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Chris Evans
October 23 2013
Below is a copy of purchasing instructions for the Iraq Dinar using a 45 day Layaway Plan
If people want anything different than the 45 day plan then they will have to contact me directly by phone or, do a little work themselves and figure it out
It’s not difficult
I can’t make it any easier for people
Please keep it for your records and send to people as you feel necessary
Below is an example for the purchasing of 1 Million Iraq Dinars on a 45 day Layaway purchase in $USD at www.dinarcorp.com for a total cost of $55.00
See my comments in the NOTE SECTION in green, if you wish to purchase more than 1 Million Dinar
To make the purchase of Iraq Dinar on a 45 Day Layaway Plan - follow the instructions below:
Go to the website above and close to the top of the website is a blue band with white lettering.
About 2.5 inches below this blue band you will see a series of small circles (irises)
Select “Dinar Corp 45”
Scroll down about 1 inch and you will see four (4) different currencies.
The first currency is RED is what we will be using
Opposite this red currency is a selection box25,000 Dinar Currency -- $1,050.00/Mil and on the right side of the box is a small drop down arrow
Using the drop down arrow “Select the first option - 1 Million is 25,000 bills - $1,050.00
Scroll down past the 4th note and just below this 4th note you will see “PAYMENT OPTION
In the small box with a drop down arrow select “MONEY ORDER”
Scroll down the page a little further and you will see a much bigger box “SUB TOTAL”
In this box you will see what you are ordering and the price that you are paying
+1 Million Reserve in 25,000 bills: FREE
Day 1 - 5% - $55.00
Day 45 – 95% - $1,045
NOTE: If you wish to purchase “MORE” Dinar then just than 1Million select the amount you wish to purchase using the drop down box as stated above
NOTE: On a Layaway Plan 15 / 45 days etc. - you do “NOT” get physical possession of the Dinar until the remaining balance of 95% ie: $1,045.00 is paid in full.
Then go to the other side of the page and follow the instructions that the company needs
Make sure that all boxes are ticked and that you enter the code shown into the box provided
Then click the button “SUBMIT ORDER”
As soon as you have submitted the information your computer screen will change and you will see:
The confirmation number of the order
The $amount
That you need to send
The address of where you need to send your payment
The company will also send you a “Confirming e-mail”
Make sure that when you send your payment that you GET A TRACKING NUMBER
Good luck


Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada