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*  July 15th: Meditation and Fasting for Truth





Arvada, Colorado

Grateful I am for the tools given from You, our loving Father & Mother God, all the loving Archangels, and our Inner and Hollow Earth families and so many others who have graced us with their channeling, raised our awareness and taught us how to raise our energetic vibrations by clearing ourselves.  Thank You!

Grateful I am for the patience our brothers and sisters have had in waiting eons for this moment in our growth when we have the chance to give back to those who have granted us so much. Thank You!

Grateful I am for the opportunity to sacrifice sustenance for the expressed purpose of meditating a glowing invitation for our Galactic and Inner & Hollow Earth families to be announced to the world. Thank You!

For as much as all our hearts have broken over wars, needlessly lost life, slavery and oppression we have all endured and You have witnessed feeling our pain, we now see an end to this era and we rejoice that we are now in control of it coming to an end!

I stand as witness and as surrogate for those who are yet asleep to hear with new ears and see with new eyes.

I Speak It Forth Now that

Disclosure of suppressed information Galactic visitation/interaction over millennia be brought forth and known to all peoples NOW.

Disclosure of the suppressed information of civilizations of Inner Earth and Hollow Earth be brought forth and known to all peoples NOW.

Disclosure of this information will be met with joy and peacefulness as sanctity of all life on the Earth will be respected and cared for NOW.

I envision landings and emergence all over the world be met with resounding joy.

So be it, it is done.

 My reason for joining the
Fast and Meditation for Disclosure

Greg Dougall
July 19 2013

As of this writing, I AM 30 minutes away from completing a 3 day fast and meditation for Disclosure. Along with thousands of other kind hearted people from around the world, we ask for all governments and world leaders to acknowledge the existence of and interaction with benevolent, friendly, peaceful, helpful extra terrestrial civilizations and councils engaging the human race.

I have researched crop circles, channeled messages, channeled art, ancient archaeology, holistic healing therapies, healthy exercise and diet, discernment of my thoughts and actions. I AM a sovereign individual and a galactic citizen of Earth. I am 33 years old and live near New York City. I have travelled to 20 countries and 42 states in America. I AM college educated and very happy with my spiritual progress, as well as the peaceful progress of all humans working in light, service, love, and support to all living beings.

I welcome my star family, brothers and sisters, the Arcturians, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Centaurians, Antareans, Ascended Masters, Agarthans, Angelic relams, the Ashtar Command, Soul Group, and all highly evolved Christ Consciousness beings. I support graceful change, and the reunification of us all to ultimate harmony.


Victor ... might I have a photo?

July 19 2013

Hi, Anne
Just to comment that I have been following strictly the fast and meditation for disclosure, and feel very much elated with so much inspiration of each call. The hope has returned little by little to our tribulated souls, and now a spring of true love has surged from our hearts. I really thank all of you deeply.

Thanks to you, now I know how it must feel to visit hollow earth: Very much so like now I feel my hollow belly.

Bye Bye.
Victor M. Vargas


My conversation with Zorra
July 1st

Click Here 

to enjoy this very informative personal conversation with Zorra

~ Thank you Gina Kim

What A Wonderful Idea!

Thank you, Mary, in Scotland.  And here it 'tis!  

July 19 2013

Hello Anne,

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Scotland, we have been enjoying wonderful warm sunny days for weeks now, after what seemed liked constant rain and wind for the past two years the elementals are truly blessing as now as when the sun shines in the UK everybody is happy and smiling.

It reminds me of, I am not sure where I heard it I think that it may have been Zorra that when we are fully in the 5D the weather will be a constant 70o everywhere. I hope that this is one of the signs that we have been told about.

However, getting back to what I really want to say and that is thankyou for the wonderful calls and messages that you have posted on your web page it is truly inspiring.

I have to admit that I have not had any experiences except to say that when I do meditate I feel happier and much more loving, it is difficult for me to describe really.

I also want to tell you about a thought which came into my head as I woke up in the middle of the night.

Well, I would like to suggest that at the height of Mondays Full Moon that everybody who is participating on this fast get together at the same time and either sing or speak the words of John Lennon's wonderful song IMAGINE, maybe even the Galactics, everybody in Hollow Earth and Inner Earth can join in as well, wouldn't that be a first for the Universe??? and of course John as well as it is his song.

If my family were to read this email they would think that I am truly crazy, if I am a little bit crazy then I am loving it and have no wish to be "Sane"

Love and Light


I took this pic of the moon a couple of nites ago
and look at all the friends that showed up. (magnified)    

 Joe Duffield
Yelm, Washington

Prayer for Smooth Transition

Elia Nancy Ibarra 
Houston, Texas
July 18 2013

We heard Elia read this at the close of  Thursday's Disclosure Fast  Call - So Beautiful.

Today, we wish to state a moment of peaceful prayer to all corrupt systems and send them loving energies for they have played their roles and are no longer needed as we each begin to live our spiritual lives of Peace,Equality,Oneness, True Family, Joy, Laughter, Magical Synchronistic Events and Unconditional Love, Heaven on Earth! 

The current corrupt system's that does not support Life.... We require at this time that with Love they dissolve immediately...  We now ask that these systems dissolve peacefully with grace and integrity and make way for a peaceful and smooth transition into a New Earth, in support of God's love for all of us and according to this next level of our evolution. This will end all suffering and pain and be replaced with what is real.....

Love and only love is the only Law on this Planet... We ask and give permission that the illusion completely dissolve Now, and may the Loving and Peaceful Government that supports Humanity be announced and bring in the necessary Events and Changes for Humanity's Freedom.

We ask in Love, that all Humanity's "I Am Presence" now step forward and dedicate their every thought, word, deed and action as per this part of the divine plan and will of God. So peace, Harmony, Happiness, and Abundance return to all of God's children.

The reality of God Almighty Love for all of Humanity, is Now Manifesting in accordance with the Divine Plan, as we each step into the One River of Life with God.....and co-create the New Earth in Love

So Be It, and So It Is Done!

From James

in  Australia

July 17 2013

G'day Anne,

It is now early evening.  Hope you've had a nice day.

I am floating Anne...if you would have asked me 5 years ago that I would be making this incredible journey, I would not have known the joy I would feel if you told me.  I wake up feeling such Joy and gratitude.  All of me.  Every cell is energised with light. 

Each day as I sit quietly, my inner world is so alive.  I have spent many a day in the higher realms.  I now know when it's happening.  I can't begin to describe the Joy I feel.  How close to God I feel.  And what flows in that energy in that moment.  Often I don't remember what's happened.  I follow my trail and  re-read lol.  

If you believe as I do, the computer is just an extension of spirit.  Often when I am experiencing higher frequencies, when I think my thoughts(thought-forms), the computer now matches like to like instantly.  I never know what I will get. 

Spirit has shown me some incredible things this last week.  I have tried to absorb what I have been shown.  It's been a massive amount of data.  I remember from those moments and can see through my 3rd eye what that is being said.  We are so close, I can now begin to feel it.  It's an energy that is building.  I have only been shown a small image of what I envision.  

I am being impulsed to go to Mt. Shasta.  I don't know that I can afford it.  It's a week long guided group with Telos Australia Group.  I thought I could meet up with Steve Greer's group but his CE-5 is the same time.  Steve is here next month at the Australian Sirius Movie Premiere.  I'm hoping to be there.  I know how special Mt. Shasta is. 

With each passing day since earlier this year, I feel managing the influx of energies has become easier to manage.  I have a level of clarity I have never known.  My senses have become automatic(feeling multi-dimensional).  I keep saying to people when are you going to become telepathic?  I am progressing in developing skills.  Energy.  I am such a sensitive soul who feel so lost over here in Oz.  I am happy and joyful living my own life, and at the same time I am living a completely parallel existence in another world. 

I have been visualising what Tara (parallel Earth) will look like in 2017 when Earth will reach her full ascension.  Those in the 5d will see Tara and those in 3d will not and will remain.  The ascension is from Earth to Tara.  We will succeed this time.  To jump evolution 4000 years into a new Golden Age of Aquarius...This is an amazing Celestial Event. 

Much love to you Anne.

Om Namah Shivaya!

What a wonderful, glorious, loving day it is!
How is everyone enjoying their I AM Presence 
that is permanent now, here on Earth?  

The Hathors

“You are the most potent and powerful
energetic Beings Creation has ever seen.”

Enjoy the audio
Thank you, Dale, in Austraili

We are the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes,

and we seek to lead you dear souls along an exercise that will display your energetic power and ability to you.

Our scribe has brought-forth the idea to have us lead your exercise this week, and we’ve expanded-upon that idea by deciding ourselves to come through and lead an exercise intended to ground you to the crystalline core of the Earth, as well as to send-out the blessing energies you’ve worked with so very much of yourselves to utilize.

We seek to help you unlock greater understandings of your energetic ability and of the true, raw power you possess within to bless every last facet of your Earth and your personal Lives and experiences, and to that extent, we’ll forever be with every one of you dear souls who wishes to expand further upon the teachings we’re going to give.

We would like to begin this exercise by having each of you cultivate a meditation, in an effort to have you enjoy the energies you’re going to feel as you work to actively bring them through yourselves.

Take your deep breaths, and feel your connection to Mother Earth strengthen. Feel your connection to the realms of spirit intensify as you travel deeper into your meditative states, and actively seek-out and thank the pure vibrations descending down upon you now, for their entrance into your temples.

Even by just taking a few deep breaths, you’re making an effort to feel vastly-purer vibrations than the majority of souls on your world could even think to feel or understand. By making a simple meditative effort to peek into deeper states of consciousness, you discover your latent metaphysical perceptions and abilities, and you discover just how strong such abilities and perceptions are.

We know that for some, it may seem counterproductive to attempt to meditate whilst reading an exercise.  We’re providing specific calming and healing vibrations for those of you who may find trouble entering a deeper state of consciousness while fixated on a device that tends to lower one’s consciousness with destructive frequencies (referring to the computer).

Feel the vibrations we’re giving you, as they’re flowing-forth from this communication and helping you to maintain a steady flow of higher-dimensional energy and resulting perception. Feel your sanctity as a being of spirit. Feel the Divinity and livelihood present within yourselves, and make an effort to perceive of your auric fields.

What do the auric fields of each of you look like? What types of transparent colors are emanating all around you and extending-out further than one’s physical eyes or mind can see or comprehend?

Feel the various energies swirling all around and coming through your various chakras, and feel your ability as spiritual beings to actively notice such energies. Notice everything about yourselves that isn’t noticeable to the human senses, as you travel deeper into your meditative states of consciousness and continue to absorb our frequencies.

Feel the sacred Kundalini energy coming up your astral spine and extending-out through the chakra above your head, and feel this sacred vertical alignment of Kundalini energy extend downward even further than it extended upward, underneath the ground of the Earth.

Watch your chord of Kundalini energy as it extends down below the dirt, below the ground and below the initial realms of the Inner-Earth. Feel your strength and Divinity as a spiritual being expressed in the form of this energy-chord, as it travels down further and further and eventually reaches Mother Earth’s crystalline core.

Notice that as your sacred stream of energy reaches the core of dearest Gaia, the central sun of Agartha, that there are billions and even trillions of other energetic chords feeding themselves into the dear central sun.

A number of Earthly and Agarthan souls that simply cannot be counted have actively sustained links to the central sun, or core, of dearest Gaia, and they’ve been able to ground an incredible amount of positive spiritual energy unto the core and collective consciousness of your surface Earth as a result.

The Agarthans routinely make active attempts to bless the Earth and Her peoples, animals and plants, which are always successful.

A plethora of awakening Earthly souls maintain constant links and groundings to the core of the Earth, and they too have been able to bring an incredible amount of energy and inspiration through themselves, for the rest of the souls on your world to pick-up on and benefit from.

As you feel your own energetic chord extending down and merging with the dear central sun of Agartha, and as you notice the energetic chords of so very many other dear Earthly and Agarthan souls, make an attempt to funnel the blessing energies you’ve been working with during the exercises led by our scribe, down through your energetic chord and into the core of dear Earth.

Make an active attempt to expand-upon the energetic chord you’re already using to keep yourselves anchored to dear Earth’s central sun, by funneling your blessing and healing energies on down via the energetic chord, and blessing the core of Gaia.

Watch and visualize as the blessing energy you affirm and send down to dear Gaia’s core is echoed and reverberated all throughout Her Earthly structure.

Every facet of the collective consciousness of the Earth is being given the blessing energy you’ve just affirmed be sent down. Your entire world has benefitted-from the energy you’ve given, as has the core of dear Gaia and the various Earthly and Agarthan souls who keep roots in dear Gaia’s core.

If we could only describe what happens when you send your blessing energies through in a way that isn’t too complex for our scribe to pick-up on and understand what we’d be saying, we’d express it in a heartbeat.

The best thing we can say to describe what happens is that your energy, even if it was sent down in small quantities, has just been multiplied and sent out en-masse to every facet of your surface Earth, the Inner-Earth and your collective consciousness.

We happily request that you dear souls perform an exercise such as this every day if you can, though we understand that the Earth experiences tends to pile-up and see one forgetting or finding themselves unable to perform certain commitments.

We make such a request because each exercise you perform to bless the core and collective consciousness of the Earth will bear enormous fruit, and you’ll expand-upon the blessing energy you give out with each time you give it out.
What we mean is that the blessing energy you affirm come through you, will be purer and greater in quantity with each active attempt you make to give it to dear Gaia’s crystalline core.

As we make our final impressions for this communication and bring this exercise to a close, we thank each of you and our scribe as well for what has been an enormously-successful blessing session indeed. If you could fathom matters from our vantage-point, you’d understand that you’ve just blessed every single soul on your dear Earth, in the purest sense imaginable.

We again request you attempt to perform this blessing or one similar to it that’s unique to you as often as possible, because in doing so, you’ll discover your true power as spiritual beings who can co-Create and bring into form, a blessed Earth.

Thank you so very much to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes, for the delightful exercise you’ve just led.

Posted by Wes Annac

Thank you, Gina Kim
for this beautiful Korean translation.

며칠 전 조라 마스타 께서는 이렇게 메세지를 전하셨습니다;
" Prime Creator최초의 창조주와 은하 연합 형제들과 미팅을 갖었는데, (아래 내용데로) 금식과 명상으로, 금식을 할 수 없는 상황인 자는 명상만이라도 해서, 우리의 강한 의지가 확인이 되면 Prime Creator최초의 창조주께서 바로 전세계적 디스클로즐을 허락하는 "초록색 신호등Go!" 허락하신다는 말씀이 계셨다."


디스클로즐 금식 명상

It is widely known
that Galactic Fleets encircle our Globe,
은하 함대가 우리의 지구 주위에
돌고있다는 것이 널리 알려져 있지요,

here to assist Earth's surface population...
struggling with a harmed and polluted planet.
지구의 인구를 돕기위해 여기에 있습니다...
피해와 공해로 씨름하고 있는 행성을.

Ashtar Command and The Galactic Federation of Light
bring advanced technology to cleanse
and repair our beloved planet.
아쉬탈 코맨드와 빛의 은하 연합은 우리의 사랑하는 행성을
수리하고 정화하기 위해 진보된 테크날로지를 가져옵니다.

They are here, but await our invitation,
never imposing their presence.
그들은 여기에 있습니다, 그러나 우리의 초대를 기다리고
있지요, 결코 그들의 현존을 강요하지 않으며.

In recent Disclosure Hearings at the
National Press Club...
국가 프레스 클럽에서 근래 디스크로즐 공청회는...

... over forty authenticated witnesses testified as to
personal, documented evidence of communication
with benevolant visitors from other Star Systems.
...40명이 넘는 확실한 증인들이 다른 스타 시스템에서 온 우호적인 방문자들과의 교신의 증거 서류를 개별적 증언을 했습니다.

Our planet is in dire strates ...
our oceans, atmosphere, farmland and forests
abused, polluted with threatened survival.
우리의 행성은 급박한 전략에 있답니다...
우리의 바다들, 환경, 농장과 숲들은 혹사되고 공해로 생존 위협을 받는데..

Why are they doing this to us???
왜 그들은 우리에게 이러는 것인지???

Why don't the Galactics make themselves known?
And help us?
왜 은하들은 그들 자신들을 알게 하지 않는지?
그리고 우리를 돕지 않는지?

Intergalactic Law requires they
only interact with us when invited!
은하연합의 법은 우리가 초대를 할 때
우리와 오직 관여 할 수 있음을 요구합니다!

They have awaited an official inviation from a
recognized world governement...
an invitation long ignored.
그들은 세계 정부로부터 인식된 정식 초대를
기다리고 있습니다...
오랜동안 외면되어 왔던 초대를.

Why don't our governments invite and welcome
this high technology to our world??
왜 우리 정부들은 우리 세계에 이 높은 테크날로지를 초대하고 환영하지 않는 거죠??


Earth's children, worldwide are ready!
We need help... now!
지구의 아이들은, 전세계적으로 준비되었습니다!
우리는 도움이 필요합니다... 지금!

To make our individual desires known,
우리의 개별적 소망을 알게하고,

we choose to go on a worldwide
우리는 전세계적으로 나아갈 것을 선택합니다
Meditation Fast!
금식 명상을!

WE will invite our Star Families!
WE will make our desires known!
우리는 우리의 스타 가족들을 초대할 것입니다!
우리는 우리의 소망을 알릴 것입니다!

Fast Begins at 12:01 AM, Wednesday, July 17th
First phase ends at 12:01 AM Saturday, July 20th
금식은 7월 17일, 수요일 12:01 AM 에 시작합니다
첫 단계는 7월 20일, 토요일 12:01 AM 에 끝납니다

An optional fast will continue four additional days
until 12:01 AM Wednesday July 24th
4일 더 추가로 금식은 계속해서
7월 21일 수요일 12:01 AM 까지는 각자가 알아서 입니다

The Galactics will be monitoring!
They need to know
The Will of THE PEOPLE!
은하(형제)들은 모니터를 할 것입니다!
그들은 사람들의 의지를 알 필요가 있습니다!

Worldwide Group Meditations
전세계 그룹 명상들!

Live! Together on Blog Talk Radio!
including Galactic Guests!
생방송! Blog Talk Radio와 함께!
은하 손님들을 포함하여!

목요일, 7월 18일 - 9:30 am (한국 시간)
Wednesday, July 17 5:30 PM Pacific - 8:30 PM Eastern

금요일, 7월 19일 - 10:00 am( 한국 시간)
Thursday, July 18 6:00 PM Pacific - 9:00 PM Eastern


토요일, 7월 20일 - 10:00 am (한국 시간)
Friday, July 19 6:00 PM Paacific - 9:00 PM Eastern

일요일, 7월 21일 - 10:00 am (한국 시간)
Saturday, July 20 6:00 PM Pacific - 9:00 PM Eastern

Every day of the Fast!
금식(기간)의 매일입니다 !

-- Stand by for Announcements --
-- 어나운스들을 고대하세요 --

A New Earth...
새 지구...

미국과 여러 나라에서 행할 '디스클로즐 금식과 명상' 에
우리 한국인들도 부디 마음과 가슴을 다하여 함께 참석해서
우리의 진지한 소망을 인류 형제들을 매우 사랑하는
은하 형제들에게 전합시다 -
하루빨리 오세요 , 라고!!!
그들은 우리의 정식 초대를 기다리고 있습니다.
금식과 명상 그리고 기도로 메세지를 그들에게 정식으로 보내여
우리의 진지함을 보여줍시다.
지구 행성의 인류는 우리 은하 형제들의 도움을 반드시 필요로하고 있습니다! 그들을 사랑과 기쁨으로 맞이합시다!
Oneness in Love and Light,
Gina Kim (www.GinaKim.net)
"Serving humanity is serving God. Loving others is loving God" - Mahavatar Babaji

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada