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Hear, Live ...

Speaking through his son, Zaraya
(Billie Faye Woodard)

Channel:  Nancy Tate

Live Q & A with these Ascended Masters!


Saturday, December 1st

Bushwillows Sanctuary
Shadow Hills
 10515 Wheatland Ave.

Contact Deborah- 818-352-4600    --     deborah222@earthlink.net.  

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Saturday 1 DEC 2012 10am-5pm

BILLIE FAYE WOODARD and NANCY TATE will be at Bushwillows, and joined by Anakhanda Mushaba.


Featuring Guest Speakers

Zaraya (Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard), of Disclosure-2012, whose father, Zorra, from Hollow Earth will speak through him. Also will be renowned author and channel, Nancy Tate, of The Tree of the Golden Light, through whom Hatonn, Horus and Others will speak.

They will be joined by Quasar (Billie’s Twin-Flame, Jane Stevens) and Bob Towers (Nancy’s Life-Partner) .

Have you wondered what 2012 is really about?

Is the Earth Hollow?

What information is really being kept from us?

Are we alone in the universe?

Have you heard talk of the new money exchange?

Do you wonder how life will be in the new dimensionality?

Come and join us in an intimate workshop where these and a lot of your questions will be answered. Group participation will be encouraged. Please check out our websites www.treeofthegoldenlight.com and www.hollowearthnetwork.com

This could be the most important, enlightening, life changing, event of your life!!

$40 per person (Please bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy in the gardens)

For more info : Nancy at mailto:treet7@yahoo.com, 520-360-7624, or Jane at jtguiabstevens@yahoo.com, 719-428-9746

RSVP: Bushwillows : 818 3524600 - Deborah or bushwillows@earthlink.net


For Event Recordings!

Photos of RV's!

 I have also listened to a few of the Ascension Tour recordings (lack of time being a major factor...) and the energy is like golden liquid Light! And yes, it's so wonderful that these Souls are now in the presence of the Mushaba Force, enroute to Light themselves eventually. This sector of the Universe is finally getting healed...completely :)


Seattle Event
October 14 2012

As reported by Laura Legere

Michael Ellegion and I went to an all day workshop with our Hollow Earth brothers, Zorra & Adama as well as Sananda, Saint Germain and Hatonn. Michael and I are familiar with these channels and were ecstatic to see them live. Colonel Billie Faye Woodard (aka Zaraya, his Hollow Earth name) channels his father Zorra from Hollow Earth. Billy was born in Hollow Earth and chose to come onto the surface to assist humanity. His adopted father was in the military, stationed in Area 51 and Billy ended up being stationed there as well. So he understands quite a bit. Nancy Tate channeled Sananda, St Germain and Hatonn ..l. and what a treat that was.
They discussed the new money system and a simple healing method with demonstrations. The stories told were extremely entertaining and the energies gathered that day have boosted my own ever since. They talked about Obama and Michelle being taken aboard Ashtar's ship and briefed to not be afraid to speak about disclosure because Obama and Michelle are kill proof. The Secret Service witnessed Obama and Michelle being beamed back into the White House with two very tall beings. The  Secret Service tried to pull their guns, but were frozen and unable to move until the beings beamed back aboard their ship. We were told that JFK was also taken aboard, with Jackie, and he was going to announce disclosure in Dallas, that day, even though he was warned not to.
According to Saint Germain, NESARA, the Iraqi dinar and all world currencies will revalue simultaneously. The bad guys are not allowed to have any control of the new system in any way shape or form. 
Zorra from Hollow Earth has great respect for Ramtha and Mafu. Zorra said he and Ramtha are brothers in a friendship sense and speak very similarly. Ramtha has asked Zorra to speak on his behalf about the Yelm compound and JZ. Zorra told us that Ramtha has not been the one coming through JZ for a few years now. Zorra explained about Ramtha's brother Ramsus (not to be confused with the Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses) has always been jealous of Ramtha and has been interfering in his affairs. Ramsus is who JZ is channeling. He is an alcoholic and has the students get quite drunk along with himself. He has even thrown up on stage from the alcohol.  
Ramtha wants people to know about his statement years ago, that he would "only come through JZ."  He told us that that has changed, now, because of the circumstance. JZ has been corrupted by money and strayed away from the point of the mission, so he wants us to know he will be coming through another, soon. Sananda and Zorra reminded us that it is important to send JZ love.
Michael Ellegion lead a workshop in Yelm last year, 2011, and the students were so worried that they were in a channeling class, because it was “JZ's Town.” They asked him if he thought JZ was still channeling Ramtha and he picked up that she was not. He used an example of the actress, Linda Evans, being told by Ramsus to prove she was humble by smearing feces all over her body. Michael said he did not believe Ramtha would suggest anything like that. I have had many conversations with ex-Yelm compound/ Mystery School students and am daunted by what they have witnessed. 
We learned how to get rid of chem trails with our hands in the workshop too! So simple. In your left hand put your pinky, ring, middle fingers and thumb touching the tips, the pointer finger stays straight with the "open tunnel" facing toward your right hand. Your right hand is flat with all fingers pointing straight and palm facing the left hand. Hold them 6 to 12 inches apart and guide them along a chem trail and it will neutralize and disappear. I have not seen a chem trail lately to try it. You can use the same method to cleanse and raise the frequency of food by holding the plate or bowl between your hands in this configuration. It made oranges sweeter in the workshop. They said it works on GMOs as well. 
Here is the link for the Ascension Tour 2012 schedule
~ scroll down ~ $40 for a full day and well worth it!
Laura Legere
Author of It's Not Weird Anymore:
An Extraordinary True Tale and
             Winner of the
2011 Readers favorite Award

Taste of an Ascension Tour Event

OCTOBER 6 2012  
Click Here


Treat yourself to Part 2 of the October 6, Mt. Rainier Event which is chock full of specific information!   From Zorra:  JZ Knight's "copyright" -  Hollow Earth people do not die ...   -   Amelia Erhardt - Challenger Crew's suits were found ...  -  Why JFK was assassinated, and Bobby -  About George W and JFK working together.  From Sananda: My son, Greg Giles' Mission - How Gaia is managing it -  Finding your Mission -  Tears, and what they do - She was held in Sananda's arms - The crucifixtion  -  Dolphins and Mermaids - Cat worlds.  From St. Germain: His last 4D incarnation and hidden treasure - Yelm Sanctuary and upcoming "eye" or window opening.  From Zorra:  How the Crown still owns the US; - Our DNA Code - How to remember our night time travels - Who killed Princess Diana, and why?       

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada