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Drake Notes:

UPDATED (04/29/2012)
He won’t be definitive about the arrests. There are the beginnings 
of the things which he has discussed on prior radio shows that have already transpired.
Europe is going crazy.
The reason they are going crazy is 2 reasons: 
they do not have the funds to back the currency known as the euro and they also have an extraordinary, staggering and impossible to pay back debt.
A NORTHCOM maneuver is scheduled between May 2- 9 in 6 different states. Seeing military convoys wouldn’t be out of place since it is a training exercise however it could be the good guys putting their troops in place.
The legalistics involved should be complete as of this past week. If not, the first of next week.
Majority of the executive orders, if any, that can be used on a legal basis simply because they have not been done correctly.

People need to start learning how these things work so they can take this down to the local level and tell their mayor no, nature does not clean up the leaves in the forest so there is no need for me to clean up the leaves in my yard as such. You are not sending locals workers over to do that for me and then charging me for the privilege. This goes to property rights.
When certain people are in a position to do so, they will take a sweep. They will take all the people from behind the people you have in office - the financiers, people that have been being the document runners and people like that are all of a sudden going to disappear.
After that sweep is made, they make sure they have all the records they need to prosecute these people. Then the people will be given the notification to go into a green light status. That means everyone will be notified about 24 hours ahead of the time you get to see people put away in handcuffs.
(UPDATED 05/06/2012)

Regarding the arrests: it will be soon and Drake will not give a date. 
The dates he has been given on anything have come directly from the military so he’ll let them deal with it. The federal government as we know it will cease to exist. Most of it is unnecessary and a lot of it is illegal.
There will be some gun fights (the bad guys not wanting to be captured).

Per Drake, if you have money in the bank everything will be zeroed out.
Afterwards there will be a RV (re-evaluation) according to a combination of both personal and collateral accounts.

The collateral accounts will try to attend to a combination of public works, making sure people have jobs, thing of this nature.
The private accounts will be more attuned to making sure that the people who would bring out emergency food stuffs to people who don’t have any food have gas for their trucks and things of this nature
The banks themselves, if they are not directly affiliated with the Federal Reserve or central banking system, will not be taken down.
The re-evaluation is going to be a different type of value in terms of currency.  We will be going from what we now know as a debt system to what will be known as equity system.
You may be looking at 2-3 times the purchasing power you had with the Federal Reserve note. This means wages, costs, a lot of things are going to adjust.

These things are predicated on two basis: direct valuation (means that things have a certain value) and to go along with this productivity in terms of what the individual people are capable of doing and making sure they have the opportunity to do so.
These are to see the basic needs of individuals.  The currency of a country should be backed by some value.
For people that have money in the bank (prior to everything being zeroed), consider purchasing gold and silver coins.
By having $200-$300 worth of silver coins (called junk silver because they are 85% or more silver) you have a vendible currency that is always recognized.
From Drake’s understanding, it will not take very long to change from the debit system to the value system.
We will continue using the current currency and it will be phased out over time. Drake has not been told yet what the new currency will be.
There will be a dead period that can be addressed with gold and silver coin. Get at least enough to last you basically a week in terms of your expenses (groceries, fuel, etc.).
(UPDATED 05/06/2012)

There are several things going on that people don’t know about.
Several of those took place recently. One of those was the liens against the banking system in Europe. The interesting part about this is the legalities involved in this are basically set. There is a second and third part to that.
The secondary part is coming in the near future but Drake is not certain exactly when and if he had the information he would refuse to give it out simply to protect the people doing it.
The secondary part of this is causing the liens to become a warrant. The manner in which that is done is by requiring the bank, according to its charter, to pay its annual fee on the amount of the collateral accounts they have been using as collateral to maintain their operations.

When that is done, the request for payment then becomes a warrant to the bank to produce their payment.
When the bank cannot pay this, they are immediately referred to their bonding company.
The bonding company then takes care of the problem whatever it may be. That is the system. The problem is that the bank cannot pay it. They don’t have that kind of collateral in gold which is the required payment. The bonding company doesn’t have it either so primarily you are looking at a bankruptcy.
If a bank refuses to perform, in terms of reporting to its bonding company that there is some sort of serious problem, then that in and of itself is felonious and anyone who is involved with that bank can go to jail. If they do report to the bonding company, the bank is cleared of that.
If the bonding company does not report back to the lien holder, that is also felonious and everyone associated can also be arrested.
 A 143 country consortium refuses to abide by the Rothschild banking system any further. They formed their own banking system.
As these things transpire then these people, who are iffy at best, who did this on purpose in terms of our banking system, are being systematically singled out and that systematic singling out will come in the form of these arrests that everyone has been talking about. There will still be mass arrests also.
You can expect a bank holiday when they zero out the funds so they can get rid of the bad guys.

Emitte lucem et veritatem
Send out light and truth

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada