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This page updates recorded events happening throughout the world, enabling the surface of Terra to receive higher energies from our friends and families both in Inner and Hollow Earth as well as visiting starships from many galaxies.
Dark energies from the cabal are being collected and rendered ineffective.  Physical pollution of our rivers, streams, oceans and atmosphere are also being purified.  Terra is preparing Herself for Ascension through this planet-wide purification.  

The followiwng postings evidence press releases of such events.  

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AUG 16 2014 TONY'S MONDAY CALL NOTES*   Aug 18 - Tony's Monday Call Notes
*   Aug 16 - Who Regulates Your Bank???

*   July 6 - Organized Prep Needs
*   June 8 - 8 pg GCR Manuel
*   For 800#'s, follow: (no, not yet!)

AUGUST 16 14 TODAY'S GOOD NEWS REVIEWIt's best not to get too invested (pardon the pun) in the financial triggers and promises of the RV being a done deal and the Prosperity Packages being delivered, etc., but when we look at everything that IS going on, it seems apparent that much progress has been made and that maybe---just maybe---we really are at the breakthrough point.
AUG 2 2014 EBOLA FALSE FLAG - BE AWAREIn some of our very first calls, we all remember Zorra telling us of the government's kidnapping of children and babies, monitoring their growth and intellect, until they became aware that each generation increased in abilities and awareness.  Then?  Enter: vaccines!  We avoided the last vaccine scare attempt, but... here we go again...
JULY 21 2014 OBAMA'S EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEMDid Zorra not tell us on the Wednesday call, July  16th, that Obama and Michelle had been transported to The New Jerusalem to be briefed by Prime Creator on making the Disclosure Announcement???
Here is a great video: Click Here - Yes, everything is says is true - that's what I do and it works!I am posting this for your own discretion. I do know that cancer is curable, as I watched my own mother's black melanoma fall out of her arm. Ask me to send you my Mom's Story.
CLEARLY - THE TIME IS NOW - DESIGN FOR ASCENSIONNo longer do we cling, from one message to another... a convenient means of avoiding our own responsibility for Ascension. The time is clearly now... our time ... a time for choosing, and a time for doing.  We have been SO BLESSED with an array of tools with which we customize and carve out our very own Design for Ascension.
JULY 2 2014 COMMON LAW GRAND JURIESIt feels good to know that all of Arizona's counties are now reconstituted and we can move forward in the process---training judges, administrators and jurors.  With the other countries climbing on board with this, Earth will once again restore power to The People, and true freedom.
MAY 21 2014 GLOBAL RV MEDITATION!Mass consciousness is like a wave that can turn the tide… And can influence history and key events…RV and GCR is a collective manifestation being created by all who are participating in it. Join ELEVEN MILLION PEOPLE FOCUSING ON THE MANIFESTATION OF THIS GLOBAL PROSPERITY AND BRING IT FORTH IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE.
MAY 3 2014 RENO RUMORSThe game of espionage is dangerous. Those at the top of the ladder are unknown to the populace. Their names are never used in public. The closely guarded secrets are no longer secret. It was important that we found who was giving orders and running the show.  ~  The last report I was able to send out was in 2003. Hopefully I can update more in the future.
APRIL 24 2014 DIVINE INTERVENTIONOur “Friends Upstairs”, the Galactics, have also been given much more recent mandated authority to Divinely Intervene, to stop any and all plans and agendas of the cabal, especially where loss of life and the loss of our freedoms are concerned. And they waited right up until the hidden snipers started firing their weapons at the BLM agents and militia...
APR 22 2014 IRANIAN HUNTERS BREAK AND BURN THEIR GUNSIn Iran’s Kurdistan region, hunters have made an incredible vow to change their ways for the sake of wildlife. They’ve burned their traps, broken their rifles, and are vowing to now stand in solidarity with animals they once targeted.
APR 22 2014 TWIN FLAME EVOLUTIONMother Sekhmet has told us that many millions of Twin Souls are on the ships which will be decloaking and landing post-NESARA. These will be higher dimensional aspects of the same soul matrix. Meeting them will catalyze a major upshift in our beings and there will be instant recognition that is beyond words to descriBE.
APR 22 2014 PLANETS OF THE GRAND CROSS SPEAKYou may have heard of the Cardinal Grand Cross that will be exact in Earth’s sky on April 23 and 24th, 2014. There has been much written about this astrological event, so we the planets wish to share with you how each of us will affect you on Earth
APR 11 2014 A VISION FOR MOTHER EARTHWe envision our Mother Earth in her Highest Light, where all the waters, everywhere, are pure and clean; where all the plants and animals who dwell in and around the water are living their lives happily, healthfully, and joyfully; where everyone who depends upon the water for their leisure or their livelihood is grateful for the abundance they enjoy; where the skies are
APR 09 - PRINT AND SAVE THESE DOCUMENTSSave these vital lists in preparation for exchange
MAR 8 2014 IRS RUMOR - CONFIRMEDIRS Collection activities have stopped. IRS departments for same are closing down. IRS dogs can only bark but not bite. Tax liens are not being enforced.
FEB 26 2014 JUST LIKE THE "SNOW"After almost 2 years of private investigation, he doesn't believe any children were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, and he's looking for some answers. So many answers, in fact, that he was paid a visit by some police investigators telling him to back off.
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