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September 27 2014

I wanted to share this with all of you in case you're having similar experiences so that you don't think you're losing your mind, today I was sitting and simply relaxing, looking at my door, which was closed. When all of a sudden I felt it shifting,vibrating and finally dissolving along with the floor ... instead I saw various beings standing there ...I blinked ... and they were still there ... standing ... clearly ... and then it all vanished ... a few hours later ... the same thing ... I was once again looking at my doorway this time the door was opened ... and for some reason the energy there became very dense ... and a very tall being appeared ... and once again when I saw that, it disappeared and all went back to "normal" ... it certainly feels that we are merging from one reality to the next, just as was discussed in the channelings by Metatron & Hathors ... it's quite fascinating to see, and feel. I feel them walking around ... and today the whole day I feel tremendous pressure on my Crown Chakra=)

They are telling me that we are being adjusted, and that our frquencies are rising which is allowing us to see them.
So if any of you are experiencing these things. Please know that this is a NATURAL state of being. You're not going crazy... you've simply raised your vibration high enough to experience a new reality...

Congratulations... love you.

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