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Through John Smallman ~~ April 1, 2012

What is about to occur is of a stunningly momentous nature...

A lot has happened since I last spoke to you, as you all work to complete the final preparations that will enable you to awaken into Reality. It is an event that will soon come to pass. I know you dislike that word, but there truly is no satisfactory replacement for it, so “soon” is the word we have to use.

The Light you all carry and display continues to brighten as you discard old and unloving attitudes and behaviors. All across the world that Light is having a miraculous effect as it ripples outwards and blends with the energy of all who are working steadily and determinedly to bring about the changes necessary to move humanity forward into the long- awaited and enthusiastically anticipated new age.

As you well know God’s Love embraces all of life because He created it. Life is an eternal gift from Him, offering an infinite selection of experiences from which you can choose in order to learn about Him and understand how much He loves you. In the illusion, as you live life as a human, the pain and suffering you see and experience might well lead you to think that this could not be the case. However, the illusion is illusory and so are your experiences within it.

Nevertheless, it does present you with lessons that will lead you out of it and home to Reality if you will release yourselves from the myriad inflexible beliefs in which it appears to entangle you. More and more of you are doing this as you become increasingly aware that egoic, separatist agendas and behaviors only lead to further conflict and suffering. For life to be enjoyable all must cooperate to create a harmonious and integrated environment, while accepting and respecting the individuality that each one of you has chosen to experience.

For eons, despite the gargantuan efforts of a few enlightened beings, humans have chosen to engage in distrust, disharmony, and conflict as a way to protect themselves from the dangers with which others apparently threaten them. The destructive results of this conduct have become increasingly disastrous as your technical abilities have advanced and brought you ever more efficient weapons with which to threaten and kill one another.

As the forces of technology at your disposal have become more effective, your fear has increased exponentially, and it now seems to many of you that in order to survive you must strike your enemies preemptively before they attempt to destroy you. The fear that so many of you now embrace so massively and enthusiastically makes it very difficult for you to think clearly – or even to think at all!

However, the illusory bubble in which all this fear and suffering is enclosed is enveloped in the infinite divine Love field which is about to dissolve it. The insanity of your situation is dawning on everyone, and consequently, an ever-increasing majority of you are looking for better ways to resolve your differences and conflicts. The power of Love to change everything, as it enables you to see with new eyes and from new perspectives, is becoming recognized.

Love shows you that you all want the same outcome – peace, safety, and abundance – and that that outcome is available when you operate from love instead of from fear. Ever greater numbers of you are letting go of your fear-filled, unloving attitudes and discovering the joy and confidence it brings to you in your daily lives.

You are truly blessed as humans to be on Earth at this moment in her evolution, because what is about to occur is of a stunningly momentous nature – way beyond the power of words to describe, or of your restricted minds to imagine. Just rest assured that all will occur precisely as God intends, and that your joy when it does so will be beyond anything you have ever imagined or experienced.

All in the spiritual realms are constantly strengthening the flow of love that each of you is sharing and extending in your daily lives as you work continuously towards the moment of humanity’s awakening. You are never alone; you are constantly watched over and supported. So open your hearts in joyful acceptance of the love and assistance that is offered to you in every moment, and let go of any remaining doubts you may be nurturing about the truth and validity of the divine plan for you all.

You are heading forwards to your awakening with the Power of Heaven beside you, and nothing can prevent the glory of that moment from enveloping you in pure and abundant ecstasy.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Through John Smallman ~~ 4-01-2012

Those who wear the masks of worldly strength and power to hide their fear are terrified of Love

Once humanity has awakened, all kinds of marvelous things are going to happen to welcome you home to your natural state, at one with each other and with God. It is not possible at present to give you a realistic idea of what this means because of the limited capabilities of your human brains, as you soldier on in the illusion completing the preparations that will enable your awakening. Nevertheless, your amazement and overwhelming joy, when it occurs, will have been well worth the long and arduous struggles in which you appear to have been engaged for so long.

Keep on practicing and intensifying your intent to engage lovingly and compassionately with all others at all times, and know that the effects of this behavior are bringing you ever closer to your divine destination, as the Light within you burns brighter and brighter with your every loving thought, word, and action.

The brightness of the Light you are carrying affects everyone with whom you come in contact – there are no exceptions to this rule – and assists and encourages them to look within to find their own Light. However, there are a very few on Earth who are so pain-filled that they cannot at present accept the Love that is being offered to them constantly, although the act of offering that Love to them does start them on the essential task of disentangling themselves from the conflicting beliefs and desires on to which they are holding and that have caused them, and many others, so much pain and suffering.

Although it appears to you that these pain-filled beings are continuing with their unloving agendas, perhaps even more ferociously than ever, in fact their resolve is weakening and disintegrating as the divine Love field swirls around them offering them acceptance and forgiveness, and this sense or awareness of such unaccustomed kindness – because it is something they have seldom if ever experienced – is causing them much alarm, which is why they are continuing their attempts to show themselves as extremely strong and invincible. Those who wear the masks of worldly strength and power to hide their fear are terrified of Love and the kindness that flows from it, because they believe that to acknowledge and accept it will disempower them, leaving them weak, disabled, and at the mercy of their countless enemies.

This of course is not the case. Love embraces all without exception or discrimination, and when these sorely damaged souls surrender to It, as is eventually inevitable for them, they will, like everyone else, find themselves to their utter amazement in a state of extreme and ecstatic joy. Ecstatic joy is the inevitable state towards which you are all heading. Your only option in this matter is to delay your own arrival there, but why would you? None of you are by nature masochists, so continue to release your unloving attitudes and behaviors – the need to be right, the need to judge, the need to condemn, the need for restitution – so that you can move forward easily and swiftly to your divine destination where a magnificent welcome awaits you.

Remember: at all times you are surrounded by the divine field of Love, of Creation, the loving Arms of your Father with Whom you are one – always. Therefore you have in every moment, in infinite abundance, all the assistance you need to help you keep moving forwards on your path to awakening. Your destination is clear, your arrival is assured, so just open your hearts to receive the Love that so many are offering you, and extend and share it with everyone you meet, communicate with, or call to mind, and enjoy the sense of peace and confidence in your Creator’s Will for you that this attitude is continuously strengthening and intensifying. Truly you have everything – because your Father gave it to you. So come Home and claim it – it is your right and your heritage – and know yourselves for who you truly are.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada