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DRAKE Latest Announcements  ---  Get Ready--the perverbial poop is getting ready to hit the fan!!!!

The paperwork is now in place for the U.S. military to take action to remove the corrupt corporate government from power:
We are Defcon Level 4 - - Major Alert prior to all out Extermination...... Against the Cabal

The latest chaos in the Middle East was not perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.
CNN today had Islamic leaders (one of which was the grandson of the founder of the
Muslim Brotherhood)
interviewed that confirmed this rioting was started by outside
groups to cause
dissention world-wide plus a possible needless war.

(Note: MKO --my feeling is that they were Al Qaeda Cabal operatives -- since it has been
proven now
that Al Qaeda is being paid over $160,000 per month with U.S. tax dollars
to protect us from Terrorists !. . . . . THIS IS INSANE . . . we attack them in one country
and support them in others!!!)

See new book Funding The Enemy by Douglas Wissing who talked to troops and went
to Afghanistan to confirm this documentation.

Islamics would have been seriously condemned if they would
start such activities without an attack on Islam or another justifiable cause.

The US Military has been given the GreenLight to Clean out DC ...We are in the
Last Days of Washington Corruptionand Control.....NESARA, .... not all of it is needed.
....CAFRA funds more thanadequate to maintain all government operations.....
Militia's have been deployed.

Get your funds out of the banks. Stock up on Food, Water, Gas, whatever you
will need to keep you comfortable for at least 3 to 14 days.... Remain Peaceful !!
DO NOT give the Illegal Idiot any reason to declare Marshall Law.....

Romney reportedly turning away from the Cabal Corruption, and MAY become
the new President, mindful that any actions on his part to the contrary of the
Constitution as the basis of our Country and Freedom will be dealt with severally.

NO mention of Global Currency Revaluation during his first hour....

Peaceful MUSLIM's have stated on C-Span that recent activities in the Middle East
have been conducted by NON - Muslims ...... which is a position being supported
by other Countries like Russia and China......

Locally REPORT any suspicious activity PERIOD whether it be in your neighborhood
near Schools, Churches, or anyplace. TAKE PICTURES if possible.....

Listen to the entire archived call on the website: http://www.AmericanNationalMilitia.com
Scroll down on the right side of the page to DRAKE'S GLOBAL VOICE RADIO When on the
website, scroll down 3 boxes on the left side of the page to Sunday's call 9/16/12 Click on link and it's best to listen on the
link below the scroll bar to the Web Default Player  if you want the easiest way to control the scroll bar for pausing.

New phone number to access the archived calls (for 7 days) 559-726-1300 PIN 489454

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada