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Gristle on DC in Chat 11.04.14



This is INTEL because, clearly, some people still don’t understand. No good deed goes unpunished, but all this needs to be said, I think. AB, Mods, please clarify if I’m getting something wrong. Members, please, please, please, post what is positive here and what ADDS to helping others understand.

1-     Exchange Centers.
a.      Tony will tweet us an 800# to call and that operator will then give us another number to call based on the bank you choose and your zip-code. That bank will then tell you the nearest location. If they are too far away, call the 800# back and try another bank.  You can call that first 800# as much as you want. It’s the second one, when you actually make an appointment, where you only get one shot. Do not worry, the banks want us to get there. They will make sure the 800# disseminates when the time comes.

b.      If you don’t get the tweet, go to the Forum attntdinar.activeboard.com. It will be there.  If that site (the Forum) is closed, go to tntsuperfantastic.net or tntsuperfantastic.com ortntsuperfantastic.info. The 800# will be there.

c.   You can’t make more than one 800# appointment and only with one bank. You will be registered and tracked as of that moment. Don’t try to be slick. You think Big Brother is watching? Well, Big Brother, Big Sister, your evil uncle, and people you’ve never heard of are now watching. Play it straight and you’ll be fine. Remember, the banks wants your money.

d.      Relax, the banks want you to get there. They want to help you exchange your currency. They will be helpful. Be friendly, they are trained to serve. I know some are intimidated by banks. I am too. There will probably be a marshal in the room with you. He is there as a witness, not the Gestapo. Try and remember you are speaking to somebody just trying to do their job. Again, they want your business. Think of yourself as their most valued customer, because you are. And remember  exchange, exchange, exchange. Never say cash in or use the word investment. You are there to exchange your IQN Dinar and VNN Dong.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada