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NOVEMBER 20 2014



NOVEMBER 20, 2014

Current intelligence points to the TRN being officially released in the New Year. Time frames have been considered between one to a few months. Without the TRN in place as the foundation for the major releases, the time window to have this all accomplished this year may dissapear shortly, and this is estimated to be at the end of November, and all put forward to early in 2015.

If there is any significant change, we will be apprised as this process continues.

During this time, the Landa Project fundings schedule will continue on an altered schedule. We will be shortly posting the precise start of Project admission to funding under this webpage, and begin the primary compliance process on current and ongoing Project candidates. Webpage Project submissions shall be accepted in addition to current efforts.

A special section devoted to online Project submissions shall be built herein, with the goal having an online presence available to interact on funding and other requirements of a Project submission. The required infrastructure will shortly be available with sufficient offices to service select global areas for the benefit of local Project applications.

We look forward to being of good service, and the beginning of many major and minor Project starts for the benefit of our Humanity.

Thank You

NOVEMBER 18 2014



The completion of all the requisite agreements, treaties, sign-offs and other functions of the Global Reset have been completed, and the advent of the new TRN (Treasury Reserve Note) is scheduled to be implemented on November 20, 2014.

We have been apprised that the schedule of the GCR (Global Currency Reset) after the official announcement of the TRN is measured in days if not hours.

After the GCR, the official historic bond redemptions will be announced. At this time, all six official channels for this official redemption period are on standby and completing the required loading of funds to the redemption accounts before the announcement. It is anticipated that this will occur in the next week.

It is also anticipated that the RV (Revaluation) of the dinar, dong and other currencies will follow the GCR more or less in parallel.


The process will complete well before the Christmas holiday season, and all currencies will become Basel III compliant.

This global event has been decades in the making, and the royal families and other sovereigns in concert with the Chinese Family have finally "broken through" the various obstacles placed before them in the implementation of the Global Reset. All institutions, agencies, and regulatory authorities are now on standby to support the transition.

Landa Project fundings will begin by end of this month as first funds to accounts are underway now. It is estimated that it will take about one week to set the infrastructure in place after clearance of first funds.

Further information will be posted as it arrives and is confirmed.

Thank You

APPALOOSA wrote - ROCKER - You say your trader friend is saying the same thing as the Landa Global?

Rocker66 wrote -Appaloosa - They are an bond firm. I am in touch with a trader. He says the same thing as Landa.

APPALOOSA wrote - If ROCKER is saying he's hearing the same info from a trader friend of his......maybe the info is good.

Catwoman1 wrote - Landa is NOT tied to Nesara.

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