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Severe Punishment vs. Vindication Vote requested

Subject: Drake 6-7-12
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 15:49:33 -0600

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Drake --- More Info

There was a very important call yesterday with Drake and my friend has condensed the MOST important issues that were covered in that call and I have included them in this email. Please read, take action and forward to everyone you know so we can vote as soon as it is possible to do so.


Suzy Star

Here is what has been prepared for our contacts so people don't have to wade thru long calls!! We need to reach as many people and any others with large groups as possible. I just learned that the vote will not be possible until later as a delay has prevented this from going up at noon. Hopefully will not be delayed beyond today!! We will send out a notice as soon as the link for voting is up on the site.

Now here is what must be done. We must get as many people as possible to vote on a "treaty" as soon as possible after noon EDT today to support an effort to break this stalemate of indentured servitude and lack of prosperity. If not, we continue the stalemate that has been going on for years and the small portion of the military that still is taking orders from the illuminati will have an all-out battle with the remainder of the military at great cost of lives to anyone in the way because the illuminati is backed into a tight corner.

The explanation about what happened in the last 12 hours is below. The vote is whether people choose to have financial freedom, rollout of NESARA in very short order, extremely powerful healing technologies brought out now, free energy technologies as well introduced to all worldwide, and freedom restored across the planet with common law and constitutional governments supporting the people.

If you want this, go to www.ladydragon.com

and after 12 noon today EDT, you will see a voting platform on her site. A simple "yes" will do as I can't imagine anyone not doing otherwise. For a reader's digest version of what has happened over the last 12 hours see below. There is a link to the call last night that went on for 3 hours.

You have a MAXIMUM time period to vote until Sat. noon I believe, but please don't wait that long. Also note that these changes occurred on the Venus transit which is most auspicious. People are tired of waiting and want to get these changes implemented ASAP so that is why all 3 groups below have agreed to this. It ends formally the reign of the illuminati forever! Monday or Tuesday Drake will get a response back from the illuminati group formally acknowledging the agreement they have already consented to to begin the transition!

Many changes have occurred within the last 12 hours. There was a radio broadcast with Drake on Global Network with a Paul [??] and the planned talk had been changed immediately prior to that program as Drake had a critical call that changed the entire game plan. I am giving you the reader's digest version.

As you know, Drake has been working on the inside circles with the "Plan" generated some 30 years by Pentagon officials to end the illegal takeover of the U.S. government and governments worldwide. Mass arrests had been planned. There are several groups of players to be aware of: the U.S. military which has 80% of its people supporting the constitution and the populace, We the People [a term Drake uses that refers to those who are taking action to support freedom for all using legal and peaceful means to accomplish this], and then you have the cabal [illuminati folks which include the large number of banker minions].

Here is what has happened. Drake has friends within that last group which has obviously included many who wish to see the new changes inaugurated with the advent of 2012. They are wanting to see all have prosperity and freedom. Anyway, Drake gets this last minute call from that last group who are fearful for their lives because of the impending arrests. They have offered a way out for themselves, at the same time there would be a peaceful transition to NESARA [worldwide financial freedom] and would include rolling out ALL the healing and free energy technologies within possibly a month at the outside.

This country and all other countries would be transitioned almost immediately to common law and the constitutional governments. The illuminati would surrender all power and be allowed to live out their lives with exceptions. Drake said that the ones responsible for major loss of life thru instigating all wars will be tried and likely executed.

Those under the heads of the illuminati will also face similar charges. The only difference is that they will be allowed to be given lighter sentences in prison where they would be able to live out their lives [alive] once they left prison. This is agreed upon by all 3 major groups as outlined initially.

This means, financial freedom for all within days, healing technologies will be released so powerful that limbs will be restored to all, free energy would be released for every car and home, and the constitution would be restored with freedom for all!


It all comes down to: Extreme Punishment vs Vindication (The Lord's Prayer does ask us to forgive those who trespass upon us as we want Him to forgive us)

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada