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Just Received Friday
August 28 2014

Anne you may like this new LAMININE - from the laminine family.

Hi All, another amazing testimonial from this magical gift we have to share. Pass it on to all you love, who would benefit from this .

Have a magical day. Biggest hugs to you all.

 Luke's Testimonial for Chronic Depression

Who do you know.... ????

For decades Luke had suffered deep depression. As a young child he was very anxious, and given to depression. At age 8 frustrated doctors took his healthy appendix out because his mother kept bringing him in with pain in his stomach and nausea. Now looking back, it was the beginning of a very long road of severe mental illness.

At 21 when we were married, he was battling suicidal ideation, but at this point I had no idea. People with this kind of depression hide it, so at the time we were married I had no idea what would soon unfold before both of us.

He was constantly thinking of ways he could take his life. It became obvious very soon after our wedding that something was seriously wrong, so I set out to try and find something that might give some relief from this darkness that ruled inside him. To no avail, I searched for 30 years. We tried everything....Everything. Everything natural, everything synthetic, we tried everything.

In October 2007, he said goodbye to me for the last time and went to take his life. Fortunately I intercepted him with 2 of his best mates and we threw him in the psyche ward. This started a roundabout of medication, and 20 sessions of ECT. His brain was fried so to speak to try and end the terrible darkness that dominated him. The medication had no effect and the ECT just took most of his memory. I resigned myself to the fact that this illness was going to take my husband. We had literally tried everything, we were at the end of the line.

Then we found Laminine.

3 days after he started, he felt different. In a week he had started doing things he hadn't done in years. In 2 weeks the darkness had lifted. In 2 weeks. What was this? Was it really this easy? I started to research. I read and read and read. Finally science had got it right!!!

I had to get to know this man who, in a matter of 2 weeks was a different person. Laminine works WONDERS for severe depression. I believed I would lose him. Laminine saved him.

I hope people out there take this seriously. Depression tore my family apart... Laminine has put it back together.

Anita, NSW, Australia.

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Couldn't form words 


Listen Online:  Click Here

Grandma, SHARRI LOUISE, Florida
July 24 2014

Hi Anne,

It was my pleasure to share my testimonies on today's Just Family Talk.

Below is a recap of my testimonies on my Autistic grandson, diagnosed with Verbal Dysplexia - the inability to form words...

My grandson was first diagnosed at 2 1/2 years as autistic, and at the follow-up appointment, we were told that he had "Verbal Dysplexia" and that explained why he spoke NO words, made lots of sounds but no words came out. He was a very frustrated child... would stand in front of the refrigerator, shouting loud sounds but unable to make clear what he wanted or needed. He would make little fists and pound on things in frustration, throw toys, etc.

I began sharing our "Egg" medicine with his mom to simply deal with the Stress of raising 5 children alone, and suggested that she open up a capsule and pour it into some juice and see if it would help my grandson. It did... in about 10 days, he spoke his first words... mom, me hungry! My daughter was ecstatic and made it a ritual to give him his "Egg" medicine in juice, every day.

My friend Emelie had shared that her grandchild simply chewed up the capsules!?! So, one-day, when I picked up my grandchildren from Daycare, I gave them each a capsule and told them it was their "Egg" medicine! From then on, everyday, after school they all asked for their "Egg" medicine and their mom is thrilled with their ability to "stay on task, listen better, and behave better!" No more "hyper" children in the house, and my grandson is continuing to do great... and his sentences are getting longer and longer
Pain-free at 70 from a serious fall on cement steps...

On my return home to my 2nd floor condo, with arms full of groceries and a bag of eggs, for some unknown reason I slipped on one of the cement steps (for the first time in all of the years I lived there), falling hard onto the cement nose of one step, on my left forearm (holding the eggs high so not to break any - we gals have a thing about not breaking the eggs!?!).

For the first time in my life I screamed... it felt like I had broken my arm! I picked myself up, got into my condo, put the groceries down (didn't break an egg!) and tried to think of what to do. I had a nasty looking "bloody hole" about an inch below my elbow!

I warmed some water, and took 4 capsules of our "Egg" medicine with a cup of very warm water (NOT hot). The pain completely stopped within a couple of minutes. I did clean my wound and sprinkled some of the Egg medicine from a capsule, directly on it. I took 2 more capsules, every 4 hours, and the next morning, the hole in my forearm was scabbed over, and was not even red or even pink? I continued to take 2 capsules every 4 hours that day, and the next few days, only took 4 total a day. With in 5 to 7 days of the original injury, amazingly, there was NO sign of any damage had ever been done to my arm!!! I now tell everyone to keep this Egg Medicine handy, in their medicine cabinet or First Aid Kit... it is awesome!

Sharri Louise

Note from Anne:  Listen to the audio and hear even more about sleep!!

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Amazing talk with Tina Wood - How t o sell Soul!  Our whole group loved it!  Here is the link...

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