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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Currency Exchange in the USA
Currency Exchange in the USA
COURTESY OF PHILIP TILTON and by Unknown Author….

It’s time to do our Currency Exchange!

This information is not meant to advise.    Please  consult  your  own team of banking, tax and financial advisers whenever you have a question. This  info is compiled from Intel and rumors from across Dinarland. 

There are “no  rules” for  this worldwide event  and  all  is  subject to  change in  any  instant.    It  may  be  helpful  to  prepare  your  own written  step-­by-­‐step checklist to follow once things start rolling so that the experience may be organized, relaxed and fun.

This is an amazing event that we are super blessed to be a part of...  Ready! 

STEP 1  
The  RV/GCR  Rates  Go  Live!
We  may receive  notification  in  many  ways, for example:
TNT  will  tweet  the  800#
EXOGEN  will  post  Santa  in  his  full  red  suit  on  s3alpha
Dinar  Recaps  will  email  their  membership
A  friend or family member may inform us
Our personal Banker  /  Wealth  Manager  may  contact  us, if  pre­‐arranged
The  new  rates  may  or  may  not  be  immediately  listed  on  FOREX,  CBI,  etc.  

To make our exchange  appointment:
Call  the  800# immediately
Contact your  wealth  manager  /  banker  as  pre-­arranged
It is recommended to contact others we may be informing after your own appointment is made but before your exchange occurs because once and IF we sign an NDA (NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT) we will have to go silent

Calling  the  800#:
This  call  will  last  no  longer  than  2  minutes
Have  ready: Your name, phone  number; amount of currency you wish to exchange; zip code where you intend to exchange; email address (this may not be required, but if it is, you may wish to give a temporary email for privacy’ sake)
There will be little or no time to ask questions
The call center will likely not have answers to any questions except appointment scheduling info
Write your appointment time and location down right away
Make a different call for each person/entity you will be exchanging on behalf of (i.e., personal or corporate trust, LLC, spouse, etc.)

Before the Exchange Appointment:
Prepare  needed  exchange  items
Gather 2 forms of official picture ID (driver’s  license,  passport,  state  ID,  military  ID,  etc.)
Make 2 color copies of each ID
Do a final count of currency and prepare to transport it safely
Contact your currency dealer and make arrangements to collect your reserves, if applicable
Prepare currency purchase receipts and POO (proof of ownership/receipts, gift letters, etc. – if instructed to on the phone. Keep in a handy place for further reference if not required. This is more for tax purposes down the road.
Ensure that you have any of your gifting letters organized and distributed to recipients
Ensure knowledge of personal information (address, email, SSN, etc.)
Gather current bank account information, if relevant  
Prepare a list of cashier’s checks to be printed for immediate disbursement, if desired (keep it as simple as possible for 1st appointment)
Bring practical personal items: pens, calculator, notebook, checklist,  etc.
Contact any friends and family you wish to inform
If you take the Contract Rate or sign any NDA, you may not speak of your exchange in any way – (even nonchalantly!) with others after it occurs. You will have to practice a response to have at the ready and do not deviate. The cost is too great.
Be aware not to overload or confuse those who have not been following this event
Contact members of your banking and wealth management team
If you decide to have your lawyer and/or accountant in the exchange with you be aware that this may slow your appointment, causing it to be rescheduled or bumped to the back of the exchange line
Set up immediate appointments with your advisory team for after the exchange
If you do not yet have financial advisors, begin to formulate a post RV plan to secure some
Arrange any travel plans
If you or a loved one is traveling to exchange, make all arrangements
Be sure all travel plans are secure and refrain from public transportation with revalued currency
Take a moment to center and reflect
Gather loved ones
Walk  in  nature
Give  thanks
Breathe  deeply
Inwardly go over the coming currency exchange with a feeling of peaceful assurance
The Exchange Appointment
Arrive prepared and on time
Know the location and factor in traffic
Eliminate unnecessary stress by making careful plans and writing them down
Ensure any advisors are well informed of time and location for appointment
Bring all exchange items listed in Step  
Understand appointment parameters and logistics
The  800# appointments are for Dinarland Group, those following this event closely. Folks not following this event closely will easily be able to exchange without an appointment and most likely will not have contract rate opportunity.
Every appointment is to take no longer than 20 minutes
Bank staff is trained to adhere to this time schedule and requesting a longer exchange appointment may cause you to be bumped to the back of the line, unless you already have arrangements with a personal banker
10. Calling a bank directly, and without an existing relationship with a personal banker or wealth manager will likely result in being directed to the 800# Call Center to schedule an appointment
11. You may request a longer 1st appointment but it may affect your slot
12. It is possible to exchange through your established private banker
13. The initial exchange appointment is intended for currency exchange only. Other banking may be done at second and subsequent appointments
14. Currently only your spouse or financial advisor is allowed to join you in the first exchange discussion
15. Appointment Goals:
Exchange all intended currencies
Understand and sign NDA and Bank Contract, if applicable/chosen
Understand exchange rates and tax rates for the exchange tier you have chosen
Ensure fees are appropriate for exchange; a 2% fee is the only mandatory fee that we now know of – subject to change
Open 2 each, new Non Interest Bearing accounts (if applicable) 1 for Dinar and one for all other currencies and make sure there is an existing ZERO balance ($0.00) to deposit legal gold-backed tender
Ensure that the new accounts are NON testing, Non training and NOT available online (off  internet – “BEHIND THE FIREWALL”)
Get copies of all signed paperwork: new accounts, NDA, Bank agreement, deposit slips, etc.
Get cashier’s checks
Arrange your follow up appointment with a Wealth Manager
*** Remain aware yet flexible.    The exact and final Exchange rules are not yet known. 

The Exchange Appointment - Exchange Tips:
Have an idea of the current exchange rate that you will likely choose, if there is a choice, including:
International Rate – the “street rate” available anywhere in the world, and may be different that “market rate” in USA and depending on the currency in question
Market Rate - this will be the public rate and may have tax advantages
Contract Rate - a possible higher rate for the IQN (Dinar) and the VNN (Dong
-Higher  taxes  and  fees  may  be  incorporated  in  the  Contract  Rate
- You  may  have  to  ask  if  the  Contract  Rate  is  available and it may require an NDA & Bank Agreement
Ask  to  see  any  and  all  rates  on  the  bank  screens
To choose a rate, factor the net of each rate, consider restrictions & choose the one that’s for you
If you sign an NDA, NEVER talk about your exchange to anyone EVER  
In the unlikely event annuities or structured payouts are offered, refrain from accepting during this appointment
Refer to the transaction as a “currency exchange” rather than as an “investment” or “cash in”
Refer to the currencies ONLY as follows (disregard  other  monikers):
Iraqi  Dinar  IQN
Vietnamese Dong  VNN
Zimbabwe  Dollar  ZWN / ZQL (?)
Read ALL contracts such as the NDA and the Bank Agreement starting from the back and going to the front for easier clarity
Sign  under FINCEN 104 Part 2 Line 33  Currency  Exchange , this defines the exchange as NOT an investment
10. Ask questions when you don’t understand something
11. Obtain business cards from everyone at your exchange and put them in a safe place for future reference
12. If you do not feel comfortable remember that you may leave and exchange at a later time
13. It is believed that all of  Dinarland will complete their exchange within 72 hours of rates going live.
14. The market rates for the public will also be very good
15. When opening account(s) for  exchange, open NIB accounts that are not electronically accessible
16. We may receive further detailed instructions on exchange procedures and we may not          

Questions  TO ASK  during  exchange include:
If  I  sign  this  NDA,  how  may  I  speak  about  my  exchange?
Other people  know  I  have  currency,  how  do  I  handle  that  once  I  have  signed  this  NDA?
May  I  please see the  official  exchange  rates  on  your  screen?
Does signing  this  Bank  Contract  make  me  a  partner  in  the  bank  and  liable  for  its  debts?
May  I  order  any  Cashiers  Checks  at  this  appointment?
When  is  my  next  appointment and may I bring my  (accountant/lawyer/wealth  manager)?
(Note:  It  is  possible  that  the  exchange  staff  may  not  have  the  answers  to  the  previous  question.)

After the Exchange Bank Appointment - Immediately following  your  currency  exchange, make  a  follow up  bank  appointment:
Put  55%  of  the  gross  amount  received  from  the  exchange in  an  account  for  taxes
Keep  Dinar  in  an  account  separate  from  other  currencies  for  tracking  and  tax  purposes
Open  brand  new  accounts  from  the  ones  opened  at  the  exchange  and  sweep  all  funds  into  the  new accounts then  close  the  original  accounts. This creates a  greater wall of privacy for your accounts.
Designate  one  new  account  the “Mother  Load”  account  that  is  only  accessible  by  you  and  your private  banker (Note:  you  must  only “sweep” once  to  internalize  your  new  accounts)
Designate one  new  account  the “Working  Account” electronically available & for  everyday  life
Take  proper  security  precautions  at  all  times  (change  passwords,  use  bank  only  computer,  etc.)
After due  diligence  for  online  security  companies  I went  with:  Privacy  Abroad  
Realize  that  you  can  negotiate  almost  all  bank  fees  and  services
Understand  what  kinds  of  accounts  you  choose  and  why
10.Do  not  give  control  of  your  accounts  or  money  to  anyone including  your  banker
11.Move  money  to  other  banks  or  credit  unions and the best  choices for banking are 4 and 5  star,  Tier  2, with no  derivatives
12.Ask  for  all  accounts  to  be  NON testing,  Non training  and  NOT  available  online  (off  internet and BEHIND THE FIREWALL)
13.For  a  period of time, wiring  more  than  $500k  may  cause  your  accounts  to  be  frozen. Start out slow and move money with wisdom.
14.Hire  a  team of professionals; wealth  manager,  lawyer,  CPA,  etc.
15.Have consultants other  than  just  the  wealth  mangers  at  your  bank

Make  a  plan
Use  financial  tools  (Trusts,  Foundations,  etc.)  with  professional  guidance  and  to  your  advantage
Structure  your  financial  plan  around  your goals  and  values
Know  what  percentages  you  want  to:  save,  invest,  give  and  live on and pay for taxes
Tax  information/requirement is as of yet  unclear  so  set  aside  55%  of  the  gross  amount  exchanged for  taxes  
Give,  Heal,  Celebrate
This Global Currency Reset is the beginning
of total healing of every area of life on our planet.
Celebrate  as  we  join  together  to  welcome  the  New  Golden  Age!
Additional  Information
Contact  for  Sterling:  
Capital  Gains  Tax  Calculator:    
Bank  Ratings:  
Bank  Derivatives:    


Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada