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July 17 2014


From Tina:

Hi All,

I was asked to do this call for Colleen Cannon and her group which is going bonkers!! They liked the call so I thought I would share it with my group. It is for those interested in building a business with Soul and how to go about it.

We are all just getting started and figuring this out, but the sooner you do, the bigger it will be!! Time is of the essence.

Have a great weekend,

From Colleen:

Hi Everyone,
Thanks Tina for doing this call for us.
It is so much fun to take the seeds, then empower others with the seeds, and then make money helping everyone.
Here is the link:
We are on the cutting edge of something that is HUGE. These seeds are helping with so many things and today everyone has issues. If they don’t have cancer, they know someone that does, if they don’t have inflammation and pain, then they know someone that does. The list goes on.

Jacqueline's husband Charlie has Parkinson's. He over heard Jax telling someone about it and he piped in (which is VERY unusual for Charlie) and he said "This stuff works!!!"

There are so many testimonials each and every day but the best testimonial is your own.. so write it down and get used to telling people about it.

I find that when I ask people the simple question.. Hey.. how are you doing or how are you feeling or how is life???.. (then they just unload with their problems and that allows me a window of opportunity to tell them about SOUL).. It is completely natural and not forced or aggressive.. It just is the truth of the product.

My whole life I have been waiting for this kind of thing because I have always been helping people and this is the BEST thing I have found that really helps.
Now when I see or hear of people that are in pain, depressed, inflamed, have cancer or diabetes..(just so you know diabetes is the biggest thing that doctors are treating)then I have my magic formula and I KNOW that I can help

I am not giving this product away but I am empowering people to CHOOSE TO LIVE FULLY and options to feel more vibrant and alive. It is better th
an even Women’s Quest

I was just thinking this: This product will alkalinize, energize, potentize, harmonize and re-vitalize. Have fun learning and earning

I was thinking that many of us in Boulder have some healer type chiropractor doctor types and I will try to see if I can get Dr Weeks to do a special call and we can get all those folks on that call. Maybe the first week of August.
I also love Steve Freeman, Actually I love everyone that I have met with SOUL and RAIN. I think they are angels that landed here to help.


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