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July 21 2013

Dear friends!

Rei Jiang, my classmate from Drunvalo workshop, recommended me your site ...

From the first sight I knew that we have the same noble goal - to bring up the Golden Age to the earth.

Driven by this desire, I've written a book for kids (teens) as well as for grown-ups, envisioning a Life in Fifth Dimension (the book title). I even made up a new genre - Eso-Fi - which stands for Esoteric Fiction.

It should be a series of at least three books, and the first one, 5D Vacation has been published by LULU pub house. In several weeks the book will be distributed to the main channels including B&N, Amazon, Ingram, but for now just LULU has the book:



I meant this book not just attract new-agers like myself but to find a way to the hearts of new children.

They need it. It’s my first fiction book and it’s not a result of direct channeling, but for sure I was not alone when writing it.

I am not a professional writer and even not a native English speaker; I am a Russian immigrant and mathematician/physicist by my education. However, the first test-readers of the book were amazed - kids included.

Even the first submitted draft received a positive editorial review from LULU (I satisfied the changes they recommended).

The book has good energy and captures the reader immediately - please click the link and read the preview.

Dear friends, I am asking for your help to market the book – any ideas and suggestions, please.

Thanks and blessing,

Leah Mazina, PhD

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada