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Already Sharing Her Space Stories

MAY 19 2014

 I have been carrying "stickies" in my purse with the Hollow Earth Network website on them--I gave out several over the last year. People are eager to get them.

Just last week I met a nice man, accompanied by his young son, in the parking lot at AJ's Grocery Store. Classic cars were lined up in rows. A beautiful sight!! As I stood there admiring one of the cars, they walked up next to me. I said to the little boy,"It would be neat if these were little space ships." His father's eyes lit up!! Have you ever seen any? I said I have seen many.

I then described a "close up" visit by one.-----One night, one of my sons and I were standing in our front yard. I looked to the North and observed a very bright "star." I THOUGHT --  you're NOT a star. Instantly, it started moving towards us. In a matter of seconds, we saw a small round craft settling above the nearest light pole, two houses distant. Underneath the craft were multiple "window panes" displaying separate colors-- red, blue, green, etc. These "windows" were revolving pretty fast at first, but slowed down as it settled more close to the top of the pole. We were so excited that we climbed up on our roof top. We were pinching each other and LAUGHING WITH JOY and JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!! After about 10 minutes, the craft started to rise, and the revolutions of the "window panes" increased rapidly. When it reached higher, it stopped and then made an incredibly fast horizontal turn and disappeared behind Squaw Peak Mountain.

I told him that the ships that are in our skies are from The Galactic Federation of Light, and that they come in peace. I then told him about the healing ships that are coming soon. His eyes got big, and he got a little emotional. He said, I want to join them, and I want to donate money to help!! I told him to get on the Internet and look up the websites---and to look to the skies.

I couldn't get over how motivated he was in just the short time I talked to him!!! He shook my hand and called me his sister, and I called him my brother. I felt really good about this.

And when we parted, I told him, "Remember, we are all One." And that really resonated.

Regarding the ships again---In the 1970's---My children and I would lay outside the house on our chaise lounges at night---ice tea in hand--just like in the drive in theaters---and watch large ships pass thru one cloud and into another, hours on end, and we never got tired of it. Our neighbors never saw the ships, and we lived in a cul-de sac too.

I have had alot of other adventures too. My best friend's planet imploded a long time ago, and she was rescued and was brought to Earth to grow up at a very young age. She lived in Boise Idaho and later moved to Mill Valley, Calif. She was incredibly gifted spiritually. She said she was in the "first batch" created, and that there were at least three more on the planet like her. She passed on August 10, 2008. I wonder if she is one of the 64 members of The Council. Her name then was Isabella. She is with her Twin Flame and is now called Lady Monel. She was also the sister of Jesus in that lifetime. Oh how I miss her being in embodiment!!!! She mentored me very well, and we had many "awesome adventures". Sometime I would like to share some of them with you.

Jo Ann Mortensen

Email-- unrofet33@gmail.com
Phone -- 623-696-5146


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