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July 13, 2013



Citizens Worldwide To Participate In Disclosure Fast & Meditation To 
Demonstrate Open Invitation To The Galactic Fleets Of Starships  

THE EARTH REPORT announces that the HOLLOW EARTH NETWORK  (HEN) has organized the first Galactic Disclosure Fast & Meditation to begin on Wednesday July 17th, 2013 and last for three consecutive days thru July 19th.  Those wishing to continue fasting for the full seven days will culminate upon the full moon of July 23rd. 

The Galactic Disclosure Fast & Meditation will openly demonstrate the global awareness of the presence of the Starships of the Galactic Federation of Light, which have been circling our planet Earth for many decades. 

The escalating sightings of UFOs by millions of people worldwide, including the verifiable admissions by high-level military officials, scientists, and astronauts, have caused citizens of every country to request that their governments admit to, and release, decades of previously-held knowledge.   Due to the on-going “official-denial” the members of HEN have formed an international alliance of private citizens to begin to actively invite the Starships of the Galactic Federation of Light to uncloak, in order to provide direct Disclosure.

Citizens worldwide will be joining the Galactic Disclosure Fast & Meditation to demonstrate to our governments, our earthly families and to our beautiful Earth that we are fully aware that our Star families have responded to prayers and traveled great distances to lovingly assist our Earth, and everyone on it.  

The Hollow Earth Network is an international alliance of private citizens throughout the planet who are openly and actively inviting our Star families of the Galactic Fleets to uncloak and disclose themselves, in order to begin teaching new advanced energy systems, which will advance the future, and heal the Earth from the damaging effects caused by wars and destructive technology of the past.

For more information, please visit:  www.HollowEarthNetwork.com

Michelle Holiday, THE EARTH REPORT            Email: TheEarthReport@gmail.com 

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