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We have arrived at our Point of Beginning

It has been a long journey.  Two million years of descent and two million years of ascent, and we are here!  Even Prime Creator had given up on us, but we pulled ourselves through!  To better understand the whole story, join Peter Olson's extraordinary radio show, Many of One, each Tuesday night at 5 PM Pacific.  Here we glean glimpses, not only of the past four million years, but of the eons of evolution creating our magnificence. 

Yes, we have prevailed and overcome.  Trillions of space visitors are parked above our beloved Terra, here to observe the show!  We, the Creator Race, are unique within the Universe - a treasure of long-sought information.

We even delayed our final full Ascension for thirteen months, to allow the last 5% to 10% of Earth's surface population a fair opportunity to Ascend. "No one left behind!"

And now our final work begins.  We have been provided with channeled messages from the higher realms, easing us into greater understanding of what lies before us.  And it isn't a free ride!  Our planetary quarantine will soon be lifted and our beloved Terra (Gaia) will be welcomed as the 33rd Member of The Galactic Federation of Light. 

We will soon have Galactic visitors walking amongst us ... the general populace will hear announcements on all media ... and those who ascended on the First Wave will have returned, remarkably youthful and rejuvenated.  Healing ships will be positioned throughout the planet, restoring health and limbs to surface dwellers.  And we will be underway, grooming the Second Wave for their Ascension.  And onward until we have hopefully ascended 95% - 99% of the surface population!

And who are aspiring to be included in the First Wave?  Many of our Hollow Earth Network (HEN) followers are becoming quite well qualified.  We have certainly used over three years' preparation time wisely.  Below is a list of self-help tools already in use with many of our First Wavers.

We invite you to take advantage of every opportunity listed below; implementing each unique vibration/frequency raising enhancement well-known and already fully in use by many of us:





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