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Folks, ever since the Wednesday call, I have been totally inundated with requests for help in ordering small investments in Iraqi Dinar of Vietnamese Dong. I have tried to keep up with each individual inquiry; referring some to my good friend Chris Evans who has contributed so very much of his time in helping.  Chris finally developed written instructions which I have sent, through yesterday ... but again, today, I find still more requests.

I am sorry, but I just cannot respond to any further individual inquiries.  I have been desperately trying to complete Kathryn's website - particularly Sananda's The Last Scriptures -  and I just cannot let this currency information stand in my way.

I am following with several pieces ... Chris' written instructions - Chris' answers to individuals' questions - and today's information from TNT Tony, which is saying "It is finished."  And yes, even so, we yet have no concrete evidence.  But, this movement is coming down to us in "tiers."  And we, unfortunately, are the bottom "tier."

Listen to, or read Tony's explanation.  I listened to part.  And let us just sit back and let it happen. There are people who have been waiting for over ten years ... so, a few days wait will do us good (if necessary). 

Now, here are Chris' instructions and answers to questions; and Tony's report of today, October 25th:

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada