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April 23 2015   Thank you Maria IL                          50.00
April 23 2015   Thank you Monica  MO                  100.00
April 24 2015  Thank you Heidi   MI                         20.00
May 15 2015 - Thank you Florida - Phlippines           7.00
 May 23 2015 - Thank you Elandra                         100.00
May 26 2015  Melody Eye Medicine                      -100.00
June 16 2015 Thank you Sunan                                 5.00
June 18 2015  Normalita 100 EU                           -120.00
June 26 2015 Thank you Nadia - France                  23.89
July 10 2015 Thank you Dale - AU                            50.00
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Feb 9 2016 Sky Limit                                                  50.00
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Mar1 2016 Thank you Danuta                                    50.00

Balance                                                              $    737.64



(Also PayPal account)

Post:  5:00 AM Sunday, April 12 2015  
        Newsletter to 5,647 global subscribers

Dearest Anne,

 I find myself once again on the edge of the cliff enveloped in fear of losing my comforting roof over my head. I am on the verge of being evicted and I have no where else to go.

My heart hurts so deeply for all of us who are suffering as I know I am not the only one.

In this last year my rent was raised from $860 to $1100/mo. I have been living day to day with my job commission sales as my only form of income. I work sometimes 12 hours a day trying to help people obtain health insurance and the "funny" (not ha ha funny) thing is I can't even afford to purchase it myself.

My situation is that I actually have sales pending that amount to about $1200 but they have not been released from underwritng as of the deadline yesterday for me to receive funds by this coming Monday.

Commissions are released every Monday. So, that means I hope to have this by Monday, April 20 to be able to remimburse back to HEN, but right now my deadline for my $1100 rent is at the latest this
Monday, April 13th. I just need a safety net for one week so I can hang on and not fall off the cliff.

My little girl inside is so frightened.

I am asking if someone could just front the $1100 for this week and I could even in addition to paying HEN back, send directly to the person or persons, overnight mail, a 5000 dinar note. I have that right now to give.
Note:(5,000 x $3.91, current  International Rate:  $19,550)

I am so very sorry, Anne, to burden you for I appreciate so much you stepping in the role of our loving mother enveloping us. I so wish I had my mother with me here to put her arms around me and let
me know it will be OK. I wish I had someone else in my family to help me, but so sadly I don't. HEN is my family.

I most sincerely thank you and all from the bottom of my heart for any assistance you can give me.

With All My Love,

10:47 AM Monday, April 13 2015
Deposit into Barbara's PayPal Account:  $1,021.75

Thank you Email from Barbara...

Dearest Beloved "Mother" Anne (and to all the global HEN family),

It is difficult to find the appropriate words and to adequately convey the all encompassing gratitude and love that is overflowing from my heart. My little girl inside is so comforted for love overpowers fear always. And Anne, my mother who is my angel now, is not only embracing me but she wants you to know that you are so honored and the gratitude is flowing to you from the heavens to embrace you with endless love. For you have offered the greatest gift by stepping into this life to embody the Divine Mother giving tirelessly your loving embrace to all the HEN family here on earth. Sananda must be so very proud of you. I believe I can speak for everyone, all of our "little boys and little girls" inside feel so loved and warm in your nest. And this experience has not only reaffirmed for me but I believe for us all that WE ARE LOVED. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSIONS OF THE ONE - ALL THERE IS and we are to never feel separate or alone ever again.

I realize now, my guardians and angels brought me to my knees once again so that I would speak out for my inner little girl's cry, that to feel alone and scared cannot be tolerated anymore. I was at a point I could no longer push her aside and say "I have to work so we can survive." "We are alone and I have to do it myself." "I am failing you, but we can't ask for help because it may not be there." All the while continuing to leave my innocent child and heart abandoned and scared. It finally became clear for me today what this profound experience was all about. I was put in a place at a dead end, not knowing where to turn, and my guides said, "Allow the call from your heart to be heard, for that call the heavens and those beautiful souls here on earth are waiting for to hear. For it is not only to give love, it is to receive love.

That is the key, that is the gift to our ascension. You need to know once and for all that you cannot shine the light for anyone else on your porch if inside the house it is dark. Woud it not be better to shine the light from within, inside out, which will shine brightly throughout the world? You must stop working so hard to "survive;" you must stop, open and embrace this moment, embrace your heart and pure innocence, listen and feel all the love that surrounds you. We are always with you. Be clear of your true desires and your prayers will always be answered."

I have so much more I would like to express and share with all of you at a later time, as my light from within has been ignited in just these few short days. For now, I want to send you all my love. How wondrous, all the love that is pouring in from you! From everyone that has reached out from your heart to mine, whether money was offered or not, I would very much appreciate being able to get your contact information, maybe through Anne, for beyond the love and gratitude I feel, I want to send you a gift for this blessing was given to me to give to you for helping me to learn how to humbly receive.

Whatever message you receive from my sharing, I hope it ignites your light from within and soothes your heart. I believe to "Give And Receive In Love' is the key to our uniting once again in our Oneness. Bless you all. With all my love. I send my endless love to you.

Thank you, thank you.

12:235 PM Monday April 13 2015

Oh my goodness, Anne.  What an incredible journey, what an amazing global event we just had, I believe orchestrated by Zorra and all the highest above.  I believe they just used me and you as instruments to get
the message out.  Unbelievable,in 24 hours... $1,021.75!  The other amazing thing is this still left me $109 short with late fees and just this morning I had one beautiful soul send me,through Wal*mart $200:)!!

I think its there, I haven't checked yet.  This allows me to pay my rent in full by the deadline today and leaves me $91 for food for me and my dogs and enough for the prescription I need to hold me secure until next week.

It's all so divinely perfect and wonderful and glorious and such a joyful, loving day.

Anne, you are not only an angel, you are an archangel of the highest love.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


And, thanks to our global family, donations that just came in from Oretta, in Spain, and Leigh, in the UK, I am sending Barbara and doggies an additional $44.05! --   Eat well!

March 5 2015

Punta Gorda, Florida


Eviction Notice - Eviction Midnight March 10
Lost her home and car when mother died - Government took it
Friend who shared rent went into hospital - no communication

Used "Last  month rent" - Landlord expedited eviction

Update - March 16th

Susan has been paying $35/day rent to offset eviction
while trying to relocate

Total Donations from Drive:                         $4,668.19

Donations to Carmen/Baby                              -406.00
  Mar 5 - Wire Transfer                                    -1,000.00
Fee                                                                       - 30.00
Mar 9 - Western Union                                      -900.00
Fee                                                                        -85.00
Mar 11 - WF Bank Transfer                                  -1,000
March 27 - WF Bank Transfer                            -300.00
Fund Balance                                                       947.19
Thank you Allison                                                  50.00

March 28 - WF Bank Transfer                                       -200.00
April 4 - WF Bank Transfer                                           -400.00

(Usually unused funds are carried in Lend A Hand to allow $250
individual support  funds as calls come in - see above).

Friday - January 16 2015


Lynda Frey, 65

Friend and intel provider to

John MacHaffie, now deceased.

Friend of "Henry, in  South Carolina"

Homeless - Evicted - Alone

Many of you are familiar with Henry, in South Carolina - who frequently calls in on Peter's calls and on Zorra's.  A good-hearted Soul.  I received this message from Henry, twice.

Resent January 14 2015

From: hbeeson@comcast.net

To: anne@hollowearthnetwork.com
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2015 4:27:42 PM

Henry sent me one of John MacHaffie's last posts before he died:


This is an Awareness Blog to consider the future of your world. Actions are being done now to restore our world. Watch and become AWARE! Send comments/news to johnmachaffie@gmail.com 60 MILLION VIEWS, 3.5 MILLION PER MONTH Use CTRL & MOUSE WHEEL to widen view BACKUP SITE NOW LIVE http://www.nesaranetwork.com/ -------- STARTING THIS MONTH 60,000,000 VIEWS

Blog Status & Johnnie's Operation (Old post - Johnnie has passed on).

John is out of a successful triple bypass Surgery he's doing well but is still in recovery for about 3 weeks and will be out of action for about a week or so.
Updates will be posted on his disposition when needed and his recovery.
Thank you for your prayers and support and be patient as the recovery moves on.



Now... this is the point, and was always included in John's daily updates:


Lynda is a good friend and soul mate helping us getting the word out. She is one of my intelligence gathering ladies. She is a 65 yr light worker who has always helping others. She has been evicted out of her home in GA.

Lynda has been Homeless and she is disabled - stuck in a motel since Oct 7, 2014 . Unable to pay all her bills as she is on disability. She needs help desperately. People have been stepping up helping her but they can't help no more due to the economy. She will need money for food and motel bill.

If you can help please do a PayPal   lyndasnesara3@gmail.com

Lynda's phone number is 404 977 3322. Give her a call.

Any amount will do... small or large, until the RV is here when funds start flowing. I have a large donation for her after the RV and global reset. Until then the Bad Hombres are blocking our blessings.

Let’s continue to show the world what big hearts you have.

Referred by John MacHaffie - a good friend

And because of this ongoing appeal through John MacHaffie, Lynda has been able to survive -  through many people sending her $10 - $20 to pay her weekly bills - motel - food.  However, after John's passing, this appeal has been removed from John MacHaffie's site and Lynda has no connection with those helping her.

Henry, from South Carolina, knows Lynda and her family - and told me "...what a pitiful situation Lynda is in now."

I called Lynda Wednesday, January 14 - the day the motel was going to put her on the street because she had an unpaid $170 motel bill.  She hadn't eaten in three days.  I told her I could send her a maximum of $250 from  our Lend A Hand account.  I have limited that account, except for special drives, to $250 per request, so that it is there to help many and we don't have to have more drives. By the time she got it, the motel bill was $260.  So I sent her $100 personally.  But of course, neither I nor Lend A Hand can assume ongoing support.

I am posting this in hopes that some of you will call Lynda - or just send a small amount to her PayPal account to keep her from being put out on the street.  I do not feel I have the authority to use the current Lend A Hand  balance for one individual's maintenance.  It is a very hurtful situation.

So folks - this is not a request for Lend A Hand. This is a request to just contact Lynda direct - or send money to her PayPal account. I had to send the $250 via Western Union, as PayPal takes about three days.

I hope there are enough of us to send just a little, each week - as we are SO CLOSE to the RV.  And as John wrote, above, he has provided for Lynda after the RV.

Now it is our turn.  Trusting your Hearts.

With my love,



Anne can you tell us what state this lady is in? Can one or more HEN members take her in to their home? We are all so severely stretched financially but our homes have heat and food to share. There is always room and love to share. My home has a revolving door when someone needs help. It is not easy but rewarding knowing you gave someone safe shelter. This is a time where we can really show who we are. Ask the family. Love Anna Swanson

Lynda lives in Stockbridge, Georgia




At the 11th Hour
They turned to us!



Request Posted: 4:30 AM January 6 2015
Fulfilled: 11:00 AM January 6 2015

With admiration and thanks to our
loving, bonded, caring
Hollow Earth Network (HEN)

The Only New Rental

 +$400 higher rent and +$300 Electricity


Through February



Letter of Request

Aloha HEN Family -

In our apparent place of duress it is challenging for me to find the words that will covey our needs and our feelings about our situation even though I love to write. I'll do my best.

Very long story short, we are being evicted from our rental cottage as I write. Rentals are so scarce we have not been able to secure another rental and have been looking for 5 months. At the very last moment, today, someone found a rental for us until the end of February. The rent is $400.00 a month more than what we were paying which was at the very top of what we could afford. We also have to pay for electric, an additional $300.00 each month.

We are a family of three, plus our feline kids and woofer. My mother is 94, and such a trooper. Soul Seed dissolved all signs of cancer that a cat scan had found in her body last March and she is wishes to see the New World arise before she transitions, after the RV, and of course after we are able to purchase a new home when we all exchange.

Our family also consists of quite a few rescue cats whom we love as equally as anyone loves their human child, and one old dog who loves to sleep.

I would so much rather that I could reach deep into my Heart and pull out gifts to nurture the souls who are still in pain and bring food to feed the hungry but instead I find our own family in that position, never, ever expecting it to be so again (yes, again). We are ready, willing, and able to RECEIVE.

Our family would humbly and deeply appreciate any financial help anyone can give at this moment. For the next two months, in order to pay the extra rent and be able to eat and pay the extra electric, we are in need of $1500.00. My husband still works at age 74. His pay, plus social security from him and my mother is what we live on.

My husband, "Rich" and myself, "Zarah," are Twin Flames, which Zorra confirmed not long ago. "Darda," my mother is raising her vibration right along with us and all those who are in the midst of Ascension together around the world.

In Love and Oneness,
Zarah, Richard, and Darda

Aloha Anne

This is Zarah. I just sent you our request for help that Zaraya and Quazar said you instructed us to do.

For now I will just say thank you from the bottom of my heart. We have to be out of here tomorrow and are packing like mad.


Sent from Zarah's iPad

Live simply, love freely, speak kindly and leave the rest to the Creator. Remember that people may forget what you said or did, but they never forget how you made them feel!

Folks, these folks need this NOW.

If each of us can pause for just a couple of minutes, click here:

Insert my account:

And send what YOU know is right - we'll have this handled within hours!

Just a little, from so many,
works Miracles!

Thank you, Dear Hearts.

We are SO powerful and it is so easy for each of us when we work together!

Mama HEN


Thank You ALL For Taking Time To Help Us:

The fulfillment of our need from HEN for $1500 was here, literally overnight. It needn't have been a surprise to us but it sure was.

Thanks to each and every one of you, our family has a roof over us and our four-legged beloved kids just as the last grain of sand dropped from the hour glass. You ALL are my WOW factor!

To me, this demonstrates the high level of Oneness that the HEN famiy operates and lives from, for collectively, manifestation this swift and complete could only take place if we are beating as One Heart.

Thank you Quazar, Zaraya, and Anne for feeling our need and responding so quickly, and a huge hug of gratitude for your rapid response, dear family, and for feeling and filling in where needed. Because of you I am knowing a deeper meaning yet, of the word humility, and due to your giving I have opened greater to receiving, which includes receiving more love from my self to my self.

We can do other than to pay it forward as we pray it forward.

Mahalo and Love,

Zarah, Rich, and Darda


In Colorado
30 Miles from Town.


Paying It Forward
November 22 2013

ANNE, please apply this money to the Montana family in need...
I was saved this money today by a business in my area.



NOVEMBER 9 2014!

I hope that I am not presuming to much with this request, but I do need some help and I don't know where else to turn.

A polar front is due to hit Monday, and I am out of wood.  I desperately need $500.00 for 2 cords of wood {delivery included} so I can get it up here before we have a big snow storm and then they wouldn't be able to deliver it.

Right now I am barely making my few monthly bills and food with my social security check.  I don't know where else to turn.

I live by myself, 30 miles from town. I only drive to town once per month to get supplies.

I thank you in advance for reading my request, no matter the answer.  But I DO need the wood before it snows and then I cannot be reached.

With love to my HEN Family.





The gratitude  in my heart says that I am very grateful to all the HEN contributors and family... now I can have heat this winter and be warmer than the previous winters.....THANK YOU ALL !!!!!  A THANK YOU to Anne for posting the help notice and all her time and effort away from her HEN work.

sending love, light, and blessings to all...Kate  S

August 2014


Metastacized Breast Cancer

Normalita Meier
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 27
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck * Germany
Tel. : 0049 (0) 8141 - 18314
Mobil: 0049 (0)170 - 4728044

From: normalita@web.de
To: AADeHart@aol.com
Sent: 8/14/2014 4:17:36 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Mom - THANK YOU - you saved me on time

Dear Mom,

just wanna give you a short feedback. You helped me on time by sending me 1000 Dollars today, August 14.

I've got 729 Euro after converting from the dollars. I feel so relieved and am very thankful to our responsive and caring HEN Family who always shows ONENESS with open heart for the needy. I am so glad to be in this Family network.

I have read in a german internet report today that the state-run television of Irak reported that the former Prime Minister of Irak Nuri Al Maliki has finally stepped out in favor of his sucessor Al - Abadi. This is a very good sign that the RV is very, very near. I am sending all the LOVE and energy with my sincere prayers to Prime Creator for the FREEDOM from the slavery system and for the sake of all humanity.

Thank you so much for all your time, tireless efforts and the energies you have invested to help me solve my present financial issue again. I trust that I will be able to give back what I have received in different way. Our divine self knows how to do it.

I'm gonna send you and to our HEN family another email regarding this help. Tomorrow, Friday, I will not be able to write you an email and I must settle down my bank issue first. Have to go to bed now. It is late, my eyes are falling down.
May Peace, Joy and Harmony be with you always


2:00 AM August 14 2014

From: normalita@web.de

To: AADeHart@aol.com

Sent: 8/12/2014 3:16:39 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Re: Your rent ...

Hello Mom,

my bank has just given me an additional loan of 1000 Euro = which is 1340 Dollars (as I only have a very small pension they said). I have to cover the coming installment treatment bills (350 Euro = 470 dollars) with it which is also due on August 15.

1000 Euro is not enough to cover my rent (760 Euro) and my installment treatment bills (350 Euro) for August, but I have had no choice as to accept what they have given me.
My monthly billing/payoff for my credit card which is 350 Euro is also due on August 20. I did not mention this bill in my appeal for financial help. I have more bills which has to do with my health issue which are due in July already and was not able to pay until now because of lack of funds.

These are the reasons why I was forced again to ask for a financial help Mom.

Big hugs and much love

Gesendet: Dienstag, 12. August 2014 um 01:33 Uhr
Von: AADeHart@aol.com
An: normalita@web.de
Betreff: Re: Aw: Your rent ...
How much is your loan, Normalita??

10. August 2014 um 09:04 Uhr
Von: AADeHart@aol.com
An: normalita@web.de
Betreff: Your rent ...

Normalita - how are you doing on your rent?
Love, Anne

Thank you for asking me about this Mom.
When you have told me that you are not in a position to help me right away at the time when I have sent you my appeal for financial help, I have had to look for an immediate solution to be able to pay my rent in the first week of August. I talked with my bank and they gave me a one time credit to pay my rent but have to pay it back on Aug. 15. So I was able to pay my rent in the first week of August. I have just put my trust to heaven that a divine solution would help me pay this one time credit on the agreed terms (August 15).
I avoided myself to get into the "worry and fear state" as I have enough struggles with my health condition. If you send the funds, please put a message
Donation for Cancer therapy and home rent.
Again, thank you so much for putting a help request in our HEN website.
In deep gratitude for all what you are doing for your HEN children, I am sending you much love and light.

August 8 2014:  $250

August 9 2014

Oh Mom, what a big surprise! I received 181 Euro and will be able to cover my electric and telephone/internet bills for August.

THANK you very much for looking for a solution and asking our HEN Family again for my sake. I really wished, I could have avoided this appeal. I thought, at this time, I am able to help other people in need since I have had expected that the official announcement for the RV has taken place already.

I wanted to be one of those who is able to help others in need.....but! as you have said. This situation is very difficult for so many of us who are in survival mode.
Thank you for keeping me posted. I'm going to listen to Zorra's call today (Saturday) from the archive.

Always in GRATITUDE and following our heartmind is really a blessing and leads to unexpected surprises when we let the LORD GOD of our BEING do
the work for us as I am experiencing it last week.

Much love and light to you Mom and keep your head up.



3 Generations in Deep Montana Cold
Need Heat and Food

To contribute privately:

PayPal Account

Susan Ruiz

Tuesday, November 26th

Dear Anne,
Thank you, to you and Kate and Lila and everyone in our wonderful HEN family for your help. There is so much gratitude in my heart, more than words can express. Now I can get the propane we need for heat and some groceries too. Wishing everyone a wonderful and glorious Thanksgiving.
Thank you,
Susan Ruiz and family

Funds from HEN:       $350
Pay It Forward, Kate:   $89

                           Crystal              Brian         Logan            Robert

Subject: Help to pay for propane for heat
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 09:50:45 -0700

Dear Anne,

My name is Susan Ruiz and I live in Marion, Montana with my daughter and two grandsons. I had worked and taken care of my Mom for about seven years until she crossed-over in February, and I continued to work until September when my body started telling me it needed a break. I still had a little money left from when Mom passed, but now with taking care of necessary bills, helping my son get to Montana from Florida because he could not find work there, had no food or a place to live and helping my daughter out with my grandsons my funds are depleted. I just want to be able to make the payment for my propane and be able to get a few groceries and the prescription for one of my cats. If it were possible $350.00 would be all we would need and am continuing to look for ways to create income, knowing in my heart that so many things are getting ready to happen. I am grateful for any assistance and very much appreciate all that you do for everyone in our worldwide family.

With so much love in my heart, Thank you.

Susan Ruiz

Marion, MT



So sorry this is so late...my computer crashed on Oct 26th and I am at the library trying to get caught up with emails.  My one trip into town per month.

 Thank you, HEN Family members for your generous donations to my plea for buying

a different vehicle due to my situation. As Anne said "You blow me away". I never expected such a response as you gave to me....I am in awe.

On Oct 18th, I finally found a vehicle to fit my needs. It has a rough exterior - a bit rusted and peeling clear coat - but a seemingly reliable engine as it was used to haul tons of hay for its last owner.....we had to fix some things  - heater blower, fuses, brakes master cylinder, brake pads - brake bleeding, oil change, radiator fluid, still needs a muffler on it to get it road worthy for me. I had a friend's relative take a pic like Anne wanted.

I did the best I could to have some of the money left to donate back, but it didn't happen as the prices of things have gone up so much. The $3500 did cover the purchase of the truck, repairs so it is road worthy for me, neccessities for the truck, sales tax, plates, new glasses, as the old ones burned in the old truck and I shouldn't drive without them, new driver's license, and getting the water tank brought up to the inspection regs in order to haul my own water... $350.00 total. I should be able to save about $30/month on my water bill............Very expensive month.

Thank you again from my heart to yours!



Paying It Forward
November 22 2013

ANNE, please apply this money to the Montana family in need... I was saved this money today by a business in my area. 

You sent a payment

Dear Kathy Schmidt,

You sent a payment for $89.00 USD to The White Cloud Holdings.


      Thursday - October 10 2013

In Colorado

Truck Burned - total loss
No Vehicle - 30 Miles from Town

Original Goal, $2500 - Will not cover

October 10 2013 - Distributions to Kate

October 6, from Larry                                       $1,200.00
October 7 - LAH to Kate                                         424.00
October 10 - LAH to Kate                                    1,900.00

Kate will donate back any unused portion of these funds  

In Colorado

30 miles from town

October 8th

Anne and HEN family:
Well today was a bust.....big disappointment. 
We met the guy with the truck in the picture and the truck pic was the best side of the truck, the windshield needed replacing, the tires needed to be replaced, the battery was old {2006}, and there was a bad vibration in the truck....the only
thing I bought from him was the water tank for a really good price.  
Then we went all over the area looking for something else and they were all higher priced than I have money for. They want more now for 80's trucks than I paid for my truck in 1993...so I don't know what I will do for a vehicle. I wil keep looking, but I just don't know what to do. 
My friend was kind by coming and getting and then having to bring me back 
home tonight.....120 plus miles on his truck today.
THANKS everyone for the help.


In Colorado

Truck caught on fire - total loss

Lives 30 miles from town

Goal:  $2,500

October 5 - Direct from Larry:                            $1,200

Lend a Hand Balance before newsletter plea          424 

50% Contributions since newsletter                       250

Current Balance                                                 $1,874

Needed to reach goal:   $626 


Kate has already received $1200 + $424

The balance up to $2,500 will be sent when

transfer arrives in bank account

October 6th


I found a truck on Craigslist that is perfect for what I need. I talked with the owner and he has agreed to sell it to me for $2000 and is throwing in a 250 gal. water tank so I can haul my own water when I go into town. The guy was very upfront with me and this truck so reminds me of my Bronco !!

Saturday, October 5th

Anne, I am so happy too...THANK YOU for the help. This wonderful man, is a godsend forme....I really didn't know how this would work out as $2500 is a lot of money to me.

Am I still able to get more from others also? Where I live I need a reliable 4 wheel drive vehicle...pickup truck which I have been looking in the classifieds and I seem to be able to get an older model {80s} for the $2500 and I may also be able to slip in the taxes, and license plates. I really give intent for this to all work out and that I can get a good vehicle....no mechanical troubles. My truck always started right up and after 20 plus years I knew its faults and took good care of it.

Wondering if it is a good idea to have my email address published on the lend a hand page ? Let me know OK.

Love and Light, God Bless, Kat....S


October 3 2013
Fresno, California


I know it is much to ask....
Goal:  $500 for rent

October 10 2013

October 6, From Larry:   $1,200.00
October 10                             270.00  (50% from 1st appeal + $20 personal gift)
October 15 - PayPal Pending -  Valarie   $500.00  

Congratulations, Jose!  You and your boys should be safe and confortable!

Saturday, October 5

Dear mom i accepted Larry's donation and it help me a lot he put $1,200 in my paypal account.

i love you mom

Sent: 10/2/2013 9:56:54 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: I know is to much to ask
I got nothing for my rent this month and my son has only $300 that i can count toward the rent and what i got from the events (he works as a guard at sporting events)  is nothing the most i get is $70 for event (once a week). i call this morning to job agency and they told me they don't have anything right now, they are putting my name on the top of the list and if something come out during the week they call me, i love you mom and i am sorry to not be able to sustain myself 
Sent: 10/2/2013 11:13:11 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: I have orientation tomorrow for job
I got a call a few minutes ago,i had an orientation meeting at 2 pm at a fertilizer plant starting salary $8.60 is a full time position 
That is good - but we must find a away to protect you from the chemicals.   
Love, Mom
Subject: Fwd: I know is to much to ask 
Sent: Wed, Oct 2, 2013 5:51:16 PM 
Jose ... how much do you need?  And by when?
Actually, it looks like the Global Currency Reset is happening ... and if so, there will be plenty for all.
Much love,
Right now to cover my rent $500 and the last day to pay rent is the 5th after that i had to pay $50 more dollar, i just got a call a few minutes ago from the job agency and tomorrow at 2 pm i have an orientation meeting at a fertilizer plant start salary is $8.60 and is a full time position working sometimes indoor and other times outdor. So just waiting for the time the prosperity funds are released it will be a celebration in the meantime i had to use what we got i seriously was thinking today to put my car on sale for at least $3,000 but i got the call and my hope renew
By the way this is a very nice song to saint germain
October 3 2013
Ok mom you were right about the chemicals, i just drive to the fertilizer plant is about 1 hr drive I park my car outside and I walk to the gate, the gate has a big sign that read.
I go back to the car call the job agency. Told them to call fertilizer plant tell them that i will not be in the orientation meeting, because i will not put myself in harms way.  
When they find something safe count on me so for now i will continue working the events. Love you mom

October 4 2013

Please scroll down to see Katie's July 29th bio

She is 30 miles from town - alone
Her car was completely burned, including her purse!

Think about it ...

Sent: Oct 2, 2013 6:26 PM 
To: anne@hollowearthnetwork.com 
Subject: Need help 

Dear Anne:
I wrote you back in August for some help and thankfully you helped me.  Not sure if you can this time, but I am going to try. 

Today at 2pm my only vehicle had a fire and totally burnt to a crisp. I live out of town by 30 miles and now need to buy a different vehicle and I have no money and carried only minimum insurance on the vehicle as that was all I could afford per 6 months .....called them and they said NO HELP from them to replace my vehicle. Even my purse burnt in the fire and I need to get into town to replace all that paperwork.  I have one neighbor that would probably take me in to look for a different vehicle IF I had some money to buy one.... I can only say I might need about $2500.00..I would try to stay within that range then.  I had my truck for almost 21 years. 

If you can't help please just let me know and I will see what I can do from there.   

THANKS !!! I think I am still in shock and running on adreneline {sp ?}

Namaste, kat s ......."Only Love Prevails"

Wished for you.....
May You Be Blessed:

To: anne@hollowearthnetwork.com
Sent: 10/4/2013 4:28:19 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: UPDated....Fw: Need help

Anne, I should be able to send you the police report and some pics next week so you know this really happened.  Please keep the report confidential, but you can post one or two of the pics.  Thanks for all help given. 

I keep reading that NO prosperity funds will be released until a new government and financial system are in place, which means the arrests have to happen 
first so the corrupt are gone so they cannot get their hands on the prosperity funds.

From: AADeHart@aol.com
Sent: 10/4/2013 5:18:24 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Re: UPDated....Fw: Need help

Kate, I will put out a request - also for Jose whose latest plea is posted.
People like to know that you are authentic.  Any pictures of you?
Where do you live?   etc.


To: AADeHart@aol.com
Sent: 10/4/2013 6:01:20 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: Re: UPDated....Fw: Need help

Anne, THANKS for putting out a request for me.  If you go to the lend a hand page my July/August request for $200 explains some of my situation for pictures of myself. I live in Colorado.  I lost over $500 worth of stuff that was in my truck in the vehicle fire {my guess electrical wiring caught on fire} on my property.....came somewhat close to losing the rental house I am in also {propane tank was close to the fire}.

I read Jose's request just a few minutes ago. God Bless him and I pray things get much better for him also.....it is really tough out there for those of us that don't have much income...I am not sure better off people really understand that...especially if they have a good income and home life. 


From Santa Aurokium

London, UK

September 10 2013

Note from Anne
Santa placed her order for more Laminine for her son recovering from the hospital ... he was running out.  I upgraded her shipping to DHL for 3/day delivery. $50 from above fund for shipping.  Santa bought the Laminine.

Hello Anne

So happy to hear, and please big thanks to Lend A Hand, they have helped so much. I am very very happy. I can stop worrying so much now as I now our son will be ok. I am sure I will start taking some myself when it arrives. Thank you Anne so much love what you doing and listen to your talk time as much as I can. Sometimes not live as it’s a bit late for us here. We do catch up and enjoy it so much always have a smile on my face and love feeling just fills up inside me.

As soon I as I get it, I will let you know and thank you again.
Will c atch up soon, love to everyone from myself and family.


Note:  Previous update from Santa --

September 1 2013

Hello Anne

Hope that you are keeping well and relax.

I know it’s been a long time since I emailed you.  As so much has happened when I went through with the court case regarding the house, which is now under control.  Since then I had started a new job, Simon is off the penicillin and taking Laminine only. He is doing good and getting back to normal.

I am going to order some more Laminine and just would like to let you know as you going to receive on my behalf and post it to me again please.

Still very much gratfull for the help of Lend A Hand, I am sorry that I could not make a little donation to them as I wanted to, as they did help me out. I hope that one day I am in a better position to give them a helping hand, just like they did for me and my family.

Lots of love Anne, take care, hope to hear from you soon.


Santa & Sons



September 10 2013

Jose has been a regular correspondent for a number of months.  I have seen him struggle through so many challenges. He has used the last bit of his unemployhement, looking desperately for a job for him and his three sons.  One son works at a restaurant, another is in school, and the little one is still home with Jose.  They barely made it until food stamps this month, and with no car insurance or gasoline, Jose could not get out to apply for jobs.  He did get a job as a guard at the big football games ... one day a week, and this week, it cancelled.  He had hit bottom.  I sent Jose $200 from Lend A Hand.  He is so grateful to now have gasoline and car insurance so he can apply for jobs.



KATIE:  $200


(No picture available)

This money came from funds received 

prior to Santa's plea for help.

July 29 2013

Dear Anne:

I, first, want to say thank you for your  

wonderful website and I have been following

it since it's start. In the past 8 months I can

only read what is there....can no longer listen

to the radio broadcasts as I can only afford

dial-up internet service... as costs continue to

rise but income does not.

I need a small bit of help $200.00 so I can

get water for my country property cistern

{no well}....I have had to use the money I

had started saving for the water to get the

tags for my vehicle plates

and now don't have the money for the water

needed here in the beginning of August... I am

living on social security and my rent/elec takes up

half of my income { my rent is one of the lowest

in this area} and propane takes up another fifth of that income. For $10.00 worth of water it costs $200.00 for

it to be delivered...sad but true.

I would be so very appreciative of the help

and would pay it forward when the prosperity

funds arrive....I have nowhere to turn to as I

am on my own in this world.

THANKS and I am in intent that I get the

help I need. :-}



July 31 2013 - After receiving $200


Sorry I don't have pics of either and no

camera.... no cell phone either. Please

know that I am living with only the basics.

A trip to town is 60 miles round trip, I only

have enough gas money per month to make

one trip per month for supplies.

May I ask why pics are needed?

I DON'T HAVE: { but am happy where I am }

friendly neighbors

TV service, prescriptions, medical ins. but for medicare plan A,
property ins, cell phone, long distance on telephone service,
any "fraud" loans,

satellite nor DSL internet service {so therefore no ability to
watch/listen to ANY videos, mp3s, or radio broadcasts
cause they time out or I loose the download connection }

there are no traveling trips/vacations, travel to seminars.

a drug, drinking, or smoking habit.

from my heart to yours

THANK YOU for the $200.00....tears running

down my cheeks...so needed,




London, UK

$1,411.03 - July 31 2013
Thank you to all who helped!

Anne Sweet Anne Thank you very much from my true heart and my children.
It means so much to us that there is help out there for all of us.
I am hoping come Friday that all will be great, when I go to court. I am sure that what I give them will hold them off for a while.
St Germain is giving me so much hope and love it’s unreal.

This week Anne I have felt more relax than last weeks, I feel that there’s hope and more to gain out of this time of life.
Anne I know that you are a busy and important part of our lives and I am grateful for getting to know about Hollow Earth and disclosure and you and everything that are attached. All this information has made me see light which I pray for all the other people to see it, I am sure they too will be feeling the love inside which can’t be bought or borrowed. I have posted all about St Germain mother/father god and you and more to my friends and family.

Thank you again Anne

Lots of love
Santa & Sons


July 24 2013
Hello Anne

Hope you remember me (santa), my son Simon Aurokium. He was attacked and had to go under surgery urgently and critical at the start.

He has been taking his Laminine for the past 6 weeks now. He seem a lot better and doctors are pleased with his recovery, yet he still have another surgery to have to remove the stent that they inserted within him from kidney to bladder, they had to remove his spleen and kidney damaged.

I have listened to Zorra’s full moon connection, I found it really interested because I am going through this court case at the moment, my mortgage is taking me to court for repositions of our home. I have been stressing and worried as I still have my 3 sons living with me and no where to go. Now I would like to know too, so what do we just ride the tide and hope and wish for the best, or for the banks to get off our back.

I have just went through a shock with Simon’s attack and now this, I don’t know what to think and do. Why me is my question.?  It’s been real hard trying to get money together just to pay the arrears let alone the payments they are asking for per month. I will try and hold on as much as I can but I do pray for the miracle happens fast, which I do believe it In me.  
Before this started I was in a different state of mind, than I just got side tracked and I was focusing on NOT LOSING our home.  

Can you suggest anything to me for just relaxing about this, I have till next Friday, I call it judgement day?

From Normalita
Sunday, July 21 2013

Dearest Kathryn/Lady Portia,
dearest Anne/ Lady Nada,
dearerst Zorra/Father God,

Anne, please post this THANK YOU message to our - Hollow Earth Family, to Kathryn's Healing Group and to ALL who are joining in this joint venture.

I just want to send a short message, as I have to pack and prepare my things I needed for my treatment in the clinic commencing tommorow, Monday - July 22, which will last for 14 days.

Right now, it is Sunday 8 PM in Germany. I have listenend an hour ago to Saturday's (July 20th) call. I fell into TEARS when Kathryn announced the planned Healing Energies (which I have agreed with her thru our email correspondences on Friday, July 19) to be sent to me tonight (beginning at 6:00 PM in Kathryn's location and 12:00 midnight in Germany) while I am asleep. I felt the DEEP GRATITUDE from my BEING and the LOVING VIBRATIONS as well as the Healing Intensions coming from our LIGHT Family.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH ZORRA for suggesting a phone call with me, I FELT the LOVE you've EMANATED and I felt being LOVED from a HUGE LIGHT FAMILY who CARES.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible for me to go to the phone since we have to go to bed at 10 PM already as we (my life companion and I) must get up at 4:30 AM to get our train at 6:00 AM. I have been scheduled to be at 9 AM (on Monday, July 22) in the clinic to prepare myself for the clinical treatment. That's the reason why Kathryn has to redispose her planned Healing Energies to be sent to me on Monday, July 22. So I will be receiving the Healing Energies anyway while my physical body is ASLEEP.

Ashtar, Saint Germain, Jesus Sananda, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Sanat Kumara, Sathya Sai Baba and ZORRA are helping me from the higher Realms.

I will not be able to log in my email account tonight until tomorrow night anymore. Perhaps time would allow me tommorow night or on Tuesday night to log in my email account and to listen to the archive's conference call when I am in the clinic. At daytime I will be very busy with my treatment. You will hear from me!


THANK YOU Kathryn, THANK YOU Anne, THANK YOU ZORRA/Zaraya for making this POSSIBLE.


Your sister of light

Normalita Meier
Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 27
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck * Germany
Tel. : 0049 (0) 8141 - 18314
Mobil: 0049 (0)170 - 4728044

Worldwide Healing


Normalita Meier

Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 27
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck * Germany

Tel. : 0049 (0) 8141 - 18314
Mobil: 0049 (0)170 - 4728044

Hollow Earth Donations:  $2,488.82

Time for Our Group Mediation

3:00 PM Pacific
4:00 PM Mountain
5:00 PM Eastern

6:00 PM Eastern


Please join our worldwide Healing Meditation for Normalita on Sunday, July 21st at the above times.  
Normalita came to us as a last resort, after the breast cancer 
had metastasized into Stage 4 Cancer.

Normalita is scheduled to leave for the clinic on Monday. She
 is extremely weak and tired.

Dr. Kathryn May has asked for our worldwide Healing Energy to be sent to Normalita tomorrow, Sunday, at the above time.  Please see Dr. May's comments below.

We ask that you pause in your day, at the above time, and join the Hollow Earth Family as we gather together, worldwide, and send our intentions of perfect, whole health and healing through the Love energy of our Heart-minds, to Normalita.  Pleae hold these thoughts for about twenty minutes.  

Thank you  

Here is Normalita's last email to me:

My dearest beloved Anne,

Please pass this THANK YOU message to our Hollow Earth Family.

When I've got the phone call from my oncologist on July 2, to tell me the result of my PET-CT medical imaging from June 17, I felt as if my world is crumbling again like I have felt it when I've got my breast cancer diagnose in 2010. The fear for my life and the helplessness I felt in 2010 has caught me up once again. I felt as if the ground under my feet is breaking up again. But this time, this feeling of helplessness was far more bigger since I was almost at the edge of my credit limits (credit card and bank account credit limits) and have had the fear that I might not be able to pay the rent next month. I cried almost the whole day because I felt the hopelessness. While I was sobbing, I wanted to call you but I cannot talk to you in such condition since the water was running endlessly out of my eyes and my nose. And then...I heard Zorra saying....write to Anne....that's why I've waited until I have cried out. And so..., I wrote the email to you the next day.

Since the first day you placed the Lend A Hand request for me, numerous emails and telephone calls flooded me. Emails from alternative medical doctor, energy healers, holistic healers and from all walks of life from Florida, Connecticut, California, Chicago, South Africa, India, Germany, England, and so on... sending me informations, sending their prayers, best wishes, healing pulses and energy balancing.

And when the first PayPal donation notice came into my email account...
TEARS of HOPE, GRATEFULLNESS, ONENESS and CONFIDENCE has overcome my whole being. And suddenly I felt the LOVING response, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COMPASSION in those emails...from a loving Hollow Earth Family. I felt so surrounded with LIGHT, I felt that my call for help was not unheard. 

Those responses...

Gives HOPE in time of HOPELESSNESS
Gives HELP in time of HELPLESSNESS
Gives STRENGTH in time of WEAKNESS
Gives LOVE in time of EMPTINESS
Gives JOY in time of SADNESS

Gives COURAGE in time of FEAR

Words don't suffice how I feel being embedded in LOVE and CARE from a HUGE Family of LIGHT around the WORLD. It is the CARING which fills my heart with JOY.

Deep in my heart told me that we have a big light family who is willing to help, that's why I stretched out my HANDS when I have had nowhere to go and when I was in DEEP DESPAIR. In my humanitarian activities in 2003 + 2004, I was the one who lent my hand...and now I am the one who stretched out my hands...
I THANK YOU my Hollow Earth Family. I thank everybody who sent me emails with words full of love and those who called me. Thank you for your compassion and for your donations. That is the way how we create LOVE for ONE and the OTHER.

THANK you ANNE for all your efforts and services, as well as for your commitment to serve, THANK you HEAVEN, THANK you ZORRA/Father God, THANK you SAINT GERMAIN, THANK you SANANDA, THANK you Archangel MICHAEL....THANK YOU...

To those, whom I was not able to get back yet, please don't be upset....I am just too busy and have to deal with the floods of emails. I kept all your emails and will get back to you as soon as I find space.

I am now more balanced and can maintain a calm state. I trust, those prayers and healing pulses I've received as well as the knowing that I have a big family of light who cares, helped a lot to bring my being back to serenity.
In gratitude and humbleness with much love

Your sister of light

Be A Guardian Angel
To the Member in Need
of Your Choice

For those wishing a more personal connection with our Members in Need, we invite you to contact the Member of your choice and establish that supportive connection, so vital and meaningful when we feel all alone.

Your contributions may now be made privately to 
  the Member, as you desire.

Today's Message from

Dr. Kathryn E. May, PsyD

July 11 2013

Anne, This is a wonderful idea.

Why not have a Hollow Earth Healing Team to send healing energy (better than money) to those members who are in dire health need - especially cancer.

I have been a member of such a team, and healed a woman of breast cancer in one treatment.

To save you organizing time, perhaps have a special spot on the website to direct people when to be there, and who needs the help.  We could have them sign up, because that is a commitment that will help them carry through.

Maybe a once a week Healing Team gathering, perhaps as a part of my Wednesday night show. Sananda could preside, maybe!  I can add 15 minutes to the show to accommodate it.  That way, I can keep track of the research results!

I will do the sign-up part. People can send email thru my website and I'll make an email list of volunteers to send out the call when we have someone in need.

CLICK HERE to sign up... as a healer, one who requests healing, Kathryn's email, a note


Thank you.

Update - Friday, July 12th
In response to my inquiry about costs

Normalita Meier

Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 27
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck * Germany

Tel. : 0049 (0) 8141 - 18314 
Mobil: 0049 (0)170 - 4728044

PayPal Account:  normalita@web.de

July 12 2013

Dear Anne,

I am so sorry for causing you so much work with my appeal. I really acknowledge all efforts you do for us - your children.

I wish, I could help you with something to ease your work with us. Unfortunately, I do not know what?

I am also tired right now since I couldn't sleep so long since I've got the results of my PET-CT scan on July 2. So, I just want to give you a short answer and an update what I have been doing the whole week. I have been talking with my clinic and with another doctor who also conducts another alternative cancer treatment almost everyday just to be sure that I make the right decision. Today, my oncologist has given me the answers for my last queries. So I decided to make the suggested treatment in my first letter. On Monday, July 15, I will call them to give me a bed for the treatment. After that, they are going to give me a date when I'm going to get a bed in the clinic. I sense that it must be the last week of July.

My treatment will be a complete package, that's why I have to stay in the clinic for 14 days. I will give you more details of my treatment in a separate email. What I have to pay by myself is the Hyperthermia (also referred to as: Thermal therapy) which will costs 1.500 Euro. The other treatments and the hospital room will be paid by my Medical Insurance (thanks GOD). Then I have to pay also the hospital fee (10 Euro per day) which is 140 Euro, plus other miscellaneous fees = 30 Euro.

Treatment fees:
Hyperthermia - 1500 Euro - payable on the second week of treatment
Hospital fee - 140 Euro - payable at the end of treatment
Miscellaneous fees - 30 Euro - payable at the end of treatment
Total treatment fee 1670 Euro
plus 1010 Euro - Room accomodation, transportation ect.
Total amount all in all 2680 Euro

I can use the funds I have right now which is 894 Euro for my basic costs for transportation, meals and accomodation.

Room accomodation and transportation fees, as well as meals (foods and drinks) for 14 days, which is =1010 Euro.

Perhaps we can get a room for 40 Euro a day, but it is not sure, because it depends upon if such rooms are free at the time we need it.

Room accomodation will be paid on the check out day.

I'll just wait for the other funds coming from you. I trust that a divine solution will come to cover my needed funds. You already have done a lot in this regard Anne, so don't worry..., send the amount what you can send for the second batch...I learned to trust that for every problem, there is divine solution. I sent my gratitude to the heaven already.

I have read Kathryn's email suggestion. It is a good idea.

Regarding Laminie, thank you very much for shipping it. I'll wait for it. As soon as it arrives, I will start with it right away. Yes please, place another order of Laminine for me.

Now, I want to go to bed also....

Good night Anne and again...thank you very much for everything. The angels are carrying you with their beautiful wings.

Much love and light

Today's Message from Normalita
July 11 2013

Normalita Meier

Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 27
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck * Germany

Tel. : 0049 (0) 8141 - 18314 
Mobil: 0049 (0)170 - 4728044

PayPal Account:  normalita@web.de

July 9th:  $804.02

5:48 PM
My dearest beloved Anne,

Please pass this THANK YOU message to our Hollow Earth Family.

When I've got the phone call from my oncologist on July 2, to tell me the result of my PET-CT medical imaging from June 17, I felt as if my world is crumbling again like I have felt it when I've got my breast cancer diagnose in 2010. The fear for my life and the helplessness I felt in 2010 has caught me up once again. I felt as if the ground under my feet is breaking up again. But this time, this feeling of helplessness was far more bigger since I was almost at the edge of my credit limits (credit card and bank account credit limits) and have had the fear that I might not be able to pay the rent next month. I cried almost the whole day because I felt the hopelessness. While I was sobbing, I wanted to call you but I cannot talk to you in such condition since the water was running endlessly out of my eyes and my nose. And then...I heard Zorra saying....write to Anne....that's why I've waited until I have cried out. And so..., I wrote the email to you the next day.

Since the first day you placed the Lend A Hand request for me, numerous emails and telephone calls flooded me. Emails from alternative medical doctor, energy healers, holistic healers and from all walks of life from Florida, Connecticut, California, Chicago, South Africa, India, Germany, England, and so on... sending me informations, sending their prayers, best wishes, healing pulses and energy balancing.

And when the first PayPal donation notice came into my email account...
TEARS of HOPE, GRATEFULLNESS, ONENESS and CONFIDENCE has overcome my whole being. And suddenly I felt the LOVING response, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COMPASSION in those emails...from a loving Hollow Earth Family. I felt so surrounded with LIGHT, I felt that my call for help was not unheard. 

Those responses...

Gives HOPE in time of HOPELESSNESS
Gives HELP in time of HELPLESSNESS
Gives STRENGTH in time of WEAKNESS
Gives LOVE in time of EMPTINESS
Gives JOY in time of SADNESS
Gives COURAGE in time of FEAR

Words don't suffice how I feel being embedded in LOVE and CARE from a HUGE Family of LIGHT around the WORLD. It is the CARING which fills my heart with JOY.

Deep in my heart told me that we have a big light family who is willing to help, that's why I stretched out my HANDS when I have had nowhere to go and when I was in DEEP DESPAIR. In my humanitarian activities in 2003 + 2004, I was the one who lent my hand...and now I am the one who stretched out my hands...

I THANK YOU my Hollow Earth Family. I thank everybody who sent me emails with words full of love and those who called me. Thank you for your compassion and for your donations. That is the way how we create LOVE for ONE and the OTHER.

THANK you ANNE for all your efforts and services, as well as for your commitment to serve, THANK you HEAVEN, THANK you ZORRA/Father God, THANK you SAINT GERMAIN, THANK you SANANDA, THANK you Archangel MICHAEL....THANK YOU...
To those, whom I was not able to get back yet, please don't be upset....I am just too busy and have to deal with the floods of emails. I kept all your emails and will get back to you as soon as I find space.

I am now more balanced and can maintain a calm state. I trust, those prayers and healing pulses I've received as well as the knowing that I have a big family of light who cares, helped a lot to bring my being back to serenity.

In gratitude and humbleness with much love

Your sister of light

Today's Message from Barbara
Thursday, July 11 2013

Barbara Spencer Herder

451 Boardwalk Drive #208
Fort Collins, CO 80525


New Email:

July 4 - 5:  $804.02
July 15:  $1,684.79

Thank you!

11:00 AM

Dear Anne,

You are such a wonderful host and it was another amazing  call last night.

I wanted to give you an update.  I have taken a job with a health insurance company in sales and they have some good rates and good coverage especially since it is unknown what is going to happen when the new health care reform starts.  Of course this is commission only job so I am working hard to get my first sale as well as hoping that this will be a good opportunity for me to help people and also get out from down under financially.

I am writing to say that I have been proactive in looking at how I can reduce my living expenses and am in the process of figuring this out.  In the meantime, I am still on the edge as my rent, car payment and living expenses are all overdue and in this moment I have $20 left for food or gas.  I would appreciate if you could consider any additional funds given to me just so I may hold on until my sales can start coming in.

I by no means want to be a burden nor do I want to be dependent on this loving contribution for much longer.  What has been given is so appreciated and the love I have felt has renewed my soul. In addition to this job, I am still applying for others and asking Source to guide my way forward out of fear and struggle to move toward being of service in the best possible way out in the world.

I will surrender to what is appropriate and in the highest good for all.  I am so grateful for all I have received in connecting with and being part of the Hollow Earth family.

With Love From The Bottom of my Heart,


11:05 AM

Barbara, what do you need to buy you some time?  Let me know.  I must post it ...  

2:12 PM
Hello Dearest Ann,

I am finding it difficult to ask for a specific amount, since having to ask for anything has been difficult. As I have said, I feel so blessed and grateful for the love and money already given to me and I will be deeply touched by this forever. It is also hard to be in the position to ask for more since my focus is on Normalita and if I had some money I would want to give her support and I also don't want to take anything away from the money she needs to receive.

So, here I am struggling with what to say. I have been struggling for months so I am so behind in payments it is all a blur.

If I had to focus on the most immediate it is to pay my late rent, pay my May payment of my car so they won't repossess since I am 3 months behind, pay my car insurance due, and include maybe a little for food and gas, I would say $1500 would help greatly to get me through these next few weeks until I can earn some commissions and start bringing money in. And yet, I would want Normalita to receive the same or more. So, any fair amount would be "riches" to me.

As conveyed, I am praying for God to assist me out of this struggle and fear and asking for me to be shown what is the highest service I can do NOW that in return will help me support myself.

Humbly and with love,


Barbara Spencer Herder
10:06 PM Monday Night, July 8th

Dear Anne,

I know the energies are intensifying, and all our shadows and fears are coming up to be cleared. Its almost an excrutiating

roller coaster ride. One minute I am filled with the Oneness and Love and such Gratitude and the next I keep trying to find my place to fit in to get a job and find a way to have money come in and the ground keeps slipping away. One minute I am in complete surrender and trust and the next my car company says they are going to take my car, my apartment complex said that I have maybe a week before my apartment is at risk, I just got a letter from my bank saying they are going to shut my account down because I have overused the courtesy clear of $500 that I have used as a back up so my checks won't bounce. I keep perservering and start over every day and say today is a new day, yet it seems the ground beneath me keeps crumbling.

I hate that just to feel safe with a roof over our head and secure and not in fear that it is about the money. I feel so grateful to our loving and giving Hollow Earth family and so appreciate what they have already given me, and I hate the feeling of still feeling like I need help to keep above not being swallowed up by this crumbling 3-D nightmare. I am so exhausted, it is like I have been swimming up stream against the tide and want so much to let go and know that I won't drown, that I will be lifted up and flow with the loving embrace of God. Sometimes I can let go, in this moment it is scary again.

It all seems easier to let go when I am filled with the loving vibration of our channelings and messages reminding us where we are going and who we really are. Yet today, I had to go to another job and sales training that was all about selling and it just drained me. I wish we were all more free to fill our souls with light, join together and give and love one another. its just hard to do when you are out pounding the pavement begging for a job when my energies are already drained.

I pray that we are closer to the shift, this distorted barely surviving theme feels like it is no longer serving any of us, we are just suffering now.

I pray that God and our angels can hear our call. Let our freedom from these shackles begin now, let us come together and shift out of this illusion now, let us come home to our truth and love and oneness now.

This is my sincere heart's call tonight....please God

Ann, I just didn't know who else to write this to, and usually I would just stuff what I feel inside. It just feels like at least Hollow Earth network and you are my home base now.

Love you,


Tuesday:  1:32 AM

Hi Barbara,

As you can see, I have posted your letter on Lend A Hand, and just written a new message on Breaking News.

Now, ever since reading your email, I have been trying to know what I am to say. And I think it is this:

We have all come to this point in our lives, at one time or another. I remember reading that Walt Disney filed bankruptcy seven times!    But we all "rise from the ashes." It is NOT the end of the world. However, it may be the "end of an era."

I have often said, "When you hit a brick wall, you must turn right, or left. Continuing forward in the same direction is not an option."

And this may be the point at which you find yourself... only for this short period of time until the new financial system is in place and everyone can relax and take a deep breath.

You may have to confront a change of residence. Start looking for roommates, either to share your current abode, or to join a "group home." This could be the start of something good. Getting out from under high rent and utilities would just leave you with the car payment. Look for optional employment. TAKE ANYTHING. I have heard of skilled people taking a job in fast food ... only to find themselves elevated into management almost overnight. Many of us have, under certain circumstances, found ourselves "multi-faceted" and quite talented in fields of endeavor we never dreamed of. We have found "a whole new me!"

Throw your Self into the arms of the Universe. Cut lose from rigid boundaries. Be willing to "go with the flow." You may be surprised to see where it takes you. Step out of your comfort zone ... you may discover a wonderful new lifestyle and rewarding adventures.

Barbara, if that is where the Universe is taking you ... go with an open Heart-Mind. I believe you have a beautiful new lifestyle opening up before you. You have much experience and understanding ... and it is needed, somewhere, some place, now. There is a Perfect Solution, just right for you, already set up by the Universe ... something you would not, of your own, think of. These things come to us ... we don't find them. And they come when we have reached the end ... and just let go.

Nothing happens by accident. Your life is changing before your eyes and it has a happy ending.    We will help you and Normalita as much as we can, but it cannot, of course, be indefinite. So let's see where the Universe is leading you!

My eternal, unconditional Love,

Anne / Mom
Hollow Earth Network (HEN)

Need Urgent Help for Breast Cancer

Normalita Meier

Konrad-Adenauer-Str. 27
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck * Germany

Tel. : 0049 (0) 8141 - 18314 
Mobil: 0049 (0)170 - 4728044


PayPal Account:  

Dear Anne,

I have hesitated so long, for almost 6 months now, if I should ask for help from our HEN Family. But now I cannot help myself anymore and I am forced to address this issue. As I  have mentioned in several mails already, I've got my breast cancer diagnose in 2010. After that diagnose I decided to undergo an alternative therapy which, my medical insurance refused to pay as I decided not to make the conventional therapy. So I was forced to pay all my alternative treatments and I am unemployed since then and getting just a small amount of money from our Jobcenter This has brought me in big financial debt. But with the alternative treatment, the tumor shrank from 3cm to 6mm and has stayed inactive. Then in January this year the tumor has grown again in a high speed and I have had an inflammation and severe pain in my breast.

With this new situation I have had to spend money for my herbal medicine again and have been oftentimes in the clinic for regular consultations. On June 17, I have had a PET-CT Scan for medical imaging of my breast cancer. Yesterday, July first, my oncologist called me to tell me the result of this PET-CT medical imaging. It was a shock and so depressing for me and I fell into unending tears. The tumor has spread out to my lungs (both lungs), has metastasized in the 8th vertebrae/backbone and in the lymphnodes in my right arm. And I have back pain almost everyday. I wanted to call you yesterday already but I decided to wait until I have cried out and just wrote you an email.

Basically, I am one of those who donates if donation are needed. But I am NOW really forced to ask our HEN-Family for help because my oncologist have told me that I have to make a two week stationary treatment in the clinic as soon as possible to stop the spreading of the cancer cells as the cancer cells grows sooo fast. I have called Zorra/Father God already for a healing pulse for me personally and assist me in my present situation. I hope he receives my call. Otherwise I am asking you Anne to pass this email to Zorra.

What I am now asking from our HEN-Family is financial assistance because I really am financially broke and I need money for room accomodation (the clinic is 120 kilometers away from my home) for two weeks for my life companion who is going to accompany me to the clinic to support me mentally and emotionally, transportation cost, meals for 14 days, initial payment for my treatment, my washing machine has also given up since two months. I am washing the small things with my hands but I cannot wash the heavy things like big towels, jeans pants, large bed sheets, sweat shirts and pullover. I really need a washing maschine now. My vacuum cleaner gone kaputt (broke down) since 6 weeks and I cannot clean my carpet since then.

To summarize my urgent financial basic needs:

Room/Hotel accomodation for 14 days          50 Euro per day      700,00 Euro
Transportation Cost back and forth                                                70,00 Euro
Meals for my companion for 14 days             20 Euro per day       240,00 Euro
Initial Payment for my treatment                                                1.000,00 Euro
Total amount:                                                        2010,00 Euro    
If I can get more money than what I basically needs, I may be able to buy a washing maschine or a vacuum cleaner.   

I am so sorry to ask you for this Anne, but I have no choice anymore as to ask my Light Family for my urgent needs.   

I know that our prosperity funds are coming but until it is released, I cannot wait for this treatment anymore.

I also am asking for some Laminine donation to support my cancer treatment, as I also do not have the means to buy it. 

I hope to get the needed HELP. I send you love and light for everything you do for your "children"  already.


July 3 2013
Honestly, I am in a little dillemma right now. Firstly, I would rather want to wait for the Laminine capsules to treat my cancer. And...I will be very glad if you can raise the funds for my Laminine so that I can take the Laminine after my treatment.

My aim is to boost my energy, raise my conciousness and take the benifit of the stem cells in the Laminine to completely heal my cancer from within my DNA. 

Now the reasons:
My Breast-Tumor has grown up to 4,5 cm already and there are some metastases in my chest wall, both lungs and lymphnodes in my both arms, as well as in my vertebrae. This metastases are growing so fast, that is why, I have called Zorra yesterday night before I've gone to bed to help me. This is a very difficult issue for me at present. Right now, I feel the pain in my lymphnodes in both arms, in my breast, my chest wall and my back. I have this pain almost EVERYDAY. If I have this pain in my whole body, I cannot do anything anymore. This makes me weak and just want to lay in bed.

Secondly, why I must (I should begin in the next two weeks already) do this suggested treatment from my oncologist. I am forced to make this suggested therapy as it is pivotal for my pre-pension request. Our Jobcenter want to pass this basic financial security I need to my Pension Insurance as they (Jocenter) cannot afford to take me in their list any longer because of my illness. They can only take me further into their account if they can still mediate me for a JOB. But in my present situation, I am not able to get any job at all, so they must remove me from their list and pass this responsibility to another insurance, which is my Pension Insurance. Otherwise, some difficulties of getting my pre-pension request which will provide me little amount of money for the living, might lead to complications. Our Medical Insurance and our Pension Insurance are working Hand-In-Glove.

I think you can imagine how I am sitting between two chairs and I must choose now. The choice I have to make, is to secure my monthly basic financial needs for living (as I still have my son with me who is still studying) even if it is just a little amount. These are some issues which I have to deal with, additionally in our remaining time before ascension.

I WILL HOLD ON, Anne...and trying to go to the light as much as I can...and I also hope, as you have said, that a guardian angel helps me in my financial needs for this treatment.

I hug you so tight in response for your love...and please pass this information and my appeal to Zorra as you can communicate with him verbally. Perhaps he could provide me some healing pulse and some emotional balance which I needed so badly at present.

Much love,

July 4 2013

Yes Anne, I know that our HEN-Family is very loving and reacting quickly, and I understand that this amount of money I needed is indeed a big amount, that's why I hesitated for so long. I thought I could stand the guff with my own strengt and efforts until my grant/prosperity funds are released. My oncologist have told me in January already that I would eventually be needing another treatment. But first, he has tried to help me with another hormone and other medication to save me from the cost I have mentioned as my oncologist also knows about my financial situation. But when he has got the result of the PET-CT scan from June 17, he was very concern and has appealed to me to make the suggested treatment as soon as possible to stop the spreading of the cancer.
Please Kathryn, Anne, let me know ASAP what Zorra/Father God says about my situation. The clinic, my oncologist is waiting for my answer and decision.
I'm sending both of you unconditional love and much light for your help.

July 5 2013

Anne, I am very aware that you have a full time job with your websites and services, that's why I am so thankful for everything you do for me. Also I thank you for informing me about Kathryn and the newsletter. I downloaded FMG's wednesday call from the archive and have heard that Kathryn is in Canada. I will wait until Sunday for Zorra's information. Then I must call my oncologist on Monday, July 8, to give him an answer what am I going to do.

If you can provide me with Laminine in less than a week, that's great.

The alternativ treatments in Germany is indeed more valid than in the U.S. Some people from America, Australia, New Zealand, England, Italy ect. come to Germany for alternativ treatments. I have met couple of american (from New York and Florida) patients with Prostate Cancer in the clinic where I am going. They told me that America is 20 years behind Germany in regards of alternativ treatment because of the influence of the FDA and pharma industries. But as I have mentioned in my appeal, the German Medical Insurances refuse to pay the alternativ treatments because of the influence of the pharmaceutical companies. The germans are also waking up in this regard.

I fought for 8 months through several instaces of correspondence with my Medical Insurance just to get the money from them for my alternativ treatments with no success. I was very upset and angry at the same time as I have paid my Medical Insurance for years without utilising it because I have never been to a doctor as I was always healthy until my breast cancer diagnose. My oncologist asked me if I want to go to the court with my case, then he would write a letter for me again to be used in the court, but I refused as I did not have the strenght anymore to fight for my right fürther. I just wanted to be healed and have decided to pay the treatments by myself after 8 months waiting.

Yes Anne, I have prayed already - and thank you for praying for me also - to help me find a "Guardian Angel" who's gonna help me to supply the large funds for my treatment.

And YES, I TRUST that everything is in Divine Order and sufficient help will come.

Much love and light


July 5 2013

I have already ordered Normalita's first shipment of Laminine. She should have it within the week, by special courier. 

Normalita's response:
I could not tell to my mother how serious it is right now with my health. She would have a nervous breakdown.
I am her only child


TEARS just fell down on my cheeks....


January 30 2012

Hello Friends,

I've been talking to people all over the country with astonishing tales of how their body was able to heal itself using Laminine. Here is yet another remarkable personal testimony from Wilma in Texas..

Are we not blessed to be able to share this?


"I had breast cancer 23 years ago. In June 2011 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. I had nine tumors in my brain, spots on my lung and a malignant lymph node near the lung. The Drs. said it was Breast Cancer which didn't make sense to me but they said breast cancer can come back anywhere in the body.

I endured 2 weeks of intense radiation on the brain to stop the tumor growth and also went on a regimen of oral chemotherapy, which I still continue every few weeks.

On November 3, 2011 I began taking Laminine at the loading dose of 2 tablets twice a day. A month later on Dec. 1, 2011 I had another MRI and CAT Scan. Of the nine tumors only 2 remained and they were half the size. The spots on my lung were about 1/4 of the original size and they couldn't see anything on the lymph node at all. I could sense my oncologist was shocked because he gasped. Even the nurse just went "Oooo!" as they looked at the MRI .

I had not been able to sleep well since I was diagnosed in June. I would sleep about 2 hours, wake up and maybe go back to sleep 3 or 4 hours later for another couple of hours. The very first night I took Laminine I slept all the way through the night!

I also had been taking a lasix for swelling in my foot and ankle. Well, I haven't needed to take it for a month at least because the swelling

I gave my oncologist some Laminine literature and when I get my next MRI in about a month I'll be anxious to hear what he says. He used to own some nutrition stores so he may be open to learning more about Laminine." Wilma H, 

Yes, many of us know that, in 1929, when Dr. Davidson did his original research with Fibro Blast Growth Factors, he was having remarkable results with cancer, but ... no one would support his final clinical studies.  And so the research died  and so did Dr. Davidson.  -   But, 50 years later, Swedish scientists began this research anew, and today ... we have Laminine!

We make no claims that Laminine will cure, treat, diagnose or prevent disease.  

See support information:
Phyllis' Letters /  Wilma in Texas

Barbara Spencer Herder

451 Boardwalk Drive #208
Fort Collins, CO 80525
New Email:

28 Responses:  $804.02

Barbara has been a single Mom, successfully supporting her two children and her mother (until she passed last year) through direct commission sales.  In December, the company she was with closed her position.  And of course, today's economy is not as able, in purchasing power, as before.  Barbara is actively seeking new employment. 

I have not even sent out the newsletter appeal to our almost 3700 subscribers; yet, those of you who are regular visitors to BREAKING NEWS have just changed a Life.

Twenty-eight of you responded with your own appropriate monetary contribution which totaled $804.02.  This kept Barbara's electricity on, saved her phone and Internet for job applications, and is helping toward her rent and car payment.  - But even more than that, as you will read below ... the loving response of many of you, beyond the monetary support, has made a dramatic difference in the way Barbara now views Life.  

Here is a brief personal statement from Barbara's email message, followed by her loving letter to all of you:  UNTIL NOW


Dearest Anne, This response from me is an expression of where I was before the call with Zorra and your loving call out to the network to help me.  It is hard to believe that it has only been about a week of time yet my whole world has changed.  Everything has changed.  I am beyond grateful, I am transformed by all the LOVE that we are. I am transformed in every way.


I am receiving the greatest most precious gifts.  From some, I have so gratefully received some money that has helped me release the fear of day to day survival which can be so debilitating to your soul.  But, more than the money, it has been the gifts of love, connection, and the loving embrace of oneness that has so filled my heart. I have been learning that the deepest yearning beneath the money is to feel safe, to feel taken care of and secure.  Most of all, what I was praying for beneath the "survival" needs of keeping a roof over my head and food to eat, as I now realize, was to know I am not alone, to feel the oneness that my soul has yearned to feel here on earth.  This is the priceless gift that I have been receiving from beautiful souls like ALL OF YOU around the world.  

You see, I am 59 years old, and as far back as I can remember, even as a young child I have not felt at home here on earth.  It has felt foreign to me here, unsafe and harsh.  It has felt like I have been in a foreign land that is hurtful and I have not known how to communicate, as if I speak a different language.  Early on in my childhood, I got the message that I am on my own, that I needed to shut down my heart so as to not need love, nurturing and connection for if it was not going to be there, it was too painful to want.  So, my journey has been in searching for my "home" searching for my people.  It has been a lonely journey UNTIL NOW.

I learned along the way what I perceived as the earth rules, how to survive and be acknowledged. That if I shined my light to others, gave love from my heart to others they flocked to me.  Yet, when I risked to want to receive the nurturing or love back people rejected me.  I learned to give and give, but never learned how to receive UNTIL NOW.  

So, I walked my journey with my little girl inside so lonely, so disheartened, one foot here on earth, one foot out of here wanting to go back home which was not this earth.  But, then I was divinely blessed with my two children, both not from my womb, but each handed to me by God at their birth.  Both from different birthparents, 2 1/2 years apart, my son who is now 23 and my daughter who is 21.  From the moment I held each, my heart opened and filled with so much love and my soul rejoiced as I knew these my soul children had chosen to come to me in this life.  How honored I have been to be blessed to be their mother. 

My children have served as the roots that keep me here, that have grounded me and strengthened me to withstand the illusion here and stay.  How grateful I am to them for they have given me purpose, they have taught me about endless devotion, unconditional love and how beautiful our spirits are.  From the moment of beholding them at birth and to be part of nurturing them as they have grown has been an inkling of what God must experience witnessing our growth and unfoldment.

Another divine blessing was in 2000, my marriage deteriorated and it was necessary to not be with my husband, for me and for my children's well being.  It was a devatating time, yet once again, divine intervention took place and my mother came to be by my side, she moved in with us and she became my partner in raising our two precious children.  I had my mother who I didn't really have much in childhood since I am the youngest and my mother was too overwhelmed with taking care of everyone else.  So now finally my little girl inside had my mom, a loving, comforting, home base, a warm nest to settle into as we were able to join and offer this love to our children.  It was all about love, it was all about beholding one another for the magnificent beautiful beings each of us are.  Being seen, always knowing we are loved, how wondrous that time was.

A year ago this May, my mom passed.  In her last few years she became the child and I the mother and caretaker.  It was at times painful to see her in struggle or so vulnerable or in fear yet it was a time of such sweet love between us.  I was so happy to be by her side, to let her know every moment that she was taken care of, she was loved.  So many blessings and gifts she bestowed to me and I was able to give to her.

On May 15, 2012 my mother passed peacefully.  A voice told me right before she passed that I needed to GO so I left for 10 minutes and she passed right after I left, I respect that she wanted it this way.  When I came into her room, I witnessed the most beautiful angel.  My mom glowed with an incadescent light surrounding and within her, her skin without a wrinkle, with the most peaceful and loving expression on her face.  My mom was telling me she was now in heaven yet always with me.  Her message to me was, "Sweetheart, I am now in the arms of angels and now taken care of.  It is time for you to take care of you, to know that you are loved, you are never alone, you are deserving of joy, abundance and happiness.  This is your time now to feel at home in you and to know you are part of the wondrous ONENESS of all."

Since May 15, 2012, UNTIL NOW, it has felt as if I was tossed out of my warm, loving nest unable to fly.  As if I have been tumbling down, catching a cliff here and there to hold on to yet feeling no earth beneath me to catch my fall.  I have been unable to plug back into this harsh 3D reality, caught in between two worlds, not knowing how to let go and know how to step into the comfort of ONENESS...UNTIL NOW.

This experience being guided onto the call with Zorra and being blessed to speak with him, was beyond the answer to my prayers, it was as if heaven lifted me up and placed me in the new earth, on the path of oneness, on the path that is our heaven on earth.  Thanks to our dearest, mother earth angel, Ann, the Hollow Earth network of beautiful beings around this earth, our Creator, and loving universal soul family of the stars, I now firmly feel the nurturing, fertile soil of Mother Earth beneath my feet.  I finally feel AT HOME here now.  




Franciscus Kolsteeg

So many of our family around the world have taken the time to encourage Barbara, in Colorado; amongst them, Cheryl and Franciscus Kolsteeg, in Australia.  Helping Cheryl and Franciscus was our first effort, responding as a family, to help a member in distress. Of course, we could not offer perpetual support, but we did come at the right moment to ease them through into a new life style that is working.  

Here is the email they sent to Barbara:

From: atum-ra@hotmail.com
To: barbaraspencerh@msn.com
CC: aadehart@aol.com
Subject: Hi Barbara. . .
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 01:14:56 +1000

Hi Barbara,

We are Cheryl & Franciscus Kolsteeg. We know what it is like to be in your situation, we have lived in our car three times, the last being just a couple of months ago. Back in January we were at rock bottom, very little food or diesel, and finding it harder to find somewhere to park the car where we weren't being harassed by the local council ranger, we were often threaten with the police.

Anne and other wonderful people from HEN came to our assistance, and kept us going until we were able to sort out a few things, within days of Anne asking us to hold on and sending out an appeal for assistance, the support came flooding in, and it means so much, and is so humbling to be on the receiving end. We haven't as yet heard Zorra's most recent recording.

One of the most important sources we came across was LETS (Local Energy Trading System) which started in Canada many years ago, and is now around the world, it is one of the most important connections we have ever made. The wonderful LETS Tablelands (as we are on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland in Australia) have and are still a wonderful supportive crew. We were able and still utilize their resources with local produce, and other resources like seedlings etc for planting gardens, all for bartles (LETS Tablelands currency) it's amazing what is available from haircuts, printing, cars, animals, produce, kefir grains, toys, bed sheets, shoes, clothes, herbs, honey, self help workshops, basically anything. . .do you know the saying one person's trash is another person's treasure, well LETS is the ultimate embodiment of that. Maybe you can find a group in your area, it's all about thinking outside the box. . .I've attached a LETS ebook which may assist you.

Since January 2013, when Franciscus contacted Anne, we have gone, sometimes slower than others, from strength to strength, it started to really take off for us when we starting doing house sits so that we had resources available and a solid roof over our heads. Then we participated in a Health and Wellbeing Expo as we are both healers, from that 1 days expo I picked up 4 sessions, for QUIT cigarettes in 60 minutes sessions, it has been flowing on since then and still is. . .

About 7 weeks ago, we were contacted by a LETS member who had printed some QUIT brochures for me for bartles, her mother had just died and she was wondering if we would be interested in being carers for her brother who has an acquired brain injury. It is a live-in position, it included our food and a cash weekly payment. We were very interested, after meeting the brother and other sister, we agreed to a 4 week trial which was the amount of time we could spare in between house sits we'd already committed to.

The end result being, we are still caring for the wonderfully, funny and gentle man with the acquired brain injury (due to a car incident), loving the time with him, learning a lot and learning to think outside the box again, as he looks at everything very literally, we know we are meant to be looking after him . . .and we're juggling the house sits we already committed to in between. . .it is a challenge for Franciscus and myself as we are used to being together 24/7 since we met in 2006, we are twin flames.

We were told by Spirit that one of the reasons we have lived in our car the 3 times is that we wouldn't have met the people we have met otherwise, and that it is part of our journey, we found that no matter how grim things sometimes felt, there was always someone we could assist with a smile or a kind word, or a willing ear, just to listen . . .

You have a lot to offer Barbara, thank you for allowing all these wonderful people to be part of your journey. What a wonderful example you are setting for your children! One of the hardest lessons for many of us is learning to receive, there has to be a balance of both giving and receiving, we're not told that, but it is very important. The letting go of survival mode is really important, but one of the hardest challenges we have faced, and some days we still face it . . .know that you are always supported and are never alone, we are all one. . .

Have a wonderful day!

Love, light & blessings,

Cheryl & Franciscus Kolsteeg


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