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 Final Words from
Denise Rednour and Great Gramy J 
Explaing Closure of Universal Voice

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MAY 20 2013 WHAT CAN WE DO????Neil asks that you make a simple phone call in support of Nelu’s freedom – and what is actually also the freedom of us all. Please support Neil’s efforts to see that Nelu is free, thus insuring, as well, the freeing of the Global Accounts to benefit all of humanity.
FEB 12 13 DRAKE - ASCENSION - WITH ADDENDUM!Man is to undergo extraordinary metamorphosis that moves us away from some of our physical orientation to a more spiritual one.  Many of 'us' will be teaching people how to be ready and what to expect. This will allay the fear of the unknown. The transition from our present system to the original is to be as peaceful as possible. I see no reason for any panic or concerns of any kind.
JAN 22 12 RUSSIA WILL DISCLOSE IF OBAMA DOES NOTRussia wants to Disclose.  The world is getting impatient.  Russia says they will disclose if we don't.
JAN 18 13 CHINA'S REAL PRINCESS BUDDHA RETURNS TO THRONEEmpress Wang, the Real Buddha, is returning to China in the near future and you can see the results by the arrsts in Hong Kong and the firings taking place in the Chinese government. Her Majesty the Real Buddha is going to follow the will of her Family which is to keep the world's peace.
NOV 12 12 DRAKE ASK'S COULD OBAMA BE THE GOOD GUY? Drake observes that it must mean Obama is making some changes that are unusual in their scope for an incumbent. "What would happen if that man turned out to be a good guy...?"

Action Alert!  EMERGENCY POST - ALERT TO - ALL Militias -
Have your guns and food ready NOW This is a confirmed action alert. ~ Drake

OCT 18 12 THE END GAMES ARE THAT CLOSEWe ALL need to complete our readiness/preparations…NOW. All the things I have been expressing on the shows and our website are just about to START… Get that right, Start… Anyone who needs to be talked to, do it now… We may NOT get to our Sunday show…IT is that close…think first of next week at the latest.
SEPT 28 12 NATIVE AMERICAN BANKSClick on this page to learn how to find Native American Banks.
Read yesterday's posting about "Rumors" .....
SEPTEMBER 27 2012 RUMOR WORTH READINGThe corp. is dead? Will the Corp be abolished and when will the new Constitutional government start. INothing starts until after Thursday, is this pertaining to the new government, or the new financial system? As for drops still waiting for the RV to be posted, the dinar gurus have their hair on fire now that it has been confirmed chapter 7 has been lifted... 
SEPT 16 12 DEFCON LEVEL 4The paperwork is now in place for the U.S. military to take action to remove the corrupt corporate government from power:  We are Defcon Level 4 - - Major Alert prior to all out Extermination...... Against the Cabal
SEPT 6 12 DRAKE'S SUNDAY CALL SUMMARYThe Federal Reserve is predicted to collapse between September 20 and 30. When this happens, any assets in a Federal Reserve Bank or in a safety deposit box, will be lost forever. Our government is responsible for banking regulations, which makes all accounts: checking; savings; trusts; IRA's; credit cards and safe deposit boxes, the property of the bank.
To date there are eight individuals who are to be arrested. As everyone has heard, Nancy Pelosi has been reported as the first arrest.These arrests are to be carried out one a day until the list is complete.The arrests are being carried out by Interpol and United States Martials. The list...
AUGUST 27 12 FOR OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILYThis is a letter to which many of us may relate.  It offers a chance to share with friends and family with verifiable "proof" to help them step through the first door.
AUGUST 27 12 SUNDAY CALL SUMMARYHere is a brief summary of major points we are all following.
AUUST 27 12 MESSAGE TO MILITARYThe military and police have the same reputation that the Militias have, that of being armed terrorists. This is why I advocate that every individual reconsider their actions and the actions they are ordered to take...is it constitutional?
AUGUST 24 12 TEXAS ICE AGENTS SUE NAPOLITINO10 ICE agents filed suit against DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and ICE Director John Morton seeking an injunction against the Directive of June 15, 2012 stating it. Is an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power by the Executive branch.
AUGUST 11 12 DRAKE (August 8)This supports the information  from Drake's Wednesday call which is posted on ASCENSION BEGINS.  The first hour of the recorded call meshes with this written information from Drake's site and yes, we need to alert people.  This is The Plan, now implemented. .  And yes, he lists two or three things I question.
AUGUST 2 12 DRAGON FAMILY LAWSUITS UPDATEThis is the 'complaint' by the collateral holder against those who have used the collateral. Study them so you will know them. Keenan is to refile in the near future.  The Liens are in effect, and the liened banks are now in default.
JULY 23 12 NEIL KEENAN FULL STORYTo date we have closed up the BIS on you and frozen trading for 90 days and making it very difficult for you to do anything. The Central Banks are already in fault not default and in a few days they go into default. It is only going to get tougher and when it does you will become more desperate but guess what? There will be no corners to hide in so you will be forced to...
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