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Our Choices ...


Do NOT drink water that has been
stored in plastic bottles!



Folks, there is another explanation, below, giving the reverse of this procedure.  Zorra tells us that the left vortex is for the Northern Hemisphere and the right vortex is for the Southern Hemisphere.  People have used both ways.  To know it is working, test it on a glass of soda or beer that has a lot of foam on top.  When done properly, it will go flat.

Right Hand
Thumb pointing straight up
Four fingers pointing straight ahead, close together like a "karote chop."
Hand is wide open with palm able to "receive" energy from left hand.

Left Hand:
Little finger, ring finger, and middle finger: all three touching thumb
See the "tunnel" these make?  This becomes the energy vortex
Forefinger points straight ahead.
Depending on flexibility, back of hand can be at the top, flat to the ceiling, or
you can roll the hand over with the back of the hand now lying on the table.
Either way, one end or the other of the vortex, or tunnel opening is facing the glass or plate
Hold hands on left and right of liquid or food and allow vortex to send energy through the liquid/food to be "caught" by the palm of the open right hand positioned as a "karati chop." Send energy for about 30 seconds.

Test:  Water will taste sweeter, fruit will taste sweeter, soda and beer will go flat, wine will taste smooth and expensive, especially dry, red wine.

Peter Olsen has posted a playful video he made to demonstrate this technique for his daughter.


I've been meaning to send this for a while. If anyone is familiar with muscle testing, you can muscle test using the Power vs. Force scale (book by David R. Hawkins) (or any other scale) to check for the effect of cell spinning your food and water.

The water down in central Florida here out of the tap is around 160 on this scale of 0 to 1000. I personally want all my food and drink to be over 700 (I use Perfect Science (Perfect Waters) products to raise the frequency usually and clear the toxins - I sent some to Billie; this is one of the best products available), but I have been energizing my food and drink with my hands also. I can bring the energy of the tap water up to over 700. I have to do it longer than 13 seconds usually, and I do it with the intent that I want to raise the frequency.

I use this chart all the time to measure the consciousness level of articles I read, food and drink, TV programs, etc. I've attached a copy of the chart. I don't think David will allow you to put this on the website without special permission. People can download the chart for themselves at http://liteguru.posterous.com/power-vs-force-chart-how-conscious-are-you. I highly recommend the book.

Thanks to you and Billie and Peter and everyone for the work you are doing!




Purification Process

Click Here 

to see Peter Olson's playful demonstration made for his daughter. 

Please note:  Although Peter is saying "Use your left hand to make a vortex" the video shows him using his right. (Mirror image).



Technique:  One hand on either side of water glass or food.

Left Hand:  Little finger, ring finger, middle finger all touching thumb, creating a "tunnel" or vortex.   Forefinger pointing straight ahead... same as fingers on right hand.

Rotate left hand so that "tunnel" or vortex is open to subject food/water.  This can be done either by rotating hand so the back of hand is turned down, thumb up, or, aim tunnel/vortex, again at subject with back of hand on top, thumb down  The important thing is to have the open vortex sending energy directly through food or water into the attracting palm of the right hand.

Right Hand:  Fingers together, pointing forward, thumb pointing upward. 

Taste the water first. 

Draw energy via the left hand tunnel/vortex, sending it to the palm of the right hand.

Maintain this flow for about 15 seconds.

Taste the water, or food again!

This is free energy, used to purify food and water.

Zorra recommends we treat our food before cooking or preparing it. 

Better taste!  Better health!

Thank you, Zorra!

Questions?  See Technical Q & A below.


Thanks to our Instant Contact Chat Group's questions, we have verified the following information and difference of opinion.
1.  The vortex hand can be left or right.  Actually, making the vortex with the right hand (as shown in the demonstration) will draw healing negative energy from the open left palm, through the liquid or food, to the right vortex.  Good results (see above testimony) have been had using the open right palm, but ... exceptional results will happen drawing energy FROM THE OPEN LEFT PALM.
2.  The vortex hand can be"thumb up" or "thumb down," -- it doesn't matter.  What does matter is the energy being drawn from the open opposite palm.
3.  On August 24 2011 Peter Kulish contacted me expressing concern about a video posted on our website demonstrating this technique.

“I work in BiomagScience.net with positive and negative charges. The cell's of the body works on negative left-hand electron chirality spin. Dr DeCharge is right, but explaining it 180 degrees. The negative Zeta potential (left hand spin) charge provides healing, reduction of inflammation, healing free-radical sites (microscopically @ Research @ BiomagScience.net) health maintenance & alkalizing the chemistry. The simplest way to energize a fluid/ the body is using a magnet properly.” Peter Kulish

Since I understood Peter's criticism of information being "180 degrees off" to refer to the demonstration, I removed the video and wrote instructions reversing the hands.
With the Chat Group's recent questions, I have had very in depth emails and a long phone conversation with Peter Kulish and learned that his criticism was not of the demonstration, but of the engineering nomenclature.

Check the foam on beverage.
Check the taste of water or fruit


The demo was correct; just as Peter's current demo showing left palm open, right hand vortex.  No harm can come from reversing the procedure, but benefits are outstanding using the open left hand with right vortex.  This draws all of this wonderful left-hand negative healing energy directly through anything placed between the hands.


Medical Researcher in advanced BioMagnetics. Have developed therapy protocols that support regeneration of tissue, nerves, joints, etc. Further therapy has woken people out of terminal comas. Studies and protocols include therapy for acute and chronic conditions such as support relief for MS, TMJ, etc.. Work is studied and used in medical centers worldwide. Founder and Science Director of the Foundation for Magnetic Science and Chairman of BiomagScience.com.

Hi Anne,

Many people have gotten confused thinking that the N or S marked on the magnet means that side is the North or South pole of that magnet. The problem is the Engineer’s professional marking means “North or South Seeking.” What seeks the North (negative) or South (positive) – the opposite pole. Like a compass, the needle pointing to true North Pole of the planet is the South positive pole of the compass and visa versa. Because of the confusion between true North or South Pole and North or South Seeking is the primary reason the terms Negative and Positive are used and which a simple inexpensive Magnetometer immediately points out. Also True North make Negative charged electricity from it magnetism and True South make Positive charged electricity.

The fellow in the video is using the engineer’s definition of the magnetic seeking values. It doesn’t matter which curled hand is up or down, what matters is that the opposite hand’s palm is toward the glass. That is where the maximum Negative or Positive energy is coming from. Wrapping the left hand around the glass and stirring it counterclockwise (chirality) will make Negative True North Polar liquid which has always made liquids flat. Using the right hand stirring clockwise will make Positive True South Polar liquid.

It is interesting to note that the opposite curled hand apparently seems to complete a circuit in drawing energy from the opposite palm; but again it is the palm emitting energy. This voltage output has been measured with the SQUID (Super-conducting Quantum Interference Device) voltmeter & is used by many types of “hands on healing.”

Dale’s comments about the changing of the rotation from the one side of the hand to the other is the standard change in opposite charge when measuring the opposite side of the anatomical (thumbs extended outward away from leg) anterior and dorsal (posterior) meridians . Turn the hand over and it is the opposite pole.

The left hand palm is the negative emitting and very useful when needing to help someone immediately on the spot.

Hope that answers your question Anne.

All the best,
Peter, BiomagScience.net


Human Growth Hormone 


Over 20?  Take it!

February 14 2015

At the time of the Fukishima disaster, we asked how to protect ourselves from the radiation.  Zorra recommended HGH ... Human Growth Hormone.  This has the ability to restore cells.  You can hear about it on one of the very early calls. 

The following HGH is a product which I can personally recommend. I spoke directly with the owner of this company who had, by that time, tried fourteen HGH products and found this to be definitely the best.  I have since read an article in a magazine telling of the extraordinary benefits of HGH, and recommending this type of HGH ... taken by spray, sublinqually (they were not "selling" it by name).

And for myself, I have been taking it long over 15 years.  I will not be without it.  Imagine how surprised I was to hear Zorra recommend it for radiation protection?  I have no vested interest in this, other than your health.  And since we heard Zorra recommending it for radiation repair, I have heard him recommend it, twice, for other chronic health problems.  

Here is the product:  Ultimate Supplement

From my experience, you will begin to see improvement in about three weeks ... even if it is just "looking younger."  

~ Anne 

New User

May 15 2015

Hi Anne,

Just a note to tell you how grateful I am for your info on HGH.  It has been three months now and I feel so much better.  I am 78 years old and feel like a 20 year old.  The wrinkles are starting to soften too.  Thank you, thank you. 

Thank you for all you do.

Love and Light, Lois


May 15 2015

I just want to let you know of this product I started using from

It is called Swanson Rejuv and is a spray that when used, lets the body produce more Human Growth Hormone.  It has been just about a week that I have been taking it and I already notice an increase in stamina, energy and an over-all sense of well being, The dosage is 3 sprays in the morning and 3 at bedtime. The cost is $9.99 for 1 fl oz

Love, Jose


Based on the latest research in aging, nutrition and physiology, Dr. Joel Baumgartner’s HGH Activation Formula from Swanson Rejuv can help you defy Father Time for ageless vitality.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is essential to growth and development in our younger years as well as physical fitness and general system maintenance in advanced years. For more than a decade, HGH has been the focus of anti-aging experts who believe that replenishing youthful levels can counter the signs of aging and help us regain some of the energy, strength and vitality of our youth.

The ingredients in HGH Activation Formula were selected based on their roles in the physiology of growth hormone production. Alpha-GPC is a potent precursor to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates the production and release of HGH. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a neurotransmitter that supports the release of HGH substrates while at rest and augments exercise-induced HGH response. This formula also includes key amino acids that serve as building blocks for the HGH protein as well as an extract of the tropical herb Mucuna pruriens as a source of L-Dopa, a direct precursor of neurotransmitters involved in pituitary regulation and growth hormone production.

This spray is designed to get the nutrients into the bloodstream quickly to support the body’s natural response in a timely manner. A few sprays at bedtime support the body’s natural nighttime increase in HGH production. Spray in the morning to keep the momentum going throughout the day. If you exercise, you can spray a half hour before to augment the natural rise in HGH that your body will experience as you work out.



Throughout the duration of our bi-weekly calls, Zorra has repeatedly reminded us to be aware of what is vibrating within us!  What we eat, directly affects our level of vibration; our level of consciousness.  Zorra tells us:

*     Eat nothing that is dead!  Eat nothing that has a face.  These are beings and have souls and consciousness!  Yes, a cow has a soul!

*     Eat only live food:  fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, grains.  Dairy is all right.  Do not eat the yolk of the egg.  Check it out by dowsing with a pendulum, or by muscle testing!  I did.  And now I do not eat the yolk of the egg!

*     Eat those foods that are grown within your own geographical region.  Foods from other regions will delivery the negative vibes of the pickers and handlers.   Zorra identifies geographical regions by time zones, as shown in our telephone books.  We should eat foods grown within our own  time zone.  Eat organic, or ... from your local Farmers Market!  Ask where each product is grown!

*     Plant a garden.  Plant an indoor garden (get kits at Wal*Mart).  Grow alfalfa sprouts indoors for organic vegetable protein.

*     Drink lots of good water.


Zorra's Technique



Zorra - Hollow Earth
December 1 2012
No Copyright

1.  Press hands together at chest level - as in prayer.  Palms together, fingers together. up tight against chest.
2.  Thrust and extend both arms directly forward, palms and fingers still touching.
3.  Keeping heels of hands touching at wrists, open the hands left/right, like a butterfly's wings.
4.  Take a deep breath and energetically force it out in short bursts through the teeth.  Take another deep breath; repeat.  Etc.
5.  This is an excellent way to raise Vibration and Frequency,
6.  This is Spirit - the Essence of Ascension.
          ~  Zorra



Listen to the audio booklet

I won't let myself be without it!  ~  Anne

I don't know why I never shared this before. I have, individually... but I believe this should be available to everyone.

About three or four years ago I received a little booklet in the mail which I prompty tossed in the trash. Something made me pause, and retrieve it. As rushed as I was, I didn't have time to read it, but.... put it in my luggage to read on an upcoming flight.

The story that I read caused me to first order one box, then three... and now I order by the year. I do not want to ever be without Cho-Wa.

This is not a business. I buy off the website like all retail customers. Some of you have heard me refer to my Morning Time, or Quiet Time. And Cho-Wa is what makes it happen.

Even as pressed and busy as I am, once the drinking of my
porcelain cup of Cho-Wa is complete, the easiness and mellowness of perfect meditation arrives. My mind becomes serene and quite and Messages of Inspiration flow in. It is the BEST time of my day and it is what anchors me in the Divine.


Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada