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We have entered 5th Dimension, Already in Level 2! ! Mother Gaia is also in 5th Dimension.  Some parts of Her are at Levels 2 and 3.  Gaia was rapidly ascending, when she became aware of those just awakening, wanting to continue with her to 5D.  And so she paused, slowed, to allow as many as possible to make this Ascension. Hear Gaia's story in her own words.  The True Story of Our Delayed Ascension.
And we are ascending daily.  We have made it into 5th Dimension and a state of Oneness.  Unity.  Soon to totally drop duality.  No more "us" and "them."  We are here together, in LOVE.  We practice this daily ... continuing to transmute resistance into Love; irritation into Love, frustration into Love.  And to enter this state, when things are challenging, we come to Today's Inspiration to bring us to that higher frequency, higher vibration, where we easily let go, forgive, release, and allow ourselves the ease and joy of Unconditional Love. 

And yes, there are still small remnants of the dark, lingering.  But not for long.  We hear conflicting and confusing "news" stories on mainstream media and are tempted to dig into the details, trying to sort it out.  But ... that is not our work!  It is not for us to dive back into duality and sort through 3D details.  That is not our work.  Our work is to joyfully move forward ... upward ... into higher and higher levels of 5th Dimension where the dark cannot follow. 
So here is the rule:  If it doesn't feel good ... get out!   Find YOUR Inspiration in the stories below. That is why we have this page.  We know we can come here for immediate upliftment.  

Let us enjoy our immediate connection with All that is Good!   Come here often. There is something here for everyone.  Let us fill ourselves with the beauty of Planet Earth... Terra ... Gaia ... and all of her children!  Let us be grateful for our brothers and sisters from Inner and Hollow Earth and the vast skies above!
Welcome!  Share the Peace.

Baby Elephant Cries For 5 Hours After Mom Attacks, Rejects Him

The Huffington Post | By Posted: | Updated: 09/13/2013 12:57 pm EDT

Shortly after the mother elephant gave birth to the calf in August at the Shendiaoshan Wild Animal Nature Reserve in Rongcheng, China, she stepped on him, according to Metro U.K. Veterinarians hoped it was an accident and treated the baby before returning him to the mother, but he was attacked again. So they removed him from her.

"The calf was very upset and he was crying for five hours before he could be consoled," an employee said, per Metro. "He couldn’t bear to be parted from his mother and it was his mother who was trying to kill him."

Photos taken of the crying baby elephant, named Zhuang Zhuang, show tears streaming from his red eyes and down his face. In one shot, he is seen laying under a blanket while he appears to weep.

(Story continues below.)
baby elephant

Zoo employees have been caring for the injured baby elephant, and he is said to be doing better, according to The Huffington Post's translation of a Shandong TV report. The mother has exhibited a loss of appetite and may be depressed.

The University of California, Santa Barbara has delved into the question of whether elephants really cry, stating that it depends on which definition of "crying" is being used.

If "crying" is defined as shedding tears, then it is a "yes" since nearly all land mammals produce tears for eye lubrication. If "crying" is defined as shedding tears in response to an emotion, then the answer is a little less clear. It all depends on whether or not elephants actually experience emotions.

And there is evidence they do. Elephants are known to be highly expressive creatures, according to PBS. They are known to show a wide array of emotions, from joy and rage to grief and compassion.

Elephants show joy when playing and greeting others by trumpeting and flapping their ears. When a baby is born, females can sometimes be heard bellowing and blaring, according to PBS. Elephants are widely known for expressing grief after the loss of a loved one, similar to humans. They mourn the dead by touching the bones or circling the body. Some researchers have suggested they may even relive memories and equate such an interest in the dead with evidence they have a concept of death itself.

Thank you Kaye

You might also like to suggest that everyone do ho'oponopono every time they see something potentially causing fear, perhaps suggest, a step before shifting, to feeling positive, send healing to the fear-causing experience with


Say and deeply feel:

"I'm sorry"
"Please forgive me"
"Thank you"
"I love you"

Tree Hugging Now Scientifically Validated

Written by The Editorial Staff on

. Posted in Natural Healing

Die hard conservatives love to disparage liberals as tree huggers, but it has been recently scientifically validated that hugging trees is actually good for you. Research has shown that you don't even have to touch a tree to get better, you just need to be within its vicinity has a beneficial effect.

In a recently published book, Blinded by Science, the author Matthew Silverstone, proves scientifically that trees do in fact improve many health issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), concentration levels, reaction times, depression and other forms of mental illness. He even points to research indicating a tree's ability to alleviate headaches in humans seeking relief by communing with trees.

The author points to a number of studies that have shown that children show significant psychological and physiological improvement in terms of their health and well being when they interact with plants and trees. Specifically, the research indicates that children function better cognitively and emotionally in green environments and have more creative play in green areas. Also, he quotes a major public health report that investigated the association between green spaces and mental health concluded that "access to nature can significantly contribute to our mental capital and wellbeing".

So what is it about nature that can have these significant effects? Up until now it has been thought to be the open green spaces that cause this effect. However, Matthew Silverstone, shows that it is nothing to do with this by proving scientifically that it is the vibrational properties of trees and plants that give us the health benefits and not the open green spaces.

The answer to how plants and trees affect us physiologically turns out to be very simple. It is all to do with the fact that everything vibrates in a subtle manner, and different vibrations affect biological behaviours. One research experiment showed that if you drink a glass of water that has been treated with a "10Hz vibration" your blood coagulation rates will change immediately on ingesting the treated water. It is the same with trees, when touching a tree its different vibrational pattern will affect various biological behaviours within your body.

This vibrational idea is backed up throughout the book by a number of scientific studies to provide convincing proof that tree hugging after all is not such a crazy idea. One report even concluded the following: "safe, green spaces may be as effective as prescription drugs in treating some forms of mental illnesses".

There is one other school of thought are in alignment with this remarkable theory: Taoism. For example, the Taoist master Mantak Chia teaches students to meditate with trees, as a way of release "negative energies." In his Cosmic Tree Healing Qigong method, Master Chia teaches how to align one's body with the "aura" (or energetic field) of a tree. He explains that trees are natural processors that can help you transform your body's sick or negative energy into positive, vital life force energy. As you connect your energy with the tree you facilitate your own physical and emotional healing. The Taoist theory is that because trees stand very still, they are better at absorbing the Earth's Energy and the Universal Force from the Heavens. Trees and all plants have the ability to absorb the light frequencies and transform them into physical food; and they do the same with energetic food. The Taoist view of trees is to see them constantly in meditation, with subtle energy as their natural language.

One other fascinating laboratory that studies plant vibrational energies is Damanhur, an intentional community in Italy. In this peaceful and spiritual ecovillage there is a laboratory in the woods that offers a beautiful choir of singing trees. Yeah, you read that right... singing trees. Since 1976, researchers at Damanhur have invented and developed equipment that can capture electromagnetic changes on the surface of leaves and roots, transforming them into actual sounds. The best part is, these trees seem to control their electrical responses via a feedback mechanism, and demonstrate a kind of awareness and preference for types of music. The singing plants and trees of Damanhur have sparked off such a worldwide fascination that the people began organizing “Plant Concerts”, where musicians perform to the music created by the trees.

Watch this 15-minute video of a beautiful demonstration singing plants while one of Damanhur’s researchers explain the phenomenon.


Click Here


Human Race, Get Off Your Knees...
The Lion Sleeps No More!
David Icke

(Watch in full screen)


Greetings once again, Anne!  I came across a video that is truly "free" therapy ... would be a GREAT way, imho, to brighten one's day and remind them of the illusion this truly is.  Just an fyi..THX :   P.S. I dare you NOT to laugh...LOL



Galactic contactees, twins Earlene and Shurlene, tell of the ongoing promptings of this melody, repeating itself in their lives, until they accepted the challenge of writing new verses, as has happened before in our nation's history.  As we listen and read these inspiring words, they soon become familiar daily commpanions.  So uplifting!

To  read the whole story:  READER TALK

Say hello to Mother Earth as we travel from coast to coast IN A BY-PLANE!  
This 5-minute trip will leave you smiling!

Hear The People Speak!

How ONE Person Can Change the World!
Absolutely Wonderful... What Is Happening!

Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation!


The Academy of Remembrance presents:
Featuring Astarius Miraculii


Quite Powerful



Perhaps The Greatest Musical Performance For All Times! 

Click Above for  Full Screen!

Your upliftment for the whole day!
10,000 Voices!

Len Horowitz Press Conference on 528Hz Love Frequency

Yes, you will smile ... and, remember!

A sacred gift to humanity: 
Musical Rapture from Joao Cota-Robles


Speakers Up!

Double click on picture to enlarge.  
Over 9 Million Views!

Come... enter two beautiful other worlds ... 
Click above, and below ...

What is your PHLashLight?
It is a flash of light made of pure love you send from your heart. As soon as you send this love out from your heart you will feel a warm rush of pure joy and love coming back to you. The feeling is of Pure Ecstasy! If you feel led to, share this video far and wide.... for those that feel they don't know what possible difference that one average person can make in the scope of the whole world, this simple intention done at least once daily will begin to help raise the vibration which will help to CHANGE the WORLD!

Please visit us at http://bethechange777.wordpress.com or http://phlashlight.org/ as we will be adding more in the coming days.


We must "Be the Change we wish to see in the World". (Mahatma Gandhi)


Every thought that you think is vibrating at a very personal frequency . . . and by the powerful Law of Attraction (the essence of that which is like unto itself, is drawn), that thought is now attracting another thought that is its Vibrational Match. And now, those combined thoughts are vibrating at a frequency that is higher than the thought that came before; and they will now, by the Law of Attraction, attract another and another and another, until eventually the thoughts will be powerful enough to attract a "real life" situation or manifestation.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" # 620

Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

Remember!  This works for Good Thoughts, AND .... 



An Internet Group Meditation

Dear Visionaries,

We are powerful beings and even more powerful when we work together. The storm(s) brewing in the eastern part of the US are being talked up as the worst in 100 years.


What if we put our collective attention on dissipating them with LOVE? What if we turn our attention to encouraging what remains of Hurricane Sandy to "move out into the Atlantic -- away from land?"

Don't laugh or think it's impossible. Two years ago, I participated in shifting another much talked about "deadly" hurricane to dissipate from a category 4 storm to a category 1 before it hit land.

Here's how WE do it.

First of all -- quit looking at the forecasts and listening to what the "experts" say.

Sit quietly for a few moments and find peace within your heart.

Then imagine Hurricane Sandy moving up the Atlantic Coast. Envision cool air in front of her. Imagine RAIN falling right in her path -- not the rain She is carrying but cold rain falling in a sheet right in front of her. Cool the air in front of her. This will slow down her speed. See the hurricane slowing down.

Then -- direct her out into the Atlantic -- away from the land. Speak to the Cloud Beings. Do not plead -- no begging. Speak respectfully, kindly. Let them know that you honor their great force and ask them to take that force and dissipate it offshore in the open ocean, where the energy of negativity can be released without harming humans, animals, plants and structures.

KNOW that YOU are an incredibly powerful Being of Love.

Hold the energy of Love around this storm and send your Love into the heart of the storm and to the East coast of the US.

Visualize Light and Love reaching deep into the center of the spinning storm. Feel the Love beaming from your heart. Love heals and balances all.

Miracles happen when Love flows in abundance.
Hold this vision in your heart for the next 48 hours.
Your focus WILL make a difference!

Express your gratitude to Great Nature for harmonizing with Humanity and all other kingdoms.

Ask for the outcome to be in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth.

So Be It. Indeed!

To learn more about the Sylphs ... the Cloud Beings ... see pictures and learn more from our readers on our READER TALK  page.

2 hours,  53 Minutes
World Class Speakers, each bringing new viewpoints
Over 10 Million Viewings

                                                                BUT HOW DID THEY KNOW?

Lawrence Anthony, a legend in South Africa and author of 3 books including the bestseller
The Elephant Whisperer, bravely rescued wildlife and rehabilitated
elephants all over the globe from human atrocities, including the
courageous rescue of Baghdad Zoo animals during US invasion in 2003

. On March 7, 2012 Lawrence Anthony died.
.He is remembered and missed by his wife, 2 sons, 2 grandsons & numerous elephants.
Two days after his passing, the wild elephants showed up at his home led by two large matriarchs.

Separate wild herds arrived in droves to say goodbye to their beloved man-friend'.

A total of 31 elephants had patiently walked over 12 miles to get to his
South African House.

Witnessing this spectacle, humans were obviously in awe not only because of the
supreme intelligence and precise timing that these elephants sensed about Lawrence 's
passing, but also because of the profound memory and emotion the beloved animals
evoked in such an organized way:

Walking slowly -for days -
Making their way in a solemn one-by-one queue from their habitat to his house.
Lawrence's wife, Francoise, was especially touched, knowing that the elephants
had not been to his house prior to that day for well over 3 years!

But yet they knew where they were going.

The elephants obviously wanted to pay their deep respects, honoring their friend
who'd saved their lives - so much respect that they stayed for 2 days 2 nights without eating anything..

Then one morning, they left, making their long journey back home............


May you notice a patch of peace today... 
turning the head another way...

Wth love... anything is possible!
~  Thanks, Phyllis

Spanish Portuguese

The topic we wish to discuss today is the opportunity you have at this time due to the opening of the nine-nine portal. The build-up we promised you has begun. You will have a full week of opportunity without precedent to realize more of the new selves you desire to be. Each of you has been working on different aspects of your lives.

Your Higher Selves, those immense beings of whom you are facets, know already what those are. In fact, more than likely you have been guided by them to those things. Some are trying to manifest new skills or talents. Some are trying to clear old habits. Some are trying to heal. You may stop trying now. Place yourselves into the care of your Higher Selves and your Creator. Make it your aim now to intake and assimilate all of the available love and light that you are capable of at this time. Understand that we are speaking of the consciousness of which you are made. Your prayers and desires have been heard. Your needs are known. We would guide you to open, allow, and trust. Breathe in all of these new energies that you can and, in gratitude, allow them to make all the changes in you that are needed.

If you have reached a point that allows you to feel the incoming energy in some way, imagine it flowing into you and increasing as much as possible. Who do you want to be? Imagine that. What do you wish to do? Imagine that. Imagine it in your hearts. If your mind is still raising reasons why you can’t be that, or why it would be difficult, remind it that the force which has created universes will have no problem with such small things.

Your time has arrived, dear ones. Most are picturing this portal as some kind of opening for incoming things, and perhaps it is that, but let it be for you a doorway home to your true selves. Enter it now with playful enthusiasm.

This short message is enough for today. We will speak several more times before this doorway closes. We are walking beside you each moment. Know we are here with you. Be well.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/

When anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and worry beset you...
Just say.......

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada