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Page Contents
ASHTAR - Ashtar and Ashtar Command
FEDERATION - Galactic Federation, SaLuSa, Sheldan Nidle
MESSAGES - Blossom Goodchild, Montague Keen, Others

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JULY 4 12 SALUSAWe are just one group of many, assembled around your Earth to witness a unique event where Ascension is concerned. The whole event is being recorded. Representatives of civilizations from even other Universes are present, as they have an interest in what happens to your Universe. You are stars of a great Universal show that will literally light up your world.
JULY 3 12 SHELDAN NIDLEThe procedures now underway are in their final stage and so we have given the 'green light.' Look at this like the launch of a manned space flight at Cape Canaveral where all is in the final countdown. Many sequences need to be completed... all is geared for takeoff once these final complex sequences are checked off.
JULY 02 12 ARCHANGEL MICHAELAnd now Archangel Michael is saying that the negative heads of state, and top military, social and financial leaders have been placed in energetic restraints, or “containers,” and have had their sphere of influence effectively cancelled. The resistance to Disclosure and NESARA is now gone.
JULY 02 12 SALUSAYou have been tested and tried for millennia of time, often repeating the same lessons many times over. You have proved that you can exist in an advanced civilization, and you are welcomed into the higher realms. You have raised your vibrational levels and it will ensure that you are ready to ascend. 
JULY 01 12 (June 28) GALACTIC FEDERATIONYou have come so far individually and as a collective and have also come so far in a very short period of time. This is a rather stunning and sparkling development, and many worlds have sent representatives here to study you and find out just how you managed to grow so much in such a short time frame.
JUNE 30 12 (June 27) ASHTAR COMMANDThere are here now representatives from thousands of worlds, hundreds of galaxies, numerous different races and beings from many different dimensions. There are beings here who have come from different timelines, more clearly understood as time travel. This is how important this mission is deemed by beings throughout every corner of this immensely vast universe.
Yes, you are mostly through the 4th(5th) dimension now! We stand by with the Andromedeans, cloaked in your skies in great ships and power to support you and ensure that your transition to freedom goes well.
JUNE 29 12 SALUSAWith adequate warning people can move out of harms way, and we will be there to help. We must not forget that the Inner Earth Beings are also waiting the call to surface, and they have so much to offer you. They are also your family from many thousands of years ago, and will delight in making contact with you again.

JUNE 27 12 MASS ARRESTS... the long anticipated green light has been given and the military and law enforcement alliance will now move in within a time frame of 72 hours to begin the world wide sweep and mass arrests of thousands of members and associates of the criminal ..
JUNE 27 12 SALUSAAction is taking place but as you have realized it still does not hit the main Press outlets, but the news will become so important that a point will come when it can no longer be hidden or ignored. -- Also in Spanish.
JUNE 26 12 SHELDAN NIDLEMuch is about to happen on your world!  The dark cabalists have refused the eleventh-hour offer made by your Earth allies to surrender and allow an easy and peaceful transition of power...
JUNE 25 12 GALACTIC FEDERATIONA YouTube message telling us how we can heal our bodies and gain peace of mine.
JUNE 25 12 GALACTIC HIGH COUNCIL (June 20)... even “Very Soon” does not begin to describe anymore the interval within which you can expect to see us fully within your skies and experience our presence planet-side. We greatly look forward to the “days” ahead in anticipation of our exciting and Joyous reunion with you, our Extended Family!!
JUNE 25 12 SALUSAAt present matters are reaching a point of no return and we and our allies wait for the signal to go into action. All is prepared and although the dark Ones are aware that their time is up, the suddenness and extent of our arrests will still surprise them. Naturally there will be confusion amongst the public, but at the earliest possible moment they will be informed. 
JUNE 24 12 MONTAGUE KEENThe Cabal cannot exist on your planet as it is, beyond 2012, so it's all or nothing for them. They will do whatever it takes to hang on. There is nano-technology that can stop them in their tracks. Nothing on your planet would be effective against them. You are actually at war on several levels.
JUNE 24 12 GALACTIC FEDERATIONThe time for our departure is not now and that is the important thing to recognize, as it is always most important to keep what is now before you on your plate and not anything else as this is how things get done. We still have much work to do and it is important that those of you who will be in charge of these projects 


Those of you on your Ascending path … shall find themselves in this second half of this year ‘rising to the occasion’  This ‘side of you’ that is to emerge will feel so comfortable. You shall feel so at home residing within this part of yourself.

JUNE 23 12 GALACTIC FEDERATIONYour Earth was not always a lower 3rd dimensional world. It was at one time a much higher dimensional place to journey to and to call home for many higher dimensional beings. It was a beautiful planet, it was a majestic planet... 
JUNE 22 2012 SALUSAOur current plan is to start the action within a matter of days, not weeks; nevertheless there is no question of it "never" going ahead. There is a line drawn from which we must get started. We will move into action when given the authority. You will know when action is imminent as our allies intend to give a public announcement beforehand.
...we will continue to offer our understandings of what it is you will face in the days ahead, and if you wish to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, you are well within your rights. For those who do resonate with them and believe they are indeed messages from higher dimensional beings, we will continue to offer our guidance and wisdom ..
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