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As we awaken in 5th Dimension
The Magic of Grounding
October 19 2013
Dearest Anne:

You and Kathryn and all of your family are a HUGE part of my life. I saw this movie on "Grounding" and just had to forward it to you Anne so you can forward it or tell others about it. It is done so beautifully and the Free movie is only till Oct. 26th, 2013. Although, it may be purchased after that date. It brought tears to my eyes to see how Gaia is able to heal each of us in a very simple way.  

I have been doing this partly since I was in Panama. I try once a day to take off my shoes and read outside with my shoes off for 20 minutes or more. Now I would like to lie on the ground and see if that helps more.

Much love and blessings to all, and thank you so much for your show and Kathryn's book. I feel I am a part of something very much "Larger" than myself.



Dr. Susan D. Sammarco
Phoenix, Arizona

September 11, 2013

Hello Anne!

I have had a number of folks write to me after I shared the sighting, which is GREAT! I put this together because people, as you know, are starved for some kind of assurance that things ARE happening. This tracks my last year or so and the unfolding of the exciting events that have taken place in my life. Few people can probably say they have this kind of excitement in their bedroom however, most of the amazing events have unfolded in my bedroom....feel free to share....love to you and HEN family! Sue

My most active state with Galactics and Hollow Earth have been occurring over the past year plus. It started with Adama anouncing himself one night, the night before the Hollow Earth Network folks were conducting a day's workshop last November in Prescott. I had been woNetworkrking with them to set it up and had enjoyed a lovely evening dining with them prior to heading home. Once in bed I was surprised by a (approx.) 13 ft blue man standing at the end of my bed who announced to me that he was Adama and that I would come to know him soon. Stunned, yet delighted, I eagerly shared the visitation with the Hollow Earth Network folks the next day!

Within a month after that, a portal opened in my bedroom up near the ceiling across from my bed. The first night it showed up, I was awakened by a voice and saw what looked like ticker-tape flowing from the hole that also showed stars. Through messages by other channels I learned that it was the new coding for our DNA we were all receiving and I was being shown a representation this way. The "ticker-tape" had strange codes and it poured out of the portal. I got up and walked all around it saying to myself, "That's so strange!" Eventually I went back to bed.

I only saw the ticker-tape that one time however, the portal opened often and I saw ships coming out of it and flying through my ceiling out into the sky. When I had other like minded friends visit, I had them sit in the bedroom and "guess" where the events were happening and they were always correct. The energy was so strong. 

That continued for months and then began to slow down. I was told that with the dimensional changes that were taking place, the ships that were making interdimensional shifts did not need the same access and I did not "need" the experience either. As a Lightworker, I was sharing the info as broadly as I could.
My life continued to shift and it became obvious that I could not hold on to my home and property. I was called to the Phoenix area and I knew that I had a bigger audience and task I was prepared for. Shortly before I moved from my home of seven years, I was awakened one night by a voice that said, "Susan....Susan...Wake up!" 

I awoke and saw a depiction of the Earth in the area where the portal had been. In the vision I saw thousands of ships coming to our planet. I "knew" that the time was near. This was in April 2013.

I have had a few sightings that have taken place, none quite as large or shared an experience as that of a couple of weeks ago but it is still amazing to me when it happens. I believe I am working on Ashtar's ship during times of sleep in this life however, I do not have conscious memories of that experience. I was introduced to Ashtar July 2012 when I was at a spiritual fair where I was giving readings and signing books that I have written. I decided to visit a channeling session by a woman who became my friend after the fair. She did not know who was to visit that day and when she began channeling Ashtar, I began to weep. I "knew" his energy so intimately and was so deeply connected immediately. 

Later that day I asked the woman for a reading, from Ashtar, if that were possible. Of course, it was already planned and he had a great message for me. At the end, I was preparing to pay for the reading and the woman said, "This does not happen often but this is to be a gift for you." 

Since that time, Ashtar has come to me when I give readings, not for everyone but for some people. He comes to visit with Brother Yeshua/Sananda and with Lord Buddha. Even though I have been a teacher, a New Thought pastor, a writer and a spiritual speaker since the age of 17 years, this past year or so has been amazing. I know that I have been preparing and am prepared to step into a whole new role and I am excited about that!

Dr. Susan D. Sammarco


Dr. Sue Sammarcco
September 8 2013

Hello Anne,

I moved in with a friend in Glendale, AZ in May. I sold my home in Dewey and was "pushed" into the metro Phx market...to serve in a broader market!

Wednesday this past week we had the most amazing experience that, of course, was not recognized by the local media. Many people called into the media and the "explanation" is that it was a weather balloon. NOT!

About 9 pm our dogs started barking and had their ears plastered against their heads as they ran into the house. My friend went out front to see if she could see what they were responding to and yelled for me to join her! We watched as a huge ship floated very slowly over our neighborhood. The ship was about the size of 4 "normal" sized house lots. It was about the same height. It floated above the houses about as high as a hot air baloon might float by.

The ship was easily seen and it was beautifully lit in bright lights, especially white but also had red and blue lights. I felt so connected to it and continued to feel amazing all night.The love was eminating from the ship and I felt like it was "spraying" the love over the Phoenix area!

We stayed outside until we could no longer see it. It brought up good conversations between my friend and I. She is a show dog friend and not really into my "stuff" but she respects my space to practice as I choose to. She shared that she saw the Phoenix Lights years ago and we talked about our Galactic Family.

It was great to share the experience with someone else for a change! For awhile I was wondering if it was an interdimensional experience until I found out that lots of people did see it. It is amazing to me that the media still buys the cover ups of "weather balloon." My friend just laughed when I told her about what the media is saying. "That was no weather balloon!" she said.

We were so engaged in the ship that neither of us thought about a camera. I have been watching the Internet to see if it shows up. There are other UFOs showing up from the Phoenix area but I have yet to find THIS one.

I have a new job and it is also amazing how openly people are talking about UFOs and Galactics almost daily. The conversations are also coming up about the Cabal and the powerful Rothchilds and other families. I have been a fly on the wall in many of these conversations and while I know I am where I am supposed to be to bring light and love, I love the fact that so many people ARE opening!

Thank you for all the work you are doing!

Sending you love,


A Miraculous Healing Tonight!

September 13 2013
4:13 AM

Dear Anne, 

Tonight I tuned in for my first experience of the healing calls, because I wanted to pray for & energetically include all my patients at the hospice I own & operate that I started w my partner from Ft Worth this April. 

I followed as Kathryn so beautifully channelled St Germaine, right after I interviewed a new potential patient and his very "particular" daughter right before I tuned in. Stressful, talking with this 'only' daughter who's afraid of making a "wrong" decision about her daddy's care, & I sat almost an hour in a poor position on a worn out old couch, causing sharp pain in my hip and left sacrum area as I drove home just before the healing call. 

So in participating for my patients' sake, I envisioned myself on the ship w y'all, inviting the spirit of my patients to let the Arcturians work on them, and I was AMAZED and thrilled that as soon as I followed the visual picture Kathryn/St Germaine described, I had that hip pain disappear MIRACULOUSLY, and a toothache I've had a month or more is gone, my eyesight changed, to where I wonder now if I need new glasses, as my eyesight isnt yet clear enough to stop them, but my eyes dont need the strength of my prescription anymore, and all the neck tension I carry chronically that I've just learned to endure is gone, from driving from house to house where our patients, stressing my neck out driving in heavy traffic! What a blessing I never expected to be so completely amazed & affected so positively!! As a nurse, guess I've expected too long that some things don't heal, you just learn how to cope with chronic situations! So glad you're teaching me to expect miracles, if we're going to the trouble to ask for complete health!!

Much love to you & Kathryn. Y'all are all beyond awesome, and the word DIVINE comes to mind, but doesn't really capture the real deep & benevolent essence of what all of us are doing together!!

BTW, please give my best to Kathryn, I can so tell she's got the wisdom of her career in counseling, in all she says. I am in joy, listening to her voice anytime I tune in on talks & channel panels yall do on BlogTalks, and tell her that 30 of my 34 years in nursing, I was/am a psychiatric nurse, which means I have the personality to now be in the perfect spot to help lead my hospice patients and their families to get healed so we can hopefully "graduate" them off hospice, removing their suffering!! Even if I never mention to the person's ego how much I'm inviting their highest spirit self to join us for their greater overall good in this season of Ascension!

Much love, Knoel
Knoel, RNC BSN 

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada