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TNT Tony Friday CC Recorded Link..Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U

REPLAY     805-399-1500    409029#

Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U:

TNT CALL BEGINNING NOW. T = Tony | C = Caller | Q = Question from room | A = Answer

TONY - Good morning, TNT Dinar. It's Friday, October 18, 2013 at 1:10 PM EDT. I know you're as anxious and frustrated as I was but I'm not now. I'm going to give you info today but I want to acknowledge your frustration. I woke up this morning and was disappointed for about 5 minutes. 
I got on the call with my contacts and they were all disapppointed, depressed, etc. but I told them - get over it! It's still going to happen - I'm still going to give you some good news for today. Nobody - absolutely nobody - has said they're cancelling the RV.

Link on Right
T - Today is a good day because they can't keep hiding this forever. The pressure is on because we are closer to the end than ever. It was more frustrating for me because I have the exact time this was supposed to happen. It still didn't happen. It was moved 3 times yesterday. 
I get what's holding it up, what's not holding it up, etc. then I get calls that part was done. Some of it I don't even believe from the people I'm hearing it from. Then I hear it from 2-3 others and it still doesn't make sense. But they're all getting pieces of the same puzzle and it starts coming together.

T - I'm hearing some things I didn't even want to know or believe, but I know they're true because the pieces are coming together. But I'm getting info from the right people and they're using us as a conduit to get info out to the people. Some are saying I'm getting info from the cabal - LOL. I'm getting info from the same sources for years - 3-letter agencies.

T - There is a lot of stuff going on dealing with other countries. It's more our gov't business than it is our business. I know other gurus out there tell you different things and I don't come on and say their info is wrong. I encourage you to listen to them all and make up your own minds. All of this is still a learning process.

T - The RV itself is done, done, done. The system is done. They've been paying out on it. YEsterday they had 3 trial runs. I don't know why they're doing this because the system is working. They paid out people yesterday. That's what they tell us so that's what we go by. They say people were at the banks. What does that mean? When I say "bank" I'm not talking about your branch or corner bank. I'm talking about cashout and call centers. These are not local branch folks.

T - Some keep bringing that back to the boards, but it's being built and ready to go. Do they deliberately give me info? Yes. The big thing I was told yesterday, per some specific people, that everytime I do a phone call a group of people show up at the bank and the police have to be called to ask them to leave. This is what concerns them. In 5 different states people had to be removed from bank property. The statement I gave yesterday about security absolutely came from them as I was asked to put it out to the dinar community.

T - This is not supposed to be general public knowledge. Even the envy from your friends and family could put you in jeopardy. The info I'm giving you, you can see what I've been through with the other gurus and groups. Can you imagine what would happen to you if they see what you're doing and find out? This is your responsibility. There are only 20K people registered at TNTDInar.com. Between that, the calls, etc. we touch at least 50K people. But that's nothing out of 5M - it's really nothing. They're relying on you to tell your fellow-dinarians.

T - If you just tell them it's "live" and go to the bank, you're going to lose. We all have to assume some responsibilty. Do whatever they ask you to do so we can get our time. They really want to stress that 30 days is more than enough time to get everybody paid 24/7.

T - Where are we at right now? At 2PM yesterday we should have been paid. At 3AM this morning it should have gone. Last week they were given the authority to announce their currency had changed value. Yesterday they were given authorizations to go into the mosques and announce it to their people. But they didn't do it because they've already announced it several other times and nothing happened. Tuesday they told everybody that their new money was in the ATMs and would be available on Saturday morning at 8AM. They could just not make an announcement and just go with it.

T - There is 1 3-letter agency that has been given the authority to make it happen, before or after that announcement. It could be in the next hour or next 10 hours. They can't keep holding it indefinitely. They wouldn't have asked me to put that security statement out yesterday if it wasn't about to happen. They keep telling me I'm authorized to give out the 800$s and they wouldn't tell me that if they weren't ready. The majority of the people are saying SOMETIME TODAY.

T - That's why I'm still excited. I'm just one day closer. Rates haven't changed. Not much more info to go over. We're seeing people talk about low rates (.89) but they're paying people NOW at $27. They've set up procedures to pay out at this high rate. They think if you take over the $27.87 (even tho they say they won't negotiate with you), there are some traps built into it. It's not that easy if you don't know what you're doing. $27.87 is about $22 over what we thought we'd get. It's not worth the traps to get extra money and not do it the right way.

T - $27.87 / $3 / .89 to .22 (ZIM).

Q - Can you cash UP to $25K if you don't have that note? A - Yes. You can exchange up to that.

 Q - Has the Nov. 14 cutoff been extended? A - It will be 30 days from the date we start.
Q - Has the Nov. 14 cutoff been extended? A - It will be 30 days from the date we start.
T - There was memo from the banks telling them that YOU are the customer and to accomodate in everyway they can but to get that money. You can try and negotiate anyway you want but they're told to GET YOUR MONEY. So be happy but don't go in with an attitude. Go in and be humble that we received this. Remember this is a person who will be helping you in life - treat them with respect.

T - They don't have to do business with you. If you're not nice they can put your name at the end of the line.

Q - How do we exchange a $25K note? Just walk in? A - You do not need an announcement or call an 800# to do this. This is specifically so those people you gave smaller notes to can go in and exchange. You may want to walk them in to keep it low-key so they act responsibly. You need to control them. We don't know what might light a powder keg. We don't need to be on the local news and ruin it for us all.

Q - What happens if no RV during the 72 hours? A - I guess we'll go to 96 hours. They have employees sitting at their work stations and yesterday they ran systems checks twice.

Q - Can this go beyond tomorrow? A - Let's hope not. I'm telling you what I'm hearing but I can't push the button. When they left last night they were told it would happen between 2-5 AM this morning and to be ready. They were told to be ready for customers to walk in this morning. They are still waiting for the announcement. In Iraq they were told to announce it but they didn't because they've announced it several times and nothing happened.

Q - When we do go "live" how will we know it's the real thing this time? A - When we get the 800#s we'll know it's real. They cashed out some yesterday, so we do know our turn is coming. I'm encourage because they keep cashing them out at the higher rates.

Q - Would it have been better for the US Gov't to default? A - No, it could have pushed us into a deep recession worldwide. What good would an RV be in that scenario? The markets would have crashed and we would have to wait for the new rates to reset. It might have taken months or years to reset. We were watching political theater.

Q - What will it take to get the real folks holding this up? Do the contacts we have know real reasons why not yet? A - I think my contacts are pretty good. We knew how this would end up and we talked about it. It wasn't O holding this up, but other part of the administration. We are the benefactors of this - not the reason for it.
T - I try to look at every side of the argument. I know it's hard for lots of you, with financial situations.

Q - Are we going to off-site locations to CE? A - Some of the locations are bank branches, asset locations, mortgage offices, etc. All of the metro cities will have 24/7 appointments. The others will be open 7AM-11PM.
CALL-IN Q&A STARTING NOW...C = Caller | T = Tony

C - when we go to banks are we not going to mess with rates, but fees? T - You can negotiate "no fees" but the other 4M+ won't have a clue about those fees.

C -Will there be 800#s for the mom & pop banks? T - each bank has its own 800#. My understanding is that m&p banks will be affiliated with larger banks and will use their 800#s.
[FLPatriot59] C - Is the VNN negotiable? T - I don't know. I really don't. At 3.87 why would you take a chance? I'm ecstatic, myself.

C - What about the Chase Nov. 17 deadline for wire transfers? T - I saw it posted that they were limiting their wire transfers. I don't know the purpose behind it. If they do I'd move my money to another bank. I don't think they can limit it. There is no law and we get all the UST updates. People have business overseas so I don't see how they can do that. I know the reason behind it - they're trying to track every dollar. It's not really applicable to the general public - only the wealthiest of you guys.
[FLPatriot59] [sunny @ TNT] Tony _ I read the Chase memo it only applied to 2 types business account, not personal accounts.

C - Does the 30 days apply to all currencies? T - No, just the 3-zero notes for the IQN. I would think they rates may very well change for all currencies. This is new for all currencies - after 30 days they all will level out to their real rate. Closer to the end they will start to level out, we just don't know when it will start. It won't wait until after the 30 days, but will start, IMO, sometime within that 30 day period.

C - Which ZIM note will they honor if it's part of the reset? T - I don't know. I've heard they will honor the AA, but I don't know for sure. We will now for sure when it goes live. I know it wasn't supposed to go until Jan 2014 but here it is in this basket. I know this because the banking people are seeing it.

C - I got an email today that they're loading up the 800#s. Is this true? I also heard it's 100% for today but Hawaii isn't open yet. T - I haven't heard that - they didn't tell me so I'm waiting for it. I'm not sure Hawaii is a factor.

C - Regarding the VNN, are you recommending NOT to negotiate the VNN? T - I'm saying to get in and get out and get it done. The average person doesn't know how to negotiate. I'm trying to warn everybody that they've set up some different procedures (traps) if you try to negotiate above the rates they're offering.

C - How big a deal is it for Iraq to be given the priviledge of announcing it? T - Part of the holdup is who really gets to make the announcement without offending anybody. I'm feeling really, really confident that something will be done before they stumble over this.

C - You mentioned before they were offering a rate of 8% on a savings account. T - I told you I have an opportunity in England at 10%. There's also sweep accounts where they make 1% nightly. They're not going to give you 10%/month. You can't demand they do that. They can do better than 1-3%/annual. But for the average person it's not reality to get above that amount. The 8-10% was for annuities the first year. We'll have people in Vegas to explain all of this.

C - If Iraq doesn't announce it, will the IMF come in at a lower rate? T - No. It's only a timing thing and the rates aren't being argued about.

C - A while back you put a link on the website to join the Vegas meeting. When I go there it says password. I want to go but we were not able to log in. T - We had over 8K register and we have to have a firm count, so everybody will have to re-register. It's already mid-October so whenever it happens we will be squeezed in. It might just be short-notice.

C - It seems like all the stumbling obstacles have been removed and now we're seeing a timing issue. Is there a backwall? T - It could be anytime. We're supposed to be at the banks today. It's when they decide to do it - an hour, 2 hours, etc. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that Iraq told their people the ATMs were loaded with new denoms and would be available on Saturday morning. So it could happen in the next 2-3 hours, in the next 15 minutes, etc. I just don't know.

C - When we exchange in the $25K note, will that be a good time to set up a new account? T - Yes, just like any normal banking transaction, you'll exchange with a teller. If you want to open a new account, they'll do the paperwork and exchange the currency. It's a normal banking transaction.

C - Concerning the NDA, how will they explain the GCR? T - The NDA will cover every currency involved in this - they changed the language in the document to include them all. They will say it happened absolutely but you won't be able to say you knew anything about it.

C - When you receive the 800 will you send a text? T - No, it will be posted on the website. We will NOT send out a text. A lot of others will be sending out texts. We will put up the 800#s and a time when we will schedule a call to explain everything.

C - I'm exchanging at WF and want to spread my money around to other banks. What's the best way to handle that? T - Make an appointment with each bank and exchange directly with them individually. Wires over $500K will cause your account to be frozen. I doubt seriously you'll get overlapping appointments - it's first come, first-served.

C - Will we need an appointment to exchange the VNN? T - Correct, no appointment needed.

C - Should we do a little and then wait? T - if you wait you can lose. I recommend nothing because if you lose money you'll blame me.

C - Just trying to understand the process - Can I just go to the bank and cash-in then make an appointment with the 800#? T - Yes, you can call and make the appointment on your way to the bank. You can try any bank that exchanges foreign currencies. You can check the bank site's foreign currency page for current rates.

T - They will show you the major rates on their computer screen...but if not the rate you have seen then walk out...they will call you back in and give you that higher rate.

C - I am a grandmother of a 2 yr old. How would you recommend or what would you suggest for me to do something for him? T - I would set up a trust for him.

C - Do you know anything about the Rupiah? T - $1.08 as of this morning.

C - Can you exchange into other currencies and would you recommend that? What percentage would you recommend? T - Yes, you can and I am. I have some other currencies I'm expecting to do something so I'm going to be putting it there. It depends on how greedy you are - LOL! If you're not planning to spend the money anytime soon, then I would put my money elsewhere, i.e., 5 divisions of currencies worldwide. I know the base currencies of each of those I will make more money than by putting it in banks.

C - What about the dealers paying the same rates as the banks? T - Don't know. All I know is that they're going to be paying the market rate. I hope they are close to each other (bank rates and dealer rates).

C - What has Frank at Sterling said about traveling to a metro area to pick up reserves? T - Yes, they're still going to do it. He's ready to go.

C - Will Iraq have to make an announcement before the lower denoms are activated? T - No they don't have to. They've been told several times in the past and nothing happened.

C - Can we negotiate the bank fees without falling into a trap? T - Yes you can. That is my understanding.

C - I called with Chase, Sterling and WF and there is no such thing as a Clean Clear Certificate (CCC). They said when you deposit it's good as gold and you don't need a certificate. I heard a hesitation in your voice when you were talking about the release date and Saturday...is there something you want to tell us? T - No, I don't think so.

C - If the Iraqis go to the ATM and the money isn't there what will happen? T - The money is already there, it's just a matter of what it's worth.

C - Do you really think it will happen over the weekend? T - I really, really do. At every level they're all saying they want it completed now. Nobody can give me a reason for it not happening.

C - So who makes the announcement could really hold this up? T - Those are touchy subjects since it's their currency. It will affect everybody. There is still a lot of politics involved at that level. A lot of things are being moved around just to make the point.

C - When we get the 800# are we to go to the bank AFTER we make the call or BEFORE? T - You can go and cash in your $25K note at anytime without an appointment. The appointment call to the 800# is to deposit your money.

C - Is the rate actually going to be $27.87, etc. or will it really be 3.44 when we get to the bank? How will we know what the real rate is going to be? T - Before you go to the bank go to their website and look up their rates. Or call the bank first and ask for the rate. When you get there, if you don't like the rate they're offering go to another bank. Once the RV happens, that will be the reality.
T - The real rate will show up when the RV shows up. I expect it right now - you don't have to but I do. That is what I'm being told.

C - Will the 800#s you post include the Group Number? T - I will post what I'm given and I think they're giving me the group # as well. I don't have a group so you'll have to determine if there's an advantage to being in a group.

 C - Will you be able to tell us about the traps before we go? T - I don't know. Hopefully I will get that when we get the 800#s.
T - They are still "pre-qualifying" you on where to send you based on how much you tell the operator you have. But they leveled the playing field because of the 30 days, as well as the parameters of the China deal, and made the rates the same across the board. My understanding is that the rates are the same. You don't have to be in a group to get that rate.

T - Okay time is running out. It could happen at any hour today. They're still trying to push it through. The cashout people are ready and working today. I'm hearing no complaints, no problems. No one is asking for more time. Iraq is telling their people the lower denoms will be available tomorrow morning. If anything happens I will put out a blast, but I hope the next call I make is to an 800#. Enjoy your day!

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