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My Insights Into the Aftermath of December 21, 2012 

‘Dry Run -  Cosmic No Shows’  
Still Preparing, Yet, For First Contact
Michael Ellegion

I wish to apologize ahead of time, for how long this entire e-mail is, but considering it has been almost two months since my last e-mail blast, and some of you have wondered if I had been beamed up off of the face of the Earth, I felt it was time to catch you all up a little on some of my own Insights, thoughts and feelings.  ~  Michael

I have been intending to send an e-mail out to everyone on my e-mail list, for the last several weeks, to comment upon a few of the main issues that have been on everyone’s minds: After-effects of the December 21, 2012 Shift of the Ages, etc. But with so much on my plate, it has, as usual, taken much longer to catch up on the huge avalanche of e-mails and many other “normal” Earth human responsibilities that still need to be taken care of until First Contact happens.

As I have often stated, humorously (because if we loose our sense of humor while still here on planet Earth, until our Cosmic Extended Family DOES, eventually, show up in mass, then we really, have, been “defeated” by the “powers that were” -- which sounds so much better than the “powers that be.” “My R2D2 robot unit has been stuck at the shop until I can get in that special part that probably won’t be available for awhile. And my Geni, well, she got out of her bottle ...and you know, once the Geni gets out of the bottle, there’s no way for her to want be able to ever get back into the bottle again, and now unfortunately she and the ‘Geni Union’ are all striking for better working conditions... and that leaves me to do all of the work!  

But seriously, I do have some personal Insights and feelings about what I will refer to as the after effects of December 21, 2012, and what I have heard from numerous Internet postings and forwarded e-mails regarding many fellow Light Workers' feelings of “confusion, disappointment and/or disillusionment” regarding what did or did not supposedly occur right after the 21st, 22nd & 23rd of December.

For me, because of having been born in this life without the Cosmic Amnesia Veils over my mind and consciousness, I specifically remember what it was like being in the higher dimensional, Intergalactic realms and aboard the Merkabah Federation Light Ships and Councils.

So physiologically, I always was, in a sense, within my mind and consciousness, still a part of the 5th dimension and above, and related more to these higher dimensional realms than this lower, mundane 3D level of existence. I had to struggle so much in the earlier part of this life to attempt to more fully ground myself down here in order to be able to fulfill my mission. So perhaps it was alittle easier for me to be in this world but not of it than most of the rest of the fellow Volunteers who have not had the conscious memories that I have. But as I have shared many times, very few Volunteers were ever allowed this ability to remember, for a number of reasons. Never-the-less, this did allow me to consciously feel and understand what it is like to have been a part of these higher dimensional realms prior to having taken embodiment one last time on planet Earth. This was also what I experienced directly, once more, when I was physically taken on board the Lightship during my two physical contacts, the first occurring at six years of age, in 1959, and again in 1979.

Yes, we Volunteers/Cosmic Ground Crew and our Cosmic Back-Up Team were both helping to ground more Light and Love upon this planet as we all geared up for eventual, ultimate mass planetary Divine Intervention when either emergency world wide evacuation or official, more peaceful, First Contact would indeed occur.

As I have shared in my book, Prepare For The Landings! … Are YOU Ready?   PrepareFortheLandings.com, I specifically remember, prior to taking Earth embodiment, of being a part of a very important Galactic Federation council meeting where God, our Divine Creator, powerfully manifested His/Her Presence along with a very important and  specific message for everyone who was there. It was impressed upon us that it was a Sacred Promise and Cosmic Done Deal that mass planetary Divine Intervention would indeed occur on planet Earth. “Most likely within an Earth’s generation’s time, which in a Biblical sense is usually referred to as sometime within approximately 40 years of 3D  Earth time". And it was estimated that most likely the earliest possible time frame could have been the late 1970’s/early 1980’s to as late as the end of the second decade of the 21st Century, or no later than 2020."

Again, this time frame was only an approximate or most-likely scenario, because of very possible time line changes (which has, indeed occurred), which would greatly influence EXACTLY when this Event would, indeed, occur. And only God, The Divine Creator of the Universe Knows exactly when it will occur.

And maybe, too, God has actually changed the timing a number of times because of what the “imbalanced forces” have attempted to do, to throw off/stop this ultimate Event. In the end, these forces will not be able to stop it when God truly decides that it is, indeed, time for it to occur, and not before. In fact, part of one of the most accurate statements from biblical text, in reference to Divine Intervention is: “No one (except for the Divine Creator, of course) knows the exact hour or the time of the day…”   I know that many fundamentalist Christians would state that this is referring to what has been termed the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, it is very likely that Lord Jesus, also known to most of us Volunteers as Lord Sananda (who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the entire Intergalactic Federation, may also decide to participate in the First Wave  of mass planetary Divine Intervention. But whenever He does do it, He will lower over the Earth and de-cloak His gigantic Mothership, known as the City of New Jerusalem, which is literally 1,500 miles across in size, so that “every eye will behold Him,” or rather HIS gigantic Light Ship, which will literally fill up the sky when this happens. Of course, many also feel that this phrase, if also reinterpreted in this more modern New Age, would state that this just refers to the return of Christ Consciousness, which has definitely also occurred very powerfully after December. 21st. It is my perception that BOTH of these interpretations are indeed accurate.

But that phrase of “No one knows the exact hour or the time of the day,” I have been specifically told by Ashtar and the Galactic Federation that this does mean that they can not be totally sure of EXACTLY when this Event is to occur, because of so many “Dry Runs” that have occurred, in having sincerely ATTEMPTED to announce ahead of time, in the last 30 years, of them showing up, and then it did not occur. Each time, after the predicted event, it was always clear to me “behind the scenes,” of the negative forces interfering to block each of these earlier attempts. This was usually a combination of both the cabal/illuminati/military industrial complex and the negative astral forces who were, of course, also closely monitoring any attempt to actually pull of” these earlier attempts of announcing ahead of time, Divine Intervention. They literally used every dirty trick in the book to block and screw up each of these previous, attempted events of one or more Light Ships more publically or openly, physically landing; of the Galactic Federation being able to actually inform their contactees and channels, months, weeks or even days ahead of time about any specific date and time that they were supposedly planning to show up. These situations usually, always, turned out to be “no shows.” But, on the other hand, each time that the negative forces interfered, this also exposed their various tactics, some very subtle, that they used to block such attempts, as well as any of their vulnerabilities that could be used by the Federation to eventually neutralize them from being able to interfere.

It is also very obvious and insightful, and confirms to me what Cobra has shared in posting right after December 21st that even after a majority of the imbalanced forces have indeed been transmuted during the last months of 2012, and especially on December 21st, there are a few of these forces that still need to be totally transmuted. This should, hopefully totally occur in the coming months, partly because of the increase of the newer, more powerful, incoming Cosmic Light Frequencies bombarding this planet during this on-going Ascension, as well as combined with what we Light Workers continue to manifest more fully through our meditations, Light Decrees and Visualizations.

So imagine what with the majority of these imbalanced forces still in existence prior to this last year, how really impossible it would have been to have even literally attempted to actually “pull off” any real, and announced ahead of time, Event... even on a small scale...  an open, public landing and benevolent contact by the Federation, without the negative forces interfering with such an attempt. Again, though, such earlier attempts did expose so many of the numerous tactics that the negative forces were planning to do if such an actual attempt had actually occurred.

A few of the more recent examples, was in 2007 when Blossom Goodchild received a communication that there was to be a major Landing of Federation Light Ships, but, of course, this did not occur. Then there was the Neptune Incident, in early 2012, which was posted on the Scenario 2012  web site, in which the Light Ship known as the Neptune was to have taken on board a large number of Lightworkers. And even though some claim that supposedly a few people were, actually, physically taken on board, the much larger, more public First Contact event did not occur, as had been predicted and planned. After the December 21st date came and went, for many Light Workers who had certain preconceived notions of what was supposed to have happened, based partly upon some channeled source material.Because of this, in their minds, afterwards, they thought that nothing “out of the norm” had occurred. Because it was for many, much more subtle (but still very powerful);  they have, in a sense, thought of this as a another type of “dry run” of the Higher Forces of Light having once again "promised" them something that would have more dramatically, altered the 3D reality. For many, this was also interpreted in their minds that they would suddenly, overnight, become Ascended Masters, with all of their “superhuman powers and  abilities." And for others, they expected everything from mass appearances and landings of Light Ships, to being allowed to visit the Inner and Hollow Earth civilizations of Telos and Agartha. And then, as with every time before, “nothing dramatic occurred” that would have powerfully altered the 3D reality forever.

But for those of us who have learned to “think through our hearts” and who understand what Cobra shared after December 21st, we understand not only how much more Light is needed to finally help Mother Earth finish her planetary Ascension into the higher 5D, but how very close we are to our goal, and the fulfilling of our missions for being here in Earth embodiment. We understand also why even the most sincere individuals who have initially attempted for quite some time to accurately predict and annnounce publically ahead of time dates about other various and important 3D reality changing events, whether it be official ET Disclosure and NESARA and/or “Iraqi Dinar RV announcements and/or public arrests of some of the major members of the cabal; none of these type of Events will occur until Divine Creation has decided for them to occur, and not before.

As I have more recently mentioned to many fellow Light Workers who experienced one of my Transformational Channeled Readings, “I must live my life as if Divine Intervention could occur at any moment, or could be many more months or even a few more years until it actually does occur.” And until it does, I will continue to ground as much Light and  Love as I can, and not allow any negative thoughts and feelings to sabotage the Energy momentum that has been built up with both our individual and collective momentums of continuing to ground more Light, Love and collective Unity consciousness onto and throughout this planet.

In those earlier “dry runs” or “cosmic no shows” that occurred back in 1978 thru 1982, in which I also had actually announced specific dates of public landings and open contacts occurring, through some mainstream media twice; once in 1979 and again in 1982. The second time, in ’82, was right after the famous channel Tuella had first published her book, Project: World Evacuation By the Ashtar Command, which I also refer to in my own book, because much of the info. in her book is still very accurate, even if the “waves of emergency evacuation are now more peaceful  First Contact waves of mass landings of Light Ships.

At the time of each of these “dry runs, cosmic no shows,” I and other Light Workers who were aware of this plan, had also, both individually and collectively, received numerous confirmations in many forms prior to when they were supposed to occur, which in any other mundane event would have been an absolute, definite sign, many times over, that the event was indeed going to occur. And the “maddening” thing was, all of us involved in these much earlier attempts to help officially begin some form of more public, open contact, had experienced many, many dozens of examples of when these types of powerful “confirmations” had occurred. Previously, this always had indicated that such events would indeed occur. Yes, every time before, except for these specific attempts after first communicating with the Light Beings aboard the ships and of them stating that they were definitely going to show up and openly land. But no matter how many...literally, at least dozens, if not hundreds... of  “magical-miracle type confirmations” were given prior to each attempt by the Light Forces, absolutely none of these type of “3D reality changing” predicted/announced events ever actually occurred.

What is interesting is, of the many thousands of fellow Light Workers who had experienced a Transformational Channeled Reading with me throughout the years, I constantly got reports back later that after their having experienced a session, that everything Ashtar and the different Beings told them while channeling through me that was predicted to occur, did, in fact always occur; everything EXCEPT their upcoming individual experience of being physically taken aboard the Light Ship, which is obviously still destined to occur in the very near future. In other words, they could always accurately predict every other and various “mundane” earth events occurring, but they were either unable or were not allowed to actually “give away the show” of EXACTLY when this Event was to ultimately occur.

The Higher Beings had emphasized to me many times that mass planetary Divine Intervention is, as stated before, a definite Cosmic Done Deal and Sacred Promise, but that it was, in a sense, Cosmically Top Secret/Classified, in order to outsmart the imbalanced forces. Ashtar had also used the expression, for many years, when it was originally thought, based upon the older more destructive time line, (because of martial law, violent Earth cleansing and upheavals, etc.) that there was to be a Secret Wave, which would have been followed by three much larger main waves of Evacuations. He also emphasized that it was not a secret of the fact that these Evacuation Waves were going to occur when necessary, but it was secret or “classified” of just EXACTLY when the first wave was to have occurred, in order to “outsmart” the other forces. And he even once, after I had first seen the famous The Sting movie (with Robert Redford & Paul Newman) had told me that the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command had a Cosmic Sting Operation to ultimately outsmart the imbalanced forces and successfully implement mass planetary Divine Intervention.

In each of these earlier “dry runs,” they did not actually physically show up as they had stated they were, which did “test our faith” regarding this whole scenario. Just as so many more recently “awakened” fellow Light Workers" in these more recent “dry runs” have also been “tested” of whether they will continue to believe... or rather KNOW within of these higher realities that will, still, when the time is REALLY right, truly manifest. For “every eye shall behold” this reality, and one can literally “go out and thump it on the street,” that even the most skeptical and cynical person would not be able to deny it’s existence!


Yes, after that last attempt, in Oct. 1982, of me openly Announcing to everyone, through many dozens of mainstream media shows & newspapers that there was, indeed going to be mass landings of Federation Light ships all over the planet, I had to deal with this very “dilemma”. [And some might even argue, that I and the others who have gone through these “dry runs, cosmic no-shows” have also experienced some form of strange or bizarre type of “paradox”, considering all of the many, seeming incongruities, of apparently so-called “conflicting data points” involved with each of these series of “dry run, no shows”] My faith was sorely tested, and I almost “threw in the towel’ more than once (reacting through my human ego, of course) that I had been “betrayed” by my Friends Upstairs, or “lied to”, etc., etc.) and I struggled with this situation. But then, as with that earlier attempted public announcement in 1979, of announcing ahead of time, of landings of Light Ships, once again, I tuned into how the black ops were parked nearby with their black op weapon systems and were planning to twist the event, had it actually occurred, into a “negative alien invasion” scenario.

I also, suddenly, had a very vivid & intense psychic-spiritual vision of what the Biblical person known as Job had actually experienced during his personal “trials & tribulations”, which were actually far worse than what’s described in the biblical scripture. And in this intense vision of his life, of how he had actually Volunteered prior to going through that “living hell” that he was going to prove that even if God or our Divine Creator, as well as all of the “Celestial Host” suddenly seemed to desert him, that he would be able to still keep his Faith. He was put through an unbelievable, incredible endless series of hellish experiences, in which he could find no actual karmic reasons for what was occurring. He lost not only his vast wealth but watched every family member, from his Twin-Flame who he was married to and his sons and daughters die and be tortured in the most horrible ways. He also watched all of those very close friends who truly were the type who would normally be very close & supportive

to him for life, all turned against him and suddenly hated him as a mortal enemy. And the “Test”, which he had clearly Volunteered to go through prior to taking Earth embodiment, would he eventually lose his mind and curse out God for having allowed this and “go to the dark side”? Very few people can even comprehend how extremely horrible his experiences actually were, with the Light Forces having agreed during Job’s “trials & tribulations” not to Intervene, that they had to stand off and allow him to experience these “tortures of the dammed”. This was actually a “wager” with the dark forces, that if there was even one person who existed upon earth, who no matter what was done to them, that if they were to receive no protection and help, would this person be able to not only keep their Faith and love of God and the Higher Light Forces, for having allowed him to go through such unbelievably horrible experiences. And could this soul also be able to totally forgive not only God & the Higher Light Forces who he had been in clear communications with prior to him going through these “tortures of the dammed”, for having allowed him to go through it even though there was definitely no negative karma that should have allowed him to experience such negative things. And, could he also, on top of that, forgive the negative forces for what they put him through, and did to those who he had loved so much.

The soul who became Job in that lifetime, could remember all of his past lives, and past experiences prior to taking Earth embodiment, but he was not able to remember that one Council meeting prior to coming into Earth embodiment when he had first Volunteered to go through this experience after incarnating again upon Earth. In other words, had he consciously known prior to it occurring, that he was about to be “tested” in this exact way, then it would not have been the “ultimate test of faith”. Than if he had no way to consciously understand, even with all his vast wisdom, as an “old soul” who could quickly tune into the karmic and metaphysical reasons behind all other events that had occurred. But in this situation of what he was put through, he could literally find no reason that made sense to him. The dark forces had supposedly agreed that “if” the Light Forces could actually find someone as sprititually strong and faithful as Job was ultimately able to prove to them that he was, no matter what they did to him, that they agreed that they would—supposedly—after it was over, and the soul had proven his faith and dedication, that they would come back to the Light. But, of course, as is the nature of these forces, even after Job was able to demonstrate such extreme degrees of faith and forgiveness, they went against their word anyway.

And likewise, what if our “Friends Upstairs”, our “Cosmic Extended Family” were to “promise” us that they were going to show up on such and such a date, not just once, but many times, over many years and decades, and they did not actually do so—would we, as did Job, in this more “modern [yet less “horribly intense”] form of the ‘test of Job”, would we also be able to “keep our faith”, or would we just “throw in the towel” and say “forget the whole thing, I have better things to do than to be made out to be an asshole in the eyes of the public! Or worst still, to now actually doubt—as some fellow Light Workers have, in the past and more recently have done—of not even believing [or rather KNOWING WITHIN] that the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command does really, actually exist, but because of the exact conditions and circumstance, that no matter how much they, too (our “Cosmic Family”), wish so much, to come down openly, they are not able to actually do it—YET. Yes, could we, the “incarnated sons and daughters of the most High”, of many Galactic Federation members, upon being told/”promised” on these different dates and times, that they, our “Cosmic Extended Family” was definitely showing up and openly landing and taking us for our long over due, promised “Cosmic R, & R.”, but each time it is a “cosmic no show, dry run”. Could we—still--“keep our faith” and still, at least “believe”, and even more, be able to still KNOW WITHIN that they are not only real, but that they are STLL GOING TO one day soon, ACTUALLY FULFILL THEIR “SACRED PROMISE” and show up in mass landings of Light ships and allow us Volunteers to experience our “Cosmic Family Reunion”?

And I still remember that moment, a few mornings after that last “cosmic no show, dry run”, in Oct. ’82, as I struggled with my ego & intellect, which tried to convince me that I had been either lied to, or betrayed” by the real galactic forces of Light, or had somehow merely been “fooled by lower astral forces” and that I had been made an ass out of in the eyes of the public, by having allowed myself to consciously believe what my heart knew, deep Within, would indeed, sometime, in the future, yet occur.

For the “circumstance of evidence” that had so strongly helped convince me to take a chance of faith, was the fact that I had also connected personally with many dozens of other fellow channels and contactees, who told me that their personal space contacts (with a few of them having had physical contact with these beings in the past as well), had assured them and me, as well, that this Event was indeed going to happen, and to not to worry about it not occurring. In other words, here were a number of other sources, who also had always been totally correct and accurate in every other instance, and these contactees and channels had learned to trust their source, because as with myself, their lives had also been in danger many times, and they had been saved by these same beings, and they had never been inaccurate or wrong before in their guidance—which was why I also felt so confident that this was indeed going to occur.

And as with myself, after it did not occur, they were all just as “confused” about why it had not actually occurred. Of course, unlike me, they had not “gone out on the limb” and “put their reputations on the line” and “made an ass of themselves” as I had, but it still was bewildering to them as well. And it became very obvious that even in a few “dry runs” that I was a part of that were not even “announced publically” and which those of us of the small private group were told that we were to specifically have physical contact, and not to speak about the upcoming experience to anyone else outside our small group, that even though the dozen of us who were part of these few earlier attempts did not ever talk about this over the phone (in case the phone conversation would be monitored by the black ops who would have attempted to interfere, as they had in those other many more open publically announced “First Contact” attempts), it was obvious that once the very idea was in our conscious minds, even f we did not ever mention it to anyone else, the very fact that we were consciously thinking about it, the negative astral forces can “read minds” and they immediately set out to screw up and sabotage such a much more smaller and private contact attempt—so even a very small contact attempt, of having informed a contactee/channel ahead of time, and that person even privately tells another person who they would like to share their next “scheduled” contact with, even these attempts would so often not occur.

For as we study the many various famous contactees from the early ‘50’s, such as George Adamski, and even the more recent famous Billy Meiers in Switzerland in the ‘70’s up until recently, very rarely if ever did these individual contactees take others with them when they were having physical contact of specifically being taken aboard a ship. They were, of course, telepathically informed usually or most of the time, minutes or hours at the most before they would reexperience another contact with the space beings, and this shortness of time of when they had told them about when their next contact was to occur, obviously helped make it much more difficult for any negative forces to be able to interfere with each contact before it occurred.

The one rare exception, is when in either Billy Meier’s case, as well as in the case of James Gilliland’s farm at the Trout Lake, WA area, where the ships have come down very close overhead and allowed multiple witnesses to observe and photograph the ships as they hovered and flew overhead very low. But a specific “First Contact” scenario, of a group of Earth humans [no matter how so-called “spiritually prepared & balanced” that they all may happen to be] of many more than just one Earth human being physically taken aboard all at the same time—this type of more open or public contact has never been able to be done because of those very forces that Cobra so accurately reported on after Dec. 21st. That even though now that most of these forces have indeed been transmuted because of the Dec. 21st “Shift of the Ages” event, it is so obvious as I look back with even more hindsight, how it was definitely “impossible” for any such attempt to announce such a contact months, weeks or even days ahead of time, and then to actually being able to pull it off without a hitch.

And when I speak of “keeping my faith”, this does NOT mean that we just allow ourselves to be “gullible” and “believe just anything” that comes through a “channeled source”. Of course, when that “channeled source’ has “proven themselves”, to be very extremely accurate many thousands of times—as well as having saved one’s physical life in many very lethal “life threatening situations” at least many dozens of times—as they have with me, as have many other fellow contactees & channels experienced on many occasions, and you have learned to trust them with your very life (because they ARE our “Cosmic Back-Up Team”) in these other very “life threatening situations” and they have, in fact “proven themselves beyond reproach” many times over, and then they suddenly are unable in any attempt, no matter how many dozens of times that it is attempted, to accurately predict an open “First Contact” scenario.

At the time I experienced that extremely powerful vision of what Job actually went through, and how he had past this “mission impossible” type test of his faith and forgiveness, I instinctively knew that I (as well as anyone else like Blossom, who had “gone out on the limb” to Announce these earlier attempts) had, in some similar type of way, been “tested by God”, just as Job was, but yet still in another kind of way.

And each of us had to choose how we were going to react as difficult as it was (considering that in my case many thousands, if not millions of people, had heard my public media interviews when I had stated that there was going to be those landings in both ’79 and ’82, and now my “reputation was on the line”. I know that I had a lot of compassion for Blossom, back in 2007, for what she had gone through when it turned out to be another “no show, dry run”.). We all had to decide how we were going to react to what we had been put through (and actually since there are no real “victims” ever to anything that happens in life, as we all are “co-creators” with everything that happens in the universe, and we obviously had

actually choosen on another level to go through this).

As I sat there early that morning, on that couch, in my home, in Scottsdale, AZ, where I happened to live in those days, in late Oct. ’82, a few days after the disappointment of our “Friends Upstairs” not having showed up as was predicted by me and many others to have occurred, I was in extreme psychological and emotional torment, because of attempting to understand why it had not occurred, because of the “dilemma” of all of the numerous—at least it seemed this way through one’s ego-intellect--seemingly conflicting bizarre paradoxical incongruities of the situation.

But as I sat there, attempting to sincerely understand why it had not actually occurred, I was struggling with how I would deal with this finally, and what I could say to those many hundreds of people who had called me also attempting to understand, many who had also found themselves in the same “type of dilemma”, of having also received very strongly that this Event was going to happen. But now, suddenly, for the first time in their life, their normal Inner guidance and clear communication with their own space contacts which had all assured them that it would occur, and unlike with many experiences before where they had learned to totally trust this Guidance, for the first time, this 100% accurate Guidance had been wrong. They, too, were having trouble getting any real clearity about just exactly what had or had not occurred that stopped this Event from occurring. Now, of course, on another level, looking back to this much earlier time, with our greater Hindsight of Wisdom, one could clearly say that most people on Earth, especially then, over 30 years ago, that [most] of the Earth human race was definitely not Ready for such a type of open “First Contact” as we were supposedly being Prepared for even at that time.

But at the time, after all we had gone through, especially for myself, of having put myself in that very embarrassing

position, and having to attempt to understand and explain to others of “why” it had not occurred, was quite a difficult situation. I actually seriously had thought about not doing anymore of my Transformational Channeled Readings. Because of now wondering if I could “trust’ my Guidance for others, as much as for myself. But the problem or dilemma was, again that as shared earlier, in every other area, besides the information that I had received regarding this attempted open landing, had not only been totally “right one”, in that I was constantly getting reports from so many fellow Light Workers how these sessions had not only given greater and more meaningful Insight into their lives and mission, of how they had indeed experienced wonderful and very positive powerful Transformational changes in their lives after having experienced one of my sessions (which is why I have always referred to theses sessions as “Transformational”), and so I was constantly hearing very glowing reports of all of the good that people had experienced from having experienced one of my sessions. Because of this, of having observed what people experienced through the years, especially when they would play back the recording of the session many dozens of times (which used to be recorded on an audio magnetic tape for over 32 years, but for the last two years has been recorded onto a CD), the “Higher Light Encodements” which are “Downloaded” into the CD by the “Elohim Consciousness Technologies” aboard the Merkabah Light ship. And as a person plays it back, these Encodements help activate one’s DNA, to help “maximize’ each person’s unique DNA potential, and this helps add to the overall “Consciousness Unity momentum” that is now continuing to build up more powerfully now since Dec. 21st. [And for those who would be interested in experiencing one of my Transformational Channeled Readings, you can call me on my cell#: 206-235-8402]

This was part of that “dilemma”, of having heard and observed only positive and wonderful reports from others after having experienced one of my sessions, but then to have attempted, using this same exact Higher Guidance, who had also literally saved my life many times against the imbalanced forces, to attempt to accurately predict when this ultimate “long over-due” and “Sacred Promise” was indeed going to occur. It appears impossible, to be able for anyone, other than God, to know when, this will occur. Considering “what’s at stake” and how until every single imbalanced entity is totally out of the way, that this particular info, is definitely “Cosmically Top Secret” for right now.

But to finish up this story, as I sat there on that couch, and decided to totally and sincerely Forgive my “Friends Upstairs” about what they had put me through (even though I also later realized that on some level, I had indeed, agreed to go through these earlier dry runs). At that moment, as I really allowed myself to let go of all of my “upset feelings’ and lack of faith, and tuned into, through my heart, and reached out to them again, after having sensed that they had been waiting to see how or what I was going to decide upon from then on, whether I was, indeed, going to just “throw in the towel” or somehow reconnect with my Faith and true Inner Knowing of these Higher Truths of their existence, despite the apparent conflicting nature of what I had gone through. And then, at that moment, when I felt and stated very sincerely to them that I totally forgive them for what they had “put me through”, and unconditionally loved them all, with all my “heart, mind and soul”. All of a sudden, I heard a huge sound, as if billions and trillions of beings of Light were all jubilantly and joyfully cheering all at once at me in a wonderous, glorious, victorious way, as if I had just “passed some kind of extremely intense “mission impossible” spiritual epic test.

It was then, a few moments later, that I had that unexpected, very intense vision of what Job had actually gone through during his life, and how at the very end, after the dark forces had horribly tortured him as no other human had ever gone through. I then saw him crawling across the desert, barely alive, as the dark forces having tortured him to attempt to also make him curse out God for having gone through all the horrible things that they had done to him, as he lay there about to die, he muttered with his last breathe how he still loved God and the Higher Forces, and also how he totally forgave the dark forces who had tortured him and his loved ones so much.

Suddenly he was beamed up aboard the Merkabah Light ship, and put through the Rejuvention Chamber. He suddenly remembered being on this ship prior to taking Earth embodiment. He also in that raptureous instant, now remembered that council meeting where he had Volunteered to go through all of the indescribable hellishness. To be able to prove to the dark forces that there was at least one soul on Earth who could prove his Faith and the ability to totally Forgive not only those dark forces who had tortured him, but also to forgive God and the Higher Forces for not Intervening to stop those events from occurring. And as stated earlier, had he consciously known it was actually a test, then it would not have been the supreme difficult test that it actually was by not knowing and being able to remember these previous memories.

And suddenly, in some strange way, on some level, I strongly sensed that spiritually, metaphysically in some similar, but more modern way, that I (and Blossom and even “indirectly” those other fellow contactees & channels who had also received the same guidance about these earlier dry runs) had also been put through the same kind of “spiritual test of faith’. That once more, I and a few other members of the human race had been put through a similar test of faith, and that I had passed this test, and as with Job, the negative forces had once, again, refused to acknowledge that the higher spiritual qualities of faith and being able to totally forgive, are indeed stronger and more powerful than the lack of faith and doubting cynicism that the dark forces have controlled the masses on this planet for millions of years.

By the way, in the rest of that vision, suddenly all of Job’s family members who had been so horribly tortured and killed, remanifested back into his life, as if none of those horrible experiences had ever occurred, with them having no memories of ever having actually gone through any of the things that Job had seen. All of his many very close friends were once again just as close and loving as before, and all of his vast wealth was also now back again.

Yes, I had proven that my faith and ability to totally forgive had once more demonstrated to the dark forces how much more powerful than one’s doubts are. But that did not mean that I was going to, in the future, to allow myself, if I could help it, of being “made an ass out of myself”, or to be “gullible”, that I would never again, be a part of any future event of still attempting to Announce ahead of time, that such an event would occur on any particular date, no matter how many incredible “magical-miraculous ‘confirmations’ occurred before hand. Unless, as I now very calmly and firmly communicated to my “Friends Upstairs”, that if they wanted me to ever attempt to publically Announce any other future “First Contact” Event, they would have to: “first physically take me back aboard to experience some ‘Cosmic R.& R.’, go through the Rejuvination Chamber, be able to now use my Higher immortal light body that has been in storage since being on Earth, and last but not least have my own ship back as I had had prior to taking Earth while having been a member of many Higher Councils—so if this next attempted & publically announced Event still did not “go according to plan”, at least I could jump into my ship and go back up to find out directly why this next attempt still did not occur, as verses attempting to get any kind of insight afterwards through just Channeling of why it did or did not occur”. And this had nothing to do with whether I had faith or not of what they could tell me regarding such a “dry run no show”. I had definitely proven my faith many times over regarding their existence, but this “demand” I more than had a right to state, considering all that I had been put through more than once, and all I was asking was that I was not going to be asked to subject myself to such a situation in the future, no matter what the exact reason(s) that I and a few others had gone through such dry runs before.

All I had done at that moment was to very lovingly but firmly state to them what my “demands” were in order for me to ever be a part of officially Announcing ahead of time such an Attempt, that I needed some “cosmic leverage” so that if such an attempt was to again not occur I would not be “left holding the bag with nothing still to show for it”. I considered this good ‘ol fashion “galactic common sense” (considering what I had gone through!) that if they wanted me ever act as this kind of “Cosmic Heralder” for officially Announcing any specific date for the start of First Contact for the Earth human race, this definitely “wasn’t too much to ask for”!

All of a sudden—and this is exactly what I experienced and heard very clearly; of them very loudly CHEERING me for having not only obviously just passed some kind of intense “spiritual test of faith”, but now were also cheering me for “standing up for my Rights” as a Sovereign being, of ever being forced to do anything—“just because some Higher Being has asked you to do it”. I sensed such love and respect for me all at the same time being projected toward me; that they also were glad that I was not going to just “worship” them with “blind faith;’ and to gullibly never dare question them about any information or “inconsistencies” (like telling me that they were going to show up, but didn’t) that they had channeled through me or any other channeled source of information from any other fellow contactee and channel. That was also a very interesting moment, of “Reconfirmation & Renewal”, of my “relationship” with them, that they did not want me or anyone else to ever in any way to “falsely put them on some kind of ‘pedestal’, with “blind obedience” and false or unrealistic worship. That they definitely also wanted me to “stand up for my Rights” as a human being, while at the same time, to be able to Discern these Deeper and more difficult “spiritual revelations” and spiritual tests that we all choose to go through for a Higher Purpose, while still being able to “be in the world but not of it.” And to Know when to be “heavy and light at the same time”, as well as, especially, to feel and sense, as I did at that very wonderful ‘magical-miraculous” moment, all of the intense, unconditional love and respect that they had for me and everyone of the many billions of fellow Volunteers who out of “unbearable compassion’ had been coming on missions here for millions of years. That was indeed, a very special moment, to feel this intense and overpowering love and respect from them for who I was and what I stood for, and to feel so very close to them, as I remembered so intensely of having known so many of them so personally prior to taking Earth embodiment.

And this was when it was very powerfully impressed upon me, which Ashtar has more recently reiterated again, that they are not going to give any specific dates of EXACTLY when they will suddenly be showing up in mass all over the planet, but only as they always have stated, that it is absolutely, truly going to occur. More recently they told me, as they have also mentioned through various other channels, that they do not like to use the word “soon” anymore because that word has been so worn out, that they have started to use the words “shortly” or “imminent” (which, I guess does SOUND much sooner or much more imminent than just “soon” they will, indeed, show up in mass, and fulfill their “Sacred [Divine] Promise.”


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