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According to DRAKE [American Resistance Movement] the RV is happening and that the delay was caused by O' BUMMER. The rate of exchange should be made available, I believe today. As usual, the Dinar Guru's are clueless about what is going on.

The Federal Reserve System however is predicted to collapse sometime between September 20 and 30. When this happens, any assets in a Federal Reserve Bank or in a safety deposit box, will be lost forever. Our illustrious government is responsible for banking regulations, which makes all accounts: checking; savings; trusts; IRA's; credit cards and safe deposit boxes, the property of the bank. The FRANK/DODD TRUSTS that you all have heard about, is a watered down version of the initial proposed legislation and which offers zero protection to depositors.

DRAKE indicated that the longer investors hold onto their DINAR's, the more valuable they will become; so there is no immediate need to cash out and given the banking situation, it is probably smarter to hold back your exchanges for now. If you do need to exchange something, be sure that you can withdraw it all before the projected crash.

There is a new international regulated banking system in place and well financed, which will be implemented sometime after the crash, which offers gold backed currency and prohibits the government from using it as their personal checking account. Implementation could be two weeks or more and has something to do with an open media disclosure of the criminal cabal; government; religious affiliations and politicians responsible for stealing our assets; causing wars for profit and keeping the masses in slavery.

The international banking system will offer an exchange rate for DINAR's and I believe the new dollar will be called T-bills or Treasury Bills The international system will also offer an exchange rate for your remaining FRN's on hand but only out of charity because FRN's have no real ascertainable value.

That's all I have heard about this situation for now and I believe this is fairly accurate.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada