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Excerpts from Bill Moyer’s Show,  “Now”

Are we poisoning our children?
NARRATOR: This week on NOW. Are we poisoning our children?

DR. SANDRA STEINGRABER: Children very often serve as the kind of canaries in the coal mine.

NARRATOR: A report on the search for everyday chemicals that may be harming our kids.

DR. PHILIP LANDRIGAN: To me as a medical detective, the first clue is the increase in the incidence of childhood cancer. That signals that something is going wrong.

DR. STEINGRABER: Children have home and garden pesticides in their urine and they’re peeing out wood preservatives. Women have termite poisons and toilet deodorizers and flame-retardants in their breast milk.

AYAISHA HAMILTON-ODOM: Just about everybody in my family has asthma. There’s nothing scarier to a parent than their kid not being able to breathe.

DR. MARY GUINAN: What if you could have protected your child from something…and you didn’t?

DR.RICHARD JACKSON: We are bringing new laboratory technology to this that we’ve never been used before.

DR. FREDERICA PERERA: It’s like fingerprints at the scene of a crime

NARRATOR: From our studios in New York, Bill Moyers.

MOYERS: We are devoting our entire broadcast tonight to one important question: Are everyday chemicals harming our kids? In my lifetime, more than 75,000 synthetic chemicals and metals have been put to use in America. Chemicals, that in many cases, make our lives easier and better. They kill insects and weeds, clean our clothes and carpets, unclog our drains, create produce and lawns, pretty as a picture. But most of these chemicals have never been tested for their toxic effects on children. And scientists are concerned that recent increases in childhood illnesses like asthma and cancer, as well as, learning disabilities, may be related to the environment — to what kids eat, drink and breathe.  With four grandchildren, I’m grateful for the scientists who are trying to answer these questions. You’ll meet some of them in this report. All of us have a stake in their scientific exploration of kids and chemicals. 
MOYERS: To comply with the new law, scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency had to learn how kids and chemicals come into contact. They are gathering data from hundreds of children where traces of chemicals are routinely present — homes, classrooms, playgrounds. DR. LINDA SHELDON: Now do we know where the kids are spending their time. Not just on the tables, but around there. Are they actually going to be sitting or rolling in that area?

MOYERS: Dr. Linda Sheldon is the lead investigator.

DR. SHELDON: What we're trying to understand is what chemicals they're exposed to, how much they are exposed to and how that exposure occurs. Maybe just for some chemicals food is the most important pathway. For other chemicals just the air you breathe is the most important pathway. DR. LANDRIGAN: Children are very different from adults.

First of all they're more heavily exposed pound for pound. They eat more food, they drink more water, they breathe more air. Then of course kids play on the ground. They live low, they put their hands in their mouths and so they transfer more of any toxic chemicals into their body than we do.

SCIENTIST: Before we do this, does anyone have to go potty?

MOYERS: The scientists use special suits to gather chemicals that children pick up from surfaces in the room. They also measure what's on the surfaces.

They're looking for tiny traces of 40 different persistent organic chemicals that may harm children — from PCBs and chemicals produced by burning fuels, and chemicals used in plastics, to a range of pesticides. DR. SHELDON: With pesticides it appeared that the highest exposures for children would be both through pesticides getting on their skin and also what happens with this hand to mouth activity. Do pesticides go onto their hand and into their mouth? Or as they are sucking objects, sucking pacifiers sucking anything in sight are they bringing in pesticides to their body. SCIENTIST: See, I wipe the fish down for you.

MOYERS: Many indoor pesticides were originally designed to be used outdoors.

DR. SHELDON: Once you bring them indoors, there's no sunlight, there's no rain, they tend to degrade more slowly, so in fact, it's more important for us to understand them in that environment.

MOYERS Pesticides can linger indoors for weeks ...sometimes years. Particularly in carpets they can reach concentrations 10 to 100 higher than those found outside. DR. LANDRIGAN: Many of the pesticides in common use, particularly members of the *organophosphate family, were deliberately designed to be toxic to the nervous system. They kill insects by poisoning the nervous systems of the insects and they have the same capability in humans.

Organophosphates are used to spray agricultural fields to kill spider mites.  The farmer and his family and pets are warned to stay away from the field for a minimum of 48 hours.  --  Look at the ingredients in your laundry powder.  Do you see this pesticide listed?  And if so, WHY is it in our laundry soap … hence, residual in our underclothes, sheets, and towels??  Our skin is in close contact with this chemical for hours        at a time.
Miracle II Soap, used in the laundry, releases the accumulation of this and other chemicals. 




In 1900, it was estimated that 1 in 80 people developed cancer.  In 1950, 1 in 20, in 1975, 1 in 3.  We are now quickly approaching the frightening statistic that 1 in 2 people will be stricken with cancer in their lifetime.

Why the tremendous increase?

In 1977, a large group of scientists met in Dallas, Texas to discuss the causes and treatment of cancer.  Their basic conclusions were twofold; first, they determined that 80 to 90% of all cancers are caused by chemicals.  Secondly, the current orthodox treatments for cancer do not change the rate of mortality.
  • From 1965 to 1982 over 4 million chemical compounds were formulated.
  • At least 250,000 new formulations have been created annually since then.
  • Approximately 3,000 chemicals are added to our foods.
  • 700 chemicals have been found in drinking water.
  • 400 chemicals have been identified in human tissue
  • Over 500 chemicals can be found under the kitchen sink or in the laundry rooms of American homes.
  • Over 800 neurotoxic chemical compounds are used in the cosmetic and perfume industries.
In a day and age when a large number of Americans have a heightened fear of terrorism and other health related issues, many people are unaware of another serious health threat that is lurking everywhere within the toxic and poisonous chemicals that they use daily such as soap products, shampoos, shaving creams, deodorants, toothpaste, skin creams, cosmetics, hair sprays, laundry detergents, dish washing products and household cleaners.

We are literally poisoning our immune systems with thousands of toxic chemicals that are known carcinogens and hormone disrupters.

Let me show you what I mean.

A typical day for a man often starts like this:  He rolls out of bed in the AM and gargles with mouth wash.  Then he lathers up his face with shaving cream and shaves.  Then he takes a hot shower.   While he showers, he scrubs his hair with shampoo and washes his face and body with soap.  After showering, he brushes his teeth, puts on deodorant, applies hair gel or hair styling products and then applies some aftershave or cologne to his face.  Now he’s read to start his day.
A typical day for women will start much the same way.  However, after her bath or shower, she usually applies cream over her whole body, then facial moisturizer, make up, lipstick, eyeliner, hair spray and perfume.

In just this short span of time, they have swallowed, inhaled and absorbed through their skin hundreds of toxic chemicals, some of which have even been proven to be deadly to lab animals.  Might this be the reason that so many people suffer from such things as dry, flaky skin, persistent skin irritations and rashes, sinus problems, allergies, asthma, respiratory aliments and other health problems that doctors and drugs just don’t ever seem to cure?

Lets take a closer look at shampoos.  Most of the chemicals they contain come from petroleum by products, coal tar and animal fats.  Here’s a typical shampoo label:

1)     Purified water,

2)     2) Ammonium chloride,

3)     3) Sodium Lauryl sulfate, which is found in over 90% of commercial shampoos and conditioners, has been shown to corrode the hair follicles and impede hair growth, has been blamed for many cases of premature hair loss and has been found to be carcinogenic with lab animals,

4)      4) Cocamide DEA, which is Diethenalamine, when applied to the skin resulted in clear evidence of carcinogenic activity. 

5)     5) Glycerin, a by-product of the soap industry.

6)     6) Propylene Glycol which is anti-freeze.  Why is anti-freeze in our shampoos, deodorants, cosmetic, lotions and toothpastes?  Anti-freeze is a humectant, a substance that helps retain moisture content.  It prevents drying out.  It makes the skin feel moist and soft.  Propylene Glycol has been implicated in contact dermatitis, kidney damage and liver abnormalities. It can inhibit skin cell growth in hormone tests and can damage cell membranes causing rashes, dry skin and surface damage.

7)     Phenol: obtained from coal tar, ingestion of even small amounts of phenol may cause nausea, vomiting, circulatory collapse, paralysis, convulsions, coma, respiratory failure, and cardiac arrest.  Coal tar is obtained from bituminous coal, it contains many constituents including henzene, xylenes, naphthalene, pyridine, quinollneoline, phenol and oresal.  The main concern about coal tar derivatives is that they cause cancer in animals, but they are also frequent sources of allergic reactions, particularly skin rashes and hives.

8)     Iodopropyrl Butyl Carbamiate: a preservative widely used in cosmetics has been shown to adversely affect livers in rats in feeding studies.  Carbamates are used in pesticides.  Carbamic acid which is colorless and odorless causes depression of bone marrow and degenerative of the brain, nausea and vomiting.  It is moderately toxic by many routes.

9)     Blue #1, Yellow #5 and Red #40 are all coal tar derivates.  Blue #1 produces malignant tumors at the site of injection and by ingestion by the rat.  P-credine, a chemical used in preparation of Red #40 was carcinogenic in animals.  Red #40 has been shown to cause skin sensitivity and irritation.  Absorption of certain colors by the body can also cause depletion of oxygen.

Did you know that shampoo problems are among the most frequent complaints made to the FDA?  It is evident after reviewing some of the ingredients that we should look for safer alternatives.  Washing your hair in animal fats, petroleum byproducts and harmful dyes and perfumes is certainly not the answer.

Let’s talk about soap.  Did you know that most soap contain some form of animal fat derived from cattle and pigs in the form of sodium tallow and glycerin?  Let me ask you a very important question.  How in the world can you really expect to get clean by scrubbing your skin with dead animal fat?  And whoever decided that dead animal fat should be used for soap and shampoo?

And what about petroleum and coal tar?  Soaps also contain hard surfactants, hard alkyl benzene sulfanates, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, perfumes, deodorizers and other petroleum-based byproducts.  Auto mechanics are worried that long-term exposure to petroleum products can cause skin cancers and other skin maladies.  Yet we are led to believe by the cosmetics industries that those products clean our skin and help moisturize us.  As with shampoo, your daily soap cleansing may actually be doing you more harm than good.

One of the main reasons why these ingredients are being used is both the meat packing industry and the oil industry figured out a long time ago how to make money on their by-products.  You see, millions of animals are slaughtered every year in the US to just discard the leftovers of what couldn’t be processed, as food was unacceptable.  So instead, these animal carcasses are boiled in huge hoppers were in the fat floats to the top and where it is skimmed off and sold to the soap manufacturers.  The same type of economics goes on with oil, instead of wasting oil by-products, company’s process them further and then pawn them off as beneficial cleansing agents and disinfectants.  While there are many natural, alternative substances available that work far better, the large corporations refuse to change because it would cost them too much money.  Instead, they disguise their cheap chemical cosmetics with tiny amounts of natural ingredients and then make bold claims on the front of their packaging claiming that their products are made with natural ingredients.  This is all done simply to confuse and deceive consumers.  The best way to strike back is to go through your home and office and throw out every bottle of their commercial shampoos, soap and cosmetic products plus all you home cleaning agents, laundry and dish washing detergents, bleaches, polishes, etc, etc.  It is time we turned the spigot on the money machine that makes millions of dollars every year for the corporate elite.

Let’s talk about deodorants.  When purchasing deodorants, you will find that most of them contain some form of aluminum (a metal implicated by many researchers as a possible cause of Alzhelmers disease) in the ingredient panel along with a lot of other toxic chemicals.  If you think that aluminum can’t enter your body simply by applying it on your skin, then consider this warning that appears on most deodorants: “Do not use on broken skin.  If rash develops, discontinue use.  Keep out of reach of children”.  Also, since you sweat more profusely under your arms, deodorants are easily absorbed into the skin.  Aluminum has been shown to cause the following in animal studies: Blocks potential electrical discharge of nerve cells, reducing nervous system activity, inhibits important enzymes in the brain.  May also inhibit uptake of the important chemicals by nerve cells.  May cause behavioral side effect such as memory loss, loss of coordination, confusion and disorientation.

So the next time you roll on your deodorant thinking you are helping to control body odor, think instead that you are potentially putting your health at risk.  Most people never pay any attention to the ingredients or the warnings on what these chemicals may be doing to their bodies.

Many scientists are beginning to see an association between breast cancer and prostate cancer wit harmful environmental estrogens since they mimic estrogen in the body and thus create hormonal imbalances.  Environmental estrogens are man made substances derived primarily from petroleum by products and coal tar.  Environmental estrogens are found in pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, plastics, insect repellent, hair products, soaps, cosmetics, detergents, surfantants and pharmaceuticals just to name a few.  Scientists tell us that our bodies retain these chemical estrogens in fat and body tissue where they can remain for decades.  Again, the one thing most of these chemicals seem to have in common is that they are derived primarily from petroleum by products.

Most municipal water supplies, many lakes, rivers and streams also contain high amounts of these harmful environmental estrogens and have had a devastating effect on fish and livestock.  Environmental estrogens also block the production of androgens (powerful male sex hormones).  Perhaps this is why the sperm counts of males are now falling dramatically around the world.  Some of these suspected chemicals are phthalates, alkyphencis, bisphenol A, organochlorine pesticides and dioxins.

Inhalants are a large group of chemical compounds used in the production of plastics, household articles like detergents, cleaners, etc., packages, cosmetics and plant pesticides.  Recent observations indicate some may be mutagenic, cancer causing and adversely affect male sperm.

Sadly, the situation appears to be out of control and these environmental estrogens are now everywhere.  The chemical industry had done such a good job of polluting the world that it would take hundreds if not thousands of years to purge these artificial hormone disrupters from the planet.  Remember this the next time you clean your house, wash your dishes or clothes or take a hot shower and bath in commercial soap or shampoo.

What can we do?  By now you are probably feeling quite frustrated and perhaps even a bit angry.  That’s not unusual since most people experience a feeling of helplessness when they first hear these things.  There is hope however!

Firstly, go through your home with a fine toothcomb.  Read all product labels thoroughly.  When in doubt, throw it out!

Secondly, I recommend that for all your cleaning, personal hygiene, plant and gardening needs, you use Miracle II products.  Miracle I products are quite unique.  They are 100% chemical free, being derived from the coconut husk.  They are very alkaline, carrying a Ph of 8.4.  They carry a powerful electro negative charge, which assists in eliminating positively charges heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, parasites and other microorganisms.  This is possible because when you bathe with Miracle II soap, the pores over your entire body are opened up instead of being clogged up from your normal commercial soaps, shampoos, etc.  Being the medical spokes person for LAF Miracle II, I feel quite qualified speaking about these products.

Miracle II products can help neutralize chemicals and radiation in our environment.  Miracle I products can also help neutralize anthrax, small pox, even cobra venom, one of the deadliest toxins known to mankind.

The Miracle II Moisturizing Soap can double as a shampoo and a soap.  Besides having the Miracle II Soap, coconut, olive, apricot and avocado oils have been added for these people with a tendency to dry skin.  This fantastic product is highly alkalinizing and leaves a soothing, refreshing feeling on your skin and head.  Patients have reported back that skin rashes, skin problems and dandruff have quickly disappeared.  You will also notice that it won’t leave a soap scum or ring around your tub.  This means very minimum tub cleaning will ever be necessary.  After bathing, you should apply Miracle I neutralizer gel.  This wonderful product kills harmful germs and bacteria and naturally moisturizes and alkalinizes your skin.

For those who want to apply a safe skin cream or even shave with it, try Miracle II skin Moisturizer.  It is also a wonderful sun block, blocking the damaging UV rays while giving you an even tan without burning.  For cleaning your house, washing your dishes, you should use the regular Miracle II Soap.  For ding your laundry, you can also us the Miracle II Eloptic Energized Laundry Ball.  This revolutionary ball is the perfect solution for cleaning clothes without soap and detergents.  You don’t need bleach, fabric softeners, which can be highly toxic nor drier sheets.  Laundry detergent or organic phosphates are highly toxic chemicals similar to pesticides.  When sleeping on sheets and pillowcases and wearing clothes, you are in constant contact with these harmful chemicals.  Interestingly enough, this laundry ball is also wonderful for pain, rubbing it all over your body.

For deodorant, you can use the Thai Deodorant Stone.  This stone is comprised of natural mineral salts from the earth that are safe, non-toxic and effectively eliminates underarm odors for up to 12 hours.  Not only will this deodorant stone last for months and save you money.  It will keep you from every getting an underarm rash again due to chemical sensitivity.

For brushing your teeth, you can use the Miracle II Neutralizer Gel on your toothbrush with a drop of the soap for foaming action.

The Miracle II Neutralizer is a clear liquid that is extracted from the Miracle II Soap.  This Neutralizer is so pure that it can be taken internally.  When added to water, it changes the structure of the water crating microcusters of H2O molecules.  It heightens the energy of the water and decreases the surface tension of the water making it wetter or slipperier thus enhancing cellular absorption.

Since this is the Cancer Control Society’s annual seminar and cancer is my main area of interest, I will give you a few case histories concerning Miracle II and cancer.  The person I made contact wit through Miracle II is a medical doctor who developed breast cancer.  She had a lumpectomy but the cancer returned in the breast.  She also had blood tests showing significant antibody levels to the tumor.  She started taking the Miracle I Neutralizer, 7 drops 1 x per day in 8 oz. of water.  There are a of other things she could have done with the Miracle I products but she was ignorant about the usage.  After about 1 month, she expelled the tumor through the breast plus her blood tests with the cancer antibodies returned to normal.

This medical doctor had a patient who also had breast cancer.  She had undergone chemotherapy and radiation in addition to surgery and was dying.  She recommended that this patient take 9 drops of the Miracle I Neutralizer plus bathe in the Miracle II soap and Neutralizer 3 x per week.  This patient within a relatively short time, of about 1 month, also became totally free of cancer and remains so to this day.

There are a lot of other case histories I could report on from everything to arthritis and lyme disease, AIDS, Asthma to cataracts and glaucoma but time does not permit.

My Answer


I do not sell the Miracle II products; however I have been using them since the late 1990's.  And when Peter was here for his Meet and Greet - he and Nelle brought THEIR Miracle II!!

When my husband contracted Prostate Cancer, I did all I could to detox him.  I collected EVERY chemical in the house ... some soaps yet unopened ... and set them all out on the curb ... a row probably about six or seven feet long, for the trash pickup, or the neighbors.  I cleaned our diet and our home.  However, by that time Arnold had had cancer for about seven or eight years and there was no stopping it.  He died in 2004. My husband also continued to eat meat, sausages, etc which I had given up for about thirty years at that time.  I have now been off of meat for fifty years and in a poison-free home about fifteen years.

I just celebrated my 83rd birthday July 26th 2016 and still going strong!

Anne DeHart
October 1 2014
I was 81 a year and a half ago

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