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UFO sightings reveal more strange humming metal boxes along West Coast beaches

Strange Humming Black Box

from HULIQ.com

By Dave Masko on 2012-02-08

BRAY’S POINT, Ore. – They can’t be moved; even when yanked by a four-wheel drive truck pulling on heavy chains tied around these humming metal boxes that are still appearing as of Feb. 8 up and down West Coast beaches.

As of late afternoon Feb. 8, Bill Hanshumaker, a public marine specialist and (Ph.D) doctor of marine science at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in nearby Newport, told Huliq in an interview that, “I don’t know what they are.” In turn, Doctor Hanshumaker said he’s advised “surf monitoring” about these strange metal boxes that suddenly appeared along local beaches Feb. 6, and now seem to be multiplying like Star Trek “Tribbles.” The photograph that accompanies this report – taken during the afternoon of Feb. 8 near Bray’s Point — of yet another strange metal box stuck in the surf up is one of a possible group of a dozen or more that have been sited up and down West Coast beaches. 


Since this posting, subsequent articles say the mysterious humming metal boxes are nowhere to be found.

ZORRA:  On the BBS Radio call Monday, February 27th, Zorra told us that gravity had taken over and the boxes have sunk beneath the sand, but they are still there cleaning the ocean.

And here is a very interesting article just received from Dennis Watts:

Redondo Beach Ocean Water Appears Clearer
By Dennis S. Watts March 5, 2012 @ 6:05PM

In our December call with the Zorra and Billie, on the hollow earth network teleconference call the question was asked: What are the strange sounds that have been heard coming from nowhere in the atmosphere and the earth?  These sounds were being heard in countries around the world.  Zorra answered the question by stating the emergence has begun and the Argarthan were responsible for these strange sounds around the world. The purpose of the sounds was used to clean and clear the Earth, Air and Waters. 

I am working on a project that needed green or brown ocean saltwater for experiments.  I decided to go the Redondo Beach in Redondo Beach, California and get about 45 gallons of ocean water for my experiment. I remembered in years pass this water was usually green or brown in color. I have been living in California for over 30 year and I was very surprised to find that the water was unusually clear. I have never seen the ocean water so clear in this part of California. Normally I would not stick my foot in the ocean water because it looked so uninviting.

 I was expecting the water to be greenish brown but was pleasantly surprised to see the ocean water was clear and clean in appearance. I was concerned, because my experiment was hoping to change the salt water to a clear coloration using some special mineral based compounds. I had to add oily waste water and green algae water from another source to perform the experiment. The ocean water was too clear for my experiment to be successful. This was a very pleasant surprise and I was thinking of the conversation with Zorra our Argarthan contact and what was shared in the teleconference regarding the sound technology being used to clear the earth’s environment. If this clear ocean water I found in Redondo Beach, California was caused by the Argarthan people, then this advanced technology must be really powerful to create such a huge effect on one of the largest oceans on the planet.

I would like to extend infinite gratitude and appreciation for all of the help and support that our friends, the Argarthan, have given to us surface dwellers.   I look forward to meeting the Argarthan people   face to face and sharing my love and joy for our connection and interaction as we move deeper into a 5th density reality.

Dennis Watts
Email: dwatts@socal.rr.com
Torrance, California


January 16 2012

Canada!   Czech Republic!  USA!  Russia!
Europe!  Central America!  Scotland!

I heard strange sounds yesterday 1/15/12 when I was sitting down by St. Andrew Marina at the Oaks Park in Panama City, FL--  Just like everyone else, I thought it was sounds from a boat until I heard the same sounds from this video.  We all need to pay attention--let others know what we have heard and then if someone saw a video like this, to please let everyone know--  Thanks, Linda
And thank you, Linda ... and also, Dennis for your Instant Contact reporting!


Phyllis Livingston
with her canine children
Alexander and Haily
January 20 2012

Anne, the time is right for me to now share this.

"The firat time I heard The Sound was in the 1980's, deep in the forest, hiking on the Appalachian Trail.
Boom ...boom...boom...boom...like the loud but low beating of a drum.

All these years, when I am alone with nature, I hear it. It is all around me, filling up the space.
I knew then, as I know now that I am listening to Mother Earth's heart beat. 

Are there others who hear it also?"

     ~ Thank you Phyllis for sharing!


Our INSTANT CONTACT Yahoo Group is doing a great job of staying in touch with one another from their varied locations throughout the globe.  And the talk is getting even more exciting as we begin to receive first hand reports from our own people of personal sightings!

As we enter the Year of Enlightenment, the propitious year of 2012 promises many events which will very likely be witnessed by those in our own network.  We welcome your contributions and look forward to some very enlightening personal reports.   ~  Thank you!


Donna Jenkins
December 22 20211

I wrote this to a wonderful group that I am with on Skype the 15th of Dec. at approx 10:30 pm est.

Hey everyone, had to stop in and share this with you all. Just getting home from work. Stepped out of my car, looked up in the sky and saw ships going around in circles a little above the cloudy sky. I ran in the house and asked my mother to come and see something. She came out and I asked her to look in the sky. She saw the ships going around in circles. There were about four or five. They would meet in the center, then spread out and go around and around. They were moving quite fast around and around. It was quite exciting!!

By the way, the lady that is my mother is the same lady that shared the story with you on the conference call a couple of calls back. She is the one that had the ship Elenin shinning in her house and not the sun.

Donna Jenkins, Detroit, Michigan

North Carolina

Rod Daye

December 23 2011

Hollow Earth Network family,

I thought you all might like to see a photo shot from the video that  I took two weeks ago...approximately the 8th of December, 2011. I  typed in the chat room, on the radio show Dale hosts, to ask Dale to  inquire from Zorra what it could be. Zorra explained, on the call with Dale, that it was an Arcturian gathering ship.

You can see it to the right of the full moon, in the photo below.  As I was about to stop filming, it began to move. I also have a  couple of short videos when I started filming again with it moving  very rapidly...and it appeared to be traveling closer to the earth.

Click here to see the video.

 Rod Daye
 North Carolina


Phyllis Livingston

with her canine children
Alexander and Haily

Several years ago my son, who travels, taught me how to identify ships. When we lived at the beach, we would spend nights lying on the sand, my son communicating with them while I watched in wonderment.

It was Zorra who taught me how to communicate with them. I believe that all of us, with high enough vibrations can do this.

I personally use a high powered spotlight. Mine has five million candlepower. There are more powerful ones for sale. This one works for me. It also has an on/off switch, which gives a sharp, clean on and off.

As I stand in the forest clearing that surrounds my home, I am always drawn to one star in particular. As I watch it, I begin to see a pulsing light around (not over) it. I aim the beam and start clicking on...clicking off...over and over. I am quickly rewarded when the ship starts moving in ALL DIRECTIONS.

It is at this time that I send out LOVE. These contacts fill me with so much Happiness and Joy that tears can flow freely. It is amazing to be in this wonderful pine forest at three o'clock in the morning, surrounded by All That Is.

Maine, US

February 2011

Copy and enlarge to see Mikos' face at top of light trail.

This is Don from Alaska.

Mikos contacted me back in Feb. 2011. He introduced himself to me by showing up in a picture I took on the Gulf of Alaska water. At the time of the picture I was asking the universe that I would like to reunite with my star family and be of some service to man. As there was a full moon rising on the horizon, I decided to take a picture of it from my boat.    

Some days later, I noticed the images on the surface of the water; where the images reflected off the full moon. I was later told that the top image is Mikos. He (Mikos) has since told me I am his brother. After that I found the Hollow Earth Network and have tuned in ever since then. You may post the picture on the Hollow Earth Network site Sighting's page if you like. Also, if you have any comments please e-mail me. Also, thank you for the service you do to enlighten man.


 Yorkshire Moors, UK
December 20 2011
Thanks Kate and Phil Clarke!

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