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December 5 2015

It's Just Us



Last week, one of our members contacted me, very distraught, as the electric company had just installed a "smart meter," although she had protested. Having had a couple of heart attacks not too long ago - she was quite concerned, and fearful, of the effects of this negative energy entering the grid system of her house.

I told her I knew of a way to neutralize it, but it would best be explained by Coy - an old friend, who has studied and demonstrated Quantum Physics most of his lifetime. And here is Coy's message:

Nothing can come into our life except energy matching the energy we choose to hold, or have been guided to hold.  Few understand the physics of that universal law. I would like to give my understanding of how that works.  

All of us are multidimensional beings. That means we exist in myriads of dimensions at the same time. We are living out every possibility that could be imagined in these many dimensions. The quantum physicists have figured out that every particle is bouncing in and out of this reality at many many times a second, and when it comes back it is changed. Peter is fond of saying "Now you see me; now you don't; now I'm different."  So not only, as with us, but everything is bouncing back and forth from these many realities/dimensions at many many times a second... so fast we don't realize it is happening.

Here is another universal physical law: we mirror back to us energy matching the energy we hold inside of us.  If we choose to hold positive energy, and it is a choice, we will draw out of the many dimensions energy that matches that positive energy we are holding at that moment.  The same thing happens if we are choosing to hold negative energy.  

Another universal law: We create 100% of our reality.  In the beginning, I could not get my mind around that law.  How could I create the reality of the people that came into my energy field daily?  I asked my I AM Presence for help with this law and got this answer:  Remember every one is bouncing in and out of their other realities just like you.  So we mirror back to us,  out of their many realities/dimensions, that aspect of that person that is in our energy field that matches the energy we are holding at that moment.  You smile at some one and they smile back... IF that smile is coming from your heart. What energy you are holding at that moment will be mirrored back to you.  

Remember what Peter tells us, "Always choose to BE positive and loving."  Remember what Mahatma Gandhi told us, "BE the change you want to see in the world."  Your life can only change IF you choose to change the energy you are holding.  The relationships you have with the people around you reflect back to you the energy you choose to hold.  It is your choice to be happy or sad, well or sick, to have lack or abundance.  You can't blame any of the circumstances you find yourself in, on  outside sources.  Even a fender bender is the result of holding negative energy.

We create 100% of our reality by what energy we choose to hold. If you choose to believe that you are a victim, then you will manifest the result of that belief in that victIm-hood  Remember, Sananda/Jesus tells us, "Love is the answer to every problem."  

If everyone could understand this and quit blaming some outside source for their life and take responsibility for their life, the world would change for the better overnight.

Now... the smart meters? Yes, the smart meters have been designed to do us harm.  There is one mounted on my house. I simply neutralized it with LOVE.  Remember Jesus tells us "LOVE is the answer to every Question."

Here is what you need to do to make the energy from smart meters beneficial and override the negative energy they is putting out to your house energy grid.

Find your electric breaker box in your house and with a felt marker, write the words "Peace, Harmony, Pure Mature Love, Unconditional Love, Quantum Love and Gratitude" on the electric box between the breakers.  After you do this, not only will your entire house electrical wiring be emitting only the frequency of these words, but the entire electric grid of your neighborhood will be emitting these positive frequencies into every home that that electric company is serving! Why?  Because of a Universal Law called Quantum Entanglement.  You will have done your neighbors a very loving service.

Remember, you are a vast omni-powerful magnificent Being of Light that has volunteered to incarnate here to help Hue-manity evolve back into the higher vibrational realms.  The smart meter is not your problem.  Your problem is your belief system.  All of us who have chosen to incarnate here have this problem, because of our guidance by the unenlightened.  It is time to move away from our old debilitating beliefs that have been forced upon us by the ones that want to have control over others.

If you are willing to change your negative beliefs that are stored in your subconscious, I can give you some things to look at that will help guide you back to understanding who and what you truly are: not a victim, but God in physical form.  I will wait to hear from you as to what your choice is. Because you were given free will by Divine Mother, I am not allowed to interfere with your choice unless you ask for my point of view.

Coy Patterson

It Is All About Love

Are Electric Smart Meters Mind Control Devises?
by Coy Patterson

I asked Source this question after I had received an out of the blue message 

that the smart meters were mind control devises.

The answer I got was 

"Yes, they are mind control devises," along with causing health issues.

My Name is Coy Patterson. My Hue-man linage is Pleiadian and Venusian. I am one of the 144,000 that came here with Sanat Kumara (the Ancient of Days) millions of years ago to save Earth. I am a healer and teacher. My life mission here is to heal and enlighten as many people as I can and to be a receiver and distributor for the Light that Heaven is sending to this part of the Universe at this time of Ascension.

Along with causing health issues the electric smart meters are mind control devises.

I asked Source this question after I had received an out of the blue message that the smart meters were mind control devises. The answer I got was "Yes, they are mind control devises."  

I had already been given the information that you could transmute the energy of your house electric grid and the entire electric grid of your neighbor hood to emit the frequency of LOVE in your house wiring and electric appliances by simply writing "LOVE" on your electric breaker box.  After you do that, all the wiring and every appliance in your house will put the frequency of love into you, your food your clothes and everything that comes in proximity of your house electricity.

I asked Source, "Could writing 'LOVE' on the smart meters transmute their ability to mind control and make us sick?"
I received a definite "yes."  The best way to do this is with a black marker.

By the way the Russians figured out how to map frequencies of anything a long time ago and how to put those frequencies into anything they wanted to.  An example is the energy products from Amega and Zeropoint Global. We are being told by our own scientists that the Russian’s have put the frequency of smallpox into our electric grid causing illness and death here in the US. You haven’t heard that on the evening news have you? Because the US is doing it too.

If you want to see the visual proof of what the word "LOVE" can do, look at Dr. Emoto’s research on water exposed to the word Love and other both positive and negative frequencies at the following website:


You can also learn more about the power of Love in my article,The Power of Love, which follows.

Smart Meter Health Complaints

Utility customers have reported new or worsening health problems since the utility smart meter system has been installed on their home or in their neighborhood.

Symptoms include:
  • Sleep problems (insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, night waking, nightmares)
  • Stress, agitation, anxiety, irritability
  • Headaches, sharp pain or pressure in the head
  • Ringing in the ears, ear pain, high pitched ringing
  • Concentration, memory or learning problems
  • Fatigue, muscle or physical weakness
  • Disorientation, dizziness, or balance problems
  • Eye problems, including eye pain, pressure in the eyes,
  • Cardiac symptoms, heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, chest pain
  • Leg cramps, or neuropathy
  • Arthritis, body pain, sharp, stabbing pains
  • Nausea, flu-like symptoms
  • Sinus problems, nose bleeds
  • Respiratory problems, cough, asthma
  • Skin rashes, facial flushing
  • Urinary problems
  • Endocrine disorders, thyroid problems, diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Changes in menstrual cycle
  • Hyperactivity or changes in children’s behavior
  • Seizures
  • Recurrence of cancer

About... The Power of Love
December 11 2012
A word from Anne

I just received the following information, already written, by Coy Patterson, the one who gave me the first quantum physics information, posted earlier. Coy has been studying quantum physics and receiving information about it for about thirty years.

In the message below, to verify the change that LOVE makes, Coy gives a clear explanation on how to muscle-test for clear answers.  What  and how to ask; and what not to ask.

Most  importantly, Coy shares a remarkable, provable, method of imprinting  L O V E  on any object or area you choose ... be it food, water, room space, bed, clothing ... the world. This can be done at any time, and can then be muscle-tested to show that LOVE is now active.

As Coy summarizes, 
"Enough people doing this across the world will put the frequency of LOVE into everyone and everything on this planet.  

I pray this information will help everyone reading it and prompt them to spread this information..."

Coy Patterson
December 10 2012

First, it is important to learn how to muscle-test, getting yes and no, strong or weak, responses.  This way we will learn how to test before LOVE and how to test after.  We can see the empowerment of
L O V E. 

To muscle test if you are not familiar with this, hold your strongest arm out to your side and while being strong as possible let someone push down on it at the wrist. Test your strength then put the question or statement in your free hand and test again. If your test stronger then the statement is true, if weaker it is false. You can use this method to get the answer to any question as long as it can be answered with a yes or no answer. You are literally asking Source for the answer and source will never lie to you.

I have been testing this for a long time. It works every time. Because the future is not set, questions about the future which are true at the time of asking can change because some event changed changing the future. Most true clairvoyants won’t answer questions about someone’s future because they have figured this out. You can use muscle testing to test the energy in any object, word or statement. When you put the word love in someone's hand they will go strong. The word fear; they will go weak. Negative words, thoughts and objects have low frequencies or low energy which drag the frequency of the body down in to a lower balance making the body weaker and susceptible to disease.

You can help yourself to be more ready for the coming raising of the human and Earth consciousness by writing the word love on everything you put into and on your body. Drink water from containers that you have put the word love on beforehand. When you write the word love on your electric box at your home you will energize every appliance in your home to emit the frequency of love. I will tell you that you have also energized the entire electric grid of your neighborhood to do the same thing.

You can test this by microwaving a cracker and muscle testing it. Then write love inside your   electric fuse box, re-microwave the cracker and re-muscle test it. Since Source is nothing but Unconditional Love, this will give everyone a leg up on getting ready to become Love. 

By the way, if you draw a glass of water from your sink into a container with the word LOVE on it, you will be energizing the entire water supply for your neighborhood.  Why?  Quantum physics says that once something has been connected, and you separate it, the separated electrons will continue to communicate amongst themselves, no matter what the distance of the separation. This is called Quantum Entanglement; look it up. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.” This revelation shook Einstein up. After you draw the glass of water with the word LOVE on it, draw a second glass that does not have LOVE on it and muscle test it. I think you will be quite surprised. Go next door and draw a glass of water from their sink and muscle test it to prove this is true.

Here is something everyone can do, anywhere. Write the word LOVE in the air with your  finger while you are pointing your finger at anything from a plate of food, a bottle of water, an entire lake, to all the air in a room. There is nothing you can’t energize with the frequency of LOVE with your finger.  You can muscle test this to prove it is true.

Enough people doing this across the world will put the frequency of LOVE into everyone and everything on this planet.

I pray this information will help everyone reading it and prompt them to spread this information...

As we can see, the word LOVE is the most perfect and complete and beautiful of all of these word-crystals.  Again, the word LOVE carries with it the highest frequency in the Universe.  LOVE overcomes all.

Many of us remember, a few years ago, a movie that had people standing in line for hours; a movie many people watched numerous times, over and over again: What the Bleep Do We Know? They had found their Truth.  It was a movie with numerous quantum physicists explaining and demonstrating this new science, which included Dr Emoto's demonstration of the power of words.  Again, the word LOVE being the most powerful and highest frequency.

And is this not what WE want?  A way to raise our own frequency ... quickly?
After sending my Open Letter, I received a call and email from an old friend who I had seen demonstrate the function of quantum physics.  It is truly amazing and shows the inter-connectiveness of All. When he called, the first words I heard were, "People don't have enough time to stop eating meat. --  I can tell you a better, faster way that can be proven!"  And with that, I will tell you what he told me.


Raising the Frequencies to LOVE
When bringing foods home from the market, have your permanent marker ready, and...
on each package... write the word LOVE.

For fruits and vegetables, place them on a paper or cloth on which you have written the word:  LOVE

Place your water glass or pitcher, filled with water.... on a base on which you have written the word LOVE.

Write on your water glass:  Love - Joy - Happiness - Appreciation - Gratitude - Love
On your water processor's filter, write (our use a label printer) the word LOVE.

Take a bottom sheet and write the word LOVE all over it.  Then, cover with your sleeping sheet.  Sleep in this high frequency all night.
Computer, monitor, etc.; paste on these and other appliances a printed LOVE label.

Put LOVE labels on all cell and cordless phones.  Cordless are worse than cell, I have been told.
Put a LOVE label under the cushion on your desk chair, etc.
Dog's collar:  LOVE inside the collar.
Underwear:  Mark LOVE on the waist band.
Put LOVE on the car's dashboard.
Etc., etc.
Electricity - EMF Fields
Write the word  LOVE (or stick printed labels) inside your electric fuse box where all of the house wiring  meets.
For those of you who know how to do kinesiology testing, you might want to do a test before treating the fuse box with LOVE ... by testing someone holding an extension cord.  
Then, when you have filled the fuse box with LOVE; test them again with the same extension cord.  Are you amazed that the EMF field is now good for you?

I was told that you could also do this microwave test:

1.  Do a baseline test of a cracker.
2.  Hit the cracker with the microwave - test again, and subject goes weak.
3.  Fill the fuse box with your LOVE labels.
4.  Put the same cracker back in the micro now that all the wiring in your house is carrying the LOVE vibration.  Test again, and subject is strong!

5.  Imagine counteracting all of the EMF frequencies in the house ... wiring in the walls, appliances, etc!

Water Supply
For those knowing kinesiology testing, here is what I have been told:

1.  Draw a glass of tap water and test it.  Subject tests weak.

2.  Put the glass of water on the base for your water containers that has LOVE on it.  Wait a bit.

3.  Test subject with same glass of water after it has been treated with LOVE.  Subject tests strong.
4.  NOW ... empty the treated water.  Fill the glass again, direct from the tap.  Test.  Subject is STRONG!

How can this be??   It has been found that... I will have to get the exact words, as this phenomenon 
even startled Einstein ... molecules that have been associated together as part of a whole, have a lasting connection.  When a portion have been extracted and had their frequency changed ... all remaining molecules in the original source now carry the new frequency!

Would this mean that the whole community water supply has had its frequency raised to LOVE?? 
If so - what an impact of the frequency of LOVE for this planet!  Just when we need it!

How We Can Help

December 10 - 21, 2012

~   Ashtar 

Channeled through Janisel of Sananda's Eagles

Ashtar here, on this most joyous occasion, to bring the meditation that will aid in the completion and overlay of Earth's Crystalline Grid; an occasion which has been eagerly anticipated not only by you but also by those of us in the higher realms. For truly this is a most auspicious moment in the history of your planet. So let's Light it up, shall we?

To begin your meditation, please take the time necessary to center yourself and ground your energy into the body of the planet.

Having done so, you are to then state the intent that your energy will merge with the energies of all others across the globe, for this will be a group effort of Unity Consciousness. And, of course, the energy I speak of is that of Love, the most powerful Force in all Creation, for we will be laying down a Pathway of Love for the Crystalline Grid activation to proceed in a more graceful manner.

As we have spoken of many times before, there are certain processes that we of the higher dimensions perform and there are other processes that we depend upon you, our Ground Crew, to perform. Therefore, for this meditation, your task is to provide the Pathway for the Crystalline Energies to flow throughout and upon the body of your Mother Earth and all her many lifeforms. So, after centering yourself, grounding into the planet and stating your intent, please proceed as follows:

For the entire fifteen minutes (each day) -- or longer if desired -- you are asked to send the Energy of Love, through your intent, to the Crystal Kingdom of Earth. This includes all crystals within the planet, upon the surface of the planet, and within your physical forms. Having thus sent forth that intent, you are asked to then visualize the Energy of Love anchoring into the core of the planet, expanding to fill the interior of the planet, and rising up to the surface and encompassing all lifeforms.

We, in the higher realms, will facilitate the unlocking of the Crystalline Codes, while you will be facilitating the Pathway on which those Codes will be dispersed. For this Grid, my brothers and sisters, is the Matrix for your New Earth and what we have all strived for, for so long. And NOW it is so!

I AM Ashtar, ever surrounding you with my love.

Love & Light,

Service to Gaia and all life forms

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/profiles/blogs/service-to-gaia-and-all-life-forms#ixzz2El36lFQg

Share The Love

It's All About Love
For Love to Be ... It Must Be Shared...

What you are having as life experiences makes no sense at all
by John Smallman

The ride towards home is accelerating as the divine Love field continues to expand exponentially, and more and more humans start to engage with it — as is essential for your awakening. It is amazing to see the Light from each one of you grow brighter and brighter as you strengthen your intent to be only loving in every situation, and thus become more firmly interwoven into the divine Love field by that intent.

It is impossible to overstress the importance of Love! As you have frequently been told Love is the life-force, the energy field in which all of creation has its eternal existence. You built the illusion to experience life devoid of any connection to that field, but your Father ensured that it would be impossible for you to break that connection. However, due to your free will, you were able to shut down your awareness of it, and pretend that you were masters of your illusory domain where you thought you had no need for God.

Finally, enough of you have become sufficiently disillusioned with the unreality you created to seek seriously for an alternative to the very real-seeming environment in which you are presently ensnared, and where so many are suffering.

That disillusionment is the key to your awakening. Previously, you just accepted your environment as the only one available, hunkered down, and did your best to make it work for you, basically on an individual basis. That has not worked, and cannot work: it only builds further separation and disconnection between you all by ensuring that you each choose to experience different and incompatible personal agendas as humans. Those lead to almost constant arguments and disagreements, frequently followed by conflict, as you fail to resolve your differences.

Therefore, disillusionment is good. Deep within yourselves you know that there is far more to life and existence than you can possibly conceive of, let alone experience within the illusion, which is why you have become so disillusioned with it. What you are having as life experiences makes no sense at all, but for eons you have denied that fact. Now you are realizing the validity of that reasoning and are turning to love and compassion instead of anger and conflict as the way to interact with each other — and you are finding that it works.

And if Love works, then evidently there must be a loving Source that created you all, because self-creation is not something that could have developed within the illusion. Your science, however, has always tried to discount the value or the reality of love — let alone God — but it has recently had to accept that everything that exists is interconnected, that in fact there is no such thing as separation, and that such a state is a physical impossibility. However, in your daily lives that is not immediately apparent, and large numbers of you continue to live as though you were separate self-sufficient beings, who need take very little if any responsibility for your behavior and for its effects on others or on the environment.

Your loving Source is always calling to you, and now that you have, as it were, removed your ear plugs, you are beginning to hear Him through your guides and angels. That is an inspiring experience which is happening to more and more of you as you acknowledge the insanity and unacceptability of the illusion as an environment in which you wish to continue experiencing life. That acknowledgment acts as a call to your guides and angels who respond instantly with loving embraces and by sending you unexpected experiences that surprise and intrigue you, and which lead you towards an opening into an awareness of your true spiritual essence.

You Light-bearers and way-showers will often be the catalyst, the unexpected influence that helps a sleeper to seek a spiritual meaning to her life. And mostly you will be unaware of providing the nudge that someone needed to start them on their path to awakening. But it is happening now on a vast scale as the momentous event of your awakening draws ever closer, and the rush is on to prepare you all to be part of it. Your loving attitudes and behaviors are smoothing the paths and paving the ways that the sleepers need to follow, and are providing a lot of the Light by which they can see to do so.

Just remember that within creation — where everything that is real has its existence — there is no separation; all are conjoined. And therefore whatever you do or intend affects all of creation. Consequently, whenever you pray and meditate, the intent that you hold is for all of creation, for the oneness that we all are. And because in Reality there is only Love and all its myriad loving aspects, only loving intentions, thoughts, words, and actions are possible. Anything unloving is as illusory as the illusion.

Nevertheless, within the illusion you can cause pain and suffering that seem very real. There are therefore two self-evident reasons why you should make only loving intentions (1) any that are not loving cannot occur and do not therefore assist you in any way, but (2) within the illusion one can, and many do, build antagonistic energy fields around themselves with unloving thoughts and intentions that cause severe pain and suffering to themselves and to others.

It is those unloving and basically unreal aspects of yourselves that you are all now in the process of releasing, so that the illusion dissolves and the mists that cloud your vision melt away, allowing you to see the wonders that await you. So be loving, compassionate, accepting, and forgiving, and look forward with confidence to your glorious awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.
John Smallman | 11/28/2012 at 12:09 am | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: http://wp.me/pwoMa-qo

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