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The RV will happen, even if not today or even tomorrow! This explains how the greedy bankers may end up getting people's money, so let us be alert and sharp in how we exchange.  I had never planned to leave my funds with Wells Fargo even if their rate would be higher if I did... I want to put money in community banks and do some other diversifications)   Mer

Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2013 15:34:34 -1000
I agree with this post 100%, and this normally impatient person will have no prob being very patient and waiting it out.  Some may want to CE one note in order to gain some breathing room and pay a few things.  I have  never wanted to be first or even 101st in line, not with this, not this time.  Mary


Dear Ones, 

Please post the following text to be posted anonymously to various Dinar update websites. If you have access to any of the Dinar Websites and/or chat rooms.
It is vital that this is posted far and wide therefore please let me know what websites and chat rooms this gets posted on by responding with an e-mail to me, suzystar@earthlink.net 

Please help with this for when you carefully read this you will know that it comes from our ascended masters (White Knights) who are watching over us and assisting us for the good of our world and all of us.


December 23 2013


White Knight

This offering is to help us avoid the dangers to be avoided in the upcoming RV and Global Currency Reset, as the new “Bail-in laws” and other traps could decimate our windfall.

I have most recently been guided to search remote and obscure websites situated far and wide in a superbly orchestrated tour. This process, guided by entities from higher realm, yielded a pattern, that once assembled, is irrefutable.

Since November 1st, 2013 my preoccupation with matters quite mundane to me, concerning global financial reform, have been flavored with a sense of danger. My quest for truth in these matters has proven totally fruitful. (to me)

I was given a rather frightful vision of wolves attacking my extended family. In order to grasp the significance of the components of the vision which were:

1. Wolves attacking my family from many directions while we were in the courtyard of our mansion. It was revealed to me later that the wolves were the banking elite.

2. Some of them had entered the mansion we occupy as a family.

3. My descent into the basement to secure means of defense (12 gauge shotgun and cartridges)... the tools we would require to defend ourselves.

4. My inability to insert the cartridges into the chamber due to thick paper wrapping on the cartridges. (The paperwork prepared by the banks: NDA’s, banking contracts etc. Will explain implications later in this article).

5. Once peeled, they fit into the chamber (made the danger easy to understand).

6. I shot the alpha male that had descended with three other wolves in process of attacking me. (After weeks of laboring over the decision to create this exposé, thus exposing the master plan for confiscation of the public purse).

Immediately afterwards I was told that all the components of the vision would be explained progressively if I trusted the guidance of the Most High. I most certainly agreed.

A few days later, I was sent a forwarded email headlined “Cyprus’ Bank Bail-in:”

After significant research into the processes involved in setting the stage for this blatant “rape” of depositors’ accounts, I discovered that in order to achieve it, the very laws governing bank-credit defaults had to be changed.

Then, further research took me to a website that showed the following days/weeks, the G-8 countries agreed theoretically with the necessity to follow suit.

My next directive took me to a very remote English language website in India, to a small two or three paragraph article written in German by present head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde. I was told to cut and paste the text into a Google translator. The translated article most emphatically predicted a global meltdown of all currencies! 

As I search for this absolutely clear and precise statement predicting the collapse of global currencies, it has been removed from the website. At the time I had no idea I would be tasked to present this material to a public audience and had no thought to archive the results of my searches.

By applying logic to this thread of thought, I continued to receive guidance to each point of concern and eventually was led to another remote site in Australia stating that the G20 had unanimously endorsed the bail-in movement. The nearest I can find verifying this at this writing is this:

More research followed, disclosing that progressively, most European and Western governments have ram-rodded bail-in legislation through. So the stage is set.

To gain perspective on the colossal fraud intended by the banks, I reviewed the various websites claiming to offer insight into the processes of currency exchange and I put on the hat of a bankster in order to think like one.

The components required to put this plan into action successfully would have to include:

1. Rates of return that were difficult if not impossible to refuse (invoking the greed factor);

2. Complex banking agreements;

3. Confidentiality agreements with serious penalties if breached;

4. Time considerations – time restraints on negotiation (limits) and mandatory time commitments to maintain explicit percentage of funds on deposit in order to be granted the high-rate of exchange.

I was told that 93% of Dinarians would fall prey to the greed factor, if not warned in advance.

The above, clear enough for all Dinarians to understand, forms the basis of the solution I was given after the due diligence process was completed:


“Children of Spirit" – I hear your pleas for sanity and a return to lives of plenty.

Since 1978, I have personally invested an aggregate 9 years in silence, opting to carry out extensive fasts and intense, prolonged meditations, with a view to increasing my ability to receive guidance from On High. I have been successful and rewarded with the two-edged sword of higher-consciousness and advanced discernment skills. 

Since my emergence from solitude, I have worked extensively with various ascended masters, angels and archangels, and have been tried and tested to the limits of human endurance, all intended to garner trust in their impeccable guidance.

It is from this capacity that my guidance has me addressing your various groups and forums, hopefully to persuade each of you to take a step back and to reflect on these words.

We have arrived at a point in the evolution of our collective consciousness where agreement has been reached in consensus, that we will invite our long-awaited re-awakening to the Truth of our Being.

I am one who has been involved, from inception, in the dissemination of understanding of what has become known as the “Prosperity Programs.” My task early in the process was first to be mentored by one of the principal originators of the first publicly known “off-balance-sheet” bank debenture programs. For his defection from the house of control, he paid with his life.

Others in my circle have also lost their lives and I’ve lost count of just how many, over the thirty-plus years of our collaboration.

Without demeaning any of your so-called “gurus” and alleged “way-showers” in this fiasco involving “Dinarians,” I present to you a few truths of just how things work in the realm of guiding this miasmic reality called human civilization.

There are beings with consciousness far beyond human comprehension whose task is to monitor and guide the progress of this earthship / experiment, and our collective return to full-cosmic consciousness.

At the conclave called “Harmonic Convergence,” it was agreed that in order to prepare the way back to have our collective return to some semblance of God-awareness, we would first have to initiate and proliferate programs to end the unspeakable horrors of death and starvation. It was clearly understood that a mother watching her child dying of starvation would have great difficulty in trusting a power we call “God.” After all, how could a loving God do this to anyone?

I need not elaborate on the obvious, as each of you have been drawn into the drama of possibility through your participation in one or more ventures into wealth re-distribution and have witnessed to life, sufficiently, to realize there must be a plan “out there” that is unfolding to achieve freedom.

The process of re-inventing an equitable and globally harmonious interactive economy has taken decades to create and the roll out of what we know today as the Global Currency Reset is indeed soon to happen. But not until the process can be completed safely.

I asked for clarity and certainty about the processes involving the distribution of abundance and received this reply most recently, which I quote from my journals:

“Meeting with the Masters – On or about November 4th 2013

Beloved Ascended Masters:

I call on you now to provide me with your good counsel in response to questions involving our global financial future:

1. Q: A scenario presented by Lindsay Williams sometime around June 2013, suggests a pre-planned and global financial collapse. He delivers this information, representing it as the plan to impose a new, elitist-directed one-world currency. In view of the guidance you have provided me through various visions and directives, I ask for insight into these matters.

1. A: First of all, let us address the issue of primary concern: that of fear. The existing economic structures must collapse, if indeed a fair and equitable financial system is to be created. You would never plant a new garden over existing weed-beds would you? The ground must be prepared after the necessary weed-pulling, in order to give the new plants every opportunity to grow, unmolested by the weeds. 

This process is well underway and there is ample evidence of activities that clearly support this statement. So in principle, fear, as you know, begets fearful results. We need not remind you of the power of thought, so keep yours aligned with Truth, All Ways!

Let us continue: Our “White Knights” permeate every aspect of your civilization. They have been carefully chosen for their unique gifts and their ability to adapt “on-the-fly” so to speak, to our carefully prepared plan.

The end of nefarious machinations of these dark ones is in plain view. Do not underestimate God’s Plan. IT IS PERFECT!

The New Dispensation is about to be made manifest for all to see. Be patient and trust that the process will bring about, not only the collapse of a seriously flawed economic system, but the utter and permanent collapse of the evil regime that created it, together with the permanent removal of these evil-doers.

Does this answer your question?

2 A:  Before I could express my next question, (regarding food shortages and such matters) the answer was already coming through. 

In anticipation of your question, we respond with:

“Haven’t we often repeated our advice to secure a few weeks’ provisions to tide you over in the event of changes and possible shortages of supplies? You did respond when we guided you did you not?

Well then there’s nothing to fear. You have been tried, tested, and challenged, as you traversed the desert of supply, health and even life-threatening experiences, and we have brought you through unscathed, haven’t we? Then use those memories to assure yourself that “ALL IS WELL.”

We thank you for calling on us. You may forward this intact to those you believe may benefit.”

In preparing this missive, I have been guided, in the last two days, to include an explanation of the Law of Attraction that may inspire you to relax, together with a quote from one of my favorite authors:

“Unless the Lord build thy house, they labor in vain that build it!” 
Joel S. Goldsmith – The Infinite Way

Imagine yourself thrashing about in a swimming pool in vain attempts to capture a beach ball floating a few feet out of reach. With every splash, the wave created keeps the ball just out of reach. The way of the Spiritual Warrior is to sit patiently and wait for Heaven’s response to fulfill your desire. Suddenly, a gentle breeze guides the ball directly over your outstretched hand, submerged patiently underwater.

Another mistake most Dinarians are making is likened to an impatient child pulling at a sprouting carrot to see if it is growing. Needless to say, all energy expended, either assists in growth or detracts from it.

Every thought you hold in your heart has consequences. Use your precious minds to create only those thoughts that live, love, and expect Miracles at every bend and turn.

Beloved brothers and sisters in Spirit, this is all I can offer you at this time. 

Be faithful in guarding your temple (hearts) from all thoughts that harbor fear. Our beloved Creator wants for nothing but love, peace and prosperity for us all.

Will you unconditionally ground your faith in Truth, and accept the Grace of God, in a world of form, in its most appropriate form?

With love,

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada