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Note from Anne:
For all of your peace of mind, I have been sent this composite of communication from Clayton and by the applicant who challenged him.  Read it through, as it contains all the pieces.  Thank you Clayton for the meticulous detail you have openly provided.  Thank you, Applicant, for providing your  communication, as well ... as I believe your statements will reflect the understanding of your fellow Applicants.

Here is this revealing stream of communication, just as I received it, minus personal data from the challenging Applicant.


----- Original Message -----
From: Applicant
To: Clayton ZHanna
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 9:11 PM
Subject: Re: [] St.Germain01.03.13.

Clayton, Thank you for the comprehensive response. I certainly appreciate the response and the time you took to put it together. It clarified for me that I must totally change my attitude to "channelled" information. Basically I think others would benefit greatly from your explanation. I would ask that you leave my name etc. out of the correspondence.

I am thankful that the program you describe is something that has credibility. I have a lot to learn and discern about 'information transmitted' and from now on will hold back on coming to conclusions that are obviously inaccurate.

You have been a great help. I send you love and blessings.

Thank you again.

----- Original Message -----
From: Clayton ZHanna
To: Applicant
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 1:27 PM
Subject: Re: [] St.Germain01.03.13.

(Applicant) and all other interested people:

Thanks for this posting ostensibly from St. Germaine. First, This grant program has absolutely NOTHING to do with NESARA whatsoever, and St. Germaine had nothing to do with the formation of NESARA at all. The information transmitted by this channel is a reflection of what that channel carries in their own consciousness and is NOT a part of St. Germaine's many different Foundations and Trusts created 257 years ago.

Anyone who reads or hears what anyone who is a channel ostensibly brings through must use their own power of discernment and go within and allow their own Soul and/ or I AM to confirm what is true for them or otherwise. I have been a channel for well over 30 years and firmly believe that much of what is contained in this "transmission" is NOT from St. Germaine, but is their own stuff.

Contrary to an apparently common miss-conception, the funds from the World Trust and the Foundations which St. Germaine established 257 years ago are NOT behind this NESARA issue. They are completely independent and always have been. The NESARA funds were entirely created by a Supreme Court decision ratified and signed off by President Clinton after a very lengthy and costly series of court lawsuits brought against the UNITED STATES of Washington, DC which is a private corporation and is NOT in fact the legal federal government of the united States government and many of its agencies and branches; the Federal Reserve banking system which is also a private corporation that has nothing to do with the US Treasury; and many other banks, persons and organizations. After nearly 20 years of court battles the Supreme Court of the USA rules against all the defendants in these many lawsuits and awarded damages and awards to the many plaintiffs for all the money and assets stolen from the People of the USA. Those funds are completely separate and have nothing to do with the St. Germaine Trust or the World Trust whatsoever.

In addition the St. Germaine Trust and the World Trust funds have nothing to do with the Wanta-Mitterand-Regan Trust funds of $69 Trillion stolen by the same corrupt group who control the financial system of the western world and re-invested the Wanta-Mitterand-Regan Trust funds in oil futures, derivatives and many other hedge funds for the benefit of the cabal, NOT the People as they were intended. I was told the bank accounts holding these vast amounts have now been frozen and the cabal cannot get access to them. Eventually they will be disbursed to the People of the USA.

This grant program will now be 100% paid for by the Dinar currency re-evaluation, which has just been completed as a part of the Basle III agreement. These funds are thought to begin to be disbursed soon. Exactly when has not been announced as yet. There is a huge amount of speculation on this as over 5,000 humanitarian projects are to be funded by the completion of the dinar currency exchange expected to take place very soon as a result of the completion of the Dinar re-evaluation. However no firm date these funds will be released has been announced as yet.

I highly recommend that everyone who accesses any web site that portrays to offer "channeled" information or "facts" posted on many different web sites and blogs to take the considerable time and effort necessary to learn what the immense fraud and complicity of the various governments, the United Nations, the banking cartel and all the rest of it world wide really is before choosing to accept distorted information as presented in the so-called channeled information by which some people have chosen to consider our grant program to be an evil intent to collect all sorts of personal information about people, which is NOT TRUE.

For your information - far, far more information about almost anyone can be collected from the Internet within 30 minutes free of charge, and a great deal more "personal" information can be obtained from hundreds of Internet sources by simply paying a small fee. I ask people to give serious consideration what remarks they choose to make before taking the time and trouble to thoroughly research the information readily found on many different web sites, posted by many "channels" who accept without question what they bring through from many so-called ascended masters and teachers. The fact is that very few channels are truly clear. Very, very few. The very best channels in the world still have at least 15% of the content of any messages they bring though that is a part of their own personal belief systems. The fact is that very, very few "channels" are clear enough or spiritually aware enough in their own consciousness to get anywhere near close to that level of clarity in their "messages".

So kindly engage your own personal discernment about anything you read or learn of from any channel including myself. It has taken me many, many years of work to get anywhere near close to having only 15% of my own stuff in the transmissions I brought through over the past 30 years.

I will send this information to Anne DeHaart of Hollow Earth Network Network asking her to post this on her Hollow Earth Network to ensure others become aware of what the truth is about the funding that will eventually be released from the grant program I have been working with. The St. Germain Trust and the World Trust and many of the other 77 different prosperity programs are also supposed to soon be able to release their funds to the People of the world, not just the USA. I do not know when that will be, and do not know anything about any of those other prosperity programs.

Last - once again - this grant program is 100% financially supported from the currency re-evaluation of the Dinar and has absolutely nothing to do with the St. Germaine Trust or the World Trust established by St. Germaine 257 years ago. This grant program was created by a group of true humanitarians who have agreed to donate a very large amount of money to those in need in the USA and around the world. How many of those who question this program and the folks behind it have done anything like this, or have gone out of their way to create any kind of a program or project to help those in need? Very few.

The grant program was closed a week ago for further grant requests due to the fact that the government has NOT released the funds for this grant program as yet, which were supposed to be released months ago. An enormous number of requests for grants have been received from people all over the world. For the most part, the people who sent in a request for a grant are in very desperate circumstances and in severe financial distress. The grant program was closed from receiving further grant requests to give us time to process the enormous number of grant requests already received so the grant requests are properly processed for disbursement as soon as the funds are released. It is intended to re-open this grant program sometime in the future, possibly this year, but only when the promised funds are released by the government and are already in the bank for disbursement.
It is hoped this information will dispel any further conjecture and judgment by those who have obviously not taken the very considerable time and effort to learn what is really behind all these different prosperity programs and the financial system in the world, and instead automatically assuming something based on speculation and with no foundation in truth whatsoever.

My best wishes to everyone for a peaceful, fulfilling, happy and abundant New Year!
Clayton Hanna
Grant Program Facilitator

From:  (Applicant)
Sent: Wednesday, January 9, 2013 3:04 AM
Subject: Fw: [] St.Germain01.03.13.

To Clayton Hanna:
Re: The Nov. 9th, 2012 posting on Hollow Earth Network inviting applications to St. Germain's Trust Fund.

I am writing to ask why you would invite applications such as you have for grants of the St. Germain Trust fund when there is a clear explanation below that this endangers any applicant by exposing them to the dark. See below: "A word of warning. There is no such thing as an application in advance."
I would appreciate clarification if you are able to provide it.


---- Original Message -----
From: Michael Quinsey
To: Etfirstcontact
Sent: Tuesday, January 08, 2013 3:21 PM
Subject: [] St.Germain01.03.13.

Hi Friends, This is a very informative message about NESARA>. Mike Quinsey.
Posted on January 3, 2013 by Sirian Heaven

(I never felt the urge to share things about Nesara because it never interested me personally, neither not talking about it with Saint Germain in my private space. But because some are asking me about it, I agreed to do one channeling only about this subject. Love, Méline♥)

M: Can you give me some insights as to your Trust Fund and Nesara? Are these for real and is the World Trust Fund a part of Nesara?

SG: Of course, you may inquire about those issues and it will be my pleasure to reply. The World Trust Fund is something that is, albeit it slowly, emerging on your current world. It has to do with returning to Humanity, as a kind of recompensation, of the funds that have ever been taken from them but which were rightfully theirs. This Trust Fund has been established under my supervision and will remain solely under my supervision as long as the funds haven’t been released. I will be the one who will make the decisions in this regard and I will decide when it will all come to pass. This ‘when’ has been a long time coming ; there have been resistances and difficulties along the way, but I always considered the life and freedom of every soul as my top priority. First I had to be sure that everything and everyone remained unharmed and that they get the chance to experience a beneficial payment of that fund. This fund is not a fairy tale but a fact : the fund contains gold of immeasurable value which rightfully belongs to humanity. Once all greed and sources of evil have been fully removed it will be safe again to return these funds to their rightful owners : the whole of humanity.

I will decide on the subject when this will happen : I cannot determine in advance when exactly this will be, all I can say is that it will be determined in a mere second of your time. This time must be exactly right and the possibility is now increasingly becoming a probability as the sources of evil and the dark forces are as good as eradicated now. All in all there is a lot at stake and your safety is my top priority in this moment! Rest assured and have faith : you will certainly have the experience of this in these times of your incarnation.

We have moved very close now to a breakthrough of NESARA. By the way, NESARA is far more than just the World Trust Fund which in itself is only a part of NESARA. In general, NESARA is the freedom of humanity, the rediscovery of yourself, of your abilities, of your perceptions and of your connections with your Galactic Self and your family, which in itself has to do with Disclosure, NESARA also refers to having faith in yourself and in each other, in the perfect society in Love and Harmony. NESARA also implies a more refined and Higher Technology and a broader scale of scientific and spiritual knowledge. All this and more pertains to NESARA and it is the birthright of every human being! Hence my presence alongside you and the reason why I return it all to humanity.

This is also a global process for which I have worked for a very long time : many steps have gone awry in the past but with the removal of the most hazardous darkness, the way shall be cleared for this. I do not give any dates nor even a timeframe but let me ascertain you that it all draws nearer and that the first steps of this process have already been taken. President Obama plays a major role in this and with each passing day he gets more power to bring these issues to fruition. You have to confide in this President as he is the one that might get the job done, he works tirelessly to bring it forward; he is my ally in the matter of NESARA and in so much more and he knows all too well what is in store for him.
The last hidden veils have to be removed now before the playing field can be leveled, in consultation with the Collective of Humanity and then a big hope will well up in your hearts. Humanity is doing a great job of cleaning up the redundant rubbish, the latter referring to the personal, as well as the old collective patterns and even in these issues I ask you to give it time : you are actively involved in this and the finishing line of this is in sight.

I am fully aware that you had to wait a long time for this : but rest assured that I pursue the same goals as your hearts do ; but I also take you into account and that is why I have to be absolutely certain that the collective hearts are co-creating this in all safety and in all freedom. This freedom has now begun and gradually will take on its own forms, so you may absolutely expect the breaking through of NESARA and that part known as the World Trust Fund will also get its turn. However, I must insist that you let go of all timeframes in this regards and to release all expectations because that attitude can counteract my efforts when every soul independently places his/her own manifestations and expectations of a possible timeframe on this! This can only lead to differences and setbacks. Only create in the NOW, without expectation and just BE and feel Love. I put my whole Being into this project as I love you all so very much and I so long to see your hearts fully liberated…This too is my goal and my mission to which I gladly give my soul. So trust me completely : Saint Germain knows what he is doing for the well-being of all of you! Feel free to give your support to me for this whole project by being faithful and remaining positive, keeping in mind that you assist me by letting go and by being and experiencing yourself in each NOW moment. It is just a matter of simply being and releasing. It will come to pass and when you take afore-mentioned advice to heart you assist me greatly.

A word of warning as to the so-called ‘Pre-Nesara funds’ as there is no such thing as an application in advance and certainly not by means of filling in a form which requests you hand over all your personal data. By filling in that form you put yourself in a vulnerable, weak position by putting your cards on the table for the dark ones to see. Such things do not pertain to my NESARA : it is a misleading project! So be extremely cautious! NESARA will come to pass for every individual on the exact same time : there are no favourites and you are not required to introduce yourself. We know all too well who you are in your Presences and everyone will receive their rightful part in all freedom and this will be so for all of you and only through me! I am the supervisor of the NESARA project and I guard it wholeheartedly. Take good care of each other and be present on Earth in your Light and in your Love; form the necessary groups, take the necessary steps and get on with your mission! With much Love I greet you all.

I AM that I AM. Saint Germain

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