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I know that some of you have already had a chance in the last few days to hear the awesome interview between David Wilcock and the retired military Whistleblower, Drake, (and a few of you have already forwarded a copy of this 3 hour interview to me in the last few days).

But I am sure that there may be others of you who may not have heard about this wonderful exciting news of what Drake has shared. I have been told by our Friends Upstairs in the Galactic Federation of Light,that what he has shared is definitely, truly, going to occur.

In actuality, a few years ago, it had become very clear to me, shortly after I had first published my book, Prepare For The Landings!…Are YOU Ready? (PrepareFortheLandings.com) in late 2008/early 2009,  that we were experiencing the full manifesting of what I and the Federation had referred to as a new, more harmonious, time line that began to more fully replace or merge with the old destructive time line.

What I had been told by our Friends Upstairs, our Cosmic Extended Family, was that for a number of years earlier, since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, that two main time lines, one very destructive and this newer, more harmonious one, had run parallel with each other. But that now the outcome was to be much better than most people had hoped for and that this would allow instead of only a little more than a third of Earth’s humanity surviving; now with this new time line, most of humanity (at least 90 to 95%) would not only survive, but would NOT have to go through so much of the trauma that had occurred in the first time line. 

This information also totally dovetailed with and confirmed what the other recent Whistleblower, Bill Wood (Project Camelot on the Internet) had specifically shared of how he had also been specifically shown through his remote viewing abilities back in the ‘90’s, the fact that we would indeed experience a wonderful planetary Ascension at the end of 2012 (with Dec. 21, 2012 being a very important date that would officially be the moment that this would occur). This was going to happen verses the other very destructive time line that allowed the cabal or power elite to have fulfilled their agenda for total world control (which had included, of course, martial law and human genocide, with the rest of humanity being thrown into those dreaded FEMA camps, etc.).

So it had become very apparent to those of us who were really plugged into the Cosmic Circuit  that the Forces of Light here on Earth, or the good guys in the military — which, according to Drake, as well as our Friends Upstairs in more recent months, number in the majority, as compared to the bad guys who are part of or have been a part of the cabal.

And I was specifically told that instead of the cabal succeeding with their plans, now that we were manifesting this new time line, that we would definitely see mass resignations and arrests, with many of them ultimately being televised. More recently, several months ago (right before these recent mass resignations really started up in full force), I was again told that this was going to begin to happen in the coming weeks and months. And sure enough, within a short time, information began to come out that this was indeed, beginning to occur, mostly through the alternative media, which has not been controlled, as has the mainstream media. But this control will soon also change, as many of those who are about to be arrested here in the US are these corporate heads of the major media who have manipulated the news and covered up the truth about so many important things that threatened their agenda of world control.

Now we all know more of the complete details of “how it will occur.” I know that there are many out there who are very skeptical and cynical regarding whether or not  this plan that Drake has shared is actually going to occur as he has described it. But I have been given a very strong and clear message from our Friends Upstairs that this is the REAL DEAL and that Drake is truly being totally honest and sincere with all that he has shared.

Also, I have forwarded another e-mail, from Eagle that very excellently summarizes most of the major points that Drake shared with David Wilcock in the three hour interview. I would suggest also forwarding this other e-mail  or at least copy these main points and share these with your family members and as many other people as possible; and ask that they do the same. It is very important that as many people as possible know about this before it occurs.

Yes, with all these imminent arrests in the coming days and weeks, it is important for people to stay calm and know that this is NOT martial law; but truly the fact that the good guys in our military (who are also being backed up, helped and supported by the good guys off planet , the Galactic Federation of Light, as well as the Agarthians from the Hollow Earth, and the Ascended Masters) are truly acting upon humanity’s behalf to quickly and efficiently arrest all of the many corrupt individuals who are either part of the cabal or have helped the cabal take away all of our rights and freedoms.

As Drake himself emphasized, it is very important for those of us who DO know  what is about to occur to share this information with as many others as possible who are not hip to what is about to occur andt help calm down anyone who may misinterpret what is actually happening.  As was already stated, when we see many military personnel appearing, we know they will only be there in case they are needed to help back up and support the Federal Marshals and local law enforcement. The message: this is definitely NOT martial law nor are they coming to throw civilians into those dreaded FEMA camps; but actually the final taking down of all of the illuminati members who have been blocking all of the wonderful things that will help bring us into the long overdue Golden Age as we begin to merge into a 5D reality.

I have been told that there will probably be many hundreds of thousands of people arrested and that the reason that this whole Operation Cabal Take Down will be able to occur without any major incident that could stop or screw it up (which so often could occur even with the best laid plans) is because of the total number of our Allies, already mentioned earlier, who will be very closely monitoring and overshadowing this whole operation. They intend to make sure that it will be very successful and go off without a hitch in as brief a period of time as possible.

Also, I wanted to quote just one of the many individuals who commented upon Drake and what he was sharing regarding this upcoming Operation Cabal Take Down because these statements also really emphasize the truth of these plans:
“Hi David -

This morning was the first time I was compelled to listen to an interview (Spirit demanded that I do so), and your conversation with DRAKE was en pointe. Everything he said is true. And it's here and the
time is now.

I would encourage everyone who is looking ahead to participate in the creation of Heaven on Earth to remained focused on the now. The now is all we have. Begin your creation now.

If you like what David and DRAKE discussed, do your part and stay in the present and know that things are happening NOW in perfectly synchronized Divine Timing.

Have faith dear ones. You and everything you envision has already been accounted for. Don't wait for it - live it and know it is happening now and the more you embrace now, the more it will become real. Right now.”

So get ready as some VERY EXCITING and WONDERFUL events begin to occur in these coming days and weeks as we experience the announcements and implementation of NESARA and ET and  Disclosure within a short time after that!

Note:  David Wilcock's 3-hour Interview with Drake is posted on our web page:  Ascension Begins dated March 29.  Be informed; inform others; make this a quick and smooth operation!


Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada