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Gina Kim
South Korea

Oneness in Love and Light,
Gina Kim

"Serving humanity is serving God. Loving others is loving God"
 - Mahavatar Babaji


In gratitude to Gina Kim who has dedicated many hours of her life to translating these vital messages into her native Korean language.
                                                                                                                                                     ~ Thank you, Gina Kim!

Articles Below
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AUGUST 02 2013 PRIME CREATOR MAKES AN ANNOUNCEMENT함께 여러분들은 일해 왔다, 여러분들의 영광스런 상승을 지금 허용케 해달라고, 이 금생에, 이 시간에, 나에게 간청하고 기도했다. 나는 여기 이제 여러분들에 말하기 위해 있다, 그것을 승락했노라고.
JULY 31 2013 INDIVIDUAL PROSPERITY FUNDSWe are celebrating as we see the oceans of money flowing across the planet and you will find very soon that your entire way of life will change. There will be announcements to explain how we did this, but you are the first ones hear about it.
AUGUST 02 2013 - THE LAST CHAPTER (JULY 24)여러분들의 행성(가이아)은 상승하기를 공표했습니다, 그리고 그 일은 되었습니다. 여러분들 모두는 이제 은하계의 역사에 전에 없었던 여러분의 의식을 고양하기를 초대받은 역사적 위치안에 있습니다. 이제, 지구의 삶 기간 에 , 
JULY 27 2013 -- TRANSLATIONS - LINKS TO 2 LIVE CALLSThis page includes translations from July 27 radio call - two hyperlinks to Zorra's July 22 Full Moon monumental call and July 27, another blockbuster call. -  More transslations direct from audio.
JULY 19 2013 URGENT MESSAGE WHILE DRIVINGOn July 19th, Dr. May was driving home when "God pinched her toe."  This told her a message was coming.  She heard the message as she drove and  when she arrived at home, wrote it on the computer.  This is considered the Introduction to the next article:  THE LAST CHAPTER, soon to be posted here.
JULY 01 2013 -- GINA KIM'S DIRECT TALK WITH ZORRAGina Kim asks many questions of Zorra with very interesting answers.  A very informational interview.

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