MARCH 23 2016


TNT Call notes 23-March-2016

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen: [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Greetings, good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to our call on Wednesday, March 23, 2016.  This is RayRen98.

On Monday we had limited information;  there wasn’t a lot of intel out there.  Let’s go over to Iraq.  The two different sides of the intel we are receiving conflict with each other in terms of a public release.  Abadi announced that Parliament will be back on Thursday to vote on the members and government before the visitors arrive on Saturday.  The protestors are threatening to break into the secure areas.  The Iraqi television then said that they were cancelling the sit-in on Friday, possibly because of 400 US Marines arriving and protecting the Green Zone. Saturday: a  big event with international dignitaries coming to town from the World Bank.  They are also being told that the price of goods and services will change from the 27th, and we don’t know if that is for appeasement or to reflect a currency revaluation.

That takes us to looking near or at the end of the month, based on their plans.  That would tend to make you think the 27th, which is Easter Sunday, or the day after as a time to look for big changes over there… or maybe next Thursday which is the end of the month.

Meanwhile, in the US we are being told that the banks are mobilizing getting ready for change, and it would be surprising to get that memo if it’s for next week.  So they are expecting something pretty soon.

Q:  I thought we were going to see the RV on March 21-22;  is there some reason to expect a Monday rollout?  A:  Based on information received this morning, I’m thinking today or tomorrow.

Q: Any news on whether we can exchange one note without locking all the currencies into that rate?  A:  If you are in a group, you should ask your group leaders, because I have heard the single note exchange might lock you into that rate.  I haven’t heard that is true for the public. What would be your reason for doing that when you have an appointment in a few days time?  Surely it would be better to wait until your appointment?  What needs to be handled so urgently that you cannot wait a few days or even two weeks – as opposed to satisfying a need or desire that you want, rather than what you need?  Make sure your strategies are sound.

Q:  Any news on Travelex – will they release the 800 numbers, too?  A:  As I understand it, the 800 numbers are for private groups, not the public.  So I don’t think Travelex will have that information yet for you to do an exchange.  If it’s fully public, across the board, you should be able to exchange just about anywhere.

Q:  What currency is the Iraqi people using in the markets?  A:  I thought they had switched over to working with dinar, with maybe a few dollars.

Q:  Are the people being forced to use cards rather than cash money?  A:  I think they are being encouraged, not forced.

Q:  If lower denominations are scarce, how does the economy function?   A:  Most people now have cards, so you don’t need a lot of paper money.

Q: Are the maximum limits on the contract rates for dinar, dong and zim?  A:  We haven’t heard about any changes for the dinar and dong;  I don’t have information on the zim.

Q:  Someone said on the forum yesterday that we have to have the equivalent of 100 trillion in order to exchange.  A:  I haven’t heard anything about that.

Q:  Any info from CBI contacts?  A: No.

Q:  What if you don’t have your receipts? Will you be able to exchange?  A:  I haven’t heard of any exchanges where the receipts were needed.

Q:  Do you believe the tragedy in Brussels will affect us?  A:  No.

Q:  How will a holding trust protect your assets?  A:  Ask the banks:  What is a holding trust?  What purpose does it serve?  How will you benefit from that?

Q:  The head of the UST and IRS are meeting on Saturday – is that about the RV?  A:  If so, I would expect something after the meeting, maybe on Sunday or Monday.

Q:  Has the desired rate on their cards been reached for the folks in Baghdad?  I haven’t seen the level of protest going down. A:  I don’t believe the rate has been reached.  The protests have been cancelled and there are US Marines there, so…

Q:  Has authorization and permission to release gone to the banks?  A:  No. That is what we are anxiously awaiting.

Q:  We have heard six zeroes removed on the zim.  If we were to hold onto the zim until the bonds mature, would we then get face rates?  A:  If the zim supposed to be an historical bond, some of that might apply.  I’m still out to lunch on that one.  We’ll see.

Q:  Who will decide when it’s time to release this RV?  Iraq, China, US?  A:  I think Iraq is the deciding factor there, but that is just my opinion.  It’s my belief that we won’t see the RV until Iraq sees it.

Going to members’ calls now:

512 caller:  Based on today’s information, are these different opinions a smokescreen to knock us off guard so we don’t know when to expect this?

RayRen:  It all depends on what you look at and listen to you.  If you believe you  won’t see it before the Iraqis see it, then you’re not expecting it this week – there won’t be an RV for us until the protestors are satisfied.  If we are waiting for the public release, so every day we hear they are fighting, we are not expecting an RV for us.  On the other hand, the banks are hearing that they will be exchanging us tomorrow.  I’m thinking that will be private stuff, not a public release while they are marching on the Green Zone.  We have two different strands of information to weigh.  Personally, I don’t believe we matter!  While they are doing their thing over there, I’m not looking for a public RV before the 27th;  they say they are dropping prices and having a big historic meeting on Saturday.  We could have our shot and they would still have it done by the end of the month.

Caller:  When they do their RV in Iraq, ours will follow shortly thereafter?
RayRen:  That’s my belief.

Caller:  We need to humble ourselves and applaud the Iraqis receiving this exchange.  They need to be living better, and it’s one of the most important things to happen for them. We have to wait and be happy when it happens.  Have a great week!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

865/404 caller:  When it comes time for our appointments, how much flexibility will we have to get there?  Will we have to get in there within 2-3 hours? 
RayRen:  All the banks are very hush-hush, so we aren’t getting a lot of information from them.  Hopefully they will open back up and share that type of thing with us.  For the last few weeks it’s been a dog-fight to get anything from the banks.

Caller:  I know that for security’s sake, some people want to go to a neighboring city so that they are more anonymous – good idea?
RayRen:  People talk, so I’ve always thought it was a good idea to use banks in the larger cities.  Even if you tell people not to talk, to keep it under their hats, eventually that hat blows off.  Some people bump into their bank people in social settings, and that can give others a clue that they have access to more money.  In smaller towns, that is what I would be doing – I’m going out of my small city to exchange.

Caller:  You said earlier that you don’t have contract rates on the zim that you can share with us now.  So… there are no contract rates on zim?  Or you’re unable to share?
RayRen:  No comment on zim rates.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  About going in early and exchanging a single note:  I spoke with a WF banker yesterday, and keeping in mind that the market rate might take a few weeks to go higher, I asked if I could exchange just enough (at, say 47 cents) to deal with a few things, and she said “no problem”.

RayRen:  But then you will have the immediate loss of the rate dong will have within a few days, not to mention market rates a few weeks later, perhaps it would be better to secure a small loan against that 47-cent rate rather than losing a few hundred thousand.  That’s a different strategy.

Caller:  I’m not greedy;  I have a lot of dong and I don’t mind losing a few hundred thousand.  I’m older and have more than enough for the rest of my life.

RayRen:  It’s more about how many people you want to help in the world.  That goes beyond what I can spend on me.

Caller:  I will have a lot left over to spend in other ways:  veterans, young kids, people getting married and starting out in life…

740 caller:  My son tells me that when we exchange, we will be obliged to put 80% into humanitarian efforts and have a business plan for that.  How do you get a business plan and how they make sure you to this?

RayRen:  I’ve heard nothing like that.  You have to ask those questions of your son and/or whoever told him about that. There are some groups that are pushing that kind of activity, but the rest of us are not being subjected to that.

Caller:  I have a large amount in his group and a small amount that we are holding, enough to pay my immediate bills when I exchange it.  I was concerned about the people in Iraq – do they have incomes or are they starving?

RayRen:  They have ways to live, but they do want their back pay, pensions, etc.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I would definitely go to another city!

610 caller:  Folks, these calls are not free.  They need to be paid for.  Let’s be responsible today with the money that we do have.  Go to, click on that red DONATION button and make your donations to keep these calls going.  “Many hands make light work” and many donations will pay the bill.  Have a fantastic Easter!

RayRen:  I’ll have you sign an affidavit swearing you are not being paid to say this!

432 caller:  Do you have anything on Okie?  Last time I heard, he is in bad shape.
RayRen:  I haven’t spoken to him lately, so I assume his health is getting better.  I’ll try to call him, and I’m sure someone will update me on his status.

816 caller:  I have a friend that I got into this 1-2 months ago.  You said a while back that you might be able to take someone with you for support.  Do you know if she could go to my exchange with me so that she can feel more at ease when she goes to hers?  I know you said that I could go with her to her appointment, but not speak for them.
RayRen:  I don’t see why not.  You can go with your friend, but you cannot speak for them unless you have a power of attorney.  When you make your appointment, ask about the other person accompanying you, and ask if the bank can do hers immediately after yours.

Caller:  Then she can help her 19-year-old daughter.  You’re thinking this weekend looks helpful?
RayRen:  From the Iraqi standpoint, the 27-28th looks good.

Caller:  Like many others, I need to have this happen as quickly as possible. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
580 caller:  I heard last night on the Big Call that Christine Legarde announced the GCR;  have you heard anything about that?
RayRen:  I heard the rumor but no confirmation.
563 caller:  My best friend is on the line with me.  Is liquid gas being shipped from Iraq?
RayRen:  I don’t know anything about that.
Caller:  We also read that the IQD is $4.32 on ISX, and it would be live for 24 hours.
RayRen:  I haven’t heard that either, nor international rate either.
865 caller:  I was just given a few million in currency;  I’m not a whale in dinar, but I am a whale in dong and zim.  If you had the ability to buy more for an existing charity and also a show that gives out money, and I intend to give money to Winston, Tony and Ray.  The question is, which one of these currencies would you purchase if you could purchase more for these reasons?
RayRen:  Do the math on each currencies and work from the reported rates from those who have exchanged.  Do the calculations to determine the ROI on each one.  Let’s take the dinar, and let’s say it costs $1,000 per million.  We should get at least $3.41 when it’s released, so that is $3.4 million for something that cost $1,000.  Dong is about $50 per million, and most would be happy at 47 cents, yielding $470,000 for $50 investment.  The rupiah will probably come in at least a dollar… so do your math on what it costs to buy compared to the rates we are hearing.  Then you choose the best one for you.
Caller:  Hypothetically, what would you go for yourself?
RayRen:  If the numbers hold true – and that is the biggest question – then the deal to go after is the most solid one, which is the dinar.  We know the dinar is what this is centered around, and it’s the core of the GCR.
Caller:  I heard you need 20 million dinar to be a whale.
RayRen:  I’ve never heard what justifies you to be a whale.  I don’t know what the break-point is for someone to identify that they are a whale.
Caller:  I’ve heard about whales, and then wonder what makes a porpoise, or a tuna fish.
RayRen:  One way to make sure you are a whale it to keep on buying!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  It’s past the top of the hour.  Banks got notifications this morning, and they are making moves to do something.  They are not just sitting complacently on their backsides. We are told they want to get this done by the end of the month.  In Iraq, there are meetings on Saturday and planning to change prices on Sunday.  We’ll see what that is about.  We do know they want to get this done by the end of the month.  All we can do is wait.  Let’s wrap up this session.  If there is a need for us to come back, then we will come back for a complete call (if warranted) or a tweet.  We will stand by to get this done!

 MARCH 4 2016



TNT Call notes 4-March-2016

[TNT Rap]. [audio checks]

RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Welcome to Fantabulous Friday, March 4, 2016, and this is RayRen98.  And yes, as Tony would be saying right now, I didn’t think we would be here today on this side of the major activity.  But that’s okay, too – we’ll work through it!  One more day as we work our way to what we have been patiently waiting for.  We still have to continue to wait.  Many expected this to come out Wednesday and then yesterday and this morning.  Let’s see what information we have to get us ready for this weekend.
The Iraqi side is confusing – someone is up to something.  I think they are trying to suppress the reality of what’s going on.  I can only rely on what the people over there communicate to me, as well as what’s in print.  Others are saying that everything is okay, all cards are funded and it’s all good.  But you’ve seen the articles and videos.  Some claim that those are old articles and outdated videos, but what about the people in the street saying “I still haven’t got mine”, and the anticipated demonstrations.  So we are getting conflicting news, mixed signals.  Some are saying that the cards have been funded at the new rates, and others say that is not even near the truth.  We will get information later if they had the demonstrations in the Green Zone.  I am believing those on the street because they have nothing to gain by misinforming the public.  So I am going with continuing demonstrations against corruption.  The Iraqi television continues to say that Abadi will have a new cabinet within ten days.  We’ll see.
On this side, we’ve heard all sorts of things on what is going to happen and what did happen. We have banks on high alert, and some on lockdown.  All can supposedly see these rates now, and we got word that the codes were released.  I got that message, and then hours later, they were still waiting… in which case they were not released.  I have come to the conclusion that they have the codes and everything they need to exchange us, but they still need one thing:  permission.  Maybe codes have been released but they cannot do anything with them.  If they cannot exchange, then they have not been released, or they are still waiting for authorization or permission from above.  The IMF has signed off on this, and the BIS has given approval.  The emphasis is on having this done by close of business today.  We’ll see. That is the timeframe, and it sounds good to me.  like that and the bank folks like that because they can finally do publicly what some have done privately several days this week.
The rates are out there – you can listen to others who tell you what rates they are hearing and seeing.  I won’t get specific on those.  The ones I’ve received are high, and I’m riding on those private exchanges.  The zim was very surprising, that it was that high on those exchanges that supposedly took place.  I wasn’t there to execute the transaction, but I believe those who were.  Some of these rates you are hearing might just be real, true rates, although some we are hearing are borderline outrageous.
We are close than we have every been… that goes without saying.  That is pretty much al the intel from this morning, starting at 5am up til now.  The other stuff I received didn’t happen anyway.  I sometimes get intel and then it doesn’t come to pass.  That’s okay.
Q:  Banks are the place to negotiate contract rates, as opposed to exchange centers.  Where I live there are no WF branches but there are mortgage and private banking centers. Should I go to those?  A:  If we get 800 numbers and if WF is where you want to go to, then they will tell you where to go. Call them, let them know where you are located, and they will tell you where to go.  When I talked about exchange centers, I meant currency dealers, not bank exchange centers.  I think the bank (and its exchange centers) will have the better rates.  Those bank exchange centers are still part of the bank.
Q:  Do you have intel from banks in Puerto Rico?  A:  No, not at the moment.  Puerto Rico, if you are listening and want people to know where to go, send me an email!
Q: If you have a mortgage with WF, but not a checking or savings account, does that qualify you for currency exchanges?  A:  I would think they would want to open a new account for you to do that.  You are in the system, you’re not Joe Blow off the street.
Q:  I have a older friend who is blind, and she wants me to go with her to the exchange, and I want to exchange for myself as well.  Can I go in with her?  I don’t think it’s fair if I go in first – then I will have the advantage.  A:  If you take the contract rate and sign an NDA, then you will be privy to what she is getting.  If she signs an NDA and you are there with her, you will have to sign an NDA as well, and that might affect you and your money.  You need to make sure there are no repercussions, or at least know that there will be, going in.  If you want to help and she wants there, I don’t see why you couldn’t do that.  But they will probably want your signature as well.  Check with the bank beforehand.
Q:  When the RV is done, we’ll all meet up in Vegas;  have any banks committed to attending as well?  A:  I don’t know;  I will check with Tony.
Q:  If we already have told the bank that we will keep money in their bank for a time, will that inhibit us (in Vegas)?  Will bankers be able to educate us about trust and what will suit our needs?  A:  I assume they will educate them up to their level, and otherwise get you in front of an expert.
Q:  What about bank perks?  A: There is a post in the forum about those.
Q:  How is Tony?  A:  He asked me to thank everyone for their letters, some of which were sent to the wrong address.  I will put his right address in the forum.
Q:  Since the contract rates are based on oil prices, does the price of oil need to go up in order for us to have the higher rates?  A:  I haven’t looked at that lately, but from my understanding, everything was accounted for and if so, the rates will stay the same.
352 caller:  I don’t have a question. Would it be okay if I give people information about a call and website where they can find out about trusts?
RayRen:  No.  They can do their own research and find that.  We will not use this medium to promote anything about trusts.  Just let them Google that themselves.  It’s not hidden.
512 caller:  I am wondering about Abadi installing a new cabinet – would it have to be approved through their parliament?  Are they ready for that?
RayRen:  I really don’t know;  I’ve never really followed the politics of Iraq.  There are so many crazy things going on there.  However, based on the intel today, if we are really going to move forward before the close of business, then I would say the new cabinet is not a factor.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
404 caller:  When you said this might pop out this evening, what does evening mean on this side of the ocean?  Will it be after the banks and market close here?  Didn’t Kuwait do their RV on a Friday after the markets closed?  Of course, this is far larger, but  Kuwait seems to be the playbook. The market closes at 4pm EST.
RayRen:  The information I received were to have it all done by 4pm, when the market closes. If that was strategic, I don’t know.  That is what I received.  I report, you decide.  We had banking people looking for Wednesday, Thursday and definitely this morning. Some went to work expecting to see us as soon as they opened this morning.  We are still sitting at home in the chair waiting.  We are ready!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  4pm EST is just around the corner!
281 caller;  I heard a couple of reports, one of them today, that they exchanged and signed the NDA, said that the rates are great, and if you are not serious, don’t sign the NDA.
RayRen: Someone came out in public and said they exchanged and signed an NDA?  If I did that, I would not come on a public call and say I signed an NDA!
Caller:  [Appreciation, blessings]
954 caller:  I read on a blog that we are facing a new tax of 17%.  Are you aware of that?
RayRen:  I haven’t seen or heard anything like that.  Where did the blog get it from?  Anyone can say anything;  where is that referenced from?  All the blog is giving you is there interpretation of what they believe.  Read original article if you can.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and negotiate!
423 caller:  There is a call on Wednesday night with Wolfy and Martha, and everyone was so excited because they had got so many confirmations, more than ever before, so they thought it was going down that night.  There are some gurus saying ‘there have been no delays, that this is right on time’, but to us, it feels like delays.  What do you think?
RayRen:  I think it is proceeding as it should.  Of course, there can always be a delay. I  have been made aware of some delays that I have raised an eyebrow at.  For instance, if the banks know this is coming and it is real, and they are ready for us, then how can they be calling a hiccup?  From the grand scope of things, how can you not be ready to open the curtains when it’s show time?  You know it’s coming, but you’re not ready?  Why did you mention that call on Wednesday?
Caller:  I was so excited, and it seemed to confirm what you said that morning. I am trying to stay grounded and yet positive as well.  There are some people who don’t want this to happen, and I wondered if they are blocking this, or whether it’s coming soon.
RayRen:  Those of us giving out the information have to take greater responsibility for what we say and how we say it, because you are the ones feeling the impact.  When someone says there is a confirmation, and then it doesn’t happen, there is the temptation to call that person a liar.  I don’t’ know what you went through on Thursday morning; you sound as if your mental faculties are still in place...
Caller:  I have friends who are struggling, so I really hope it happens this weekend.
RayRen:  I do believe that it will happen and it is happening, but I’m not going to say 100% that is will happen this evening.  Those who are desperate should look for something else, rather than getting upset when it doesn’t happen at the moment they expect.  It is coming, but will it come in the time-frame you need it?  “Jesus might not come when you want Him, but He is always on time.”  You cannot let your life ride on this every day;  it will come in its own time, and you will be able to help so many people.
Caller;  I do think this is a gift from God that will enable us to help others.  It does feel like this is really, really close.
RayRen:  It is close, but we wont’ know until it actually happens. I just can’t put my finger on it;  we have to wait and see.   If it doesn’t happen this evening, how will you feel tomorrow?  One of these days it is going to pop;  are you ready?
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Well, Raleigh, anyway.
RayRen:  If we can have the investment people at the other meetings, then I wouldn’t be saying Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.  I don’t think they are going to want to set up at all the smaller meetings, rather than four days in Vegas.  It’s not just a party;  they will be there to provide their information at a later date.
410 caller:  I hope your prediction is correct.  I know we need to be prepared.  I saw two different opinions recently.  One friend is going to exchange as a single person, and someone suggested that she might want to take someone with her to support her, so it’s not just her in a room full of bankers.  Then I talked to her again, and she had run into a friend who is a banker.  What is the risk if my friend has to sign an NDA?
RayRen:  I don’t know how they are going to do this, but if it were me, and I’m giving you an NDA to sign, and you have Mary with you to help you understand our agreement, then I would want to bind Mary to the same NDA as well.
Caller:  Does that make it more uncomfortable for the bank people?  Should I call them first?
RayRen:  Absolutely – you don’t want any surprises and neither does the bank.  If Mary is sitting in the room from beginning to end, and I’m binding you, then it would be ridiculous not to bind her as well.  Otherwise she would be able to talk about what you’re doing.
Caller:  So even if they don’t bring it up, we should bring it up.
RayRen:  Yes.  Call them, and say you want to bring someone, and ask if that person would have to sign any privacy agreements or NDAs as well. Get the info from the banks so that there are not surprises.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
916 caller:  How will the bank know to call me?
RayRen: The banks have only called people on their list for private exchanges.  When the 800 numbers are issued, you will then be calling the banks to make your appointment. We are waiting for the 800 numbers;  don’t  call them before that, but once the numbers are available, then you should call the banks, make your deals, and live your life.  We are not quite there yet.
Caller:  If you have an investment councilor, would you bring them to the bank with you?
RayRen:  Certainly not to the exchange, and the investment councilor is in competition with the bank, so I probably wouldn’t take him or her to the later appointments either.
754 caller:  When we do get the call and go into the banks, we should have a list of the PIF and humanitarian projects we want to do, that this would help with the rates.  Will there be enough time to disucss that in the first appointment or should we wait?
RayRen:  When you call the 800 numbers, ask what the meeting will deal with.  They just want to process your exchange and send you to the next person.  If they say that you willb e meeting a wealth manager to discuss investments, that’s when you talk about the humanitarian things, if you think that will make a difference.  I don’t know if it will or if it won’t.  Unless there is something I am missing, the banks are businesspeople and you are transacting business with someone who is in the business of making money.  IF the wealth manager has the authority to give you a different rate, they will be interested in how much money the bank can make.  Being a philanthropist means you will be giving that money away, not making a profit for the bank.  See what they tell you on the phone or in that first meeting;  ask if you will be able to adjust the rates.  They may say that the rate is set, in which case it doesn’t matter if you go in with all that humanitarian stuff.
Caller:  My mother has some currency;  she is 80 and will need some help.  Can my husband and I exchange for her, or must it be completely separate from mine?
RayRen:  That is something you should ask the banks when you make your appointment.  It would seem to me that you could be in the same room and open her accounts, but you have to ask them how they want to handle it.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I hope it’s today!
516 caller:  When I first came in, I was listening to you about what’s happened in the last couple days, and today you sound so different and encouraging, because you never give the dates and rates.  I’ve learned not to ride that roller-coaster, but listening to you today has given me new hope.
RayRen:  A lot of people are saying different things, and I do believe that they believe what they are saying to you.  It’s just happenstance that what they expected didn’t materialize so far.   They are not trying to deceive anyone, but you have to have discern-ment.  I received information just before this call, and it could be true – or not. You can get excited and it doesn’t happen and I’m upset, or you can stay calm and get surprised when it does happen, and be happy.  Even if I say for sure that it happens tonight, what can you do anyway until it happens?  If you get all excited to know four hours beforehand and then it doesn’t happen, then people tend to get upset and to vent.  That’s my position, and that’s why I don’t share everything, so that you’re not on that emotional roller-coaster.  I enjoy riding that roller-coaster now, because I don’t let anything upset me now.  Most of us are tired of the emotional upswings followed by flattening out.  If you don’t agree with that, then let me know in the forum, but I think I’d be doing more harm than good to give you every single bit.  You can always get it elsewhere.
We are closer than we have ever been.  Some people say they have tried to put it through but not everyone was properly aligned.  If they are now aligned, let it rip!  I’ll do a call and I’m sure others will do so as well.  If it happens, you will get a tweet, and we’ll give you all the information we have.   We have requested 800 numbers, and if/when they are ready, they will give me the information to give to you so that they can get the job done in a peaceful manner, in and out.  Until then, we waited happily, peacefully and enthusiastically, because we know our day is coming. It may not have been yesterday, it may not be today, but it will definitely be tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I believe.
RayRen played I Believe:
FEBRUARY 26 2016



TNT Call notes 26-February-2016

I was only able to get on the call at 10.37, and have pieced together these notes from what I heard and what was in the forum.  I don’t guarantee these are complete, and I definitely left out all chit-chat.
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RayRen: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Finally Gonna See It Friday, February 26, 2016.  Are we ready?  Are you ready to walk into your season?  Are you really ready?
On the US side, bank folks were thinking they would see us this morning at opening, but the day is not gone… they are anticipating.  The banks have their 800 numbers and I don’t know if they will give it to me.  It will be posted on their websites.  First screening will be on calls;  they will possibly negotiate a rate and lock you in on that call.  It’s just a stray thought, may or many not happen – may be possible especially for the contract rate.  That would make sense.  The amounts you are exchanging will also have an impact on your rates.  The reports I got were for this to be done on Friday and blow it out into the weekend.
In Iraq, demonstrations are going on wanting the reforms, and for the corrupt individuals to be dealt with;  this is from people other there, not my government contacts.  Their televisions are saying that they will have monetary reforms tomorrow.
Q:  Did the RV begin last night?  Is it being activated now?  A:  Not to my knowledge.  Bank folks will give me a call so we can know.
Q:  I’d think a person with less currency would need the contract rate more.  A:  I just don’t know about that.
Q:  You talked about a formula during the last call?  A:  Yes, that is to calculate how much you need (capital) at what rate of interest per year to get X thousand per month in income.  [Same example as Wednesday’s call;  this is the link:  [Basically, take the amount you want monthly (e.g., 10K) x 12 months = yearly income = 120K x 18 = $2,160,000 x 2 = $4,320,000 @ 4%.]
Q:  Is it true we will have to have 20 million dinar to get the contract rates?  A:  I don’t think that is true;  we have not been told that and it doesn’t go with what we’ve been told about the caps.
Q:  I would like to know about annuities.  A:  Look online and investigate.  There are many different annuities.
Q:  What do you think of exchanging one note and using that to set up a trust before exchanging the rest?  A:  It would be better to get a bridging loan to set up the entity, because you may not get the best rate for the remainder of your exchange. You don’t have to rush;  you can take a few days to make your decisions.  If you just have 1 currency, go to bank and see about a loan before you revalue your note and have extra money to blow.  Educate yourself and talk to your financial/wealth managers, too.
Q:  Can you suggest any good place to exchange outside the banking system?
A:  Outside of the banking system, the only other place would be your exchange centers and also airports for exchanges.
Caller:  How are Tony and Pam? Will I hear from them when this wrapped up?
RayRen:  Yes.  And Pam hangs out in chat.
Caller:  Can I gift a note to someone in another country?
RayRen:  Yes, sure.
Caller:  My bank is saying I cannot do X from my account.
Next caller:  Switch your bank!  Ray, you talked about Friday being the start of the RV – today or next week?
RayRen:  I was referring to the demonstrations in Iraq, and they are being told they will see their money tomorrow.  The banks were expecting us today, Friday.  Now we are here on Friday, and the citizens are demonstrating over there, and their television says they will see their money tomorrow.  Time will tell.  It won’t be a reality until it becomes a reality.
Next caller:  So the Iraqis are being told they will see their money tomorrow?
RayRen:  That’s what they seeing on their television screens.
Caller:  We just have to have patience and know it will happen in the end.  I pray that everyone will do the right thing, and that we are given the wisdom to deal with this.  When you exchange, can you directly into another currency?
RayRen:  I haven’t found any bank in the US that will allow you to exchange into anything other than US dollars.  Then if you want to turn it into something else, you can buy back those other currencies.
Caller:  So that is how they will use that to collect up those US dollars, because the US has the most invested in this.
RayRen:  They aren’t collecting dollars here, and around the world it’s mainly electronic, apart from the cash in people’s wallets.
Caller:  DC said he didn’t think that the dollar would drop more than 2%.  Your thoughts?
RayRen:  I don’t see the dollar dropping.  Yes, there is fiat money and the national debt.  But during the Kuwait deal, our debt structure changed and the value of the dollar was stronger after that.  This is not exactly a repeat process, but times 10.  If so, what does that do for our dollar, when the deficit is gone and we have a surplus.  Even with others starting other reserve currencies, I don’t see a 30% devaluation with the strengthening this will bring to the process.
Caller:  If this is true, then 192 countries will level the playing field, right?
RayRen:  That’s what we are being told.
419 caller:  I have never believed in the contract rates, because what is the contract and what is it pertaining to?  Where did the concept come from?  To me, you can go to the bank and exchange the dong at the current rate;  you can only exchange at what they are showing you.  I’ve always wondered where the contract part comes from.
RayRen:  I understand your train of thought and felt the same way a few years back, but I knew I wouldn’t get the answers I wanted.  If it is to be, I decided that I would go for that contract rate if there is one.  We have been told there will be contract rates, and my bank contacts are saying that they are seeing two different rates – say, $2 and $8.  If they SEE that, there must be a contract rate as well.  If I get to the bank and they say that there is no contract rate or NDA, but we can exchange you at the international rate and send you down the road… I’m okay with that, too.
Caller:  I assume the bank will give me the same rate they will give to everyone. The other just doesn’t make sense to me.
RayRen: It doesn’t make sense because there is a missing rate so you don’t have enough information for that to make sense.  Because of what the banking people have told me, I do believe there is a contract rate, although I cannot explain it to you.
There have been rumors that the RV started last night at 8pm, and at the same time there are people in the streets protesting that they want economic reforms, I cannot put that together.  We might be going to the banks this afternoon.  If the bank information is true, I don’t think we will be there until their issues are resolved, and that means tomorrow or even Monday.  But for those not going along with the banking information we are received, your information may say “look forward to this today”.  You have to look at your information and make a decision that’s good for you – not because Ray said it or anyone else but because it makes sense.  It still might not happen, but at least you are not going on someone else’s information.  We will be back when the time right.

RayRen played I Believe:

FEBRUARY 26 2016



Dr Kyre Adept

Because I didn’t catch the entire call earlier, I am sending out Sunny’s Cliff Notes as well:

Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

Ray:  We are on Friday, Feb 26, 2016.  Are you ready?  Are you really ready?
US Banks:  Ray:  Different banks under the impression . . . anticipating and getting ready, they would be seeing us this morning.

In Iraq individuals reporting: MASSIVE demonstrations and TV broadcasting they will have their money tomorrow.      
CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  We still have the 1st as a window because we were told they wanted to get it done by then.

IRAQ:   MASSIVE Demonstrations going on wanting economic reform and accountability of corrupt individuals.
  • TV:  Broadcasting they will have their money tomorrow.
  • IMF   
  • Rates   
  • UST:   
  • Banks:  Ray:   Banks have 800's.  Just don't know if they will give to me, to give out to you, or just post on their web site.  Possibly negotiate rates when you make the call and lock you in.  I question how this could happen when a country's rate could be one thing today and one thing tomorrow.  With contract rate I could see that.  Also hearing the amount you are exchanging could make a difference on the amount you receive.
  • Tony & Pam are A-Okay.  Pam hangs out in chat.
  • Gifting currency to an individual in foreign country:  Yes, you can.
  • Q.  Interest bearing or non interest bearing account?  Ray:  I'm 100% pro interest bearing account.  I want it to go to work even when I’m sleeping.
  • Exchanging:  Ray:  To my knowledge any exchanging will be in USD.  Then you can place it in other currencies.
  • US Dollar Devalue:  Ray: I don't see a 30% drop in value because of strong position I feel this country has with this (dinar).
  • Contract Rate:  Ray:  When it first came out it did not make sense to me.  Even though I don't understand why I'm going to take advantage of it. . . If I get to the bank and they say no contract rate, no NDA . . . want to cash me out . . . I'll do that too.
Q & A:
Q.  Good sources for exchange outside of the banking system?  Ray:  Exchange centers like at the airport and some private businesses do exchange.   Some dealers say they will exchange at same time.  
Q.  What would be a good investment to put money into? Ray:  I would say foreign currency.  
Q.  Exchanging time (within 30 days, etc) started on exchanging with RV on the screens?  Ray:  No, I don't think so.
Q. Would you suggest we exchange one note, set up trust and have Trust exchange the rest for taxes?  Ray:  No, I would not suggest you do that for taxes.  Trusts are for assett protection.  Have to look at which note your exchanging.  If it's a note that would increase in value, I'd say no.  If a note that will not change, then use that note.  If you only have dinar . . . hardly anybody is saying it won't increase in value.  So you could see about loan from the bank. . . to see about putting your entity together.
Q. 20 million or more dinar for contract rate?  Ray: No, I don't think so.  The cap was 20 million dinar, based on what we were told.
Q.  Did RV begin at 9 pm last night?  Ray:  Not to my knowledge.
Q.  Your sources same as Bruce's on The Big Call?  Ray:  I have no idea.  We never talk to each other.

Let’s wrap this up. What are we looking at?  Looking at information the RV happened.   Some question 9 pm last night, activating across US?  Banks looking for it today. Have that. In Iraq, protest, demonstrations in the street, calling for economic reform and say they want it and being told they will get it tomorrow.  I can't make that make sense.
Anyway, it is Friday. Our weekend time to enjoy what is yet to come Could we go to the bank this afternoon?  Sure we could.  But I look at this, believe it could happen when look at information coming from Iraq and believe it hold true. I don't believe it will happen until their issues are satisfied.  So, those going along with Iraq side of things don't look for anything over here until tomorrow or Monday. 
Your information may say look for it today.  Those are things that each of you have to put into your own little box or shake it up or how you want to receive it, digest it, line it up and make decision for you. Don't go with it because Ray said, or Don said, or Harry said it. Go with it because it makes sense.
Go on information you received, you cross referenced and came to a logical conclusion.  As long as you believe that it is going to take place, then everything will be okay.  (played "I Believe.")
Enjoy your weekend.
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FEBRUARY 22 2016

"GCR/RV GOOD BYE" ~ from Yosef

2/22/2016 01:48:00 PM  Thoughts, Yosef   

Zorra:  Joseph, father of Jesus?

​Dear GCR/RV Community,

Many have asked me to continue commenting on current financial, new Republic or spiritual matters… respectfully, I feel its time for me to step aside and allow other light workers to lead. However, I did want to take a moment to extend a final "GCR/RV GOOD BYE" before we engage in the next phase of our soul's ascension journey together.

Know that this fiscal blessing is both immanent and immense, and so close it's not even worth commenting on. This monetary transition from dark to light will be peaceful, and it's performance absolute and certain in short order.

So brothers and sisters be at peace. Relax. Gently allow a divine sense of appreciation and gratitude to consume your consciousness. Because what's been long prayed for, work towards, endured and suffered for is finally here by the galactic grace and glory of a loving universe.

God truly is with us.

Thank you for all the kind words and generous compliments in my favor. Your personal generosity of spirit and commitment to truth was and will always be awe inspiring to me. IAM so thankful to be considered even the smallest contributor in this amazing GCR/RV community. We are One.

And while individually my educational work is done, collectively there is still much for us to accomplish together. As we are part of the 144,000 angelic beings here now to receive and disburse the restored Kingdom of Christ. Together, we exist as an undeniable force of monetary mercy ready, able and prepared to serve and protect our families, communities planet and universe as an undeniable force of righteousness. As it was written, so shall it be done.

Yes, our light worker energy must now transition from our minds down into our hearts, as all aspects of human existence commence in their full process of enlightenment. So at this time let me offer infinite encouragement and admiration for your personal journey. As all life matters equally to the Creator, just please know that your life, and your life's work, are critical to the evolution and ascension of the human species. Otherwise, you would not be here as Abba simply wastes nothing.

Take great pride as benevolent forces lead the GCR/RV into physically reality now… never shall we return to a usury / debt enslavement illusion that so burdened our ancestors. As a result, there is no longer a need for anxiety or fear in terms of depending on such emotions for your everyday survival -- everything you need, you have been blessed with in unprecedented abundant amounts! Hallelujah!!!

Thus, holding onto any fear-based consciousness is simply a choice of free will versus an ethereal oppression device designed to invisibly restrict your true, pure and divine nature from being remembered. The spiritual tether bonding you to earthly suffering has been removed, and you are free to move about your beautiful planet in peace, affluence and harmony.

Finally, know these vast resources you have sought for so many years, no matter the amount or time frame in which they are now to be delivered, are trivial compared to the greatest asset already in your possession… that is your soul… as you are literally a sliver of God's eternal over-soul, Crystallized into human form by His and your divine covenant (aka co-creation).

We are all Kings and Queens of the same Heavenly miracle. We are all the meek inheriting the earth. We are powerful beyond earthly understanding. And together, we will do even greater things than Yeshua Ben Yosef per the Great Ascended Master's own words. So be it.

May God bless your every breath, and keep all that is sacred to you safe and secure. May your greatest good manifest with unprecedented ease, and touch other souls in need with healing beyond their wildest imaginations. All is well.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love),


FEBRUARY 22 2016




Hey, I’m sick so I wasn’t able to transcribe the call this morning.
Here are the Cliff Notes by Sunny:

Highlights of TNT conference call. Updated as the call progresses.

Ray: Go over intel . . .nothing new, just some updates. Over the course of the weekend, reported to me, info went out to the bankers. Instructional information telling them to be ready to process on the new rates, which was to be effective over the course of the weekend. Heard from some banks on Sunday, "we're rolling this evening," Sunday evening.

WHERE WE ARE: Instructions went out and they did not do their thing. Went out on Sunday saying it was going down today. . . we took a wait and see approach - did not have 100% belief in. Accepted it but want to see what happens. We decided not to be the boy who cried wolf. Some of you are on the ledge, some have jumped off. We are doing everything we can to keep that from happening.
Banks were looking for it this weekend. We don't know why it did not go. Know your hearing it's all done and cards funded. Our sources are not saying that. (Ray has multiple sources in Iraq and here.) Cards being activated and funded in some areas, but not all across the board. It's confusing. . . they perceive the English language to mean one thing and we perceive it to be another. English is not their number one language. . . And an English word, depending on how you say it, can change the meaning.

CURRENT WINDOW: Ray: I'm in the any day window. . . We are still at any moment, any minute. . . I'm looking for Friday to be a mute point. I'm definitely in this week. . . I'm not looking for it today.

IRAQ: Everyone conceding there has been an RI in Iraq. 70 dinar and 4 fills = $100 over there. ($1.43 rate) Budget based on $3.41. Ray thinks people have been paid at the $1.43 rate. Ray: Mosul could be handled in a few days. . . get this done by the 1st. I'm excited with the success it's taking over there to get to us. . . Believe and been informed Iraq wants to get this done by March 1st.

TV: topic of discussion is Mosul. Ray: Once they get that out of the way, everything else will probably fall in line.

Rates Ray has no idea if the ZIM rate of .65 is for real. He only knows about people who have had offers on the ZIM and those offers were in the single digit range.

Banks: Ray was told the $1.43 rate showing on the bank screens is a phase and the banks have the completed rates.

Taxes: Ray: Have not been able to get one definitive statute or law. We've always said set aside 50% and if that doesn't happen you have that much more money and let the professional people guide you.


I know a lot of you probably, if you’re on various web sites, skype rooms, cc, you've heard a number of things that came out over the weekend. Things you've heard me say don't match up with other things you've heard. All I can say is, "Wait and see." Not going to pump you up with a bunch of stuff. Some doesn't make sense, collaborated on or researched to see if it's even feasible. Some of it could be true. But even if it could be true, and you can't substantiate it, your putting it at risk putting it out there.

We are the shepherd and the shepherd should take it upon himself to have the responsibility for those listening. We are dealing with fragile minded people. Those who have already lost things. If your standing on your soapbox think how it affects those individuals. Think about the one's it does affect.

People want to hear the rate, when can I pay the bills, when can I, when can I, etc? Know in the morning it's over with and then when the morning comes it's not out there. We've put a stop to that on TNT and on Open Mic. People can come and talk. Make sure the words come out the right way.

You want to listen to other people. That's okay. You know what your going to receive. I'm not going to pump you up and give you stuff I don't believe. Not going to do it under my watch. If I'm telling it to you you can believe it. Can it be wrong? Sure it can be, because I'm not calling the shots. We are reposting what I call good information. Can we know it's 100 true? Of course not, but not coming at you with it's going to happen in the morning at such and such time. Then it doesn't happen and expectations just "pop."

At TNT, we want to deal with reality. Give you the information as we receive it, but what I call good information, real information. Not just something that you'll come back the next day or next week. We don't make money like that. We don't make any money at all even though some people have put that out there. It's an outlay, an expense. So, we ask you to share in that expense. It helps keep it going.

But the same ones that throw stones by us - saying we're getting paid by the CC people, etc. Maybe that is how they are getting paid. I'm not going to fight tooth and nail to keep you here. It's not an income producing activity.

Yes, I still too wanted to be in the information stream. It made sense to keep this going. It's Feb 22, 2016 and we are still looking for that elusive date to exchange if we choose too. This is training for you if your paying attention to the words.

Continue to get the information from wherever you want. Use discernment. None of us are saints or know it all. You've heard me say this, "It's not about a man, it's a plan." Look at where we are right now. Still rolling, still learning, still looking forward for that day. You didn't start off with this man did you? Of course not but that should let you know, it's not about a man, it's about a plan. And I believe. (played "I Believe.”)

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FEBRUARY 19 2016


TNT Call notes 19-February-2016
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Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Fantabulous Friday, February 17, 2016.  We are moving right along into this process.  If you received the tweet, you already know the deal:  no new intel, but possibly some light training.

From Wednesday’s call there was a plethora of information.  Since then, there has been some acknowledgement of the release of codes, and we have had reports from multiple banks now.  That first confirmation was from one bank and now it seems there are the codes at all the banks.  We are still looking for more confirmation but I believe that is in effect. Some banks are looking for Monday, some putting it out as far as Wednesday.  That is what they are thinking, from their point of view.

From the Iraqi point of view, I’m still waiting for intel to come in from across the pond – that by this time they have it. That would be the most releasing information for this morning.  Before, we did calculate that the rate is $1.43 over there, although it’s not 100% across the board everywhere.  You will recall the training on the first mouse, second mouse, third mouse;  that idea seems to be showing up over there as well.  Some info sources over there are saying $3.41, but our citizens over there are only saying $1.43 at the moment.  All that information can change, but either way it is progress, and it’s better than nothing.
That’s it for intel to share with you, so for intel folks, I’ll see you later!  For members, let me look at some of your questions. We will take a few calls then wrap it up.

Q:  Can you speak to some negotiating points at the appointment?  It seems there may be different contract rates available;  do you think that the rate we may secure may depend on how much we hold, more than how long and how much we leave at the bank?  A:  It’s based on both.  It will start with how much you hold, because if you’re not a fat cat, you don’t have much to negotiate with.  After that, the conditions you are willing to subscribe to – how long and how much will stay in that bank.

Q:  Will we be able to renegotiate at the later WM meeting, if you already did your exchange?  A:  I don’t see how that would work.

Q:  How would you manage a situation with a WM if your intent is to let them know that perks mean less than rates of return?  Do you have a script or strategy in mind, or words of advice?  A:  Use that script you have there;  tell them how you feel and let the chips fall where they may.

Q:  How many have told you the rates from Iraqi banks?  I am from Missouri, and I’m not getting anything here. A:  You can always go over to Iraq and ask there.  I can only tell you what I am receiving.

Q:  Has there been an official announcement of RI in Iraq?   A:  Not that I am aware of.  From what we hear, there is a new rate and so I guess there has been an RI.

Q:  Would you recommend different accounts for each of your currencies? A:  It depends on your reasons.  We were told to keep dinar separate, but I don’t’ see any problem with all the others in one account.

Q:  Do you believe this may be our weekend of jubilation?  A:  Yes.

Q:  I have a child who bought currency with his own money.  Should I exchange it for him, or set up a trust?  A:  If you are the legal guardian, you will have to transact banking business for him until he is of age.  If you are not the legal guardian, you will not be able to do that, or if the child is old enough to do the banking on his own, he would do it himself or herself. I would look at maybe a trust account but not creating a trust entity for him yet;  get a clearer picture of how the money might be utilized, and also ask the bank for advice.

Q:  Was there a meeting held in Baghdad, and have you heard any information from it?  No.

Q: In setting up trusts and foundations, do you set up one in the other?  What provides the best protection?  A:  They are different entities for different purposes.   One is an asset protection structure and one is an organizational structure (the foundation) that needs to sit on a foundation of a trust or corporate structure.  All provide protection, depending on what you want.  A foundation is a charitable tool, while the trust or corporation is not.  You have to understand what each tool does and how to use each in your portfolio.  Can an LLC have a foundation?  I have never thought of doing it that way.  Your foundation is something to set up personally.  Look at the tools and how to network them into your foundation, not be the owner of that foundation.

Q:  Is the $1.43 rate in Iraq only at this time?  Are we still looking for an international rate of $4.31 when this rolls out? A:  Yes, and yes.

Q:  Any word on the dong rate?  Is the zim still in the low one-digit range, minus six zeros?  A:  As I understand it, zim will be double digits.  Members have been offered single digit rates, but I am looking for double digits.  I expect that from the start from the public release.

Q:  In interviewing wealth managers, what are the best questions to ask, and nonverbal cues?  A:  Basic questions:  services, track record, whatever you’re particularly interested in and what they can offer you.  I don’t have any particular list of questions or the best ones.  If your WM is making investment decisions for you, you’ll want to know more about that person’s skill set, etc.

Q:  At one time, it was said that if you exchange in a different state from where you live, you may be liable for their local income tax.  A:  As I understand it, your state of residence will tax you in any case.  If you have business in another state, they may tax you on the business.  I don’t see currency exchange as a business, but you can call the state tax bureau and find out for your particular circumstances.  Call the State Department of Revenue and ask them!

Q:  What is Item #1?  A:  It has to do with banking.

Q:  Is there any truth to the idea that TRNs will be released to the US at the same time as the RV? A:  I have not received any information that TRNs will be released into our pockets like FRNs.  We’ll see what happens, but I haven’t heard that.  The only info I have is that banks and countries will use TRNs bank to bank and country to country, and that is what I believe until I hear otherwise.

512 caller:  When are we going to get this?  Do you foresee any issues that could stop the RV in the next five days?

RayRen:  No.  I can’t think of anything.  I don’t think it has been stopped;  I think it’s in progress.  I feel and believe it needs to be completed across the pond, then roll it out here at $4.31.  They are seeing $1.43 there now, and if they see $4.31 over there presently, that’s even better.

Caller:  Are we waiting for the Iraqi rate to change to what we expect -- $4.31?

RayRen:  Yes, I think so.  If they are cleaning house over there, it might take a few days to get to that rate and be released here.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Next caller:  I am waiting for a few people to release their currency back to me, and they say it’s in the mail, so… We’re there, ready to go!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Next caller:  Just wanted to remind everyone these calls aren’t free, so go to the site and make your donation today.  Support this call so that Ton y and Ray don’t have to reach into their own pockets.  You’ll be glad you did.  It looks like everything is moving along.  Can the banking people in the US actually see the rates?

RayRen:  Yes, they can see everything that needs to be seen, they just don’t have permission to move on them yet.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  North Carolina!  Negotiate!
RayRen:  You missed a great BBQ last week after the class.  We went to our favorite BBQ place and had a great meal, family-style.

313 caller:  What’s really holding this up from happening?

RayRen:  It’s happening over there at their own time and pace;  when they have concluded that, it will probably be our time.

281 caller:  Blessings on your guys and let’s get this thing done!

347 caller:  I have heard this twice since Wednesday, from Landa Global and from SWOMN, that after the RV button is pushed it will take up to a month to get to the people.  Have you heard this?

RayRen:  I have not heard that, and what people do you mean?  Up a month to get exchanged, do you mean?

Caller:  They said all the countries will have to be asset-backed and then it would get to the people to exchange.

RayRen:  What is the 30 day part?

Caller:  From what I understand, after the RV is done internationally, then it take a period of time for the process to go through all the countries to be able to confirm they are all asset-backed, and then it will come to the people to exchange, with asset-backed currencies, like us having the new USN or TRNs that are asset-backed.

RayRen:  So what is the question you are asking me?  I have not heard any of that, not from any of the sources that I talk with.  Time will tell it all!

It’s Friday and we are starting up the weekend, living it up.  If the bank calls and says, “we can do it!” we will let you know on our way back.  We’ll check if it’s real first, and then let you know.  The memos are there, the rates are there, they are just waiting on permission.   I believe we are just waiting.  Its still any minute, any day, and if we don’t get what we expect by Sunday, we’ll be here on Monday.  Any time between now and then is a good time to bring this thing home.  Until then I’m still believing.  Enjoy your weekend!

RayRen played I Believe

FEBRUARY 17 2016


TNT Call notes 17-February-2016
[TNT Rap]. [audio checks] 

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen: I’m in a very benevolent mood, with the exception of the haters. I’d like to politely ask you to hang up and get off the call.  I just don’t want to share information with you.  Haters be gone!  If you would be so kind as to disconnect and get off my call…

You know they aren’t going to hang up;  they are like roaches, they just go and hide.

Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Wednesday, February 17, 2016.  Here we are, on When Am I Gonna See It Wednesday – you might have your own answer to that question by the time we finish.  I will start with intel for those who only want that – you can then enjoy the rest of your day.

There is so much information that I’m wondering what to say and how to say it.  I was so busy with calls and info that I couldn’t lay out an agenda.  Let’s go back to Friday, because we didn’t have a  Monday call, and so we had things on Friday through Tuesday, and we missed the opportunity to share with you.  We did tweet a few things to give you a few more  pieces of the puzzle.  Even though one or two little pieces of that puzzle, many of us can now see the overall puzzle, and that is great.

Now, on Friday, the Iraqi news was that the card-holders were told to look for their funding between the 15th and the end of this month – that was their timeframe.  Also, some currency exchanger licenses were pulled by the CBI, and somewhere in there I did say that I believe the final phase has been done.  US banks were looking for this on the first of the week – they said they were expecting this Monday or Tuesday, thereabouts.

On Monday, we saw the activity over the weekend. You didn’t get this because Monday was the holiday.  In Iraq, reports came to us that there was excitement between the neighbors.  Who are the neighbors? Iraq and iran.  They were excited over seeing their blessings “in the coming days”. That was the message on Monday, that they were having some jubilation over what is to come in the coming days.  On Monday the banks were telling us ‘possibly Tuesday’;  emails were going through the bank system for the employees to make ‘procedural plans’ and gearing up for Tuesday.  That’s good and we will be patient and see. Iran also announced it is in the SWIFT system since Sunday, and that ties into the ‘neighbors’ being jubilant.  It’s all coming together.

On Monday, private exchanges were being set up by the banks in other jurisdictions, but the US banks were not yet willing to move.  We got reports of private exchanges else-where, and I had my best people on it (from the banks and government people) and from both sides I was getting that no exchange activity took place.  If anyone did exchange, I would love to hear about that directly.  At this point, we need really good, solid stuff because many are hanging on by a thread.  Some have fallen off, but we can pull them back up with solid information.  So we are in pursuit of that information.  It’s not that big a deal, but we do want to nail down that information as best we can.  I do believe we are in the final stage, and everything is connected.

Let’s look at Items 1, 2 and 3 for a minute, to tie this together.  Item 1 is not time-dependent and I’m going to give others a chance to bring that out.  Items 2 and 3 were memos to the currency exchangers in Iraq saying “currency RV expected between now and X date”.  Item 3 said the same thing for US banks, and I got that from someone who actually read that memo, saying the same thing for Iraq currency between now and X date.  I don’t need to see that memo, I am being told that by people who actually read the memo, and the X date is 17-February. 

The whammy is that someone went to the bank in Iraq on Monday the 15th, and the person there told them that 70.04 dinar are now worth $100.  We get our Iraqi information from many sources, so we sat on that on Monday until we could confirm it.  On Tuesday, we got the rest – what I consider the confirmation on that new rate.  If someone in the bank told them that, it was a rate change, fulfilling that memo’s prophecy, as it were. We got that on the 15th, confirmed it on the 16th, and now we are at the 17th.

In the US banks, they are going “We don’t understand why you people aren’t in here;  we have rates live, we see them on the screen, and we’re just waiting for authorization.” Don’t call the banks, they cannot do anything until they have permission. However, it appears to me that this is the rate change before the 17th – they just don’t have permission to play with it yet.  We still don’t know that those are the actual, true rates, although we have been told that if the rate has RV beside it, that is the true rate.  Time will tell.

The lead bank is live across the world, but still doing all it can to limit initial exposure.  We’ve been telling you for two years who the lead bank is, so if you don’t know by now, you shouldn’t be in this game.  I’m being tough, and it’s time to get serious because this show is about over.  I’m taking off the gloves and handling you as adults, because this is the end.  We are giving you the information as we have received it, up to 30 minutes ago.  Anything we get 30 minutes ago, we will check before giving it to you.  I always check it and feel good about it first.

As of yesterday, Chase and WF are saying “why not today?” Everything is live on the screen and they are just waiting for the Okay.  Remember how they clammed up last week and we couldn’t get anything from the banks?  They are talking now!
That’s it;  the rest is something we are trying to nail down now. You got your bang for your buck now!  I’m talking about those who donate, because we don’t charge anyone.  There are a few other things but I want to make sure it’s super-reliable before I put it out there.

Q:  Do you still believe we will see this before the end of February?  A:  I do!

Q:  Bitcoin?  A:  I didn’t mention bitcoin on the call;  I did mention as a site to check rates that I find is reliable.  There are sites where you can investigate bitcoin – just google it.

Q:  Can you clarify what you meant in the tweet yesterday about ‘banks can see everything’?  A:  That was answered in the opening intel.

Q:  It is more and more apparent that we should be asking about post-RV plans and projects.  Will you keep TNTShowtime together so we can discuss process, professionals and post-RV plans?  A:  No and yes.

Q:  Have the people in Baghdad been paid at the new rate? A:  I received some information I decided NOT to share on this call because there is not enough, yet.  I did get some intel that cards have been activated, by not from my usual sources.  I don’t want to share until my guys tell me and I feel good about it.

Q:  Can you explain the difference between international rate and market rate? A:  I like tha answer given on OM the other night.  international rate is the standard, official rate for that currency.  Market rate is the actual rate being traded, and it goes up and down.  As the market rate increases, that would be the international rate for that currency until it goes back down again. We will learn together on that one.

Q:  Any new information about Iran in this process?  A:  Probably, but I don’t have it apart from their entry into the SWIFT system.

Q:  Have the rate changes been confirmed?  Have you heard anything official about Dr. Shabibi’s re-appointment to the CBI?  A:  Someone in their bank in Iraq said that $100 = 70.04 dinar;  we had some confirmation and we’re waiting for more.

Q:  What do you call the person who looks after an elderly person?  A:  Text me, and if we find that answer we will share it.   Someone texted me “deed for life.”  I’m not sure about that, and it doesn’t sound like a conversation I was part of.  Another says “life estate.”

Q:  Please explain that this intel is from your sources;  they keep asking what your sources are, like they don’t believe what you said!  A:  Some of you come on the call for so long, and get so fixated on their particular question that they don’t realize I’ve already answered that question.  I give them the benefit of the doubt on that.

Q:  Can you tell the difference between information in the past about Items 2 and 3 and what you are telling us today?  A:  February 17th!

Q: Why do the people on the other sites not like TNT? Because we are happy people?
A:  I don’t know why they don’t like TNT.  We are after the truth, the facts;  we don’t do anything against people, so I don’t know why…  We can even receive negative information if there is substance behind it.  You can come to TNT and say that the RV won’t happen until Jutember 2017. Why?  “I just have a feeling.”  That’s not enough to go on.  If you have something to back it up, people say “thank you for your information”.  If there is substance, there is nothing wrong about making a plan around that idea as well as the idea you subscribe to.  We don’t stick our head in the sand unless you say “it’s happening tomorrow”;  we want good information we can use.  If it’s really not going to happen for six months, then we’ll get onto other projects.  I am results-oriented, and I cannot get results off hype and supposition.  So I ask what we have to work with and we make plans with that.

Q:  If the memos mention only dinar and dong, why do we think the zim will be in the basket? A:  The memo mentioned Iraq and Iran specifically, “and other currencies”.  The said Iran and Iraq because they were blacklisted, which is not the case with dong and zim.  They are now being brought back onboard, that’s my take.

210 caller:  In your reference to the lead bank not seeing authorization to go, and past comments about activity at various banks, have you heard anything about California?  It feels like we are being left out a bit.

RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything in the last couple of weeks apart from a few people who went to exchange but refused the offer. Those were on the East Coast and Midwest.  It could be the West Coast people just don’t want to share.  The last time I heard of bank activity on the West Coast was months ago when the rupiah was bouncing around.

770 / 404 caller:  What is the issue when we are past the 17th?
RayRen:  I think we are already fulfilled!  When you have the 70  dinar = 100 dollars and the bank said that, then this is already fulfilled.  In the banks here, they are showing a different rate on the screen, and we are just waiting on that one element that blocks us from enjoying that exchange now.  We assumed that if the rates changed, we would exchange on it.  The banks have the new rates, they are just waiting for authorization.

Caller:  As an optimist, I see us having a two-hour window before it becomes the 18th in Iraq.

RayRen:  We don’t deal with law of business on a daily basis, and words have different meanings in those arenas.  On the street, we agree on things based on assumptions and common interpretations.  That is not the case in law – the words have to be very precise.  When we look at that memo, we see it was 100% accurate in that there is a new rate between now and the 17th.  It didn’t say that we would definitely exchange on the 17th.  Yes, I was making that assumption and so did the banks.  They see the rates but they cannot exchange us until they have the go-ahead.

Caller:  I will do more research and find out how they did this in Kuwait. [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

RayRen:  The Kuwait situation was private;  very few people knew about it and they could do what they want.  This time there are millions of people who are ready and waiting and watching. You might want to pick up a Black’s Legal Dictionary and read the definitions. The memo said rate change, not exchange; w e have to learn how to receive it, accept it, and roll with it.

502 caller:  Who gives permission to start the RV?

RayRen:  When I ask the people at the bank, they just say “higher up.”  I am assuming it’s the US Treasury giving the go-ahead to exchange on the currency.

Caller:  So the IMF and CBI have nothing to do with it?

RayRen:  I’m sure they are involved in the process, but I don’t’ think they can instruct the US banks what they can do. They communicate with the banks in Iraq and here about the cards, that they are now international.  That was a big move!

Caller:  About the licensing issue, the company I do business with says the license has been suspended in Texas and the website has been shut down.  Is it possible to have just one state’s business shut down?

RayRen:  Sure, the states regulate these businesses, and they can shut down any particular company that is domiciled there.  The other states may do the same, fi they wish.

Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  Thanks for the ‘whammy’!  Many are still concerned about how this will break down. It’s in the bank now, so will you be getting a call about 800 numbers or what they want you to do?

RayRen:  Today I am taking away the banks’ excuses.  You are asking for the 800 numbers, and I know the banks are monitoring these calls. Today I’m taking away there excuse that they didn’t know we want to hand out this information.  If that information will help make the process smoother, we will send it out.  At least they know that this is what we want to do, putting them on notice.  If there is information they want to give you, we will send that out.  It will make it smoother if we know what to expect:  for instance, people want to know if they can bring extra people.  We just want the banks to give us the information about the process to make it easier;  they may give it to us, or they may not.  If they didn’t know before that this is what we want, they know it now.  There was also some talk about National Guard people at the banks. We don’t need that foolishness;  just tell us what to expect.  Something like 100,000 listen to this call and the replay, and we have 300,000 people on twitter.  We can get that information out so that there can be calm, orderly processing. It’s up to them to get the information to us.

Caller:  No matter what, we need to be calm and polite.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and 800 numbers!  And negotiate!

RayRen: We’ve covered some good information today.  Don’t bother the banks – they know what they have and what they are trying to do, within reason.  If things are meant to happen today, they will unfold for us.  If things are meant to happen by the end of the month, let’s be civil and patient and let it come to us.  You got a lot of good information today.  This ride is coming to an end, and unless something comes from out of left field, I’m looking for this to be the final phase, however much longer it takes. That, I believe.

If we have to come back here on Friday, we will!  I’m optimistic that Showtime is coming. Enjoy your day. Hold on! If you are at the end of your rope, go grab someone else’s and hold on.  If you have fallen off the cliff, we can pull you back up!
RayRen played I Believe



TNT Call notes 8-February-2016

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Monday, February 8, 2016.  What a Marvelous Monday it is!

@THE_TNT_TEAM: The call is at 1, Eastern. Change is not's happening! I believe.  #wearethepeople. 
That is the reference point of this call, that the change is actually happening, not coming in the future.  That’s the Message I want to leave with you today.  Do we have the RV now?  No, because we are not at the bank – but were they expecting us?  Let’s look at the events of the weekend.

When we left on Friday, there was an anticipation for the rest of the cards to be issued and then funded.  We had learned that over the weekend cards were issued and payments made, even for the month of January.  Our main question is now ‘rates’.  So how many (what percentage) cards have been issued, and at what rate?  In addition to that, when we reflect back on Item 4, the memo from RAF bank stated that smart cards will be international effectively immediately.  The US banks received that memo on 25. January. Here we are on 8. February, there have been no retractions, so we assume these new funds are international and that has been confirmed by people using the cards.  We believe that the currency is international to all intents and purposes, that progress is being made, although it has not been seen in all areas.

On the US side, we have Item 5, the new memo, and we got it!  And we confirmed with the banks that they had received it.  All the banks have received this memo as well, stating they are initiating exchange activity on Monday and be prepared to work long hours.  So this morning they were expecting to process quite a few of you, and have made arrangements to accommodate you.  It’s my understanding that they are in a big-time conference right now to pinpoint what is going on and why they are not processing people this morning.  There was big expectation for us to do our exchanges today – the banks were expecting to do long hours on 8. February, and that is today.

Why would they expect to do it on Monday?  They received information from some source telling them to get ready for the first of the week.  There must have a been scheduled times for this to go on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I don’t know why it didn’t.  The banks were intending to process you this afternoon.  That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen this afternoon.  The banks are mobilizing in certain places for you. They are ready for you.

There are a few things that I didn’t expect to hold on to this long.  They are not time-sensitive and I was giving others the opportunity to release this information first.

Item 1:  banking information for exchanges, about the process.

Item 2:   information about currency exchanges in Iraq up to a specific date, and we have not yet reached that date.

Item 3:  Memo to US banks with similar information and specifying dinar and dong would be exchangeable starting from now to a specific date. We are still within the date on those memos.  I guess the other folks just don’t want to trade with us;  I know they have this intel. These three items are still current.

Items 4 and 5:  the memo about the RAF bank, which I shared on 25. January.
The only other intel is about these special conferences that are looking for answers. I don’t know what will happen when I conclude this call. I am just ready and I hope you are.  Bring it!  Remember to be prepared!

We had intel telling us to be ready for early exchanges, and last Thursday and Friday there were people in the banks.  Thursday wasn’t the public release, all of us didn’t go to the bank, but some people did.  Those are private exchange opportunities. You can work with the pieces of that puzzle.  Some members went in on Thursday and some on Friday.  Change isn’t coming, it’s happening! We got reports back, and some people rejected the bank offers – they walked out of the bank and left two million dollar deals on the table because they knew about lost opportunities.  When you understand those, and put all the pieces in the puzzle, you will be able to walk away from two million dollars.  Some folks will take it and run, and that is what they are counting on. They say what you don’t  know won’t hurt you, but it depends on those lost opportunities.  Most of the time when we walk way from a good deal, it’s because we didn’t know.

Three folks on Thursday and one on Friday were offered opportunities to exchange at particular rates with conditions, and they say “thanks but no thanks”.  We may not be exactly where we want to be today, but we are on the way.  It doesn’t get more exciting than that.   They are going to give you the ball, and you can have possession;  the question is, can you dribble that ball, control it, and prevent the other player taking it from you?  In football, you can receive the ball, but what do you do then?  Do you stop at that place on the field or run as far and fast as you can?

When you go in, you need to plan to negotiate.  Don’t take anything at face value.  You are going up against people in business, and their bottom line is profits.  That is what is on their mind, and it needs to be on your mind as well.  All that glitters is not gold…

Q:  Please share a list of tier 2 banks that will be participating in the RV?  What advantages or disadvantages arise with using them?
 A:  I don’t have such a list but you can find it on the internet.

Q:  Will you consider making an audio series of your classes?
A:  I don’t really have the time.  I am looking to not even be here after the RV.  Thank you for your interest.

Q:  I understand that bank may give contract rate to a limited number of exchanges.  Why would the bank not want everyone to have the highest rate possible?  Wouldn’t they want to have lots of money so they can make commissions and fees? 
A.  The higher rate, the less profit, so the lowest rates would yield the better commission and those can then be distributing to those bringing in the lowest rates.  I don’t know.

Q:  Many in the TNT family are so skilled in accounting, etc., so wouldn’t it be a great idea to have them on the call to give ‘pro tips’ to the listeners? 
A:  We’d have to extend the call time for that.  Put it in the forum and let’s see what the response is. I don’t know if they would be willing to put their advice forward, either.  Maybe we’ll put up a special part fo the forum for that.

Q:  Rates on zim? 
A:  Members rejected one cent, three cents and six cents.

Q:  There is so much talk about exchange centers in the US for the internet people. What about people in Australia or other countries? 
A:   I don’t know about other countries;  they can ask their own banks for information.

Q: Caps? 
A:  There is no information about caps.  The only caps we have heard about is the cap on the contract rate, not on the exchange itself.  We were also informed that the zim was going to have a cap on ‘cast exchange’.  So if you go in and exchange, and you have that amount of money in your account when you leave or next day, on the zim we were hearing was a one billion dollar cap on cash into your account.  Anything over that would be a monthly payout over 20 or 50 years.  So the cap was for how much money you would receive right away and the rest as a structured payout.

Q:  I don’t have a trust account yet. Is it okay to part my money in an MCA or NIB account? 
A: Yes, so long as you understand which you need to use.  Be sure you know what you want to use those accounts for.

Q:  Class in North Carolina soon?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Asking about local banks. 
A:  I don’t know about those particular banks.  Call your local area and ask them about foreign currency – not dinar, but foreign currency overall.  Say you want to exchange some currency and ask what they have in your area.

Q:  Do you recommend taking in all your currency in at once, or taking some in to a second appointment? 
A:  That question has been asked and answered.

Q:  Where do we find capable people as successor trustees if you have no children? 
A:  You need my information on how to run a trust!  I am sure you will find someone appropriate to handle whatever you leave behind.  They don’t have to be the sharpest inds, they need to be of good report and they can hire others to help with admin.

Q:  Has it been confirmed that people in Baghdad have received their cards?  At what rate? 
A:  We have heard stories of cards in Baghdad being distributed and funded to some degree.

Q:  If giving currency, is an affidavit better than a gift letter, in the scenario stated? 
A:  The specific scenario is that family members gave person X the money to buy currency which was then distributed because the people giving the money have effectively bought the currency.  It doesn’t matter if that affidavit is completed post-RV, because it’s just a statement of what went on when buying the currency.

Q:  How do we enter the conversation about contract rates, and what are the expected rates? 
A:  Use the rates you’ve been hearing in the last two months, and enter the conversation with that:  “Ms. Banker, I have X currency and I have heard the rate is Y.”  Start from there.

707 caller: Any talk about 800 numbers yet?
RayRen: I have not received any official information about 800 numbers.  We are waiting for that, but haven’t received it yet officially.

Caller:  If you have a trust, would there be anything wrong with purchasing three vehicles?
RayRen:  Nothing wrong, but consider the risk factors.  If someone sues you for everything you have, who is the owner?  The trust is the owner, and if the trust owns all the vehicles, then the one suing might go for all of them.

Caller:  Gloom and doom in the US re:  financial crisis…
RayRen:  What can we do about it?  Nothing.  When there are banks saying we can exchange currency, I get excited because that would be something I can do something about.  That’s more interesting for me than the gloom and doom.

865/404 caller:  I thought I heard you say in the background “that’s good info”.  What was that about?
RayRen:  That was a text saying the big bankers are in a conference right now, and I shared that with you right away.

Caller:  Where is the Item 5 memo from?
RayRen:  That was from the bank’s higher-ups to their staff.

Caller;  The CBI site was down and now it’s back up. How is that relevant?
RayRen:   The intel folks this morning didn’t say anything about it.  I went to the site a few minutes and it was up again.  So it could have been a glitch on the site.

Caller: The UN site says the rate is still about 1160-1180.  Is that relevant?
RayRen:  They play around and post what they will, so no relevance.

410 caller:  Someone asked about currency exchange centers and at one point it sounded like everyone will be exchanging there – heard anything about that?
RayRen:  We used to hear about call centers, and been hearing that most people will go to the exchange centers. When this is full-blown, most will go to centers, which could be at a bank or another building for that purpose.  I really don’t know.

Caller:  Taxes?  This is the first time we’re hearing so much!
RayRen:  Nothing official on taxes.  And the rest of the news is good!

Next caller:  Will you let us know when we reach the back window?  r
RayRen: Sure, when we get there.  If people are having cash-flow issues, there are other avenues, such as getting a job.  Many are seeing this as our salvation, but we can also plan for this not happening for longer than we expect… or ever.  How would you take care of that?  If we take care of business, when the RV comes we can jump into new issues instead of waiting for this to miraculously solve our lives.  Some people are willing to work for $8 per hour, if that is all that is available.  It doesn’t matter if you are worth more, if you are not receiving anything.  If there is a will, there’s a way.

We have no choice but to wait it out.  They must have reasons to expect us.  Try to enjoy life while we wait.  Anything can happen at any moment.  Banking people are ready and trying to figure out why it didn’t happen.  Change is happening, and I’d rather be happy about life and my fellow man than looking for things to throw sticks at.  It’s just a better way to live.  Hopefully the next call will be THE call, the wrap-up call, with the numbers so that you can go to the bank and have fun.  I cannot make it happen, all I can do is sit and wait for it to happen.  I can do that, because I BELIEVE.
RayRen played I Believe



TNT Call notes 5-February-2016

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]. [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  Today is Friday, February 5, 2016, and  here we are on another Fantabulous Friday!

I do have a PSA: We lost a member this morning in the TNT family – KANSAS.  From what I’m being told, Kansas was forthright in his comments and disposition. Still he was a joy to know and to communicate with.  Some members were talking to him last night, but he was found dead this morning.  The death is being investigated.  A lot of us have told a lot of people about this opportunity and what you have, so be careful because people have done things for smaller amounts than the millions you are anticipating.  Try to keep your financial affairs as private as possible – keep it close to your chest.

Where are we? The tweet message – I can only use 140 characters, so they can seem cryptic.  That is not the intention.  “Is the egg cracked?  Time will tell” if is cracked and if hatching will be immediate or later.  Let’s go to our information…

Iraq:  You’ve heard about the protests and the cards that were not completely activated or issued.  Some went out in Baghdad, but not at the new rate, unlike cards in other areas.  There was a meeting of bigwigs the other day, and my understanding is that the cards would be activated with new rates possibly as early as today, into the weekend and next week.  The pensions and salaries should both be paid. There was the rumor of an announcement this morning, Iraqi time, but we have not heard any announcements being made, or anything in the mosques.

In the USA, the only thing to talk about is the banking activity.  Follow the money!  The banks have the money and that’s where we will go to do our exchanges.  This is where the interesting developments are coming in. Is there a crack in the egg?  First and foremost, do not call the banks or go to the banks expecting service.  We said a long time ago that there would be private exchanges, then groups, then the general public.  We were told that those are the phases, so if we are in the midst of those phases, do what we have been taught to do all these years:  wait for your turn.  Don’t call the banks because that aggravates them and leads to frustration.

Interesting developments:  the other day I shared that the bank screens are changing colors, in some banks.  At certain levels, they can see the new rates, as we have shared before when it’s been reported.  We are hearing now that the screens have ‘RV’ by the rates.  I didn’t know what that meant a few days ago, but I have learned that RV by the rate means that this IS the true rate when we exchange.  Some more of the banking family is now seeing this RV by the rates, and for 6-7 currencies, not just our big three.  To add to that, some folks have started to have bank appointments.  Others have had planning appointments to discuss what they can exchange and how to deal with the process.

I have received some communication a few days ago that I wanted to sit on, from the banking sector, saying “everything has been turned over to us now”.  What exactly does that mean?  I took a ‘wait and see’ approach before digging, to find out if that was something important or just casual conversation.  Then I learned what happened yesterday, that people had multiple appointments, and they were offered the opportunity to exchange their currency then and there, on particular rates and conditions.  Those having this opportunity on Thursday declined the offer because they didn’t like the rates or conditions.

“Everything turned over to them” at the banks… does that mean they have full control?  That they can do exchanges?  That they set the rates and conditions?  The people who went to the appointments rejected the conditions, but think:  some of us have been waiting on this for months and years, during which time the banks said “this is a scam” or that you are crazy to invest in dinar.  Then people in the banks start saying “You might be on to something.”  Then they started saying “we will train people just for this purpose, who will be hadling this morning, noon and night.”  Now they are calling people in for appointments and sharing positive information with their clients, and saying, “We will call you as soon as…”

We might all look back on the people who talked about their banking connections, and we have people being asked to come to the banks as soon as they can.  These people responded, got there, didn’t like the rates/conditions, and said, “No, thanks!”  This is more than one person – I know of people today going in to do their exchange.  They will get back to me, and they will either say they didn’t like the rates/conditions and refused, or they did like them and accepted the exchange.  This is multiple people!

We already know that the banks will be working late hours because they want the business.  This tells us that this is real, this is not a scam, this is as real as real can get.  When people tell us “I didn’t like the deal and I declined it”, not in a few days or weeks but TODAY, then it’s powerful.  That is YOU determining your financial future.  For a long time, I said that I was a rate-and-date person, because when they get here, that’s when I exercise my power.  You should be thinking the same – you will call the shots, yay or nay.  You get to control your own destiny.  If you don’t like it, kick it out;  if you do like the deal, accept it!

The banks seem to be dealing with the private sector now, so don’t call them yourself.  If you are on their list, they will call you.  If not, we are still looking for this any minute.  As I heard it, there as a scheduled announcement in Iraq that didn’t take place.  If that didn’t happen, it doesn’t mean the train is off the track, it’s just coming a little slower down the track, but it is coming.

Questions on the forum:  If you put questions in the forum, you must have access to chat, and I will come into chat after this call and answer them there, because there are too many to deal with right now.  I want to get some new callers on the call.

Q:  What site would you recommend to watch the dong rates on? 
A:  I learned about this site a few years ago from a banking connection because it’s what they use themselves and that’s good enough for me.  Those will show the public rates;  the private rates may be different.  There are other good ones, but that is my favorite.

Q:  Any rate on the rupiah?
A:  We’ve seen a projected rate of $1.00 to $1.28.

Q:  What are some of the known obstacles before the US banks can exchange us? 
A:  I don’t know of any ‘known obstacles’;  we are just waiting for this to be released.

Q:  Any new insights on the exchange process? 
A:  Nothing new, same as before.

Q:  Have you heard about any concurrent structural changes to the US government? 
A:  No, I haven’t.

Q:  What is the most important thing to remember? 
A:  Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Q:  Have the people in Baghdad been paid at the new rate? 
A:  Not to my knowledge;  I understand they may be paid this weekend or early next week.

Q:  Family group bought zim together;  I paid with my debit card, so invoices are solely in my name, although they gave me money to do this.  Do I give them a copy of the receipt, or do I give them a gift letter? 
A:  They paid for their notes, so scratch the gifting letter. I would create an affidavit stating what you all engaged in and how you paid for it.  They provided the money and you made the purchase, then they own the property.  That’s the most straightforward way to deal with that.  I don’t think you will need it for the exchange.  So far, those who have exchanged have not been asked for proof of purchase.  They don’t care so long as the currency is not counterfeit.  The IRS may want to see proof of purchase, if you are audited.  Then you can give them the affidavit showing you bought it as a group.

Q:  With all that’s going on in intel/rumor section, how can we keep up with false positives? 
A:  As you receive information, ask yourself and the person giving you the information “Who does this make sense to?”  Sometimes it does make sense, so then you ask about substance – what supports that piece of intel.  That will let you know pretty quickly if it’s a false positive or not.  Then you can choose whether to get excited about it, so you don’t get into a tizzy.  That’s what I do, and what members in OM and TNT chat do as well.  Why should others be impervious to that process?

Q:  If we do business cards, do we have to put TNT on it?  Would that void the NDA? 
A:  No, just use ‘superfantastic’, so we know what we are doing in the big Pay It Forward initiative.

Q:  Have you heard from any sources that Maliki is under house arrest?  Is he still in the palace used by the Iraqi PM? 
A:  I did hear a rumor, but not from my sources.  I don’t know where he resides.

Q:  Banking question? 
A:  Call the bank and ask them.  They can tell you their terms and where their branches are, or if they are allied with local banks.

Q:  Is there any confirmation or is this hopium? 
A:  What is the report that you want to know about?  The tweet I sent out yesterday was as confirmed as I need, that the RV is happening but we don’t know when.

Q:  What do we need to know about the FinCen form if we are presented with it during the exchange?  Should we ask? 
A:  My understanding is that the banks do those online after banking hours.  The people who have exchanged never saw that;  it’s an internal form to let the authorities know that X dollars have been handled in this manner.

Q:  With the big meeting this weekend, would you guess the cards will be at the new rates? 
A:  Yes, I would guess that.

Let’s go to some live callers:

302 caller:  You made a comment on the last call, and I was reading on the internet on the dong, because you said to watch it.  I understand that it’s a viable currency, so does that mean I can take the dong I have to the bank and they will give me the value of it?  Or do I wait for the RV?  Do I just go to the bank and see what is on the screen?

RayRen:  They will give you the value that they see at the screen at any given time.  You are a connected person, so if the value goes up, you will hear about it.  You don’t have to go harassing the bank.  I know someone who says his sister who went to the bank and was offered 47 cents on the dong.  Another person yesterday was also offered  47 cents, and rejected it because they didn’t like the terms.  So…

Caller:  If I take in one million dong and can get 47 cents for it, and then will I be able to take the rest in later, after the RV?

RayRen:  I can’t see why not.

Caller:  Thanks for your answer – very helpful.

RayRen:  I can tell from your enthusiasm what you are thinking, and you need to look up ‘lost opportunities’ video again.  Did you see that?  The people yesterday rejected the offer because the conditions were unfavorable.  Listeners, learn about missed opportunities and compound interest because they will really help you in your financial future.  I think that presentation is in the forums.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

209 caller:  First time caller, been listening for a long time.  Is it 2004 that they came out with the new currency?  If anyone has dinar older than that, that is not exchangeable, right?

RayRen:  It may have collector’s value further down the road, but anything with what’s-his-name’s face on it, the bank will not accept that.

Caller:  I have heard rumors that Iraq is going to create another currency and then this currency will be invalid;  have you heard that?

RayRen:  I don’t see that happening.  If people are rejecting the bank offers, that still shows us that their currency is considered legitimate.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

865/404 caller:  I like that the egg is hatching, not broken.  We have had rates as people go into the bank and then those rates have disappeared.  With RV next to the rates, can we assume they are the rates, and they are not going to disappear.

RayRen:  That’s what I would assume;  we are just waiting for the green light?

Caller:  What about the upcoming Chinese New Year (on Monday)?

RayRen:  I have not heard anything relating the two.

Caller:  What about that crane falling in the financial district in NY?

RayRen:  I don’t think that has any bearing on this worldwide event.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And NEGOTIATE!

716 caller:  Does Tony listen to these conference calls?  Yes?  Tell him Brady in NY state is missing him and hopes to see him in Vegas.

RayRen:  A lot of exciting things are taking place. People are at bank appointments and I can’t wait to find out if they accept or reject the deal.  Look at how far we’ve come, from ‘will the banks even talk to me’ or being thrown out of the banks, to offers being made that are rejected for being not good enough.  This is what we have been training for, that people can look at a two million dollar opportunity and being able to see and say “No, that’s not good enough.”  We are going after something bigger and better, and that is powerful.  When you know and you know that you know, based on what you have learned, you, too, will be able to sit back and say, “No, I won’t accept that offer.”  You are in the captain’s seat in that scenario.  Go in and negotiate, negotiate, and negotiate, and also be prepared to walk away.  Make ‘lost opportunity’ your best friend;  know what it is and what it represents.  Too many times we have dismissed losses as “it’s just $100, I’ll make more.”  You are aspiring to be something you’ve never been before – extremely wealthy.   There is a train of thought that goes along with that.  You cannot just take the money and think you will have it made in the shade.  You’ll join the athletes and movie stars that one day may be “all that and a bag of chips” and today they are crumbs. You don’t want that to be your legacy and have to explain it to your grandchildren.  You cannot use the excuse “the man held me back” because we are working day and night to help you learn, understand and make this transition.  We are taking away your excuse for failing, because when you don’t have an excuse, you won’t fail.

It’s Friday and I’m waiting to get off the line so that people at the banks can tell me what happened.  We are in that window, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this pops up later today, tomorrow or Sunday.  This ride is over.  I will do the final call when the time is right.  Until then, we patiently wait and we hold on to this one thought:  I BELIEVE.

RayRen played I Believe

JANUARY 27 2016


TNT Call notes 27-January-2016

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Wednesday, January 27, 2016. [audio checks]  It’s going to be a short call today, so I’m moving a little slow. The audio is garbled, but there is nothing I can do to change that for you.  The call is recorded so you can listen later.  For those few who just don’t like the music, that’s tough.  It serves a purpose and if you don’t understand why, perhaps you are on the wrong call.
Welcome to our super-fantastic call for today!  We didn’t expect to be here on this side of the RV, but we are glad to be here period.  We deal with that and keep going.  If you got the tweet, you already know there is no ‘new’ intel to share.  I thought there might be some within the last hour, but that was not the case. I don’t have any brand-new intel to share.  I  will take a few calls because for some this is your main access, so we will still meet and discus issues that are important to us.
The bank folks are still saying we’re waiting. Authorizations went out on Friday but there was a discrepancy in one county that caused it to hold off.  Banks were expecting us on Monday, and then we started getting timeframes that came and went.  Some banks then anticipating action on Monday, but here we are on Wednesday, still waiting. We are all expecting this to go ‘at the right time’, and if I knew what that time might be, we’d all be doing something else right now.  Until we get that information, all we can do is to plan, and assess our plans to make sure everything is covered.  The word from everywhere is that it’s set, it’s done, apart from that glitch.  Everyone is waiting.  I don’t really care about what caused it not to pop out as expected… just bring it on. When it pops, then I can do something about it!  “Rates are here, authorization codes are in place and we have the green light to go.”  That is the info and the extent of the intel.  We are still at ‘any minute, any day’ status as far as the banks go.   We and they are patiently waiting.
We can discuss things that pertain to TNT members for a minute.  I’m looking at the questions in the forum first – the shorter ones.
Q:  has there been any change on what ID will be required for exchanges?  A.  It’s still the same, I’ve heard nothing new. 
Q:  Please go a little further on any one thing you’ve covered together?  Also, can you mention the professionals you deal with, with reference to their levels of importance and why?   A.  I don’t understand the first part, and I won’t answer the second part.
Q:  If a Mod deletes anything in chat, it’s a direct violation of TNT rules or it is lining up to do that.  Everyone’s emotions are at an all-time high, and the Mods are trying to keep the peace and prevent outbreaks if they see it coming.  The Mods on OpenMike have the same challenge.  If you post something that may cause upset and disturbance, then the Mods will delete it.  Learn from that mistake and keep going.  We are all going to the same place and hope to get there today.
Q:  Nothing has been said publicly about oil production – have they said anything in the mosques?  A.  They have not said anything detailed, just talking about economic and that the citizens are waiting for all this to come to an end.
Q:  You said on the last call you would tell all – Bruce said that some whales have been exchanging.  Do you see this happening this month?  What rates?  A.  Rates are what you have been told.  Some whales have been exchanging, yes, although we don’t know if they have been receiving cash, loans or SKRs.  That is progress – that’s what we want to hear.  How soon does it get to us?  I don’t know.  We and the banks were expecting it to pop out at the beginning of this week, but it didn’t.  It could happen today;  we’re just waiting.
Q:  We have driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and social security cards.  Our passports have expired.  Do we really need our passports to exchange?  A.  You only need a passport if you are going overseas.  Otherwise, the other forms of ID are enough.
Q:  Do you believe that you only known 60% of what is going on, like Tony said?  A:  Because so much has changes, it might be more like 75%.  You have the most important information and we will not be at a disadvantage because you don’t have that which you have been pressing me for.  When there is pertinent information you really want and need to have, I will get it to you.
Q:  There are several members who come into the chat room with stories to tell and intel/rumors.  Why don’t you have them on the call?  A.  How good is their intel?  If it is serious, solid intel, they will contact me.  We’ll put it together with our intel team, and if it checks out, you will hear it.
Q:  How is Winston?  A:  He is better.  I didn’t hear his voice today, but he’s chipper.
Q:   Is there a book article explaining how to use a trust or LLC once it is established?  A:  I’m pretty sure there is, but I don’t know the book or author.
Q:  Is there any way your personal expenses can be absorbed as a business expense?  A:  No, they are separate.
Q:  Can you give us a date-specific idea of the time frame?  A:  Day.
512 caller:  We talked about not being able to use the proceeds of this exchange to redeem your currency that is in secured reserves.  Has that changed?  If you have dinar reserves, can you use other currencies to get that out?
RayRen:  I have heard not changes in information from what we heard last year, so to my knowledge it’s all still the same.  I don’t know any reason why you would not be able to use those other currencies directly. 
Caller:  I have dinar and zim that I have paid for;  I have dinar on reserve that I have not redeemed.  When I take my dinar into the bank, can I use that exchange money to get my secured reserves from the currency company?
RayRen:  Of the people who have already done their exchanges – and there is proof some exchanges have taken place – they have received NO instructions what they can or cannot do with that money.
Caller:  When you hear from the banks that they are ready to go, we will hear from you, right?
RayRen:  The minute this is released, you will probably hear several directions, chat rooms, etc.  In fact, they will probably broadcast it before me, because I will take time to make sure it’s solid before I send it out.  We will tweet, email, do a blast to let you know as soon as we can, and equip you with as much information as we can obtain before you call the bank.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Texas!
386 caller:  Never been better a day in my life!  I’ve been in 3-4 years, and I have four different currencies, with four different bank accounts and four different companies to deal with the exchanges when they come in.  Is there anything else I need to do?
RayRen:  Sounds like you have done a lot.  The only other thing is to map out your strategies, such as if you want contract rates, have a strategy and a plan for that, or if you don’t want contract rates, that requires a different plan.  Do you want to exchange all your currencies at once, or hold back some if you believe some will rise on the markets?  Have a strategy for each.  Iraq says that their currency will be the strongest in the world, so if it comes out at $3.41, then you might want to hold on for a little while.  We were told that contracts will be plentiful at first but then would dissipate.  That tells people to move expeditiously when the announcement comes out, if you want contract rates.  You want to get the maximum value out of every dollar spent and every currency you hold.  We might have to play the waiting game, including lost opportunities.  Most people only look on the surface.  If you exchanged at $3 and in a week it jumps to $6;  you might have lost the three million dollars’ difference, plus what it could have brought in as a monthly income if that lost money had been invested wisely.  Most people don’t understand lost opportunities and compound interest;  if we did, our lives would look really different.  The minute you make compound interest your friend rather than your enemy, you will wipe out your debts and start to build wealth. 
Caller:  Can you tell me the last rates you’ve heard?
RayRen:  What THEY are putting out is dinar at $7-8, dong at $4, zim at double digits, sometimes as high as 20+ cents.  Those are the main three whose rates we hear about.  Some bankers are saying “those are just place-holders”.  Those whom I have talked to, early exchangers, didn’t get those rates. Iraq is saying $3.41…
Caller:  I would take that!  I made a large purchase from Sterling… heard anything?
RayRen:  I would think that when the dust settles, we will get what we have paid for at least.  As for the reserves, if you have paid something, you could justifiably expect to receive the currency or get your money back. There is a difference between service and product.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Texas!
602 caller:  Last time you were talking about Monday night, Tuesday morning – were those the dates in the bank memo?
RayRen:  No. The memos said “from now until a specific date”. We are looking for this NOW, not a specific date.  The banks expected this on Monday that one currency and had to fix that.  Time will tell.
Caller:  I read somewhere that Nigeria didn’t devalue – does this have to do with the glitch?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  We haven’t passed the specific dates. I am looking forward to the next call being about the RV has been released, the rates are live, here are the numbers, and here’s what to do – a wrap-it-up call. 
We didn’t have a lot of new information.  The banks are still saying “we’re here and we’re wating – we’re ready and expecting it.”  We just have to wait this out and know what we are looking for.  The pieces of the puzzle are coming together.  Hopefully I’ll be back before Friday with THE call;  otherwise, I’ll be back with more updates.  Continue to believe.  I do.
RayRen played I Believe

JANUARY 22 2016


TNT Call notes 22-January-2016

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Fantabulous Friday, January 22, 2016. [audio checks]   I hope you guys are excited, because I sure am!

Who would have thought we would still be here on this side of the journey?  Still waiting… but don’t think it will be too much longer.  Today’s call is the Puzzle Call, because we have quite a few pieces and as we go over those pieces, you can put them together.  That works for me and I believe it will work for you!  There is so much popping out at this moment, and it’s changing every 24 hours, shifting from what I was told before.  We may have to go back to a daily call just to keep up with the changes.

Let’s start with memos.  There are more memos out right now than you can shake a stick at.  Every bank is saying they have some kind of memo, and folks are sharing them.  The memos are saying ‘get ready, it’s time to do this, any time from today (the day they got the memo)’.  They’re saying “any time from today until…” a specific date.  I’m not giving you the date, but it does give a date in the memo.  The banks are not getting the exact same date, but at least there is a projected end.  There are windows, but there is a high level of expectation.  I haven’t heard of any banks giving out additional work schedules, not that I have heard, but the memos are date-specific.  That’s about as exciting as it can be for us here, in the US.

In Iraq there is interesting information as well.  On Wednesday, we heard that they would change their rates on Thursday.  The instruction was actually “be ready to change the rates any time between now and a specific date” that matches some of the dates the US banks have.  This is all good and I’m excited about it.  Some of the US memos actually mentioned Iran and Iraq currencies specifically, in addition to other currencies.  That’s huge!

Still in the US, banks are waiting.  Those who needed extra cash have apparently received what they need to be move forward and be ready for you.  Many banks are telling their people not to discuss rates over the phone – you have to go down in person.  We know the base rate and from there you do your best to negotiate.

The World Economic Forum in Davos is taking place now, and there are reports that Abadi has made the currency international, with another speech coming up on Saturday in Davos as well as to his own people.  There are ways that can be done, back and forth.

Regarding the international part, making that announcement that the currency is international, we have other pieces of the puzzle with Forex showing at 1184.  The assumption is that if Forex is showing it, that means that the currency is tradable and that it can float.  Is that part of the plan, for it to float for a minute?  Time will tell.  As for the Gazette, I was told the Budget was published but not available for viewing until Saturday.  Now I am getting reports that the Gazette is viewable as of Thursday (yesterday), but some parts are not visible, namely the parts where you can easily see the rate.  We have been told that the rate in-country is $3.41, and I got that from very good sources. I just received that earlier today and I have not been able to confirm it, but I’m ready to accept that.  It’s about what we expected anyway.  It’s on Forex and international, and we are just waiting for someone to give the banks the green light.  This is all good information.  We talked about the memos, the Gazette, and the rates in-country, so…

We will leave the dates off and see what happens. We are in an ‘any moment, any day’ situation.  Let’s see what the speeches say tomorrow and how that aligns with the bank information.  Let’s take some questions:

Q:  Wondering if you have any info on the WEF in Davos and Abadi announcing the rate change?  Also, all kinds of ships leaving Iraq and Iran?  A:  We addressed Davos, and several members are tracking the ships with vessel-tracking software.  They have no indication of more than two or three ships moving, so maybe that other information is not quite accurate.  We get the best information we have and share it with you.  That vessel-tracking information is hard to dispute, and that is not showing any large numbers of ships coming from Iraq or Iran.

303 caller:  Can you tell me what language ‘time’ speaks in?
RayRen:  I don’t know.  What language do you think time speaks in?  In my world, time speaks in English.

Caller:  Can you give any hints on the date for what we are all looking for?
RayRen:  We’re talking days.

Caller:  I’ve been following several things, such as the Budget that has to be published with a rate.  Also Iran and Iraq have to be linked with their reforms, and ships are waiting to be loaded with oil.  What factors are the most important here?
RayRen:  I keep it simple – I’m waiting for the bank to call me!  I like receiving information and putting the pieces, but in the end, there is nothing happening with us until the bank says that we can exchange.

Caller:  I know you are not able to choose every tiny bit of information you get, so all we can do is to assess the information you give us, which is incomplete by definition.  The bank information is a reactionary drive;  what I would like is an ‘actionary driver’ that will tell us when the tellers will open their windows.  What do you follow that will tell you when the banks will be open for exchanges?  Or are you resigned to sitting back and waiting until the bank says they are ready for you?  Can you give us any information that indicates the banks are definitely opening up for exchange… the top three variables?
RayRen:  You won’t get that no matter how you slice or dice it.  You won’t get that.  If you believe you will, go to your own sources and get it.

Caller:  I’ve been trying to avoid to asking about dates and rates, but I would like to know how to assess the situation, because we have been encouraged to engage in intellectual activity and understand the fundatmentals of what’s happening in Iran, Iraq, etc.
RayRen:  You’re not going to get those answers unless you are part of the decision-making process, not matter how much you browbeat me or anyone else.  All I can do is listen, hear and wait until the banks say they are ready.  No matter what anyone tells you, it’s not going to move it along until it’s ready to go.  Anything else is just futile, so don’t keep digging and frustrating yourself!

707 caller:  People in my tiny group don’t seem to have the desire to put in the time to educate themselves as I have and the previous caller has.  What do you advise me to tell these folks?  Some have substantial currency, and I want to help them get mentally ready for an exchange appointment.
RayRen:  What have you already done?

Caller:  I give them the written materials, but they don’t seem to get it, and some are saying  “just let me know when the banks are ready”.  They are not vested in this, and I fear they will make some serious mistakes.
RayRen:  These are grownups, and if they don’t take advantage of the information, let the chips fall where they may. If they won’t research, it’s their lives.  I am on calls every day of the week, giving all that I can , but I cannot make anyone do anything.  I can tell you what I’m learning, hearing and feeling.  I cannot make anyone take this in.  You can only do your best, and then you can sleep with your conscience.

Caller:  It’s comforting and helpful to talk with you, in this area that is so difficult to learn all this stuff.  It’s almost more than I can handle, and I want to help them.
RayRen:  Encourage them to learn all they can.  A lot of people want to save others, but you need to save you.  They need to be willing to take it on for themselves.

Caller:  There is a limited amount I can do;  beyond that, they have to do this for themselves.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

512 caller:  I want to make a comment about the guy who was disrupting the call for no reason.  There is an old Jewish saying about someone who is annoying to the point where you get mad at them.  Didn’t he get it when you told him “this is all the information you are getting”?  He was wasting everyone’s time on this call.  You said, “this is the bank memo, this is how it is”, and if you don’t like it, don’t call! 
RayRen:  I think he just wanted to have something more, but there is nothing more to get.  We all want more information, and that would be nice, but…

Caller:  Ray, I want you to go in your room and rub your crystal ball, however… they have another time frame across the ocean.  I’ve been waiting for years and I will wait longer if I have to, because I’ll make a ton of money.  I’m happy that we have the currency. 
RayRen:  Everyone should be happy with the information in the introduction – that was explosive!

281 caller:  2016 will be an awesome year to reach the unreachable.  There were pictures of hurndreds of ships off shore at Galveston yesterday, and other people we spoke with also had documentation.  You know things are happening and you need to have the sense to read what’s there.  The clock is about to strike twelve;  don’t look just at what you see and read because you will discouraged. The things we see are temporal, which means they are subject to change. The things we do not see are eternal and established in heaven.  Keep your eyes on the target;  we are coming to the end of this target.  Have a blessed day!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

610 caller:  Folks, these calls aren’t free, so if you have a couple of bucks, go to and click on the donate button.  TNT and Tony would appreciate that.  Any news from Iraq today, or in the mosques?
RayRen:  Baghdad is quiet, but they are talking about the announcement and in-country rate change.  That is what I’m getting, and that is dynamic information.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and Raleigh!  And NEGOTIATE!

770 caller:  I appreciate hearing about the mosques.  With respect to the bank memos, what does that tell us about the exchange centers?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard about exchange centers, just that they are getting ready to exchange any time between now and the dates on the memos.

Caller:  The puzzle was small when we started out and now it’s becoming large.  How many pieces to this puzzle and how may pieces are we seeing?
RayRen:  I’m not seeing how many steps still need to take place.  We hoped that when the Budget showed up in the Gazette that would be it – but now it’s there and it’s not It.

Caller:  Have your sources indicated when we might see those missing pieces?
RayRen:  They are reporting what they see;  they are not part of the decision-makers.  If they did have that information and I reported it, that would single them out.  It’s too sensitive for me to hand out.

Caller:  We were told in the past that after the announcement, it would be 30 minutes before it hits the banks.  Is that still the case?
RayRen:  I don’t know if that has changed so we are still on status quo on that.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Negotiate!  May today be the day!

865 caller:  This is my second time on the call.  We don’t know any of the factors right now, just trying to put the pieces together, like walking through a minefield.  Some people got tired and shredded/flushed their currency.  I appreciate your sticking with us, and I hope to see you, your brother and DC in Vegas.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

304 caller:  If we have 100 trillion zim note and wanted to give it to a few different people, how would we do that?

Caller:  Yes.  It’s being valued higher than we thought so how would we do that?
RayRen:  Are they family or connected?  No?  So they are strangers, but you want to share the results of the exchange?  I would exchange first and then position them to enjoy the cash.  It’s not like you take the one note and divide it up to give them portions.  Yes, you would have to pay taxes on that, but that is the simplest way that I know.  There are more complicated ways.   But if that note comes out at ten million dollars after taxes, you could give them a million each.  Zim is still exchangeable, so far as I know from the banks.

718 caller:  I saw this comedian say one time that we don’t want to be first, we just want to be next! That way we don’t have to worry, we just sit back and wait.  God bless everybody!

301 caller:  Can you take your spouse to the bank?
RayRen: That is if you are signing an NDA for the contract rate.

Caller:  What if you bought your money before getting married?
RayRen:  We have been told that if you are married and want the contract rate, your spouse must sign the NDA as well.

Caller:  So I should bring extra shovels?  We are about to have a blizzard here!
RayRen:  Your bank will probably be snowed in as well!

503 caller:  This taking longer and longer. Are we still on Plan A or are we on Plan B.  Plan A is going through the bank structures we have now, Plan B goes through the Chinese, etc.
RayRen:  I’d say Plan A.

Caller:  That’s what I thought.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

602 caller:  I have one burning question.  When it’s international, and it’s on Forex, how can it not be tradable at the banks right now?
RayRen:  Good question and something we will be investigating throughout the rest of the day, finding out the real situation.  If it’s tradable, why would the banks not exchange it. Based on Forex, the banks will exchange it at 1180, which is not what we want.  An international traded currency is not an RV;  we don’t want to exchange at 1180, we want the RV at $3.41 (as it is reported in-country) or higher.

Caller:  So in some of the memos, the banks talked about Iran and Iraq… those only?
RayRen:  The memos said “and other currencies”, they just emphasized those two.  I would imagine the rest will go at the same time.

It’s Friday, the banks are all excited with memos with actual dates.  I don’t want to share the dates because I don’t want to hear the whining later if there are further changes.  Sources in Iraq are saying that it’s $3.41 over there;  we hear there may be a further international announcement in Davos.  We just wait.  If there is a need for a call tonight or tomorrow morning, I would love that.  Or we may convene for some other purpose.  Time will tell.  We are in a good place;  I‘m happy and excited, because the current information speaks volumes.  We may not be in the bank today, tomorrow or even Monday,`` but as long as we get to the bank, the wait will be worth it.  I report, you decide.  All the information I shared with you and what I didn’t share will you, all that comes down to two words:  I believe.  Thank you, everyone!

RayRen played I Believe

Bruce Call Notes 1/21/2016

Posted by Dorya on January 21, 2016 at 10:38pm

Bruce: Thought we were there Tuesday night. There was a window between Tues night and Wed. Didn't happen when we thought. Thought, "Who stopped." Not the administration just wasn't ready.

Bruce: who stop it!!! no one just wasn't's the exchange managers that needed their platforms inline with their exchange alignment

Bruce: Even now, the exchange manager for the various countries in the ones in first basket, need to align banks in each countries. Once done, the exchange managers in the rest of the world with align around the world, Thought it was done but it is now in process.

Bruce: they are just getting all the alignment done it will happen,

Bruce: Announcement in Davos, Switzerland for world economic forum, that we heard that Abadi, Shabbi and Jabouri as well as finance ministers of countries in 1st basket all represented at the meeting. Headline this AM was Abadi.

Bruce: Abadi's speech was translated into 19 languages. That set everything in motion. That was the official announcement. No going back now.

Bruce: All reps in Davos, Switzerland heard Abadi made the official announcement in 19 languages

Bruce: Iraq and Iran are going to be coming out within 24 hours of each other. Have heard rates will come out for both at the same time or within 24 hour period. Iraq theoretically first but may be simultataneous. 39 tankers left Iran and 29 left Iraq 7:00 CST tonght with 1/2 ships to china and 1/2 to US.

Mtn Mole:  All programmers in those other countries having difficulty are either related to or connected to the IT team that designed OCare. Could still be some time

Bruce: Tankers going to China and US for refining oil. Left out and when hit international waters. 50% of the oil on the ships will be paid in TRNs as soon as they hit international waters.

Bruce: when the ships hit international water they will be paid by TRN"s


Bruce: Due to hit tomorrow PM, Iraq time.

Bruce: I am hearing that tomorrow morning should be happening

Bruce: Hearing things about tomorrow. Sounds good for the same time frame as what we heard for yesterday. Thought it would be quicker than it is. Disappointed that this is not a celebration call. But God's timing is right around the corner.


Bruce: we know it was happening and we know those announcements needed to happen in Davos, Switzerland

Bruce: It was important for the announcement by Abadi to be made this AM. Abadi and group heading back to Iraq. May be our blessing will be when Abadi gets back. Rest for now and be ready for the RV.

Bruce: it could happen when Abadi comes back to Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruce: We may do a celebration call before Tuesday. We will see what happens. It will be tough for mid-Atlantic and those hit by the weather to move around. There will be time to exchange.

Bruce: Somewhat shorter call tonight.

Bruce: Some things may be sensitive so we can't do anything to disrupt but hears that we are in process.





Countries like Kuwait, South Korea that are pegged to the dollar will be depegging soon.

Caller has question about Recaps not posting Zap anymore. Wants to know why. Bruce said he doesn't know

Bruce said it could go anytime. Should go tomorrow, if not could go Saturday.

 Caller had question about Iraq and Iran agreement of when they would RV.

Bruce said they would come out together at the most within 24 hrs.

Rates are being syncronized in country before it is realesed.


Caller is asking about double dipping. He has three of the major currencies. Wants to know if he could get more currency?

Bruce said all of those currencies will go at the same time. They will no longer be cheap. The Rupiah is comming in at a strong rate.


Wants to know who do we talk to to negotiate the rate. Exchanger or the wealth manager. Bruce said you can negotiate with the amount you are exchanging and how much you will leave with that bank.

Once final activation are done it will be a world wide event. It will be simultaneous from east to west.

Rbc and TBC bank will be handling the currency exchange in Canada.

Caller is late on the call asking for update. Bruce said we are looking good recapping announcement being made in Switzerland. To go by Saturday if not before.




RV Update 
The Big Call Notes
Intel / Rumors
Thursday PM 
January 21, 2016

​ The Big Call Notes
(Bruce says…)
  • Much is going on behind the scenes.
  • There was a window of RV performance between 1:30 - 7:30am EST to go on Tuesday… all around the world… and it did not happen.
  • RV was not stopped by US Government. Just wasn't ready.
  • Exchange managers for the various countries in the first basket, need to align their in-courntry rates with their own banks first.  
  • Once all these new currency rates are back in global alignment, the RV should be released.
  • It's a realignment of rates that we thought was already done, but turns out it was or is still in process.
  • The official RV announcement was made in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Summit by Iraqi President Abadi.
  • Abadi made an all Arabic speech early this morning without a hitch (4am EST).
  • Abadi's speech topic was that: Iraq is back in business as a world trade participant in good international standing.
  • His speech was that long awaited official RV announcement we here in the US have been waiting on for many months now.
  • The Iraq 2016 budget was published in the Iraqi Gazette, per requirements of their own laws.  So that got done.
  • Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe all had representatives in Davos to hear Abadi's speech this morning.
  • Iraq and Iran currencies reported to be coming out either together, or no more than 24 hours apart due to intra-courntry trade issues.
  • At 7pm EST tonight, 39 Iran oil tankers left Iranian ports, and 19 Iraq oil tankers left Iraqi ports.  
  • Half of the tankers were going to China, with the other half going to USA for refining.   
  • A 50% payment on all tanker freight must be paid with new TRN's (gold backed RV sovereign currency) when they hit international waters.
  • The Davos speech/announcements were a very big deal.
  • Iraq President Abadi is right now on his way back to Iraq; so the RV could occur as soon as he lands in Bagdad.
  • Zimbabwe is now a founding member of the AIIB; just like Iran.  This will be announced shortly.
  • New legislation called "Z legislation" was been passed, allowing Zimbabwe to regain good standing international trade status similar to Iraq.
  • Bruce hearing many things about repeating the Tuesday process tonight, and RV starting on Friday morning, same time frame.
  • Everything is moving along very nicely. We'll all have time to exchange, please don't go out into the bad weather on the East Coast.
  • Bruce is noticeably disappointed that there was no celebration call tonight based on the intel he got on Tuesday.
  • However, it is vastly more important that the RV happen on God's timing, and that it does happen after all these weeks, months and years.
  • We need to be ever patient, but alert through the night and all day Friday.  
  • Bank codes are entered for a period of time, then they expire.  This is why the whole process must be rescheduled if there's a delay.
  • Rates are great (Bruce won't go into detail per usual).  
  • Exchange locations are beyond ready.  All the banks are ready too.
  • Wait for these 800#s to be sent to you via private email notification or see it on our website, and then simply call to make your appointments.
  • The redemption process will be very simple, very easy and designed to get everyone in and out quickly in around 30 minutes--give or take.
  • Set all secondary wealth manager and investment meetings in the days and weeks after your initial redemption appointment.
  • The RV should be here by morning because there's now an irreversible performance roll-out process currently in motion.
  • If it doesn't go by tomorrow morning for whatever reason, Saturday morning would be an obvious and immanent RV performance window.

Intel / Rumors
(use discretion regarding all below information)
  • All 210 sovereign nations of the free world has publicly and/or privately de-pegged from the USD/petrol dollar as a unit of economic measure. USD for a lack of a better phrase, has officially been "dismissed from all monetary relevance" as of 1/1/16.
  • All sovereign debts (including new/old petrol crude and brent oil sales) are now being settled via Chinese Yuan, Russian Rubbles or gold bullion.  The USD/petrol dollar is no longer being accepted as the legal tender of the USA, which includes former US allies Saudi Arabia and all OPEC nations.
  • The spot price of gold is now set by the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), which has permanently replaced the London Gold Exchange (LGE) as the global metals pricing chief steward.
  • The United Nations has been reformed to be inclusive of all sovereign nations of the free world, and a new United Nations like entity will govern world affairs.  Such an entity has already been created and will be announced shortly, headquartered in Beijing, China.
  • The International Monetary Fund and World Bank have been reformed to be inclusive of all sovereign nations of the free world.  Both will ultimately be slowly phased out of existence.
  • BRICS has permanently assumed the diplomatic chief steward role away from North AtlanticTreaty Organization or NATO.
  • AIIB has permanently assumed the economic chief steward role away from WB/ADP.
  • PBOC has permanently assumed the money supply chief steward role away from IMF/BIS/FED/ECB/BOE/CB System.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank (a private bank owned by Eastern European families known as the "Dark Nobility") has been declared bankrupt by an International Court and shuttered.
  • New Republic of the United States Government has been seated and installed to run the affairs of US citizens, including all military affairs through the combined office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  New Republic Government interim President General Joseph Dunford will function in both roles until a successor can be chosen in the revamped November 2016 elections.
  • New Republic of the United States Treasury is at full operational status now, and functioning from a Reno, Nevada location inside a Native American Reservation.
  • A global debt jubilee (occurs every 50 years) has officially begun as it was agreed to decades prior by ancient Hun and European elders, sovereign ruling families and benevolent negotiators --- who have quietly overseen this entire transition process for humanity.
  • This peaceful transition of power was originally scheduled to occur September 11, 2001.
  • All personal and sovereign debts worldwide will be zeroed out & paid in full using seized financial assets of the former global monetary authority housed at the Vatican Bank (a.k.a. Dark Nobility black screen accounts).
  • The Holy Roman See has completed the necessary legal relinquishment process, and have thus released control of humanity and the free world by their own choosing.
  • As part of this agreement, Pope Francis has also agreed to turn over all Vatican Bank assets back to humanity for said debt jubilee, currency revaluation as well as greater good humanitarian projects managed by the new AIIB Board of Governors. 
  • Also, the infamous London Temple Crown group (domiciled in the City of London, controlled by the Roman Jesuit Order) no longer lays claim to legal authority over the world's judicial and attorney network, which includes all active bar associates (lawyers and judges) in the United States and Canada.
  • Pope Francis signed off on what is being called a binding "Galactic Agreement" this past Sunday inside the walls of the Vatican, witnessed by Christine Legarde and legal counsel of the IMF. 
  • Pope Francis was is the first and last White / Black Pope (Head of the Jesuit Order) in papal history.  This is highly unusual because the Jesuit Order swears by oath never to serve as Pope.
  • Throughout history, both the White and Black Popes were secretly subjected to the absolute authority of a hidden 3rd Pope, a Grey Pope, who oversaw all papal and global matters for this "Dark Nobility" family.
  • The Rothschild's are just one family participating in world affairs as members of this Dark Nobility.
  • Pope Francis relinquished Rome's Ultimate Papal Authority over any and all claims to the entire world's assets, resources and population by his own free will.  Pope Francis will also be announcing his abrupt retirement due to "health reasons."  But in truth, it's part of the Roman Church's unconditional surrender.
  • Former USA, Inc President Barack Obama will soon be revealed as Rome/CIA operative, and publicly be made to relinquish Presidential status, and be amnestied to a foreign country -- Dubai it is rumored.  
  • Privately, Obamas resignation has already occurred and he's just awaiting a public dismissal announcement.
  • Also the United States Congress, including all members of the Senate and House of Representatives, no longer hold legally authority to make any laws for the citizens of the New Republic of the United States.  They too will all be dismissed or removed.
  • The same punishment holds true for all members of the Supreme Court, who secretively pledged allegiance to Rome before taking their oath to serve the laws and people of the United States.
  • Washington, D.C. is also no longer a sovereign territory exclusively serving the interests of the Holy Roman Empire under the control of the American Jesuit Order.
  • Other sovereign diplomatic territories that have also been released of their international "safe haven" status such as Vatican City, City of Jerusalem & City of London.  
  • All Jesuit ordained operatives still in any of these "safe haven" territories are now being arrested, amnestied, exiled or exterminated depending on their individual agreements with the new global governance authority.  This clean up includes diplomats, bankers, lawyers, politicians and judges involved in the secrete conspiracy against mankind (known collectively as the cabal).
  • The New Republic of the United States is now running all domestic and international affairs for United States citizenry.
  • The New Republic also has a new digital currency called the Treasury Reserve Note (TRN), as well as a new local or domestic currency called United States Notes (USN).  
  • The TRN/USN combo replaces of old Federal Reserve Bank notes at a 1:1 ratio.  This truth became legal and official via international court rulings back in 2014, and implemented on government back screens in April 2015.
  • Both new and old US currencies will be allowed to be used for a pre-agreed period of time as not to create confusion in everyday commerce.
  • US citizens will not notice the currency value transition in country as much as they will out of country, where a currency revaluation will be severe in some countries.
  • The new USN rainbow currency is already printed and is scheduled to be released into the public money supply at the same time as the global RV release.
  • All past physically paper currencies of the world will methodically be taken out of circulation and burned, replaced with sovereign digital currencies, both international and domestic, and monitored perpetually via satellites, supercomputers and highly advanced algorithms overseen from an undisclosed mainland China location.
  • All large global hedge funds, pension and retirement funds, investment funds and major corporate holdings have already been converted to the above mentioned gold backed/TRN/USN accounting system.
  • All US banks, T1 thru T5, either have already or will soon be installing new CIPS terminals, software and international transaction codes that run on the new technology/system. 
  • Rates for revaluation of all countries confirmed signed, sealed, delivered, and loaded at banks.
  • Banks have sent out their memos to their Wealth Managers. They are prepared for the exchanges...all major banks in agreement.
  • Obama not in Davos, but Iraqi president Abadi is.
  • In the meantime, both CIPS and SWIFT systems will operate concurrently for a pre-negotiated period of time, with the CIPS system ultimately replacing the SWIFT system.
  • Also, long suppressed energy, transportation, medical and life extension technologies will now be released for public research, development and usage... as well as for commercial sale.
  • The global sovereign fiat currencies, known as the "RV", will be revalued using a gold benchmark spot price already pre-set at the SGE.  
  • The RV is but one aspect of this larger global reset or transition, all be in an important part of the comprehensive global reset process.
  • The RV has intentionally been held back to accomplish other important aspects of the larger global economic and diplomatic reset plan, as well as keep the peaceful transition of global military authority a private matter.
  • As soon as regular people start becoming millionaire and billionaires from the RV, it will most certainly send out a public signal that the global reset has indeed begun.  And once that cat is out of the bag, there's no going back.
  • Look for an official global reset announcement to encompass all of these massive global transitions soon.  
  • Announcements and educational videos have long been pre-recorded by trusted voices in every culture/country, and are ready for mass media distribution at the appropriate moment--pending benevolent overseer approval, in harmony with the new human global governance consensus.
  • Hard to believe?  Without question.  True?  Perhaps.  But all truth shall be known with absolute certainty very shortly.
  • Nothing real is threatened, nothing unreal exists… therein lies the truth of God.
God is with us

 Just IN Poppy3
 belle January 20, 2016 at 12:49pm



JANUARY 20 2016


TNT Call notes 20-January-2016

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is When-am-I-Gonna–See-It Wednesday, January 20, 2016. [audio checks]  There has been activities, claim and misrepresentation – things that people just thought took place.  That took us through the weekend and into today.  We left on Friday with banks at an all-time high alert.  We were waiting, waiting, waiting.  On Saturday Iran’s sanctions got lifted, and there were claims that they RVed.  Then yesterday there were meetings in NY with bank heads and CEOs;  the word was that when the meeting finished we would have the RV.  It finished and here we are.  There were no promises, so it’s probably okay it didn’t materialize as we expected, but at least there was an expectation.  Everyone walked away happy from the meeting, and we anticipate good things.

There are many articles, and some told us what might happen.  Intel is about things that are yet to take place – if they have already taken place, that’s history, not intel.  We pull it all together and see what’s important, what we can focus on to bring to you.  This is not about the news – that’s already out there. If you want to know what’s happening at Davos, go to;  they are covering what is happening there at the World Economic forum and read to your heart’s content.  The news is there and you can get it;  it’s a solid resource, and you should read it there to keep up with world economic intel.

We might not be here too long, because intel is not abundant.  Banks have clamped down on their people, so there is not much coming from the banking side because some of the sources have moved on or clammed up. We can still get the best stuff, though.  As far as banking activity, exchanges did take place last week.  They see rates on the screen this week but exchanges didn’t go through.  There is a combination of SKRs, loan activity, all sorts of progress. 
We have another little bit of stuff, I have something else that is big for us regarding the banking, but I’m going to let the elders put that out first.  Then we’ll come back and work with it. You won’t suffer by my doing this, or lose any money.

Let’s talk about Iran for a second.  There are up-and-coming surprises there.  The sanctions have been lifted, yes.  There is some information that Iran has reinstated its currency, and people said yesterday that the rate is still $36 per million;  that tells me that it didn’t RI or RV.  The NY meeting was successful and we are waiting on the results there.

In Iraq, there are articles that are very interesting about the Budget.  Some articles say the Budget is not in the gazette, but others are saying it’s being published today. If so, we can read it for ourselves, and calculate the rate the Budget is based on, and see how that applies to us in terms of an international currency.   We are told the exchangers in that area are to adjust their rates staring tomorrow.  As DC would say, “that’s huge!”  Also, there were comments on Abadi’s Facebook page, they are saying food is costing less because the currency is worth more.  So we have word of adjustments in regions across Iraq.  It’s in stages, but the fact it’s taking place tells us a great deal.  It’s coming!   These are the transformations we have been looking for.

On this side of the pond keep thinking that this will take place – bam! They take place over time.  The banks are still looking for us this week.  Many thought the removal of Iran sanctions would see this RV, others have said that Iran will go first and Iraq second, and yet others have said the reverse.  We don’t care so long as something happens.  We have been waiting and training, ready for the banks to ask us to come in.

I am waiting for some information from our Canadian friends, and of course we are waiting for others to bring in banking information.  There is method to all this.

Q:  What evidence have you gathered that we will have an RV this week? It seems like we never make any progress.  How can this oil swap take place with oil prices so low?  A:  I don’t have any firm evidence of it being this week, but I do know that we will have an RV.  I don’t’ know about the oil credits.  Time will tell.

Q:  Have they RIed in their own country?  A: Cards have been activated in Iraq at higher rates than 1166;  there is no solid proof that Iran has RIed in their own country.  There is progress being made.

Q:  How many people own dinar?  Are the numbers increasing or decreasing?  A:  The last I heard the numbers are increasing;  the last numbers I heard were six million plus.  That’s a quasi-official number.  That was a while back, though.

Q:  How are you feeling?  A:  I am feeling fantabulouser to the nth degree!

Q:  Will there be a chance to meet post-RV?  Will there be a think-tank being developed?  A:  Yes, there will be the chance to meet and think together in my backyard as we sit around the grill and discuss things for the future.

Q:  Some believe there must be an RI in Iran for them to be selling oil.  A:  I have not been pursuing Iranian information to answer these questions, sorry.

Q:  It is time to pull the plug on the conference call?  It seems that there is further need for them.  There has only been one call since 1. Jan, yet you have regular OM calls.  The forum seems to be a good place for information but no one is allowed to say anything.  A:  If you follow the house rules, you can say just about anything.  You can even disagree with me!  To pull the plug on the conference call because there has only been one since the first…?  We scheduled calls on the 4th, 6th, 8th, 11th, 15th;  I think you might be mistaken on that one.  I’m pretty sure I did more than one.  When I sent out a tweet saying there is no new intel that can be confirmed, that is me ‘trust but verify’ policy.  There is no need for a call if there is not any really good intel.  There were things going on in the background, but I didn’t feel the need to have a call about things that I thought wouldn’t happen.  I’m a wait and see kind of person, so I don’t care to be on a call saying “this will not be happening.”  I’m kind of perplexed why this person posted this question;  we’ve always said that if you don’t want to be on the calls, don’t call in.  You have the right to feel the way you feel. We said we’d be here until the end and we’re not there yet;  that doesn’t mean I’ll do a call when there is no new intel unless we do a training call. If you ask me, answering these questions is a training in itself.

Q:  Do you think China has an impact on the RV?  A:  Yes.

Q:  Do you think Iran’s sanctions have an impact?  A:  I don’t know – we’ll find out together.

Q:  Are these statements accurate?  Dinar in one account, all the other currencies in another account?  A:  Way back, when we first received these instructions, there were only two currencies, dinar and dong.  We were told to keep dinar separate because it might be treated differently.  Now we have dong, rial, rupiah, zim, Afghani, and my understanding is that they will all be processed the same way but dinar might be treated differently.

Q:  Is our money more protected in a non-interest-bearing account?  A:  I’m not sure I agree with that.  The banks can still protect your money.

Q:  If I leave my money in a regular bank account while I organize my investments, can the government take that money as a bail-in to save the banking industry?  A:  I can’t see the government trying to ‘save’ the banks when you have just put millions into that bank.  Just doesn’t make sense to me.  If you exchange millions, where are you going to put it?  In a major bank. So we just added to the bank’s bottom line for them to use to make money.  So why would a bailing process even surface from a bank where we have just lodged millions?  I think people are too worried.  When you get in from of your wealth manager, ask for their professional opinion on what you should do about it.

Q:  In your opinion, should I take whatever rate they can offer to get the exchange done as quickly as possible, or hedge my bets?  A:  Only you can answer that.

Q:  Are any of the top 4-5 banks better than another for exchanging?  A:  We have been told that the rates will basically be the same. I assume they afford to give up some of their profit in the exchange;  it depends on how well you negotiate. 
That’s the main factor.

Q:  What is the minimum required to set up a foundation, LLC or other entity?  I believe 50,000 is the minimum, but I could be wrong. A:  You are wrong.

Q:  Why are we still here?   A:  I don’t know;  let’s take it one day at a time.

707 caller:  I don’t’ have a significant question;  I think I’m pretty well prepared and you’ve done a tremendous job.  What does worry me is how we are going to get the word and go about making an appointment…
RayRen:  Any information we get will be tweeted, emailed, and posted on the websites.  They will either give us the information or we will get it one way or the other and tell you.  If they don’t tell us, we may end up telling you something they don’t want you to know!

Caller:  Debbie was talking last night that after the exchange, and if you have a large sum, Wells Fargo would want you to have an account with their wealth branch Abbot Downing.
RayRen:  We talked about that a long time ago.  If you have larger amounts, you will automatically get referred to their wealth division.  That’s nothing new and something to look forward to.

Caller:   I understand that such accounts may be insured through the brokerage firm and not the FDIC.
RayRen:  We won’t depend on the FDIC because most of us will have well above the FDIC limits. We’ll do what other millionaires do, and when you are ready for that level, the banks will inform you.  When we get there, they will roll out the red carpets, send cars to pick you up and all the rest.  We’ll see!  We have get-together calls on Sunday mornings, and a lot of you are OpenMike folks as well, training to help you make that mental transition, so that you won’t be fearful but meet this new situation with enthusiasm.  Just don’t’ rush to do things.  Take your time to learn, and don’t worry about missing opportunities because the next bus will be along any time.  As long as we have that mentality  of calm, cool and collected, we will be able to handle whatever comes our way.  Learn as much as you can learn before you make a move.

Caller:  A friend was just at my house who just got a lot of currency and doesn’t have the time to listen to the calls.  I don’t understand that, but it’s his business.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  You said earlier that exchanges in Iraq receiving intel that they are to change rates tomorrow.   Is it safe to assume that US exchangers will have the same message? And what does ‘tomorrow’ mean in Iraq?  Does that really mean tonight here?
RayRen:  I heard that from Iraq, but not from US exchangers, so I don’t know.  Perhaps that is automatic. 
Caller:  What are they saying in the mosques in Iraq?

RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything from the mosques and I forgot to ask…  I will get that question answered.
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Negotiate!

512 caller:  What is your feeling on us completing this endeavor this week?
RayRen:  This weeks sounds really good – I haven’t heard anything negative, contradictory or a stall.  The banks are ready, and it’s time to wrap this thing up.
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Texas!

301 caller:  I took off from PA a month ago and passed by Las Vegas;  no one was where so I kept going!  I have the same number;  I put my phone on early and the conference music never stops.  I’m grateful this sounds imminent.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Will it be possible to meet up with Tony somewhere?
RayRen:  Sure.  I don’t know what his NDA requires, and that’s why we are still reinforcing the Vegas idea.  We hope this NDA doesn’t prevent our getting together.

Caller:  Is there any need to be concerned about what Tony’s situation might be?  Was the way it turned out the only choice there was?
RayRen:  No need to be concerned because time overcomes all challenges.  The way it turned out is what it is;  we rolled with it and we keep going on.  When it’s the right time we will all come together, and you will be in the number with us.

941 caller:  You mentioned earlier that people were exchanging over the weekend – here in the United States?  Where? 
RayRen:  I’m not sure it was over the weekend or one day last week.  We can’t go to any bank and say “you did an exchange and I want to do an exchange”.

Caller:  You said something about another bit of intel that you wanted to let someone else talk about first – can you give us an hint? 
RayRen:  That was during my intel briefing, not with 404.  Let’s wait and see if the others bring it out first.  We will patiently wait, and when it comes out we will talk about it.  You will be in the loop.

Caller:  Many of us are suffering.  Thank God the gas prices are going down.  I’ve been following for about five years.  Tell everyone I said Hi.  I’m a lurker…
RayRen:  Make sure to listen to my closing situation – I’m talking to you specifically.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas?

Caller:   No, I’m taking a honeymoon after 15 years – in Hawaii, I think, by ourselves.
RayRen:  Get your honeymoon out of the way and then come to Vegas!

772 caller:  The many discussions and information you have relayed to us implies that the banks are limited as to what they can pay per currency?  Or they are given a lump sum and have to negotiate with currency holders? They will have an ultimate amount they can go for?  If so, that would be open-ended on our side in terms of the amount we can receive, the perks, and so on…
RayRen:  I don’t know about that;  I’ve never heard about such a process.  You are talking about individual transactions, and what they can negotiate?

Caller:  I assume one relates to the other.  They want to get the best profit out of the process, so I assume they may find it worth their while to give a bit more on exchange.
RayRen: You represent multiple streams of income for the bank, and because of that you can negotiate their giving you a better rate if you take up some of their other products.  There are two rates – buy and sell – and you can negotiate those if their profit on some of the other activities may overshadow that.  Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate because you don’t know where the chips may fall.  Don’t go by what they offer, TELL them what you want, and ASK for what you want.  What they lose in one stream, they can make up in another, so ask for what you want, and then they have to have a reason for refusing.

RayRen:  We are very much looking for this.  I am super-fantastic, waiting for the RV.  I still don’t know the exact date or hour, but if everything holds true according to what I have been able to share and the information I cannot share, I see no reason why this week shouldn’t wrap this up.  We hopefully won’t need a call on Friday, but if this doesn’t happen as I expect, we will be here again for the Friday call.

Bloomberg had an article about US dollars being sold on ebay.  Is that legal?  To the best of my knowledge, it is.  What are you missing?  Everything happens for a reason, so find out the reason and you may see a new economic reality.  Have a good day – I intend to.
RayRen played I Believe


Wednesday, January 13 2016

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JANUARY 13, 2016


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JANUARY 15 2016


TNT Call notes 15-January-2016

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Fantabulous Friday, January 15, 2016. [sound checks]  Of course you received the tweet that said, “No new intel today”, so if you are here for new intel, you can leave. We are just going to recap, do a little Q+A and get ready to embark on the weekend.  If people want new intel, they won’t call in!  Last night the banks were looking for this like nobody’s business, and some have set up snack stations, waiting for us.  They are waiting for it 80 times a day.  Other sources are telling us to stay close to your phone.  All the big sources are ready for this, they are expecting this today – not promising anything, but looking for it today.  What are we waiting for?  If I knew that, there would be a different economic reality.  We are definitely seeing signs of progress, especially with the bankers all excited.  It’s status quo in Canada, no news there as yet.  People have been talking to bank people who have changed their outlook and disposition.
At least four occurrences have come to my knowledge – people went in to their appoint-ments, and their people were no longer at the bank.  They showed up for exchanging or preparing, and their bankers became magicians and disappeared!  There have been four so far, and I’m sure I’ll hear of more;  text or email or post them in the forum.  That is interesting when your banking person disappears without even calling you.
When is the first time I heard about the 15th being IT?  I think I heard it before 6. January, someone speculating that it would be the 15th, and also rumors and intel from banks, with public exchanges on the 15th, and groups and private exchanges before then.  Some people deny that private exchanges have taken place.  I report, you decide, but that is the information I got and I choose to believe what I have heard.
In Iraq, there were articles and such in print and on the television.  They say their smart cards would be funded by 10. January.  Today is the 15th – what has happened with the smart cards?  From the reports I’ve received, some smart cards have been funded, although not all of them. It’s hitting certain provinces, but not Baghdad yet according to two sources there.  For where it’s happening, they were excited.  We were told that ALL of it would take place by the 10th;  some of it has, and that is progress.  As long as progress keeps happening, I am happy.  We don’t’ know the last final date.  We keep hearing everything is done, but there are still some decisions that have not been made.  We don’t’ know why, so all we can do is sit back and wait, and enjoy it when it happens.  There was talk in the Mosque that the Gazette was going to be published on Wednesday – not it’s Friday and we still haven’t seen it published as we understand it in the US.  That is, we have been told it was published, but we expect that to mean we can look it up.  We have to be more particular with our communications when we are talking across another continent. Words have powerful meanings and we have to avoid getting stuck on them.
Some of my intel people felt challenged because I worded something in a different way. I like to get down to the real nitty-gritty and making sure we fully understand something.
All of the above was expected.  Let’s look at the lifting of Iran’s sanctions.  When we look at Iraq and it’s budget being published and the smart cards loaded prior to the 15th, with people saying that this would be released on the 15th, and none of that mentioned sanctions.  If those are connected, you would think that the currency in Iraq would have to be released before Iran’s sanctions are lifted, and they were saying those sanctions should be released on the 15th as well.  Some are linking the two, some are keeping them separate.  I’m staying on the sidelines, throwing in my thought processes from time to time.  That doesn’t mean it has to be your thought process as well.  Sometimes I share it because people ask what I’m thinking.  If Iran was a major player in the larger plan, I wonder why it wasn’t mentioned.  If you have the answers we are looking for, get in touch with me!  You can get my email from someone if you want to have conversation, anonymously or in public.  All that’s important to me is the information – if you have it, share it!
Tony had a mantra about paying it forward and I agree with that.  Ten days after the RV,  let’s all pay it forward in some way, with ‘TNT superfantastic’ on the back.  Will that put a target on your back?  No, because we will not exist after the RV.  Those pay-it-forward projects just send a message to us. So ten days from RV day, pay if forward and put our TNT stamp on it, so  we can tell each other that “I did my  part”.  We did something to make a difference, and we will continue.
Q:  Is there a website or some way we can find what will be the currency basket?  A:  I don’t have an answer for you at this moment, but hopefully will do in the future.
Q:  Are the rates showing on the bank screens at this time? Also, what are you hearing from the mosque?  Did the people whose cards are activated receiving their retroactive pay? A:  Those with the cards have got back pay.  In the mosques they say something should happen this week.  In the banks, only some selected people can see rates, and some who could see them earlier now can not.  We have been told those screens rates are  placeholder rates, and that is why they keep changing rates in the system.  The truth will come to light when it’s time for you to sit with a manager across that desk, and they show  you the rates on the screens.  I don’t’ see any reason not to show you the screens.  So on some sites those high rates were only placeholders, or maybe not.
Q:  Tony said when the cards are loaded in Iraq, it will go immediately.  A:  He said that when people in Iraq are paid, we will be.  When some provinces have been paid and not others, then “the people” in Iraq have not been paid.  Some have and some have not, and we might have to wait until that is complete or at least has touched all the provinces.  We know that Baghdad is last on the list and they are not seeing/feeling anything yet.
Q:  It appears Iran has come out of the closet, economically and politically;  does this affect Iraq’s timeline?  A:  No.
Q:  What are they saying in the mosque and Iraqi television?  A:  My understanding is that the mosques are saying “this week”.  As for the Gazette, some say yes and some say no.  If you cannot pull it up and read it, then I would say No.   There has been nothing rolling on the bottom of the television apart from news about Mosul.
Q:  Why is Iran able to RV so quickly when Iran is taking so long?  Is this because Iran didn’t have a working government?  Or because they are trying to fold Iran into the RV that has been delayed so long?  A:  I would say option 2, possibly.
Q:  What if you don’t have a bank account?  A:  They will set up an account for you, although it might be 24-48 hours before you have access to the cash. I  can live with that.
432 caller:  There was a memo on 3. December saying the Fed was releasing instructions for exchange.  Did you get a copy of that memo?
RayRen:  I didn’t but several bank people said they saw it, and that’s good enough for me.  I didn’t’ need to see it – it was for bank people. 
Caller:  You talked about that memo as if it was real, but this is hearsay.  Unless you saw it yourself, I wonder if it’s real or not.
RayRen:  I believe the banking people, and you choose not to.  What’s the argument here?  I report, you decide.  They had the authority to release this and chose not to do it. 
512 caller:  That last caller was totally ridiculous.  They said something, it didn’t happen, so it didn’t happen.
RayRen:  We can’t make them!
Caller:  People are getting frustrated.  I have only been waiting for three years, and I have friends who have been waiting for ten years.  I’ve developed some really good patience. It looks to me that things are changing, developing, and we will have agood weekend.  It will happens when it happens.  I think you’ve done a great job, you and your brother, DC and Pam, and all those who have donated their time.  You all need a pat on the back.
RayRen:  We’re doing the best we can to report what comes to us.  It is what it is, and acting the fool won’t change it.
Caller:  My birthday Is Tuesday, hope it comes by then.  I’ll foot the bill for Vegas if it comes onTuesday!  Have you heard anything about the tax situation?  Anything new?
RayRen: We are still guessing.  Set aside 50% -- that’s a good plan.  Your professional people might be able to whittle that down to something lower.
Caller:  I don’t care about the percentage;  it will still be more than I’ll ever have in my life.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
865/404 caller:  I think everyone is attuned to the bloodbath in the stock market.  How much more will we see before something is alleviated on that?  Any correlation?
RayRen:  Our intel team tells us what is happening with the RV – they are not focused on the other issues.  I don’t ask and they don’t tell what they think should happen.  They tell us what they hear;  they are not decision-makers.  Look at the financial calamities coming down, and they say “Oh the RV has to happen before this” and they have all come and gone.  In this case, maybe the ‘or else’ has to take place, or maybe it has to get up to the  point of explosion so this can step in and help out. I look at where we’ve been and where we are, and I try to project where we’re going.
Caller:  I heard for the first time that the US Treasury is monitoring what is going on.  It will be interesting to see what happens when the markets close.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And negotiate!
843 caller:  Are currencies still available to buy, such as zim?
RayRen:  Yes.  Unless something has changed in the last 30 minutes, you can go on the internet, ebay,, and you will find currencies still to acquire.
Caller:  I bought some zim, and don’t know if they are those are the ones that will be exchanged.  I accidentally cut off a little corner of one bill – will that be a problem.
RayRen:  I wouldn’t worry because you haven’t spend a fortune.  Call the local banks in your area, and ask if you can bring in your zim to be verified.  A torn corner won’t affect that at all, so long as you don’t cut across the serial numbers or anything.  If that happens again, grab some Scotch tape and repair it!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
610 caller:  You said about paying it forward in ten days – pay something today to keep this site and these calls going.  They are not free.  Let’s PIF and send a few bucks to TNT.  Also, I would love it some of Tony’s cards can be put on the website, to give us ideas for what to do for our cards.
RayRen:  I’ll check with him today and see what we can and post on the website.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And North Carolina for BBQ!  And negotiate!
407 caller:  Any idea of the time frame today on the RV?
RayRen:  No idea of the time frame.  Some bank sources expected to be receiving people today and most are saying “some time today”, with refreshment stations set up. They are expecting you like you wouldn’t believe!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Atlanta!
405 caller:  There is a rumor that there are two things we have to see before this RV, that gas prices have to go up and Mosul has to be secured.
RayRen:  I have not heard that to be an issue.  Iraq has been systematically funding cards in the last day or two.  I never knew if it would be instant over a period of time.  Mosul might have an impact or not – it could be just a coincidence.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
RayRen:  Here we are – any time, any minute, any day.  Every banking source and contact I’ve heard from are looking for this today.  They have some reason for looking for today, and I am looking with them.  It may or may not show up, but I like the signs of progress I’m seeing.  If they warrant another call, you will get a tweet for another call.  If not, the sun still comes up tomorrow.  We are patiently waiting, because that is the best thing to do.  It helps us stay sane, focused and ready to move in the right manner and direction, with a fixed and steady purpose to pursue our destiny.  Have a good weekend, everybody.
RayRen played I Believe:
JANUARY 13 2016


TNT Call notes 13-January-2016

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Wednesday, January 13, 2016.  We have thousands of listeners connected. [Audio checks]  This is RayRen98 here, taking you through this session. This is the ‘Truth or Consequences’ call, and that has a defined meaning.  We will deal with some that.  We also have some intel, and a lot of you listening.  I know some are here for the intel only, but you’ll have to listen to this first.

Just as the President did his final State of Union address, I plan for this to be my last one, too, when I am addressing an audience of this size, to get you on the same page, and then we’ll hit the intel.  My last big speech, I believe, although not the last time I’m talking to you, but it will all be happily going downhill after this.

Leadership and stewardship – some of us have  firm Christian belief, and some just have a belief that we have to atone for what we do in this life.  Some of us believe in a Judgment Day, and will be asked “What did you do?  I gave you access to My people.”  Leadership comes along with stewardship, though not necessarily the other way round.  If something falls into your lap, you need to live up to that responsibility.  I’m living up to the responsibility to be right and just to others.  That is stewardship.  If God gives you access to His people, you need to have stewardship, although I am not trying to lead people in any particular way, but I’m living up to my responsibility.

TNY is about a plan, not about a man.  It’s about the information that we receive and pass on to you.  Any man can present the plan, because it’s all about the plan, not the man.  Of course it has been reported by various people who want to complain about everything that they are trying to stop the plan.  It’s not about the man, it’s about the plan, and that continues on.  The followers of that plan have  grown.  It dropped down in November and now it’s back up to 253,000 people.  Is that about RayRen and his jokes?  Of course not, it’s about the plan.  You can attack the man all you want, but the plan will carry on.

We have changed from telling you everything to telling you the important things. 
We do have some cockroaches, and that is where the plan reigns supreme.  The cock-roaches have taken to imitating me and Tony and Already Blessed.  I’m RayRen 98, and someone on the boards is appearing as RayRen 89, creating doubt and misfavor, and what ever they can make up.  We have to look at these site.  At TNT, if you act up, we boot you out, and the same on OpenMike.  So I have to wonder at the character of the admins who allow this to continue on their sites.  Do you think they cannot tell the difference, to know that it’s not really me, Pam, Tennwolf, or Platinum.  I could go on naming members who have been imitated on those boards.  What is up with the admins there?  They could say they didn’t know, but now they do, because either you are on this call or your other members are listening now.  You won’t be able to claim ignorance after today.  Part of my job is to take away your excuse, so what are you going to do about it?

There are some new sites that seem hostile to TNT at this point.  Those who wish to create sites, that’s fine, but why do you have to come into our territory, harvesting members?  What is that about?  Some members got banned here, and that is the first place these new sites look.  What is that about?  People get banned from TNT because they violated TNT rules.  They did something, they committed some transgression, and the mods followed through and they got banned.  It’s not because of their information – members can say what they feel, to a certain degree.  But you don’t go into a man’s house and disrespect him, or create chaos or confusion when there doesn’t need to be any.

The groups:  this might be the main reason people attacked Tony and bring down TNT.  He ratted you out.  I don’t need to do that because he did it, but it’s coming round again.  Sure, there are some great groups, but we have to think hard on lying to people to get them to do that.  That’s got be the money making people do that, because if your deal was all that and a bag of chips, people would be beating down your door.  No one needs to say “If you don’t join a group, you won’t be able to exchange.”  We have talked to too many bank people who have said, “we will be happy to exchange you when the time comes” and not one has said, “only if you are in a group”.  So that’s why I call that a lie.  Sure, groups may have a favored timing or rates, but don’t say that if people don’t join your group, they won’t exchange at all.  People have called me in tears because someone is harassing them if they don’t join that group.  That is the lowest of the low, if you ask me.

Let’s move on to some intel.  We didn’t do the last two calls because the information was not satisfactory – it was sketchy and some things that looked promising didn’t show up.  Some were presented in the past, but you know what time and day it is. What has really happened/  What is still to take place?  I don’t have the answers but I do have information that may lead you down that road.
People have appointments today and tomorrow and were told to bring their currencies.  People had appointments last week to open accounts.  Some people have appointments with bank people and when they get there, those people have disappeared – some are transferred and some just leaving.  We’ll see what develops there.

Let’s go to Iraq.  There is talk of upset and rioting, and also information in the mosques saying, “Let’s look for it this week” and even throwing some rates around for them.  I’m being told the Budget is being published in the Gazette today.  Is that a fact?  I don’t know, but that is what I was told.  I report, you decide.  You can access the Gazette online, so check for yourself. I was told it would be published on Wednesday.  The coins are going out, as ‘fils’ or change like our silver change.

In Canada, banks are at an all-time high saying ‘this week’.  In the US, we are hearing from bank people that some are surprised we haven’t seen it already.  Some are working extra hours.  EVERYBODY I’m talking to is saying “by the 15th”; we shall see.  Iraq is waiting on the Go signal.  Banks in the US are only showing rates to the people who need to see them, so on the ordinary screens they have been shut out.  They are still saying “any time, this week” or “the 15th”. A few are already flipping over to Monday, but most are saying the 15th, which is when the UN rates come out again.  Those rates could pop out 48 hours before or 48  hours after the 15th.  It’s interesting to say the least, exciting to say the most.  I’m feeling super-fantastic as Tony would say, and ‘fantabulouser’ as I would say.
I just believe we are there, ladies and gentleman, friends and foes.  I will take a few question posted on the TNT site, and also those who have called in.

Q: Can you speak to the topic of exchange centers?  Can you use the number one if there exchange centers that cater to higher numbers, and number two  if you don’t know anything about these at all?  A:  Number two, sir.

Q:  You seem to be more conservative method of disbursing intel but a more liberal mode of dispensing that intel?  A:  A lot has changed.  Often Tony would say that there was a not a lot of intel, in situations that I chose to not do a call at all.  Because I know many rely on these calls, I decided to do one today in any case.

Q:  This is a hefty one.  The more important point is “this RV will never be public because they can manage without and don’t want lots of rich people floating around the economy.”  Please tell me I’m wrong and I will go back to sleep.  A:  You’re wrong, back to sleep.

Q:  Have all Iraqis been paid at the new rate?  A:  I was told a few days ago that they might be, but haven’t been able to confirm this as yet.

Q:  Why do you give more info on the OpenMike and not on this call?  A:  I don’t give out RV intel on the OM calls, although we do a lot of education on OM.  TNT is the intel call, and if we need to discuss that intel and break it down, we might do that on OM.  That is just a group call where we have fun, crack jokes, play music, and discuss anything.

Q:  It seems many are not wanting to wait any longer, but are seeking to have the banks call them.  If the RV hasn’t happened, why are the banks doing exchanges?  Do they not want to miss those clients, or has the UST given them authority?  A:  I don’t know.

Q:  After 13 years, will there be any better signs of the RV NOT to happen?  A:  All w can look for is signs of interest, such as exchanges taken place, Iraqis getting paid, etc.  Even the groups mobilizing is a sign of progress.

Q:  Can you please review the steps one should go through right now if we are not given information from the banks.  A:  If I receive no information from the banks, although I will receive some information and pass it on to you, but if no info comes to us and we have solid intel that the RV is live, and that’s it, then you should already know the banks in your area that deal in foreign currency.  If it’s live and that’s all we can tell you, that’s who you call.  “Do you deal in foreign currency, and do you verify currencies on site?”  You should know that already so that you can make an appointment.  They don’t want you walking inot the bank to do a multi-million dollar exchange at the counter.  Call them and say you want to make a large exchange;  they will either schedule an appointment or give you a number to call (fi we don’t have an 800 number for you).

Q:  Will it be one rate or do we need to ask for a higher rate?  A:  Everything I just said applies to you, too.  If there is an 800 number, call that one.  If not, call the bank near you that does foreign exchange.  When you are in the bank, the one word to keep in mind is to NEGOTIATE.  “Ask not, receive not.”  Go for it!

Q: Where is a trusted source to buy Iranian rial?  A:  If that is going to be valuable in the future, any reputable dealer will sell you the right ones.  Look online, or on  Right now it’s being sold as a collectible.

Q:  I have a  procedural question. My wife and I have 30 million dinar and our sons have 1-2 million each.  Those will more have more leverage, yet we have been told there will be a cap of 20 million dinar.  Would it make sense for me to exchange as an individual, and for my wife and sons to get together as an LLC and exchange the rest.  A:  If you are going for contract rates, that sounds like a good strategy.  If you are not trying for contract rates, it would be better to negotiate for your sons.

Q:  Plan A is to go to the grocery store, but because my vehicle is in the shop.  Plan B is to use my husband’s car, but it is out of gas.  In Plan C, get hold of another car.  Plan D is to go tomorrow.  This process seems more like steps;  I cannot explain it.  A:  Me, neither.

Q:  Is this really real?  I need some tangible proof.  What can you tell me?  A: I believe it is happening;  we just have to wait and see.  I believe in it, and if is doesn’t materialize, I am still holding currency that has some value, so I have not lost everything.

Q:  If the rial is set to go any day now, will the others go?  A:  Time will tell.

Q:  We have gone from ‘any second’ to not even moving any more?  A: We are in a holding pattern;  the movement feels different, and my bank sources are seeing some movement but I cannot confirm their intel so far.  We are not going backward but forward.

Q:  Will all Zim notes be exchanged?  A:  Some bank people I’ve spoken to say that all the notes you have will be exchangeable, with six zeroes off the trillion notes.

Q:  What about 800 numbers?  A:  I think so, but might come at the last minute.  I will tell you ahead of time that the numbers are coming.
I will take some live callers, but if you come on the line to cry, whine and complain about the RV not happening, that is just a waste of time.  There is nothing I can do about that, so if that’s your plan, it’s a waste to do so in front of 20,000 people.  Let’s make this time as productive as possible…

646 caller:  Looks like we are coming to the end.  We are getting concerned that we are not hearing Pam’s voice.  I hope everyone remembers to share this bounty, and also that you have overheads, so I will make a donation today.  We continue walking to the light, to East.

RayRen:  Pam has put up with a lot on this ride, and sometimes we need a break. Pam saw an opportunity to do that and took advantage of it. She knows that I usually do things solo, while Tony is the opposite.  Pam was needed for Tony’s ways of doing things, and she realized that she is not needed for me.  As we explained to everyone, Pam just wanted to take a break after working 24/7.  It was Christmas time, and I know how to do this stuff.  Pam took a vacation and now she is off helping a friend.  Tony is also doing well.  Speaking of overhead, not doing those last two calls saved us considerably.

921 caller:  My pastor for 23 years used to say this all the time:  “Greater is to dream the dream, and greater still is to be at the end to say ‘the dream is true’.”  We are going to be very busy advancing these good things.  Bless you!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

RayRen:  This is more than golf, Vegas is going to be a great learning event for financial information.

865 caller:  In the past we’ve been told there would be some sort of announcement.  With Davos next week, how likely is it that the RV happens this week with the announcement at Davos?

RayRen:  I don’t know that there will be any big RV announcements, although there might be announcements that refer to the RV.  Everyone is saying they want this done by the 15th or before… and that is two days from now.

Caller:  You are speaking of the 15th in US time, right?  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! and NEGOTIATE!

RayRen:  So many enjoy the information but very few support the site or call financially.  Many cannot give, but many can, but they are sucking on this information like leeches, without giving anything back.  We don’t need to be here, but we choose to do this, out of a sense of stewardship.  If the next call is THE call, we won’t need to deal with financial responsibility.  We hope this happens this week, but if we need to be here on Friday, we will be, continuing to hold on until that time.

“Have I been a responsible steward?”  Ask yourself that question.  Until next time, I remain your humble servant…

RayRen played I Believe

T H E   B I G   C L E A N !!

JAN 9 2016   ZAP  -  THE BIG CLEAN














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JANUARY 6 2016


TNT Call notes 6-January-2016

Dr. Kyre Adept

RayRen:  [TNT Rap]  I love hearing Tony’s voice.  I see there are still some unhappy campers;  why don’t you pack your bags and leave?  It’s a very simple process.  Someone asked who chose the music – I did!  And if we have a call on Friday I will choose it again.  If you don’t like it, don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.  You don’t have to be on this call.  There comes a time when you get tired of nonsense.  There are 20,000 people on this call;  if you want to start something, you’ve got the wrong person.  [Audio checks]  Let’s get this show on the road!

Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Wednesday, January 6, 2016.  I’m going to give this call a particular name:  the Canary Call.  So if you want to refer to this call when you talk to me, that’s the name because the tweet said, “The Canary is singing!”  It means they are telling it, and they’re telling it like you would not believe.  Some parts you won’t believe and I won’t tell you those parts, but the rest…

In Iraq, some have not reported in, but others say that there have been protests because this didn’t happen on the 1st like they expected.  Today is a holiday over there, and we are still trying to nail down if the Budget is in the Gazette or not. One source has said that it is, and we are trying to get confirmation.  We report, you decide.  Hopefully other sources may text me during or after the call.  Wait;  here’s a text coming in, but it’s on technical stuff.

Reports are coming from the Canadian area – rates couldn’t be seen on all screens, yet there are reports that they are slightly higher than in the past.  They are still in ‘any day’ mode like we are.

In the USA, I am getting things from peeps – members of TNT or OM who have been visiting their wealth managers and banking personnel.  There’s been a whole lot of singing from some of them – many are having bank visits and the people are turning round the screens so that they can see the rates, although they still cannot process their exchanges. That’s a reality check for some in denial that this is happening.  Some bank people are saying funds are arriving for the GCR exchanges to move forward.  We have heard of some tier 3 banks doing exchanges as far back as Monday.  Some have called in and said yes, that is happening to their certain knowledge.  We are waiting on more confirmations because we have been following tier 1 banks, and these are from tier 3 banks.  We like to get 3-4 reports so we can cross-reference them, but one report is good, too.
A memo went out from the Federal Reserve to ALL the federal districts to release this, and saying “exchanges are to receive authority in the next 24 hours”.  That means a lot, although we must not jump to conclusions.  The district exchangers “are to receive authority” in the next 24 hours.  That’s big!  Codes being sent out to the banks coincides with this memo;  we’ve had those before and it hasn’t been followed through, but this tells them officially that they have not received authority but they ARE TO RECEIVE this authority.  That means someone is moving forward and getting things done.  I don’t know what stage we are at, but the process is moving.  I have received information from six different banks and two agencies, acknowledging this memo went out and was received.

A long time ago, we shared that we were told that when this started up, there would be 1) private exchanges, 2) groups and then 3) the general public.  We’ve seen some private exchanges, and I don’t know the time frame to the groups, or if they overlap.  A date has come to me for the general public, and we’ll see if that comes and goes for the public;  that will be interesting in and of itself.  Private exchanges have taken place, and I believe that some small groups have undergone some activity.  Proof of that is forthcoming.  Deadline dates have come and gone;  we are in the process, in the window, and no one can put their finger on how fast the private and group activity will cycle through, or how fast the public activity will cycle through.  We just have to hold on and know our day is coming.

Let’s have a few questions.  I wonder if Mr. Jones [602 caller] from Monday is on the line if he wants to go round 2 or to apologize.

602 caller:  I’m great;  thank you for the info.  IN the end, you said “the public is US”, but in the past, you’ve said that we are in the group section and we will go before the general public.  [Ray:  You are right.]  Do you know if there is some sort of order for the groups?

RayRen:  I only have the information I gave;  I just hear this one and that one.  The process is in place and we are next.

Caller:  Okay, I’ll go with that!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

[Garbled sound – technical glitches]
919 caller:  You’re doing a good job – thank you!  Are you still feeling good about this week?  Or will it go into next week?

RayRen:  I do believe there are phases, and I’m feeling good about this month for all of us.  I don’t know where we are in this mix, whether we will go with the groups or if they will push us into the public sector.  The rates I’m hearing are awesome, although I don’t know if we will get those rates until we are in the exchange.  But they look great!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  Every time I read a blog, they give another reason why this RV will never close.  [Examples – can’t hear]  I just keeps going on and on.  How do you feel about that?

RayRen:  I work from the other side of the spectrum.  I choose to believe in the exchanges that have already taken place.  If this were never to happen, those exchanges would not have taken place.  Of all the naysayers, the day this finally happens, what will their response be then?  “Okay, oh well…”  That’s my answer now.  The banks tell me that they are looking to do something this week, and then it turns out they did do something;  it’s okay that it’s not my turn yet, because it’s all positive and I hear it’s coming.

Caller:  We have gained patience if nothing else.  If this were a girlfriend doing this, we would have dumped her long ago!

410 caller:  When you mentioned the other tiers [banks] that will be open, I thought I understood that the tier 2 and 3 banks are not the best places to go if you have higher amounts of currency.  Is that still the case – that they don’t have enough money for us?

RayRen:  You may be a multi-million person and a smaller bank may not be able to handle an exchange of that size.

Caller:  With time issues on the contract rates, I may wait for the tier 1 banks.  I hope we’ll meet and hit it off in person! [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

610 caller:  I just wanted to confirm on Bruce’s call that a group exchanged last night.  This was an organization that I belong to, and the woman who gave the information is also a member of OpenMike (OM).  It was church group in Minnesota, and 5,200 members exchanged earlier this week by special arrangements.  There were specific rates given.  IS that the same information you heard?

RayRen:  I did hear some exchanged;  I didn’t hear it was a group, and I didn’t hear rates.  I did hear some people had exchanged – do you have proof or confirmation?

Caller:  I’m driving, but to the best of my recollection the rates were dinar = $7.10, dong = $4.60, zim = 36 cents (from memory).  This is from a call, but from a reliable person who dealt with currency before all this, and she said she was able to confirm exchanges had taken place.

RayRen:  I would like to talk to her – if she is listening, get in touch with me.  If we can confirm it and cross-reference it, we will put it back out there!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Raleigh for North Carolina BBQ!

909 caller:  Once this money comes in, I would like to put together a trust fund for my grand-children until they are 21.  I don’t know how to do that.

RayRen:  Do you want your grandkids to be owners or controllers?  If you want them to be owners with all the liabilities and issues that owners have, set up a trust account for them.  If you want to be controllers, you should set up something different.  I don’t really believe you want them to be owners – you want them to have the best out of life.  Controllers live a better life than owners. Do you still want them to be owners?  Your task is to learn the difference between control and ownership, so that you can set you grandchildren to be controllers. Then you can plan your work, and work your plan.  That plan should still be working after you have been gone for 30 years, if you plan it right.

Caller:  Do you go to an attorney for this?

RayRen:   There are others in the asset-protection and estate-planning field who are not attorneys, although most will go to an attorney first.  That is why you want to decide what you want first, so you are telling your professionals what you want rather than asking them what you should have.  You need to learn the difference first, and then you go to the professionals and say “I want this and can you do it in this manner?”  and it if they say “yes, we can”, then you have found the right service provider.

281 caller:  Just a thought… a few days ago Abadi went to China and had meetings with the head folks over there.  A day or so later, China agreed to send troops to fight ISIL.  What significance, if any, does that have in moving this forward?

RayRen:  I tend to think there is no significance to this being done, although it might have some significance to the timing.  From what I’ve already read, though, I’d say no, this is just normal politics without impact on this release.

Caller:  I read a report about a Wells Fargo manager that someone on TNT had met with, and the WM agreed to contact them when this comes out.  I’ve met with one of the head WF financial planners, and they swore they would contact us immediately.  They also said “we are not allowed to talk about that at this moment” though they hope it’s the real deal. No one knows the exact timing or details before we get to the bank.  I talked to the person at WF management, and again they confirmed we will be the first people they contact.  I hope that encourages people.

RayRen:  People call or text me saying that all the time.  A year ago, the bank people were throwing people out, and now they are saying that they will contact their clients as soon as this happens.

Caller:  I believe we are close, even if we don’t know the hour.  Between ‘amen’ and ‘there it is’, we need to do a lot of praising and thanksgiving.  You have to point your tongue in the direction of your destination.  “God declared your end from the beginning”;  everybody be strong – a new season is coming quickly.  I’ll see you in Hawaii or Bali!

856 caller:  Someone broke into my house and took my currency.  I have a list of serial numbers for my currency;  do I have any recourse?

RayRen:  Check with the bank, maybe they can block them from being exchanged, or at least find the culprit after the fact.  Ask the bank – maybe they can direct you to the right authorities – maybe the Treasury or the police.  Get that done today while there’s still time!

Caller:  I have good reason for this currency, with a bunch of grandkids, and it bothers me that someone can break into your home and take most of the currency.

423 caller:  I feel so sorry for that lady who had her currency stolen;  that is terrible.  My question is this:  I’ve been in this for six years.  Two years ago in November, people came through Gatlinburg and did a bunch of exchanges, and Tony started the Twitter campaign.  I thought Tony said those people got cash, not SKRs, that they were buying cars and such.  Now, I really believe this is real, but there is no way for anyone is able to contact me.  Do you ever have an insecure feeling, like we are going to be left out?

RayRen:  No.  There are too many bank people talking about this and looking for us.

Caller:  Do you think that any of the banks will still be saying “no, this is a scam”?

RayRen:  The memo went out from the Fed on Monday and the banks received it yesterday.  Those who are participating in the first wave are now positioning themselves to be ready.  The memo said to expect a rush of customers.  Could there be some Wells Fargo banks that don’t know what is going on?  Sure, because that particular branch may not be participating.

Caller:  I spoke to the manager of the local WF bank, and he looked at the screen, said he was not seeing dinar or dong, and that you have to have an account.  But I asked if I could come in with the currency and open an account then, and he said “yes”.  What about the 800 numbers?

RayRen:  They are going to wait until the absolute last minute to give me the 800 numbers because they know that then the canary will really sing.

Caller:  Platinum said not to go on holiday and to sleep with their cell phones because this is our week, between now and Friday.

RayRen:  The banks and our contacts are getting information.  A lot of us were looking to go this morning.  Just because it didn’t happen this morning doesn’t mean it won’t happen.  The memo says they will receive authority.  I do believe we are very close, extremely close.

Caller:  You’re almost changing my mind about Vegas, to meet you all…

RayRen:  Vegas should be considered more like an Expo, with things for you to learn and buy, banking and investment and asset protection companies presenting their programs.  There will be vendors presenting their products, and I want to have a cookout in the parking lot.  Even if you are not going to attend, when I mention Vegas, Vegas, Vegas I am asking for support, so people can show they are with us, supporting us mentally if not physically.

Caller:  Didn’t the memo say something about 20  hours?

RayRen:  Yes, I have heard but not read the memo – it said the banks “are to receive authority in the next 24 hours”, not that they definitely will.  We are in wait and see mode this morning.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

RayRen:  I sure hope this is the last call, although I know 404 wanted to be the  last caller on the final call.  I hope that our next call will be talking about what to do:  here are your plans, here is the 800 number (assuming they give us the numbers).  We will support you any  way we can, and we will find a canary who will sing and tell us what to expect, and then we will tell you.  Meanwhile, there are bills to pay.  I thought on Monday this would have happened by now, so… we appreciate your helping us get the bills knocked out.  Thanks for your donations, consideration and support, and even for the haters that helps a lot of us reinforce our belief and convictions on who we are.  I remain your servant here on TNT until the job gets done.  Have a good evening.
RayRen played I Believe

Subject: Intel:  Currency Reval
Date: January 4, 2016 at 5:22:46 PM EST
Treat as a rumor until verified...

RV Update 
Intel / Rumors
First Basket Currencies & Rates
(use your discretion on all information)
 ·         ​Global financial centers reading  to begin public redemptions starting ​Monday AM ​and moving throughout the week
.Middle East and Asian banking hubs of Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing are rolling out GCR/RV in real time at this hour.
  • ​USN/​TRNs are live ​, now,​worldwide and permanently​, replacing USDs​
USN/TRN ​are  now ​the Repulbic of the United States currency​; it​ is gold backed and replace​s  fiat USD which was petrol backed since 1971.​
  • This makes USN/TRN the everyday currency and will have the USN symbol on FOREX (trade market posting day and time is still unknown).
  • Announcements of all major currency transitions are forthcoming very soon in early January 2016.
  • US Tier 3 banks are being included in currency exchanges​, with a
 Tier 3 chain reporting to have 5,200 appointments pre-set for Monday.
​New RV rates are now on front teller screens awaiting final rates & process codes.
  • UST process codes were issued to all US bank executives received UST processing codes on Friday PM
·         ​UST process codes have been given to Tier 1,2,3 level banks.
·         ​The​re will be no taxes when exchanging ​your RV foreign currencies.
  • Your exchange appointment is strictly for the conversion of your physical foreign RV currencies into digital liquidity that you can use.​
  • ​There are over 4,100 redemptions centers in US for public currency exchanges, as well as some specifically trained bank branches.​
  • Bank redemption 800#s are expected to be presented to the public at any moment.
  • Do not walk into bank branches; call ahead and make an appointment (please be patient).
  • New USN currency rumored to be issued during the end of the redemption process ​ ​
($9,500 max per person).
  • Reports surfacing that Reno / The ​Admiral has been paid and is ​to ​send out advanced paymaster requests.
  • GCR/RV to be announced first week of 2016; public exchanges to begin on Monday.
·         All ​US  banks ​now ​know there is a "group of folks" in every town or nearby zip codes that hold these currencies.
  • Banks have created new investment package deals just for the RV.
  • Every bank has several staffers that are trained and ready for lower and higher volume exchanges.
  • The GCR/RV ​ is​ no longer an inter-bank "secret"​--banks are actively recruiting exchange clients​
·         Go over your exchange plans and count ​out ​your currency one last time.
  • Have multiple forms of ID ready--pictured is always preferred.
  • Have all documentation ready: Trust, LLC, 501c3, existing bank accounts, EIN#s, etc..
  • If married, attempt to go in with your legal spouse (where p​lausible).
  • If you have currency purchase receipts or gift letters, bring them but don't present them unless asked--as they may not even be necessary.
  •  Anticipate ​a ​20-40 minute exchange 
  • ​Know you are ​being allowing into a bank in order to digitalize outdated fiat paper money (USD) into gold backed funds (​USN/​TRN).
  •   ​Also know that follow up investment meetings with bank wealth managers can be set at the time of redemption, but are not required. 
  • Move into Estate Planning / Trust strategy as soon as possible (consult a professional).
  • Go slower than you're thinking--allow your consciousness mind to adjust to this blessing.
  • If unsure about what to do next, get quiet and pray for direction.  It works.
  • Don't spend your exchange principal, live off the interest returns you will be generating.
  • Any interest generated will be considered a taxable event and need to be paid quarterly.
  • Many estate planners and wealth advisors will suggest buying life insurance to cover potential estate taxes upon death--know this is coming and be aware you'll be asked to address a host of end of life scenarios including who will be left in charge of your wealth upon death--so start thinking about possible next in line trustees now.
  • There​'s ​many  kinds of complex trusts designed to protect generational wealth--seek out top notch professional​s
 and pay ​ for expert ​ advice
.Whenever possible, gift money anonymously through attorneys for safety reasons.
·         Wait six month ​to 1 year before buying big ticket items (high profile real estate, exotic cars, sports teams, large philanthropic gifts, etc.).  
·         Don't fall into the "sugar high" reaction of suddenly be ​coming  wealthy and spending 
​first earnings ​like a NBA first round draft pick. 
·         ​Be subtle and understated in all your affairs.
(last reported rates, 
confirmed as being "on screen")


1.    Zimbabwe Dollar (ZW​R) $0.57+

​  o    (subtract 6 zeros ​from trillion notes; 
         3 zeros ​from billion notes; million notes and below are to be considered as par or 1:1​)​
2.      Vietnam Dong (VN​D) $4.60+
3.      Iraq Dinar (IQ​D) $7.10+
  1. Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) $1.80+
  2. Afghanistan Afghani (AFA) $1.40+
  3. Iran Rial (IRR) $3.60+
  4. Philippine Peso (PHP) unknown
  5. United States Notes (USN) unknown
  6. China Renminbi/Yuan (CNY) unknown
  7. 10.  *Greek Drachma (GRD) may or may ​ not  be in first basket.


RV Update Intel / Rumors Redemption 
Appointments First Basket Currencies & Rates 
"       Global financial centers reading to begin public redemptions starting Monday AM and moving throughout the week.
"       Middle East and Asian banking hubs of Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing are rolling out GCR/RV in real time at this hour. "  USN/ TRNs are live , now, worldwide and permanently , replacing USDs 
" USN/TRN are now the Repulbic of the United States currency ; it is gold backed and replace s fiat USD which was petrol backed since 1971. "     This makes USN/TRN the everyday currency and will have the USN symbol on FOREX (trade market posting day and time is still unknown). "     Announcements of all major currency transitions are forthcoming very soon in early January 2016. "     US Tier 3 banks are being included in currency exchanges , with a Tier 3 chain reporting to have 5,200 appointments pre-set for Monday. 
"       New RV rates are now on front teller screens awaiting final rates & process codes. "  UST process codes were issued to all US bank executives received UST processing codes on Friday PM 
"       UST process codes have been given to Tier 1,2,3 level banks. "        Iran's petrochemical sanctions were fully removed on Saturday 1.2.16. "   Iran and China are linking currencies for swap exchange. o "   Vietnam announcing rate change starting Monday 1.4.16 
o "       ZIM rate was reported as high as $2.60 USD (conversion amount also seen on-screen). "      Poor Francis to announce Holy Year of Mercy (aka GCR/RV) Pope supposed to announce RV tonight at 8 EST 
o "       Pope Francis opens Holy Door at Saint Mary's Major on New Year's Day 2016 (very big deal as it relates to the GCR/RV) 
o "        Argentina has come to terms with China and will peg to the China Renimbi/Yuan. o o "     United Arab Emirates has come to terms with China and will create a swap hub for Chinese Yuan. o "     The nation of Puerto Rico defaulted on December 31, 2015 
o"       The nation of Ukraine defaulted on Decmember 31, 2015 o "  Greece has recognized Palestine as a nation before Christmas 2015. o"        The re will be no taxes when exchanging your RV foreign currencies. "    Your exchange appointment is strictly for the conversion of your physical foreign RV currencies into digital liquidity that you can use. 
"       There are over 4,100 redemptions centers in US for public currency exchanges, as well as some specifically trained bank branches. 
"       Bank redemption 800#s are expected to be presented to the public at any moment. "  Do not walk into bank branches; call ahead and maker an appointment (please be patient). "  New USN currency rumored to be issued during the end of the redemption process 
($9,500 max per person). "     Reports surfacing that Reno / The Admiral has been paid and is to send out advanced paymaster requests. "       GCR/RV to be announced first week of 2016; public exchanges to begin on Monday. "   All US banks now know there is a "group of folks" in every town or nearby zip codes that hold these currencies. "    Banks have created new investment package deals just for the RV. "     Every bank has several staffers that are trained and ready for lower and higher volume exchanges. "     The GCR/RV is no longer an inter-bank "secret" --banks are actively recruiting exchange clients 
"       Go over your exchange plans and count out your currency one last time. "       Have multiple forms of ID ready--pictured is always preferred. "      Have all documentation ready: Trust, LLC, 501c3, existing bank accounts, EIN#s, etc.. "    If married, attempt to go in with your legal spouse (where p lausible 
). "   If you have currency purchase receipts or gift letters, bring them but don't present them unless asked--as they may not even be necessary. "     Anticipate a 20-40 minute exchange 
now you are being allowing into a bank in order to digitalize outdated fiat paper money (USD) into gold backed funds ( USN/ TRN). "    Also k now that follow up investment meetings with bank wealth managers can be set at the time of redemption, but are not required. "       Move into Estate Planning / Trust strategy as soon as possible (consult a professional). "    Go slower than you're thinking--allow your consciousness mind to adjust to this blessing. "       If unsure about what to do next, get quiet and pray for direction.  It works. "      Don't spend your exchange principal, live off the interest returns you will be generating. "    Any interest generated will be considered a taxable event and need to be paid quarterly. "      Many estate planners and wealth advisors will suggest buying life insurance to cover potential estate taxes upon death--know this is coming and be aware you'll be asked to address a host of end of life scenarios including who will be left in charge of your wealth upon death--so start thinking about possible next in line trustees now. " There 's 
many kinds of complex trusts designed to protect generational wealth--seek out top notch professional s and pay for expert advice 
"       Whenever possible, gift money anonymously through attorneys for safety reasons. "        Wait six month to 
1 year before buying big ticket items (high profile real estate, exotic cars, sports teams, large philanthropic gifts, etc.). "   Don't fall into the "sugar high" reaction of suddenly be coming wealthy and spending first earnings like a NBA first round draft pick. "      B e subtle and understated in all your affairs. 
(last reported rates, not confirmed as being "on screen") 
1.     Zimbabwe Dollar (ZW R ) $0.57+ 
      (subtract 6 zeros from trillion notes; 3 zeros from billion notes ; million notes and below are to be considered as par or 1:1) 
2.     Vietnam Dong (VND) $4.60+ 
3.     Iraq Dinar (IQ D) $7.10+ 
4.     Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) $1.80+ 
5.     Afghanistan Afghani (AFA) $1.40+ 
6.     Iran Rial (IRR) $3.60+ 
7.     Philippine Peso (PHP) unknown 
8.     United States Notes (USN) unknown 
9.     China Renminbi/Yuan (CNY) unknown 
10.   *Greek Drachma (GRD) may or may not be in first basket.

"Victory to the Light"
"Breakthrough is near"

JANUARY 4 2016


TNT Call notes 4-January-2016

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen: Good morning TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Monday, January 4, 2016.  A special message to FutureBliss who is protesting against the music:  why don’t you just hang up?  I’m checking to see if Pam is back with us after her vacation.  [Audio check]
Happy New Year, and welcome to the first call of the year, and hopefully there will not be many calls in 2016.  As we get underway, I trust everyone one had a different holiday.  We all made it to the end of the year, and we will remember those who didn’t.

Getting right into the information… this should be a very short call.  Starting overseas, in Iraq – where are we?  The Budget is not publically out yet;  I hear it will show up in Wednesday’s Gazette, including the tariff and tax information, so it has not taken effect yet.  I did get some intel that it might kick in today, January 4, and I’m waiting for more on that after this call.  If any pertinent info comes in later, I will tweet it out to you.  At the moment the Budget seems to be out and implemented. I understand that there is some wiggle room.  Also, we expected the ISX to be open, but it hasn’t as yet.

A memo went out from the CBI to the exchange places over there, but I haven’t seen it myself yet.  By the time we get our hands on that, we  probably won’t care!

In Canada, we’ve been getting updates saying that the banks are not talking although they are seeing some higher rates on the screens.  They say they are expecting this between today and Wednesday.  That hasn’t been confirmed but we’ll give you the info as we get it in.  Some people have been escorted out the door but we’re not entirely sure why.

In the US, I’m hearing a lot of things. People are calling and texting with appointments they have, or that they have heard from others.  There are appointments taking place today and this week;  we’ll have to see how those work out.

Over the weekend, people said that their banking sources confirmed the memo I discussed last week, although we still don’t know exactly what the memo said.  Some banks were expecting a big rush on Tuesday, and some people have appointments today.  When we put that together with what’s been happening in Canada, and appointments for this week, meetings the banks are having – they are getting ready.  If you contact the wrong bank, they should be giving you an 800 number to make a correct appointment.  You will need to have an appointment to go to the places where they exchange the larger amounts.  We hope they will provide us with that 800 number, and if not, we will still tell you the next step.

The banks are still saying ‘any time now’, while others are saying ‘Tuesday’;  some other banks have a lot of appointments for today.  Time will tell;  sooner or later it will all come to light.  That’s all the information I can share with you this moment, because that’s all the information you can do something about in terms of planning and being prepared.  When you go to the bank, be ready to negotiate everything.  Don’t take anything at face value, whether you want to negotiate up, down, or into oblivion.  If you don’t ask, you can’t expect.  Ask not, receive now.

I’ll do a few questions to the bottom of the hour, and then see how the rest of the day unfolds.  We wait upon Father Time.

646 caller:  How are the rates holding up?

RayRen:  Last I heard they are still there, although fluctuating a little bit.  The rates people have received in exchanges are different from what the bankers see on the screen.  They are at and below what is on the screens.  Some people have received private exchanges at $3, and that’s what we see on the screens.  The dong and rupiah are still about the same as shown on the screen, so far as people have shared on their actual exchanges.  The zim is still at the double-digit rates we have been expecting, although early exchangers have been receiving single digits.  The rial?  No one has yet contacted me that they have even exchange rial;  bankers say that they are seeing some over-dollar rates on the screens.  It doesn’t seem like there are any changes on the rupiah.

Otherwise, Tony, DC and Pam are all doing well, having had a good Christmas and New Year.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  Do you have any idea who is stalling this at all?

RayRen:  If I told you, what would/could you do about it?  If we find out and it’s something detrimental to us, of we are left behind, then I’d probably be the first to spill it all.  Right now, I don’t see the wisdom in saying X is holding this up.

Caller:  There are newspeople who are interested.  This is ridiculous, and I hope that whoever is holding this up will meet their Maker.  Tell them to hurry up!  Have fun in Vegas.

206 caller:  What do you think – will we go to June?

RayRen:  I don’t have any information indicating June;  where do you get that from?

Caller:  According to what Shabibi put in writing, he’s not messing with any books, and he said 31. December or 31. June.  So I wonder what’s going on.  I read four Iraqi newspapers every day.  The Budget is still held up, the Kurds are unhappy, so do you really think they will RV their money?

RayRen:  I don’t think they will hold up to June.  But in any case, there is nothing we can do.  All we can do is wait.

Caller:  Nobody has come forward to say they have exchanged.  The only ones saying that have is you.  [Caller repeated and got argumentative until Ray shut him down.]

RayRen:  Sure they have – haven’t you been listening?  You can choose to believe what you want to believe, but I have plenty of people of calling and texting saying that they have exchanged.  If you don’t like what you’re hearing, and don’t believe what we say, why are you on this call?  Go somewhere else and be happy.  You still have to wait like everyone else, so deal with it.

636 caller:  You are saying zim is at single digits?

RayRen: That’s what people have been saying who have exchanged, but single digits are still fantastic, and it beats what we would be getting otherwise, which is zero.  I wouldn’t be down in the mouth about single digits.

Caller:  Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, eh?  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

252 caller:  Can you give any information about that bank you were talking about?  You called me and I wasn’t able to the phone in time.

RayRen:  I have no idea what conversation you are talking about?  If I called you, then you have my number, so call me again and refresh my memory.

865 caller:  This is 404 with a question for you.  There was a brief reference to what’s happening the stock market, which had the worst start of the year since they’ve been keeping records;  what impact does that have on the RV?

RayRen:  I don’t know.  The intel team hasn’t really discussed that, one way or the other.

Caller:  What is being told to the Iraqi people in the mosques, especially after what happened to one of the clerics in Saudi Arabia.

RayRen:  We’ve had a challenge getting information from them especially in the last few days.  There has been no new information, just recycling the old intel on the television, still saying they are changing the money.  Until we get better reports, it’s status quo.

Caller:  Your information adds to the overall puzzle.  What odds on a normal call on Wednesday?

RayRen:  All the banks are still saying it looks like Wednesday, so no, I don’t expect to have a call on Wednesday and certainly not on Friday.  That’s all I can hold onto, is the information I get in.  The banks are saying, “We expect an influx on Tuesday/Wednesday” and all I can do is wait and see.  I can’t wrap my head around June when banking people came out of meeting this mornings that say “get ready, this is about to pop”.  I had one banking person tell me a particular day and time, and it didn’t go but at least it gave me something to hold onto.  TNT members say that they want to know what we hear, and that is what we are here to do, up to a point.  We don’t’ want to endanger anyone, so we tell you everything we can tell you that doesn’t jeopardize anyone’s employment.  The banks are saying ‘this week up until the weekend’.  Those who want to go on the slow boat to June, they can do that.  I am riding ‘within the next few days’.  All we can do is wait, either way.  There is nothing else we can do to make this go faster, and if you don’t like what you are hearing, get off the bus?

Caller:  We won’t get off, we will wait. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Negotiate!

RayRen:  We didn’t expect to be here in January.  It’s a new year, and there are bills.  We are hoping to be out of here by Wednesday and then the bills won’t be an issue.  Those who donate – thank you.  Those who don’t donate, that’s okay, too.  We will be here as long as we can be here, and help whomever we can.  Thank you, transcribers!

RayRen played I Believe

DECEMBER 28 2015


TNT Call notes 28-December-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Monday, December 28, 2015.  [Doing audio checks]   Marvelous Monday!  Yes, we continue to say we didn’t expect to be here on this side of the opportunity, but we are here just the same.

I want to give a shoutout to Vintage Sheila, Pinkroses, BringitonTony, ballasgma, and our other transcribers.  Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa.  We’re all going to be saying Happy New Year in a few days.  I hope everyone had a good holiday.

Very short on intel today, but still good to my ears.  Not a lot being said or going on… some of the things you have been hearing since the last call probably were true, and some might have been a little embellished.  True or not, we are still looking for IT today, those who are still waiting to exchange.  Things are in process and some have taken place.  We have received some information that has been proved that certain things have taken place, although they haven’t taken place for you and me.  Many of the bank people are now saying Tuesday/Wednesday – that’s what they are expected.  One member thought it might be today because his bank has a sign saying ‘no currency exchanges before 11.30am’.  That was exciting for him to see, although he doesn’t know what happens after that time.  I was tempted to delay this call to see what happens afterwards, but we can always reconvene if something great happens.
The various different banks … some people tried on Saturday and were told to come back Monday.  Some people have appointments to talk, and may be able to exchange if the opportunity presents itself.  Several have told me the banks have said that the rates are live as soon as the authorization codes are released.  Some people have been ‘gagged’, and some others have gone very quiet.  Some of my sources are still informing, though, and that’s why there is this Tuesday/Wednesday expectation.

The good news to my ears comes from across the pond.  People have sent me photos of the mosques where they are obviously preparing for something.  They expect announce-ments in the mosques, and there have been rumblings of a new rate throughout the country that is supposed to show today.  Time will tell on all of that as we wait to see what happens next, as we patiently wait for it.
Let’s look at some questions from the forum, put together by IdahoUSA.  Thanks for that.

Q:  from TNdr… Can you touch on what you envision as the sequence of actions at an exchange appointment so that we can envision what to expect?

  Hmm.  They have not given me one and I haven’t been to an exchange to say what takes place.  Some people have shared with me what happened at their exchange:  their currency was verified with them present, they were given rates and perks they agreed upon for investing in that bank, and they felt comfortable concluding that transaction with a receipt of deposit into their accounts with in the next hours or days.  That’s a loose sequence of actions:  you go in, they verify your currencies, and you exchange on the spot.  If time permits, you will discuss what you may want to invest in their products.  In the past, we were told they wanted to run everyone through in 20 minutes and then have you come back in a few days to talk with their banking people about products and investments. If banking people could come in and clarify that, we’d appreciate it.

Q:  If there are no tweets or 800 numbers or calls, where do we look to find out the RV has happened in the US?  Well, you will do the same as those who don’t listen to these calls

 – check with the banks until the rates change.  Some already have connections with banks, or are already calling banks.  If we don’t send out the information, you have ways to check if the RV has happened, like the currency exchange sites.  If you see rate changes, then you call the banks and see if they are reflecting those new rates… then make your exchange.  It won’t be as hard as some people think, because you are watching the indicators and it will unfold, one way or another.

Q:  Ray, what are you hearing about the rumored windfall tax with rates possibly as high as 70%?

  I haven’t heard anything about that at all, so I have no response.  Let’s wait and see what is really going to happen, and make our plans based on if X happens, or if X doesn’t happen.  Let’s just take a wait and see approach and see where that falls.

Q:  Is it advisable to exchange into a holding account until I can get entities set up?

 If you already have an EIN number but don’t have the entity actually created, then call the IRS and see that you are doing everything right to begin with.  If the IRS gives you the okay, then go with your plan and exchange into that entity’s bank account and hold it until your further plans ripen.  You don’t want that to blow up on the far end.

Q:  If I have a wealth manager in place, do I need to go through the 800 numbers?  Would the WM be able to negotiate with WF and BoA?

  It depends on whether the WM is at a bank or a private one.  As your WM what they can do for you!  It won’t hurt to call the 800 number and see if you can get a better deal.

Q:  Will Canadians be paid in US dollars or Canadian dollars?   Which banks in Canada will be able to exchange large amounts of currency. 

One bank said they would have to send the currency bank to its home country to exchange.  A:  Well, call some other banks.  I don’t know.  Those Canadians who have talked to me said they exchanged into CAD, and I would assume banks in Canada would deal in Canadian dollars.  Otherwise you will have to come to the US and give it a shot.

Q:  What happened to the Chinese wanting this to be done by Christmas?

  A:  I have no idea what happened there.  The new window is NOW:  any second, any hour, any day.  That’s what we’ve been expecting since last week, based on the information we receive.

Q:  Are you sources giving any information on the process now?

  A:  Yes.
Now we will take a few questions from the field and wrap up. If something significant happens, we will send out a message/tweet as things progress.

719 caller:  The lady who was upset about 404 always being on the call… I can understand how she feels because some people always get on the call and it’s because they get on early.  I called in four hours ago.  I’m part of a group that emails the notes around, and most people really like 404 because she asks such good information.  Your information is only as good as you are being told.  The real issue is those who don’t ask good questions, or ask again something that has already been answered and they didn’t put their hand down.  If you don’t have a question that benefits the masses, put your hand down by pressing *2. 
With that said, we have been in this almost six years, and every Christmas we are told by someone that we were going to have money for Xmas, and we never has.  What has been holding this up this year?  Kudos to Abadi for dealing with their conditions in Iraq at Ramadi, Mosul, etc.  What circumstances are still holding this up?  the US, Russia, China?  Is some entity delaying this, in your opinion?
RayRen:  If there were a particular entity delaying this, what would you do about it?

Caller:  I would just like to know because then I could make contingency plans.  Every day and night people are checking the various sites, and if we knew it was delayed, we could make other plans.
RayRen:  If we could even get the real true picture of this person or organization holding this up, we’d still be in the same position we’re in now.  We are being told it’s in progress, in motion, and we are not where we were a year ago, we just aren’t there yet.  No matter how hard we dig, we will never find out until it doesn’t matter any more.  For conversation’s sake, if it were the US government holding it up, what are we going to do?  The last time we had the Twitter campaign, we had a strong principle to stand on.  We don’t now.  Of course we are concerned about Iraq.  They have cameras on the mosques, and there are no riots, people are just congregating peaceably;  there doesn’t seem to be any unrest amongst the citizens.  They don’t have a rate but they are not complaining as far as we know. 
Caller:  You’re not getting anything from your Iraqi sources saying the US is holding this up, or that Abadi is not waiting on this 
RayRen:  There is a whisper between people that a new rate is being announced today.  They are getting whispers that it is changing.  We cannot protest for a country that is not protesting for themselves.  The sad thing is that when this hits us between the eyes, there are still going to be some who are not ready.  You need to plan with foresight.
Caller:  If they invested in a stock that would give them this kind of return, they would be looking at it night and day.  Because it’s been so up and down, people are not keeping their eye on it the same way.  I have relatives who don’t believe this will happen because some Iraqi guy they know says it will come out as 1:1, and it’s therefore valueless.  Iraqi tariffs are supposed to kick in on 1. January;  do they need a rate for those milestones?
RayRen:  I believe so, yes. 
303 caller:  You always say ‘time will tell’, and I’m beginning to think you will look like Father Time with a long white beard. I have currencies that are not yet a year old and I hope some bank will give me SKRs.  What value or percentage can I get a loan against SKRs?
RayRen:  You mean to get an SKR and then arrange a loan against that?  Those I know have received SKRs have not been able to get loans against them.
Caller:  It’s it a recognizable collateral that I can borrow against?  If not, what is the value of putting your currency in the bank and getting an SKR?
RayRen:  Those I know have not been able to get such loans.  Those who did so planned to exchange for actual money. They were told they would see cash in their account within 24 hours, and they are still waiting three to six months later.  They got locked into a rate and now people are exchanged at twice that rate.  So I wouldn’t enter into a SKR myself.  Some have acquired vehicles based on the perceived value of their currency, but they didn’t exchange… although they did get what they wanted.  So you can try!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
410 caller:  We have seen some pretty extraordinary rates, and people saying the banks want us to get in and out because they wanted to get this done by a certain date.  Is there still a date by which they need to have this done?
RayRen:  We’ve seen several such dates come and go;  as a strategy, getting everyone in and out is still valid.  Think ‘first mouse, second mouse’.  We can put all types of reasoning together – maybe they have delayed this so long that you will take any rate by now.  The longer some have had to wait, the more impatient you have become.  If the rate comes out at 1:1, some people will go for that so they can get on with their lives.  If that is the strategy, we are planning and the bulk of us will not fall victim to that.
Caller: It’s a negotiation process, I guess, and you keep supporting us and helping us to understand that we need to negotiate and we do have options.  I’m just really tired of it.  I do appreciate everyone’s work on this, and hope the Iraqis are feeling successful with their growth and military success.  They deserve their own currency.  Three cheers for them!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Raleigh!
404 caller:  I’d like to add in ZebraGirl who has been doing the verbatim transcripts and is now putting down her pen.  I love your word of ‘rumbling’ in Iraq that something is happening with the rates, possibly today.  Is this a solo announcement?  By whom?  Will it be mosques, television, radio, newspapers, or any combination of the above?
RayRen:  I look at the pictures and see people moving around, but the technical part of how this gets out… well, it might just be there, and the announcements will be after the fact.  When all the people have been told, person by person, then the government may come on after the fact and say “this is what we have done” rather than “this is what we will do”.  In the US, they probably won’t even say it after the fact, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Iraq operates in a similar manner, as we have been their mentor for the last 12 years.
Caller:  Sometimes it feels like we are in a parallel universe.  It would be great to have another call in an hour!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
954 caller:  Is the zim still viable and in the basket?
RayRen:  To the best of my knowledge, yes, it is still viable and in the basket.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
941 caller:  I got a response to that guy who said 75% windfall tax – I don’t see how they could do that especially as all those government people got in early – I don’t think they would like that.  There is no law saying this has to be taxed at all.  Yes, there is a something about tax on currency exchanges with a profit of over $200, but we didn’t bring this into the country.  There is a group in Oregon who says they will fight any tax on currency.  This was set up to repay the debt of this country for the war, and there isn’t tax on repayments.
RayRen:  Interesting viewpoint.  Ten years ago, nobody cared what tax laws might be changed or implemented.  Now the situation is different and everyone is watching.
Caller:  Let’s just get it and then we can rebuild the middle class.  I’m not going to Vegas, I’m going to Hawaii on my honeymoon after 14 years.  Have a good New Year!
RayRen:  That’s all the time we have today.  We are anticipating more information and some action.  Time will tell if the information/action comes through this afternoon or any time this week.  We will stay optimistic;  we cannot change anything, we can’t force it or block it.  If anything happens, we will inform you.  Keep your head up, and your eyes and ears open, because no one knows the day.  Just keep believing.
RayRen then played I Believe
DECEMBER 23 2015


TNT Call notes 23-December-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  We are READY!  Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family!  Today is Wednesday, December 23, 2015.  [Doing audio checks]  It’s yet another ‘When Will We See It Wednesday’.  Lots of folks anticipating you will see it pretty soon.  We think they still want us to see this by Christmas – it won’t be completed by Xmas, but it could be well underway, getting things going.  That is still the anticipation, to have it initiated before Christmas on the public side.  The private side is already being taken care of.  The public side is anticipating getting it started by Christmas, and it’s two days until Christmas.  The banks are looking and preparing to make a move.  All the things that need to be done appear to be done.  The tariffs will go live with the Budget on 1. January.  We’re not getting any reports of lower denominations in Baghdad, although they are showing up in other areas.  When it hits Baghdad, we are done.  We have some reports for Baghdad, but not from citizens.  There are lower denoms in other areas, but they are still valueless so far.

Appointments are being made in the US;  one person who had an appointment for this morning called me and said his has been moved to 30 January.  I haven’t heard from others who I know have appointments;  they will contact me this evening.  Banks are saying they are anticipating some exchange centers being open on Christmas Day – that is what is being passed behind their walls.  I know some members who have appointments scheduled for 25. December, and they will go ‘talk’.  Some appointments are being made on New Year’s Day as well. WE have always been told that the groups will go first, private exchanges, then the public. 

Some new information coming to me is that some groups have started to exchange, and they have given me the locations and rates that they have exchanged at.  That is progress!  I haven’t had a chance to confirm it, but why would they want to lie, and give me that exact information of where, who and how much was involved.  It’s coming along;  our turn is close.  You could even say it’s here, although we don’t know the exact time or day.  Bank people are seeing live rates, and they just cannot exchange for the general public.  On the private side, we are hearing a lot of different things, with rates all over the place.  Info is flowing on all sides, and time will tell all.  All we can tell you is what we are receiving and where we think we are in the process.  For all intents and purposes, we are there… we just don’t know the exact date and time. That bank people are making appointments, and they are hearing some are doing this or that.  Some are shifting to alternate locations, for reasons of security or secrecy.  We have heard some banks will be working 16-hour shifts;  what are they expecting?  We can read between the lines and figure it out.  Let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy this process.  Are you ready to do this?

I am expecting some other information in a little bit, but that’s all the info I have at the moment.  Let’s take some questions:

302 caller:  You mentioned a bank memo on 4. December, saying the Fed, IMF and UST released the RV immediately.  Have you got a copy of that?

RayRen: I haven’t seeN the memo myself, but multiple people in the banks have seen it. I  don’t’ ask them to send me a copy.  That is not hearsay;  they have actually seen it.

Caller:  So every major bank should have this memo and WMs should have a copy, right?

RayRen:  Not necessarily… and it doesn’t matter because we still haven’t exchanged.  Let’s not make it more than we are told.  Even if I had a copy of that memo, what difference would that mean today?

Caller:  It’s just we hear things and we don’t’ see them. Thanks for the information you are passing on.  Let’s hope it is all happening, and we are not here on Monday, wondering.

RayRen:  We could be here next Monday, so plan for that as well.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Merry Christmas!

512 caller:  I’m glad everything is going great… great news today. There is always going to be the negative guy, and we don’t’ need to listen to them.

RayRen:  No matter how solid that information may have been, the banks might have the memo, but they cannot do anything until they have the codes!

Caller:  I guess he’s waiting for someone to knock on his door!  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770/404 caller   The fact that bank personnel might be working for Christmas, I presume that there will not be a standard Friday call this week?  If there is information, I’m sure you will be tweeting us, and not being pulled away from your family dinner.  If the bottom falls out and they actually release the RV, you still might not have a call on Christmas Day!

Caller:  Just wanted to share with everyone so they will not be expecting a Friday call.  You mentioned that groups are going through, with rates and locations – when will you share that information?

RayRen:  By the time I can tell you that, you won’t care because you’ll be at the bank anyway.  It’s sensitive information, and I shared it to encourage everyone, to indicate that this is actually happening.

Caller:  There is a rumor that the Zimbabwe dollar has RVed…

RayRen:  If people are exchanging the zim, there is clearly something taking place.  I talked to someone six weeks who exchanged zim, and I’ve heard from several other members, including one in Africa.  Also, bank people are seeing it on the screens.  They must have RVed if people are exchanging.

Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

RayRen:  My internet service is going crazy, and the board has gone down for the moment.  Hang on while I re-initialize. 

Caller:  A wish I had long ago was to be the last caller on the very last call, so if you want to sign off, that would make my dream come true! 

RayRen:  I was going to make this a short call anyway. 

405 caller:  In the news articles, we have seen that PM ABadi is in China, signing various agreements.  How does that relate to us pushng forward, seeing this direct contact between China and Iraq?  We’ve been told all along that China needs the dinar for oil credits.  How is this affecting the RV? 

RayRen:  Based on what we have heard and what we are all owed to say, China is hooked into dinar and gong and zim, so I don’t think this is really affecting it.

Caller:  We have been hearing that WF is the lead bank, and they are also connected to China, so… [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  So do you think this real today?

RayRen:  I report, you decide.  I thought it was real yesterday and last week. I have contacts who have scheduled appointments, and some are rescheduled.  We get to wait and plan, wait and plan. 

Caller:  Lots of planning;  not much we can do since some of the banks won’t even talk to you.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

865 caller:  I have three brothers, just like you.  My oldest brother is like Tony;  my other brother is like DC, and now I’m like Ray myself.  If someone gets under your skin , you go <click> as if you’ve lost their number.  I’m in Michigan, part of the Admiral’s group, and then part of the Gen64 group, and I know they have given out 800 numbers.  I already know the numbers from the Trinity. I think you are all that and a bag of chips.  I was praying for you this morning.  If your throat bothers you, gargle with hydrogen peroxide, it will clear it right away.  Meanwhile, keep taking the center road.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

281 caller:  We’re just in great expectation and we appreciate all you are reporting. God is perfecting everything that concerns us, in the appointed time, and we believe that is before the end of the year.  Merry Christmas!  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

646 caller:  I’m encouraged by the news and hoping for a fabulous 2016!  So long as it’s the beginning of January, that will be sweet.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

RayRen: Yes, very much so… looking forward to that. 

313 caller:  I’ve been watching the CBI website, with the date on the bottom. Today they didn’t change the date.  What do you think about that?

RayRen:  It could be a number of things – we’ll just have to wait and see.

Caller:  I think they’ll change it in the middle of the night.  I believe we are here.  Merry Christmas to you, the crew, and the callers.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

561 caller:  I called the bank and talked to a wealth manager, made an appointment with him.  He says he’ll call me when this happens.

RayRen:  We have a number of people who are waiting for those calls as soon as the banks are ready.

610 caller:  Thanks to everyone for keeping us to date.  Any word from Iraq as to what the people in Iraq are doing?  In the streets, celebrating, protesting, anything?

RayRen:  We are not hearing anything about that.  The television is talking about economic reform and lower denoms in certain areas… nothing else.

Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and barbecue from Raleigh, NC!

678 caller:  On PTR they say Tony got arrested…

RayRen:  Read the news.  You know how to do that.

281 caller:  One of the earlier callers said one of the groups already got 800 numbers…

RayRen: I heard him talk about the groups he belongs to, and he said that he had the rates, but the impression I got was that he’s waiting for me to hand out the 800 numbers.

Caller:  Just wanted to confirm that.  Merry Christmas!  Tell Tony we miss him…

856 caller:  Thank you!  It’s only been two years!  Thank you for all you have done for all of us, especially my mom.  Merry Christmas and I can’t wait for the tweet.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

415 caller:  About the tweets… if this were to happen on Friday and you send out a tweet, would you have a call on Saturday or wait until Monday?  Also, would the tweet be posted on the other websites?

RayRen:  We will put out a tweet on all the websites, and maybe have a call on Friday night.

Caller:  Before we could get the transcript on the TNT site;  do you still have that? I have found the recordings and partial transcripts, but not the verbatim one by ZebraGirl.

RayRen:  Our transcript, if you go to, go to the bottom where it shows TNT Calls and Replays, it should have a link to the transcripts.  The one for 12/21 is not there. I will look into that.

Caller:   Happy Holidays!  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
718 caller:  Nothing to do with 404, but why do you let the same people get on the call every time when some of us have been hanging on for ages and we don’t get picked.
RayRen:  This system allows people to call in hours before…
Caller:  I call in over an hour beforehand, and I put my hand up, and I just don’t think that is fair that she is always called, when I call every day as well.  Happy Holidays!
RayRen:  I’m trying to answer your question.  You didn’t get on earlier than those others ones.  Some people have been on the call for three hours before the call!  There is no favoritism;  I just pick the people in the order they have been waiting.  This is your turn.
Caller:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  When they do RV, can my son turn my currency in for me?
RayRen:  Yes, if you need to do a power of attorney, there are a number of ways you can do that – just ask the bank what documentation they will need to do that for you.
772 caller:  This is my first time calling:  I appreciate all that you, Tony and Pam have done. This could be the last call and I wanted to tell you how much it’s meant to me and my friends.  Merry Christmas!  I hope this is the last call, and I hope we all have the best Christmas ever, with a Happy New Year.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
951 caller:  If the private sector has already exchanged, what is the problem with getting the public sector exchanged?
RayRen:  I don’t know how big the private sector is;  it’s a timing issue.  We can only tell you what we hear.  There is no definitive date/time for the public.  We just wait.  One difference between the private and public sectors is the rates.  The groups have already negotiated their rates, and that is what they will get, regardless of international rates.
Caller:  Merry Christmas, and let’s hope this thing happens TODAY!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  There is a lot of anticipation.  We all want tis, but are you ready? The bigger question now is are you willing to wait a little longer after it is released.  That might be a financial maneuver for some of us – because it’s the end of the quarter and the end of the year, are you prepared to walk to the bank rather than run?  That could make the difference between one thousand and ten thousand. Work the numbers rather than your emotions.  Let the math be your guide.  The more your back pocket fills up, the better your heart feels.  Let your numbers dictate your actions rather than your emotions – the head rather than the heart.  Plan your work and work your plan.  We have tried to prepare you mentally for this RV, and some have prepared themselves physically with entities.  It’s time to walk His season as well.  Anyone who is celebrating – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years – we combine them all in saying Happy Holidays to all of you.  We want to acknowledge Pam, Tony, DC, the team, the Mods and guest Mods, and all our supporters.  Hopefully this is the final call on this side of what we are looking for.  If not, we’ll see you on the other side!
For those who celebrate ‘the reason for the season’, we say MERRY CHRISTMAS!

DECEMBER 18 2015



TNT Call notes 18-December-2015

RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Friday, December 18, 2015.  Welcome to the TNT call for this Fantabulous Friday, yours truly RayRen98 here.  We’ll take you through the little bit of information we have, so we can make some progress.
Frist and foremost, there is not a lot of NEW intel to go over. Some folks are questioning things they heard from other locations, and wondering why I say there is no new intel. Sally Jane has a call with, say, 500 people, and then Robert has a site with a thousand people on the site.  They can say whatever they want because not that many people are receiving the information and they may not believe what they hear. When there are 20K or more on the call, and you send out a tweet or text message, that is a lot of people listening and sometimes the info has to be tapered in the best interest of those listening. I don’t have any new intel;  I may not be at  liberty to share everything at this point.  That doesn’t mean the other intel is a fabrication or misdirection, It’s more that when I say it that carries more weight then when Sally Anne or Robert may say, especially when they are hanging on every word we say.
The Iraqi Budget has been approved, and should be published in the Gazette on Saturday.  So that’s not ‘new’ intel. Over in Iraq, the information I can get up to now are that the lower denominations are out, and the citizens are saying it’s worthless as they wait for the value to change.  However, they are distributing them to the citizens – t hat process is working.  On the celebrated day, whenever that is, those fives and tens will be valuable, and there won’t be chaos because they are already in their possession.
Some people have ‘gone quiet’ for various reasons, and we cannot make them communicate unless and until they are ready to share. 
What have you heard about the banks?  Some have had preparatory appointments and others are being told to bring their currency.  The banking personnel are being told there are no vacations until the New Year, but that is ongoing, not new information. It’s all progress.  I do believe we are very much in this process;  we were told that private exchanges would take place first, then the groups, then the public.  We fall into the group category because we are staying on top of this, we are part of that community.  We are in the midst of the process.
I will answer a few questions that some of you put in the forum, and then we’ll de a short Q and A.
Q:  Have all the people in Iraq been paid at the new rate?   A.  We are hearing more people being paid every week, but not everyone, so far as I know.
Q:  If tax on the currency is at a set rate, will be still need our receipts?  I lost my receipts when Sterling crashed.  A:  When you say a set rate, I assume you mean no capital gains and therefore no long-term or short-term applications.  If it’s a flat rate, then I don’t see any need for receipts because you don’t need to establish when you bought the currency. Perhaps in your case you can contact Sterling and have them send a note of when you bought from them. 
Q:  How many dinar have been sold in the US?  A:  I don’t know.  We are looking at maybe six million who hold it, but don’t know how accurate that is.
Q:  Are lower denomination dinar distributed in Baghdad?  A:   That one is tricky.  The last time I talked to contacts in Baghdad, they hadn’t seen the lower denoms yet, although we know they have been spread out in Kurdistan and other places.
Q:  Are the zim caps gone?  A:  We haven’t seen any new information about the caps and structured payouts.  Until we are told otherwise, we’ll assume the situation is the same.
928 caller:  Thanks for stepping forward and sharing information, Ray.  Please would people ask questions that help us learn new things.  Can you give us guidance on trust accounts?  What would be best to set up based on different amounts of currency?  Is it important to set them up before the currency exchange, even if we have to take out a loan to set it up?  Or would attorneys let you pay after the exchange?
RayRen: There are ‘trust accounts’ at the bank, and then there are trust entities that are outside the account.   A trust account might be set up for minors, with certain conditions, for example.  A trust entity is separate from the bank.  If you don’t already have something up and running, and especially if you don’t have the money to set one up, then I don’t see the need to rush to set one up.  It depends on what you want that entity to do, and only you can answer that.  Most will be perfectly okay setting up your asset protection post-RV, and I don’t see the wisdom of getting a loan to set up something you don’t need right away.  Some have already set up trusts because they really needed to, and some have although they don’t really need to.  These tools can be far-reaching and they need to be done right, from the beginning.  Most of us really don’t need these entities and structures set up beforehand;  it’s usually good enough to set them up within a few weeks of the RV.  Litigation doesn’t kick in unless you do something to make it kick in.
Caller:  There are so many different types regarding taxes – can you talk about which might be more advantageous and which to avoid?
RayRen:  It’s better to let the tax situation develop as a result of the entity you prefer for other reasons, depending on what you want to accomplish.  Don’t make taxes the focus or you might end up where you don’t want to be.  Post-RV professional can give you strategies will be available for you afterwards.  Cross that bridge when you need it.  If you create an entity at this time of the year, you can only do so much.  Just do what you need to do to get us through December.  I’d be inclined to wait … we’ve been broke all year, so what do we need millions to do before the New Year?  For some of these rates, it might make more sense to exchange after the first, and then you will have all year to take advice from professionals.
Caller: DC advised us NOT to bring in all our currency at once.  I wonder what that would look like.  Should we bring in a sampling and our receipts, and bring in the rest at a later appointment?  What do you think?
RayRen:  That is a personal decision.  I remember when DC said that.  Many don’t have that much currency anyway.  If you have wheelbarrows full, then you might want to divide it up, but if you are going for the contract rate, you might want to exchange it all at once to get a better rate.  Nobody knows I have all this currency, and nobody knows where and when I’m going to exchange, so I’m not worrying.  Take these factors into consideration.  Think of your security issues in terms of what you want to achieve.  If you are going for the contract rates, you will probably not have the opportunity to go to several banks. 
Caller: Does the China rate still exist?  I’m talking about more than a year ago, the rate at which wealthy people cashed in, and then people were worried about contract rates not being available.  Is that still available on dong and dinar?
RayRen:  I understood that to be a higher contract rate.  I haven’t heard anything official on that, but I believe they have been fused into international rates and contract rates.  I will ask for the highest possible rates on all my currencies, because if I’m signing an NDA for one, it applies to all.  “Ask not, receive not.”
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
772 caller:  My understanding is that some still have reserves not with Sterling but with other firms. My company has said that they will bring my reserves to a city close to where I will exchange.  That brings in a timing issue.  I have substantial currency as well as reserves, and I’ve been discussing this with WF.  I have told them I need five days, but I’m assuming the reserve company will have to use some kind of transport.  Because we haven’t had specific instructions from the US Treasury, I haven’t heard anything direct about exchanging.  Any bank I have asked directly has denied the RV is happening.  Now I’m hearing about a Tuesday exchange;  do you have any advice in this regard?
RayRen:  It’s great that you have reserves, but you will have to transport the currency to you, or get there quickly and then go to the bank.  If you are focused on contract rates, I doubt you will have enough time to get that done.  You will have to be first in line, and if you are waiting for them to bring it to you, I would be surprised if the contract rates last an entire week.
Caller:  If this is a contract rate, it’s a contract that is protected under US law.
RayRen:  If you are talking about your reserve purchase, sure.  But I’m talking about the time frame of getting your reserve currency into your hands.
Caller:  If you get a better rate than the international rate, that is still a long way from what the US Treasury or China has offered in the past.  So the bank stands to gain a tremendous amount of wealth if they are picking up the difference between that higher rate and what they offer us.  Some people have been getting car loans on the basis of those anticipated rates.
RayRen:  If you can negotiate that kind of deal, great.
Caller: It is about negotiation.  If we cannot come to an agreement on the reserve currencies and when they can get there, then I will take my business elsewhere.  Tony said the banks have been instructed not to let us walk out especially when you have a lot of currency.
RayRen:  That’s right.  They want your currency.
516 caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
602 caller:  Their calendar and our calendar are different…s o when you say the first of the year, do you mean 1. January?  Does the RV have to take place before the Budget is implemented?
RayRen:  It could happen as we speak.  We are in the minute.
Caller:  Does it look positive for this weekend?
RayRen:  I’m always going to be optimistic because it all looks good.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
313 caller:  Another guru said that if Iraq doesn’t complete this by the end of this year, the US and the UN will take over.  Have you heard anything like that?
RayRen:  No, I haven’t heard anything like that.  I don’t see any reason for it NOT to take place this year, what with everything we have been hearing from various places.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
941 caller:  I talked to WF in Colorado yesterday, and they are denying anything to do with the dinar. On the dong, they did say they do SKRs, so if this doesn’t pop by Monday, I will take in half my dong and make a deal.  Of the two WF branches in my area, one just blows you off;  the other manager knows about the dinar but the word is that they are not going to do any exchanges. 
RayRen:  If you can get an SKR for the dong, more power to you.  If what they present works for you, go for it;  if not, back off.
405 caller:  If DC still in your daily mix?  If so, what question would you ask him, and how would he respond?
RayRen: DC would say, “Just lay low;  it’s coming!”
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
352 caller:  I heard folks talking about stuff earlier, and on a different call I heard that a guy got a trust through a bank, and he said it was a nightmare – don’t ever get a trust through a bank.  In terms of contact rates, do we ask about those at the first appointment or wait until we talk to the wealth manager.
RayRen:  I will talk about it the first time I sit down in the chair.  If there are 800 numbers, I will mention it to them!  The first person I meet I will tell that I’m interested in contract rates.  Time is money, and if that is not the person who can make that happen, they need to put me in contact with someone who can.
Caller: What about the zim?  Is there a time limit on that?
RayRen:  I saw an article referencing April 2016, but that is just an article.  We’ll find out in good time if any of the currencies have a shelf life.
Caller:  I liked that song you played last time.  You can find it on YouTube:  “I Believe”.
303 caller:  Ten inches of snow here.  Come on out and let me take you skiing.
RayRen:  I’ll come out and watch YOU ski!
Caller:  Earlier you had tabs for 800 numbers and bank rates on the other sites, but now we are supposed to get that information at TNT Showtime.  I went to the Latest Blasts and Tweets, and it was early this morning but didn’t take me anywhere.
RayRen:  I think Pam just didn’t have time to update that.  I was talking to Pam in the car this morning, but she might have got stuck and didn’t have time to fix that.
Caller:  Information to me is reactive and active.  The first is a response to the active info that has been put out.  All this banking stuff is reactive, which shows progress being made, but can you give us any more debriefs on active information, such as who gets to push the button, who gives the instruction to go ahead, etc.?
RayRen:  One minute you hear the IMF is going to call it, then the UST, the Iraq.  I don’t know!  After it’s done, we will all know who and what is going on.  Meanwhile it just gets bounced around with the banks saying they have live rates and they are waiting on the Treasury and the Treasury saying they have released it already.  It’s like roulette!
Caller:  Please can you put out a tweet saying “It’s happened and we’ll have a call at such and such a time”?  Just let us know, please.
RayRen: That has been the plan from Day 1.  That is why most of you get the tweets.  Of course we will let you know, and also give you as much information as we can to prepare you for the process:  call this number (if available), or call the number of the banks that deal with foreign currency if we don’t have the numbers available for you.  We will tweet it out, text it, put it on the website…
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  We’re at the top of the hour, and I only intended it to be a 30-minute call but some of the questions got interesting.  We had some good information on preparations. We are still on any minute, any hour, any day status.  I hope we may be able to send out a tweet and maybe even do a call later today.  Hang tight, hold on, and make sure that you are ready because we know not the hour or day that the call comes for you to do what you intend to do.  Make sure you have your ducks in a row, have your ID ready, make sure your currency is to hand, make your appointment, show up on time, and negotiate.  They don’t want you to walk out with millions of currency tucked under your arm.  Ask questions;  ask for what you want, and you might be surprised to get it.  If you don’t know what to ask for, go back into the forum so that when it is your turn you will get the job done the first time.
I’m looking over my notes.  I was never that involved in the administration of the TNT site, but now I am seeing more of the donation activity.  Thank you so much for keeping this going. One person contributed one dollar, saying that was all they had and they were willing to give it for the cause.  It’s not the amount, it’s the gesture and the thought that counts.  Thanks for keeping this going until it’s done.
Let’s enjoy Fantabulous Friday.  Are we finally going to see it?  Until then, let’s enjoy the day and fellowship with one another, and let’s enjoy our weekend.  Have a good day!
Here’s the link to that song I Believe:
DECEMBER 16 2015


TNT Call notes 16-December-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Wednesday, December 16, 2015. We are ready for this call as well as for the RV.  Let me turn on the recorder.
Good afternoon, super-fantastic family!  It’s When Will It Happen Wednesday!  It’s been a quiet morning.  Several of the good sources are still getting information from across the pond but we will give you what we have.  If something else comes in that you need to hear, I will send it out as an update.

The intel as we know it to be this morning:  the Iraqi Budget has been passed.  Everything is supposed to be encompassed within that Budget, political and financial concerns, and also the tariff situation.  We are still waiting for confirmation on the tariffs being implemented and the impact that will have.  But the Budget has been passed and we’ll see what comes from that as the day unfolds.

Some time back we shared that they started to distribute the lower denominations and they should be fully distributed by the end of the year.  Our intel sources and regular people in Iraq are out, they can see them, but they are relatively worthless.  They have no significant value yet.  If I were to pull a switch so that the lower denoms have value, then it is beneficial to have them in your hands first.  Then when they make the announcement, they would already be there for you.  “Here they are;  don’t discard them because they are your future.”  That parts make sense to me, so that the people don’t have to scramble when the value changes.

People in the US were really expecting to see the full RV here, and we are still in the ‘any day, any hour’ mode.  I see this as a progression, and to hear ordinary citizens talking about the lower denoms (not just our specialists) tells us that progress is being made.

Over here in the US, we have banking activity at the highest level, including appointments. Some were scheduled for today and I can’t wait to hear from them.  It probably won’t be the full exchange, but a lot of our questions will be answered.  Banking people sharing with us are acknowledging that what we hear is true and our information is on target. That’s exciting! Some have been told not to plan on any time off until the end of the year;  why would they do that if they weren’t expecting something to happen that makes they need their whole workforce?

Today is fine, this week is fine, any time is fine.  Are you ready?  We cannot tell when this will unfold but we know that this is going to happen.  BE ready rather than getting ready.

That’s the intel this morning – not a great deal, but a great impact if you received it correct the right way.  We hope we may have even more information that justifies sending out an update.  I’ve heard a tremendous amount of information but cannot put it out unless and until we confirm it, so that it’s okay for you to receive it without false expectations.

As another part of making sure we are ready, here is another topic, something of substance that you can hold onto and put into your bag of tricks.  First, we have some members celebrating their birthdays: FloridaKay, Toad05, youngest grandchild of member Dreamstoo… you can check birthdays on the forum.  We hope that by the end of the day they may have another reason to celebrate!

For two years, we’ve been talking about the first mouse, second mouse and third mouse.  I want to talk about leveraging your way into wealth, using what you have and turning it into a wealth-building tool.  Not everyone will be a multi-millionaire after the RV – some have a few thousand or a few hundred thousand.  Most will not go out and buy the world, but we can all learn how to use what we have and leverage it to where we want to be down the road.  What are the rates, what are we holding, and what strategic choices can we make?

Those with only one currency have to have more patience and perseverance than those with multiple currencies.  “If the shoe fits…”;  it’s not for everyone, so take advantage of this information if it fits you.

There are going to be rates as we revalue.  Some will have a rate and then will climb – we are looking for the dinar to do that.  Iraq has said their currency can support $16.  We are looking for expansion there, and leveraging ourselves into a larger financial position.  Some may decide to take this particular currency and use those funds to buy more and other currencies so that we can exchange again.  We can go out shopping after we have put our plans into motion.  I’d rather shop with the interest rather than capital.  That’s a better way to shop because it replaces the money I would spend, and my funds are growing rather than diminishing.

Let’s say I have a currency called BUTTER, and when it revalues, that’s it.  I also have a currency called APPLES, and their rate will grow over time.  I might take butter, exchange it into butter and then acquire more apples.  That’s what I mean by turning over your currency.  You get the picture.

Also, let’s look at tax maneuvers.  Someone knows; they are just not telling us yet.  We do expect some kind of taxable event, so how do we deal with that.  Let’s say the RV happens this week and you are holding multiple currencies.  You are going to be ‘filthy stinking rich’, which means you have so much you smell like money!  We have been waiting for a month, six months, six years, or eleven years for this day.  That day shows up one day this week, and you’re going to have several million dollars.  Let’s say you get 500,000.  How much can you spend before the first day of the new year?  If it’s taxable, and we exchange it, tax will be due on 15. April, 2016.  May some will hold onto certain portions of the currency and exchange in 2016;  then the tax won’t be due until April 2016. That gives us time to position and expand on the possibilities, and time to hook up with professionals who know what needs to be done.  That’s another aspect of leveraging into wealth.

You need to know when it’s exchange time, investment time or any time, be in the mind-set of negotiation.  Ask the prevailing rate, and also ask if it’s possible to get what you want. Let’s say butter is 50 cents, and you want 85 cents;  if you negotiate, you might get 73 cents.  NEGOTIATE!  What’s the worst that can happen?  They might say No, but it’s still your money.  Let’s say they offer an investment program at 4% and you want 12%;  you might walk out with 6%, but if you don’t ask, you won’t receive.  There is nothing to lose in this process, and everything to gain by at least attempting to negotiate. That doesn’t mean playing hardball or getting into an argument, it’s just negotiation.  Ask or ask not;  the choice is yours.

That’s it for the training section for today.  So while we are waiting, think about your plans and what you want to gain, and how to leverage it.  Let’s take some calls:

410 caller:  Several months ago I created a spreadsheet to judge the rates, if I have to pay taxes and all the other factors such as long-term and short-term.  I looked at that spreadsheet today, and because we have waited so long, I am able to move three purchases from short-term to long-term.  Some of us may be signing NDAs, and I was wondered about adding “all rights reserved, without prejudice.”  Is that appropriate for the NDA, or other contracts as well?  [dog barking]

RayRen:  First, DON’T do something like that unless you know exactly what it means, what you are doing and what you’re saying. Based on what I believe it to represent, I think if you do that signing the NDA you will walk out without a contract rate on your exchange. To me what it represents a powerful position of invalidating something.  If you have the power to invalidate something we are doing together, I’m not going to do it with you.

Caller:  Okay, that makes it much more clear.  All your intel sounds powerful and we should all be glad and grateful to receive it.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
202 caller:  [garbled]  Where can we download the calls afterwards?  Many are at work and cannot listen.  The last two calls we have not been able to do that.  Is there a reason we cannot download them?  Is there any callback number we can use?

RayRen:  I don’t know of any reason;  I will look into that for you.  I thought all the calls were archived so you can listen to them on the phone.  Give me a minute, or go to the website and check that information.  The playback number is 605-562-3179, 409029#.  You can play that back 24/7… that’s the most recent call.  I will look for the archive.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

623 caller:  How can I be on the list to receive a text when this goes?

RayRen:  The text messages go out through our twitter account.  Send a text message to 40404, saying ‘Follow @THE_TNT_TEAM”.  You should get an acknowledgement within two minutes.

Caller:  I’m excited!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  This is 404.  Any updates on the status of the contract rates on the dinar and the dong.

RayRen:  Nothing has changed from what we have already heard.  I don’t know how many currencies have a contract rate;  we won’t know until we are in the moment and see what’s available.  Nothing has changed so far as I’ve heard.  People are looking at rates and quoting different rates;  we are stabbing in the dark here, but there must be some reason for different rates, and that might be contract rates.  Time will tell.

Caller:  We hear the 2016 Iraqi Budget has passed but it has not been published in the Gazette, yet, so is it truly official?
RayRen:  We heard this morning the Budget was approved, but how is it implemented?  Is there anything retrospective?  We are waiting for our sources to confirm those points.  I’m not sure when the Gazette is published next, but hopefully someone will let me know.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
415 caller:  I’m in San Rafael, CA.  I don’t have a cell phone, so you will tweet anything in the forum or in the public section?  Last Monday, I didn’t get a tweet and it wasn’t in the forum, so had to figure it out myself from information elsewhere.  It’s really helpful if the tweets also go to the place where non-members can read them.
RayRen:  When I send out a tweet, most receive it as a text message.  We will send it out on Twitter, on the forum, the other sites, any way we can get it out apart from snail mail.  Once we know and can confirm, we will send out the message.  This switchover happened so abruptly with certain things going on with the internal mechanisms of TNT, that I didn’t know who was in charge of doing what.
Caller:  Are the banks ready, then?
RayRen:  They are ready like Freddy – folks are coming to work early, no time off for the rest of this year, this is what people are telling us, people who work at the banks.  They are READY. 
Caller:  A lot of people are having health problems and I want to put a lot of money into functional medicine.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
646 caller:  I’m hanging on and waiting for the good news to happen. Do you think it will be before the end of the year?
RayRen:  It’s looking that way – there is a lot of anticipation.  I am going down that road.
Caller:  I’ve been in this about two years.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
210 caller:  Where do you think we’re going to be at?
RayRen: Where do you think we’re at?  I started this call with ‘any hour, any day’;  I’m just waiting and I’m at peace.
Caller:  What question would you ask Tony?
RayRen:  Tony, how do you think I’m doing, running this show?
Caller:  He would say you were doing great!
RayRen:  The last time I asked him that, he said that I’m not him, I’m me, and that’s right.  This is still his baby and I’m taking care of it.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
816 caller:  I’m just waiting, but getting impatient. My Christmas tree is up but there are no presents under it yet.  Do you really think we will get this before Christmastime?
RayRen:  I feel like it will happen. That’s a level of anticipation and expectation.  Maybe we should change our focus so that we are not disappointed.
Caller:  Our financial picture is so hard right now, paying rent first.  I have a god-daughter who just got currency on Monday.  I’ve had her read some of the articles on the TNT site. What would you do if you were brand news and don’t have all this information?  Would I be able to go to the exchange with them?
RayRen:  I don’t see why not.  The banks don’t want a crowd, but if she is young, you could probably get by with no problem.  Do you have a bank in mind? Wells?  Have you already spoken to someone there?
Caller:  They said they prefer you to have an account, but I thought I’d do that at the time of exchange.
RayRen:  Call them back and ask if you can accompany one or two people to exchange.
Caller:  I just don’t want them to mess up, being so new to all this.  I did tell them not to broadcast this or tell anyone.  Let’s hope that this goes through this week.  I would prefer happy grand-children.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
703  caller: I’m so glad I got in!  I listened to the intel earlier;  can you help me understand something? There’s a lot of talk about the lower denoms, which I assume they are distrib-uting them prior to the RV.  If I’m a citizen with $5 or $10 or $20, and the lower denoms are available, why would I go in and exchange them for valueless lower denoms.
RayRen:  They are not exchanging, this is more of their currency they are sending out.  If you take a $100 to the bank and you want smaller notes, and the teller gives you ones, fives and rolls of pennies.  You might not want the pennies because they don’t have much value.  However, when the value changes, the pennies will be worth carrying around. They are giving out the pennies now because they anticipate changing the value, and then the pennies will represent something different, just like the fives and tens will go up in value.  When we were kids, we picked up every penny we saw;  then as adults we might let it lie.  Now, in our financial circumstances, we might pick up every penny again.
Caller:  That clears it up, thank you.  Hopefully TODAY is our day!  Thanks for the teaching at the beginning.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
RayRen:  We’re at the top of the hour and it’s time to wrap this up.  I’ll close with a small message and there will be an audio accompanying it so don’t hang up.  Those who have given us financial gifts to keep this program running – thank you for your continued support.  The bills have to get paid, and we appreciate any amount, even fifty cents or a dollar.  I thank you all, even those who want to support us and just don’t have it.
I want to speak on THEM for a second. There are some people who don’t want you to succeed.  I’m not one of them.  There are some who don’t want you have wealth or to be be free. I’m not one of them.  There are some people who don’t care if you give up, or if you are bewildered or confused.  I’m not one of them.   I do care, and that’s why I’m here and why  I believe you are here.
Thank you all;  if we have updated information I will get it out to you this afternoon and hopefully it will all be over.  If there is a need to come back on Friday and do this again, we will be here because I’m not one of them. 


Wednesday - December 16 - Email...

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

To All....

Time to eat your spinach!!!

(Apparently he couldn't post this until today - no longer classified)

[12/8/15, 12:46:40 PM] 

"IT Finally Happened"


Awaiting more confirmation. According to Joseph Dunford's fiancee, at 0001 this morning Dunford pushed the button and the Republic was activated. 
Some funds must move into the system for the announcement expected on Thursday with the RV/GCR. 

We shall see...but everything fits."

[12/15/15, 5:53:38 PM] 

<<< N O T I C E J U S T R E C E I V E D >>> 

Above per our contacts in Washington and, importantly, "this information is no longer classified" (as past information provided by this source has been historically) so you may share this with all of your colleagues and associates openly which is, in itself, VERY significant.

10:50 AM WED DEC 16 - Above link is jammed - too many flooding URL

DECEMBER 14 2015



 Puzzles December 14, 2015 at 3:26pm
Things are Getting Very Real
For those who do not know, the Sean & Deb CC was cancelled yesterday due
to tightened security. Things are heating up. All NDAs are to be taken seriously.
There is nothing in them to fear, but adherence to them is critical.

Progress is moving forward at a rapid pace. The standard 15th date is looking to be
key that may open some beautiful windows... that's tomorrow.  I am starting to believe
G64+ may actually begin at the same time, but I am also continuing forward with
Contributors on the Gift Program data collection to be on the conservative and cautious
side. We prefer to be safe than sorry.
As things heat up, info flow may slow down a bit... many with legitimate private intel are
in blackouts. Again, the NDA is critical, too, so many more will go quiet. Please do not lose
faith as this ride is really winding down to blessing fruition.
OMEGA MAN > Puzzles December 14, 2015 at 5:10pm

 N O T I C E      J U S T     R E C E I V E D ! ! ! !

You will all be aware of the recent climate agreement reached in Paris, and many of you will also be aware that this meeting was not just about climate change, but also about world order and specifically a correction (as they call it) in the financial system. This also confirms and signals the start of the release of monies for completion of bond redemptions, as a forerunner to the Chinese plan to reset their own currency and remove any outstanding historical debt obligations.

You will also note the significant move, announced this weekend, from China to grant residency status to the millions of urban migrants in the expanding cities, which signifies the completion of the agreement of bond redemption.

They have now released the codes to all banks and wish to see as many redemptions completed before the new year 2016 as possible.

For those who are firmly in a confirmed closing line, you should now expect, following the unexplained delays that you would have seen over the past week due to the extended climate negotiations, to see your transactions complete imminently.

Happy Birthday to me.....YEAH FINALLY

Rani Williams December 14, 2015 at 3:17pm
Billion dollar currency swap, China and the UAE done today.
EXOGEN > bruce December 14, 2015 at 6:48am

Nancy Korpi Report on Rayren Call - 12/14/15
  • Today will be good. Tomorrow seems to be the day.   [I personally think people are putting too much credence in tomorrow, but time will tell!]
  • The process is underway and it is playing out.  Processing  SLOWLY.
  • There was no call on Friday because nothing had changed.
  • Things are strangely quiet right now, just like on Friday.   Contacts regularly heard from have been absent for
  • over 3 days now; no info.
  • IT is still expected any day any minute.
  • There were bank appointments set up last week for a consultation.  They are again scheduled later this week for an exchange.
  • Banks are waiting and ready!
  • The buzz today is that the rupiah had rate fluctuations over the weekend. Some people profited from that!    [So that says to me people did their CE over the weekend for the rupiah.]
  • There are rumors on the internet that the lower denominations ARE indeed at the banks and being distributed.  Ray could not verify that with today's intel yet.  The CBI hasn't made such an announcement.
  • There are things happening with our Fed Reserve (rate hike?), with the Chinese yuan devaluing, the price of oil sliding, the tariffs in Iraq beginning tomorrow, nearly $1T in calls  in the stock market coming due this week, etc which paint an important week in the financial world.   "Tuesday is going to go down in history as one of the most volatile dates in decades!" from a financial newsletter.  Hang on!
  • The move to asset backed currencies will be a challenge world wide and we will see strange things.
  • Here is something to help you move AWAY from Banks that hold a lot of derivatives, as they represent extreme exposure to investors:    
  • "Specifically, of the $250 trillion in gross notional amount of derivative contracts outstanding (consisting of Interest Rate, FX, Equity Contracts, Commodity and CDS) among the Top 25 commercial banks (a number that swells to $333 trillion when looking at the Top 25 Bank Holding Companies), a mere 5 banks (and really 4) account for 95.9% of all derivative exposure (HSBC replaced Wells as the Top 5th bank, which at $3.9 trillion in derivative exposure is a distant place from #4 Goldman with $47.7 trillion).
  • The top 4 banks: JPM with $78.1 trillion in exposure, Citi with $56 trillion, Bank of America with $53 trillion and Goldman with $48 trillion, account for 94.4% of total exposure. As historically has been the case, the bulk of consolidated exposure is in Interest Rate swaps ($204.6 trillion), followed by FX ($26.5TR), CDS ($15.2 trillion), and Equity and Commodity with $1.6 and $1.4 trillion, respectively. And that’s your definition of Too Big To Fail right there: the biggest banks are not only getting bigger, but their risk exposure is now at a new all time high and up $5.3 trillion from Q1 as they have to risk ever more in the derivatives market to generate that incremental penny of return."    Note this was first published in 2011 and I didn't look at the current date.
  • Scott Bank (I think in CA) held very very few or $0!   That's a bank I'd look into.  I really don't want my money exposed to the hazards of the banks' decisions to holden derivatives.
  • Here's another table that is quite worrisome:  cut and paste was a disaster…. sorry.    Pls go see it.  IT IS STUNNING!
    • It is not a question of IF but WHEN.
    • We remain waiting and we cannot rush it. We have no influence at all.
    • KEEP IN MIND that  we may NOT get the 800# to call.  YOU SHOULD ALL HAVE A PERSON IN AT LEAST ONE BANK TO CALL WHEN THIS GOES DOWN!  IF you haven't done that and made the personal contact NOW is the time to do that.   THis is your assignment to protect your interests in this thing.  GET PREPARED.
Just Rec.
Marine Gen. Dunford is to the left of President Obama (your right) looking at the audience.
Said to be the interim president when this happens.


  • Replay 605.562.3179, PIN CODE 409029#
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.    SHORT CALL
    Ray:  It’s Marvelous Monday.  Still, did not think we would be here.  You would think the intel would be pouring out left to right, but it isn’t.  Friday, nothing new, so we waited.  We are still in an anticipatory mode.  Any hour, any day. 
    Weekend Activity: In Iraq broadcast on their TV screens that the lower denoms were going to all the citizens.  They did not say “in the coming days.”  Ray:  Rupiah . . . did some fluctuating . . . happened this weekend.   
    Ray: Strangely quiet right now.  Really don’t have a pulse on what’s going on over there right now.  Three days since I’ve heard from contact I have regularly heard from.  Ray said it maybe the quiet before the storm.
    CURRENT WINDOW:    Ray:  Still expecting it any minute, any hour, any day.  That is the best information we have.   Some of us were looking for it this morning.  We were ready.  It didn’t happen. 
    Ray:  Some of us have been down this road before.   Remember back when
    Caller: Do you think it’s a possibility go to end of January or February? Ray: No, I don’t think we are going to the end of January based on people that have appointments . . . on what’s going on with the banks.
    IRAQ:    The 15th:  Tariffs take affect.  
    • CBI  has not made any announcement on the Lower Denom’s.  Ray: Some information maybe more forthcoming later in the day
    • Currencies:  Rupiah fluctuated over the weekend and some people profited by that.  Good idea to keep an eye on it.
  • Banks:  Reports of people have bank appointments scheduled for this week. Some were told to bring their currencies, just in case. Some went in last week for consultation and planning. Sometimes given a rate but then could not exchange.  Rates shared with different members on different currencies they wish to exchange with instructions to come back next week.
  • Concerns of Market Crash:  Ray:  Some bleak outlooks we can do nothing about.  All we can do is make plans in case it happens. . . Be ready so it doesn’t affect you the way it would someone who isn’t ready.  All I can do is . . . I can control what happens to me after the fact, IF THAT ACTUALLY TAKES PLACE.     A caller pointed out that “fear” sells and that could be all the “crash scenario’s” are about. Selling a newsletter, financial advice, etc.
EXCHANGING:   Are you ready?  Means have a bank location and be prepared in case we do not get the anticipated information from TNT and we maybe on our own.  If traveling have alternate plans, perhaps private plane information, if you want to get home quickly.  Ray:  If playing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd mouse scene, time is not of the essence and you are waiting for it to play out.
PAM:  (out shopping according to Ray)
RAY: Time to pack it up and bring it in. The last caller should have put you in the right perspective. Not a question of if, but when. With that being said, magic four letter word . . . WAIT.  Let’s just sit back and wait on it coming. Can’t rush it, speed it up, slow it down or turn it sideways.  Can do a whole lot once we have it in our hands. Hopefully, we will have a reason to convene you again, if not today, tomorrow, if not then, back with the regular Wednesday call. . . . Really I am taking it hour by hour. We have some currency fluctuating. . . We’ll just wait on that and see what happens. Have a good day.



TNT Call notes 9-December-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  Today, there is just ONE of us on the line – little old me!  The challenge is to get the recording on, because I think this is one that members will not want to miss due to the educational content.  So this is an inconvenient moment… we want you able to refer back to it.  I’m excited about today!  Let’s see if I can now recapture… it’s a bit tricky when things happen that you don’t expect.  You’re liable to fly off the cuff.  Bear with us while we re-acquire everything.  Talk about multi-tasking.  What an interesting day…

Welcome to the TNT super-fantastic call on When Am I Gonna See It Wednesday and also Wealth Seeking Wednesday.  We don’t have a lot of new information, although everything is moving along, everything is positive.  We just don’t know how long it will take.  Progress is being made.   Banks are getting excited, and members say they have appointments coming up… mostly to plan rather than exchange, but they are bringing their currency just in case.  This is a different place than we were in last year, with more expectation moving us forward. Some currencies with no value a year ago now have extreme perceived value or even real value as people have leveraged them. 

Any hour, day or week… that is where we are as we hear things popping up from different sources.  We are in progress, especially with people’s appointments coming.  We just wait.  Things we expected on Monday and Tuesday haven’t developed yet;  just hold out and believe it’s coming.

Let’s talk about being ready. Prepare yourself for this life-changing event… not just for going to the bank, but more for the lifestyle changes that are coming.  We need to prepare ourselves for the actual minute/hour/day they can process the currency, and be ready for that.  I spoke last time about POD in case something happens before you can move the money to where you want it.  Also, we were told that two photo IDs might be required, so make sure you do that now, not at the last minute.  Make an inventory of your currency – know exactly what you have, the denominations and currencies.  If you have combination of denominations, write that down so you know what you’re working with.
Some other things to talk about might include DIVERSIFICATION.  That should be foremost in your mindset.  Most are taught to diversify from the investment standpoint, but also diversify in your banking activity.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, because the bank might decide to shut down your banks and send you down the road.  I would diversify with banking so that if you fall out of favor with a specific bank, it won’t affect your lifestyle… which should be as diversified.  That goes along with asset protection. 

Also think about lost opportunities.  Most of us have not be taught that in college or in life.  Learn about lost opportunity and the impact that has on you.  AT exchange we will be all excited, and of course with all this money we want to save others, pay off debt and buy cars, boats, etc.  WE have to look at how we go about doing those things. You need to treat your exchange process as principal.  You want to let the principal create interest and live off that interest.  That also applies to paying off debt and buying new items.  When we have the money, we like to pay cash.  Let’s say you want to pay 10K for something;  what could that 10K have created for you as a sound investment creating a nice cash flow. 

Compare that to what you could buy with that 10K, and decide whether to pay cash or not.  That would especially apply to buying a house: if you pay cash, there are no payments, you own it free and clear.  However, that 100K or one million might be invested somewhere to create income.  You don’t have that 100K anymore, because that is tied up in the property.  Let your professionals help you work all this out before you decide on a direction:  should you pay 100K cash for the property or take out a low-interest loan and put the 100K to work for you. Let’s say you can make 6% on the 100K and you take out a mortgage at 2%.  You are making a net 4%, and over time the mortgage is paid off, and meanwhile you are making money with the cash you would have spent.  These are all things to consider.  Rely on those professional people like wealth managers, private bankers, CPAs and strategic planners that you will be paying anyway so that you can make the best choice the first time rather than having regrets further down the road.

Lets’ also look at the RV time… time to go to the bank and do your exchange.  For some, the first, second, third mouse scenarios may be prevalent.  Do you go exchange a few small notes first because you need money right now?  How have you been taking care of your needs up until this moment?  It’s probably been sitting and waiting just as you have, so it may not be a true need but a convenience or something you want for instant gratification. How much  money do you truly need?  Some have actual pressing debts. Is that tens or hundreds of thousands?  For most of us, it’s just a few thousand, so it might be better to negotiate a small loan instead of exchanging at a lower rate.

Another area to consider before ‘show time’ is … call dropped… came back!  We don’t know if these exchanges will be taxable or not, but there are certain tools so that at least some segments are not taxable.  One is the self-directed IRA or retirement account. You put, say, $6,000 in every year into your IRA and you can deduct that from your income taxes.  That is a tax-deferred plan; you only pay tax when you withdraw the money.  In a ROTH IRA, it’s the opposite – the initial payments are not tax-deductible, but you don’t pay tax when you withdraw the money later.  The self-directed Roth IRA means you can invest those funds in whatever you deem necessary; you make the decisions.  What would be a good thing to invest in with those qualified monies?   Foreign currencies!  Members have been doing that, accumulating currencies that will be exchanged and at the appropriate time you will receive the funds.  There are technical mechanism to do that including using management companies.  It’s a good Plan B for a tax-free program.

Hopefully these points will help you as you get ready or BE ready so you don't have to get ready.  Let’s go into Q and A…

703 caller:  I’m now rethinking my plan because my daughter has been saying similar things to me.  I’m older and don’t want to have debt, but she’s showing me that there can be ‘good debt’.  The old site was supposed to go static when this goes;  this new site, will it still go static or will it stay live now that you are running the site?

RayRen: That part of the plan will still probably be the same.  Even though there is new sheriff in town, this sheriff will still be riding the same stagecoach.

Caller: Will there be 800 numbers or will it be shotgun?

RayRen:  We are still waiting on that – we don’t know what they want us to do to assist them.  We don't know any of the details, lead time, or anything else.

Caller:  They’re doing a good job of keeping us in the dark but we are educated enough to go either way.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

602 caller:  I’m impatiently patiently waiting, as the song goes.  In reference to the banks loaning on currencies, are all banks doing that now?

RayRen:  I didn’t say that, I meant just taking out a loan. Let’s say you are at the bank, and you say that you intend to exchange with that bank, and soon this currency will be worth millions.  Meanwhile, you have about 5,500 worth of bills to discharge.  What can the bank work out with you?  We know of three members who have new vehicles based on the perceived value of what is to come, based on verbal contracts. That is pre-RV, and when you go in post-RV, there will be no question of the value of what you hold.  If you tell that bank that they have your business, and in the meantime you need some cash flow, then possibly you can cut a deal.

Caller:  Is there a new window?

RayRen:  There certain information that we tried to share on Monday and Tuesday, because we figured it was in the public domain.  It wasn’t from our team, and I didn’t subscribe to the bond intel anyway, but as my window is already ‘any time, any day’, so I don’t see there being a NEW window. I would be inclined to expect this before the tariffs kick in on the 15th.  That would be nice;  if it's already in progress, why wait until the 15th?  I’m on a day to day basis, looking forward to this today, tomorrow.  I support any day.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
646 caller:  I presume everything is pretty much in good order…
RayRen: Last we heard it’s all status quo.  We are waiting. 
Caller:  Let’s hope we get this before Christmas.
RayRen:  I’m highly optimistic.  Let’s count on that.
941 caller:  So basically we are where we were the other day.
RayRen:  Moving along, waiting for something good to happen.  To my understanding that rates are about the same as they have been, although some are quoting other rates from what they’ve seen on bank screens.  We have not heard of anyone holding this up;  it’s a progression and no one is interfering so far as we have heard.
Caller:  so the banks are taking whoever they want?
RayRen:  There is a progression, and it is going through the last progression.  No one has given us specific details on the step by step process. All we can rely on is what we are hearing, that the RV is in process.  A year ago, we weren’t told it was in progression.  The only thing similar to last year is that they both have Decembers.  Don’t hold onto the past;  look to the future.  Let’s be ready for what is about to take place.  My plan is to wait.  It’s coming down the pike and I’m holding on for that.
707 caller:  One question from my group is whether there is an expiration date on the zim.
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything official on that. There were dates in the past and when we went past them, Zimbabwe extended them.
Caller: I set up accounts at my local WF;  they don't have any interest in exchange now.  I’m thinking San Francisco might be a better possibility.
RayRen: I feel 100% sure that when the time comes, those same banks will open their doors and extend their arms and welcome us in. 
Caller:  Thanks for the tips at the beginning.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
719 caller:  I’m a lady-in-waiting… from the Twelve Days of Christmas.  You aren’t saying much about Iraq – have they done everything?  Are they waiting as well?
RayRen:  On the last call Iraq said that the RV has begun and it’s trickling out.  I don’t know where it is on any given day, or what they need to do to change the value of their currency. They are implementing it, however slowly. There is not a lot to share;  it is in progress.  It’s moving and I’m good with that.
Caller:  Everyone says that, and not to be cynical but we’ve been hearing similar statements for probably a year and a half.  It’s happened in April, we’ll have a great Black Friday, a terrific Christmas… it feels like every time we go near the food bowl, we get shocked.
RayRen:  We hear certain words and take them to mean the meanings we perceive them to have.  It can be the communication is not linking up from person to person;  we need more information and sometimes that information is not available.  We can look back at those dates and see some truth in them, but we want the totality – the results.  In my view, anything moving is better than not moving, but some of you want it all to be done, completely done and at the bank. It’s not there yet.  The process is underway, but along the way there are little things we had not accounted for and those are now taking place.  It’s the peripheral things and we are looking for the totality.  The bank called and said “We want to talk about something that is going to happen”;  we didn’t have that a year ago or even six months ago.  Banks are sending limos for their clients to come in and have a conversation. Those are big pieces to show progress is coming.  We just don’t have the whole deal yet – at which point the little pieces will be unimportant.  Banks are paying overtime to their personnel – they don’t like doing that, so it’s significant. Things are happening!  We just don’t know the whole timeline.  When the banking people say they are working until 11pm or told not to take vacations, that is all important and they indicate things are taking place that were not happening 12 or even six months ago.  So no one can convince me we are in the same place as we were a quarter ago – we’re not!
Caller:  I hope you are right and we get this before Christmas.  We all want to pay it forward and to plan for the holidays.  Some people I know are not planning to have a holiday, and it’s a bit discouraging.  I hope we are all done.
RayRen:  Just keep holding on!  It’s time;  I get caught up speaking with you all, and giving what information I can to get you through the day.  We need to sign off. Thank you to many members who already answered the call.  When you become the new sheriff, you take over the debt as well, so thank you for everyone who has donated.  If you haven’t, come on!  Let’s all help out so that we can take care of the things here that need to be taken care of. 
When will we see it?  We don’t know;  time will tell.  Keep holding on and we will be here with you.  Hopefully there will not be a call on Fantabulous Friday, but if there is a need, we’ll be here to help.  Take care and have a good evening.


Bluwolf: "Dinar..... Excellent News" 12/8/2015, 9 DEC

Post From Intel4u Forum
​Ghost Writer (aka Translator for BluWolf):
Subject: The Ghost Writer.... Dinar... Excellent News!!
On Sunday, December 6, 2015 1:39 PM,
The Ghost Writer I have been silent for a while now, watching as many do not heed the advice which has been disseminated – too many are falling for scoundrel ideas and confidence tricks of the greedy. I think it is time to set some of the fanciful ideas straight.
There is one clearance bank and at present there are no other banks in the USA with the monetary capability to exchange the millions of dinars other than this bank. It has been designated to do the exchange and always it was and is to be Wells Fargo.
So if you are hearing about a cap on dinars, dong and zim you’re in the wrong bank! The bank you are in or going to go into has not been contracted by the UST to do the exchange.
These banks who are not contracted to do the exchange therefore suffer from liquidity problems hence the caps. Those banks have to make their margin out of you.
Those who are filling your heads with particular rates are doing so for one simple reason, they have a story and by-line to follow - those banks not contracted can only pay out what is on their screens, yes, and they really want your currency so a little subterfuge is in order to garner a share in the marketplace.
Those who have hoodwinked you about caps and various rates will cause many of the unwise and foolish to rush headlong into the nearest bank and to exchange at very low rates. The banks are sure going to rub their hands in glee as they work the margin in their favour.
The bankers will capitalize on the many brainwashed folks out there who have been fed the same story so many times that they begin to embody it and believe it.
As the time now passes and we shall shortly reflect on these words we will see that already this venture is actually already over.
The GCR,PP,FP and all the rest of the projects to help humanity are now a reality and fast turning from myth to tangible and quantifiable funds, like an unstoppable tide it is surging forward and breaching the seawall of the PTB putting them to asunder. They have lost their power and can cause no more mayhem of insidious delays.
So there are no more delays, no more posturing, no more twists in the path. We are in the position of waiting now, waiting for a certain timer to finish its countdown and the act to trigger.
All the tests have been done, all the machines have been checked and all the relevant personnel are in place and in lockdown. They are standing by for what must be one of the most momentous events in our personal history.
There really is no more to say or to write. Other than these parting words --Stick to the original plans you made, follow through. Don’t get suckered into groups that are skimming the cream and sucking the marrow out of the plan.---
There have been and in some respects there continue to be many arrests and it is with certainty that I say that the security issues have been perfected so you will be quite safe if you stick to what you know and not be swayed by those who wish influence over you.
Good Luck to you, the new millionaires of our world. Plan well and execute even better, out with the old and in with the new, for a better tomorrow, for us all.



De Kyre Adept

RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Monday, December 7, 2015.  This is RayRen98 and with Already Blessed we will get this show on the road.  It’s almost show time on this Marvelous Monday.  We have information updates.
Did we think we would hear the same information as Friday?  There was an early meeting that afternoon, discussing why certain things did not come through.  All was good and interesting, and we went through the weekend with high expectations.  News came from Iraq that the RV has begun… that’s consistent.  This currency can now float.  We had more indications of lower denoms, erratic from different regions.  A video when viral saying dinar was a 122 for 100 dollars, meaning each dinar is worth about 80 cents.  That is true in Iraq.  We connected with our best contacts, and lower denoms are in people’s hands in some areas.  We believe it is taking place, just not widespread  yet.

We hear the RI took place on the 1st but not a ton of confirmation.  People are counting the days it goes to RV, with lots of projections.  Time will tell.  What are bond holders getting?  Information went out to them, similar to what we are looking for.

We have information that TRNs are active.  We project that bank codes will be active on Tuesday, then on Wednesday green light for RV activation.  We don’t know why it didn’t take place over the weekend.

When a person says “we are in same place as last year”, I say NO!  So many things have changed. There is a computer on sale for 175 dinar;  how much would that equate to? Members are looking on Craigslist and seeing ads for 10,000 for a car;  what would 10K dinar have to equal to buy an automobile?  There have been people with three separate stories of getting loans for cars based on the perceived value of their currency.  This is very exciting information.
If you are sitting on the fence, too many things happening and too many open door not to realize this opportunity is within our reach.  People have been calling me saying they are being called by their banks and told all five currencies will be exchanged.  Some Canadians are being able to exchange zim.  We still don’t know the exact hour or day, but will all this information, we have to believe we are very much in the week. Time will tell what day – any hour of any day looks good for this process, with the information we have received.  More info will flow after the end of this call, with confirmations as the day trickles by.

Are we prepared for this lifestyle change?  I’m not telling anyone, but people close to you will know that something has changed.  If you don’t spend any of this money, what is the point?  So people will know something is happening. I want to help people, my family, friends and neighbors, and those will have ramifications as well.  So when I say “Are you ready?” I don’t mean are you ready to exchange, but are you ready for how your whole life will change?  There are ways that we do certain things, and also how we live our lives.  Are you ready?  The time is very close.

That’s it for intel at the moment.  Let’s take some questions.

508 caller:  Merry Christmas!  [Appreciation]  I live on Cape Cod, and none of the banks here seem to know anything or have a machine;  they have to send out for currency if you want any.  We don’t have a WF, and the BoA doesn’t deal with currency.  I’ve talked to the WM at WF in Boston and he is out to lunch so I wouldn’t trust him with my money.  Where there will be a bank that exchanges near here?

RayRen:  Did you speak to them about exchanging?

Caller:  yes, I said I had some Chinese money, and they said they didn’t know, they’d have to send it out and verify it, etc.

RayRen:  Yes, you will have to look for a bank that is more favorable to your conditions.  I have no idea how far you will have to travel, but that would mean nothing to me in terms of maximizing this.

Caller:  Connecticut? New York?  I don’t want to deal with the currency dealers. 

Do you hear of anyone exchanging on the East Coast?  I’m traveling to NC for Christmas?  Where would I go if it’s after next Wednesday?

RayRen:  If the banks don’t provide 800 numbers to us all, I’m sure all the members will post numbers in the forum.

Caller:  I’m not a member of the forum.

RayRen:  There is a link you can click on to show the information even if you are not a member. If available, if the members start reporting their locations, we’ll try to put it in the public sector where non-members can access it.  I’ll try to get that done for you.  There will be someone looking at for you, some way, somehow.

303 caller:  Regarding the website, I was on forever, and you had a display for the 800 numbers, and that has been removed.  How do I get that again?  Also, I cannot seem to work the tntshowtime link.

RayRen:  That has been removed because they haven’t given us that information but as soon as it’s available, our web techs will make sure it gets on the sites.  You have to be a member to get on

Caller:  Ah, I’m not a member;  I always looked to stage3alpha and then they closed the TNT site.  I do look at the latest Blasts and tweets, and the latest one is on 2. December.

RayRen: That is the public part, that you don't have to be a member to see. The rest of the forum you have to be a member to be there.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

512 caller:  Looks like everything is coming down the track.  I thought they transferred the RV release to the IMF a few weeks ago and then we expected it to happen pretty quickly. Now we understand there is a three-letter agency involved, probably within our admin-istration?  How are they circumventing the IMF, Iraq, etc>

RayRen:  I don’t see a delay taking place. All the information indicates that this is moving – adverts at ridiculously low prices, loans, etc. We are waiting at the bus stop and you know that bus is coming.

Caller:   Tony said that there were various delays from that three-letter agency, after the agreements with Iraq and so on. I’ve tried to get on the calls several times to address that situation… that there were eight different delays.

RayRen:  I know of no activity stopping anything. I see it in effect, and our Iraqi contacts are saying the same.  I do believe it’s in progress, and I don’t think any agency is slowing it down or stopping it.  It’s just taking its natural progression and we don’t know how long that will take.

Caller:  Like everyone else, I’m frustrated that we are so close to Christmas and I don’t want the same thing to happen as last year and the year before.  Now some gurus are saying March 1st!

RayRen: Based on what?  If there is no substance, don’t receive it!  What I am receiving is that we are anticipating people exchanging this week.  On Craigslist, cars are being listed at 10,000 dinar, and that doesn’t make sense if the currency hasn’t changed value.  The same is true of the lower denominations.  If there is something back up 1. March, then I will receive it and make plans accordingly.  If not… if they don’t tell you why, then so far as I’m concerned it’s come out of thin air.  Don’t believe it unless there is substance to back it up.

Caller:  [same again]  We want to see this come through before Christmas.

RayRen:  We expect this before Christmas but there are no guarantees – no one has promised this before then.  When I see the information, that is reality to me and it’s on the move.  We can be there any hour or any day.  If it happens by March 1, then I’ll see you there.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

313 caller:  No question but I also read the IMF is in Iraq, I think that is a good thing.  Is Tony going to be back for the last call?

RayRen:  I don’t know.  We’ll see what the future holds for us.  We’re very optimistic.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

312 caller:  I dial in as early as I can!  I have a small bank story.  I called my bank contact just before the call;  we haven’t talked for a few months.  In the past, he said that they had talked about the currencies a little bit, and we bantered a bit.   This time he was much more informed.  He is a private banker, and they had received the memo and they will be doing exchanges… including the Iraqi dinar.  He was glad I had called and said he will put my number in his “to call file” when the time comes.  He said he might be calling this week!  I said that if I don't hear from him, I do have another bank contact, but he said, “Oh, no, you will hear from me!”  So he had a lot more information than when we spoke last, and that is more confirmation that the banks have received memos and are knowing and doing things.  I’m excited to have this confirmation on a personal level.  I look forward to hearing from him this week.  He sounded excited and knows this is happening.

RayRen: We haven’t heard any other confirmations so far today, but look to get more of that kind of banking information as the day unfolds, as to what happened (or didn’t happen) on Friday and over the weekend.  I am anticipating their receiving us this week. Some have dropped information into chat, OM, texting me of their first-hand experiences talking with bank people and being received.  The bank people are even saying “send me some people”.  That is new, and that should have some meaning to you. They are ready! I think they are ready for right now, not 1. March.  I don't think they are getting excited now for something four months down the road.

Caller: This guy this morning sounded like he was talking to a long-lost friend. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  This seems to have been moved down the road so many times.  How far as we away from NOT getting the cheese moved again?  Where is the truth at?

RayRen: The truth is in all of it!  Monday/Tuesday was an expectation, not a promise, at least not from TNT.  It’s something to look forward to.  Then hearing what took place over the weekend… I’m feeling very good about the progress that it is moving us forward.  I don’t think the cheese has been moved, we haven’t got close enough to see it!  It is as it is.  Hang in there and we’ll see it through to the end.

954 caller:  Good afternoon!  I forgot to put my hand down.  All my questions have been answered. 
816 caller:  I was curious about something on DinarDetectives yesterday that said that if it didn’t happen by today, there would be hyper-inflation.
RayRen:  We’ve had some conditions like that in the past, like when the US’s credit rating dropped and we were all going to hell in a hand basket. We got it back, everyone still went to work, and life went on.  Whenever I hear “or else”, I know life will still go on.
Caller; Do you think we will have this before Christmas?
RayRen:  Based on things that happened this weekend, I do believe and feel this IS in progress. We were told it started in Iraq, with lower denoms being distributed in some areas and exchanges at 122 dinar to 100 dollars.  So I have every reason to believe we will see this before Christmas, although I don’t have definitive information.
Caller:  I talked to Bank of America last year and they said they would NEVER trade in those currencies. Then a few weeks ago, I went to the head lady and asked about exchanging foreign currencies. I told her which ones I have, and she said that until this is  lifted she cannot, but afterwards she can exchange those currencies. I wonder if I should go in again and ask if she can exchange now.
RayRen:  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  It’s showing on the screens, and some people are getting loans based on the perceived value of these currencies.  That is in the USA, and all across the US.  Just think of the ones who are not coming us… we just hear certain things, and not others until the events are in the past.
Caller:  My son knows they are exchanging in Canada, and he asked if he can go there and exchange…
RayRen:  I don’t know if Americans can go to Canada and exchange, what conditions are involved.  All a Canadian bank and ask their requirements.  Keep in mind that the US rates are supposed to be better than anywhere else, so I would prefer to exchange in the US.  You do want to shop around, but that is what I’ve been told.  Remember also that the Canadian banks will be exchanging to Canadian dollars;  ask what that would be in US dollars.
Caller:  There are many people I want to help at Christmas time.  RV, RV, RV!
RayRen:  Time flies when you are having fun!  Pam?
Pam:  I’m all set – thanks, everybody.  I hope this is our week!
RayRen:  I hope this is our week.  Are you ready? Are you really, really ready?  There are many things that need to be included in that.  Check your IDs, that you have photo IDs and that they are current.  If you are exchanging in your  personal name and plan to move the currency over to an entity, make sure you have a POD (payable on death) so that if anything happens to you before you can move the funds, your beneficiaries can receive those funds smoothly.  This is for single folks;  married people will have each other.  Talk it over with the bank and make sure you have a POD so that your beneficiary would only have to show a death certificate to receive those funds without going through probate.
Also, make an inventory of your currency, especially if they bank has to send it away for verification.  Hopefully most will verify it on the spot, they will sign off on it and give you a receipt.
This is Marvelous Monday. I'm not looking forward to doing a call on Wednesday because I hope we will have it in our hands by then. It sure looks good or this to be our week. Thanks for spending this time on the call with us.  TNT wishes you a good day!

DECEMBER 5, 2015 9:49 AM


Subject: Fwd: December 5, 2015 A.M. up date Summary:  
Fairly quiet intel this morning, but Open Mike has been going crazy.
Iraqis are calling in about spending their new money at a new rate. Rayren
expects most of us at the bank Monday/Tues, with some this week.        

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to form an economic bloc, as an
alternative to the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). He has asked the
government to start making contacts with Asian countries.

Putin wants Russia to become world's biggest exporter of Non-GMO food
Gold-Backed Ruble, Yuan to Trigger Global De-Dollarization
[Nothing new, just analysis. But I think it is correct.]

NESARA history, at least ONE version, is published below for those who are not aware of it.

RAY on Open Mike: RayRen said that we're in a wonderful spot right now.
Some are expected to be called and go through possibly as early as today and tomorrow, but the rest are likely on Monday and Tuesday. No promises, but it certainly seems that we are there guys.

    Admirals Group is told that they should be exchanging on Monday.

Relative in Iraq says he got a laptop for 175 dinar! Tony was on OM last night. He didn't say anything, but his wife called in so people could hear him in the background, hear him laugh. Sounded like he was at a party. Said he was Superfantastic.  

Iko Ward on Open Mike: IKO...was talking about the rates that are on the screen. He thinks they are the  target rates that a hedge fund manager told him about. They are not place holder rates IKO...said it wouldn't surprise him to be getting the 800 numbers in the morning and making appointments by the afternoon!!!

kue911 wrote 21m ago My best friend is good friends with a retired 4 star general. General told him there are 14 Iraq oil tankers off the coast of Houston. They will not come and unload until it RVs. They are insisting on being paid in Dinar.


Tennwolfman  wrote 41s ago I have had 3 different contacts call me with the same info--that we are ready to get started being called in any minute now 1 contact is in Texas, one is in Cali, and the other is here in Tenn, none of the 3 know each other yet they all 3 said the same thing they all 3 said be ready cause we are at the point of being called in to exchange

NurseGinger: REMEMBER:How to keep your money:
1) Never spend the principle.
2) Never lose the principle.
3) Never spend all of the interest earned.
4) Always plan on taking a fixed percentage of annual earnings and
building the principle.
5) Never exceed costs that would economically exceed your earnings of your principle. ....


(This content is for general information purposes only. 
All information given is the opinion of the provider.)


ElleR:  December 5, 2015 at 12:05am

Friday, December 4, 2015-
NESARA Coming Soon!!!
The Reset Button

History Behind the
National Economic Security And Reformation Act

NESARA's reformations are the main tools for implementing important US
Supreme Court rulings made in January 1993 on several cases filed by farmers
living in US Midwest and Mountain states areas against banks, specific
government officials, certain judges, and others. Certain US Generals and
Admirals were supportive of, and one General was co-plaintiff in, the
Farmers' Cases that went to the US Supreme Court.

You may recall in the 1970's and 1980's there were news reports and
documentaries about thousands of family farmers losing their farms to
foreclosure. Willie Nelson has been doing Farm Aid concerts for years to
help these farmers.

In the 1980's some of the farmers investigated why there were so many bank
foreclosures on their farms and discovered certain banks were fraudulently
foreclosing on their farms. When these farmers turned to government
officials for assistance and filed lawsuits against these banks, they
learned certain government officials and judges were working in collusion
with the banks.

The farmers also learned that certain aspects of the current Federal Reserve
banking system were unconstitutional and pursued their lawsuits through the
Federal District Court in Denver and other locations. Some of the farmers
involved in the lawsuits were harassed by the IRS and in turn investigated
the IRS involvement with the bankers.

 After years of lawsuits, several of the farmers' lawsuits reached the US
Supreme Court including Baskerville and Foster v. Credit Bank of Wichita,
Federal Land Bank, and First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins from the Denver
Federal District Court. For simplicity, I call these cases at the US Supreme
Court the "Farmers' Cases".

In early 1993, the nine US Supreme Court judges ruled seven to two in favor
of the farmers on all major issues including that the Federal Reserve
Banking system was unconstitutional, that the US has been operating outside
the Constitution since March 1933, that major reformations of government and
our banking system are required, and that financial redress and remedies
must be provided for financial losses due to bank fraud suffered by
generations of Americans.

 The farmers involved certain very powerful US military Generals and
Admirals in their cases. These Generals and Admirals made it clear to the US
Supreme Court judges that they knew the farmers' cases were righteous and
watched in the courtroom as the US Supreme Court Judges heard the cases.

The presence of the Generals and Admirals is why the majority of the judges
felt they had to rule properly and in favor of the farmers. Because of the
extraordinary nature of the necessary reformations, the Court sealed all
court records and put all people directly involved under Non Disclosure
agreements (gag orders) until the reformations are publicly and officially

The Court had a duty to design and implement reformations to correct the
injustices; therefore, the Court recruited experts in Constitutional Law,
banking, economics, and monetary systems to work in task force groups to
develop the needed reformations. During the two years these expert groups
developed the reformations, irrefutable proof was provided to the US Supreme
Court Judges that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, the income tax
amendment, had not been properly ratified.

The Judges had no choice but to include abolishing income taxes in the
reformations development process. It was also found that there had been a
definite pattern of federal administrations and Congress ignoring the
Constitution in laws passed since 1933. FDR took the US out of
Constitutional Law when he declared a national banking emergency and amended
the Trading with the Enemy Act in March 1933.

Constitutional Law experts working on government reformations determined
that to end the pattern of blatant disregard for the Constitution, it would
be necessary to require the sitting US administration and US Congress to
resign when Constitutional Law is restored. Following completion of the
development of the reformations, the Court appointed certain experts and
others to a "committee" which has authority to manage the process of
announcing and implementing the reformations.

Once the reformations were developed, the Court made half-hearted efforts to
implement the reformations through an "Accords" agreement process with the
Clinton administration. During that time, very little progress was made to
implement the reformations. However quantities of the new US Treasury
currency backed by gold were printed and shipped to certain banks in the US
where the currency has sat in bank vaults for years awaiting the
announcement of the reformations.

 When NESARA is announced, many more shipments of the new Treasury currency
will be shipped to all banks in the US under guard by US military units.

During the years of the Accords process, the Court approved a "claims
against the government process" (also known as Farm Claims or Bank Claims)
which was meant to provide specific financial redress to Americans, however,
various groups and individuals interfered with the claims process.

Finally in 1998, the powerful US military Generals and Admirals consulted
with constitutional law experts regarding the lack of progress in getting
the much-needed reformations implemented. The Generals, Admirals, and
constitutional law experts all knew the US Supreme Court Judges were
purposely stalling the reformations process.

It was decided that the only other way to accomplish the crucial
reformations was to compile all the needed reformations into a law and have
the law passed by Congress. The National Economic Security And Reformation
Act (NESARA) containing required reformations was submitted to Congress in
1999 where it sat with little action for almost a year.

Late one evening in March 2000, a written quorum call was hand-delivered by
Delta Force and Navy SEALs to only members of the US Senate and the US House
who were sponsors and co-sponsors of NESARA. The members were immediately
accompanied by the Delta Force and Navy SEALs to their respective voting
chambers where they passed the National Economic Security And Reformation


The National Economic Security And Reformation Act
provides the following,
some of which will take place immediately after
the official announcement of NESARA which is to be
televised live from Washington, DC:

1. Restores Constitutional Law in the USA.

2. Requires the current US administration to resign their positions to allow
a fresh start at the national level and installs Constitutionally acceptable
NESARA President and Vice President Designates until new elections can take
place within six months. The President and Vice-President will resign, the
Cabinet and Appointees by the President, and all members of Congress must
resign within 72 hours of NESARA's announcement.

3. NESARA US President Designate declares "peace" because NESARA abolishes
unconstitutional states of emergency.

4. As partial remedy for 100 years of government and banking fraud, credit
card balances are zeroed out and bank debt relief is given to Americans for
bank loans including mortgages, car loans, education loans, business loans,
and other bank debt. Banks will be paid $9000 per each credit card account
with a balance; these funds were raised in special revenue generating
activities in Europe. NESARA requires other bank debts be made
self-liquidating loans and US banks are instructed to use new high revenue
generating processes to pay off Americans' bank loans.

5. Initiates the US Treasury Bank System with new U.S. Treasury currency
backed by precious metals. The Federal Reserve is abolished and Federal
Reserve facilities and most personnel are absorbed into the Treasury Bank
System. We will be exchanging our Federal Reserve notes, which are not
backed by gold, for the US Treasury currency which is backed by gold. Many
bank personnel have already been trained on NESARA and the new currency is
already in some banks' vaults.

6. Abolishes Income Taxes in US and creates a national sales tax on new,
non-essential items as revenue for government. Essential items such as food
and medicine, and used items are exempt from the sales tax.

The NESARA law requires that a minimum of one time each year, there must be
an effort made to announce NESARA. Three current US Supreme Court judges
control the committee in charge of NESARA's announcement. The Judges have
used their overall authority to secretly sabotage NESARA's announcement;
thus each year NESARA has been blocked from being announced.

This is why NESARA has not been announced: the people with the overall
authority to order NESARA's announcement are, in fact, blocking NESARA.

Due to the gag order on NESARA, it is difficult for true NESARA supporters
to learn exactly what has happened to stop NESARA from being announced.

Investigating details with hundreds of people has yielded exactly what needs
to be done to resolve key issues and bring NESARA to announcement. After
learning what the "problems" related to NESARA are, I've researched deeply
to find the "solutions" and those people who can carry out the solutions and
bring NESARA to announcement.

In many ways, our country is facing the worst crisis of its history:

More Americans are unemployed, drowning in debt, and living in poverty than
anytime since World War II

Our government irresponsibly races to assume more debt on top of highest
historical debts

Our military lose their lives in battles for greedy corporations' gains

Our elections revolve around lies, bribery, and betrayals.

We do not hear "truth" in our media; the media is controlled by opponents of
Americans and America's Constitutional Law.

Some of our greatest Americans speak the truth of today's America:

These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the
sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his
country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and
woman. Thomas Paine, December 19, 1776

We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not
to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the
Constitution.  Abraham Lincoln

The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind. .We
have it in our power to begin the world over again. Thomas Paine, Common
Sense, 1776

Our Founding Fathers and Abraham Lincoln had true courage. Our Founding
Fathers faced the reality of the tyranny by the English Crown and chose to
put their lives on the line to gain freedom!

We Americans must now follow the lead of our Founding Fathers and restore
America through resolving the problems blocking NESARA and bring NESARA to
announcement! is Bush regime



TNT Call notes 4-December-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT family!  Today is Friday, December 4, 2015.  This is RayRen98 and with Already Blessed we will get this show on the road.  It’s RayRen98 here, and we’re going to get right into the business of receiving information – as we hear it. That’s what this site is about, a team of individuals who want to hear the information and then we can put the pieces together. This information is nothing we control or mandate, just what we hear and what we believe based on what we’re hearing. It’s not about what we believe, but what you believe.

Housekeeping first:  we are an information site sharing information from our various sources, and then you apply it to however it affects your life as you go forward.  Some individuals … it’s like walking into a dark room and when you turn on the light, you see roaches scatter everywhere.  They like to work in the dark, sight unseen, and some people do that as well.  They hide under internet names, not letting you know who they are – they work in the darkness, going about what moves them. They are targeting myself and Already Blessed, with their allegations and accusations, jjust throwing stuff out there firuging it won’t come back at them because they are hiding out in the dark.  The light will come on sooner or later!  No matter what they throw out about me and Pam, about Tony or DC, whatever you hear or read, ask this: How does it affect me and what I will do?  They say Tony is a liar, or I am lying, but how does that affect you?  Your aim is to exchange your currency and move on with your life.  How does our information affect that?  Look at what you have been told or have read, over the past weeks or months… did it not come to pass? The striking thing is that it’s not something we created or that we plan to do, but what others told us, and we shared it.  Does it make sense?  If so, believe it and do what you need to do accordingly.  Otherwise, kick it to the curb!  As for the roaches, sooner or later the light will be turned on and they will be exposed.

There is a new site, because there is a new sheriff in town and so things have changed.  Go to, or go to and click on the  link.  Everything will be the same, and you just have to get used to me – but not for too much longer.

Let’s get into today’s information that we are happy to share with you.  From my sources in Iraq, they say the RV has begun and is in the system.  The lower denominations are being distributed in some regions, especially Kurdistan. That excites me!

In Canada, people saw information on the screens yesterday and people are making appointments to take advantage of that.  Banks are starting to call people in, so Canadians have something to look forward to.  We are moving along together, probably at about the same speed.

In the US, members are talking to managers, and they are being received graciously and being told they can exchange their various currencies when the time is right. Several members are experiencing that first-hand.  Other members went to their banks this morning and noticed lots more security at the front entrance.  When they ask what is going on, the security folks just say they are ‘hanging around’, but what banks are spending money to have new security hang around?  The writing is on the wall, and it’s evident that things are moving.  Other banks are making appointments for people for the first part of next week – I know what I think that’s for.  We have heard that private exchanges have been happening this week, and I believe that.

The most exciting information to date is a memo that we heard went out the banks with specific instructions. We did some research, and YES that memo hit some banks yesterday evening.  Some people saw that it came in but couldn’t read it, and some people could read it.  The information we were told was:

“The Fed, FDIC and the UST released the dinar to be exchanged immediately.”
That’s the intel I have to share with you today from abroad, from up North and from the US. The green light is on everywhere, and everyone is upbeat and excited.  We are in that time and season;  are you ready to walk in that season?

Let’s do a few Q and A that will assist you further on the journey to true financial freedom…

617 caller: We’re very grateful for all you are doing for us, and those who don’t like it can stay the hell off this line.  I have one question.  There were questions on the forum about who pays taxes on gifts of currency.  The person with the currency pays the tax, right?  [The whole point of giving currency BEFORE the RV is so that the giver doesn’t have to pay gift tax on over $14,000.  After the RV, the currency will be worth more!]

RayRen:  The person who makes the exchange pays the tax.  We can find out for sure by calling 1-800-829-1040.  When you call them, they will answer the phone saying, “Welcome to the IRS; can I help you?”  Ask your question and we’ll get the answer staright from the horse’s mouth.  Ask their employee number so you can refer back to them if you run into a disagreement down the road.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

432 caller:  Was Tony close to the violence in San Bernardino?

RayRen:  No.  We are praying for the victims, their families and survivors.

410 caller:  A question that keeps coming is “Will there be an 800 number?”  I find it a challenge finding any 800 numbers right now – you get trapped in their voicemail system.  If we have a special number, that would be very good.  I hope it will, so that we can get through easily, quickly and be done with this, which I think they want.

RayRen:  If those banks give us an 800 number to give to you, we will send it out in the most expedient ways possible:  tweets, forum posts, whatever we can do.  The banks will be glad to receive you.  In your area, check the banks that exchange foreign currency. That will be your base to start from if we don’t have numbers to give you.  If we send out that the RV is here, you will already be ready to go, if you have those numbers ahead of time.  [All the banks list their 800 numbers AND which branches do foreign exchange.  Check their websites – the info is there and it’s very straightforward.]
Caller:  I called one bank, and the guy said they will exchange at all banks, but I don’t believe that.  Ask which is the main bank that exchanges foreign currency in your area. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

312 caller:  I’m fantabulous, too.  [This is one of the OM ladies.]  So the IMF and UST are releasing the dinar – at the new rate?

RayRen:  Yes, I agree with that assumption – at the new rate.

Caller:  I was on certain news sites and then Abadi sent a tweet saying that they are not asking for any ground troops.  I assume that the US isn’t sending troops, so who does want to send troops? And will this affect the process?

RayRen:  If this memo holds true that the banks received yesterday evening, and it says ‘immediately’, I don’t think that will affect the banks here. Of course, this went to the US banks, and I don’t think the Canadian banks will have received it.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  When you’re the sheriff and there are so many cockroaches, have you called for backup?  Sometimes it is beneficial to let them be aware of what’s going on so they can be ready with the bug spray.

RayRen:  No backup needed;  we just turn the lights on and they scatter.

Caller:  How is it looking for us  right now?

RayRen:  It’s looking GREAT.  I’m waiting to see what the banks are doing with that memo;  just sit back and enjoy the ride.  You be ready for your drive!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  I was reading Randy K, and he said this would come out 1;1, and it won’t go up to $3+ for over a hundred days.  He blames President Obama for everything, and says  the President is controlling the Iraqis. He’s also says that if anyone says they have exchanged, they are lying.

RayRen: That’s his choice as to what he believes or doesn’t believe.  If he chooses not to believe anyone has done an exchange, that’s his choice.  I have talked to people who have exchanged, and they have no reason not to tell me the truth. They have told me their rates, and we’ve heard that more than once.  Various people have let us know that they have exchanged, and it’s okay if others choose not to believe that.

Caller:  You don’t have to explain where you are coming from. If they don’t agree with what you say, they don’t have to listen to the call!

RayRen:  My message wasn’t to them, it was to the those listening to them.  They will scream and shout from wherever they can get attention.  I don’t care who has anything to say;  you the listener has to determine how that is affecting what you are trying to do.  If not, you can decide you don’t have time for them.  I don’t in any case, I’m just trying to talk to those who might listen to those people.  When it doesn’t make sense, people won’t listen to it.

Caller:  [garbled, something about groups]

RayRen: When envy, spite and jealousy are to the fore, they will continue to bleat whether we talk about groups or not.  It’s bigger than the issue of groups.

423:  Ray, welcome to the spotlight.  I want to comment on the guy on the last call who sent in 2K to Sterling and got nothing back.  Well, I received one-fourth of my order through the mail.  It was dinar I’d paid for beforehand, not reserves.  If one is going to get an irrevocable trust, without kids, how do you seek out someone to use as a trustee?

RayRen:  Choose whomever you trust to work with you for the rest of your life.  The trust will be based on the Indenture – the instructions – and those will prevail for as long as you live, or the trustee lives.  You don’t have to have a younger person, it’s what the Board decides, including who they decided Successor Trustee will be.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  Anything else on caps or taxes?

RayRen:  We haven’t heard anything new on caps or official about taxes.

716 caller:  You’ve already answered about the 800 numbers.  Please relay my good wishes to Tony. Will you send out a tweet when it’s time?

Caller:  I don’t get tweets but my niece does and she will be the phone tree. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

707 caller: Thanks for being there;  most of my questions have been answered.  I take it you haven’t received any instructions yet?

RayRen:  We anxiously await those instructions.

Caller:  My local WF does exchange foreign currency, and I have enough to get their attention, I think, if I can get a foot in the door. Any suggestions?

RayRen:  Just go in and ask to speak whomever is handling these things.

Caller:  I spoke to someone a few weeks ago and he gave me the  name of his boss in the main office, so I’ll give that a shot.  It’s comforting to know that you and Pam and the team are continuing this program. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

808 caller:  This is my first time on the call!  [Appreciation]  My questions were all answered, thanks to your team.  Merry Christmas and Aloha!

601 caller:  Exciting to hear about that memo to the banks – that’s significant! What about Maliki?  Have you heard anything?

RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything, so we’ll have to wait and see about his future.

281 caller:  I’m blessed – and you?  Quick question as everything is falling into place – timeframe?  Within the next 3-7 days for this to come through?

RayRen:  If this memo is true and accurately, then ‘immediately’ is significant to me.  Immediately to me doesn’t mean a week down the road!  To me it means NOW.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Blessings on you guys… and Hawaii!

301 caller:  Any other news from Iraq about timing?

RayRen:  I’m happy it’s in the system, lower denoms being distributed, and coupled with that memo, it’s HALLELUJAH DAY!

Caller:  I’m packed and waiting like everyone else.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  I’m concerned about background checks.  I was arrested 30 years ago…

RAyRen:  If you are connected with gangs or terrorists, they will not be happy,  Otherwise, you will pass their background checks with flying colors.   Are you still wanted?  If not, you served your time, you’re an asset to the community, and it’s all in the past, so don’t worry.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’m here and waiting on you all!

RayRen:  I was in Vegas last weekend – I would have had you buy me dinner!  I look forward to meeting you next time.

951 caller:  I don’t want to sound negative but this sounds a lot like last year.

RayRen:  When you listen to the information and see what’s taken place, if you believe in what you’ve heard in the last 12 months, we are definitely not where we were last year!
Caller:  I received an email saying Okie has landed – know anything about that?
RayRen:  He has his own sources, so I’m excited about that.
Caller:  According to everything, it sounds like the window is still open.  Any timeline?
RayRen:  Nothing specific, they won’t disclose that information, but we are in the process and just need more patience. 
Speaking of Vegas, it’s more than an opportunity for us to meet each other in person.  The things we are looking for, we can ask others to provide that, whether information or other support.  You want CPAs, wealth managers, investment counselors, and everyone asks me for those contacts. What better place than to get together and let them find us, see what they have to offer. We don’t have to buy anything.  It will be like a business expo with lots of resources.  Vegas is not about gambling or whatever, it’s about a golden opportunity to receive great content.  That might give you a different perspective.
We are out of time and I don’t want to overwork the transcribers.  Pam?
Pam:  Thanks, Ray, for putting on another hat and stepping up for the TNT family.  I know we will all cross that finish line together.  Thanks to mods, guest mods, transcribers and members;  we will remain TNT strong.
RayRen:  Thank you all for being here with us, hanging out and learning.  No matter what you hear or read – about me, Pam, Tony, DC, anybody – always ask, “What does that have to do with what I’m trying to do in my life?”  If the answer is ‘nothing’, that’s all the weight you need to put on it.
Thank you everyone – enjoy your weekend and Fantabulous Friday!  I’m waiting to hear what exciting things we are waiting for this weekend.   We wish you well!   Thanks and have a good day!


TNT Call notes 2-December-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Pam:  I’m ready to rock.  Did you get the text I sent you a little while ago?

RayRen:  Yes and no;  it’s all good.  Everything is working, let’s put the recording on.

Pam:  We are doing things a little differently today, bear with us.

RayRen:  Good afternoon, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, December 2, 2015.  This is RayRen98 and with Already Blessed we will get this show on the road.  We’ve always threatened to do this if Tony and DC couldn’t, and that I would tell All.

Pam: I realize that most people don’t understand what’s going on in Dinarland, I will give a brief synopsis.  Due to a ten-year-old MLM court case, tony has agreed not to be on any more TNT calls.  We all came together to be as educated as possible and help the public understand the timelines and all that is involved. This is a voluntary site, and you’re listening to this because you want to, under freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  I think it’s despicable so many are kicking Tony at this time.  If you are not helping the situation, get out of the way.  We are helping everyone get across the finish line as best we can.  If you want to discuss Tony’s situation, do it elsewhere.

RayRen:  Thanks for that  personal point of view.  The official view for TNT is that I am going to be the voice of TNT, a new man in the captain’s chair. Tony won’t be with us.  If you have seen or heard about the court case, you know it has nothing to do with TNT or foreign currency; it’s totally separate, and that is why Pam is not going to talk about the case.  However, the case has now reached somewhere I think it should not have, but that explains the absence of Tony.  Make sure you identify with what Pam just shared with you,a nd the essence of TNT:  it’s about a plan, not a man.  A man had to say it, but the whole focus is about a plan, knowledge and education that surpasses any individual. We’ve been working as a collaborative team since TNT came out.  Tony couldn’t possibly do all that, and there is a team bringing you information, and that team is still intact.  That will still be forthcoming until you no longer need that to hang on and keep hoping.  Until it’s over, we will still have a call Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  The only thing different is a different man gathering the information and bringing it to you.
We have a person – Wiley Morgan -- who has been emailing and writing the prosecutor claiming that TNT is scamming people somehow.  Prosecutors love to take stuff like that run with it.  It’s called character assassination. I’m sure Morgan and his team are listening now.  They sent erroneous information to the prosecutor as the case was wrapping up, and part of the agreement was that Tony would not talk about dianr, and that is what TNT is all about.  Just as Morgan sent emails making these claims of ‘dinar scams’, you can also send emails or letters letting them know how you feel about this being a ‘dinar scam’ and let the chips fall where they may. The truth will come to light, and it already is.  Many individuals are coming forward to say they are exchanging dong, rupiah and even dinar.  It is real;  it is not a scam.  So if you feel it is not a scam, you can also sent a letter or an email, and here’s an address:  He’s only hearing one side of people launching a campaign.  All those following this information know that there is no scam, and people are coming forward to substantiate this.  If it were a scam, they would not be exchanging their currencies for US dollars.

We will put this in the forum, so you can write and let them know they are dealing with one-sided information saying this is a ‘scam’ and an attack on Tony.  Let the light sign; lle the truth be told. Put pen to paper and do what is just and necessary so that these people can have the right information.

I’ve taken over, and all the information will be similar in grade and caliber.  The tweets will be the same.  We are working with the same people as for the last few years, not someone new to the scene.  It was Tony’s job to do the speaking and now I have the job and we will continue until the RV happens.  Pam is still here, the mods are here, and TNT is still here.

Pam:  Can I call you an idiot?  Can I send you texts?

RayRen:  There will be a change there!  It’s a challenge to receive texts while I am on the call.  Just a second.  I have a few texts… hold on.  We are getting to the information because that is what you are here for, but I know there are questions about the situation.  It’s all going to be good.

Pam:  Someone asked if you were going to throw me under the bus…

RayRen:  Not today!  Who knows about tomorrow… <joke.

Pam: This is that email address again:  The other side has been saying a lot, so send them what you think they should know about the dinar, etc.

RayRen:  Let the judge and prosecutors know what the real truth is, so that they cannot be swayed in that regard, because it will affect you eventually.  Let the truth be known, especially those who have exchanged.  All we are doing is sharing information.

This is what we have been hearing/receiving, up to 30 minutes ago.  In the US, some of our bank contacts are saying they cannot see the rates, but there is a lot of movement – that this is 80-90% about to blow.  Some banks are moving employees to different locations – what could their reasons be for that?  There could be a number of things.  It’s like a helter-skelter process.  Some exchanges have taken place this week and even today.  The banks are saying ‘this week’, even from a bank memo sent out to some of the banks.  They are preparing for this week, for next week.  Some people have appointments and are being told to bring their currency with them.  We know what they are intending to do, won’t know the results until afterwards.

The governing bodies are in agreement that this can go;  we are just waiting for the moment.  Overseas, the lower denominations have been distributed in some parts of Iraq.  In Canada, we have got confirmations from individuals who have talked to exchange officers.  They are saying the zim is live over there and he can exchange it.  There are multiple reports of exchanges in Canada – your time is coming, Canadians.

Iraqi individuals are expecting this ‘any minute’ – today, tomorrow, first part of next week.  We are very much ‘in the moment’ based on the information being shared with us.  That is about it regarding information right now.   Pam, did I miss anything?

Pam: You were perfect – doing a great job.

RayRen:  That is all the information we can share at this moment, subject to more information coming in.  If there is a need for a call between now and Friday, we will have one, likewise for tweet.  If we haven’t seen it by Friday, we will be here on Friday.  There is a new sheriff in town, and I’ll give a few people the chance to ask questions, but you need to bring it right.  I will not talk about Tony’s case.  Send your letters and emails to the prosecutors about this being a ‘scam’.  But any other general questions, we’ll see if we can move you along.  I’ll start at the top of the list…  301.

301 caller:  Thank you for the introduction.  Has there been any changes as far as giving out the 800 numbers?

RayRen: That is still a mystery to us at the moment.  We haven’t heard definitely either way.  We have trained and given examples so you all should be ready even if no 800 numbers are issued by us.  You should have a  Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, and if not, develop those now.  Check your local banks and who to call for foreign currency exchanges.  Don’t mention dinar, but if they exchange foreign currency, that may well be one of the banks who will do exchanges.  Then you will know who to call even if we don’t have 800 numbers, you’ll be ready to go.  Don’t mention the dinar, ask about rupiah, dong, or another currency.  We don’t need to know they exchange dinar right now, but be confident that they will do exchanges when the time comes… as a Plan B.

Caller:  How many zeroes will be taken off the dong?
RayRen:  No zeroes will be taken off the dong, so far as I know.  It will exchange as it is.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And North Carolina!
432 caller:  I’m with General54’s group – have they gone in?
RayRen:  I don’t know – probably so. 
Caller:  We wish Tony the best!  Will you still have the meetings?  Annuities?
RayRen:  Tony is fine.  He is feeling super-fantastic, so not to worry there.  He does appreciate the concern from all of you.  We still intend to have the meet-and-greets as planned.  We have to take it on a day-by-day basis, but everything can have that will be do our advantage, we will have it there.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
405 caller:  So who had been the one stopping this?  We keep hearing it’s ready to go!
RayRen:  It’s hard to get a good answer on that.  We’ll just have to wait and ride it out.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
313 caller:  I’m superfantastic, but we miss Tony!  On the CBI website, the rates have changed a bit.. they are going up.
RayRen:  You’ll hear from Tony again.  As for the CBI website, everything is not always as it appears to be.  There is movement and people are pleased about that.  I’m more focused on bank people being excited, and waiting for them to call me to come on down!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
770 caller:  IF the currency we hold and the currency that has already been exchanged has the same value, how do the financial institutions decide who to exchange?
RayRen:  The institutions are working from their own database, the list that they have to do the private exchanges and get those out of the way before the public activity commences.  So that does depend on the person, not the currency.
Caller:  How does the bank select who to exchange?  That value inside and outside is still the same, right?  Then it’s down to the financial institution choosing… how does that work apart from the banks just saying “I have the authority to do this?”  [same point again]
RayRen: The best answer I can give you is ‘private vs. public’.  That happens in all walks of life, that some people access higher levels than we do. There is obviously someone going first, the first wave of anything. So long as the rest of us get to do it as well, that is fair.  If the bank is authorized to do some exchanges ahead of schedule, they get to choose who to do it with.  So long as my turn is coming, I’m okay with that.  We are just waiting for the public opening, and that is coming.  We are just waiting for that, until the bank calls us and says we can have our exchanges.  We know the banks called some people in and they attempted to do the exchange and it wouldn’t go through.  There is a combination of what’s going on, and it’s all progress. That is what excites me.  As long as we have progress, we have hope.
Caller:  So sooner or later we will get our turn.
RayRen:  If that changes and our turn will not be a reality, that’s a different situation.  But that is not an issue today.  Good things come to those who wait.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
941 caller:  I think the caller was kind of confused because if X goes in and gets one rate and Y goes in and gets another prices, then the currency doesn’t have the same value.
RayRen:  I think that the rates will be at least the international rates, and so they will all have the same initial value.  Some will go in, walk the walk and talk the talk, and negotiate a higher rate.
Caller:  Is Wally Morgan the same guy who has been harassing TNT all these years?  The one on FB and sending out texts, and so on?
RayRen:  I don’t know 100%, but probably so.  I think he is up to some things that are not in your interests.
Pam:  Yes, it’s a group that has been working together, and some have specialized in certain areas but they all have the same purpose – to cause trouble.
Caller:  I don’t hang out in those areas because they are 99% wrong. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
602 caller:  I’m sure Tony can handle whatever is being thrown at him. You mentioned that the zim is live in Canada; if dinar is the foundation, how can the zim be live in CA?
RayRen:  I don’t know, but if the bank calls me and says they can exchange on zim, I will hang up right now and run down to the bank. This RV and GCR is supposed to already be done – we are just seeing bits and pieces, not full-scale. 
Caller:  The official RV was in April right?  And if it’s out in Canada, it should be in the US as well, right?
RayRen:  It’s no different there than here in the last few months – a few people have been able to exchange.  Someone on my call last night exchanged two months ago!  Things like that happen and we enjoy it when it does.
Caller:  Do you think we will have a call or tweet before Friday?
RayRen:  It moves so much, but I am looking forward to that, based on the information I’m hearing and how the banks are moving… I have a feeling we are there.
Caller:  Another caller said about DC, something about a reconciliation conference in mid-December and we won’t see it until after that.  Have you found any truth to that?
RayRen:  I haven’t seen anything about that yet.  One last caller…
312 caller:  I’m super-fantastic.  My thoughts and prayers are with Tony.  One of the things I have been considering is an issue outside TNT, someone making allegations that this is a scam. I’m sure you’re aware of the case in Georgia with Sterling, where many of us have lost money to Sterling and the prosecutors have refused to release our money because of potential civil suits.  I wish they would start releasing that cash that is still tied up with Sterling because a huge number have money tied up in Sterling, and there will be a continuing problem if they don’t release that money paid for dinar.  Have you heard anything you can share about that?
RayRen:  I haven’t heard anything official.  If they are holding your property, that you paid for, then petition the court to have it released. That’s what I would do at this stage.  If whoever is holding your property won’t release it, petition the court to have them release it.
Caller:  I have sent letters to the court, but the prosecutor went on the offense, saying none of us should have our property released.  If they can be shown this is not a scam, that argument would be void.
RayRen:  A lot of people are in the situation, and we just have to wait.  It will be resolved.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
RayRen:  We have reached that time.  It’s been fun but we’ve got to run!  As a recap, the team is still intact because we were a team to begin with, although there was one main spokeperson. Now that spokesperson has changed.  There have been other changes behind the scenes, but you will still get the information and TNT will continue to do what is needed on Friday or before Friday if required.  Everything stays the same:  you will get the tweets as usual, the site is still there, we just won’t have Tony on this call because this call is about the business of foreign currency.
Pam:  Thanks, Ray, for stepping up and leading the charge forward so we can continue to move forward.  Just as we have always done on TNT:  take the high road.  I will add the two email addresses to the TNT Tony Blast section so that nonmembers can access them on
RayRen: No matter what you hear or read, ask these questions:  1.  What sense does that make?  2.  Does this have to do with what I do with this foreign currency?  The second question is more important than the first.  If it doesn’t affect you, ignore it, and maybe ignore the person who gave it to you.
We are in any minute, any hour, any day expectation.  I intend to wait it out – what about you?  If we need to, we will be back on Friday.  Have a great evening and take care. 

NOVEMBER 30 2015


TNT Call notes 30-November-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, November 30, 2015.  I hope you are super-fantastic – we have finally made it to the Promised Land!  [We have already had the good news that the IMF has approved the inclusion of the Chinese yuan (renminbi) in the global reserve currency basket.]  THEY BELIEVE THAT AFTER THE IMF MEETING TODAY - AFTER CHINA HAS BECOME a part of the reserve - IT WILL BE ANNOUNCED - WILL NOT BE ANNOUNCED UNTIL TOMORROW.

Someone in Iraq, in the parliament/banking system believes that after the IMF meeting, after China is included, rates will be official tomorrow, their time (which is our time tonight)  He said we should be in our banks Tuesday/Wednesday.  Also, some have heard that the lower denominations were released this morning or over the weekend.

Banks were sitting waiting until one o’clock on Saturday, but we are still waiting for it.  The rates are there but they cannot complete transactions. They are still waiting on the Go time.

But here is the best thing:  Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all our information says that the rates were pushed out to the banks!  The whole weekend it should have gone, it was scheduled to go.  Banks brought people in on Saturday and Sunday and they are now pissed off.  The rates are still on the boards.  They were pushed out to the regional banks on Saturday;  they waited and we are still here this morning.

A lot of smaller banks and branches were notified this weekend;  those branches will not be doing exchanges, but were notified that exchanges are coming up.  Why would they do that if it were not to take place?  Additional security showed up at many banks today, and top executives are meeting right now for their final preparations.  They are in meetings right now!  So we are getting ready to go.
I know you heard about the person in Canada who was exchanging.  She had to wait 48 hours for background checks, but as of this morning she received 100% of her money.  She had to negotiate her interest rate.  They agreed 4% plus many perks, and she will go in this morning to see if she can get more.  Her money is 100% available as of this morning.  She got 13 cents for her zim, which should be enough in itself, depending on how many zim she had.  What else?  She got 47 cents for the dong, 87 cents for her rupiah, and she didn’t have an dinar.  She is very happy to be a multi-millionaire!  We are in a good place – we just have to wait our turn and see what happens.  Nobody would thought they would wait out the whole month or wait for China to be approved, but now it has been approved.  Hopefully this is it!  Everything else is super-fantastic!

707 caller:  Did you hear the report that the 50,000 dinar notes have been postponed?

Tony:  No, I don’t know anything about that.  I heard they were out, delivered, people have them, etc.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

617 caller:  Will we have our exchange before the Chinese currency is out there?

Tony:  What I was told is that the Chinese currency is out there and has been for a long time.  I don’t think we have to wait any longer;  Iraq says we should be in the bank on Tuesday or Wednesday.  They can announce it after the meeting, or tomorrow so that it starts on the first day of a calendar month.  Their first of December will be later tonight for us.

302 caller:  You said look at their actions rather than their words.  Do you personally know that people are in meetings and that security is in the banks?  I don’t think you do. [hang up]

636:  Is there still a cap on currencies?  Do you think that .13 on the zim will fluctuate?

Tony:  Our rates will be different from Canada.  Originally our zim rate was supposed to be .11, so that is still in the frame.

Caller:  Sounds like I need to give lots away, really quickly.

Tony:  I got calls saying ‘don’t tell people to give it away’, so I don’t know.

Caller:  You give me peace.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller: Do you still plan to have a final call?  Or will there be official notification, or 800 numbers?  Or should we just call the currency departments?

Tony:  That was passed to me, that people should just figure this out on their own.  I think that’s a crazy idea, but that could happen.  I don’t know.  We could just send out a tweet, regardless, saying “go to the bank”.  A bunch of banks just received notice that they won’t be doing exchanges.  It seems crazy to me to have you just go to any bank without a plan.  We will send out a tweet, put it in chat, and post it on the other sites.

719 caller:  We kept hearing we would get this by Black Friday;  do you honestly feel we will have money for Christmas this year?

Tony:  WE should have had it for Black Friday… all the information pointed to them releasing this.  They had the numbers at the banks, they brought in security, and then they didn’t do it.  They did say it was released to the Fed on Thursday and to the regions on Saturday.  I don’t know if they waited until today because of China or if that was their plan all the time. In Iraq, they think after the IMF meeting everything will go because it’s then official.  They started passing out the lower denominations in the region.  It’s already official here, and the banks think something will happen tonight or tomorrow and this will all be over with.

Caller: Every year we’ve been wanting to help with Salvation Army, angel trees, etc., and we just couldn’t’ do it.  If they don’t let it go soon, they will delay collecting taxes for another year and a half.  Has Iraq been paid their salaries?

Tony:  Seems like they started getting paid on the 27th, on their cards.  They hoped to get the new rates on their cards.

Caller:  The average little guy who doesn’t have cards – how do they get paid?

Tony:  I know that money is short and people are lining up outside the banks.  May still believe in currency, don’t know how to use the banking system, and they still have explanations on television every day.

Caller:  Abadi said that this would happen by the next holiday, and the next one we could find on the Internet is in late December.

Tony:  Let’s hope it doesn’t last that long.  They have been talking about it for weeks on their television and in the mosques.  I hope that this is the day.  The rates are sitting there and they just need the transaction codes.  Now our banks and Canada are both paying out people, and in Canada, they are paying them in full, not in SKRs.

Caller:  Iran was supposed to have an active rate as of 3. December.

Tony:  I don’t know about Iran and the sanctions.  I know rates change on the first of the month, and that is one reason I think we will see it tomorrow.

Caller:  We bought a lot of currency on ebay, and each time we got it verified at WF with a black light and a book.  All the WF have a currency book with all the security features, so no one has to freak out if they don’t have a Delarue machine.  The larger banks that I know of have it all covered.  I won’t go to Vegas, but you have a great time there!

Pam and Ray have things to do, but I just wanted you to have this information and be ready to go.  I hope we will have another call this evening, and if not then tomorrow. If we get any kind of notification, we will tweet it out to you if nothing else.

Pam:  It’s a super-fantastic with this great news.  We’re there, look forward to it, make plans, and be ready so you don’t have to get ready.  You know more than you think you do;  be flexible and prepared.

Ray:  It’s a Marvelous Monday;  rejoice and be glad in it!

Tony:  You guys have the information.  I’ve give you several different scenarios;  just go back through the sites, talk to people on chat, and swap information anonymously.  Help each other out!  I don’t’ think anyone will try to cheat you, although there may be some issues.  They are there for business, just like you are, and may the best business-people win.  A closed mouth doesn’t get food, and nothing beats a failure but a try – so try!

The key word is EXCHANGE.  If they have both symbols, ask to see the rates for each so that you can choose.  Don’t be scared.  Go in the bank dressed like professionals, and act like professionals   If the conversation goes well, the person on the other side might give you a little bit more, just because he likes you.  Some people might be upset during the exchange, and you can’t do anything about that.  They missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime, they’ve just found out this is real, and they might be put out.  Deal with them as politely as you can.

As we get information we will tweet it out.  We will be here to do whatever we need to do. Enjoy the rest of your day, and hopefully we’ll be back to give you the information you need.  It’s a super-fantastic day!


NOVEMBER 25 2015


TNT Call notes 25-November-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 25, 2015.  It’s the day before Thanksgiving and we should be thankful for all we have.  Pam says it’s One Question Wednesday.

Everyone has reported in from Iraq, saying this morning they have been given the all-clear. The banks are ticked again because we were actually given a time but it didn’t happen.  An hour, two hours ago, banks were monitoring their screens;  as of this morning, the CBI has cleared everybody to go once again.

It can still happen any moment now, any time today. they totally want to have it done before the holiday starts, supposedly. why go to the last minute, I have no idea.  There should not be any bank issues;  all have been given the green light.  They are all sitting there, the rates are there, they try to put it through but they get an error code.  We are that close.  They were having issues with banks in other countries, but that was cleared up.  Who knows what they’re doing;  they are trying to be confusing and misleading to a whole lot of people to protect the moment.

There is no bad news – we are ready to go.  We’ve been told that several times, so let’s hope we get it through.  I hope we hear about it between now and then. 
We are behind in our bill, they called me three times, and I said we would pay it by Friday.  It’s a holiday, so go out and enjoy that.  I’ve been feeling this can happen at any particular moment. I was really encouraged that the bank people are sitting there waiting for it.  They were given a specific time to go, and now they are mad because they got everyone excited this morning.

Pam says this is to be short call because she has things to do for tomorrow.  My wife is at the grocery store now!

253 caller: Do you recommend we exchange everything at once?

Tony:  If the rate is what you want, you go negotiate.  I would go and get it done.

Caller:  What happens if we put everything in the bank…

Tony:  We have 250,000 people on the TNT site and calls, and there are other dinar or currency sites as well.  This will affect six million people in the United States.  If we put all our money in the bank and they have any kind of bank holiday, we can also have our own bank holiday – with six million people telling everyone else what’s happening.  They don’t want to see that, and it’s not going to happen.  IF they take all your money, the entire economy will collapse, and they didn’t go through all this to see that.  You are worried about nothing.

Everyone who is worried about the bank taking your money the minute you put it in there – it’s not going to happen!

Caller:  When you spoke last week about the debt being free, I didn’t know if you meant the country’s debts or our personal debts.

Tony:  When this happened with Kuwait, President Clinton paid off the national debt, and nobody knew how.  It really helped the economy.  The general public will not know that dinar, dong, rupiah and the GCR wiped out our debt for us.

This administration has already created miracles, and it’s going to be an historic year once it happens,

303 caller:  Does Iraq really want to do this RV.

Tony:  Iraq really, really wants to do this RV and be one of the richest countries in the region.  We are trying to have a short call here, so people can get on with the holidays.

404 caller:  Iraq sends out information through television and in the mosques.  What messages are they getting now in Iraq?

Tony:  On television and in the mosques, they are being told that the lower denominations are ready to go, in the banks, and I heard Kurdistan might be releasing them already.  Just one of our contacts said that but the other four said that their bankers told them they are there but they haven’t been released.  They are expecting them every day.

Caller:  So it’s ‘imminent’, and we don’t know what that means to Iraqis…

Tony: We need to send them our definition!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy Thanksgiving and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  Who or why would they hold this up at the last minute – again – when everyone is in place?  I’m trying to understand the purpose of that.

Tony:  We are trying to understand that, too.  All the agencies and banks are ready to go, and all the rates are on the screens internationally.  Everyone is saying they are trying to put it through and it doesn’t go through.  The banking system says they are awaiting for the UST to approve it, and the UST says they’ve already approved it.  There is still one three-letter agency that has to give the green light for the global release.  and I’m not going to say who it is.

559 caller:  I’m superfantastic, blessed, on top and can’t be stopped.

Tony:  You must be in network marketing!

Caller:  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  I have a banking question, regarding the rates you said are really good, and then there are rumors that they are going down.  Are we supposed to go to the bank, or only the exchange centers?  Will we have to call ourselves or will you have numbers for us?

Tony:  This IS One-Question Wednesday!  The outrageous rates we’ve seen here could in fact happen.  They are way above what was agreed to and what we expected to see.  The ones we expected are still great rates!  The ones quoted in the banking system might be the contract rates for that type… and they could have changed since the agreements were put in place. There are contract rates for some currencies, with three rates on the screens.  I still don’t know how we will get the information:  info on our sites, a short info call, or a series of calls.  I just don’t know.  We will put out a tweet and the sites will change, and you will know where to go look.  There are supposed to be exchange centers, whether you call the bank itself or we give you a number to call.  Last week, the banks were told that any exchange over five million has to be approved by a senior person – and that memo went to regular banks.  So under five million, the ordinary banks can probably handle.  Also, if someone exchanges one 25,000 dinar note, that will not affect your appointment or rates.  If you have the other currencies, you might not need an appointment. (However, even one zim note will be worth more than five million dollars.)
It was available to help any time this week.  Two hours ago it was supposed to go, and the banks brought in their people and they sat there.  It could still go today, tonight, tomorrow – it’s there, and it’s ready to go whenever they send it out.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy Thanksgiving and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas here we come!

872w caller:  I’m chopping the celery for my dressing as we speak!  Your wife is on top of things, not behind things!  I was reading a Bloomberg article about ISIL and Iraq;  he also said that the Sunnis are still waiting on authorization from Baghdad for their status to become part of the National Guard.  How does that play into these delays?  I’m not getting the connection there.

Tony:  They should be included and it was part of the process.  We are not hearing anything about it.  I understood the National Guard Law was passed, to include the Sunnis and the Kurds as well.  The new 50,000 dinar note has all three languages. That’s why Maliki is no longer there, and Abadi is PM, to include everyone in the new Iraq.  He’s being fought about it, but Abadi is still there.  Sometimes Kurdistan does things before Baghdad, and sometimes to force Baghdad to do what they’ve said.  Everyone is ready to work together, and the new value of the currency is  part of that.  Many Sunnis are ready to leave ISIL and rebuild their country, and enjoy their families and the good things the rest of the world enjoys.  They need to have a reason, and the RV gives them one.

954 caller:  Do you know how that banks are scheduled if this goes today or tomorrow?  Will they work through the weekend?
Tony:  I don’t know if they are open tomorrow, but being open over Black Friday and the weekend is a great way to hide this happening, and I hear the banks will be open for exchange from 7am to 11pm.  Everyone would run to the bank, and then the malls would be packed.  I think they still want the majority to go through in 72 hours, they are used to people going to the bank and spending money in the stores.  We thought it would happen at this time last year, but we are seeing so much more intel, with a good government in place in Iraq.  It was agreed they would have it done by Thanksgiving, and we’ll see what happens.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Happy Thanksgiving and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
352 caller:  You need to get better at asking for money to pay the bills for something that benefits us!
Tony:  We are only a month behind. 
Caller:  It’s an indicator of how we will do as humanitarians, if we can’t even pay your bill .
Tony:  Well, I keep hoping it happens this week, and then I can just pay the bill.  A couple of hundred have been paying for this all the time, although 30,000 listen to the call.  We’ll survive this, and we appreciate everyone who donates.  Some people just can’t, and I don’t want to leave them out.  Others post this on other sites for free, and we just want to help those we can.
Whatever day they announce the RV, ten days from that day, if you could pay it forward in restaurants, paying for people in the line at Toys R Us, or helping people in the streets and in the supermarkets… if you can hand that out with a card that says TNT… that’s a way of paying it forward in a way we can see it ourselves.  We can make a change in the whole country, if all six thousand of us help ten others, we’ll know we were part of it.  People might paste it on Facebook or even on the evening news.  We’ll know that is our day to make our mark in this event, to the US and around the world.  It’s doesn’t just have to be the US;  we broadcast to 44 countries, so let’s all do that ten days after the event.
My address is 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630-7269.  Hopefully before you even get that in the mail, this will have happened.  Don’t put TNT on the checks because I don’t have anywhere to cash those, and I just shred them.
Caller:  Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Pam:  You’re an idiot to insult all the women, Tony!  We appreciate all those cooking, picking up all the last-minute groceries, and making this a great Thanksgiving.  We thank all our people because it does take a village.  Thanks to everyone who helps out in the forum, the transcribers, and those who pass out the information to others.  Have a great weekend and hopefully we won’t be doing this again.
Ray:  Pam – you want the truth?  You can’t handle the truth!
Pam:  And… both of them are idiots!
Tony:  Alright… again, hopefully this goes through before you sit down to dinner today, and we will have even more to be thankful for tomorrow.  For all those working tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving to you, we appreciate you. Everyone else, enjoy your day, and I’ll enjoy mine.  I don’t know if/when we will do another call.  Be thankful to all the people who took part in making this happen for us, including agencies, the banks, and the politicians, plus all our international, banking and government sources.  We appreciate that you care enough about the rest of the citizens to make sure we are treated fairly.  Thanks also to our statesman who helped us out with that part of it, and for keeping your word that we would stay a part of this.  And to all of you, for getting through it.  It hasn’t been easy for the last five years, five weeks or five days, especially with this heightened level of information.  I know they are doing everything they possibly can to get this done before this weekend and I hope they accomplish it.
The President said today:  “Enjoy your holidays.”  Let’s see it happening, without any fear that you will miss a phone call or tweet.  We will post it on all our sites, and someone will see it and let you know.  We’re going to do this, we’re doing it big, and we’re doing it together.  No call on Friday but hopefully we will talk before then.  
NOVEMBER 23 2015


TNT Call notes 23-November-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, November 23, 2015.  It’s a great day to be here – it could be a better time, but it’s a great day.

Here’s the information.  We should in a bank right now, or out buying Christmas presents.  It should have gone over the weekend… there was a lot of stuff on the Internet and most of it was true.  The bank people were there Saturday and Sunday, with people on standby, waiting.  The only issue I have, the only thing I have been told, is that all the banks did NOT get the information at the same time.  Some banks complained, and in order for everyone to start at the same time, they picked a later time to do this.  The banks that didn’t get the notice didn’t call in their people because they didn’t know this is the one.  We got that from several sources.

Iraq has been making announcements every day, and people in Iraq believe they will be issued the lower denoms in the next 24 hours.  When they are issued those lower denoms, we should see this go worldwide – before Thanksgiving, before Black Friday, before the 30th.  Memos have gone out, bank personnel were moved around, and we were told that some went in by 6am on Sunday morning, although some went in at 11am.  They went home complaining that they spent another Sunday in the bank because some banks were not informed – although we were told on Friday.  Now all the banks do know, and they just have to pick a time.  No one is arguing, the low denoms are sitting there, and the only discussion is about who they will give them to first.  I don’t care about that – just let them go so that we can go.

There is nothing else to debate.  We are at the very end of this, and every time they stretch this out, it’s getting shorter and shorter.  We are ready to go.
We had someone send us a bunch of shirts, hats, rings, pendants, coffee cups that say TNT Superfantastic on them. I didn’t want to put them on the site because then people will accuse us of making money off you, which we are not.  But I do want everyone to have a souvenir if you want.  So look on our site,, and there will be a link with the files.

617 caller:  On the zim, is the cap on the social security number or what?

Tony:  I think it’s per person – so if you have an entity or trust you control, that will be added into the cap as well.  It’s about whether you  have control over it, that is how they will make the decisions on limitation and tracking.

404 caller: Anything new on procedures?

Tony:  I have not personally be told anythign – what they want to do or how to do it, or whether it will be helter-skelter.  We are this close;  if they don’t do anything, we will do something.

Caller;  Can you tell us when that 24 hours in Iraq might have started?

Tony:  No, I don’t know the exact time it started.  It should have been yesterday and it wasn’t.  It should have been this morning.  We do know it’s cleared every hurdle, and we hear that it didn’t go over the weekend because not all the banks got the notice, so they didn’t think that was fair.  They all have notice now, so they can’t use that excuse again!

Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Hopefully no call on Wednesday other than THE call, so Happy Thanksgiving!

707 caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

303 caller:  Good morning!  Every time I think about sending you chocolate-covered Rocky Mountain oysters, I withdraw because I don’t think you would appreciate them!  I read some skivvies every once in a while, and lately I heard a report that the 25K dinar note will become unacceptable and useless, in terms of exchange.

Tony:  In-country, it will be like the $25 note, but out of country it will be exchanged as long as the other three-zero notes are exchanged.

Caller:  Let’s say a person has been given dinar, with a gift letter, and after six months he gives some of that dinar to someone else.  Does the original date of purchase get transferred or will it be considered short-term capital gains?

Tony:  Usually they go for the purchase date, but ask a professional.

Caller:  Is the rate still around $4 for the dinar and $1 for the dong.  Is that still current?

Tony: The rates change all the time. I  think it’s higher;  there are two or three rates for some currencies, and only one for others.

Caller:  Will you schedule a regular call on Friday?

Tony:  I hope today is our last call, and if not, the Wednesday.  But if it doesn’t go this week, we’ll do whatever we have to do.

Caller:  How was that report on the 24 hours for the lower denoms relayed to you?

Tony:  It’s from someone in the banking system in Iraq, and also from somebody in the government in Iraq, what he was told, and then someone in the US government said this is what is about to happen.  They have been printed for years.  We know when the lower denoms were shipped to Iraq – when, where, how, the tail numbers of the planes, we know all that.  The people in Iraq know that the lower denoms are there, and they are waiting for that one moment in time, and we all hope it’s in the 24 hours and then this will be over.  Pam says she is not doing a call on Friday, she has something else to do!

636 caller:  Carl posted about the rates this weekend and I’m confused.

Tony:  I don’t know who Carl is, but okay.

Caller:  He posted a rate of .033 for the zim and you said double digits, so that rate should be 0.33, right?  If we scratch off the last six zeros, and if we have double digit rates, then is will be 11 million dollars per 100 trillion note.  [Tony:  Yes.]  Okay, good.

If the one billion dollar cap is in existence for the zim, and the bank pays out the rest over 20 years or so like an annuity, then surely the bank is acting like an insurance company.  How can they do that without the legal requirements of an annuity?

Tony:  I think that is called the US Treasury.  I’m sure there will be some kind of contract that you can read and agree to or not.   You will be signing some kind of form in wirting that will be structured.  If I were reading that post, and I thought the rate was three cents, what would be my plan for that?  And if I believe the other rates I’ve been hearing, then I would have another plan.  And If I go over the cap, I need a plan for that.  Which of my friends, neighbors and associates could benefit, because I won’t be around for 50 years?
Caller:  That’s right, and that’s why I have a spreadsheet and can change that rate in one cell.  And we are working out what to do because we don’t really know the rates.
Tony:  I have my plan based on this, that and the other happening.  I won’t know what is happening until I actually walk into the room.  If there is so much that I will have a 20 year payout, well, I’ll probably live another 20 years.  If it’s 50 or 100 years, probably not, and won’t cash out that amount over the cap, I’ll just give that part away.  You cannot put it anywhere you control it.  You need to think about it now, before it happens, not after it happens.  They want you in and out in 30 minutes, and you won’t have time to do that in the appointment. 
Caller:  Of course, those gifts will attract gift tax…
Tony:  Yes, it will… so think about it now! 
Caller:  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
540 caller:  Last Friday, one of the callers said something about a DelaRue machine in Frederiksburg – can you give her my number or connect me in some way?  Because I’ve been in every bank in Frederiksburg, and nobody knows about the GCR.
Tony:  I don’t know her name or who she is.  I have talked to people from banks;  one gal, the bank called her and said as soon as they run it through the machine, you will have cash in hand.
Caller:  Do you think this will happen before Thanksgiving?
Tony:  I think so; that’s what I’m hearing but they could change that.  It was supposed to happen over this past weekend.
410 caller:  That low rate tax, the flat rate of 15%, would that only apply to the dinar?
Tony:  I don’t know if it would be 15% or which currencies it would apply to.  But you know what to do, right?
Caller:  Set aside 50%.  I will put away 55% to be more comfortable.  If I have signed an NDA, would I still be able to help someone else exchange?
Tony:  I don’t know how many people they will allow into the exchange meeting – for older or disabled people, of course, but otherwise… Your NDA applies to your transaction only. If they are being offered three dollars, and you say, “But I got four!” then you will probably be told that you violated your NDA.
Caller:  I’m glad to hear you feeling so good today. We appreciate the touch-up questions and reminders.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I hope to see you there!
Tony:  I didn’t want to do a regular call this morning, I wanted to do THE call and get it over with.
773 caller:  On your opening statement, I have a question that I need you to explain to me.  All this GCR and RV is not about us, the little people in the US.  If it’s not about us, why does it matter if all our banks didn’t get the info?  Who does that make sense to?
Tony: It’s not about us – they didn’t use US to delay – they used the banks to delay.  The banks want to make sure to get their fair share.  If they didn’t get notified and they didn’t ramp up at the same time, they might miss out an hour’s exchanging or whatever. 
Caller:  But we are the ones who are going into the banks, so really the delay is still about us, because the banks are getting ready for us.
Tony:  Let me explain it to you.  The banks were not ready to do transactions – certain banks.  So it was about THEM losing out on the opportunity to do business with US.  It wasn’t about us being able to go in for our benefit, but about them, the banks.  It’s about us, you and me, the small guy, the American citizen, not the USA.  We say “what about the Iraqi people and what they have gone through for the last 200 years;  when is it about them?” It should have been about them yesterday!  They are the ones who are being told every day that it’s imminent, they are going through that live and in operson.  We have 30K on this call, and they’re talking about millions being told their lives will change today or tomorrow, and it doesn’t. We know there are issues with ISIL, gangs on the street, and all the rest, but it’s still about Iraqi citizens, not us.
Caller: Scuttlebutt said the Iraqis were supposed to get paid yesterday;  did that happen?
Tony: Yes, they were scheduled to be paid yesterday but so far as I know, they were not.  We were supposed to be on the schedule for yesterday, too, but some banks didn’t receive the memo.
Caller:  Thanks for the graphic design;  I will get something printed.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
Tony:  Daz, our chief Mod in the chat room, put that together.  Richard created all the logos and designs.  You can download the designs and have your local person print your t-shirt or cap without anyone being paid for it.  They did the design work from the kindness of their heart, and we thank them.
770 caller:  So what you are saying is that we should be here within 24-48 hours?
Tony:  From what I was told, yes.  It could change, but based on what I heard, we should be standing in a bank line, but here we are.
Caller:  So based on your intel, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be?  Give them another hour and they’ll find something.  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
432 caller:  Glenn Beck said the Fed was meeting this morning, talking about an RV.
Tony:  Okay.  Maybe he knows somebody we don’t know!  I hope he’s right. 
Caller:  It made me smile.  Happy Thanksgiving!  [Appreciation] Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  ‘
Tony:  The computer is messing up here, so I have to wait it out.
Pam:  I agree with Ray!  Let’s do this thing!  We’ve already said thanks to everyone.  It’s Thanksgiving – what are you grateful for? We are at the end of a tunnel.  Things might not be perfect but there is always a lot to be grateful for.
Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Marvelous Monday;  we’ll see where this day takes us, minute by minute.
Tony:  Hopefully this is over, and I’ll give you a shout and/or have THE call.  If not, we’ll be here on Wednesday, although I’m not committing to Friday.  We are still in this life-changing event, and we have an opportunity to create a legacy.  WE know how it works, how our government works  and out financial institutions.  We have a bunch of investment opportunities, and hopefully you have learned how to protect your money and be smart with it.  Someone out there has your email address and address and they will do anything they have to to get it.  Protect yourself!  Plan for yourself!  For each currency and each rate, have a plan:  know where you want to put it when you go in that bank. Know how much you want to exchange at what rate.  Give it away over that amount. Some say to give it to charity, but I have brothers and sisters to help first.  If you don’t want to have over the cap over 20, 50 or 100 years, have a plan. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.  Don’t be downcast because it didn’t happen over the weekend or this morning.  We still have three days until Thanksgiving, and I know they want you to spend a ton of money on Black Friday or they wouldn’t have scheduled this for last weekend.  Have a super-fantastic day!  I will talk to you  on Wednesday if I have to, but I hope it goes a lot sooner than that! 
NOVEMBER 20 2015


TNT Call notes 20-November-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, November 20, 2015.  [singing I Want to Be A Billionaire…”]  Pam asked for excellent super-fantastic questions for our last call!

Good morning, good morning, good morning!  I am going to talk to you and answer some questions.  First, I had a very, very good friend whose husband passed away yesterday, so I’m busy doing that today after the call, but I wanted to say THANK YOU to Mike Taylor, first round draft with the Steelers in 1968;  his wife and my wife are best friends.  I will have a busy weekend helping the family, and I wanted to acknowledge the family.

There is not a lot of information for the call itself. Everyone is still saying GO, it’s green. The banks were called in and told to be ready at 8am this morning, although we are here doing the call.  They are still saying ‘any minute’, and in Iraq they were told the exact same time. They are still planning to hand out the lower denominations and telling their people the procedures. It could still be today. Iraq is planning to pay their government people this Sunday and I hope it will go before then.

Banks were briefed yesterday to look for an influx of customers throughout the weekend, and told to get them in and out as fast as they can. They were told to send them in one direction if they say ‘cash out’ and another direction if they say “exchange’. Just say you want to exchange your currency;  “what is the rate under IQN and under IQD?”  Then exchange whichever seems best. 
They did expect it to be already done this morning and no one knows what is holding it up. they are still expecting it, and talking about it in  Iraq.  All the  lower denomination dinar are sitting at the banks waiting to be distributed.  So far as my sources go, they are ready but don’t yet have the lower denominations in their hands.  That comes from the marketplace up to the government in Iraq and Kurdistan.  They have all been briefed but don’t yet have them in their hand.
There is no bad news.  Everyone is ready;  everyone is on board.  The system was tested again this week. One three-letter agency has the authority to release this to the world.  They haven’t done it yet, and I don’t know what they are waiting for.  BE READY so you don’t have to get ready!

404 caller:  May this be the last pre-RV call!  If it’s one three letter agency that has the authority to release this, does that imply there will be some sort of formal announcement?  OR will it just show up and so we have to be sensitive to indicators?

Tony:  I think it will just show up, and the celebrations and announcement will come after.  The rate is there already, not saying hold or pending, but not processing either.  We will know when it happens, even if the world doesn’t know.

Caller:  Will you still be given a package to share with us?  Or has that dropped by the wayside and we’ll have to figure it out ourselves?

Tony:  There hasn’t been anything definitive, so I don’t know if they want to keep us guessing or what. They don’t want the world to know, they want this to stay hidden, and they are smart enough to know that you don’t do that by letting six million people loose into chaos at the banks.  I can’t see them wanting that to happen, so I imagine they will put out some kind of direction.

Caller:  Are you able to tell us something about the rates?

Tony:  I would go with the rates I’ve said recently, because there is a lot of mess out there and some people are going crazy.  Even those rates are better than we thought they were.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Happy Thanksgiving with even more to be thankful for!

Tony:  Man, let this be the last call so we can enjoy our weekend!

352 caller:  I didn’t think you would get to me.  I was listening to a Gospel song:  Something Good is About to Happen.  Is that the case?

Tony:  Everyone I talk to says it is about to happen! Everyone is on alert all around the world, and it could happen any time.

Caller:  Is there still a time limit on exchanging the zim?

Tony:  I haven’t seen any update on the zim.  It’s still on the boards. Someone sent some nonsense about that this morning.  I said there were seven currencies on the board, and someone said to me there were nine.  I think  you will get your best benefit within the first 10-15 days.

Caller:  Someone said this won’t come out until mid-December because that is when the 50K notes will be issued.  Another said it won’t happen until Maliki is arrested.

Tony:  The 50K notes came out two weeks ago.  And they have been watching Maliki for months, they have arrested his people, taken his plane and palace, found his money… if it’s waiting until Maliki is arrested, why don’t they just walk in and arrest him?  I don’t think they are waiting for that.

Caller:  I signed up with Gen64’s group, although I won’t be using that group.  Go to the bank and negotiate your own rate.  If the group negotiates one rate, you can maybe do better yourself, and you will get the difference between what they negotiated and what you actually get int hat group.

Tony:  I don’t know any group that is offering any benefit that’s worth it.  You would have to give your currency to them, and they would give it back at their own rate and timing.  I trust myself to make my own decision, and I want to control my own money.

Caller:  You don’t know how much of your money that group will be taking. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

312 caller:  I do hope this is our last call as well.  [chit chat]  My questions have really been answered as well.  I don’t’ imagine you’ll tell us which nine currencies…

Tony:  I’m pretty sure you have the major ones covered.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ll see you there!

281 caller:  I’m doing great, thanks.

Tony:  I’m doing super-fantastic!

Caller:  Christine Lagarde said that the US is holding back the economic reform.  You say we are not holding this back.  So is that for real?  What’s up with that?

Tony:  The banks are telling me they are waiting for the UST to give them approval.  I know government agencies are telling me that everyone has given approval and they are waiting for another three-letter agency to let the world go.  You choose what to believe.  This is absolutely done according to everyone.  The word I got from Iraq is that they have given their go-ahead, and I’ve heard the same from our government.

Caller:  “If any two of you agree on earth as touching anything about the Father in Heaven, it will be done.”  If we all point our tongue in the direction of our destiny, then God can remove any obstacles holding this thing back. We have to be determined and united, of one mind and one accord, and then decree this thing so that God can establish it.  We need to get on the same page.  Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and I’m going to Maui!

Tony:  I appreciate that.  There is nothing wrong with the power of prayer.

954 caller:  Condolences to you.  Is there any word on taxes?

Tony:  No.  None of my sources have heard anything.  They’re not even talking about it.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

623 caller:  This is my first time calling.  Are you sure it’s done, done, done?

Tony:  I’m just telling you what they tell me.

Caller:  I know you hearing a lot more than you can tell.  The banks are only going to hear “it’s done” before they stop helping out.

Tony:  We’ve been through all that.  The banks all quit two years ago, saying they would not call their people in again, but they did call their exchangers and security back in on Monday.  That’s really the only choice they have when they are putting it out that it is done. I had calls from people saying their banks called them for today!  Things are definitely still going on.   I know the banks want to go, and they are sending memos to their people telling them to be ready for any time after 8am Friday morning, and to expect customers over the weekend. They do not have the authority to let this go on a mass scale, but they can send a few people through here and there.

Caller:  Could the dong go by itself before the dinar?

Tony:  No, the dinar is the kingpin of the GCR.  The value of the dong changes in response to the value of the dinar as a reserve currency.  It won’t go without the dinar.

772 caller:  Hello!  You must be above super-fantastic now!

Tony:  I’m super-fantastic in the knowledge this should and could go any moment or any  hour.  Today is as good as any other day.  They can let it go;  I just don’t know what is obstructing it.

Caller:  There are discussion through time of what they may do in reference to letting this go;  what is the best-case scenario for us?  Will there be a short call, a long call, let us have an 800 number?

Tony:  I would think the best thing would be for them to control the exchange system, letting you know where and when to go to secure exchange locations.  That’s how I would do it.  There are a lot of different scenarios, and I don’t think they would want people attacking the banks because they don’t know where to go or what to do.  I know they are concerned with large gatherings of people.  Not just here but around the world, there could be disruption and chaos.  There was an incident in Africa and in Iraq they are worried that people may rush the banks to get the lower denominations.

In Iraq, they are ready to go, and they have been briefing their people every afternoon on the television.  I would think it would make more sense for banks in the US to have people come in by appointment and secure locations, and from that point of view, 800 numbers make sense so that they can control the flow of people rather than having them rush all the banks trying to find out what’s happening.

Caller:  I would think they’d do it in a way that benefits them.  Wit the information you  have shared, we know more than most.  We can feel confident, pay attention, and make good decisions.  It’s just an exchange, a business transaction.

[Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’d rather go to Raleigh…

Tony:  Let’s do both!

281 caller:  So you may not get a notification from the banks, but you might get it from the other places and contacts you know.

Tony:  I expect to get notified outside the circles before I get official notification.

Caller:  With this ready to happen at any second, and they still haven’t given you any instructions, that won’t give you much time – you might have to tell us what you do know, or we will have to go to your sites or to the bank sites.  If  your sites go down, we’ll have to look at your other sites…?

Tony:  My understanding is that they want to start setting appointments and have people in the banks within two hours.  The only way they can do that is to make announcements and instructions on how to make appointments, because without that, everyone will tell their friends and family and run to that banks.   That will blow up this whole thing!

Caller:  I don’t want them to have another reason to delay this because not everyone will stay calm and know what to do.

Tony:  There is a 99.9% chance there will be problems if they don’t give instructions, especially because not everyone listens to these calls.  Most are smarter than that.

Caller:  I know we are the internet group;  this seems like a slow rollout, and I don’t know if any other groups have gone.  It sounds more like people on the banker’s lists.  Will any of these currencies expire as they delay the RV?

Tony:  I think they will put out extensions – wait for this to happen, then put out a date.  I wouldn’t wait;  I would exchange within the next ten days.  The best time is here+now.

Caller:  I have too much zim to use it to wall-paper my bathroom!  I don’t’ care if it’s a penny – I’m tired and I’m ready for this to be over.  I hope to hear today is our day!

667 caller:  I’m a first-time caller, although I’ve been a dinarian for over ten years.  My mother is in her 80s, and she doesn’t want more information, she just wants to know when to go to the bank. I’ve been looking at other websites, putting the pieces together.  With the 50k notes being out, and the lower denominations at the bank, one guru says that the rate in Iraq ill be 1:1 or maybe 1.16, while in other countries it will be $3.91 or so.  How can Iraq do that, with a higher rate outside the country?

Tony:  I did explain this on the last caller.  If we exchange our dinar, and the rate is $3.91 per dinar, that is our exchange rate.  In Iraq, it may be 1:1.  Right now, it’s 1166 dinar for one dollar.  If they exchange one dinar for one dollar, it will buy what $3.91 would buy them in dollars.  They are still getting the higher value, like we are in dollars.  That’s how it breaks down for them, 1:1.  Do you understand?  Okay, he’s gone.  Hopefully everyone understands that.

301 caller:  Thanks for taking my call.  A while back, someone mentioned about a particular IRA that has lots of extra benefits.  Do you remember that?  [Tony:  Sorry, no.]

Also, I remember there was a Virginia 540 number that called in  once, and I just learned my friend has a bank in Fredericksburg that has a DelaRue machine. I’m ready to load my stuff into the van, and I am ready to go!

Tony:  I am ready, too!

Caller:  I never heard from the lady who was supposed to tell me how to get the tweets. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I don’t know how to do that.  Pam knows about that.  I told her to call you, but she might be too busy.

Pam:  The instructions on how to follow TNT on Twitter are on the Tony Blast section of our forum at, and you don’t have to be a member to  access that.  Send a text to 40404, saying, “follow @THE_TNT_TEAM”.  You should get a text back automatically.  If not, omit the @ and text 40404 again.

646 caller:  How is Ray?

Tony:  Ray is fine;  he isn’t hear because he’s traveling.

Caller:  Let’s hope we can wrap this up and move forward in our lives, uplifting others including the veterans, soon rather than later. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

951 caller:  You mentioned a while back that when the GCR happens, the US dollar will take a hit.  Can you talk about that a bit?

Tony:  It won’t affect us at all because we’ll have a whole lot of money.  For the GCR to work, the top tiers will have to come down a bit while the bottom tiers come up.  The US dollar will come down a little bit, but more like 2-3%. The whole economy is not going to crash, plus the debt will be wiped out and a whole lot us will be putting more money back into the economy.  In six months, that will all be over, in my opinion.

Caller:  Okay, sounds good.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
530 caller:  I’m looking at the fact that everything will happen at one time with a first basket and potentially a second basket.  They have said that China will be in the SDR at a later date. W hen this happens and the dinar goes into the SDR… do we include China?  Or do we have to wait until China is authorized by the IMF to go in there?
Tony:  I wonder if they will try to drag this out until the end of November when China is voted into the SDR.  However, even if they are voted in, it doesn’t take place until November 2016, so I guess that isn’t what they are waiting for.  I talked to DC, and he says they have already allowed for that, so it’s not part of the plan.
Caller:  I like your explanation, so let’s get this over with and I’ll see you in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
252 caller:  If this is set to go, they  would probably give you a message to let you know you can release the information.  It could be done within seconds if you get an email.
Tony:  I don’t’ check my email all the time, so if it’s an email, probably not. If they sent me a text message saying it’s live, it would have to be a long text to give instructions.  Then I would have to send you all a tweet with the 800 numbers.  Then you would have it instantly and the phones would blow up!  There are other ways they can give it to me, but however it comes in, I will send out a tweet telling you where to go and who to call.
Caller:  And you say we should get Clean and Clear Certificates if we want to buy something big?
Tony: That is just a letter from that bank saying they know where the money came from, that it’s in the bank and not from illegal sources.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ll see you there!
Tony:  Pam?  She must be off getting some top secret information for you.  I do need her to turn it off because Ray is not here.
Pam:  I’m here and I’m all set.  Goodbye everybody;  I hope this is it.
Tony:  Everything is positive.  Iraq is telling them on television what is going on, how this exchange is supposed to work and that they are ready to release the currency.  The lower denominations are at the bank waiting for this release.  The banks here have been told to be ready, to get people in and out as quickly as possible. Everyone is ready to go, and we just don’t know why we haven’t.  I just got a text about hostages being released;  they got the terrorists.  Stay  ready so you don’t have to get ready.  It’s ready, I’m ready, YOU be ready so that we can have a smooth transaction and get on with our lives. To everyone who has helped up in the last five years, in the US, in the government, in the banks, overseas, in Iraq – thank you!  You are the real heroes.  We talk about Tony, Pam, DC and Ray, but you are the true heroes. There are also politicians who are on our side and who have made this possible for us to enjoy – without them, we probably wouldn’t be here.  I would love nothing more than to call you back in the next hour, but if not, we will do a call when it’s appropriate.  Enjoy your day!

NOVEMBER 18 2015


TNT Call notes 18-November-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 18, 2015.  As they were so gracious in letting you guys know, there was no call on Monday or Friday, but the information is really, really good.  On Friday we didn’t have a call because Tony was on the way to Vegas.  I had a super-fantastic time and met some TNT people there.  I also had a distraction while I was there, on high alert, hoping to leave Vegas and go straight to the bank.  It didn’t happen.  I came back on Sunday and was going to do a call on Monday;  however, early Monday morning, banks called their people in and things were in motion, gearing  up.  I thought I was going to do the FINAL call late Monday afternoon.  I was waiting for that, and I didn’t want to do a call to tell you what was going on at that moment because it would have sent you all running to the bank, scrambling like crazy.  I didn’t want to do that you or to them.  So I thought we’d wait until we got the official word.  I didn’t get that and didn’t do the call.  It didn’t stop anything happening, but it hasn’t got to us, our level yet.  It was happening across the  nation and would have had people running around like crazy.

What happened is that everyone went through their final agreements again.  Everyone is on track and the banks are authorized.  We are on super-super alert, everyone ready to go.  It stopped yesterday, and that upset the bank people because they were ready.  Yesterday at 4pm everyone was called back to the banks, including security;  they let them go home at 7pm.  They are still excited, still feeling it will happen this week, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Everybody in every country I’ve talked to says they are ready and done.  Iraq supposedly completed everything on Saturday and released it to the next level.  They released the lower denominations to the banks, and the banks are now waiting.  They want to activate all the cards, trying to do everyone on the cards, getting away from the cash.  They thought it would be five days after the banks are completed in Iraq. There is something they are doing with their system this week. When does that five days start?  I don’t think it really matters because they could change it.  It could have started as soon as the lower denominations are delivered.  Nobody is arguing or complaining in the agencies or governments, the ones who are actually involved in the process.

Oh, the banks brought in their people all day Sunday.  That is just as frustrating for them as for us – the bank employees, anyway.  We are just sitting here ready to go. The rates are there, no pending or holds;  it’s just when they try to process it, it won’t go through.  It’s just sitting there.  I say it won’t go through for me and you, although at certain levels it absolutely will go through.  We are waiting every day and hour, waiting to see when this is released.  Nobody knows what we are waiting for or who is holding it up. We are just waiting for a Go signal.  The banks do say they are waiting for UST approval;  others say maybe they have already done that, so don’t blame the UST.  I heard this morning that it is NOT the UST holding it up, but another three-letter agency.  I don’t want you to blame that three-letter agency, so I won’t say who it is.

What a day, huh?  What a day!

951 caller:  It’s another beautiful day.  Do you think this will happen before the end of the month?

Tony:  This should have already happened.  I know China’s deal is due on the 30th November, and I have wondered if they are trying to stretch this out until then.  Others have said that the RV needs to happen for China to join the SDR.  I am waiting to see what day is payday for the Iraqi military and government employees, because in my opinion that is when they want to put money on the cards.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

617 caller:  I’ve been reading that actually China has control of this now – do you think that is true?

Tony:  It is a global event, not a China event.

Caller: We are so ready for this!  I just want to get to Vegas!

Tony:  Me, too!  And I’ve just been to Vegas!  I hope to meet you and everyone there or at one of our other locations.

797 caller:  Thank you, especially after such a frustrating weekend. You said it all, so thank you!  :  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I know it was frustrating for everyone, especially for those who knew why I wasn’t doing the call.

301 caller:  The rates are still there?  I was glued to the phone the whole weekend!

Tony:  The rates are still there.  I was sitting down with good people, smoking cigars and drinking Scotch, glancing at my phone every ten minutes to see if I should make a call.

408 caller:  Have the terrorist activities caused this re-scheduling?

Tony:  Every time we see something like that, the first thought is to wait and see what is going on, because no one wants to celebrate when bad things are going on.  On the other hand, it’s taking the focus of the world, so it might be the perfect time to do this, while everyone is distracted.  I know where it is, I just don’t know why it’s been held up because everything is done.  They have ISIL to worry about all the time.

318 caller:  A whole bunch of us are super-fantastic.  We all want to meet you and we hope we do!  :  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I spent my whole morning, day, night, looking at texts from different people, trying to make sense of it all.  In the midst of all that, Pam is over there making truffles!  Is this not a call day, and you’re making truffles!  That’s how hard she works…

404 caller:  I appreciate all the information that is filling in all the gaps.  There has been a lot of speculation with the lack of calls.  When DC was on the calls, we were briefed more about plans A, B and C.  What risk is there is that this is about implementing Plan B rather than Plan A, skipping the US altogether?
Tony:  The United States is 100% aboard with Plan A.  It is moving forward, no one is being eliminated, everybody is set up to go. That is all the information I have – every banking, Treasury, international source says this is ready to go with us in agreement.
Caller:  You said Tuesday that is had stopped, and that is a bit of a red flag. What caused it to stop?
Tony:  When I said it was stopped on Tuesday, I meant the bank activity that was happening on Monday.  It didn’t stop the process.  They were anticipating something larger happening, and that’s why I didn’t do the call.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  The guy making the TNT Superfantastic hats and t-shirts sent me the .jpgs to post on the site so that you can have your own jewelry, hats and shirts made if you like.  I went to a local guy who said he can print the clothing in one day.  We are trying to create a separate page for the downloads so that everyone can make their own, without worrying about someone making a profit.  I think Daz is doing that.
312 caller:  We’ve missed you! 
Tony: I was hoping I would never have to do this again!  But here we are…
Caller:  I get Abadi’s tweets and I try to understand what he is saying to the people. There have been calls and meetings with Iran and such.  Is that trying to make Iran a connection before doing all this?
Tony:  Iran is always going to have some influence in Iraq.  Are they trying to control Iraq?  Yes, but we are trying to do that as well.  Is the RV waiting for Iran?  No?  Iran is part of the agreement, but we don’t have to wait for that.  We don’t know when it will happen.  Iran wants to improve their country, but the requirements for the RV have been met.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go and we can do this thing!
512 caller:  The window of opportunity is open, right?  Is there a chance of it happening this week?
Tony:  There is an excellent chance of it happening this week, and the people I talk to can’t understand why it hasn’t happened already!  It could be any time.
707 caller:  I’m from California, and I have two questions.  How can those of us who are learning this financial jargon be able to read the rates on the screen? 
Tony:  If I had millions of dollars and I’m sitting with an exchange person making a deal with me for rates and such, I would ask to see the rate on the screen and then ask simple questions like “A million at that rate comes out to what?”  I would ask the questions and expect to get an answer.
Caller:  Thanks to my sister-in-law who gave me your number and the Bank Exchange Checklist a year ago, I know what to ask for.  It also says to ask for Clean and Clear Certificates – what is that?
Tony:  Ask you wealth manager to say that they know where the money came from and that there is nothing illegal about it.  That’s important if you are moving large sums around, so that Homeland doesn’t get involved.  It says they are satisfied where the  money came from.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
410 caller:  I hope you had a good time in Vegas despite all the mist and smoke;  otherwise it’s just a working vacation.  Have you had any more information about how you will be allowed to help us?  Or not?
Tony: That’s why I didn’t do the call, because I was waiting for instructions.  I was hoping not to affect the process.  Even this morning, they were saying “you can’t say that on the call” because many people are listening who get upset if I say too much.  I am just trying to get this done. The system has been run again, and everything is working.  There is just one little thing to be done and then we will go to the bank. I don’t want everyone mobbing the banks, helter-skelter, creating chaos at the banks. 
Caller:  It would be really, really nice to have this happen before Thanksgiving.  Otherwise I’ll be hours from home and have to run out before dessert!  It would be frustrating for the banking people as well.
Tony:  I think it will happen before then, or should happen before then.  What day is Thanksgiving?  Thursday of next week?  I think we should be okay.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
941 caller:  You think it will be done before the 26th?
Tony:  I don’t control it but it seems like it would be done before then.  Last month Iraq didn’t pay their people until the 27th.  I would be comfortable when I know when they are paying people in Iraq. 
Caller:  A lot of people out there are pretty upset.
Tony:  People should be already doing that.  Nothing will affect this – it’s too far gone. There are too many countries and agencies involved.  There is no forcing the government to do something that is going on around the world.
Caller:  When this hits, many people and businesses will be busy doing things they have put off for the last five years.  [More of the same about exposing people, etc.]
Tony:  We weren’t supposed to be involved in this at all.  First it was for the government and then for the elite.  You cannot live the rest of your life based on the RV, and we’ve said that over and over again.  We are now part of it;  they tried to remove us, we are back in it and I understand that fight.
Caller:  [more of the same]
Tony: The 13303 was to help the citizens of this country to go over there, own businesses, get involved in the finances and be treated like Iraqi citizens.  It was not designed for us to get rich;  we found out about it and are taking advantage of the Iraqi situation.  It was designed to wipe out the US debt, like Clinton did, and to pay for the war.  In the process, the rich did get richer, yes.  Then, with the change of administrations, we were able to take advantage of it.  We were being cut out, we found out, and then we were able to get back in.  We are taking advantage of something that 350 million of our fellow citizens won’t even find out about, and they will be unhappy when they do find out too late!  The people holding it up will have some problems, in the end.
Caller:  [more of the same]  Get it to happen!  I want to pick up my two new vehicles!
909 caller:  Bruce and his group have been talking about this coming out as a float starting at 1:1, and taking a year or so to come up in the rate, and also that the zim is not in the first basket.  Is the zim still in the first basket, and are the rates still high?
Tony:  We’re going to be very, very happy with the rates, even if the dong comes out at 47 cents.  The zim has a very good rate as well.  The rates for the dinar exchange here in the United States are what we receive here.  In Iraq, the rate will be 1:1 in Iraq, and that makes sense for them.  That is great for them because they just got 3-4 times the money of what their money would buy for them.  Our rates in the US are different.  They will get one dinar for every dollar left in Iraq.
Caller:  I need to hang out with you and DC to take on your easy-going nature to be able to handle this.  That last caller always wants to make a big issue out of everything, and he needs an attitude adjustment.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
919 caller:  I am the call you have been waiting for – I am not giving permission for this to go ahead.  I’ve been the holdup all along.  Let it go and have a nice Thanksgiving!
Tony:  I will give everyone your phone number so that they can call you!  <laughter>
954 caller:  I’m super-fantastic.  How many currencies are in the basket?
Tony:  Seven that I know of.
Caller:  Great, thank you.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
423 caller:  I’m great, out planning pansies.  They look delicate but they are tough.  Tony, I feel sorry for you – I know you are tired of saying the same things over and over again.  Now, what is your hunch about why it was stopped this time?
Tony:  I do not have any reason other than … have to be careful here.  Last week when I left, I was told it could happen any time over the weekend. I don’t want to say what happened in Paris stopped it, because we don’t want them to feel they are affecting the whole world.  However, I don’t see another event or requirement that they need.  We are doing told everything has been done, and it should have been over on Saturday, but here we are.  We are still be told it’s over and done, and some are saying it should never take us that long.  There are too many things going on, too many distractions.  With the security precautions we have here, we should be seeing it any moment now.  In LA, there was a “no flying at night” because they had some security issue.  They had 10,000 cops out in the streets in LA because they were anticipating some event like Paris OR expecting you at the bank.  I look at all those things to see what is affecting us and to see where we are at. The world is not stopping so that we can go to the bank.  There are a lot of things you don’t hear about, that I do and have fit into the picture. It is frustrating, too.
Caller:  Is it the same person saying ‘we’re ready  to go’ and then saying ‘stop’?
Tony:  Everyone is saying they are ready to go, do another test to make sure it all still works, then let’s go.  In the  meantime, if the agencies or other countries find something out, or something happens, then it gets stopped again.  It’s common sense that you don’t do an event like this in the middle of that. 
Caller:  Something is always coming up, and if it’s big enough, and someone wants to stop this…
Tony:  Iraq wants to bring their country back up, and it’s available to go today. They need to choose a time that no one expects so no one can mess with it.  I’d rather be safe than sorry. 
Caller:  Do you feel something is different this week and it will really happen this week?
Tony:  This morning when I was getting information, I was on the line asking “yeah, but what makes this different?” because I know you will ask that.  Bank security has not been brought in for months, because that is a dead giveaway.  Well, they brought security in yesterday, so that was different.  The onslaught expected by the banks should have started last night, but it didn’t.  I don’t know if security is there today – probably not after this call!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Raleigh, and I hope to meet you really soon!
Pam:  Thanks for the great call.  I want to thank everyone out there.  Tony, DC and the other dinar gurus have really helped and taught a lot, and it’s amazing what you have taught all of us.  We’ve all learned and evolved and changed so much in this process.
Ray:  This When am I going to see it Wednesday and hopefully it’s before nightfall.
Tony:  Okay, I’m with you!  Just in case this is our last call of this nature, let’s thank the multiple countries, administrations, bank people, agencies, people who have risked their jobs, lives and families to keep us informed.  Thanks to everyone who helped us survive in these last five years.  The biggest jobs is living your life afterwards, how to keep it yours, make good investments, etc.  Someone helped you get through the process and all we ask in return is for you to pay it forward.  Please help someone make a better life.  If we each help  ten people, ten days after the RV, that will change 60 million lives in one day.  I look forward to that.
Hopefully this is the last call of this type. Anything could happen at any moment, so BE READY.  If you still have questions that need to be answered, get in the forum and ask people.  Know the first Ten Things you want to do, and what to do at the bank. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


NOVEMBER 11, 2015 COPYRIGHT ZAP 2013-2015

NOVEMBER 11 2015


TNT Call notes 11-November-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 11, 2015.  Without a doubt, I am super-fantastic – happy and excited to be here.  We appreciate the service of all the veterans out there.  We thought about whether to do this call, because I’m not sure I’ll be doing a call on Friday or not.  There may be no reason to do a call on Friday, but in any case I will be traveling.

There is not a lot of information today so this could be a short call.  Most bank screens are blank at the moment, and that is hopefully part of the plan. Most banking people are confused this morning because the plan was for this to be OVER today.  They called people in last night thinking it would be completed early t his morning, and here we still are.  Nobody can give a definitive reason as to why.  Many are distracted by Veteran’s Day ceremonies, and many banks are closed. There is still a timeframe through the rest of this week through Monday when this should be completed.  Many in the Iraqi govern-ment who think it will be done on Sunday, and others say “no way this can last until Sunday!”  Nothing has been stopped, argued or changed;  there is just confusion as to why it didn’t happen as it was supposed to this morning.  Maybe this afternoon we will get more information on that.  It’s still a good day, we are on our way.  Iraq put out the 50,000 dinar notes, and the lower denomination notes are at the bank waiting to be distributed.  They are still telling them how the RV process will work, every day, so that as many as possible know when it does get started.

301 caller:  I know you said that the elderly have to worry about exchanging currency.  My father is retired;  will this affect him and his monthly income?

Tony:  I don’t know if it will affect a retirement pension, it’s more those who have medical or government programs (that are means-tested).

Caller:  I’m not going for the contract rate.  What difference will it make if I go to a bank rather an exchange center.

Tony:  I don’t think there will be a lot of difference; nothing beats a failure but a try. The exchangers are going to be doing the market rate, and the banks will as well, probably.  So it’s just a question of where you feel safe and security. The exchangers will give you the rate upfront;  then you go to your bank appointment and see which is better.  IN the past there was a great opportunity at exchange centers, but then they removed some of the exchange centers and reserve programs.

Caller:  Have the average citizens been paid in Iraq?

Tony:  Some of them have been paid at the old rate and some at the new rate.  They have not been paid this month at all so far, and it’s already the 11th.

973 caller:  I’ve been waiting a while to get on the call.  Back on May 21st, Susan Swanson posted with checklists, etc., and one of those things was to write ‘all rights reserved” when you sign the NDA or contract.  Is that still a good idea?

Tony:  Whoever posted that on TNT doesn’t represent TNT.  I’m not familiar with what she actually posted, but you can always call a local attorney and get some free advice for 15 minutes to find out what that means on a contract.  I don’t know myself.

Caller:  Is the zim still in the basket?  And are there exchange locations in NJ?

Tony:  Yes, the zim is in the first basket.  I don’t have a list of exchange locations.  If you have a base nearby [or a town of over 100,000], there will probably be an exchange location near you.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So we all can go, and Tony, too!

410 caller:  I would think this would be the perfect day because they don’t have the people in the bank.  Are they understanding this in Iraq?

Tony:  I think they are getting educated;  I’m not sure it matters to them that it’s Veteran’s Day and the banks are closed over here.  This is a global currency event, so there are banks open around the world apart from ours.  I got a call this morning that they are all mad at the banks because it didn’t happen today.  I heard the three-letter agencies cleared it all again last night, and nobody knows where the real problem is.  Everyone thought it would be today.  In Iraq, everything has been done, but our sources are saying it probably wont’ happen until Sunday.  Everyone is in position, ready to go, and some don’t think they will make it until Sunday.  The IMF meetings went great yesterday and everyone said last night, “Let’s go, let’s get this done.”  But here we are, and we don’t know what happened.

Caller:  I’m very grateful.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  When you say everyone thought it would be over with early today, how likely is it that it might be triggered today?

Tony:  It’s very likely because we don’t know why it didn’t happen.  This could happen at any moment – they could be trying to make it happen right now, because I don’t know what made it stop.  I know the goal yesterday was to release it last night.  It was supposed to go early morning.

Caller:  Sistani made it clear earlier that he wants this to be done.

Tony:  We see his messages that people should not use the laws as an excuse not to do this – get it done and then argue about who is gaining or losing power.  He has the power of the people behind him and nobody’s trying to stretch it out.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So we all can go, and Tony, too!

Tony:  Five years ago, we said that it would be total chaos and confusion at the end because they don’t want people to know the exact day or hour.  Everyone in the system is saying “let’s do this!”  They put out the 50,000 notes today, and some say that articles said that those notes will be put out in 2016… but here they are, and part of what we said would happen. That’s a good thing and you all should be really happy today.

707 caller:  Regarding DC, many say they miss his being here, and I share that.  You are such a great host on this call but DC…

Tony:  DC will be here when he can come back here.  He is doing what he needs to be doing.  He is very private, and he will be here when he can, and not otherwise.

775 caller:  A long time ago, you said something about the process the banks go through when they accept our dinar.  They make an income at different stages, not just the fees when we exchange.  Could you go over how that works?

Tony:  You give your money to the bank and now you want to know how much the bank is making off of that?  You don’t care how much you make, you want to know how much they make?  Banks make money off of your money:  overnights (making money every single night), and off your deposits (fractional banking at a ratio of 1:8;  that is, you put in 10K and they loan out 80K, out of thin air). That’s how they make their profits.

Caller:  I thought there was another little kickback when the currency gets back into government hands.  I’m looking for some leverage here.

Tony:  You want them to give you their percentage, too?  We are not going to get their money because they are in business.  They do have the option to give you some of the contract rates and/or not charge you fees.  But you have to be the negotiator there.  They will negotiate with you.  Your rate and everything you will be offered will be based on how you present yourself during the exchange process.  Dress and behave in a professional manner.  If you look like you have no clue what you’re doing, that’s how they will treat you.  If you have done your research and know that there is an opportunity, and talk to them about what rates and interest rates you believe you should receive, and knowing that they will make money off your money… You have to be willing to negotiate and not be intimidated, because they will treat you the way you present yourself.

Caller:  I know there is a lot of talk about the 3.8% ‘ObamaCare’ tax, but that is a ‘lesser’ amount – you are taxed your net income tax OR the 3.8%, whichever is less.

559 caller:  I’m blessed!  I was going through some notes, and I know some of these things no longer apply, but you said something about negotiating during the second appointment.  However, there was some discussion of a flat tax – is that still happening?  Also, do we need to specify the correct three-letter codes, or just take in the currency and ask them for the best rates?

Tony:  During the exchange, if you can get a higher rate during the beginning, go for it.  They could have rearranged all that.  Most of the people doing the exchanges now will actually BE wealth managers, so that will be easier.  Re: taxes, I heard a RUMOR is that there may be a 15% flat tax.  However, ‘prepare for the worst, hope for the best’.

Caller:  We calculated everything on a high rate, low rate, flat tax… all possibilities.  Do we have to specify the letters like IQN?  Do we need a sweep account?  Do we need to specify that no one has access apart from the wealth manager?

Tony:  You are just trying to confuse everyone now.  IQD and IQN show different rates, according to my banking sources.  Remember to say “I’m here for an exchange”;  that’s really important.  As far as the accounts go, I was told by someone in the UST to put my dinar in a separate account because it will be tracked and taxed differently.  That falls under the category “better safe than sorry”.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So we all can go and meet Tony there.  Hopefully this is our last call.

773 caller:  I read a chat post saying the CBI was to respond to statements about the monetary policy.  Did they say anything about that?

Tony:  There are always discussions about that, so I’m not concerned.
Caller:  I heard that Iraq had met with the IMF and signed a memorandum of understanding.  What relevance does that have to the RV/GCR?
Tony:  The IMF is one of the agencies that has to sign off for this to happen, and it will potentially hold the responsibility if this goes wrong.  The IMF wants to make sure everything is in place and if anything occurs afterwards, even if the leadership changes, they can come back and take control.  For 200 years, and what is normal business for Iraq looks like corruption to us;  the IMF wants to make sure that everything agreed on stays in place, not letting the Finance Minister walk off with ‘his’ money.  A lot of things had to be put in law and the IMF wants to make sure it remains that way.  Iraq is trying to work all this out and make sure it  gets done;  the IMF is more concerned about the next guy who comes along, to make sure the law rules and not the individual.  This is the more important because the foundation for the GCR is the Iraqi dinar, so they need to make sure it stays stable for the next 200 years.  If Iraq collapses and everyone is using dinar as a reserve, what happens to those reserves
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ve got used to talking to you every week!
Tony:  We can have a conference call with Pam and Ray!
TexasGranny:  I called you five years ago when I went into Chase and Pam connected me to the call so I could talk to you.  That was the first time Chase acknowledged that there was an IQD and there would be an exchange. That was five years ago!  I’m tired of waiting for a good ‘Black Friday’!  I am waiting, Tony!  Everything has been said, and all we are doing is waiting.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
410 caller:  I’m super-fantastic as well.  I know you haven’t been saying the rates for a while; on the final call, can you tell us the contract rates, so we have a baseline?
Tony:  That depends on who I get the call from and what they ask me to do.  If I don’t get the call, I’ll tell you everything I know.  However, if they call, I will do what I can to make it smooth for everyone.  There isn’t a set contract rate;  it’s more what they will offer you IF you meet their criteria.  They may offer you a little more and spread out the contract rate. That would be based on what you have.   So if you have above X amount, it more worth the bank’s while to offer you a higher rate.  If you only have 100K dinar, they will only have 300-400 thousand dollars, and you will probably not be offered the contract rate.  If you have millions of dinar, or can combine it with dong, rupiah and zim, then they may offer you more.  I’m not sure;  I’m hearing two different versions.  There is a contract rate, and I know of people who have negotiated 25-100 cents more on the rate.  So sharpen up your negotiation skills.
Caller:  I quality for the contract rate and I have a number in my mind.
Tony:  If you have never negotiated before, you shoot for the stars and land on the moon.
Caller:  Let’s say I’m DC, and I’m going to ask you:  is there any question you might ask at this point?  What would that question be?
Tony:  I think I’ve told you everything already.  You’ve already asked all the important stuff.  It’s all out there, on the table, and we just have to wait for it to happen.
Caller: What one thing should we be doing right now?
Tony:  Get ready.  Have your plan.  Go through your numbers so that you have a definite plan, and when they give you a number, you know what you want to do.  You need to know what the other banks and dealers are offering, and then negotiate for higher rates, better terms, whatever you want in an offer.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
954 caller:  We have heard of three possible procedures – have they narrowed that down?  Will there be one 800 number for all banks, one for each bank, or shotgun?
Tony:  I don’t think there will be one 800 number because the banks are in competition.  I hope there will be an 800 number for each bank.  If they go for the shotgun approach, it will be chaos because everyone will be calling all of the banks.  We think it makes sense for them to at least give me and other gurus an 800 number so you can choose a bank.
Pam:  Thanks to you, tony, for your service, and to DC for his continuing service. My dad was in Pearl Harbor on a tanker, and my husband was in Viet Nam.  You guys deserve all good things.
RayRen:  Thanks to all veterans;  it’s your day. All gave some, some gave all.
Tony:  The day is not over, and anything could happen.  Only a couple more days left in the week.  We probably won’t have a call on Friday because it’s in the middle of my flight time.  We might do one earlier or later.  Thanks to all our veterans, so please enjoy your day.  Anything could happen today, tomorrow, Friday, and if so we will definitely do a call and get this party started.  Enjoy the rest of your day;  we are just waiting for someone to make that announcement and tell us that we can go.



TNT Call notes 9-November-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, November 9, 2015.  I really didn’t want to do this call today, and started not wanting to do it on Friday!  It’s a great day.  A lot of things are happening and everyone should be positive.  We could have a couple more hours to do this or a couple more days.

This is what happened over the weekend:  it’s been confirmed all over the place.  Once again they passed out the lower denominations.  On Saturday they went to the main banks in each region and on Sunday they went to all the banks in all regions. Every day, they explained to the Iraqi people how this process is going to work;  also in the mosques, they explained and said that this is ‘imminent’. Yesterday and today people were looking for a scheduled global announcement.  Today there is a group or meeting where they are going over that announcement, making sure it’s worded correctly and explaining everything that his happening in the global economy.

Banks are excited, or were over the weekend. They were given a new date and time to start looking for this – not the exact time, just a start time.  That is part of this week.  According to our sources, some in Iraq have been informed how much currency they should have in their pockets. They were informed what procedures they should take, as foreigners, and also when they think this should be all over.  These are those who only a week or two ago thought this wasn’t happening until 2016 or 2017, and now they are being told this week will change their lives.  Everything we are hearing say that this is a life-changing week for us.  I am spreading that out across the whole week… just be ready from any moment after I hang up this phone.

Their bank people are just like ours – they call their customers, family members, friends.  They think they know the day and the start time, and they are letting people they know.  Speeches have been written on both sides, and they are being careful to explain all sides of the situation.  Iraqi citizens and foreigners have been informed of procedures, which are different for each group.  I’m glad to be here, although I’d rather be at the bank!  But let’s do what we do…

636 caller: Anything specific we should be looking for, other than your text?

Tony:  I don’t know another way to send it out to you apart from a text. You can go to other sites if you want.  We will put it out on our other tntsuperfantastic sites, as soon as I determine they want me to do something.

503 caller:  Everything sounds awesome!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  If you do not have a question, hit *2 to put your hand down.  I’ll give everyone a moment to do that and then refresh. Okay, everyone with their hand up now has a question, right?

313 caller:  When the dinar goes live, will it show up on the CBI website?  I’ve been watching that every day for the last six months.

Tony:  I think it will.  I think they will want the world to know…

Caller:  The banks are going to call you when this goes live?  How long will that take?

Tony:  I don’t know what the final decision is:  no call, 15-minute call, ten days of calls.  If they want us to help, we will help make this as smooth as possible for you guys. I know people in the banks who will call me, and whatever they tell me, I will respond to that. I will get a call from Iraq before then.  We’ll see what they want us to do.

404 caller: When you talk about those speeches, will they be low-key or high visibility?

Tony:  They will be low-key. They are not going to stop the presses or anything.  They are expecting an announcement in Iraq, and in the rest of the world it will be in financial circles only.  It will just be a statement about changes going on, the new banking system, etc.  I don’t have it yet.

Caller:  In the past, we have been briefed that we would doing this AFTER the Iraqis, and then at the same time.

Tony: I think WE internet people will be doing it at the same time as the Iraqi people, and everyone else will be doing it a few days later.

Caller:  Basani was making it clear that it wants this to be done now.  How long do people have to make it clear that they want this done now?

Tony:  I am not Muslim or Iraqi, so I can’t answer that question.  It is important that the Iraqi people know that their top religious leader is behind them because if things go sideways, they want to know that he is behind this wanting to get this done.  They are politicians and they understand that.

Caller:  I heard that they are doing the first reading of the Budget tomorrow.  Can they do all three readings in one day and pass the Budget?

Tony:  I don’t know.  I don’t care about the 2016 Budget;  we are still in 2015, and the Budget still has the same low rates in there.  That never made any difference to me.  They can make it 35 dollars and this is still happening.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  so Tony can go and we can celebrate!

Tony:  I’m going to Vegas anyway this weekend so that I can go to the Big Smoke.  It’s Monday and I still haven’t had my shirts made.  Any of you guys that make those TNT shirts, I wear a 3x and will happily pay you for it.

409 caller:  Several years ago when I decided to purchase my dinar, my father bought it for me, so the receipt has his name on it.  Does he need to give me a gift letter, or is the receipt sufficient for my taxes?

Tony:  Better safe than sorry – have him write out a gift letter for you.

Caller:  When you have a gift letter, does that change the tax bracket as for short or long-term investments?

Tony:  When you were given the gift, it wasn’t worth much.  When you exchange it, you’re on your own.  The point is to receive the gift when it’s worth less than $14,000.

Caller:  I will talk to a professional.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Texas!

Fave attorney:  We were hearing talk about Abadi, that some people aren’t happy with him?  What do your sources say on that?

Tony:  My sources say that whomever they put in office, someone won’t like him.  So I’m pretty sure there is some truth in that.  I think that there is a little bit of that, with some saying he is no different from Maliki, with people protesting in the streets.  They are now telling the Iraqi people that everything promised is about to happen.  They went through all the reforms, telling people the details of what they mean, and I don’t think there is any concern of Abadi being removed from office.  I think this week all doubt will be removed, he will be loved by his country and Abadi will go down as the first leader of Iraq who benefited his country rather than himself.

Caller:  Procedures or taxes?

Tony:  I haven’t heard anything new.  We will have to wait and see.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

281 caller:  One of my friends has contacts who talk to him about this thing coming, and they say before the 15th.  What do you think?

Tony:  Great – that’s a good number to give him.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Another 281 caller:  As for Vegas, is this going to be in December or is this too close to find a venue?

Tony:  Every year so far, we have run into problems arranging something at this time of the year.  I like Vegas, although we could move it outside Vegas… Reno, maybe, but Reno is cold.  We started with 8,400 people, and if everyone is rich and the numbers go to 16,000, we will need a stadium!  The banks should want to help so that you can learn things before you spend your money, so I’m trying to set this up as fast as possible.  All the other locations like North Carolina and Atlanta, we shouldn’t have a problem.

Caller:  Wherever you have it, we will all come.

Tony: The smaller venues will be one day, and Vegas will be four days so that more people can get to the classes and speakers, and so that the banks can offer what they want to you.  I also want to introduce all the mods from the last five years, so you can meet Pam, Ray and all the rest, and also so that you can meet each other after talking for years on the phone.

Caller:  I met your brother for the first time this weekend at the Houston class.  That will help us prepare for this when it happens.  [Appreciation]  I will follow you anywhere just so that I can get some additional information.

352 caller:  I appreciate it that you are courteous to those who are rude to you, to those who seem to challenge you.  Do you have a date in mind – how long before you call it quits?

Tony:  The day I go to the bank and exchange my currency, that’s the day I call it quits.  We are here to go through it – there is no ‘quits’.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

610 caller:  Good morning from the West Coast!  Are the people protesting in Iraq?

Tony:  They have been protesting but are not right now. There were 2-3 million in the streets, and that is why they made announcements in the mosques and on television, and why they told them the lower denominations have been moved. They are being public about what they are doing to keep people from rising in the streets.  They know they are at the point of ‘enough is enough’.

Caller:  They also need to sit down together with a few cigars, sign it and get it done!  Happy Veterans Day to all our vets… [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! so we all can go and listen to the banks and meet each other.  Raleigh, Raleigh, Raleigh!
301 caller:  When we call the 800 numbers will they tell me where the nearest bank will have a Delarue machine?
Tony:  I don’t know – I don’t think so.  I don’t think they will know where all the machines are located. They will tell you where to go and your appointment time.  Then when you hang up, call that location and see if they have a Delarue machine. 
Caller:  Maybe I’ll just hop on a plane to Reno – you said they will have one.
Tony:  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  I wouldn’t go all the way to Reno just for a machine.  We have to have some confidence and trust.  The banks want us to exchange.  You have to know how much currency you have. The last thing the banks want is for people to come back to the internet and tell people how the bank ripped you off in your exchange. They will do everything they can to make this as smooth as possible.
Caller:  How can I get a text from you on my cell phone?
Tony:  I do send out tweets but I don’t know how… Pam does.  Do you have twitter?
Caller:  Maybe Pam could fix me up?
Tony:  Nine times out of ten, Pam is at home doing nothing.  [NOT!]  I will give her your number and ask her to help you out with that.  You’re not in the chat room at all?  Okay.
602 caller:  Going back to DC, he always deferred to you on in-depth knowledge of the dong.  If you are 100% sure our dinar is coming out, are you also comfortable that the dong will come out at the same time?
Tony:  I’m as comfortable as I can get. They are shown on the screens together, the banks have been trained to exchange them together, so yes. 
909 caller:  I was reading an article on a dinar blog and it said that China will lead the way on this exchange. They said China will exchange dinar, dong and zim, through HSBC, DeutscheBank and the Bank of China… what do you say?
Tony:  Are you suggesting the big four in the US will not exchange?  I think he is trying to say that CHINA will be using the dong to build up the value of their currency, just as we are suing the dinar to support the countries involved in the Iraqi conflict.  Under Basel III, China can use dong to enhance their currency, so that is being exchanged through their system, so yes. 
Caller:  But in the past you said that China is offering a contract rate on dong?
Tony:  Yes, and dinar as well.  The banks here will exchange dinar and dong, but the article is probably saying that China is the foundation bank for dealing with the dong.
650 caller:  You spoke of the lower denominations being distributed, and there are reports that they are actually being circulated in Kurdistan – any reports on that?
Tony:  All I know as of this morning is that they are at the banks.  T hey are supposed to be distributed today, but I haven’t heard that as yet.  They are still scheduled for this week.  I haven’t asked any of my contacts if they have them in their hands;  they work at the bank so they probably have seen them.
Caller: You’ve said this week is an important week as a window.  Do you see any specific indicators?
Tony:  What I’ve already told you – banks have been notified, memos sent out, and meetings are being held to prepare announcements on both sides. That makes me think it’s happening this week.
561 caller:  Has Baghdad been paid?
Tony:  People who can make these decisions made sure that I knew that we would get paid when the average Iraqi citizens get paid.  That’s how it was explained to me.
Caller:  So we are waiting for them to be paid?  And the lower denominations?
Tony:  When the lower denominations are released, that’s them being paid.
832 caller:  I have two quick questions.  Did the  Chinese become a reserve currency in the SDR?
Tony: They moved that to the 30. November, so we are still waiting on that.  I don’t think they will wait another five years, it’s just a matter of the meeting and being announced.
Caller:  When will Iran be listed for doing open business with the world?
Tony: They will start when there is an announcement of a formal agreement in place.  It will be global news.  We are not waiting on that;  it is not the holdup.
Caller:  [Appreciation] from me and all my family.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
252 caller:  My uncle passed last week, and one of his children found a box with all his dinar.  How can we exchange that?  Will we have to show his death certificate?  Is that considered a gift or what?  What is your suggestion?
Tony:  Because of your circumstances, without knowing if she is the only child or what his will says.  I would find out who is in charge of his estate, see if there is a will and how he left his estate, and see if other family members are involved.
Caller:  Can you give RayRen my number?  [can’t hear]  I went to Wells Fargo and asked about exchanging;  the young man asked what I wanted to exchange.  I showed him my dinar, and he said, “It’s real”.  I asked about the rate, and he didn’t see it on the screen so he took it to the manager.  She then looked on her computer, but hesitated, and just then the supervisor came by.  They came back and gave the usual story about not having anything to do with the dinar.  But I thought it interesting that the young man said “it’s real”.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Pam:  We will attempt to put the Twitter/tweet instructions on the site, where everyone can see it.  We put the transcripts up after every call, and the link for Tony Robbins’ book.  You can register for the tweets without having a twitter account. Sometimes you have to register several time.
Also I want to read something sent to me this morning:  “Life is like a dance, and we're partners.  Setbacks, delays, and detours? They're like steps in the mambo, tango, and cha-cha. If you dissected the movements and saw them without the rest of the dance, everyone would look to be in great pain.  But when you see the big picture... poetry in motion.  In life, setbacks, delays, and detours are often just my way of "keeping" you for something way better.  Don't let them discourage you, don't see them out of context, and whatever you do, don't stop dancing.”
Ray:  It is magnificent Monday, awaiting information as it unfolds.
Tony:  All the information is very positive.  Every step gets us closer to the finish line.  Statements are being prepared, people being notified, information on Iraqi television and in the mosques they have told them to get ready. The banks were given a date and time over the weekend for this to start.  All our information says ‘this is the time’.  I always say “you have to get through it to get to it” and we are through it according to my information.  We should have one more call together if they want us to do something.  If not, we might have a few more calls to help you get through this. It is on the way!  Enjoy the rest of your day…













































TNT Call notes 4-November-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 4, 2015.  I don’t know what happened today but something … they aren’t letting you call in on the webcast until 15 minutes before the call but when I checked it before the call, there were already 20,000 on the line, and 35,000 total on the call.  I don’t know what they are hearing, but there are many more people than usual on the line.  We do have some really good, exciting news.  I do hope this is the very last call, our last week – it is that close.  I haven’t paid the bill, and hopefully don’t have to.  I pray to God that we don’t.

Man, everything is super-super positive –everyone is ready, the rates are on the board, and calls from several countries are seeing the rates and they all say pending. They have a date and time for this to go live, and it IS this week.  There isn’t much time left in this week. There have been meetings with bankers and wealth managers, and have called people in for appointments this week.  They all feel it’s happening this week.  The banks have brought in some people to find out what they need, to get a head start and build their client lists.  There is nothing wrong with that – it’s what we want to see.

My understanding at this point is that unless you have a couple hundred million USD, you will most likely NOT sign the NDA – that limit or higher.  That’s the latest thing I’ve been told, although I haven’t seen it in a document. That’s how they are trying to set it up, with higher rates than we originally thought – double, triple, trying to share the wealth with more people.

In Iraq, Abadi gave two speeches through the mosque, on Sunday and Monday, saying that everything the country has been waiting for, the people are about to see – prior to Eid.  Some people in Iraq expected to see this yesterday and/or today, and expect another update at evening mosque today.  They are supposed to be told exactly where they are with the reforms and when they should be completed.  Everyone is happy, and they fully expected to be paid yesterday or today, and they have been assured everything will be explained to them today in the mosque.

There is currently a meeting going on with several international agencies that started at 12.20 am last night and it’s still going on. Once this is concluded, activation date and time will be given. That’s my understanding, anyway. 
Supposedly NDAs under ten million US dollars will NOT be required, unless the bank is scared.  It could be 500 million at contract rate that an NDA will be needed.  I’m just giving you the pieces of information coming out of meetings. I’m just telling you in case we don’t end up doing a call.  If we do the call, I’ll explain the details then.  The rates are looking very good and on the screens in different countries.  Six banks in the US have the rates on the screens saying ‘pending’.
I’ll read this part, from Pam (the tyrant):  This keeps popping up and many are concerned.  Will the banks send out the currencies off to be verified or will they be verified on site?  Many are concerned about derivatives, counterfeits, banks taking the currency and the customer not getting credit, etc.”  That’s a text sent to Pam that she sent to me.  Here is the real deal:  years ago, when this was put together, I had bank personnel who had worked at the banks for years saying, “Don’t trust the bank!”  They would not leave their own money at the bank where they worked!  On the other side, people in the banks told us they had been trained, been told what to look for, and also that some personnel would be hostile because they missed the opportunity of a lifetime and might take it out on you.  Nobody can protect you from all of that except for you.  Bank people are human beings like you, and they get emotional. There will be a lot of emotions throughout this process, so be smart about it. It’s the same with the police – many are good, but some are bad.  There are bad people in every industry, and there will be some bad bank people out there, so you can be aware.  Banks will follow their own policies. Exchange centers should check your currency, deposit, and get you out the door.  Other banks will have to follow their regular procedures, and that usually involves counting the currency, sealing it, and sending it off to their regional centers for verification.  If you don’t like their process, you get to walk away.  You get to control that part.  If you don’t like it, leave it.  If you are not happy, go somewhere you are.  Don’t be forced to do something you don’t want to do. The power is in your hands about what you agree to. Ask how it is going to go, and agree to do that, or not.  When I buy a car, I don’t’ want to talk to a number of people and I want to get to the end.  If you are concerned about verification, ask how they do that and find out how much will be deposited in your account.  If you’re not satisfied, leave.  Keep it simple.
In the exchange centers, they have known about this for a while and it should be smooth.  The only possible problems might be in the smaller regional banks.  Then some of these issues might come up.

They expected you all would be in the banks today, actually, but got held up because of these final meetings.  Hopefully we will get that date/time this is being released.

615 caller:  I’m a first-time caller.  My father was a lawyer and I used to read his law books so I understand law codes.  I’m trying to understand the tax implications.  I’m not a tax attorney, but I’d like to share my version.  I’m an attorney once removed, I guess!

I’ve heard a lot of discussion about taxes, and some seems close to true but others will get you into trouble.  In IRS Pub 44, it specifically lists foreign currency as a class 2 asset that you buy or sell for gain or loss.  So that usually falls under the taxation for capital gains.  The day you buy it, that cost is the ‘basis’, and after one year, it becomes long-term capital gains.  Until then, it’s considered income, as with all short-term capital gains.  After a year, there are a couple of tax rates:  if you fall in the 15% tax rate, and only exchange up to $200K, then you might pay no taxes.

Tony:  There is a possibility that there is no taxes, but depending on how much you  make in the exchange, there may well be taxes.  We cannot go through the whole tax code on this call.

Caller:  Federal income tax on the highest bracket is39.6%.  On 2013, there came in a net investment tax as well of 3.8%;  also, if you make more than 100K, you have to pay quarterly or you might pay an additional 2% tax.  As you said, though, set aside 50%, or more if your state has state income tax.

951 caller:  Do you really think this will happen before Christmas this year?

Tony:  Well, I’m broke and I need money.  All the requirements have been met, all the fussing and fighting has subsided, all the articles we saw last year… we are seeing none of that in the last few months. Every article has been about building the economy and building for growth and that money has to come from somewhere.  All the fighting has stopped and everyone wants this to go through.  All banks in the US and the world are seeing the same rates and the same timeframes for this to go live.  We used to look only the US banks, but I am hearing from all these other countries.  Hopefully by the end of this meeting this will all be done and finalized. That is what I’m looking at:  the level of the information, where it’s come from and what it is.  So now it’s different.

Caller:  On the last call you said that they were only waiting for one agency to approve this…

Tony:  On Monday, the IMF and one other agency were having a problem but they resolved it.  They are in a meeting right now, and hopefully at the conclusion they will say “this is the time and we’re going to do it.”  The banks have already been briefed on when to start, and they also ask, “How do you know this is the time, for sure?”  They are not sure, this is what they are being told, just like me.  People say that banks that told them they were not going to be involved a year ago, they are now calling to set up client appointments later this week!

Caller:  Okay!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

717 caller:  That was a great tweet and we are all ready for some excitement in our lives!  I was listening to calls from a year ago because I wanted to hear that great belly laugh from you and DC.  That was very contagious.  In the documentary Laughology, they say you can add eight years to your life through laughing!  Is 404 around?

Tony:  I’m just not sure of the taxes because they are still trying to do some special thing and there might be zero taxes, 15% or 50%.  I just don’t know.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

423 caller:  Have you heard from Okie?

Tony:  I talked to Okie on Monday and Tuesday.  He is sounding better.  He is as happy as we are;  he has been around for a while.

410 caller:  When they are talking about a date and time this week, does this mean this week?  Or that it might go to Monday?

Tony:  I’m not going to say it can’t, but the date/time I know about it prior to Monday.

Caller:  Under ten million IQD there will probably be no NDA?

Tony:  NO, that is under ten million dollars!  It’s not a currency, it’s a dollar amount. So that is the total, that under ten million USD, it’s at the bank’s discretion.  I heard from one of the banks yesterday that they won’t do any NDAs under five hundred million.

Caller:  Okay!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

727 caller:  Do you know an exchange center in or around Santa Rosa, California?

Tony:  Do they even have banks in Santa Rosa?

Caller:  I was at a large branch of Wells Fargo where they have a wealth manager.  I purchased some of my currency there.  When I spoke to the WM, he said this would never happen, you would have to go to other countries, and so on.  He said that most people get mad when he says this, and he has a conversation with his father-in-law every w eek on this topic.  He said he gets his information from Paul Christopher, the WF chief foreign exchange strategist.

Tony:  Either he just exposed how far WF doesn’t trust him with this information, or he’s one of the biggest liars in the world.  Two of the top exchange locations in the country will be in Reno and San Francisco, and both belong to Wells Fargo.

Caller:  So when I make my call, I’ll drive to San Francisco… and I’ll stop at that branch and show him my deposit slip.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

313 caller:  Did you hear the rumor that the dong is supposed to go live today?  I called the bank and it hasn’t hit the bank yet.

Tony:  I did hear that rumor, and I think anything’s possible.  What do you want to say?  Yes, I think that’s right;  I think we’re going to see it?  Yes, I did hear that it got approval to go today, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go today.  I think it’s much too early for any of that to take place, but it did get approval and that is a good thing.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  You mentioned in your opening remarks that the process got underway at 12.20am today?  Is that correct?  And when it reaches its conclusion, will the RV go automatically, or will it still involve something further?  In the past, you said that there were algorithms that ‘couldn’t be stopped’, and yet…

Tony:  You listened closely and came to a logical conclusion.  My understanding is that after completion, it is FREE to go at some designated time.

Caller:  Is it ‘free to go’ henceforth, within a given timeframe?  Or does the process have to be reactivated?

Tony:  At the end of this meeting, in theory, everyone has agreed it can go.  I don’t know if it will go in five minutes, twelve hours or what.  They do seem to be saying by the end of this week.

Caller: Will this be when the banks are all open, all closed, or is that no longer relevant?

Tony:  They are more concerned about the markets than the banks.  The banks are more concerned about which day than what house.  Today is not a concern.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  May this be our last call!

816 caller:  I can’t usually hold long enough to get on the call!  To clarify something you said, if you have UNDER ten million, there will not be an NDA.  I thought we would not have to sign an NDA is you took the international rates.

Tony:  Nothing was said to me about contract rates.  If you have ten million US dollars or less, it’s up to the bank’s discretion whether you have to sign an NDA.  Before, they said that if you didn’t take contract rates, you wouldn’t have to sign an NDA.  Yesterday I heard from one of the banks that they would not do NDAs for people who exchange for less than five hundred million US dollars.  That from is one bank, at a higher level.  I just don’t know;  we’ll have to see what happens.

Caller:  I don’t plan to say anything, whether I sign an NDA or not – just don’t want to have to worry constantly.  I just want to take the international rate, get out, help people I know are in need and live the rest of my years not having to worry.

Tony:  All this information just gives you plan A and plan B;  if this comes up, this is not the first time you’ll have heard it.  They are considering all this, and I hope we will have all this information up front before you make your call and go to your appointment.  You have time to settle down on the plan you want.

Caller:  If they demand an NDA for over ten million, is that just at one bank?  Can you  split your funds between different banks?

Tony:  I don’t know.  There is no NDA required at street level, regardless of the amount, according to my sources.  One is saying ten million and above with the contract rate will have an NDA;  the other is saying 500 million with the contract rate for the NDA.  We’ll just have to see.  It sure sounds good for this week.

505 caller:  First-time caller… [Appreciation]

Tony:  If you really want to thank me, don’t ask me a year’s worth of questions!

Caller:  I’m from the Bay Area, and now I’m calling you from Mexico where I retired to.  I’m about 6-7 hours from Tucson, where my currency is being held, and I’m in the top 10% of currency holders so I don’t want to cross the border.  I have legal residency in Nevada and will exchange in Reno.  It sounds like there are few days of the higher rates and then will come back down.  I have an off-the-shelf trust read to be mailed to me.  If you were in my situation, traveling between countries, would you exchange without the trust?  With the trust I can avoid the initial taxes.  What are your thoughts?

Tony:  I would have already made my trust and put the currency in the trust.  I would then go to the bank with the trust papers and its EIN and exchange into that account. IN my opinion, you don’t need the trust to be completed – you need a trust, an EIN, and a bank account in the trust’s name – that’s all.  Put the currency in the trust’s name initially so that you can use the trust’s bank account.

Caller:  Ah.  That makes sense.  If you want to go to Vegas, you go and drag the rest of us there.  I can’t handle second-hand smoke, myself, so could you possibly go to a town that really needs the money like New Orleans or some place where we could donate just by our presence there?

Tony:  Anywhere I go, there is going to be second-hand smoke, because I smoke!  If we are looking to help a local economy, we’re not going to put a dent in Las Vegas… or New Orleans, either.  They have people smoking, drinking, partying and gambling in New Orleans as well!  We do intend to go to North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota and other places.  We limited the smaller venues to 1,500 and got 8,000 in 15 minutes!  But we will have smaller venues for those who don’t care for Las Vegas.

The bank will require documentation that the trust exists before they open the account.  If you have a skeleton trust, with the documents, get your EIN at, then you have all that you require to open the account.  They just need to see that the trust exists, not all the paperwork, as long as you have the EIN to show it’s recognized by the US government.  You don’t have to wait for the RV to do all that, you can do that today!
770 caller:  If the dong has been approved, what does that actually mean?
Tony:  It means the dong can go when the dinar goes and the RV is announced. It cannot go before the RV, but it’s been given full approval to go.
Caller:  Does that mean we are that much closer, out of the woods?
Tony:  If nothing else happens, we are out of this by Monday at the latest.
Now, when I say ‘set up’, I mean that I have the name of my trust and the EIN; t hat doesn’t mean I have set up the entire day-to-day workings or purposes.  I don’t do trusts;  that’s what Ray does.  That’s what I would do, but I haven’t gone to Ray’s trust class. I can only tell you what I understand.  Pam went to his class and she says I need to do X, Y and Z.  I don’t need to do any of that because I have Ray!  I’m just putting that out there publicly, so that you know it’s Ray’s job to deal with trusts.
Next caller:  You said in the mosque that they would make an announcement in the evening mosque;  what time is that?
Tony: It’s over;  we just haven’t received the information yet.  Morning mosque goes from 5am to 10am;  in the evening I don’t think it starts until 6pm.  I don’t know how long it goes in the evening, thought.
Caller:  If this had happened a few years ago, I would have blown it and made terrible mistakes, but now I’m sober and settled. I know what to do and I will be leaving a legacy for 3-4 generations.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Pam says she has something to do…
Pam:  I’m still sober, too.  Tony is not an expert is everything.  He can be wrong;  he doesn’t know everything.  Ask those questions to Dr. ;:Google, who does know everything!  Tony is not giving you legal or financial advice, and I’m not sure Tony even gives good advice!  Talk to professionals who do know what they’re talking about, or talk to Tony’s brother Ray!
Ray:  Okay. Based on what some have heard, it seems like we might see it today, at least with the dong. Be optimistic and enjoy your day.
Tony:  I am very optimistic on the time frames we are hearing.  Everything is being done right now, and banks are telling their managers the date/time when they expect to have lines out the door. That day is really close.  Banks and sources in banks in other countries still have the same or similar rates ‘pending’. There is no negative news, no doom and gloom, nobody stopping it or saying it won’t happen until 2016.  Everyone is just getting ready.  Abadi said that Monday/Tuesday they will see what they have been waiting for… definitely by Eid [which is Monday, 7. November].  They were expecting it yesterday, today and definitely by tomorrow. They are being updated in the mosques about all the reform measures, and I think it will be good news.  I hope and pray this is our last call apart from one telling you to go to the bank. Enjoy the rest of your day, and I look forward to this happening any moment, any hour, any day of this week.


TNT Call notes 2-November-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, November 2, 2015.  Those who don’t really have questions but who have their hands up, just to get on the call, please put your hands down by pressing *2.

I absolutely positively did not want to be here today, but I am, and since I am, I will give you some information and you’ll be glad you are here to day.  Before that, one of our transcribers RE57 had an emergency over the weekend;  I’m sorry for what your father is going through, but I’m glad you are able to be here today.

Here’s the information Pam was alluding to, and why she is surprised to be here as well.  We really shouldn’t be here.  The reality is that all last week this was supposed to be completed by Saturday night or Sunday morning, but here it is Monday and we are still here.  Today is a super-fantastic day, and everyone is waiting for this to happen any moment.  I got calls from three different countries yesterday all saying “today is our day”, 3-4am this morning should be our time. I got calls from individuals who were told to pass on to me that I probably wouldn’t be doing a call today, or that it would be my last call today.  People from various countries say the rate is on their screens.  Kuwait says his screen shows pending and he thought it would go today.  Other countries have live rates, no pending, but waiting for approval.  I could have told you that on Friday but then you would get all excited.  All the different countries were supposed to go yesterday but it didn’t happen, and I’m hearing it’s for a minor reason.  We’ll see what happens.
Let’s talk about procedures.  I will go as in depth as I can, so pay attention because you will have to make some choices.

Pam, what did I say that went all over the internet?  What CL said in Australia?  I got two calls from other gurus saying that CL announced the GCR in Australia. I said that yes, I did hear that, but it needed to be verified.  If you are going to quote me, please quote me correctly.

I told you there are always options – first, second and third mouse scenarios, and who moved my cheese?  We have options when the rates come out;  they have a plan and we have a plan. My best information is that they want to get us complelely out of the way in nine days.  To do that, they have some options.  One is that they come out with a higher rate than expected to get you all running to the bank… and that makes sense to the majority of people.  Just go get the  money!  They could do that and just see how this works.  They can do it for a few days and then let the bottom fall out and it goes back down to $3.41 or whatever.  Everyone else will surely come in then, because they will be afraid that it will drop down to a dollar.  It could then hit Forex, and go up to double or triple what it’s ever been, and come again.  That is just a scenario, and you have to decide if it’s better to take the $6 to $8, or wait for Forex, and hope you get the timing right to exchange at the crest before it drops again.  This is a scenario that might happen, so that you can plan accordingly.

The rates on the screen right now are still super rates, ten times better than we thought they would be when we got into this.  You cannot lose, and then you go out and make money with your money. I  was just on calls again and everyone is excited although there is a hiccup here or there.  Right now it could go any possible moment. People are in place, screens are available, and my understanding is that they are waiting for one agency to give their approval for this to roll.  I won’t say what agency because they tend to get made at me.  The President did sign off on the Budget, saying that the economy is going to expand.  Influential people say they want this holiday to be the holiday.  They want the economy to take off in 2016 because this is an election year!

808 caller:  Aloha from Hawaii!  I have been listening for five years…

Tony:  And you have been here for 509 minutes.

Caller:  Like with a lot of people, I have about nine people involved in this, mostly family members.  They have not been following, although I have been trying to educate them;  they will not know what to do when this happens!  How do I handle them once it goes?

Tony:  A lot of you will have this same problem.  I’ll be honest, and tell you to tell them to go the bank and they will explain to them.  I’ve been trying to explain this for five years, and if they have not been following, then they need to have the bank explain it.

Caller:  I have given them a cheat sheet on how to dress and behave and what to ask for, but I’m sure it will be utter chaos. They say they will do what I do, but that might not be best for them.

Tony:  Most of the internet people will go for the contract rate, sign an NDA and not be able to talk about it afterwards.  Those who heard about this and didn’t take the opportunity… they are not getting any of my money.  Those who have walked this path with you should already have their plan and their list of Ten Things. They should already know to set aside 50% for taxes, invest 25% and spend 25%.  The rest, you have already helped enough.

Caller:  You said this should be the greatest Christmas for all of us. There will be Xmas parties, and I have family members who will see me renovating my house, but they didn’t get involved because they thought it was a scam. What do I say to them.

Tony:  You say something like, “I got into an investment that worked out, and I don’t discuss my finances with anyone.”  If they ask specifically about “that dinar scam”, tell them to Google it because it turned out not to be a scam after all.

707 caller:  I don’t have a specific question, but thanks to that caller for bringing up that discussion for those of us who have small groups.  I act like Tony for my group, and that discussion was helpful.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  A few weeks ago you talked about asset-backed currency, fiat currency and derivatives.  Can you explain that a little bit?

Tony:  That’s not going to affect us at all.  You will still get the same dollar and the same purchasing power that is had.  You won’t get a green dollar and a purple dollar;  one won’t be worth 80 cents or 72 cents.  That asset-backed currency is for our government to trade in bonds and with other countries.  It won’t change your life one way or the other;  it’s about global trading.  People have been using your fears about something you will never see.  If it’s just us – the internet people, maybe 500,000, and then after the all it affects a total of six million people – the remaining 90% of the population doesn’t know anything about this.  Are they going to wake up and have two separate currencies?  Of course not.  You would be better sending your time making money with your dollars.

Caller:  What about derivatives?

Tony:  Those will not affect you either.

Caller:  I read on recaps that we will have code and the person who gave you that code will get some kind of commission. That doesn’t seem right to me.

Tony: That is for the groups if you signed up for one of those.  They are getting paid for negotiating a rate for the group.  I think most of us will get a better rate walking in off the street.  I do know a group that negotiated a higher rate directly with China, and they will get $18 or whatever. That’s different from all these scam groups that say you wn’t get paid for two years, or you will get $2.50 and they pocket the rest.

Caller:  I think you should negotiate your own rate.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

903 caller:  Just sitting here waiting for this to happen.  From 1 to 10, do you think the rate will be for our dinar?

Tony:  I think it will be well over three dollars, and you will enjoy it.

408 caller:  I was wondering if you have an insights on exchanges in Europe.  Based on what the big four banks are offering here in the US, what is the best thing for him to do?

Tony:  I don’t know how this is working out in Europe, or anything about a contract rate there.  I just don’t know.

303 caller:  Please, don’t be here tomorrow!  I have been with you for my fourth year, and I get up at 4.30am to tune in.  I prepare as well as I can for the calls. Please don’t fall prey to those who are whimpering that they don’t have the chance to get on the call. I don’t think Iraq could have been any more prepared to get this RV launched, from the laws to putting the cap on ISIL, to the IMF ultimatum to get their act together.  I thought they had complied with all of that, so it was a disappointment NOT to have it announced today.  I think we all know which agency is still blocking this – did they pop up a the last minutes or what?  What will be the trigger point?

Tony:  We are all frustrated.  Iraq has been passing laws like crazy because they have been wanting this so badly.  On Saturday, we heard that the RV was live in Iraq at $1.14. They were trying to pull in the last of the three-zero notes, and that was not for the first time.  That was not the RV as such, just trying to get those notes off the street.  Then I got a call from another country – Canada, Puerto Rico, Kuwait have live rates on the screen and they were all geared up to do this. They were then told that there was one little thing, but it’s still going.  On Friday I got a message saying that it had been moved from the 1st to the 2nd.  How could they know that on Friday??  But they were right.  I don’t know what the glitch was, but I’ve heard the glitch before, and that isn’t usually a couple of minutes or hours.  I don’t know what this particular glitch was, but I do know they are not setting up the entire world for something this big, getting all the other countries and telling people to go to the bank tomorrow without something big happening.  I wasn’t supposed to be on this call this morning, but here I am.

Caller:  All these tangible things like the cards being loaded, gold going to the banks and all the rest, they can check them off as having complied with them. It is almost as if the RV is becoming an arbitrary thing in the hands of those with the control.  There is nothing more that needs to be done, yet it isn’t done. What do you think still needs to be done??

Tony:  There is nothing we can do, and we don’t know what else they want to be done, because everything we know about has been accomplished.  I do know they are gearing up for it in their own way, and the process is being completed.  I know that everything is positive right at this moment, and I think we are in a great place.  I don’t want to start a firestorm.  I was happen the Budge was signed this morning, and to hear what the President said, and happy with everyone gearing up and getting ready with a timeline in place. I don’t know there is anything they need to do apart from just doing it.

Caller:  Please continue to give us a go-date or time.  Yes, we are disappointed that it didn’t go as expected this weekend, but without your intel we wouldn’t have anything to get excited about.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

301 caller:  I really thought we were going on this holiday weekend, and I so hoped we would get that call from Tony during trick-or-treating.  You said you would never do a call in the middle of the night, but you get calls at 3am… will there be a call then?

Tony:  When I started this, I didn’t have the intel relationships, and we all thought it would happen within weeks or months.  Over time, they asked if I would make a call when this happens, to let you know what they want you to do.  They don’t me to make that call in the middle of the night, and then have you calling every bank in America trying to make an appointment at 6am.  They still have three different plans and they don’t know which one they will choose.  I will know as soon as this goes live because I have people involved in the process worldwide.  They will be doing transactions when they call me, and if that happens before the PTB call me, I don’t know what I will decide.  I wouldn’t want to call you without some kind of direction – would you want me to?  I would like to know the plan so that we can get organized, get in as fast as we can and get as much as we can.
Caller:  I was more wondering if a call might be 7am your time which is 10am our time.
Tony:  I don’t know the answer because I don’t know what time it will go live.  I will send out a tweet if it goes during the day, and then ask what 800 numbers they want me to put on the screen because that is what you will be looking for.  IT might not go at 3am, it might be at 3pm and we’ll put up the numbers right away.  They want people in the bank within two hours of the announcement, so they may want me to do a call at 5am, if the banks open at 7am with extended hours.  They may not tell me anything, and in that case, I will give the information I have as soon as it happens.  I know they would like it would be during the day, but yesterday they said it would be 2-3am.  It will go as soon as they fix whatever they are trying to fix.  I’m on pins and needles like you guys…
503 caller:  Did people get paid salaries in Iraq this last month?  At what rate?
Tony:  Everyone did NOT get paid, but those who did get paid got $3.41 on their cards.  One of my sources did get confirmation, but another sources did not.  It could be that they are waiting for the higher rates.  The $1.16 rate per dinar was about pulling the last three-zero notes off the street, nothing to do with the RV.  In the mosques they were told the value was going to change on Sunday and it didn’t happen.  I don’t know what happened today;  I’m sure I’ll find out after 3pm today.
Caller:  Instead of first-time callers, how about “if you haven’t spoken on the call in the last two months”?  I’m a Pacific person, and if I have a question I’ll call in the middle of the night and stay on hold.  So, that might be more fair and appeasing to the crowd.  It’s just a suggestion.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
312 caller:  Is there an event that has to happen that will act as a trigger, such as the Chinese yuan becoming a reserve currency…?
Tony:  That would make sense, and it could happen so that they don’t have to reset again, and it also makes sense that yuan should be a reserve currency able to do swaps and exchanges on a global scale. While all that would make sense, what I’m seeing and what’s being accomplished in the background that you’re not seeing suggests that this is not what they are waiting for.  Their actions say that they are not waiting.
Caller:  The US fleet has been pulled out of the Persian Gulf for the first time in 40 years, and that is pretty much the death of the petro-dollar.  Do you know when the yuan might become a reserve currency?
Tony:  I say 21. December, 2015.  Let’s see what happens.
We have a lady who is 83 years old who has been in and out of Intensive Care, but she is on all our calls.  I want to give her a shout out.  I really appreciate all our older people who are still waiting for this opportunity and time they have left to share life with us.
Ray sent me a text of who to call on next… in this case, 773.  I am the only one with the numbers on the screen, so how does he know he must be next??
954 caller:  You’ve said there are three plans available.  Have there have been any changes to taxes and caps?
Tony:  I just got updated on those on Friday after the call.  Hang on while I think about it!  I think it was still 20 million dinar and 50 million dong on contract rates only.  I still don’t know if the zim is half a billion or a billion US dollars, and after that the payments are 20, 50 or 100 year payments.  I know nothing about taxes;  there were some proposals but nothing has been finalized.  Go with 50% and hope it’s less.
601 caller:  I always wonder where Shabibi is;  I have a feeling he will figure in this.
Tony:  I haven’t heard anything about him recently;  I’m sure he is there putting this together.
512 caller:  Has anything changed about the process of getting the 800 numbers?
Tony: Again, they have three different plans in how they will get it out to you guys.  Not every bank is an exchange location.  It’s going to be total chaos with people calling every bank, so I’m sure there will be some type of direction.  Initially, when we started this, there was only going to be one 800 number to send you to the different banks. Now they are talking about an 800 number for each bank for you to call.  Then either we will have a call and give you the information, and then put up the 800 numbers for each of the banks.  I know that some people will call and make appointments at all four banks in the few days of that higher rate.
Caller:  I got to a small local bank, and they actually acknowledged for the first time that they will be making exchanges, they just aren’t doing it yet.  I wasn’t on the first part of the call, but you did say that you expected this today?
Tony:  It should have gone over the weekend, for real. There are a lot of tier 2 banks out there.  The smaller the bank, the more limited the amount they can accept because they will cap out.  You might like to be a big fish in a small pond, so that is an option.
Next caller:  We went across the border this weekend so we were out of touch.  Did CL sign off on this RV some time last week or this weekend? 
Tony:  I heard she said some things last weekend in Australia, but that has not been confirmed.  I heard that everyone signed off on the RV for this weekend, and then at 3am this morning. I’m always happy when East Coast and West Coast agree, but I’m even more encouraged when I hear the same thing from outside the country.
Caller:  In the last call, you implied that of the two codes for dinar, one may be higher than another – can you comment?  And where is 404 today?
Tony:  Yes.  And I saw 404 earlier;  maybe she put her hand down.  Pam?  Ray?
RayRen:  Continue to enjoy this Magnificent Monday – are you ready?
Tony:  Alright, that’s it.  If you haven’t got your plan ready, you might want to take some time off and get it together.  The numbers are great, people are excited, they are moving people around and contacting people all weekend to let them know where to be and when.  Things are very, very positive for this week:  any minute/hour/day this week. I am hoping and praying we are NOT back here on Wednesday, we’ll be doing something else.  Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you at the bank!
Note: Not all steps will fit all situations.....Please Use what fits your situation and be sure to consult professionals if you have questions.

SkiRacer:  LESSON 3:  Your Appointment  Updated 10/30/15

Making the Appointment

Once we get the  800 numbers from Tony (Or EMails ) it will mean the RV has finally happened.  If you want anything but the international rates for either dinar or dong you must call the 800 number to make your appointment.

Info to have on hand for the call:

    •    your name,
    •    your zip code (i.e., zip code where you want to CE),
    •    an email address, (see below)
    •    the number of dinars AND dongs, AND ZIMs, etc you want to exchange,
    •    and the bank you want to use (Chase,  Wells, TCB, USBank, etc.).  
Dial *67 before calling the 800 number to block your telephone number from the call center.


    •    Each and every adult exchanging dinars will need their own private appointment, although married couples may possibly go together. You are permitted to bring an advisor with you. You may not bring someone along who intends to exchange their dinar at your appointment and pretend they are your advisor. If you have an LLC into which you are exchanging, that is a new and separate name and requires its own appointment as I understand it.

    •    The zip code you provide is the zip where you wish to exchange. If you are on vacation you likely will not use the zip code of your residence, but where you happen to be on vacation, or the zip code in a neighboring town where you'd rather have your personal business known instead of at  home. Whatever your reason, provide the zip of where you want to exchange.

    •    Your email address should be one that you will delete immediately after the exchange.  The bank will want to keep in touch with you and be paid to sell your information to whomever is willing to pay.  So protect yourself now.

    •    You need to give the number of dinars AND dongs, etc you have to exchange. We may get other instructions with the package that you need separate appointments for different currencies, but have the info tidy and available to "go with the flow" on the call if needed. If you and a spouse or child are splitting the dinars give the number you want to exchange at THIS appointment.  

There was some concern about only one appointment ever, but I think the UST has relented on that, but the full package will explain that definitively I am hoping.  TO be safe you should probably report the maximum you might exchange so you are given to the proper level bank. (Not every branch has the same  limits). We know nothing about CE Centers or if they even exist!

    •    There are caps to get contract rates: 50M dinars, 50M dongs, $500M US $ in exchanged ZIMs.  I am unaware of caps at the international or market rates.  Contract rates are still available and available to more people than Tony ever thought possible! 

    •    BE prepared to provide a phone number if asked, but I advise you to give a
throw-away phone number to protect your privacy.

    •    Write down the appointment time, place, address, date. Verify it back to the agent. Then put it in your cell phone calendar, post on your fridge, put up signs so you do not miss it!


    •    2 picture IDS, one being a passport or other proof of citizenship should you be asked. A birth certificate could also work. YOu still need 2 picture IDs.

    •    Your bundles of dinar and dong, etc.  I suggest you bundle them by type of currency, where obtained (bring your Certificates of Authenticity if you acquired them from a dealer such as Sterling, a receipt if from a bank or FOREX, etc.)  You do not need your gift letter; that is for the IRS to substantiate the date upon which you acquired the currency. I advise you to label each bundle, the amount of currency within, and ID each bundle.

 I used an Excel spreadsheet showing the "packet ID" (my made up ID to reference my spreadsheet line), proper number of currency type (e.g., 1 25000 dinar note or "50,000d #5-10,000 dinar notes"),  when acquired, from where, what bank it is going to and the account number into which it goes, and what that account is for in the future (i.e., taxes, paying off bills, conservative investment, Mother Lode, charitable trust, etc.).

    •    Blue pen so your signature on paperwork is identifiable as original
    •    a calculator
    •    Paper
    •    Reading glasses if you use them
    •    The amount of cash you want to walk out of the bank with. I advise against $9,999

because it is not likely the bank will be able to have so much hard cash on hand, even if they are anticipating a huge demand. Be more realistic. Maybe $1000 will do?

    •    IF you plan to CE into a business entity, gather the documents showing the legal name, tax ID, letters of incorporation.  (I suggest opening the accounts prior to the appointment.)

Put all this into some kind of envelope or carrier. I used a Fed Ex envelope because I had one handy.  Some of you may need a briefcase!  God bless you!

I advise against getting cashier's checks at the time of your Currency Exchange.  Just complete the CE and get all your receipts organized.  Getting cashier's checks is a usual trip to the bank.

TO DO before Your Appointment but after making it

    •    Drive to the appointment site to check routes, timing, parking, etc.

    •    Get online and find out what the rates are internationally on FOREX,, CBI, etc. so you are prepared.

    •    Call your chosen bank and ask their Foreign Exchange department what the contract rates are for US and China for dinar and China for dong, etc, both high and low.   Then ask these questions:

    ◦    Ask the bank if there will be a bank contract to sign and if you can see it ahead of time to study it.

    ◦    Ask what the fee will be.

    ◦    Ask what the rates you will be offered will be.  Know what to expect and press the bank for the highest one you have heard about in the package info.  Get their name and note the date and time you obtained the info.

Make some decisions:

    •    Will you take an advisor with you?  (You shouldn't really need one.)

    •    Will you take a higher rate in exchange for your leaving a percentage of your money with the bank for 6 months, 1 yr, or 2 yrs?  The rates may go up by $1 per dinar for each of those time thresholds and the percentage amounts may change as well.  KNOW what you'll do and what is acceptable to you.

    •    At what level of $ per dinar will the NDA be worth it to you to take the contract rate?

    •    Do you need any "Proof of Funds" letters? If so in what denominations and how many?

    •    Remember you can move money to an account with checks and just pay things off via check.    I HIGHLY recommend that you have one account that you call the Mother Lode account where most of your funds are kept; this account will have NO internet access, limited teller access, no checks, etc.  Then you move funds to other accounts that do  have printed checks and from here you pay off mortgages, student loans, etc from this secondary account.  You can track all movements of funds from the Mother Lode to where and for what purpose historically. 

    •    Do you want to add "all rights reserved without prejudice" above your signature? Research that now and decide.

    •    Know if you will allow your currency to leave your sight and under what circumstances. Do you need a signed receipt by teller and manager or is teller sufficient?  Will the receipt  indicate how many dinars and dongs?

    •    Try to think about all the things that might come up.


    •    I am worried about all the forms they want me to sign and they normally do it all electronically now. They shove the screen in front of you and say, "Sign here. It just says you are who you say you are." I do not believe a word of it! I ask for a printout of what I am to sign, I read every word, THEN I  have them initial each and every page and to certify in writing that my printout is indeed what I am signing electronically.  Only THEN do I sign the paperwork and then I instruct them to copy it for themselves and for me, duly signed by both sides.

    •    Rehearse what you will say during your CE. Do it in front of a mirror to practice looking professional and "worthy."  

    •    Practice asking for the contract rate, asking to see their screens, asking for a printout of this screen as a kind of guarantee of a rate; do not be taken in by the bewilderment of your teller, nor let them run off for several minutes; ask for them to printout the screen, give it to you, THEN run off if necessary.

    •    KNOW what you will do if they tell you they are sending your currency away for a week and KNOW what your response will be.

    •    KNOW what you will do if they say their rate is $X and you expected twice that ($2X).  

    •    Plan what you will wear to the appointment and make sure it is at the ready (cleaned, pressed, etc.) down to the color of socks and jewelry.
    •    Make an appointment with your CPA, tax attorney, and wealth manager.  

    •    Practice your words and calmness. Behave with dignity but be firm.  This is not the time for humor or  jokes, but it IS the time for premeditated action.

    •    Make up a story for how you came to have money to tell "the world." It can be anything but the truth! "I had a long term investment that finally came through" is simple enough.

    •    Put that bottle of champagne into the fridge

    •    Give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

    •    Take your prepared envelope or briefcase with packets, account numbers, pen, calculator, IDs, glasses,

    •    Show up well ahead of the appointed hour to accommodate traffic, parking, moments to gather yourself, say a little prayer, etc.

    •    Practice being gracious and look like you know how to have money.

    •    BE specific:

    ◦    "I am here to do a currency exchange for my Iraqi dinars and Vietnamese Dongs" 
    ◦    "Would you be kind enough to give me the IQD rate and then the IQN rate so I know which one I want.  Similarly with the VND and VNN."   Write this info down on the paper you brought.

    ◦    Verify the rate at which you will be transacting.  Ask to see the screen to see if there are higher rates available and ask for one if you see it!

    ◦    Summarize what you plan to do:  "Please give me all of the account balance in cash (or cashier's check) and a receipt showing a $0 balance for these accounts." (present the list of accounts)  Use multiple accounts so you do not mix asset-backed funds with non-asset-backed funds in case this becomes important, i.e. Dinars go into a different account from dongs, etc. There is info that only the dinar currency needs to be isolated.

    ◦    "Then we will do the CE. Then I want a receipt after the CE showing the new balance in each of my accounts please."

    ◦    "I have a list of accounts here where I will be depositing these funds. How do you wish to proceed?"

    •    Be clear and concise.

    •    Take your time. Do NOT let them rush you through one of the most important business meetings you will ever have. Be patient, calm, controlled, and firm.

    •    Read absolutely everything in its entirety before signing it.

    •    You will likely be given an NDA if you are taking the contract rate. Ask for a copy and stand there and read it carefully. Ask questions if  necessary. Get them to sign & date the copy you will keep. Then and only then should you sign the NDA. God willing we will see a copy ahead of time after the package is released.

    •    Ask for a copy of everything else you have signed at the exchange.

    •    Don't forget your copy of every receipt of each transaction that has occurred.

Then go home and open that champagne and welcome to your life of silence! Say a prayer of thanksgiving, for guidance, and for Tony and DC & their gang.
OCTOBER 30 2015


TNT Call notes 30-October-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 30, 2015.  Pam says, “Remember to set your clocks back this weekend.”  There is one more day left in the month, one more day to turn your clocks back at 2am on Sunday morning, one hour to get to the banks earlier.

There is someone on Twitter pretending to be Pam, some idiot without a life. I was talking to another ‘guru’ this morning who said I did a horrible job explaining the caps, whether they are in dinar/dong, and explaining how people get a contract rate.  He said that as he really thinks this is my last call, I should explain all that.  Not enough understand that, even after five years, so we should help them out.

I’m going to read you a text:  “Can we have new-or-seldom caller access to Tony. Shouldn’t have to wait two years to get on the line.  Or drop everyone and let them call back in. This IS First-caller Friday.  A lot of people will want to ask questions after the information.  There are 74 hands up with questions, and if you would please put your hands down so others can have turn. Please do that yourself, and otherwise, I will put everyone’s hand down so they can put them up again.  Isn’t that fair? If you want to give some newcomers a chance… I love everyone being here and all the accolades;  however, PLEASE have a question everyone can get a benefit out of. This may well be a our last call, for real, and I want to help as many people as I can.  So please don’t get on the call and just say how much you love all of us – we all appreciate that, but really, have a good question.  Pam only gives us an hour, although as this might be our last call, she might give us a little longer.  I’d like to find 404 first – she’s like Tony on the internet, some love her and some hate her, but she does ask good questions that pertain to everyone.

Here is the good part:  everyone still thinks this could be our last call.  We are looking at a 72-hour period or less in which we can very well see this. There is some sort of agreement to do it within that window, and this is the last time we have to go through it.  All the memos and rates have been put out with what people can expect this weekend:  bank presidents, VPs, managers, everyone involved in this process, globally, from the top to the bottom. Everyone is on high alert, everyone is being told this is happening in the next 72 hours.

The caps we have been talking are 20 million DINAR and 20 million DONG, and they only apply to the contract rate. The half-billion or billion cap on the zim is in US DOLLARS, and anything above that will be paid on a 20, 50 or 100 year contract.  As for the percentage of the contract rates available, we don’t wan to give you the numbers but people are in place to watch that percentage.  It’s higher than I ever thought they would do!  I think it’s a fair amount so long as they do it.  How do you get the contract rate?  You ASK for it.  Say, “What do I have to do to get the higher/contract rate?”  If they say there isn’t a contract rate, ask what they can offer you.  What you negotiate depends on the amount of currency you have – specific currencies and the total of your currencies. I don’t see people having 100,00 to 300,000 USD getting the contract rate.  You can use all your  currency, and discuss how long you are willing to leave what percent of your money you are willing to leave in the bank to get that higher rate.  You’ll have to leave some of you rmoney in the bank anyway, and if ti’s going to be there anyway, make it part of your negotiating strategy.  I would rather leave my money somewhere and know it’s making some money than put it elsewhere with uncertain returns.  If I have a million dinar and the rate is $5, and they offer me $6 to leave it for a year, then I’ve already made 20%!

That’s the caps, contract rates and negotiation.  As for the 2% fees, I am willing to negotiate everything.  All my visions are long-term, and it’s all about getting the money upfront at the highest rate I can get for the longest time I can get.  Fees were set at 1-2% over a year ago.  A guy in Atlanta who was actually doing the exchanges said that he was willing to pay 1%;  he put that in the computer and it said “Processed”.  The bank guy didn’t know he could do that, but the person asked.  You have to pay attention and ask questions.

There is a commercial out there saying that they can run your credit and find out what they can do for you.  The gal said, “My credit score is 800+”.  She already knew.  You have to know what you know and then negotiate.  Some just don’t have enough to attract the contract rates.  Only you know how much currency you have in dinar, dong, rupiah, etc., so you have to work with that.

601 caller:  I thought I had lowered my hand.  Go to the next caller.

Tony:  That was really good – that guy was up there 1,247 minutes, the very first caller.

Jerry:  No, it’s not my first time, but I haven’t talked to you for a while. My best question is this:  Can you make a deposit in the bank, does the bank regard that as a loan to them?  I think that I read that somewhere.  Do they have to pay me interest if they hold my money for a long period, while it’s not at risk?  They would have the money as a loan from me…

Tony:  You cannot deposit your money as a loan to the bank.

Caller:  If I gave them 20 million dollars for ten years, can I demand interest?  Will they then use that in the market… and what if they lose money?  I don’t care as long as I have a guarantee on my 20 million dollars and I don’t lose money and maybe get interest.

Tony:  They will offer you that as part of your negotiation.  They don’t mind offering that if you don’t take the money out during that period of time.
832 caller:  What determines the zim cap being 500 million or one billion?  What’s the payment structure on that?  Also, I’m too young for an annuity, so what do you suggest?

Tony:  The PTB decides on the zim cap and I haven’t heard the definitive word on that.  They will give you the rest over 20, 50 or a hundred years, and I don’t know if that is negotiable or not.

Caller:  The banks are only offering 1% interest, and some say they wouldn’t settle for less than 8-12%.  I’m not concerned on how it pays out.  You mentioned something about a WF platform…?

Tony: The banks were training earlier this month around higher payout programs for us. There are bank platforms and private platforms;  they pay out monthly or yearly, and you can decide your own payout.  You can Google all that, or ask the bank, or ask investment companies if they can get you to a legitimate platform. They are high-risk, high-reward, and there are more fraudulent platforms than legitimate ones.

Caller:  I tried to Google platforms when you mentioned it before and go nothing. So what exactly is a  platform?

Tony:  They are global trading/investing deals on a global scale, hundreds of millions or billions.  The best ones are inside bank, with attorneys and money wired to them.  Most are invitation-only, and probably the best payout you can get… which is why it is limited to certain people.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  I do hope this is the last official call.  I have accounts with WF, Chase and Bank of America, but no relationships with any wealth manager.  Is there anything you can recommend – what would be the best way to connect with a wealth manager, this late in the game.  When I ask about currencies, they just say that they don’t deal in that currency. So should I contact a wealth manager and say I have money coming in?

Tony:  The best thing is to leave your name and number and ask them to give you a call if they hear anything about the dong, rupiah, zim – nothing about dinar, not about the GCR, not about hundreds of millions of dollars, just some currency that you have coming through your business, and you will receive 1-5 million dollars.  All you want is for them to have your number when something changes.

Caller:  Is there one contract rate or multiple contract rates?

Tony:  There are contract rates.  In negotiating, they don’t have to give you that full contract rates – they can give you half of it, or a tenth of it.  Everyone who gets the contract rate might receive a different rate, and it would still be a contract rate.  By all means ask for the contract rate.  A long time ago, and also this morning, I was told by bank people that when you go into the bank and they give you a rate, have them print the rate off their screen.   The time it takes for them to make a few calls and go through their boss, and the rate goes down, you could lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Get that screen shot printed out. We’ve gone through that multiple times with the rupiah, where the teller couldn’t believe the rate and by the time they checked, the rate had gone away.  So get that printout as soon as you start talking to them.

Caller:  Is November 3rd still in the window?

Tony:  That is still a good date.  There are people involved in platforms who say there are only five platforms still taking new clients.  Today is the last day, and you need to have 100 million minimum.  But that is okay, because you will still have money next year.

352 caller:  “How can you RV without all those laws?”  [list]  There are so many, it seems like one at least will affect this.

Tony:  As I have said before, those laws are already passed.  They have been printed up, in the news, in the mosques, already passed.  Investment, Nation Guard and bank protection laws have all passed and been published.  All that is old news, someone who is not keeping up with the details and passing that on to you.  Iranian influence is still going to be there, because half of Iraq is influenced by Iran and that is not going to change.  The other half is influenced by the US.  Half of getting rid of ISIL is giving the Iraqis money so that they no longer want to go out and fight.  If we give them the good life they are fighting for, that will spread around.  ISIL’s main fear is that people will get to like democracy, milk in the fridge, bread in the cupboard, meat on the table and job they enjoy.  If they get all that, they are not going to want to go out in the streets, shooting other people.  All those laws have been passed and/or addressed.

Caller:  For those with reserves, what happened to the money we put in to hold those reserves?  Did it go to the Treasury, or where?

Tony:  All their accounts have been frozen, so they are stuck until that case is resolved, which could be the next ten months or the next ten years.  It could be released in 90 days and become a whole different set of problems.  What I would do is to monitor, see what happens because it will be out there.  Until then, take your money and make some money.

Caller:  I’m 84 years old, and for a guy my age, you certainly lessen the anxiety.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  That is what I was asked to come on here for – that it would take a week, and I knew more than most about what was happening.  It’s now 5.5 years later!

406 caller:  [whining]

tony:  A lot of people have texted me and Pam saying that it’s the same people on the call every time. The question line takes 500 callers, and 70-90 people raised their hands to say they have a question every time.  The system puts you in the order that people raised their hand.  Some have been on the phone for ten hours.  I try to be fair and go straight down the line.  But it’s the same people over and over and over, on hold three times per week waiting to get on the call.  Some people don’t think that is fair, because they work or for any other reason they cannot be waiting on the line for hours.

Caller:  Here is an idea – don’t open the question line until 30 minutes before the call starts.

Tony:  The system doesn’t let ME in until 15 minutes before the call.

Caller’s wife:  I saw that they are sending more people to Iraq and Syria…

Tony:  They are sending less than 50 troops to advise people on the ground. The Secretary of Defense said that some people will be put in harm’s way, like it or not.  Russia is putting troops into Syria for a reason, and so is Iran. They don’t want US influence in those areas, and we WANT influence in those areas.  So our first option is to put in advisers to think for the local people, and if that doesn’t work, those 50 will become 500 or even 5,000.  We are moving at a slower pace because of this season in the administration, so to speak.  If we send troops, we can change the direction…

208 caller: With the global reset, do you see the country’s debts will be forgiven?
Tony:  No.  Iraq’s debts were forgiven to boost the value of the dinar as the foundation of the GCR.
Caller: So with the dinar in the Treasury right now, will that be used to pay off the national debt?
Tony:  That happened during the Clinton administration.  Yes, it will happen with the next administration, but over time because otherwise it cannot be explained to the people. The debt is already being cut down, and people will see that the economy is better, business will pick up, etc.  It will make a difference without people realizing it’s a reset.
Caller:  Did the IMF make an announcement on this or not?
Tony:  I did hear that CL said something in Australia yesterday about a global reset happening, but that has to be verified.  \
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
574 caller:  [Appreciation]  I’ve followed you for 5.5 years and really appreciate all your do.  With the zim, we bought two 500 trillion notes, then five 100 trillion dollar notes.  Are they accepting 500 trillion notes?  Nothing beats a failure but a try.
Tony:  I suggest you take them with you to your exchange.  My understanding is that thye are exchanging in 100 trillion dollar increments.  We know that the 50 trillion and 100 trillion notes will be exchanged.  I imagine they will take a 500 trillion note, but I haven’t seen those myself.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
919 caller:  What makes you think that this is for real?  I really hope this is it!  It’s a grieving process if this is the last call, but … what makes this different?
Tony:  I would look at the actions and the lower level of the information coming out.  I know they would wait until the last moment to talk to those people because they would walk off the job!  The meetings taking place… it’s all done… there is nothing holding this back, judging by the positions they are in.  The dates are falling closer together.  Not least, I just hope to God this is it!
Caller:  I will miss your voice but don’t mind filling that gap with money!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
772 caller:  I’m really pleased this is finally bearing fruit.  The types of interest rates on offer for these levels of money, have you heard what those might be?
Tony:  I know it’s higher than normal and that’s why they have been training them on who to offer the new programs to – the VIPs they are anticipating.  I didn’t hear what interest rates would be offered exactly, or whether it will be daily, monthly or yearly.  Remember, it’s all negotiable.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  or Raleigh, Raleigh, Raleigh!
718 caller:  How are they counting the money up.  Do my dinar have to amount to a certain amount before or after?  I mean, regarding the cap.
Tony:  If you get the contract rate, you can only get 20 million DINAR at the contract rate.  I think the dong might be 50 million DONG at the contract rate.  That’s so that they can spread out the contract rates.  For zim, there is no contract rate;  the cap there is on 500 million (or possibly one billion) in US dollars.  The manager who told me about this said that they are being told they can give out X amount to X number of people.  They then get to decide who to give that to, and how much.
Caller:  So if I receive 20 million dollars, I should set aside 10 million for taxes.
Tony:  That is what I would do, and I would then put five million to work for my future, my children’s future and my legacy.  I would take five million and pay off debts and what I need to live;  I would put the remainder to work.  If I don’t need the whole ten million for taxes, I put the rest to work.  I then use the money I’m making off that money to live on.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  RV, RV, RV!
916 caller:  Why do you keep ignoring that the RV cannot happen until the reconciliation conference happens in mid-December.
Tony:  So it cannot happen before then?  And you know this how? 
Caller:  Ask your friend Winston.
775 caller:  I was reading an article about the Russians contracting with a Zimbabwe for a platinum mine.  The US seems to be furious and threatening sanctions.  What impact might that have the exchange?
Tony:  Hopefully we’ll have exchanged before then.  I don’t know what those sanctions might be, and I don’t know that they would affect the GCR either, just Zimbabwe.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  God bless us all!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
843 caller:  I’m at a loss for words.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
702 caller:  Can you elaborate on what that guy was trying to say?
Tony: No, because I don’t know what he was trying to say. 
Caller:  Can you go over the ‘sweep program’ at the bank?
Tony:  I can, but it doesn’t benefit you, it only benefits the bank.  You don’t make money off of it unless you buy a bank.  It’s a program where the bank makes money nightly.
409 caller:  They issued some new cards in the US about a month ago;  did you hear anything about that?
Tony:  Yes, they issued the new ‘chip and pin’ cards;  that had nothing to do with the RV.  Those are about the banking system, security and hacking, not the RV itself.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Hopefully this is our weekend.
540 caller:  Are we still supposed to ask for IQN rather than IQD?
Tony:  I don’t know if I want to open up a can of worms here.  Say this:  “Can you give me the rates on the IQD and the IQN so I can decide which I want to exchange?”  Take the better rate.  I just gave you a very good inside tip without being blatant about it.
Caller:  Is China pushing this to go thorough?
Tony:  I think that everyone is now willing to do this. We’ve been hearing China doing this and that for five years now, but China is not making the US do anything.  They are all agreeing to do this at a certain time, and I think this is it.
832 caller:  [Appreciation]  It’s been long, hard work.  My husband died two years ago.  When they talk about investing starting at 100 million and then going out for generations… I have retirement, and I have a mission to take care of before I leave, and I also want to set something aside for my kids and grandkids.  How can you be reassured that they are giving you the best they can?
Tony:  If you get to a 50 or 100 year payout, you have a whole lot of money, so money should not be a problem for you at any point.  If they give you a 20, 50, or 100 year payout, you can always sell that payout for cash up front and let someone else deal with that.  Of course they buy them at a discount, so you have to negotiate that  point.
Caller:  Can you explain that in a little more detail?
Tony:  let’s say I get 20 million dollars a year for the next fifty years – the total would be a billion dollars. There are companies out there who will buy that billion for 400 to 600 million upfront.  You may have to pay taxes, as well.  But you may want to do that anyway because you only have five years to live.  Or you can structure that payout to take of your family for the next 50 years. 
Caller:  Why wouldn’t they offer a different payout structure for people ready to retire rather than people in their 20s, say?
Tony: Because it’s a cookie cutter approach that is easier for the banks doing the exchange.  It’s based on bank policy rather than being based on people’s circumstances.
Caller:  I’m talking about investments, not structured payouts as such.  I hear you saying that if people leave the money at the bank for 10, 20  or 30 years.
Tony:  I thought we were talking about zim – over the cap, they will pay out the rest over 20, 50 or 100 years.  The BANKS may offer you a higher rate if you are willing to leave some  in their bank.  That is a completely different issue.
 Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Pam is sending me messages to get off the phone.
Pam:  We had a couple of questions for you to address:  you say banks have compiled lists of people to call, but the exchanges might be at different locations,  How can I verify that the person is calling from the bank?
Tony:  If the bank calls me, it should be someone I’ve already talked to or they can give me a number that I can take to my local branch and verify it’s someone in their system.  That will also give me a location. They can look that information up at any branch, fi you get that call and you don’t already know that person.  It should be from someone you know or the branch where you bought that currency.
Pam:  My understanding is that they are not going to send you to somewhere without any signage, or in a bad location.  They will give you something you can drive by or verify.  Tony and DC have given you every scenario we have heard about;  take your time, and you’ll know what to do. Don’t set your hair on fire before your exchange – after is okay.
RayRen: Continue to enjoy Fantabulous Friday.  We’re ready – or if not, get ready now!
Tony:  Again, no bad information.  Everything and everybody around the world that we have talked to have said, “You better be ready because this is going”.  The target time is definitely between here and Monday and I’m hoping it actually happens this time. We’re geared up, the banks are geared up, and people came in early this morning because they thought it would happen this morning.  I anticipate making a call before Monday with some kind of direction or celebration.  We are watching what they are doing behind the scenes and the  level of exposure with their staff, and what they are expected. Tomorrow is the last day of the month, so let’s see what happens!  Enjoy the rest of your day and let’s hope it is the super-super-fantastic day we have been looking for.
OCTOBER 28 2015


TNT Call notes 28-October-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, October 28, 2015.  I can’t think of one reason why we should be here.  I don’t know why we are still here!  The investment law and card law was passed, the banking security law was passed.  There is nothing they are waiting for there. The rates are on the screens at three different banks, without holds or pending there. The rates are varied at each bank, because that is their plan.  Each one is still saying they are waiting for the Treasury to say Go.  The UST is not holding it up, but will give the banks their Go signal.  Higher up the food chain, they are waiting for one of the agencies to say Go.  They did a number of exchanges over the weekend, but they are still waiting for the global Go, meaning US.  I was waiting for when Iraq got paid.  Today is the 28th, and we just found out that some people had money in their accounts today, although I don’t know at what rates.  They have been waiting all month, told it would be done 6-7th, but it did happen.  I would be super-excited except this is the same scenario as last month.  I don’t blame them, but this is just what they did last month.

The rates on the bank screens are higher than we heard in the past. They raised those up to get you to come in faster.  There is nothing wrong with that!  Take those rates, go get your money and let’s get on with life.  There is nothing negative – it’s done and we’re about to see it.  I’m not giving out any rates, but they are above what we have been talking about.

936 caller:  What agency is holding this up?

Tony:  One of those top three-letter agencies, NOT the USA.

Caller:  If we don’t’ take the rate at first, if it drops back and rises again, how long will that take?

Tony:  The rate was supposed to come out at $3.41 to $3.91.  That’s the first mouse.  Then after 3-5 says it would hit Forex and go up even higher – that would be the second mouse. Then it would top off (imo) at 10-12 dollars OR you would go get the contract rates.  That would be the third mouse.  Now I understand that they are trying to skip over the sucker rate and offer us more, one to three dollars more, so that they can get these people going. They just want you in and out and go on about business. You have to see if that is enough.  I think the rate I am looking at now is a second mouse rate PLUS nothing beats a failure but a try.  That could be the second mouse and even the third mouse if you do it right.  They are trying to be done in nine days.  If you are playing the Forex game, it’s still going to be about 10-12 days.  You have to know what you’re doing with that, have your personal banker on speed dial to move as soon as you call.

Caller:  Are there any changes in the procedures or taxes?

Tony:  Pam is sending me a text.  We know there are three different scenarios on offer, and we still don’t know which they will choose.  It could go at any moment, any time. They have some preferred windows, but it could go in the next five minutes.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

919 caller:  I am so thankful for my TNT family and I know thousands feel the same. There is so much information we have gathered, and learned so much – it’s a goodness to see all those who are out to help other people.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  I hear the discussion of somewhat higher rates;  what difference does it make if we can’t go to the bank and exchange at those rates.

Tony:  You cannot see them – I can. They are showing them at the bank for a reason!  I anticipate those will be the rates when we are at the bank and they may climb. They are training and exchanging at the weekend and those are the rates they are exchanging at.

Caller:  I have been listening to you for several years, and I thought all the laws were already passed.

Tony:  Every law has to go through three phases, and they say it has passed but it hasn’t gone through the final parts.  Now those laws have been through the final part.

Caller:  I assume the three-letter agency is the IMF.

Tony:  I assume that as well.

601 caller:  Will the banks still charge us 2% to exchange?

Tony:  I hear there may be an opportunity to talk them out of it.

513 caller:  I have a quick question – there was a rumor that at midnight the Forex reset and then that it didn’t happen.

Tony:  I heard the rumor, but I don’t follow Forex.  I am listening to my intel sources and the bank personnel, because they intend to do some exchanges before it hits Forex.

Caller:  The rumor also states that Iraq RVs, and I think we would have heard that.

Tony:  The only way they can control this is to do it before Forex.  Iraq would love to have a few days before it goes public, but this is 2015 with internet and communications, and they cannot do that without parties and information flowing out.  There are many so-called gurus with their own contacts at all levels, so we will know when it happens.

941 caller: What’s the window now?

Tony:  I am hearing any day, any hour, waiting for authorization to be pushed through.  From authorization, it only takes two minutes to go around the world.  If it changes in NZ, it will change here as well.  Otherwise, people will be rushing to the bank to buy as much currency as they can.

Caller: WF is still saying they are not exchanging dinar and dong is still the old rate.

Tony:  That’s okay!  We know the training, the exchange locations and the rates on the board.  If they say that, it’s just an uninformed person, that’s all.  That person checked as high as they were authorized to go.  We talked to a guy in Georgia this morning who I have known for years.  The bank called him this morning, and said, “This is the rate yesterday;  this the rate today.  I want to make sure you are still coming here to exchange.  I will get on a plane and come to you, if necessary.”  That’s how eager she was to have his business.

Caller:  I know this is bound to happen, but some of the people here are just not being honest.  Most of the good bankers will talk to you, and you can tell if they know.  Others turn you off, and they will lose customers that way.

Tony:  And some people just don’t know… they are just not the people trusted with this knowledge.  I’m okay with that because I know more about their bank than they do.

703 caller:  I’ve been listening to you for a while and we’ve been at this spot several times. What do you think is so different this time than last year.  What one thing is the lynchpin, or something we’ve never seen before?

Tony:  there are several things.  The laws have been finally passed to deal with some people’s egos.  The level of information has increased;  the cards have been issued at the $3.41 rate, that’s new.  The banks have said they are tired, frustrated and won’t play the game at the end of last year, and now they are actually doing exchanges, not SKRs.  Those things are different.  Everyone we talk to says that it is done, it is done, and they are waiting for the right time. They’ve given those times 4-5 times this month; t hey give it 2-3 days and then something else happens rather than just doing it.  They cannot hold it forever, and everyone keeps saying it is done.  They are not discussing or fussing;  there is nothing left to be done.  We just wait.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

914 caller:  I have some dinar for my son who is not here right now;  can I exchange it for him?  He is in jail for a felony – will that be a problem?

Tony:  You can give him a gift letter or exchange it in your name and then give it to him afterwards.  They will be doing background checks and there are some people who cannot exchange.  They are looking at terrorists, drug dealers, and gang members, and those will definitely not be getting this money.  It depends.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

559 caller:  I’m super-super-fantastic.  Like others on OM, I could hardly sleep last night. You mentioned on Monday that you could try to negotiate a higher rate based on your overall amounts – does that mean they all go into one account?  I heard the Gen64 group might go first.  Also, will there be exchange locations in central California?
Tony:  How many questions is that?  Hold on.  Years ago, somebody at the Treasury told me to separate dinar from the other currencies because it will be tracked and possibly taxed differently.  That’s what I was told years ago and you have to decide if you want to do that.  Going in, I would negotiate the rates.  If I have 5,000 dinar and they say the rate is $3, I would ask how to get the rate up.  They might say “if you have more dinar”.  Well, I don’t, but I do have X dong and Y zim, and taken together that might get me to a higher level of opportunity and investment based on my total assets.  You have to negotiate;  include everything and ASK what they can do for you.
Caller:  Exchange centers?  My closest city is Fresno, over an hour away. 
Tony:  There will be some banks in Fresno.  As for the Gen64 group, if there is such a group still, is not going a minute before anyone else. They are not going to be first in line for anything.  We are all going to go at the exact same time.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony: How long have you been doing this?  Eleven years?  Thank YOU to sticking with it!
Caller:  In that time, family members have passed away, been injured, we lost our home and business, but we always kept our dinar with us.  Now this ride is really worth it!
775 caller:  I am better by the day!  Last Monday, you made comments to the gentleman who had been in for five years and was whining.  As a business owner, you develop a plan and you plan to succeed.  Even with planning for a business, you are in control as the CEO, yet things go wrong or ‘not according to plan’.  When someone whines about something of this magnitude, with all these countries involved, I’m amazed they are still involved and wonder if they will hold onto the money when they have it.  Even when I have been down to my last few dollars, I have the choice to pay bills or hold onto my currencies, and I’ve never been tempted to give away, sell back or shred my currency.  So keep things in perspective, hold on, we will get there.
Tony:  I understand that people are frustrated because they were planning on this as Plan A.  I have a friend who is a police officer, and he asks every week if this is happening so that he can move on.  I tell him just to go to work and hold on.  The ones that really get me are those on the calls or send me letters and they feel entitled to something. They seem to think I can actually make it happen – not in desperation but out of entitlement.  It’s an investment and you have to wait until that investment pays off.  They are not going to raise the price by $50 just because you want them to!  Someone cared enough to tell you about this opportunity and you feel entitled to demand it now??  It’s about 190 countries, it’s a big mess, and if it hasn’t been done for ten years, it might not happen for another ten years.
Caller:  I have my own troubles, but I’ve never been a whiner – I’m always grateful and willing to stand out in front of WalMart if I had to, to hold onto my currency.  My concern is that those with the bad attitude won’t be able to hold onto it when it does happen. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
301 caller:  Are you 100% there is nothing in the United States causing this delay?
Tony:  I’m not 100% sure I’ll be breathing by the end of today.  We are getting texts right now saying they are trying to push it through right now! 
Caller:  I went into an Amish shop to get some shoe strings.  I saw a man counting out change to pay his bill, and I decided to pay his bill for him.  He couldn’t believe someone would do that for him.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  My son is in Sacramento and I’d like to meet with your local group sometime.
301 caller:  I as watching CNN and I see that President Obama is sending in more troops to fight in Iraq – is that holding this up?
Tony:  I don’t’ think that is holding this up.  They have enough provinces, money and troops in enough locations for this to go through.
219 caller:  I’m super-fantastic!  Just wanted to say Hi.  [Appreciation]  I’m struggling financially, going to court over my mortgage, but will not give up hope or my currencies.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  I know many are going through similar things and it’s bad while it’s happening to you, but those are just things, just properties. Tomorrow will be a greater day as long as you hold on .  As soon as this happens you will have the best cards, nicest houses, on holiday at great places, and celebrating that you wouldn’t live in that old neighborhood for anything.  It’s another opportunity to look at life differently, but also have compassion for those still in those conditions, and you reach down to help them up.  There are some opportunities coming!
773 caller:  It’s a nice fall day here in Chicago.  You said they are waiting for authoriza-tion, but I thought they already had that.  Do they have get re-authorized?
Tony:  It’s a reset every time.  They put a window out there so that nobody knows the exact time.  Somehow that time always runs out because someone has the opportunity to screw things up again.  Last time it was something at banks in Asia.  By Tuesday they cleared that up, and got authorized again, but we are still sitting here.  There is always a reason for it NOT to go, but they are running out of reason…
This is what happens:  Iraq, China, the US, the IMF, and Russia get together and say, “Let’s do it!”  They send out the green light. They have to go back to their central bank and tell them to get everything back up. They call everyone in, do some last minute training, get the rates back on the boards… ramp it up again.  Then the banks call back and say they are ready.  They run some practice exchanges to check the system still works properly. Then all the banks have their Go, but they have to get their Go from the Treasury, and the Treasury has to check with the White House.  If it runs out of the window, they have to start all over again.  The idea is to stop all the speculators from manipulating the system and making huge profits on the currency.  That’s why I keep saying JUST GO!  One day we will make it through the whole process.
Caller:  I know that Iraq is worried about Da’ash… are they Iraqi citizens with the same cards the other Iraqi citizens have?
Tony: They are hoping that Da’ash will not even have cards.  That’s why Iraq insisted on ID checks.  ISIL would take over a city, tell everyone they can join or die, and many joined up.  The government is saying, “Quit ISIL, and you will get a card and a lot more money to live on, plus you won’t have to kill anyone.”  Iraq is giving out cards because they want people’s money in the bank, so they are handing out salaries and pensions on these high-tech cards.  Also, any time they identify a bad guy, they can switch off the card.  It’s easier, but people are concerned because the government controls it, and if there is a computer error, they cut you off and you have to prove them wrong.  In the meantime, a lot of things go sideways. That is what they are concerned about over there as well, and the Iraqi government wants to teach the people to trust the banks, but they are concerned that the money is out of their hands, and only available 8am to 5pm, in the banks. They are trying to convince the people that the banks are okay, and when they are comfortable with that, we will see the RV.  Meanwhile, they are teaching them in the mosques, etc.
Caller:  I can understand their mistrust.  It takes a time to change that mindset.  We have to wait and hopefully it will be good for them and good for us.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
954 caller:  I was told that if we put a huge tip on someone’s bill, then the credit card company might consider that fraud and void the tip.
Tony:  That has happened on occasion.  To be sure it gets through, give them cash!  If you put it on the credit card, they have to pay taxes, it might get taken away from their hourly pay, etc.  So it’s better to pay such a tip in cash.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I hope this is the last call we have.
Tony:  One other thing – Okie called me this morning.  He said that he had a phone call yesterday from the IRS, saying if he didn’t send $360+ dollars to location X, they would arrest him in the next 24 hours.  I knew it was a scam, but there are some older people out there who might not know it’s just another scam going around. They were using a DC number, but it is NOT from DC.  He had a recording but he could only play it one time.  I just wanted to mention that.  Look out for your older friends, and make sure they know.
510 caller:  Anything on taxes?
Tony:  I don’t think we will hear anything on taxes until afterwards.
919 caller:  You said some of the rates were higher?  Just dinar?
Tony:  All the currency rates are higher.
954 caller:  Anything else on caps now that rates are higher?
Tony:  So far as I know, the caps are the same.
404 caller:  You said three different banks had different rates.  How different were the rates?  How can we get the best rates without calling every bank?
Tony:  Good question.  You should be concerned with the difference in the rates.  I will tell you the truth:  the rate was almost 80 cents different.  Depending on what you have, that can be a lot of money!  The different rates were 80 cents apart, with no holds or standby.  When it goes live, they may be closer together, and they could offer you more depending on what you have.  There is some opportunities out there if you are in the right place at the right time, depending on amounts, being a ViP customer, whatever.  Nothing beats a failure but a try.
Caller:  Will this information be on the different banks’ websites.
Tony:  It won’t.  They will call some people and offer it to their loyal customers.  That guy who got the call this morning, she gave him the rates and asked if he was still going to work with her.  He said yeah, it was twice what he expected!
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
707 caller:  I’m concerned about those different bank rates, so I’ll just go to the one I think will give me the best deal.
Tony:  It was a good question, but don’t let that stop you from moving when you see the market rate come out.  Just go do your thing.  I don’t know if they will do one 800 number or five 800 numbers;  I don’t believe you will have time to go to five different banks to figure out where to go.  Whichever bank you go to, at least try to negotiate something higher.  If you have less than 300,000 dinar, that probably won’t work – you don’t have enough to negotiate, compared to those who have millions of dinar/dong/zim/rupiah.  Not everyone is going to negotiate for that higher rate.  You should know how much currency you have and whether it will make sense for them to give you an extra $2 and are willing to leave it in the bank for six months.  For smaller amounts, they know it will be gone rapidly.  If I had less than a million, the plan is put it to work as otherwise I have lost the opportunity of a lifetime.
Caller:  I appreciate the college education I’ve received.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Pam:  You need to stop… twenty minutes ago.  I don’t have much to say.  It’s all been asked and answered.   We just have to wait it out… just be ready and be there.
RayRen:  Likewise.  I’m getting tired of saying goodbye to the same people.  Enjoy your Wednesday.
Tony:  Okay.  All I can say it that there is nothing holding it up, nothing stopping it.  Even as of this morning, they are saying that they are pushing forward to make this happen sooner rather than later.  I’m still expecting it to happen at any moment, any hour.  I am giving you as much information as I can;  apply that intel to your plan so that you can move on a moment’s notice.  Your plan should be done, rather than downloading stuff from the forum.  Your plan and your first Ten Things should be ready, and you should have an idea of what you want to do with this money, so that you are interviewing your wealth manager as he is interviewing you.  Enjoy the rest of your day, and I truly hope this is the last call.  If we need to be here Friday, we will be.

Post date: October 19 2015
5:55 PM Pacific





Note from Anne:  I received this earlier, but respected the introductory plea to keep it private, however... seeing it showing up on other websites... I will now release this exciting post....

October 18, 2015 at 11:11am

This just in from my friend. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, this is for Gladiator eyes only

... PLEASE. And as always, read with discernment, but wow, this sure does sound REALLY,

RV Intel - Sat PM - 10.17.15











OCTOBER 26 2015


TNT Call notes 26-October-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, October 26, 2015. How are you guys doing?  Hope you had a superfantastic weekend.  We were expecting to be in the bank this morning, and I’m not, but it’s still on the way.  The good news is that there was preparation all weekend for this to happen, with people called into the bank.  They had some additional training and explained how this is supposed to work.  Yes, they were given examples of the numbers, and being trained on what you might expect and want to see. They were told the criteria they should look at, and to adjust your rate.

So they were also told this is happening, and it could be today, tomorrow or next year – but I’m going to make you train this weekend in case this happens next year! That is a good business decision!  We know that’s not going to happen.  It’s an exciting thing and they are ready to go.

You guys saw the NBC article but I’m not concerned about that.  A long time ago, a guy involved in the process, and he told me what would happen. He said, “Don’t listen to what they say, notice what they do.”  That’s a different thing. 
I know this hard on everyone, but it’s getting easier.  If you are a new person, we have been here for five years, and have heard it being announced a thousand times… but that is part of the process.  Nobody is going to tell us the exact time.  We have explained to you how many people and countries are involved, how many have manipulated the stock market and Forex market… you actually think they are going to say on Monday that this is going to happen on Wednesday at 9am??

New people might not know, but those who have been here for a while know that we get the dates and a window of opportunity. They are doing this all up and down, and only a few people know when it’s actually going to happen.  They use that as a way to trap smugglers, like the time they found those people coming up from Mexico with duffle bags of dinar.  Until it actually happens, you can go live your life, and then you can get the street rate, while we negotiate contract rates for ourselves.  There is one guy who sends me an email every day saying “It didn’t happen”. Don’t torture yourself!  This is not for everyone, but this is our best opportunity now.  The news over the weekend was just better and better.  Now the  people you are sitting across the desk from have now been given the parameters on which they can make a decision. That means this is very close.

Last week the banks were going through their system and listing the names of those who had bought from them in the past. If I wanted to exchange people and I’d already used up my government, high-dollar customer or friends-and-family lists, who would I give the first opportunity to while we’re waiting for that major announcement to be made?  This is just Tony talking.  If I run through this really quickly, what’s left?  Those on the street, those who bought from amazon, ebay, exchange dealers, etc.  So the bankers want to deal with those they already have a connection with, and then everyone else will be paid shortly afterwards.  That’s my theory, anyway.  So those who bought from the banks in the last ten years should be the next ones to celebrate, any day.  I don’t see these bankers bringing their people in on the weekend, paying them overtime, telling them how to negotiate, on something they will only use in 2016/2017.  As a business owner, I would want this to be fresh in their minds… not even for a month later, but now.  As a teller, I need to know the rules of engagement just before I need to use them.   They have been training people for years, for the 800 numbers to bring you in and take your money.  The people in the exchange centers were trained two years ago.  They didn’t train private bankers for what to do after your exchange until now.  We are talking about two different groups of people being trained.

So things are great. If you cannot handle the process day-to-day, the real information that changes all the time, meetings where people decide something else… then don’t do it!  Put your currency in a drawer and live your life as if you had never heard of it, then one day you will get the surprise of your life.  I know there are people losing houses, cars, jobs, but don’t  lose your currency.  That is your lifeline; it’s the only way you will get back to where you were, so don’t let go of that.

Someone texted me today saying they cannot do this any longer and they sold all their currency.  Life is better for that person.  But you will never get this opportunity again.  It will change your entire life if you hold onto it.  It’s one thing selling it back, but someone else said they took my advice, and ran their currency through a shredder.  I thought, “Are you out of your mind??”  Nobody is telling you to do that.  I hate to see anyone give it away, shred it or sell it back, when if you look at the history, you KNOW this currency will come back and pay for everything.  The GCR is based on the value of the dinar.  They haven’t put all this time into it, develop a strategy to affect all the countries of the world, and you’re going to throw it away?

Just put it in a drawer.  This is happening.  Some of you will be getting phone calls. I will not because I didn’t buy any currency from a bank, but the rest of us will be right in line behind you.  It could happen at the same time, a few hours later.  It’s something they are using to train their people more, and I’d rather they trained their people more slowly than with a line out the door.

It’s a great day in dinarland and a great weekend for them to do this.  I got calls from Iraq, and they said everything is finished and complete and they are just waiting.  I got that from three separate sources, that is’ done, over, and they are just waiting for them to make the announcement.  Over here, they are also just waiting.  It’s done and we are going to love the numbers;  just be patient.  I hear what they are saying and more importantly, I see what they are doing. It’s the 26th and Iraqis have still not been paid this month. They are taking this to the last possible day so as to only pay them once.  The  rate is still showing on their cards, right now.  I think it’s a great day!

210 caller:  [Appreciation]  When you go exchange, you are saying 50% for taxes, 25% to take care of bills, 25% to make money.  Can I buy currency from Columbia right away?  Or should I do that later?

Tony: They won’t want you to do that in the first appointment because they want you in and out.  You can do it later, probably.

Caller:  I am disabled and I have two kids to take care of, but I want to join you in giving money to programs you know will actually work.  I’m not computer-savvy;  I’ve been listening to you for three years, and I have taken in everything you have been saying.  Now when we go in, we have to say “exchange”, right?  Take my number because I cannot take this with me and I’d like to give it to people it will actually help.  I hate to give money to charities that just spend it on administration.

Tony:  Yes, you will be exchanging.  I will take your number, but you know that Bill Gates has a foundation to give money away, and he has a plan for that.  I think Pam is putting together a site for charities that she recommends for charities that actually spend the money on places/people that would benefit, not just buying cars and houses.  That is Pam’s ‘safe list’.  It’s

Caller:  [Appreciation ]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  Are you saying this will take longer now?  You said before it would be 20-25 and now it’s the 26th.  Our local WF is saying they don’t know anything about this.  I’ve been doing this about five years…

Tony:  Absolutely not.  I think it will be shorter now.  They are saying one thing in public and doing something else in the background.  In five years, I have discussed several times why they do that:  they are not going to commit to the public or their staff that they are doing this until it’s in public.

Caller:  In Florida, the banks all knew about it, especially Chase.  It’s just certain areas…

Tony:  So you went to one area and almost everyone knows about it.  You go to another area and they don’t know anything about it.  So what is your  question?  You know it’s true because one bank already told you.

Caller:  It’s pretty confusing.  Some bank people are nasty, and that bank actually sold dong!  People are going to be mad at the banks because they were so unhelpful.

Tony:  You’re right.  But if the banks had told their people five years ago about this RV, all their staff would buy currency, make millions and quit their jobs. The banks are working with the government, but they are not going to be held responsible when it doesn’t get released when we expect it.  It’s still happening, we just have to wait our turn.

Caller:  It’s not fair that the banks won’t cash it when the dealers will.

Tony:  Why would the dealer take that risk when he’s still trying to sell it to you?  They cannot take the general public until the US Treasury says Yes.  Meanwhile, the banks can offer to their special clients, absolutely.

Caller:  [more of the same]

Tony: The banks got some people through.  I understand that people are upset.  I’m trying to explain the process.  You are about to get a bunch of money fi you understand this process.

831 caller:  Regarding exchanges in Europe, I have a friend with a lot of currency over there.  Will he be able to go after the contract rate?

Tony:  I think if we have the opportunity, they will as well.

Caller:  This is a huge opportunity.  We don’t have any control over what the government does, but we are in line, so buck up – it’s worth the effort.

Tony:  Stay in the game until it’s our turn, then go live your life.  If it’s taking a toll on your life, just put it in a safe place, walk away, and come back when it happens.  That way you still win. If you sell it back or shred it, you will lose more than you know.

Caller:  Absolutely.  My wife and I started a nonprofit.  The gentleman in the wheelchair who wants to make sure that his money doesn’t just go into admin, we have discussed this a lot and we have lined it up so  that all the overhead costs are covered by a for-profit so that all donations are going to that cause, which is providing housing for honorably discharged veterans.  We would love to be on Pam’s site.

Tony:  Well, talk to her about that.

Caller:  [Appreciation ]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  I was curious the first, second, third mouse.  All those who  are called in, are they considered the first mouse?

Tony:  A few years ago, some groups agreed to 50 cents/dinar, and that is what they will get.  The first, second, third mouse applies to when this goes to the general public.  The plan is ever-evolving.  At one point, it was to come out at $3, and many would go to the banks right away.  Then it would go to Forex at a higher rate, and those people would make more money.  Then it would come down again.  Now they are planning to bring it out at a much higher rate, so you really would be excited.  Then it will come down within five days, and this cycle would start over (with Forex, etc.)  If it comes out at 5, 6, 7 dollars, then it would probably be better to go to the bank unless you have experience in Forex.  The first mouse will get 5, 6, 7 dollars and it drops back down, then everyone will think it would be better to take it now.
Nothing beats a failure but a try. At least try it.  A closed mouth does not get fed.  I don’t know how else to say that without getting the world upset.

Caller:  Was there a reason it didn’t got between the 20th and the 25th?

Tony:  I don’t know that it as been stopped.  I expected to be in the bank and so did others.  They have been training the bank people, how to respond, and what the parameters will be for the meeting and negotiations. They would not be doing all that if we were not right at the edge.

Caller:  So is the window now up to the 3rd November?

Tony:  That date got taken off the screens.  There is NOT a window at the present time.

707 caller:  What do you think of the possibility of the delays and hold up have to do with the IRS?

Tony:  Nothing to do with the IRS that I know of.  Nobody has told me that, nobody seems to be arguing with the IRS.

Caller:  I have been told the IRS is member of the cabal and they cannot make up their minds how much of our money they will get.

Tony:  Not that I know of.  I don’t know how ‘cabal membership’ works.

Caller:   No one does, and that’s how they work.  [Appreciation ]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

773 caller:  Did you say you talked to your contacts in Iraq?  How are the people there?

Tony:  We didn’t talk about that.  Everyone we talked to said that Iraq and Kurdistan are aligned and they are all just waiting.

Caller:  That is very good news, combined with the bankers being trained this weekend.  You said something about the wealth managers doing our exchanges.  How will we  know if it’s a manager or an ordinary teller – or won’t it matter?

Tony:  I imagine will give me their business card.

Caller:  Maybe when we call the 800 number and tell them how much currency we have, that will point us in the right direction.  Hopefully we will still get the 800 numbers, and if not, we have a plan for that, too. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  It’s better to be ready than to have to get ready.

772 caller:  Are the rates still on the screens?

Tony:  People are being trained and people are exchanging, so there must be rates somewhere.

Caller:  Thank Pam for  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  Are we still looking like where still in the loop?

Tony:  Yup, we are still here, just waiting our turn.  I’ve been talking good news since I started this call.  You were paying attention to the call?  That wasn’t good news??

Caller:  I’m looking for better news.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Other 770 caller:  There’s a lot going on in the world right now.  It seems like Russia and Putin are doing more for us than for anybody else.  What is your feeling on that?

Tony:  More for us??  What are they doing for us?

Caller:   They are going after ISIL while we are helping ISIL.

Tony: What are we helping ISIL do?  Here is the big picture, as I see it.  I see us dropping off weapons, and maybe they are getting into the wrong hands.  I don’t’ care who gets it done, just get it done.  Then we can take the next step.  [Note: my computer crashed here.]

If I am fighting three people, if I can knock one of them out, then fight the two.  Or people get behind me, and I have larger force.  If I am supporting ISIS, and Russia comes in, and they are bombing the guerillas.

Caller:  I thought they helping IRAQ more than we are.

Tony:  They are not in Iraq, they are in Syria bombing ISIS in Syria.   If they do retreat they will retreat to Iraq.

Tony:  If we are in Iraq helping them to be a democracy, why we want Russia coming in there showing them.  Russia is encroaching on us, how they helping us?

Caller:  It seems we riding down the trail to nowhere.

Tony:  Every week we are seeing more and more laws that stabilize the country.  We see rate in our own bank system;  we see laws passed, and as long as we see exchanges being done, we know it will happen.  Laws are no longer an issue and timing isn’t an issue.  I have time because I know it be the end of the rainbow. 
I am trying to keep you happy.  I understand their feeling, too, and that is what makes it hard. I have to look at both sides.  I have discussion after the call about this person or that being an a—hole.   I can’t give out all I do have.  I try to explain all that I can without upsetting the apple cart.

Caller:  How are they feeling in Iraq?

Tony:  Last we heard they upset and frustrated.  I haven’t heard about any huge riots, but I am sure people upset because they are hungry.  They want watch television, enjoy air conditioning, they want to live normal lives.  I would be frustrated.  They are hanging on.  We know that this is going to run out and hopes it gets done before it runs out.  If it explodes it will be another ten years to get this done.

Caller: [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam is saying it’s time!  What does that mean, Pam?

Pam:  It’s time to get on with other things.  “Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from the negative.”  Focusing on the negative just adds to its power.  It’s really good when we do follow that.  I’m getting tired with all the negative, so keep it positive!

RayRen:  Continue to enjoy your Magnificent Monday.  Be prepared with a goodbye message for today’s call.  That’s it – goodbye!

Tony:  Ray, you want to tell them about the car?  Years ago, we had someone who had an issue with their house. They explained to the bank about the dinar, and they were able to get an extension, because the bank thought it would be happening then.  Then this weekend a friend got a new car;  the dealer actually called him in and said that he would be able to afford it on X day, and I’m not going to give you the date.  They knew that he would be able to afford the car this week because the guy who owns the dealership holds dinar and he knows the date they will exchange.  So the guy who owns the dealership called the man and gave him the car because he knew when he would be paid.
They worked over the weekend finalizing this deal.  They started on Thursday, and this weekend the banks trained their people in the questions we will probably ask and the answers they should give.  We heard the rates are higher than expected to encourage us to come in within nine days.  The IMF report mentioned deleting the zeros, and also something about summer 2016;  however, everyone who is doing things is doing something different.  Enjoy your day.  I truly know that every call could be the very last call.  Have a super-fantastic day!

OCTOBER 23 2015


TNT Call notes 23-October-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 23, 2015.  Today is a super-super-fantastic day – you have no idea.  Pam wants this to be First-caller Friday. I have 500 people on the line with their hand up.

Pam:  Dump them all!  Then we can have No-question Friday.

Tony:  In the chat room we lost Knight Hawk, one of our good members.  Pam started a thread for those who want to send condolences to his family.  Knight Hawk was very popular in the chat room, 42 years old, and he passed away in his sleep.  His brother is in the forum, too, so we want to send our condolences.

So much has happened this morning, and I want to tell you the strategy for the last 60-90 days.  I also want to tell you a bit about what to expect when this happens, and a scenario you can use to your benefit. 

In Iraq, some of our sources are saying that they ARE expecting something to change over the weekend.  They have been told to look for something, a physical something, so I don’t know if it will happen or not.  We’ve heard about lower denominations being given out, parties being planned, etc.  That was NOT announced in the mosques this morning, it’s coming from government officials and through parliament.

On this side, the green light was given from 3 pm yesterday, and started this morning at 2 am, and it didn’t happen.  There are two windows they like for the weekend for 3-4 hours each time, and if it doesn’t happen, we go to the next one.  Some people were at the bank at 5 am this morning because they thought it was happening.  People have been moved from branch locations to exchange locations because they thought it would happen today. They have been told not to plan anything for this weekend or next week because they  will be busy.  I was told certain notifications went out in the last hour, and I am trying to confirm that.  I can just tweet ‘verified’ if it is.

There is a possibility that dinar will come out at an unusually high rate, maybe even over $5-6 for a very short period of time, then fall back to where it should be ($3.41), show up on Forex, where it will probably rise and then fall again.  If you don’t know how to access Forex and watch it grow, I would probably jump on that early rate, which will be for a short period of time. That’s what I mean by “they moved the cheese.”  Once it comes back down,  you will have to wait and work to get that higher rate, and I don’t know if people have the expertise to do that.  It should settle above the Kuwaiti rate. Their goal is to get that completed within the first nine days, so they will probably want to start it a little higher than originally planned, to attract everyone within those nine days.

No bad news apart from a meeting yesterday when CL was highly pissed off that nobody could get this right and it hasn’t already happened. That’s actually a positive thing, because she let them have it during the meeting.

Every weekend for a while, everyone has said they are ready to go, and that is like the boy who cried wolf. They are not just getting us excited, but also bankers and govern-ments all around the world excited every time they do this. They are also frustrated and tired of working overtime, going in early, etc.  Maybe that was the strategy the whole time, to get everyone so sick and tired of hearing that they won’t believe it when it does go. That could work to their advantage to keep out the bad guys, because they are just as frustrated as we are.  We’ll see.  We do know that one day it will actually happen.

If eight people say the sky is blue and two say it’s pink, the sky is probably blue.  I have a contact in Baghdad who says he doesn’t see ANY of what you are talking about!  People over here are frustrated and mad, and I don’t see any of what you are saying on the call.  This is just for that guy. I cannot exchange any currency because there is no dinar!  He gave me some other stuff that I cannot tell you because it might get him into trouble.  He’s doing things that are very different, and that just shows that they are not giving us all the information and we are not 100% right.  However, I still have to report the information they are giving me from other parts of the government.  They don’t know each other and they are giving me the same intel!  This guy is also right, telling me that his exchange rate from 1100 to 1200 and now he cannot exchange at all.  If they don’t have it to exchange, then they are pulling it off the streets, and that means they are getting ready to do something.  It’s not possible for Iraq to survive another 30, 60 or 90 days without any money??  If they are monitoring the 25K notes, there is a reason for that. 

It’s a great day, everyone is prepared.  They don’t know when, but it’s wide open and let’s go do this. I’m hearing this from multiple levels and countries, from Puerto Rico, Iraq, the US and other countries, all in the last 24 hours.

Pam said First-caller Friday, but no one hung up.  Let’s go straight to 404:

404 caller:  Thanks, and may this be THE day!  You said rates could possibly go up to $5-6, I’m thinking that is the international rate, not contract rates, no NDA.  Will contract rates still be available?

Tony:  Yes, that’s right.

Caller:  Many reported that the RV was to come out on the 20th and it was stopped;  many think that has to do with whether it goes through the Swiss system or the new Chinese system.  Also, there is an article on Bloomberg saying that the IMF is blessing the yuan as the new reserve currency.  So there is the rumor that the RV will come out without the US being the lead.  Could this force the US to stop blocking the RV?  What impact would that have on US currency holders?

Tony:  There are a lot of things going on in the banking system. The new Swiss system was supposed to go live including Russia and China (on the 20th).  Chinese yuan was supposed to be named A reserve currency, not THE reserve currency.  That gives everyone some options, and how this would devalue the US currency a bit because the world would not need to use dollars as much. The guys in Iraq thought they would see this on the 20th because so many things were happening on the 20th.  On the US banking screens, it said 20-25th.  Yes, it should have gone on the 20th, but something came up in the banking system that had to be resolved – not necessarily China.  The news today is that the problem has been resolved and the IMF has given the green light for this to go at any time. Some still believe it’s within that window, up to the 25th.  A few days ago a new date/window came up, but they have since removed that date from the screens.

Caller:  Is your bag packed and in the car?

Tony:  My bags are not at the door because DC and Pam have told me to have my bags ready for over a year, and I’m not going to do it until I get the call.  When they call me, then I’ll pack my bags…

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So Tony can go.  May this be the day!

Tony:  Dang,  #1 just hung up as I was getting ready to push his number;  he’s been on for 1500 minutes!  I’ll go to #2

707 caller:  I have a technical question.  I have a dear friend who is in St Louis for a murder trial for the next three weeks.  She gave me her zim and a power of attorney.  Will that work for her?

Tony: I don’t know.  Call your or her wealth manager, say that you have the currency and a  power of attorney, and ask if that will work.

Caller:  Yes, I have her ID, notarized power of attorney, bank details and all the rest.

Tony:  Find out if they will accept that.  If not, she can send her actual attorney, and you can go with the attorney to keep an eye on things.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 

828 caller:  Is there still a contract rate on the dong?  What is the rate?  Same for dinar?

Tony:  I’m not giving out the rates because Pam always gets a call afterwards.  The rates are still very good, and there are still contract rates.  The zim is still in the first basket.

301 caller:  Can you go over that platform a little bit more?

Tony:  Those platforms are great to be part of and returns can be good, but they can be dangerous, too.  You have to investigate and see the documents.  It’s better if you go through a bank, but you need 100 million to do that.  The one I was doing in London was because I was invited.  The ones that really pay, you have to be invited.  They are not for the average citizen.  If you don’t have 100 million, there are ways to get together with friends and family members, using trusts or corporations, but you have to figure it out as a business and trust the people you are working with.  Having said all that, be very careful who are you are choosing, because on the internet someone will say they are putting one together, and trying to get you to join.  Don’t do that!  This is something you only want to do in person with people, with YOUR attorney, not their attorney who may be part of a scheme.

Caller:  Is there a limit on the dong?

Tony:  I don’t know, we haven’t talked about that in months.  I’m sure we’ll find that out.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 

410 caller:  There is so much exciting going on, it’s hard to know what to ask!  Have there been changes or notifications on how you guys are going to present or how we are getting this information?

Tony:  I have no idea whether we’ll have a status page, a 15-minute call, a longer call… but as soon as I find out, I’ll send out a tweet!  These higher rates should be available for a couple fo days to give people time to get in, and then it will show up on Forex where it will rise for a couple of days and then probably drop.

Caller:  This sort of feels like the last call.

Tony:  Things are all good, but we’ve been here before thinking this is the last call.  If we have to be here on Monday, we will be.

Caller:  Are the windows really only 3-4 hours?

Tony:  The windows are different days, and then THEY like certain hours within those days.  We will stay alert.  If I thought it was going to hurt the process, I wouldn’t be giving you this information.  I am not the only one who has this information;  I am just trying to help and hopefully it won’t even matter, so don’t get mad at me!  I am happy and feeling better with every text I get.

313 caller:  I was on a conference call that said we would never get the international rate, only the rate the banks set.

Tony: There is the international rate, the official exchange rate, then on Forex there will be a market rate and the contract rate.  We’ll be getting the market rate as shown on Forex.  This first rate will be a flat rate for a few days;  it will then fall back to international rates, and then it will go live and it will climb. That is the rate we will get.  The banks will set the rate, but they will be competitive because they want your business, so the rates will be similar.

Caller:  Iraq is not waiting on laws to be passed…

Tony:  They passed some more banking and protection laws on Wednesday to help convince people to use the banks – so they can feel protected.  These should be the absolute last laws to go.  I understand there was a banking issue on Wednesday that caused a delay but it has been fixed and agreed upon. It was not our banking system.  Other that than, the RV was scheduled to go.  It was scheduled for last night, but I’m still talking to you!

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 

541 caller:  In earlier calls, you said there was a billion-dollar cap on the zim;  is that per person or per entity?  If I have an entity, that has a different tax number.  Can I put some zim in each entity and each have its individual cap?

Tony:  If you own or control five entities or trusts, the billion dollars is over all of them collectively.  The limit is per person that they think controls that money.  Pam reminds you that we are talking about a billion US dollar.  We have 25,000 people listening to the call right now, and you want me to tell you how to circumvent the US Treasury on this call??

Caller:  I’ve only been in this three months, and I’m just asking the question.  I don’t want to do anything illegal.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 

Tony:  Then don’t do that!

773 caller:  You know this GCR is all about Tony and people are waiting to see your bag packed.  You are so like RayRen!  Re: the Bloomberg article, it says the vote to bring in the yuan as a reserve currency may be as early as next month.  That article is dated 23-Oct-15.

Tony:  That vote was supposed to happen on 20. October, and fi they  moved it, it was so this can move through the system.  It’s very likely to be approved.  One of my contacts strongly suggested we all buy yuan/renminbi.  I told you that, but I have a number of currencies already.  I told you two years ago that there are nine currencies set up in the second basket, and yuan is one of those nine.  I don’t know if it’s been moved into the first basket.  The rules will change immediately after the RV, although you could buy it before, but there are so many other opportunities that we can get involved in right here.
“My group” in this context means my intel people.  It might be a good idea to buy yuan, but I’m not doing it.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 

813 caller:  You mentioned on the last call that some banks require existing bank accounts in order to exchange.  Is Wells Fargo one of them?

Tony:  My understanding is that WF is the only bank that HAS to take everyone, because they are the lead bank. However, they don’t want people who only have one 25K dinar note and who will spend it all rapidly.  They don’t want some people, but there are many other banks and investment companies who will gladly take your money, give you a checking account and a credit card just like a bank.  If you have a lot of money, there are a lot of foreign banks that will gladly  take your money.  So you do have options.

Caller:  Do the Iraqi people go first or do we go with them?

Tony:  I have been told that we should be notified and free to go as soon as the Iraqi people go en masse.  No one goes before they do.

636 caller:  Aren’t the Iraqi people still using the US dollar?

Tony:  Not so far as I know.  That guy I talked about earlier cannot even get dinar.  He also said that they are not to have more than 2,000 dinar on them because there are gangs going around robbing people of their dinar.

Caller:  I heard that the IMF just gave Iraq a new loan – is that US dollars or dinar?

Tony: They are giving them US dollars that they exchange for dinar to pay for whatever.  They don’t want Iraq to fall flat on their face, so they give them a little more until this GCR is in place.  They are barely limping along until the RV.  Our contact over there says that he cannot exchange dollars for dinar and that tells me something is about to change.

Caller:  I put my faith in what you put out rather than anyone else.  My frustration is that  some people think that we dinarians are being played for fools.  [talking about a guru]

Tony:  I’ve heard about those guys, how they got people’s money and got them into network marketing.  We tell people about that, tell them why I don’t do that, and warn them about certain things.  People are adults;  they should look at whatever sources make sense to them.  If they are always asking for $300-400, invest in their trust or program, hand over their dinar, etc., then you should be wary.  There are going to be a lot of lawsuits after this happens.

Caller:  They keep saying “I have this information but I cannot tell you” – why would any one believe that?  They will be shocked about what happened to their money.

Tony:  People wait until after this call to do their call.  That’s what brings people to their site. They get paid per click, so if they can draw you over there with “Tony said this or that”, they do that even if they say Tony is wrong.  We have seen this happen across the years – they draw you in with something negative about Tony.  One site said that she was my mother, and she got a thousand people to sign up for $35 each – just for saying she was Tony’s mother! I’m not the only person who gets information and everyone has to put that information together as best they can.  Everyone has said “this is when it’s going to happen” and not one of us have been right. The ones who are telling you it’s not happening until next year… they don’t tell you why not!  If you know it’s not happening until then, tell me why and what can be done to bring it in. They are just a bunch of negative people and I don’t want to live with negative people.  If you can’t tell me WHY it’s not going to happen, then don’t tell me!

Caller:  How long will the banks keep up moving people before telling them to go fly a kite?

Tony:  Some banks did that two years ago… then they paid some more people and said “’we’re done” again.   But there is too much money to leave on the table for them to walk away forever.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Bank, bank, bank! 

Tony:  Pam said “time, time, time!”

Pam:  It was time ten minutes ago, but this is Tony’s call… I want to thank Daz for running the chat room and forum.  He’s our only full-time mod and he keeps it all rolling.  DavidM and PaperBoy are there as much as they can.  We thank the transcribers and guest mods, and also ZebraGirl for the verbatim transcripts.  It’s been tough and fun.  Thank you all.

RayRen:  I’m looking forward to getting this done.  Have a good Friday.

Tony:  We sincerely hope this is the last call.  We are frustrated and also excited as you are.  We are still within that window of the 20-25. October.  I am still expecting it;  if the banks can get through this, with their employees being tired of being called in early  and late ‘for nothing’, well, that’s what we’re being told as well. I look at it, but it still has to be worse for the Iraqi citizens. They are not only waiting for the money, they are also going through hell as they wait.  They have the rate on their cards, and they still haven’t been paid this month. If they don’t get it again, think what they are going through! They are going through it, they are surviving and not tearing their government apart.  It will be a life-changing moment, and that’s what gets me through this.  Every time I get a call saying “get ready, pack your bags, don’t go too far from home”, I say to myself that I could be living in Iraq. I’m pretty sure they are having it worse there.  I’m still blessed to be part of this.  Hopefully this is our last call before THE call.  I am super-fantastic and hope you are too.  Enjoy your weekend!
OCTOBER 21 2015


TNT Call notes 21-October-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, October 21, 2015.  We are here again, where we should not be.  I really didn’t expect or want to be here now, but here I am.  This is One-Question Wednesday according to Pam, and she always gets her way, so make it a good question.

We didn’t expect to be here, had the option not to be here, but because we are here, we need to pay the bills. They are red, and Pam reminded me.  We always hope that this is the last one, and I was surely hoping this time…

When are we going to the bank??  Let’s get this money. Everyone was ready to go yesterday, and we were told were eligible to go on Monday at 3 o’clock.  After 3 o’clock, everyone was ready to go.  We are waiting for actions, not words, and look for certain actions in the government offices, here and in Iraq as well as other countries.  Canada was telling their people that “this the time” and Puerto Rico was doing “that”, that notices were being given in the mosques in Iraq, and from different banks here as well.  We look at all that and it points us to the true time.  Some of the people giving us information are getting concerned that we don’t listen to their intel.  If we are getting something from one direction, and we get 7-8 similar pieces from different countries and sources, then I have to pay attention to all those sources (which agree with each other).  If eight people say the sky is blue and two say it’s pink, you are going to believe the eight!   Nine times out of ten, those eight people are going to be correct.  We do know that some sources are giving us bad information, and we know who they are and when they are going to give it to us. 
I got a text this morning that said, “On today’s call, please address why it didn’t happen on the 20th as you said”.  I told you clearly that on the calls that the window is the 20th to the 25th.  I don’t know why it didn’t happen yesterday – it could happen today, tomorrow, any time up until the 25th.  You have to listen and understand that this is in somebody’s plan, that they are putting out this information to the banks, government offices and exchanges, not just in the USA but to the entire world.  So don’t take it personally – I don’t.  I clearly said that right next to the rate it says 20-25. October.  If you don’t like it or understand that, hang up now.

Not 30 minutes ago, I heard the new dates are the 25.October to the 3.November.  That was before the call started.  I just got a text from another bank saying 20-25th is still on their schedule.  I now have to wait to find out if the other bank didn’t get the message or what.  I am waiting to talk to my trusted sources.  Meanwhile, many have said to me that this is still on the cards to happen any time.

In Iraq, they said in the mosques that the laws are complete to protect their money in the banks and they are urging people to put their money in the banks, that they are insured as with the equivalent of the FDIC.  If anyone takes their money, they will be prosecuted.  They need that so that when this money starts flowing, they won’t withdraw all their money.  The funds are on the cards, and they need to have that money on deposit so they can do their fractional banking in Iraq.  They want to build confidence in the banks now that it’s going international.

We are still in a good spot.  I told you what I heard just before the call started.  Everything has been accomplished and we truly don’t know what they are waiting for.  Yesterday the banks got a new date, and today they got told a window. That’s where we are at.  I really didn’t think we would be here today;  we should have gone over the weekend.  The date the banks got last night was still within our window, and then they got a new window this morning.  We have to wait and see what happens.

404 caller:  You said that you had the option of not being on this call – is that an option you could choose, or an option given to you by your sources?

Tony:  Did I say that??  I don’t recall saying anything like that. I would prefer not to be on this call and was hoping not to HAVE this call.  I didn’t think we would have this call today.  On Monday, everyone was so excited and ready to go, and we even had a time.  Every call could possibly be the last call, and our information keeps telling us we are within that time frame.  The people calling me are so excited because so many people are being notified, and then it doesn’t happen.  We are getting this information from around the world, so they are jerking everyone around now!

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So we can celebrate the end of an era…

951 caller:  I’ve been trying to get on the call forever!  Do we need to have accounts set up ahead of time?

Tony:  My understanding is that some banks will only exchange their prior customers.  Other banks will accept anyone and give them the option to move their funds.

Caller:  Someone stole some of my dong, and I have receipts.  [my computer crashed]

Tony:  There is not much you can do about it, if they stole it now;  afterwards it would be a different question.  I would document the theft on my computer and notarize it, for your own peace of mind.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

702 caller:  I’m on a day-by-day.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

559 caller:  I have my bags packed, in the car, waiting for the call!  We heard that Wells Fargo is doing some stuff today;  how does that affect everyone on the two different coasts, given that the East Coast will hear things first?  Will that be an issue?

Tony:  When you hear WF is going to do something, is that announcing the RV or early exchanges?

Caller:  Possibly to start scheduling appointments?

Tony:  There are a lot of rumors out there.  Most of the early exchanges that have taken place have been East Coast to the Midwest.  Last time there were exchanges, there were 20 locations, and not that many at each one.  The banks have their lists of people who purchased currency from them, and it makes sense that they call their loyal customers.  I think that when it really happens, everyone will get word at the same time. When it is announced in Iraq, I have at least ten people who will call me, so we will be notified. It’s not anything they can hide, so it will be announced to everyone at the same time, and everyone will have equal access to the contract rates. 
Caller:  So this window, it sounds like they might be pushing it to the beginning of next month.  A lot of people will be on pins and needles, so can you possibly tweet when you hear at the end of the day? 
Tony:  Take away their anticipation, you mean?  If I can get it from the right people, and confirmation from reliable people, yes, I can do that.  I don’t normally, but if all the actions  point to a later window, then I can let you all know so you can relax and enjoy your weekend.
Caller:  I still anticipate the 20th to the 25th, and I’m sending you a contribution, too.
Tony:  Remember, they still have this on their cards.  Shop-owners, merchants, ordinary citizens… even if they were lying to me, why would they lie to other countries who don’t have TNT calls?  I am looking at the big picture, and it’s on their cards, but they haven’t been paid this month.  They are doing this for a reason.  I am still looking for that time frame until it’s gone, because it makes sense.  I try to do what I can do.  I talk to my team and see where the pieces fit (or not) and then bring it to you.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Here we come!
719 caller:  I was hoping to be more than super-fantastic, but I’m a lady in waiting.  For the guy who had his dong stolen, he can take the cost as a tax-deduction on his Schedule D, and offset his gains.  But he’d need a notarized statement that it was stolen.  He’d have to do that for what he paid for it, because he didn’t realize the gain.  He can get with a tax attorney and see what he can do, but if he wants to take the value after RV, he’d need a police report.  He has to have some kind of statement that gives the facts.
We’ve been hearing the lower denominations and the coins were coming out by the 20th.  What is happening in Iraq that this keeps being delayed??
Tony:  Okay.  The banks the said the window is the 20-25;  the guy in Iraq said that this would be released on the 20th, and it didn’t happen at that time.  They were also told the fils and the lower denoms would come out.  This means that other people are making PM Abadi look bad and causing people to lose confidence, because he keeps putting out the messages that the reform is complete.  So that is why people are losing confidence in him. I don’t think the president of any country would intentionally make himself look bad.  He is trying to put this out in the time frame and they are not allowing him to move that fast or on the dates he stated.  How many times can one cry wolf?  It’s up to the Iraqi people to decide when enough is enough.
Caller:  I’m surprised the agencies would do that to him. They keep saying all these laws have been passed, and the various gurus say that Iraq is moving forward. Is Parliament at odds with some of these laws?  Or is it outside sources holding them up?
Tony:  We have been watching this for years.  We always knew that there were battles going back and forth between Iraq, the PM, Parliament, etc.  We saw articles going back and forth, but now we see none of that.  There is a united front apart from how to handle Maliki, and even that is going on behind closed doors.  We see no controversy about HCL, etc., so there must be another issue holding this up, whether it’s about removing people from office, those in the banks or shops ripping people off..  Those are the things being accomplished now.  Do we need to have every T crossed before we see the RV?  No.  They do still need to grow, but this is holding up the world’s economy because that is all based on the foundation fo the dinar.  I think it’s an outside influence, because nobody intentionally makes themselves look bad. There is no benefit to them apart from keeping people from rioting in the streets, but that won’t last that long.
That goat and anyone who is telling you January, 2016 – can they tell you exactly why they think it is going to be that date?  I can tell you everything that says it IS going to happen;  can you tell me the information that supports it happening mid-January, or whenever?  We can show you right now is when the banks, the mosques and the government of Iraq is saying, so kindly give me the same information.
Caller:  People get upset about the Mtn Goat, but that person is not being forthright about who they are, where they are or even their gender.  Actually, I wonder if that person is being paid to encourage people to give up!  They are saying ‘it’s on, it’s off, it’s this date, no, it’s later’…
Tony:  There are people out there like that – people in groups and it’s clear that is their job. I understand that.  There are some idiots out there who call themselves gurus, and they are mad this hasn’t happened.  You can and should listen to what everyone says;  that is what I did when I first started looking into this.  I do have enough sense to stop listening to them when they stop making sense, even me!  If there is someone out there with better information, listen to them.  I don’t listen to those other people any more.
Caller:  The Goat is only posting from old articles that come out after the fact. Hopefully this will be done and we can move forward. We are not going to Vegas but we would like to attend one of Ray’s workshops, if you could post them on the site.
Tony:  Pam…?  There are concerns I got today about China becoming a reserve currency, like the US dollar is a reserve currency.  There is nothing wrong with that, and the IMF was supposed to announce it yesterday.  That is different from the NBC article saying China is asking for the yuan to be a GLOBAL reserve currency.  That is like the Euro, with a group of countries all using one currency when working with each other.  I don’t see that happening, personally, because who would dominate that?  The whole world would be affected when one country/currency went up or down.
770 caller:  We keep blowing past all these windows with erroneous reasons why.  What would be any incentive to do what needs to be done and move this on?  Someone must be benefiting from these delays, because the average citizen certainly doesn’t.  From what we understand, the Iraqis are struggling and their government looks bad.  How can you do that over and over again?  Someone has to be getting something out of this.  [saying the same thing over and over again]
Tony:  We know this, and all I can tell you is what they are telling their people and what they are getting prepped for.  The banks are going through the same thing, people coming in early, making lists, staying late last night, ready to go.  I heard that Canada was to go on Tuesday morning.  I can’t be concerned about how or when, all I can do is give you the information.  I have been told that we will not go until the average Iraqi citizen goes, and I’m rooting for them to go so that we can go.  We’re not going to exchange until the average Iraqi citizen has been paid.  A few people here and Iraq and in Canada have already exchanged as part of moving the process forward.  All we can do is to hope that whatever is holding this up let’s go and this goes forward.  Many people in the US are still on alert, and we won’t know what’s going on until later this afternoon.  All they can go is stay ready.
I don’t know that we are suffering just so that they can make money… or if we are waiting for the benefit from those other people who don’t’ have currency but may suffer if this is not prepared right.  At one point, we could have exchanged, but the dollar would have lost a lot of its value and everyone would have suffered.  “They” don’t’ have to hold this so they can make money – they have money, and they will get even more when this goes through.  The privileged will have even more privileges, and we will have some as well.  They are not doing lots of exchanges;  they are doing five here and ten there.  They are training new people because the ones from four years ago have moved on.  They are doing these few exchanges as a training exercise.  I don’t mind, because I know the rate and I know that we are going to get this.  Nothing we say can affect the decisions our government makes that relate to other countries and the global economy. That will not affect our rates or our participation, and there is no reason for us to be involved because we’re annoyed that someone got paid in front of us.
One day we’re going to get paid, at this rate.  They don’t care that you are annoyed and upset that others have been paid in front of us.  I want to get paid, too!  But I’ve been told four separate times that I have to wait.  So I’m doing everything I can while I can.  They are not going to change the schedule and goal because the internet people are angry.  All we can do is find out how close we are to that step.
Pam:  I’m here, just waiting for the caller to stop ranting and taking up all the time. I know there are others who feel that way, but this the most complex financial transaction in the history of mankind and it’s not about us.  It’s global!
Ray:  Continue to enjoy When am I going to see it Wednesday…
Tony:  I understand the frustration, but there is so much positive going on, and the last set of numbers was so much better.  It’s all good, and the timing is very much here, not just from what they are saying but the actions being taken.  The memos, the rates are all good.  Don’t worry about the timing, focus on getting ready and making sure you have a plan to create a legacy.  Put your emotional energy there. We are not going to fight the US government over something that we cannot change.
I probably won’t find out until this afternoon what everyone else is doing and saying.  We do have to pay the bills (though I didn’t think we’d have to).  Enjoy the rest of your day.  There is nothing pointing to January.  Every source I have is pointing to this month.  I heard the last day is the 3. November and I told you that right away… and that might be because I gave you the dates 20-25. October.  I truly hope we will not be here on Friday but if we have to, we will.

October 21 2015

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Subject: ZAP

Zap Midweek Update:


1. Christine Lagarde met Li Jinping in the Chinese Embassy in London yesterday
and agreements signed

2. Jinping met the Queen in private yesterday and agreements sign

3. Dinar transactions began today

4. Christine Lagarde will not release codes for boxes and bonds till Monday
ANDChina State-President XI is in London HYPERLINK ""
and the Queen announce the GOLDEN ERA - the news is that everything
should start late tomorrow afternoon





Selamat Balik! This reality is being swiftly disassembled by the various decisions of a
new group of the ancient families and the new royalty of Europe. Their decisions are
making it possible to speedily take down the many-headed monster that is the cabal.
Those who are involved in the legal aspects of this operation are quite pleased that
these vital decisions are finally being made.

Our liaisons report that the new financial system and its many parts are in fact completed.
We expect these newly finished parts to take on the US Federal Reserve and its numerous
central bank allies. The many precedents set up by our legal division promises to make these
strikes quick and easy. These banks lack the precious metal support offered to the world by
the new financial system.

Hence, we feel that this new system can be in charge of a new financial reality before
this 10th Gregorian month ends. These events can clearly signal that the many currency
revaluations and the grand global currency reset can be finished and put in operation. This
is to be the time when a whole slew of new governance is to be operating.

These new governments are to finally end the decades-long UFO cover up!






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OCTOBER 19 2015


TNT Call notes 19-October-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, October 19, 2015.  I will try to answer questions. There is a window open tomorrow a little wider.  You have to go through it to get to it.  I will tell you details that I’m sure you would like to here.  If this is stressing you out, you need to let it go a little bit. I take the stress every day in the hopes that you don’t have to.  I cannot push the button, and I wake up to the what  you do, so  I do understand your pain.

I want to tell you about a guru who called me over the weekend.  I get these texts and I’m not always paying attention.  Then this person called saying “I’ve got some information you don’t know but need to know”, so I take the call over the weekend.  What he told me was how to run my call – I should say this and that, or not say the other, because this person has to clean up after my call.  I said that he wouldn’t have a site if it weren’t for my calls and my information!  I say what I get from my people, and I say what makes sense.  I don’t control any of it, and this person doesn’t have to control my calls.  So I asked him to please quit text.
The information he thought I should have is that his high bank contacts are saying this is coming out 20 – 25. October.  That’s his hot news – which I presented on the call last Friday.  I said then I have the actual dates but didn’t want to share them yet.  Then there was another three hours of back and forth, and finally he asked if I was taking this down and post it.  What a good idea!  Except that I would lose all credibility if people thought I was talking to this guru.

This is my life.

The fact that it didn’t go public this weekend doesn’t mean it couldn’t’ happen.  The memo said they couldn’t have any time off from the 19th to the end of the month.  We saw the rates on Friday, and also the dates, there on the bank screen. I didn’t really think they would wait until then to do it!  Typically when they announce a certain date, they do it about two days before.  In Iraq, they were told to expect this tomorrow.  It all fits into that parameter of things that could happen.  Will it happen tomorrow?  I don’t know, but there is a strong possibility because they have been trained and that’s what is on the schedule between today and the 25th.  In Iraq, that $3.41 rate is on their cards and they cannot use it yet but have been told they will be able to use it in the coming days.

Banks have their lists of people who have bought currency from them. They are being pro-active about that this week, asking people to come in to exchange.  We anticipated them doing this once this is live, because then the banks will get their bonus checks and profits from the exchange fees.  Iraq keeps telling their people that this is happening this month, and very likely this week because that is the timeline everyone is using.

Matthew:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  That’s the most important thing to say.  People aren’t looking at this the right way.  Know that this is already done, and afterwards we will have one of the biggest after-parties.  People need to stop worrying.

Tony:  I keep having people say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! so that we keep that in mind.  DC says that they will not allow that, but I’m thinking if they can see that enough people want to go and just have a good time, that would be great.  We will celebrate, celebrate, celebrate! With what I know, what Pam knows, and Ray knows, this is pretty much done;  we are just waiting for the release.  We know that everything was finalized, ready to go, and that’s why we were excited.  Everyone is still excited this morning, saying we are still on track.  Don’t worry about ‘when’, be thinking about what you will do immediately after we do the short call.

707 caller:  What should I do with the cash in hand in Federal Reserve notes when CL announces the asset-backed currency?

Tony:  You mean the green dollar bills in your pocket? You know my address?  Just put them all in an envelope and send them there!  <joke>  Guys, nothing is going to happen to your money! The US doesn’t work that way, the world doesn’t work that way, and nothing is going to make your money worthless the next day.  Some people have this fantasy that the money system will crash and you’ll have to rush to the bank because your current cash will be worthless.  It’s never going to happen, I promise you.

When they make a new five dollar bill, you spend the old ones, the banks gather them up and burn them.  You just keep spending what you are spending, and the bank will take them out  of circulation like they do with any other new issue of currency.  Everyone is using fear to get you to do what they want you to do.

Caller:  Several people in my group have asked the question.

Tony:  We are dinarians and alert to all the currencies.  There are 34,000 on the call.  There are 350 million in the US.  We are the only ones who know about this.  Do you think our government would let that amount of chaos happen in one day?!  You have to think these things through.

617 caller: When the yuan is announced as a world reserve currency, do you think that this will affect the US dollar?

Tony:  What kind of car do you have?  No car?  I will give you a 2004 Cadillac.  It works and it even looks good.  I am giving you that on Monday and on Friday I’m giving you a 2016 Cadillac.  Both work well, but which do you prefer to use?  There will be two reserve currencies, and that means there are options.  I don’t have to use US dollars or depend on the US.  Any time I don’t really need you, your value decreases.  As more deals are made around the world and as time goes by, that will happen more and more.

Caller:  When you exchange, are you going for all US dollars, or exchange for other currencies?

Tony:  I always thought I would do some other currencies just in case something happens, but as I don’t plan to live in Iraq, Iran or China, I decided that I need all the US dollars I can get.  I was told by the Treasury that the new asset-backed notes will be used around the world to match where they have asset-backed currencies.  If they use new notes in the US, they have to change all the bank machines, all the vending machines, and they cannot do that overnight.  If they decide to change from the Fed to the Treasury notes, we will know far in advance.

404 caller:  You said the banks are putting together lists of those who have bought currency from them – dinar only, or other currencies as well?

Tony:  I’m pretty sure all the currencies in the first basket.

Caller:  What if you have only bought through dealers – how do you  get on a list?

Tony:  They will tell us how to do that.  No bank wants six million people calling them to see what the rates and conditions are.  They need some direction or there will be chaos.  They want us to be processed within nine days – the first 350,000 of us who are aware of what is going on, ie., the internet group;  the rest will just have to find out on their own.

Caller:  What about those banks that have being saying “we’ll never be dealing with dinar”?  Will there be an actual announcement from Washington or wherever?

Tony:  It could have gone out to all of them over the weekend.  I think the announcement I’m waiting for will trigger this, but I doubt it will be a global, public announcement, because most people don’t know anything about this.  After the announcement, it will trickle out to Forex and the financial papers.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and the sooner the better!

559 caller:  I’m doing well – superfantastic.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, here we come!  You’ve pretty much answered my questions, but I’m curious you said Iraq still has a rate of $3.41 and we’re still in the window.  Any difference to our rates and contract rates?

Tony:  The last time the rates were seen, they were still good and there are contract rates.

Caller:  I hope this is the last call.  My bags are packed and ready to go to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Every day I pray this is the last call.

202 caller:  I am a first-time caller.  What benefit does a gift letter give?  Is there any benefit to having the bank witness it?  What benefit does it confer around taxes?

Tony:  A gift letter only certifies that you gave away the currency before revaluation. They won’t have a receipt, so this creates a paper trail that shows the currency was given before the value increased.  That’s all it is.

Caller:  I’m not able to go to Vegas, not physically.  God bless you!

410 caller:  We have been told that we will have a wealth manager instead of a regular banker;  does that mean we will have more time?

Tony:  My understanding is that you will go to your first appointment with an exchange person and meet with your wealth manager afterwards.  They will do the exchanges first and get everyone through in nine days, and then deal with where they will put all the cash.

Caller:  When we are looking to find the best rates, it will be like Beat the Clock…

Tony:  It is, and in that respect, there has to be a basic rate.  Their goal is to NOT let you walk out without exchanging.  If you are not taking the contract rate, someone is.  When they are out of them, they’re out.  Then your backup option might be to watch Forex, wait for it to go up and down.  Do you go to one bank and get it all done, get your money making money?  Or do you go to all the banks, make a decision, and by the time you get to the appointment and find they have run out of contract rates?  The point is to make money, put it to work so that it creates a legacy. Otherwise it will be gone before you know it.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Or wherever we can see you.

432 caller:  I’m doing great!

Tony:  Things are looking superfantastic at the moment, just waiting for the moment.  I don’t think we are waiting on the US budget at all… no where we are today.

405 caller:  Have there been any attempts to let this go?

Tony:  No, there is authorization to let it go, but no attempts.   They said, “Okay, we all agree to go at this day and this time”, and we just don’t know what that is yet.  It will be between the 20th and the 25th.  That’s what it says on the screens.  Iraq has been told it would be on the 20th, and over the weekend others have said, “This could go at any moment because it is free to go.”

406 caller:  What two dates do you feel this is most likely to happen?

Tony:  I feel it’s most likely to happen Tuesday through Friday.

Caller:  You feel it really could happen tomorrow?

Tony  I feel it really could happen tomorrow.

954 caller:  I’m superfantastic – and you?  We have heard there is a delay to the zim, that it will come out in the second basket – is that true?  Do you hear anything about taxes?

Tony:  I haven’t heard that about the zim.  I have heard a rate for taxes, but don’t want to say what I’ve heard.  Just set aside 50%.

773 caller:  [chitchat]  You said something like “while the rates were being seen”;  are they not being seen now?

Tony:  You had to pick up on that.

601 caller:  Where is Dr. Shabibi, do we know?

Tony:  I’m pretty sure he’s in Iraq getting things done.  I don’t agree that he has to come back before we see this.  It could happen, but it’s not a requirement.  He’s already got the green light;  people in the banks wouldn’t have been told ‘no vacation’ until the end of the month unless they were ready to go.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I can’t wait!

407 caller:  We discussed the limit of $14,000 that you can give an individual per year without tax on either side.  If you add a person to your bank account, would checks that they write have an impact on their tax situation?

Tony:  I would be more concerned about eligibility for government or private programs.  If they are given a bunch of money, that might make them ineligible, because they look at the last five years of income, property, etc.  We do want to help people, but it might be better to take them out to dinner or YOU pay their light bill.  Consult with a lawyer and/or accountant before giving people money so that you don’t have a negative impact.

816 caller:  I’d like to say to the man who has so much cash around, does he need someone to adopt?  [Tony:  He can adopt me!]  Pam put out on Sunday that it was as good day for an RV… did anything happen that made you think it would be on Sunday?

Tony:  Absolutely!  Pam and I were both excited because on the Friday call we already knew it was authorized.  Just didn’t’ know when it would happen. We were told to be on our Ps and Qs, ready if needed, and we are still waiting for that.  Pam goes through the same things you do.

Caller:  I cannot imagine what Iraq is going through, that it’s on your cards but you cannot use it. There are so many people who need this to happen. We can live the rest of our lives out of debt and helping others.

Tony:  How long can they tease the people with this rate on their cards, and how they are bringing them back into the international community… how long can they do that before people explode?  The same is true with the SKRs:  they see all this money in their accounts and they cannot use it.  One person I know has been seeing that for over a year!  Hopefully no one has to suffer much longer.

Caller:  Abadi tweeted that the Budget was accepted for 2016… anything else required?

Tony:  It was approved by the Council of Ministers.  Today, Abadi tweeted that ‘the reforms have been completed’.  What does that mean?  I’m 99.9% sure it SHOULD go this week, that it has been released in the system and will be here one day soon. I am happy and ecstatic about it, we just don’t know the exact time/day, so long as nothing chaotic happens.  In Iraq, they are saying “in the coming days”, which for them means in the next 2-3 days.  “In the coming period” sometime this month.

Caller:  I cannot go to Vegas, but you can go and have a good time!

786 caller:  In the banks, you said the 20-25. October.  What happens when we call?  What if it goes past the 25th?  Do they take that off?

Tony:  No, the 20-5th is the window for this to go LIVE.

Caller:  Oh!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Tell your wife she is the best, a strong woman who is standing by her man…

Tony:  Pam says it’s time.  Her line seems to have dropped.  Ray?

Ray:  I lost my connection and had to call back in.  It’s Marvelous Monday;  continue to have a good time.  I meant to prepare an exit statement this weekend but I didn’t get it done. So goodbye… I’ll see you when I see you.

Pam:  Goodbye!

Tony:  It IS a good day.  It’s going to be a good week, I hope.  Everything is still moving forward, and hopefully it will all be over between the 20th and the 25th. The 20th is tomorrow, so hopefully this is the last call.  Enjoy your day!

Sunday - October 18 2015

Subject:  SHINES

Bank Appointment Rate & Term Negotiations:  Start higher than you will accept, allow the Bank to come up to meet your expectations before coming down.  Accept the rate and term that makes you happy, as you do not have to just accept the bank's initial offer simply because it makes your wealthy.  There's a ton of wiggle room in these negotiations by benevolent design.
Things we take for granted like a warm bed and a pillow and not having your legs up to your chin. I have till Monday morning. You saved my life. You  didn't help me you just saved my life. At my age, I am not sure what I would have done without your help. It is freezing thank you thank you thank you.  Every so often God does send angels in different forms.
Wow. Thank you so much!  So very important. May God Bless You! You have no idea
how much this wire means to me ,my family , my life . Thank you for doing this. So much appreciated. You have a friend for life.


But now, I am the poorest man on the planet (facepalm) about to lose everything tomorrow and you, my HERO, save the day with GOD’S Grace at the last moment before they remove my head.
Lyrics:  "Whenever God Shines His Light On Me"
Whenever God shines his light on me
Opens up my eyes so I can see
When I look up in the darkest night
I know everything's going to be alright
In deep confusion, in great despair
When I reach out for him he is there
When I am lonely as I can be
I know that God shines his light on me
Reach out for him, he'll be there
With him your troubles you can share
If you live the life you love
You get the blessing from above
He heals the sick and heals the lame
Says you can do it too in Jesus name
He'll lift you up and turn you around
And put your feet back on higher ground
Reach out for him, he'll be there
With him your troubles you can share
You can use his higher power
In every day and any hour
He heals the sick and heals the lame
Says you can do it too in Jesus name
He'll lift you up and turn you around
And put your feet back on higher ground.
Greetings and Salutation:

We see a strong cleansing wave hitting the collective airwaves. Go within and let it burn itself out. Pause... Draw from your reserves; the World has survived greater Waves than this one. You are big Kid's.  Keep rolling with the punches. You have made it thru bigger obstacles than
This is no big deal.  Behind the scenes we are always prepared for any and all eventualities. Know that funds continue to trickle through as the changes continue.
This is the moment to fine tune your Visions. The generated Wave will have far reaching effects. Just remember what you focus on grows in your experience. Peace is always the best choice. Hang tight; close the lid, do the sane thing, and above all remember to Breath!
All is well, keep your eye on the big picture and understand that Zap's entire devotion is this mission. Continue to send prayers and remember - we are all in this journey together. When all is said and done, it will make for fascinating discussion.
As there are many ways of looking at Truth. Why magnify the rumors when all that does is generate greater waves of turbulence...

Your contributions to support our work is greatly appreciated. Please go to: and send to via "friend or family. We send thanks and much gratitude to those who have generously supported us. We could not continue without your help. If you have a problem, please contact

Consultations, continue...
Love and Kisses,
Susan, ZAP and Staff

OCTOBER 16 2015


TNT Call notes 16-October-2015

Dr Kyre Adept

Pam:  There is so much going on right now, especially in Iraq.  We’ve all been told about the 20th, and we don’t agree with all the ‘sky is falling’, that Doomsday stuff is not for us, but there is a lot going on and we are thankful.

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 16, 2015.  I never EVER thought we would still be here today, but it means that things are going great and this weekend our lives will change – we will get positive information of the time and date this is happening.  It could still be at any time.  It is still scheduled, and the banks have been told to expect a crowd of people by the 20th.  In Iraq, the people are promoting the 20th to use the lower denominations.  The process is being pushed through at much lower levels, and things cleared out of the way for what I hope is irreversible motion.  The best date we are hearing is the 20th – that is what’s out there – but don’t be surprised if it’s before then. They are definitely being told “by the 20th”, yesterday evening and this morning in Iraq.  We have heard that date for the last 2-3 weeks.

The currency rates are showing as 20th through the 25th, but it doesn’t matter as the 20th is the date that’s all over the Internet, so it’s not like it’s a secret.  So let’s get ready for it, and have a great weekend. The rates are still there, and higher than we have mentioned to you in the past.  I’m not going to say how much higher, because some still get upset, thinking I give you too much information.  I’m going to enjoy the weekend with everyone.

Pam is being the tyrant she is, and Ray is not here;  nor is our verbatim transcriber.  So we are just doing a short call today.

707 caller:  Some people in my group have been asking questions about the zim they have purchased as ‘collector’s items’ from various vendors.  I understand that the dealers are not allowed to reveal the value…

Tony:  I think the dealers just don’t know.  They are going on the same information we are working from, so if they have to sell them as collectors’ items, that’s how they sell them..  If they are worthless and collectors’ items, well, I have the same ones you have.

Caller:  A friend who is a currency trader buys her's from a dealer, too;  her sources count them through a Delarue machine, and they are guaranteed as authentic.

Tony: So if the zim doesn’t happen, they are at least covered.  They don’t show it as a currency now, but my Treasury contact told me which ones to buy… I don’t have any word of the currency expiring.

404 caller:  Earlier you said the rates are being shown on the bank screens as valid from 20th to 25th.  Can you explain that?

Tony:  They have a rate on their screen, not holding or pending, but showing them as being released on those dates.  It is not saying the rate is being held at that rate for five days, just that it will be released sometime on those dates.

Caller;  I’ve heard there is a freeze on some SKRs;   when might that be lifted?

Tony:  They have been frozen for two years, so that is nothing new.  NO groups are being paid, no SKRs are being paid out. They have paid a few individuals an astronomical number of dollars, spread across the USA, but that is nothing to do with groups.  They have been calling a few people in, and that’s okay.  I think that when some people find out what others are exchanging at, there will be some lawsuits.

Caller:  Hopefully this is our weekend!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

702 caller:  You mentioned the Chinese currency – where do you buy that?  The same places you bought your dinar?

Tony:  I’m sure there are a bunch of places you can get it:  some banks, Travelex, and other currency dealers in your local area.

617 caller:  Did Abadi make the speech he was supposed to make?

Tony:  Apparently not, or I wouldn’t be on this call.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

831 caller:  So we are still on track for this weekend?

Tony:  Yes, we are.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I look forward to having that Cuban with you.

252 caller:   On the Chinese currency, I looked into buying some from Sun Trust Bank in my area.  Is that a good place to buy from?

Tony:  A guy at my bank said, “Hey, you should be getting this” meaning the renminbi or yuan.  They are all going to change.  Personally, I have enough of the currencies I think will go first.  If the bank doesn’t have yuan, buy more dinar, dong, zim, rupiah…

559 caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ve been going through my list and trying to keep current.  Originally they allowed you to pull out $10,000, and now it’s dropped to $7,000, I think.  Anything else on taxes?  Is there any place to insure accounts over $250,000, such as Abbot Downing, Lloyds, etc.?

Tony:  There is still no definitive word on taxes, so set aside 50% until we know.  We know Abbot Downing looks after the ultra-rich, so ask them about higher value accounts.  Lloyds of London has stuff they will offer you, once you meet with your WM and advisors outside of the bank.  You never want only one source helping you....

Caller:  I know I’m not supposed to transfer more than 500K…

Tony:  You can transfer as much as you like from one account to another;  it’s only WIRE transfers they will want to track in the first 30 days.  They prefer cashiers’ checks.

301 caller:  Why does the release of fils (coins) signify the release of a higher rate?

Tony:  Right now, the official rate is 1166 dinar to the dollar.  If the dinar is worth less than a penny, why would you need coins at all?  So if they are issuing coins, the rate must be more than a dollar.  The fils and lower denominations cannot come into existence until the rate has changed.

647 caller:  It’s your friend from Canada.  There’s very little intel about procedures in Canada.  There is some word of 800 numbers being released here.  We’ve heard that TD and HSBC will do exchanges;  which would be better for contract rates?

Tony:  If I were in Canada, I’d be going to HSBC, because of their relationship with China.  I also know that HSBC has exchanged some Afghani and rupiah in New York and New Jersey to people who were in the right place at the right time.  So that’s where I’d go.

Caller:  I am connected to your Twitter account because I get the call tweets every time.  Will you send out the 800 numbers for Canada as well as the US?

Tony:  I don’t know.  We were discussing this again this morning, and they are still talking about three different ways:  no information and let you guys figure it out, post the 800 numbers (but probably not a Canadian number), or a 15-minute call saying goodbye.  If they don’t publish an 800 number for Canada, call the US number and ask where to exchange in Canada!

Pam:  First, the guys in the Skype room were just saying that ‘diversity is the best insurance’.  There will be a lot of sites that open once this is released, trying to tell you how to invest your money.  Be careful:  there are a lot of scallywags and scoundrels out there, just waiting for you to be gazillionaires. Take your time and be careful.

Tony:  I hope this is the last call, although if we have to be here on Monday, we will be.  After this announcement is made, a lot of people will get excuses about how they didn’t get there money:  the paymaster is sick, they can only move a million at a time, whatever.  A lot of people will make money out of selling your contact information to those who want your money, for investment or otherwise.  Whether you take action as individuals or as a group, have a plan!  You will see all kind of attempts to get your money, and you need to know when it’s BS or people trying to make money off you.  We have tried to give you information and insight to look past what sounds good and see who is scamming you.  Be aware, be smart;  there are people out there who will try to take this blessing away from you. They had the same opportunity as you did, but they would rather sit back and wait until you get your money and take it off you.  They know you want to pay it forward, and there are people setting up foundations to take your money, and some will be the same crooks who have got you involved in other deals, and now they are setting up foundations to change the world!

Pam and I are setting up Keisha’s Kids, and all the money will go to the projects.  When a foundation approaches you, see how much goes to the programs instead of admin or to buy houses and planes for the directors.

The good news is that right on the bank screen there is a memo saying that these rates are kicking in 20-25. October. But you know what usually happens when they put a date to something, especially with Iraq.  Go back through the history.  With that, enjoy your weekend – it’s going to be super-fantastic.  I’ll talk to you later… goodbye.

OCTOBER 14 2015



From a friend...

FYI here is some interesting news about the world banking scheduled changes during October and the pending RV & Notes from TNT Tony today.

 From another room, no link available. He said "From one of my friends on the team in London":
Today we have received the first definitive schedule for active implementation and all specific transactions will follow after these final steps are completed.   THIS IS EXTREMELY GOOD NEWS FOR ALL, as it is the first official timeline to be realized.

As my last update indicated the final implementation of the bond transactions has been seriously underway beginning last week and it was anticipated that it would take a bit of time for all the last details to be put into place so that the transactions can smoothly proceed to reality.

Currently, we are very busy with finalizing all files and details for each seller and will be in contact with sellers for any last minute requirements, as may be needed on an individual basis, as well as immediately upon any confirmation of invitation or transaction dates. We ask that you please respect our time, as this is time consuming work, and it is important that all is accurately completed.

It is possible that there could be a request for an updated RWA or POL. We are hoping this is not necessary for sellers who have recently submitted those documents, but please be ready to respond quickly should we notify you that this is needed, as real transaction dates draw near.  

We anticipate that official invitations will start to be issued next week.  Remember, payment releases for these assets are only possible to be made in TRN Dollars, or old Heritage Funds gold-backed Dollars and the issuance of Bank invitations must be done with full banking responsibility.  As the below schedule delineates, some of the financial and currency prerequisites for release are scheduled to be completed from until Tuesday of next week.  It is unclear whether invitations can be released prior to all factors being completed.  We were told to be on standby and ready.

Following is the schedule news and details:

Per usual, date and time changes are always possible, but highly unlikely at this late stage of coordinated global implementation.

Saturday - October 10, 2015

Lead Chinese Royal Family Elder sets RV liquidity release into motion implementing and affixing the ancient codes.

Sunday - October 11, 2015

Final testing and preparations begin for global RV system operations.

Monday - October 12, 2015

Markets worldwide go through final testing phase for the upcoming global banking transition on new super computing mainframe / algorithm in the Far East.

The CIPS (China International Payment System) has been activated and transfers have been successfully made internationally.  This is the Asian counterpart to SWIFT, and has been implemented and integrated into 34 of the major world banks, which will be carrying out the transactions and transfers of funds.  For the announcement, please refer to this link:

Tuesday - October 13, 2015

Western banking sanctions are lifted from new Russian/Chinese CIPS system and merged with Western Banking SWIFT system.  First basket RV currencies are allowed to be converted at any amount, along with public release of physical TRN currency notes.  This event begins an irreversible process across transitioning the entire global banking network--starting in the Far East (Beijing) and ending in the Far West (Hawaii). COMPLETED

Wednesday - October 14, 2015

Al-Hijra is the Islamic New Year, and is celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram, the month in which Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina.  Al-Hijra / Muharram 2015 begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Muslims will celebrate Al-Hijra / Muharram upon.

Thursday - October 15, 2015

On this the first morning of Al-Hijra, after morning prayers, Iraq's long-awaited economic reforms are announced by Iraqi President Abadi.

This announcement is considered the public revaluation for Iraq, thus
launching the global financial revaluation of currencies in the USA.

Friday - October 16, 2015

Public in-bank redemptions set to begin worldwide of first basket RV currencies.  This date also has been reserved for the resolution of any final implementation issues or concerns related to integration of CIPS/SWIFT computing infrastructure. FIRST IQD BANK EXCHANGE TO TRANSFER ON SCREEN

Saturday - October 17, 2015

Final international testing with Western Banking SWIFT system begins for the Iranian Rial currency.  Solutions and fixes continue for integration of CIPS/SWIFT computing infrastructure. SPECIFIC TIME ZONE NOT GIVEN

From Tony's Call today
 We started hearing a whole lot of stuff yesterday and last night, that the whole process is rolling out. It’s a great day and many things are happening you’ve been waiting for years to see and feel. I was asked not to be specific. I don’t’ want to step on any toes, but I do want you to know your dreams are about to come true. There are meetings taking place and announcements being made. This weekend, I can truly say without a doubt, will be the best weekend of your life – well, I cannot say without a doubt because I don’t push the button. They have changed the rates at the bank, and you will be ecstatic. Some are unbelievable, but we will go with it!
They told the bank staff ‘no vacations’ from the 19th to the end of the month, and that memo went out again today. There are going to be some great end-of-the-month weekends and you can celebrate with the rest of the world. China is supposed to be a reserve currency around the 20th, which will make all this easy. When I started this five years ago, I told you there was a plan for China to become a world currency, with the mini-IMFs. All that has come to pass – here it is, and in six days it becomes true. Two of the IMFs have already been developed, with the others coming true now. The currency is about to be here.
Day before yesterday, a lady walked into this bank, met with the banker, and said she had money in her account that she didn’t know what to do with. He looked in her account, and there was over 200 million dollars. That was two days ago. We knew our time was coming and it is now here. Everything is positive; I can’t find one negative thing. The 20th is six days from now, so any time in the next six days... This is going to be an amazing weekend, and that is the last time I’ll be able to say that because afterwards most of you won’t be here.
Banks are ready, having meetings, and with exchange people and security in place. Everyone has been notified, and things are absolutely in motion. Okay?

Sunday - October 18, 2105

Iranian political and spiritual leadership announces Western sanctions have been lifted to honor Al-Hijra / Islamic New Year, also Iran economic reforms have been implemented including the global reinstatement of the Iranian Rial as a sovereign and good standing currency.  ALREADY RATIFIED

Monday - October 19, 2015

US Congress announces the passing of 2010 IMF Code of Reforms, releasing the United States Government of global monetary veto authority.  A final testing phase begins for the inclusion of the Chinese Yuan into the IMF's basket of global reserve currencies known as Special Drawing Rights (SDR's). RATIFIED AND ON SCREEN

Tuesday - October 20, 2015

The IMF's Christine LeGarde announces the inclusion of the Chinese Yuan as a good standing member of the SDR family, as well as China's new global reserve currency status.  The Vatican's Pope Francis releases a corresponding statement supporting (blessing) the harmonious new financial compromise.  This announcement publicly acknowledges the Global Currency Reset for the world community.

Public in-bank redemptions set to begin worldwide of first basket RV currencies.


OCTOBER 15 2015



ok I NEVER have a bank story or a story in general, about what's going on with
what we are waiting for but tonight I could hardly wait to get home to post in the
forum! Ok so the TNT call today set my joy in motion but the events of the day
put my joy into OVERDRIVE! I'm a voice teacher who works in the city( Manhattan)
in Harlem to be exact.
Today on the way to work I noticed something very strange at the adam Clayton
Powell state building (president Clinton has an office there now). There was a row
of police officers with motorcycles lined up along the street behind the building and
they were just idly standing there. I didn't think to take a picture of it since I was
running late lol. So, my voice student comes and we have our lesson. Afterwards we
had some time to chat before my evening choir class. we talked about many things
and we got on the topic of the economy and the stock market and what not. I asked
 her if she had noticed the officers outside and she said she didn't but she had noticed
that in midtown on 42nd street was a bunch of military and national guard personnel
spread out throughout the area and she didn't know why.
my eyebrow went up immediately when she mentioned it.
Anyway, we kept talking but I couldn't dismiss the theory that something was brewing
in the city and it had something to do with what we are waiting for!
So, I had my evening class and afterwards I walked with a friend ( choir student) who
happens to be a government official with classified status and she works in accounting.
We always take the subway/train together afterwards since I don't live in Manhattan. I
live in Brooklyn. While we were waiting for the train, I asked if she knew of anything
happening next week. She turned to me and her eyes were like a deer caught in
headlights! Lol.
Umhmm, she replied. I continued by saying "with China?" Her eyes got even bigger,
"umhmm" she replied. I said " I know you are classified and can't discuss work but
does it have anything to do with October 20th?" She looked and said HOW DO YOU
KNOW? I smiled and said "I've been studying the world economy for a few years now
and everything that's been happening."
I asked her if she saw the cops or heard about the military today in the city. Her response
was, "they are practicing and preparing". I said for next week? She said yes. She said we
may start to see little things happen this week but the climax will indeed be on the 20th.
I asked if she knew about the IMF in Peru last weekend and she knew all about it. 
So the train came, we got on and continued talking about what's going on.
She went on to say that the stock market will crash by next week And it was no
coincidence that the pope was here in September and met with the UN and the other
agencies and government officials. She said she felt sorry for those oblivious to what's
I mentioned the topic of silver going up she nodded and said, this time will be worse than
Black Friday ( can't remember if it was Friday or tuesday But she said Friday) on October
, 1987!
When I mentioned I had currency, she had a surprised but huge smile on her face and we
left it at that. She got off A few stops later and said BE READY! I smiled allllllll the way home.
God is good and this blessing is really about to manifest! Couldn't wait to share with my TNT
This experience plus the call today: WE ARE HERE! OUR TIME IS COME! It's really been
a journey but I am so confident that we will PIF (Pay it forward) in the best possible ways. 
i Hope this bit of news encourages some who may still be in doubt or weary of our blessing
ever coming to pass.
P.S. I saw this evening in forum that someone posted the forex trading polled at 1092.8?
Well, even though the Iraqi international bonds were canceled recently, it was stated in an
article from a few months ago that they would start selling them at 1095! Obviously they
are ready. AND SO ARE WE! I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight, I'm so happy and
excited. God is FAITHFUL!


Thursday Morning Forum Tid-bits...

Iko Ward:
  So Forex is now doing what we were looking for, increasing the rate on a daily basis. CBI won't do anything until after the RV and Forex may even give out false info.

Iko Ward : This is where we all have to stay calm and focused. The good news is we are among the first to exchange; the bad news is there may be a bit if a vacuum the first few days except for what the banks are telling us. have time to make decision.

Remember, the current rates are still a God send. Greed can get you in trouble real fast.

TotallyBlessed: Vacuum? First few days of our exchanged but before Forex shows anything significant? Or am I in a vacuum of understanding? LOL Help Iko?

Iko Ward: Forex is a private institution, created by big clients to service their needs, not ours. They can lie all the way to the moon if they want. Or they can play it straight, or play straight one hour and lie the next. This is why you want several sources of intel.
TotallyBlesssed: Got it. Thanks Iko I know just enough to get in trouble so we are going with International rates but I'm not bringing it all at once. They can wait another day or two if they're backed up w apptsl.

NurseGinger:  It takes extraordinary people to recognize the following: Change Happens, Anticipate Change, Get Ready For Monitored Change, Adapt To Change Quickly, The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Change happens, Enjoy Change! Savor The Adventure Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy ABOVE ALL REMAIN GROUNDED AND FOCUSED

TennWolfman: The RV train is already at the station--We are just waiting for it to stop so we all can get on board and start out on our new journey of living our lives to the fullest and paying it forward as we go. Oh happy day

OCTOBER 14 2015


TNT Call notes 14-October-2015

Dr. Kyre Adept

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, October 14, 2015.  I hope everyone is doing well, because I’m doing super-fantastic for real!  It’s already a great day!  Before I give you a bunch of good news to make everyone excited and happy, there are fidiots out there posting different things.  You’ve got to be careful!  On some website, they are posting fake transcripts of TNT calls, saying the RV is here, call this number, and so on.  Look at the Twitter account it comes from;   if it doesn’t say 251,000, then it’s not from us.  Great things are about to happen, and you need to have the right information, not going to the fake sites of Twitter idiots.  You know by now how to look for the right Twitter account, so it’s on you if you miss it.  If the Twitter you’re looking at doesn’t have 250K followers, you’re following the wrong account.

We started hearing a whole lot of stuff yesterday and last night, that the whole process is rolling out.  It’s a great day and many things are happening you’ve been waiting for years to see and feel.  I was asked not to be specific.  I don’t’ want to step on any toes, but  I do want you to know your dreams are about to come true. There are meetings taking place and announcements being made.  This weekend, I can truly say without a doubt, will be the best weekend of your life – well, I cannot say without a doubt because I don’t push the button. They have changed the rates at the bank, and you will be ecstatic.  Some are unbelievable, but we will go with it!

They told the bank staff ‘no vacations’ from the 19th to the end of the month, and that memo went out again today.  There are going to be some great end-of-the-month weekends and you can celebrate with the rest of the world.  China is supposed to be a reserve currency around the 20th, which will make all this easy.  When I started this five years ago, I told you there was a plan for China to become a world currency, with the mini-IMFs.  All that has come to pass – here it is, and in six days it becomes true.  Two of the IMFs have already been developed, with the others coming true now.  The currency is about to be here.
Day before yesterday, a lady walked into this bank, met with the banker, and said she had money in her account that she didn’t know what to do with. He looked in her account, and there was over 200 million dollars. That was two days ago.  We knew our time was coming and it is now here.  Everything is positive;  I can’t find one negative thing.  The 20th is six days from now, so any time in the next six days… This is going to be an amazing weekend, and that is the last time I’ll be able to say that because afterwards most of you won’t be here.

Banks are ready, having meetings, and with exchange people and security in place.  Everyone has been notified, and things are absolutely in motion.  Okay?

641 caller:  We should all be as super-fantastic as you are.  I’m the only person in this state that calls you.

Tony:  My mother-in-law calls me!

Caller:  I figure this is the last call, and I imagine we’ll see it on Forex first. I hope the rates are strong.  I understand that it’s the equivalent of New Year’s Eve in Iraq – the New Year starts tomorrow for them.  The 18th is when sanctions are lifted on Iran, and then on the 20th there is an announcement on TV from the IMF…?

Tony:  Yes, it’s scheduled something like that.

Caller:  Remember when Boehner came out to announce his retirement and he was whistling "it is a good day".  [Appreciation]  [chit-chat]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  It seems the Islamic New Year does start this afternoon, and that is why there are so many are celebrating in Iraq right now.

702 caller:  I believe in luck, so maybe you should pack your bags and go to Vegas!

Tony:  Luck is where hard work and preparation meet.  Even when I go to Vegas, I put in the time to get lucky.  We are great, and we are all about to be lucky because we put in the time, the calls and the research.  We went through it to get to it, past tense, and you are about to see it.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  [chit-chat]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

617 caller:  I’m glad to hear you are super-fantastic.  Has Iraq been paid in the new rate?

Tony: the cards have shown the new rate for the last week, and everyone has been told they will, will, will be paid, and now it’s happening. I’ve been asked not to be specific, but it’s what we’ve all been waiting for.  I wont’ tell you the actual day and time, but it has been defined and the announcement will be made.  They won’t give any advance notice, but it will be recorded and we will hear it afterwards.  Once it has been announced, that is when we will go.

Caller:  I am so ready!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404:  Exciting times!  As a follow up to last week’s call, when we were excited thinking that there would be an announcement at the IMF meeting in Peru.  Do you think that announcement might have been made behind closed doors and that triggered what you are sharing with us now?

Tony:  No… because these events only happened yesterday.  I’m sure they discussed it in Peru, but things were put in motion just 24 hours ago.

Caller:  How do they celebrate the New Year in Iraq?

Tony:  I heard Beyonce is over there now… they party and celebrate like we would.  They started at sundown yesterday and go through tomorrow.  Scheduled dates to bring in bank people and the general public, and they expect you guys to go through in the first nine days and be done.  Yes, there will be extended banking hours, 7am to 11pm.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

707 caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Will be hearing the announcement from you?

Tony:  I still don’t’ know what they want to do or how they want to do it.  I will be tweeting it out, doing a good-bye call – I’ll be doing something and give you whatever I can.

Caller:  I sure hope we can hear it from you, whether a call or a tweet.

Tony:  I think they are going to want people to know so they can get us all through in nine days.  I will send out a tweet, post it on the site and on the new sites.  I think they will use that if nothing else, because that makes sense.

Caller:  I am also in the Freedom Club, which you probably know about. They have a way of alerting us when the RV is released;  I think they get it from you as well.

512 caller:  I am super-duper-fantastic, for the first time.  You said that we will hear from you first, somehow, and then it will be time to go to the bank?

Tony:  I am going to try to do the best that I can to make this as smooth as possible for you guys. Either they have a plan to make this work like that, that we tell you when, where and how to it so that it can be as smooth as possible.  OR they may decide to let us all figure it out for ourselves, in which case, I will still tell you what I can. I will know it’s happening before they call me, either way.  They will have to make a decision on what part they want me to play in getting this done as smoothly as possible. If I get that info before the announcement, I’ll do whatever they ask.  If not, I will still let you know all that I can so that you can make your exchanges.  A lot of people got called over the weekend, lining up their customers, so it’s coming out more and more.

Caller:  My boys and I thank you for all you’ve done. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

559 caller:  I’m super-super-fantastic.  My sister’s birthday is tomorrow, and this is going to be the best present ever.  My birthday is on the 18th, so you’d better be right!  You’re saying that either way you’ll let us know – will there still be a number to call?  My bank here seems to be brain-dead, so how will I find out where to do an exchange?

Tony:  I find it hard to believe that they would do this, and have all their banks so pre-occupied.  If I send you guys to the banks, they will alert everybody.  They will have to give some kind of guidance, because they want the fewest number of staff to know that this is real.  They want you to go in, exchange, and fade away, with no more staff knowing about this than absolutely necessary.  They want to retain their staff, and I’m not mad at that.  There has to be some kind of organization or direction, or else it will be chaos, and I cannot believe they want that.

Caller:  Is there any reason that it might not go as planned?

Tony:  I cannot see any reason.  Because of the level of where it’s at this moment, it would have to be something crazy.  I just don’t see it stopping at this point.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Everyone, be super-fantastic, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller: I heard this is a super-fantastic day!  I don’t think there is anything else to explain further, but in Vegas we will be looking for each other, so maybe we should have some caps with TNT on them – that could be a great way to run into people in Vegas.  In a crowd, you can’t always see a shirt, but a hat is more visible.
Tony:  This guy sent me some beautiful hats with TNT, TNT Super-fantastic, both hats and t-shirts.  I don’t know if he wants to sell them to 10,000 people, but I would love to put those on the site.  That’s where I plan to get mine from. 
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Look forward to seeing you all in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Pam, if you would send that information to me one more time, I will order mine today.  If that person wants you to put it on the site, that would be great, or give me the link and I’ll tweet it out to people.
858 caller:  You mentioned a while back that there is a zim cap of up to a billion, with a concurrent cap of 20 million dinar and 20 million dong.
Tony:  Those are each separate – they are looking at capping each one of those.  I have been told that someone already got 600 million.  So if you have 20 million dinar, at five dollars each, that would be 100 million there.  I know someone who got 800 million.  The zim cap was to be half a billion, and they discussed raising it to a billion, but I don’t know what was decided.  It was also discussed that there would be caps of 20 million each dinar and dong – not dollars.  We may not find out for sure until the release.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
909 caller:  Will DC be on the last call as he planned on doing?
Tony:  I don’t know!  It depends on when that call happens and what he is doing at that moment.  It’s going to be just as hectic for us as for you guys.  If I’m doing a 15-minute call, or an hour’s call, or whatever… I just don’t know, plus we have a much longer NDA than you will.  It probably won’t be in the middle of the night, but early morning our time is the middle of the work day for him, so I just don’t know.  We’re trying to get him to Vegas.
Caller:  It will be wonderful if people of like minds can get together and do super-wonderful things for people.
773 caller:  I’ve been taught that LUCK means Labor Under Correct Knowledge.  PM Abadi put out a tweet 24 hours ago about the reform agenda, and he said that the Cabinet has approved a revised salary scale.  Does that mean they get paid at the new rate? 
Tony:  Yes, it will affect both the quantity of dinar they get paid, and also the rate.  It’s good for them, because although they go from a million dinar per month to 200K, they will receive dinar that are worth $3+, so they end up with more spending power.
Someone sent me a note saying “Good day, Tony!  A small check, and here is a card that I will use as I bless individuals with $500 to $1,000 each.  It’s my super-fantastic card.”  This card has a picture of Captain America, and it says, “I have been blessed and now you are blessed;  pay it forward to others”.  This is a great card to lean when making a donation,, because it encourages them to  pay if forward.
301 caller:  What a great day!  Are all the currencies going at the same time?   Are the rates higher on all the currencies or just selected ones?
Tony:  They ARE all going through at the same time, they ARE all on the board, and they ARE all at higher rates.  It has been highly recommended that you buy China’s currency.
602 caller:  If we do hand out our PIF cards on the same day (so that it would be notice-able and on the web), that will be ten days after this is announced? 
Tony:  Yes, I think that’s a good idea, for everyone to tip people on a particular day.  It will be all over the internet, and most won’t know what that means, but we will know. 
Caller:  If it goes this week, and it takes a month to organize the event in Vegas, that takes us very close to Thanksgiving.
Tony:  The problem is that Vegas is locked up through November and December.  I might  have to buy a stadium or event center!   But that would not be a place where we can have parties, breakfast or dinner… but I’ll figure it out.
Caller:  If a bank wants to speak to us, maybe they can help you find a venue…
Tony:  In any case, we can have the smaller events, and maybe expand some of those numbers because it will probably be easier to find the room outside Vegas.  We have everyone’s email on our sites, and I have emails for everyone who has made donations.  I will try to send out some tweets/emails to let you know where we are having gatherings. Also, we will make the new sites live, (that is,, .net and .info), and that will be a place to sign up for the events. 
Caller:  Have you heard from Okie?  Has his health improved?
Tony:  I heard from him on Friday.  He knows what the health problem is, but he cannot do anything until after the announcement.
Caller:  I’m sending him prayers.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony:  Thank you to all the transcribers, I appreciate your being here, I know it’s not easy keeping up with me – although it’s easier than keeping up with DC!  Pam?
Pam:  “There will be a time not so far from now that you will look back on this space in your life, and instead of blame or guilt, you will feel appreciation because a new desire for life started here that you will not have achieved without learning this desire.”  (Abraham) I t’s all about the journey.  We learned a lot.
RayRen:  Continue to enjoy this When will I sese it Wednesday;  the answer is coming.  
Tony:  There were lots of phone calls last night to confirm what is happening, to confirm the process.   It was wonderful to hear the joy in people’s voice saying Yes, and “this is the time” and “it’s happening”.  You are going to start hearing some of that. I was asked not to be too specific.  We can take a deep breath and say “it’s about time”.  That doesn’t mean it’s in the next hour, but I gave you the time frame of when the banks expect to be very busy.  We don’t have to wait for the end of the month.  It’s a great day, a great time, and for those who have been here for five  years with me… thank you for helping me through with this.  For those who have been 10-11 years, you are amazing. I don’t know if I could have made it that long.
We’re here, we’re done, and ready to move on with the next phase of our lives. If you are not ready, you need to create a plan of action NOW as to where you will put your money.  Please have a plan for your future BEFORE you go to the bank.  Know what you are doing because once you leave, your mind will be blown by all those zeros.  Hopefully this is the last call I will do like this… maybe one more on Friday.  Enjoy your day. 
Pam:  Happy Birthday to Skunkie!