours the last time but it seemed like Zorra said to make it one hour.

Zaraya:    No he said two, I believe.

Anne:    Well, I was here. You weren’t Zaraya. (laughter)

Zaraya:    I know I wasn’t here but I’m pretty sure it was two hours.

Anne:    Okay. Let’s roll it then. I’m going to turn it over to you guys and away we go.

Quazar:    Good morning Lady Nada/Anne. Hello and welcome to everyone in our huge family that we have. We wish and hope that everyone had a lovely and beautiful Thanksgiving. There was so much to be grateful for … there is so much to be grateful for at this time. So with that, I think we’re just going to continue from where we left off, Anne.

What do you think Zaraya? Would you like to say a little bit to our family before you and I leave? (laughter)

One of the people in our family sent us a thing about the earth being engulfed by a shield.

That shield began construction back in the 1950’s but it was brought to a climax or to a completeness not too long ago, after the incident that took place over Russia -- the asteroid.  They completed a shield around the earth, so it is going to keep out all near Earth objects. It's going to keep out any interference from the cosmos to come in and mess things up. So, the earth has a protective shield around it.

Anne:     Since you’re validating that I’ll post it. It's up in the Van Allen belt, something like…  7200 miles or something outside of the surface or something like that? http://rt.com/news/210027-earth-shield-radiation-belt/

Zaraya:    7200 miles above the earth, yes. And it has completely engulfed the planet, so it is not going to allow harmful protons and neutrons …

Anne:     Electrons is what they’re talking about.

Zorra:    Right. Electrons. It won't allow that to come through. It won't allow anything that's going to harm the planet to come through because the planet has been deemed for ascension so it was given a protective shield around it.

Another thing that was on the computer that also came through about an object behind Saturn and my father said, “A simple answer to that is, it’s a ship.”

Quazar:    Three times as big as Saturn.

Zaraya:    Oh yeah three times as big as Saturn, but it's still a ship. A mothership that’s as big as mother earth. There are ships coming from all over that are coming to observe the ascension of mother Earth. And to see the process of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWCvt6t_54M&feature=youtu.be

So anyway I'm going to shut up and go bye-bye. And I'm quite sure Quazar will be following along shortly. Talk to you guys later.

The last time we exchanged places [with Zorra and Saryya], we were inside/underneath the Pacific Ocean, just north of the big island of Hawaii. And of course we were swimming with the Merpeople.

A lot of people are under the impression that Mermaids are mythical creatures. I can assure you they are not mythical at all. So anyway, I'm going to go bye-bye and hand it over to Quazar and I will talk to you guys later.

Anne:    Thank you for all the good information. That was great, thank you.

Anne:    I bet you Zorra’s Here.

Quazar:    You’re right! [Addressing Zorra:] And how are you today?

Zorra:    I am wonderous. How are you?   

Quazar:     And how about for Billie and Anne?

Zorra:    I know they are wonderous too.

Anne:    It’s a wonderous, glorious, loving day today.

Zorra:     It is indeed.

Quazar:    Did you want to say a few words first, Zorra?

Zorra:     Let us get about the questions.

Anne:    Oh Zorra, I’d like you to maybe make a comment on the last call we heard from Tony. He was getting a bit frustrated about constant broken promises. Right up to this last Wednesday where again, the US said they would not interfere. But like on Monday, Iraq again started the worldwide release of the reevaluation and again the US blocked it.

I received this message from someone I truly respect and he was of the same opinion as I that we make our plea directly to Prime Creator to intervene and let our wishes be known. We know that actions that are taken are usually a result of actions that we have taken here on the surface, in respect to our wishes and our desires and our actions. And so I have just posted a plea to Prime Creator to let us move on with this and I am asking everyone to go to our home page hollowearthnetwork.com and join in this plea.

Add your voice. Make it loud and strong to Prime Creator that our wishes be known.

As I understood it in my meditation, Prime Creator was all for us doing this, because even Prime Creator's actions are interacting with our wishes and desires. Is there anything you can add to that Zorra?

Zorra:    I would say this: if Prime Creator said it was the right thing to do, then who am I to say otherwise.
Whatever prime Creator has stated to bring forth, I am on board with.

Anne:    Yes! I think it's time we asserted ourselves and spoke with one voice. That’s the intention of this.

I thought we should wait but when I saw the RV had been blocked again … just one broken promise after another. It isn't fair to us.

So here we go.


Hear Our Plea

We, Lightworkers incarnate on Terra, Planet Earth, here by our own choosing, bringing Love and Rescue to Dear Terra, call to you, Beloved Prime Creator:

Throw open the Doors to our Blessing!
We call for our Abundance now!
We call for our New Governance now!
We call for our new Financial System now!
We call for our Reunion with our Galactic brothers and sisters... our Galactic Families... NOW!

Even as we send our Love and Blessings to those still in the dark who, until now, have continued to block our Blessings... and full well knowing they were once of the Light... some, our beloved brothers and sisters, caught in this dark web...

We choose to go forward now, and intend disempowerment to any further actions on their part intended to prevent our Joyous Abundance, Prosperity and Ascension.

We initiate this call to action from our incarnate presence within the current dimension of Beloved Terra.

We know, too, that we can still bring our lost brethren yet to the Light, with full enjoyment and completion of their original Loving Missions.

So Be It.

As Above, So Below.

Your Loving Children of Light, incarnate on Planet Earth - joyfully receiving our Blessings of Abundance, Honorable Government, Financial Freedom, and Joyous Reunion with our Galactic Families.

We open our Hearts in Gratitude and deepest Love to you, our Beloved Prime Creator.

And that is our plea.

Zorra:    Indeed! So, what more can you add to that? Except do what is termed as continue to manifest that plea. Continue to also give out what is called endless love to those that are causing difficulty. The powers –that-want-to-be are trying to show their hand as being powerful. They are not. They are losing power very rapidly and their hold on the United States is lessening even more. Even today.

Anne:    And as we all join together it's more powerful with all our voices lifting up to Prime Creator.

Zorra:    Indeed!

Quazar:    Where are we today, Zorra, with it?

Zorra:     It is going forward. December 1st is in the window of opportunity. Indeed. So that is what we are in the process of manifesting, and of course we are also expecting the participation of the Lightworkers to also do their part as well. And do it with thanksgiving. What is termed … do it with gratitude. Do it with endless love. And the more you do that, the more pressure will be brought to bear against those that are causing such difficulty. So, continue to give forth this love. Send forth this love to the powers-that-want-to-be to come to the light, to be what is termed as turned from their prior programming of greediness and things of this nature to allow this to be released.

Understand this: if what is termed as the government of Iraq and the other countries make a decision to go forth without the United States, it shall be done.

It just causes more difficulty for peoples in United States. However, that is coming to a close. And that difficulty, what is called the block, will be lifted because the peoples want it; the Lightworkers want it.

Zorra:     And Prime Creator has heard that plea and is acting accordingly.

Anne:     Oh Thank you! Thank you!

Quazar:    I think one of the questions we have, dear Anne, you have already answered but let’s just let Zorra also for some clarification and verification, in regards to Obama. The question is: Is Obama exiled in China or not? We are told that a General Ham is in charge so why is Obama making speeches from China? And, of course, our beloved Anne did say that Obama would never be exiled to China. And of course you have also said that Obama’s family has been taken to New Jerusalem where they’re also cloned so maybe you can tell us the reality.

Zorra:     He is not exiled in China. Obama is being what is termed as cared for and in a safe place.

Quazar:    New Jerusalem? So why is he making speeches then?

Zorra:    It is the clone making speeches.

Quazar:    [Reading question posed on Nov 22nd]

Apparently there were three orders issued by Obama on the 21st regarding the “smoke and mirrors of his immigration actions roiling America are innocuously titled Delegation of Authority Under Section 614 of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. Presidential determination of refuge admissions for fiscal year 2015 and determination with respect to the Child-Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008.

And basically, far from being innocuous, however, the first Obama Order gives sole power along with over $120 million to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to
begin waging war in Ukraine as  (???)  Arms Control Act of 1976.

And then the second Obama Order authorizes that 60,000 foreign refugees to be placed in America during 2015, nearly all of them being Islamic fighters from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

And with his third Order, Obama suspends US law to allow many of these foreign warriors to be child-soldiers, too.

As to why Obama issued these late Friday night orders while the smoke and mirrors of the immigration crisis was occupying all of the mainstream news, can most certainly be speculated upon. So, if you could give us information regarding this, Zorra.

Zorra:     It is what is termed as propaganda. False flags.

Quazar: … and those orders?

Zorra:     Not reality. Not true.

Quazar:    Could you give us an update on Obama and what is going on politically in the government with him and General Ham?

Zorra:    Obama and General Ham have met together. And they are both in agreement that new governance must come into play. And that is what shall be done.

Quazar:    Okay. And so what you’re saying is General Ham is going to be taking over for sure and Obama is leaving?

Zorra:    Obama is, as I have said before many times, a messenger from Mushaba from the Pleiadian Star System. He is a messenger. Do not crucify the messenger.

Quazar:    So is he going to be able to complete his mission or has he completed his mission?

Zorra:    Not quite. His words will be heard also at Disclosure. His message that he has yet to be given to the world will be given at that time, too.

Quazar:    Perhaps you can also give us an update on Disclosure but I’ve got a couple more things here, Zorra, if you can. (Zorra: If I can???) Well we know you can! I apologize. So here’s the other question.

There was a White House message given where he was not in the White House press room; no American flag was present, just a long hall behind him. Zorra would make a comment on that, regarding what was going on there?

Zorra:    It was his clone.

Quazar:    Okay. Anne do you want to add to that?

Anne:    It was not a normal press announcement with the press live and active in the audience. There was no American flag visible. It was just Obama all by himself standing in front of this long, vacant hall. We’ve never seen that. There was no backdrop. Can you just tell us a little bit? Was it propaganda? The clone?

Zorra:    It is located in what is termed as the bunker beneath the White House.

Quazar:    Why does that even happen?

Zorra:    That is his own reasoning.

Quazar:    That’s weird!

Zorra:    Indeed. The long hallway leads from the bunker.

Anne:    Not another living person present, just Obama and that long empty hall. Well! We’re coming up to the end of the road, I think.

Quazar:    I think we also need to know a little bit more about [4Star] General [Carter] Ham (Ret). I mean, all of a sudden he’s taken the spotlight. We know who he is. Is he also part of the Admiral’s group or am I referring to somebody else? Tell us a little bit about General Ham, Zorra.

Zorra:    General Ham is what is termed as a very decorated military officer who went into retirement and was then called back; requested to come back and be the interim president.

Quazar:    Tell us about him spiritually. Why he is here at this auspicious time?

Zorra:    General Ham has also not only witnessed or seen UFO’s, he has also been on board them and given instruction as to how the government should be run.

Quazar:    And was he brought here into his place by the Galactic Federation?

Zorra:     By Congress. The request was given by the Galactics to the congress, to the General Ham.

Quazar:     … for him to do this?

Zorra:    Indeed.

Anne:    You said ‘to the congress.’ Which congress? Not the congress of The Corporation? I keep getting reports that Obama has dissolved The Corporation. Is there some validity to those reports?

Zorra:     The congress of the Constitutional United States.

Anne:    Ah. The New Republic.

Zorra:    Indeed.      Which will also be replacing the congress that’s in Washington now.

Anne:    Absolutely! Soon, I hope!

Quazar:    Could you give us an update with that meeting that Prime Creator had over there at the U.N.?

Zorra:    The 72-hour meeting that took place with Prime Creator at the White House along with the others, and the United Nations. Many things were discussed. Many things were voted on so to speak. And brought to what is called the reality of knowing that what is going to be occurring is for the betterment of mankind. Not just the United States, but all of the world.

Quazar:    So you see that as right, at least another step towards global unity?

Zorra:     Independence in all facets of the planet.

Quazar:    Was there discussion in regards to implementing the new governance in all the different countries?

Zorra:    Yes, that too. The United Nations has been what is called more of a type of public relations between the nations but it is finally going to be a “united” nations. Not just a title but a fruition in actuality. A united nations that will be governed by harmony, peace and joy: a true United Nations.

Anne:    Sounds like the ‘new world … coming!’ [reference to lead-in and closing bumper lyric]

Zorra:    Indeed.  But we’re not going to play that yet. (laughter)

Quazar:    And then lastly, give us an update on our Galactic Federation and Disclosure.

Zorra:    Disclosure and The Galactic Federation have been in what is called in conference since the 72-hour meeting. And they are in the process of distributing locations, geographic locations for the ships to station themselves. And once that has been fully completed then start looking up.


Anne:    I can’t help it. I just have to share this. I hear from Sananda – I’m not a channel, as you know, but I do communicate with Sananda and it’s very common that they communicate with us thru messages incorporated in a song; like when we suddenly hear a song playing in our head.

A couple of days ago I woke up hearing this song … I hadn’t heard it in ages.

Keep in mind that the New Jerusalem was the Star of Bethlehem and has since been considered the light coming from Venus. But as Zorra has told us, what we think is Venus is actually the light from the New Jerusalem. So when we look up at it we think we’re looking at a star.

Okay! So what did I wake up hearing from Sananda? (singing) “When you wish upon a star…”  (laughing) Just listen to the lyrics yourselves. Just listen to the lyrics! It is absolutely … “like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you thru…” So there’s our message from Sananda.

I had to laugh with joy when I heard that message!!! I just wanted to share it with everybody.

Zorra:    Sananda is in the process of doing what is termed as preparing his vessel for descending. And of course, it has been relocating in the sky on a nearly nightly basis. (Where is it?)  When it is not in one portion of the sky it is in another. It relocates accordingly. At one time it was in the position where Venus would be and then a few nights later it was in the opposite side of the sky, so it is quite perplexing to your astrologers that see this object appear in a different quadrant of the sky. It is quite perplexing for them because it messes up their calculations, if you will.

Anne:     I was given that same message that you can’t always look to see the ship where Venus is because they’re recalibrating all the time and relocating.

Zorra:    Indeed they are!

Quazar:    All right Anne. You can take over.

Anne:    Enjoy your swim! (laughter)

Zorra:    Good call! Good Call.

Anne:    Zorra, you’re spending a lot of time down with the Merpeople.

Zorra:     Indeed. She’s going to swim now.

Anne:    You know for the last three or four visits with you, we found you and Saryya swimming with the Merpeople. Is there some reason you’re spending so much time with them lately?

Zorra:    We love them and want to assure them that they are protected by us and by Prime Creator.

They’re also going to be allowing more sightings of the land peoples to see them. And they’re going to be showing up in areas that were not habitable for them before now because of the oceans being cleansed and cleared. The coastlines of the Americas and the coastlines of Europe and Scandinavia are now all being cleansed from the pollutions that were once there. So now they can return their pods to being close to shore. They will be allowed to be seen by common folk and by what is termed vessels such as cruise ships; things of this nature. They will be seen more to the point where they will be undeniably known to be factual.

Anne:     Diane Robbins just posted her monthly newsletter for November which I have posted, in turn, on our website. It’s in regard to her communication with whales. I have a picture of a joyous whale breeching in the invigorating ocean and then a picture of a whale where they’re born in captivity or caught and placed in captivity. It’s heart breaking. These poor, dear, joyous souls caught in a hot pool so we can look at them through glass. Can that soon be alleviated for them Zorra?

Zorra:     Understand beloved masters, that the creatures that are in captivity have chosen to be there. They are there for a purpose of telepathic communications with all who come to see them. And they are all given a message telepathically, about not only their captivity but also the oneness of who they are. So it is not what is termed a bad thing for them to be in Marineland or the pacific aquariums and things of this nature. They have chosen to be there.

Anne:     Oh well, that is nice. I’m going to make a note about that on that posting then so that people will listen to your words on this call and be reassured that it’s part of the plan.

Zorra:     But also at the time of Ascension; at the time of what it’s to be called the Disclosure, all whales, all dolphins, all mammals that are in captivity shall be released back to the sea.

They will be done in such a way that will be very perplexing for those at those facilities. They will simply see what is termed the whales suddenly become very calm and will not jump in hoops. They will become very calm. And at the time they become very calm and not jumping anymore you will see a great glow in the waters. And then they will be no more.

Anne:    (exclamations of awe) Oh how beautiful.

Zorra:    As it is termed in Star Trek, “Beam me up, Scotty.”

Anne:    (laughing) Well they have served a beautiful service and we’re very grateful and we send our love to every one of these dear creatures that were here before we were, weren’t they.

Zorra:    Indeed.

Saryya:    So on with the questions.

Zorra:    On with the questions, indeed. On with the testimonials.

------LISTENER CALLS------

Anne:    Okay, every questioner we’re asking for a brief testimonial of how you benefited by the healing Pulses, or by one of the two products we’ve been recommending: Soul and Laminine. Let us know what these calls have done to change your life. And keep it focused on questions beneficial to all of us, not a personal question and not something that happened to you personally. Universal questions please.

865:        I haven’t been taking any of the products. I’m new to all this. I just found your website a little while ago so I’m just trying to figure out what you all are actually talking about. Like I really don’t understand what the RV is about or where to find information about it on your website. Could you tell me anything about that or where to find information?

Anne:    Well I can very briefly tell you that we just give updates. If you go to the website Hollowearthnetwork.com and scroll down to Breaking News, every day as news breaks or as things happen, it’s posted there. There’s a headline and a picture to give you a quick idea what it’s about. Then all you do is click on the top blue line and it’ll link you to the whole message. You don’t have to look all over thru websites to find the message itself.

You’ll see one from TNT Tony, that Zorra has assured us has qualified information about the RV. You’ll learn everything up to the minute just by going to that particular posting that is always there and always updated at least three times a week. So that answers the RV.

You can ask Zorra any other questions you might have.

865:        At that moment that’s all. I’m just kind of trying to absorb everything that I’m learning from you guys right now.

Zorra:    Anne, she was wanting to know where, I’m quite sure that she wanted to know where to invest in this currency, I believe would be her question.

Anne:    If you go down our pages that are listed at the top left of the website, you will see Currency Exchange and Purchase (I believe it is what I call it). Click there for specific information on how you can acquire access to a large amount of currency and put it in layaway for a small amount of dollars—as little as say $55. Go to that page; all the information is waiting for you there.

914:     Hello Anne. Hi Zorra. Yes, Coming to this Hollow Earth site or these calls is like, I remember as a child going to the circus filled with excitement and anticipation, that’s how I describe it.

Now, I have a question Zorra. Yesterday on Mike Quinsey’s message he put a short blurb out about the City of Light in Sedona coming into the physical realm on December 25th. Could you discuss this?

I mean Jenny Thompson has contacted people within them for years and this thing has been anticipated as the first City of Light of amongst thirteen around the planet. Could you elaborate on that how long will it be down? Will it be down permanently? Will people be able to physically enter? Are there healing chambers? Is it right directly over Sedona?

Zorra:    Understand beloved master, it is not over Sedona. It is on the ground. It is just camouflaged. It also has many areas within it for healing, for learning, for creating, for manifesting. So when the, what is called camouflage is dropped, you will see the City. It will be covered in a dome and it will be quite visible and of course it will also be accessible.

But you must also understand, just like it is when you go to Hollow Earth, your mind, your heart, and all your being must be of complete harmony, peace and joy. Not for exploitation; not for greed; not for self-gratification; only harmony, peace and joy. And that you will be accepted in and at that point you can abide there permanently if you desire – or more permanently until it is lifted (because it is a ship by itself) at the time of The Gathering. But you must understand: your heart and mind must be of one accord in harmony and peace.

914:        That’s pretty cool. Wow. Thank you.

And Quit Asking!
Anne:     Hmm. Yeah. And it will come into visibility before the end of the year, Zorra?

Zorra:     We shall see.

Anne:     (laughing) I just had to do that.

914:        He mentioned the 25th of December

Saryya:    You cannot put a time. You are always stitching a time on your dimensions. It all refers… it all will be according to your consciousness and frequency level.

Zorra:     For someone to put a time or date on when a City of Light will present itself is just their own wanting, their own desire. Not necessarily factual.

Anne:     At one time you said the Telos City of Light was beginning to materialize above Mount Shasta.

Zorra:    That is also a vessel and understand it is already there, it is just in camouflage also. And it is in direct communications with Telos beneath the mountain. There is also a direct conduit from the top of the mountain to the city.

Anne:    Mmmm, magic! Well, it’s going to be beautiful to see and to see unfold. Thank you. That was one quick question and it was appropriate. It’s something I’m sure many people were wondering about.

352:        What I called about is conscious water. I have very little understanding of where to begin and what we should expect and how we should relate to it and use it. What should we expect. What kind of readings we should expect. How often to take it. How to present a conditioning for it. And as far as the most important thing is Peter said that’s ever happened in the world, I think we should have a bit more understanding of it.

Anne:    This was an event that happened in October at a gathering with Peter Olsen that the water on the planet has now been permanently changed and is conscious.

Zorra:    It has always been conscious. It is just the people who have come to realize this.

Saryya:    Just like the whales.

Zorra:    Just like the whales, and dolphins, and the Merpeoples. It has all been conscious already. They were just waiting for you to listen.

Anne:    We can get some of those questions answered directly from Peter. It’s not something that others on this call can relate to.

001:        Good morning and good evening from Singapore. First I’d like to thank and am grateful to Saryya and Zorra for creating us at this historical time.

I’d like to talk about the New Jerusalem. Last night in Singapore we saw three or two starship or something like that I think. We were shocked to see the anomaly in the west side of Singapore, now it is three right above us.

Anne:    That confirms what Zorra just told us that if you know the intensity of the light that shows from the New Jerusalem, you’ll recognize it in any part of the sky.

001:     We saw the New Jerusalem directly above us. So would the ship be landing in Singapore too? Or would there be any path down to Hollow Earth from Singapore?

Zorra:    Understand: all nations will have a visitation from what is termed this aeroship. So New Jerusalem could not land on the planet earth even if it wanted to. It is extremely large. But, understand, if it was to land say on what is called the United States, it would cover the entire nation. So that would be quite perplexing and quite alarming to what is termed United States if one ship; just one – especially New Jerusalem – was to come and hover over the continent of the United States. It would cause much panic. It would cause much confusion. And this we will not do.

001:        So the ship that will be landing will be smaller size and will be coming down to our country Singapore?

Zorra:    Yes, but what you term as a small mother ship will come and be over the island of Singapore. Yes.

001:        Okay. Bye-Bye. Thank you. Thank you Mother/Father God for creating us.

Zorra:    And do you have anything to say about the product called Soul?

001:        Yes. Actually we have taken only one month. My wife is having some asthma problems but after one month she don’t feel good so we stop. Hopefully after RV we will buy more and distribute out to our friends.

Zorra:    Indeed! Do so because it is a wonderous product for sure. And also Laminine is another one that would help greatly in her asthma.

001:        Yes! So for Laminine I have tried to contact those in Kuala Lumpur area office but there is no respond.

Anne:    I have news for everybody with regard to our products internationally. People are frustrated. I’m getting comments: ‘we want it but it’s not available in our country.’ Very, very few countries can order it. There is a way via Reship.com.  http://reship.com/  People in Australia have used this effectively.

It gives you a U.S. address where you can enroll with the company, set up your supply of Soul or Laminine, and use an address that they assign to you. It’s your U.S. address.  And it will go to these people in Oregon where there’s no state tax to be applied, and they will reship it direct to you. So it’s being used. It’s working. It’s fair, it’s affordable. I’ll post it on Breaking News so that those of you who are so frustrated and feeling left out, not able to get your hands on these products, will now have a U.S. address and a reliable person that will reship it on to you.

Zorra:    (To Saryya) I believe the next question will be yours.

219:        Once we have Disclosure are we going to have a period of what they call stasis? [involuntary hibernation]

Saryya:    (laughter) That is very interesting. When Disclosure appears or when it comes you will not need what you say stasis or hibernation. You will be awakening to all of the glorious mentors, and ships, and other beings. I do not, we do not see a stasis as you deem it. All of you who are awakening, your bodies are becoming lighter.

Zorra:    (from the background) They’re in stasis now! (laughter)

Saryya:    Yes you are! You will be not in stasis if that is what you deem it because you will be awakening… (Zorra: from their sleep) Yes. Well not all are asleep. Many are asleep indeed.

So anyways. So at that point there will be no time for hibernation. It will be time for work, joy – much joy – and glory. When you awaken, you are really living who you really are! So in a way you are still asleep in 3D. This is why we call it an illusion. 2D is an illusion. This is what has happened to you for thousands of years. So now you are waking up. And you deign to work more in your unity consciousness and your Christ consciousness.  You are becoming more and more of who you truly, truly are. Many of you are still trying to grasp what that all means. It is a restoration of who you are. So you will be coming to realize that you are divine beings of many, many limitless dimensions.

In Helping Renew Earth
219:        Thank you. If we want to participate in renewing the earth are you guys accepting proposals now to help out once all of our new world come forth?

Zorra:    When the new world comes forth, all ideas that will benefit the whole will definitely be listened to.

226:        There are two big lights above Guelph, Ontario, Canada. One is a big white light and the other is a blue light. They’re aeroships. I know that. Could clarify who they are?

Zorra:     Indeed. Why not ask them?

226:        I’ve tried to. One I did connect with and it was moving side to side at one point, but I’m not really sure on the origin.

 Zorra:    The one in the color of blue is Pleiadian. The one in the color of white, Arcturian.

215:        I’m trying to remember the last time someone has asked you what the percentage was of consciousness having lifted on Terra. I know it was pretty high and we were all so surprised. I’m guessing that it’s better. Share with us where we are at this place in time.

Zorra:    5.8½

215:        And where were we the last time? Do you recall the conversation?

Zorra:    5.8

215:        Okay, so we’re lifting and we just have to keep moving that dial. And so, as I’m understanding it. the way those of us who are working on ourselves on a regular basis, and catch ourselves and turn that energy around, is to just heal the energy because we’re reading all the dark stuff, we’re reading all the disappointments. We’re feeling it in our hearts and in our bodies. It’s just being ever mindful to really raise the bar within ourselves so that we don’t be a part of not getting to 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
(Saryya’s chuckling in background)  

I mean more pure focus. I feel that all the stuff that comes up helps us or moves us into that zone where we’re not as solid and our fields are not as clean and bright because we’re oppressed being here. We just have to remember at every moment in time energy comes down that way.

Attain Movement with Heart-Center Awareness
Saryya:    That is true. Coming from your 3D, you have evolved. You are still evolving. Your attachments to 3D, to fear-based ego and to this dimension where you still see things appearing in 3D. That awareness – when you are aware of that – more and more you move yourself up into the higher dimension of 6D, full 5th D, as we would like to see all come at.

So it is for you to continue to be very heart-centered in the Christ consciousness that all of you are. If you connect more and when you become aware of any attachments to 3D thinking or emotion or mental being, know and become aware and you move from that. Say ‘I see this. This is not where I want to be. I shall remain or I shall move my energies toward more that is of light, more that is of joy, more of what or who I really am.’ Which is your, full, divine self!

More and more you will realize that you really are true divine beings. When you are in touch with that, that is where you need to begin to live your life. And then, in one moment, all of a sudden you will be there. In that moment you will be able to see all in the glory that it is for us; that there is no separation; that you will no longer see the separation even with 3D. You will see it only n the fullness of what we, in the divine, see it at. That is why we only see you in your perfection. In who you truly are. That you are now underway in to achieving again. Which is what we call restoration of who you are! You are, my dear.

215:     That’s wonderful. I guess I’m seeing a temperature gauge that goes to 10.For all of us that are focused on shifting our own vibrations we see it going up in our mind’s eye, like mercury going up to the higher levels. What would be the actual number that would be tipping points for all of this to open up and be released? What would be the number?

Zorra:    Hmm. That would have to be 9 (Saryya: 9½ ) 9, 9½

215:     So now we know our work. Now we know how much this bar that we’ve been raising all along needs to move forward. I just wanted to put that out there so that visual helps many of us to recognize where our work is and to maintain it and to actually increase it. So thanks for answering that. It just helps me to feel that energy a little more clearly.

Saryya:    Hmm. While we talk about numbers, I would like to add as well that it can be done instantly. Whether you are at 5.8 or not, it depends on each of you in terms of your intention and your joy to becoming full galactic humans. It can come in an instant. You do not even have to worry about the mercury. It depends really on your consciousness and frequency and that can change/transmute instantly.

Anne:    If we’re looking at the thermometer, I think we would be holding ourselves back because we would say, I’m only at 5.9. When we could zip right on up to 9.5 or 10 in just a moment of wonderful ecstasy and joy.

Does Terra Get Bored Waiting For Us?
Anne:    What about Gaia? What about Terra? What is her level right now?

Zorra:    Gaia in its fullness is what is termed as full 6th dimension.

Anne:    Oh, nice! She’s just waitin’ on us, right Zorra?

Zorra:    Indeed! Waiting on you to wake up.

Are you partaking of Soul and Laminine?

215:        I have the Soul and to be honest it’s sitting there and I haven’t been taking it. And I have had four boxes over time it’s just financially right now. I love the product. It’s worth taking. It’s on hold for the moment.

Zorra:    Well if you have it now and not taking it then shame on you.

215:        Yeah there’s something wrong with me there. It’s right in my refrigerator, I’m just so busy and there’s so many things we do but I’ll get back on that Zorra. Thanks for the reminder.

Zorra:    Indeed. You want to take it 30 minutes to an hour before your meal. You want it to go directly into your system before partaking of any sustenance at all. You want to take it by itself to go directly into your bloodstream. You do not want to intermix anything with it.
Anne:    Zaraya told us on the last call to shake up the pack before opening it to keep it from clogging.

215:        You’d be amazed, Anne, as to how much is still in there. I take scissors and open it up and still see more that never came out. I’m opening up the whole pack at the bottom.

Zorra:    Indeed.    Cut it open on three sides and then open it up as a butterfly and consume all of the residue of the husk/of the seed.

Soul Seed Hack
You may, if you desire, take the residue left within the package and put it directly on your skin in areas that are in pain or discomfort and it will alleviate that also.

Was Cain Flashing Illuminati Signs?
817:        Yes. Much love to you Zorra and to you Anne. According to our Bible and all religion, Adam and Eve came to this earth after six days  and then I know that according to Sumerian mythology Enki and Ninki created the modern human. Can you give us a clue about how?

Zorra:    Understand beloved master, the Bible says seven days of creation. In actuality it was seven thousand years. It did not take seven literal days as you term it. As in your Bible it says “a thousand years is a day; a day is a thousand years.” It took seven thousand years to create the planet. So understand that is your answer.

El Moyra and Sananda
817:        Who is El Morya and who came to Sananda with Ashtar on this earth? Did he also come like Sananda, our Jesus, came to this earth spreading love? And with him also came three souls like El Morya and then Ashtar and then Sananda.

Sarrya:    Anne, could you …

Anne:    I’m having a hard time with it too. I’m thinking of something that Peter has posted on his website about the Jesus Project. And in the Jesus Project, Peter has it posted Sananda was the lead incarnation in the Jesus Project. Saint Germain was there and El Morya was there. And El Morya was a project inhabited by Ashtar and Kuthumi. It’s all very complicated but that’s the only thing that I can relate to.

817:        Is cabal and Illuminati working from Adam and Eve’s son Cain (and Abel) or in Qur’an, Qabil?

Anne:     You’re looking at the two sons of Adam and Eve and is the cabal an outgrowth of Cain, one of the two sons?

Zorra:    No.

Anne:    I think we could get very tangled up trying to make the Bible right according to what we’re now learning. I think it would be much easier for us to move forward and not look back trying to unravel deliberate attempts to deceive us by changing the original words in the Bible. We’re wasting precious time that we could be using raising out vibrations and just set the Bible aside and know ‘then was then’ and ‘now is now.’

Zorra:    Beloved master, go to what is termed as the Teachings of Sananda. (Anne: The New Scriptures.) Read those very carefully with what is called an open mind and you will find the answers you are seeking there.

817:        In my dreams I think trees are trying to talk to me when they’re in trouble. For three-four days I was dreaming about my apricot tree. Then one day I was planting lily bulbs and found out my apricot tree was really in danger. Do they talk to me in my dreams?

Zorra:    Understand, what is termed as trees have a root system. And the root system is interconnected to all other roots in the ground and if one tree is in dire straits it transmits that feeling to others. So in essence, many trees are in danger. Especially ones in rain forests, in the Congo, and things of this nature. And they are transmitting their what is called their anguish to others and it is filtering down into the trees that are in the United States. So they are giving a warning, stating that we must treat the trees with much more respect and much more loving kindness and bringing forth that love and that kindness to them.

Let’s Have An Artificial Christmas
Refrain from cutting trees for Christmas trees. Cutting down a tree for an event is not the right thing to do. Do what is termed as use [fake], instead of condoning what is termed the killing of trees to celebrate an event that actually took place in April – birth of Christ was in April not in December. So understand that when you buy a tree to decorate and put in your home, you are condoning the killing of them. So refrain from doing this. And many, what is termed stores or manufacturers have made what is termed artificial trees. And those are quite sufficient for what you wish to celebrate but the killing of trees is not condoned by us or any one else.

Zorra:    So, we are going to do the Pulse together. In fact, I’m going to let my beloved do it this time because she is so eloquent in doing so.

Saryya:    We shall do this together. I shall prepare the family.

THE PULSE *******
Saryya:    So all of you just relax. Where you are, wherever you are: north, east, or south of this beautiful Terra … (Zorra: or west) … or west (chuckling). And so take your deep breaths in this beautiful life force energy. Breathe it in. Let it move into all of your many trillions of cells. Breathe in this golden white light. And then exhale out all of the toxins. All of the negativity that is within your cells as well. You are now also bringing in this golden white light to transform your DNA.

So just relax, let go, and breathe. And now it is yours.

Zorra:    Indeed. And also, we are going to also address those who are in what is termed as unemployment as well, included into what is termed the Pulse. Not only does healing take place of the body but also takes place of the soul, and takes place of ones that are in dire straits such as unemployment and things of this nature. It is also a healing as well. So those that are unemployed, call to the Lord God of your Being to give you a job – a JOY, not a job – to give you a joy so you may continue to be in joy and to support your family and things of this nature. So just call upon the Lord God of your being to manifest the job that you desire.

First you want to do is you want to sit down, you want to write down your ideal joy – job if you term it a job – but your ideal joy and term as a direct contact point to achieve the desire of your wanting to have the joy – or you term it job. Anyway, so write it down. And then on a daily basis go to it in the morning when you wake up and manifest you already have the job or joy. Then go out and diligently to search for your joy and you will find it. It is waiting for you, That is all on that. Anyway.

Besides your breathing, the energy is entering into the heart-mind, spreading upward and outward. It’s spreading up into the crown chakra and then dropping down into what is termed as your vault of knowledge and many term it as the brain. Many have issues with the brain and things of this nature and those issues are being rectified. But you must also understand, the mind is only what is termed as a vault of knowledge with leads leading to and down to the heart-mind. The heart-mind is your actual thinking processes. Your heart, in your chest, that is your heart-mind.

It has been proven by science that the heart has more what is termed as impulses coming from it and going to it than any organ of the body and that is factual. And they’ve come to realize this. So they realize the heart-mind is the thinking mind and that the brain is just a storage for that heart-mind. So many times you have what is termed as tumors attach themselves to the vault of knowledge and creates difficulty by cutting off the leads that go down to the heart-mind. And that causes difficulty within the body. However, we’re here to tell you that it is all that. It is just what is called a blockage between your heart-mind and your vault of knowledge. And to remove that you need to call upon the Lord God of your being to remove it. To separate it from the vault of knowledge and to let it pass down thru the body and out thru waste. And it will do so. You just must give it the opportunity to do that.

Now the energy is spreading outward to what is termed the inner-ear; working on the people who have difficulty in hearing. Those with hearing aides, turn them down because they’re going to begin to squeal because they are no longer needed. Ears are being healed.

Behind the optical nerves, the energy is spreading into what is termed as your eyes. And behind the optical nerves are taking care of macular degeneration and taking care of the glaucoma and the cataracts that are manifesting themselves in your eyes. Those that have this issue: I say before, I say again, according to your faith be it unto you. Go into your lavatory and wash out your eyes. If you see flakes dark flakes in your sink then you are washing away your cataracts and washing away your glaucoma. And your eyes will begin to focus better and will be returned to a 20/20 vision. So, according to your faith, be it unto you.

Now, the energy is now dropping downward into what is termed as the throat into the thyroid area, into behind the sinuses, breathing passages and things of this nature. People that are on oxygen you do not need this any longer because your air passages are opening and you’re breathing much, much better. You find yourself breathing better and maybe getting a little tipsy if you have or are on oxygen and you are healed now and you are receiving excess oxygen which will cause you to become a little tipsy. So you may wish to turn it down or completely eliminate it because you are being healed as we speak.

The energy is now dropping down into what is termed as the outward into what is termed as the shoulders, into rotator cuffs. People who have issues with rotator cuffs from over-extending their throwing arm throwing a softball, a hard ball or a football and you are finding difficulty in your rotating cuffs. Or injuring your rotator cuffs by doing exercises not realizing what you are doing damage to your rotator cuffs. Now they are being restored as we speak.

Those who have this issue, I want you to put your arms straight out from the body on both sides. Both arms straight out. And then I want you to just lift your arms straight up. From the position they are in now just lift your arms straight up above your head. Those that do this are instantly healed of that affliction.

The energy is now dropping down into what is termed as chest area. In men it would be the chest or the pecs. In women it would be the breasts and those areas. You had what s called a lump on your breast, feel it now. It is no longer there. It is gone. Go ahead! I see many women searching for it and cannot find it. That is a sign to you, you no longer have breast cancer at all. It has been taken from you. No need for operations. No need for medicines you were taking for it because those medicines are not helping you at all. They are just what is called masking the issue. So that has been done.

Now the energy has been dropping downward also into what is termed the solar plexus (acid reflux issues) and the stomach area, digestive system, and in to the prostate of men and the ovaries and uterus of women for reproduction. Those who have had their tubes tied be very, very careful because you may have a surprise coming. Mmmm, and that goes for the one in New York. You know who you are in that apartment building in New York on Fifth Avenue. Now, that surprised you didn’t it? Anyway. You must be careful now because you are going to be able to have children unbeknownst to you so you might which to use what is termed protection to prevent having a child. And this goes for all others who’ve had tubes toed and you are having what is termed relations with a man, you may wish to be very careful because you are now very fertile and your tubes have been reestablished back into the functionality. So, be very careful. If you want children, you may have them. If you do not want children you must protect yourself from it. Anyway.

So going down the spine; the energy is going right down the spine. People are feeling warmth – either a warmth or a coolness or a tingling down their spine. And all areas of the spine that are being rectified such as curvature of the spine is now being straightened … is now being done away with. Those that are slumped over stand up straight because you now have a back-to-normal spine. Stand up. Go ahead, do it! First time you’ve done that before, hasn’t it? Anyway, that is done.

The energy is now dropping down into what is termed as your hip area. Those who are having issues with your hips: pain in your hips, replacement of your hips. Many have had what is called titanium replacement and you are feeling a warm sensation entering into that area and a clicking sound. And that is because it is an outward or a sign to you that your titanium replacement is being turned back into bone.

People who have issues with bone marrow transplant or needing bone marrow transplant you are going to find that you are feeling a little bit of a discomfort in your bone marrow at this moment. And that is because it is being restored and replaced. In a moment you are going to feel a tingling sensation in your bones and that is a renewing of your bone marrow; completely pure without any disease or affliction. So many of you are going to be getting out of the hospital because you no longer need that bone marrow transplant.

According to your faith be it unto you.

Now the energy is now dropping down into what is termed as the hips. From the hips, the upper thighs. The hips have been done. The upper thighs. Any discomfort there. One leg shorter than the other has already been replaced because the hips have been straightened. You no longer have one leg longer than the other. They are both the same. The energy is dropping down into what is termed the knees, behind the knees, and on top of the knees.

The energy is dropping down through the arms to the upper arms, down into what is termed the elbows. Being pulled down from there into the corporal tunnel area of those who have the braces on because of the corporal tunnel, because of the use of your computers, your arms and hands being in a certain position causing this corporal tunnel issue. That is also being rectified as we speak. It is done. It is finished from that.

The energy is now dropping down into your hands, the balls of your hands and into your fingers and joints. All that arthritic pain and arthritic condition is being pulled right down your arms out through your fingertips. And it is done.

The energy is dropping downward into what is termed below the knees and into the shin area and into what is termed the calf area -- behind and in front of.
The energy is now being drawn down into the ankles, strengthening the ankles. If you have a broken ankle it is no longer broken. Feel inside your cast and it begins to itch extremely causing you much difficult discomfort because it is itching so badly. That is because it is mended. It is mending and it is being restored as we speak.

Now the energy is dropping down to your heels and down into your what is termed the arches of your feet and into the balls of your feet and out thru the toes of your feet. All that rheumatoid arthritis is being pulled from the body out thru the toes.

And those of you that are in wheelchairs, stand up! No, I’m not going to feel sorry for you, stand up! Unless you desire to have this affliction due to what is termed the benefits you are receiving on a monthly basis because of it. If you desire to get up, get up and walk. You no longer have that excuse. That pain that was in your legs is gone. The re-restoration of your legs – put one hand on one side and one hand on the other side – and feel the muscle actually growing outward. Feel your legs getting stronger and the muscles beginning to form on the very thin and undeveloped leg area. That is being rectified as we speak.

Go ahead and cry because it is now happening. You no longer have need to be glued to a wheel chair. You may now get up and walk. Surprise yourself. Get up and do it. I’m talking to you in Dallas. I’m talking to you in Philadelphia. I’m talking to you in San Francisco. I’m talking to you in Denver. I’m talking to you in Miami. And also in San Diego, and what is termed as Seattle and what is termed as Chicago, and what is termed as Montreal, and what is termed as Ontario, and what is termed as Key West, Florida. And what is termed as New York, the Bronx … um, the 15th floor of that apartment building in the Bronx. You know who you are and so do I.

It is done. It is finished. So be it.

Saryya: We wish everyone the following: May harmony, peace, joy, love, laughter, and much healing be with each and every one of you as you are transforming into your full and Christ Consciousness level of frequency, so that you are soon to be the galactic humans that you were meant to be.

Zorra:    Indeed. And may you have yourself, whenever you get up in the morning --stand up before anything -- standup and shout out: “WHAT A WONDEROUS, GLORIOUS, AND LOVING DAY IT IS!”

Saryya: And now I can hear the new world coming!

Zorra:    Yes you do my dear. A New World Coming.

(theme music rises)

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