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Published on October 30, 2013 

... is an independent feature film about what is considered by many authorities to be "The Greatest Health RE-discovery of All Time". The concept was tested on the people of Haines, Alaska , (population 1,700.) 

November 3 2013

Steve Kroschel 4 days ago 

The whole concept of the traditional distribution for this film has been thrown out the window in the past week . Yes, it will have a limited theatrical release and mainstream movie reviews at the Quad Cinema in New York and Los Angeles, and NO I likely will never recover the costs of the several hundred thousand dollars it took to make this, but NOTHING, absolutely nothing can come close to the priceless feeling of giving this movie to the masses on YOUTUBE for FREE for as long as possible.
Steve Kroschel 1 day ago 
For those of you that want to know who opened the portal for this´╗┐ free viewing of "Grounded" for a limited time, it was Mercola dot com with the October 19th article about the film. I am so thankful so many have found the movie so quickly. The ethical question is posed to me on a personal level of whether to keep running this for free or take it down to encourage dvd sales and pay per views, or go even further into debt... At the moment, LOVE and SHARING wins and that is all that matters.
Let us all send our deepest gratitude and appreciation to this great and kind soul for bringing this life-giving energy back to Mother Earth's Children ... foregoing profits!

Zorra's Technique



Zorra - Hollow Earth
December 1 2012
No Copyright

1.  Press hands together at chest level - as in prayer.  Palms together, fingers together. up tight against chest.
2.  Thrust and extend both arms directly forward, palms and fingers still touching.
3.  Keeping heels of hands touching at wrists, open the hands left/right, like a butterfly's wings.
4.  Take a deep breath and energetically force it out in short bursts through the teeth.  Take another deep breath; repeat.  Etc.
5.  This is an excellent way to raise Vibration and Frequency,
6.  This is Spirit - the Essence of Ascension.
          ~  Zorra


Peter Olson 

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April 20th 2013 Teleconference
The call started with an enlightening message from Peter Olson (Tartus).  Peter told of his website:, the basis of its science and the years of proven accuracy and confirmations. No anomalies. Peter's explanation is worthy of more than one hearing. All agree: The choices of our evolution come 1% from our conscious mind and 99% from our Heart-Mind. Our work is to wake up the Heart-Mind. Home Page of above website: Section 37, Many of One, gives 88 items that lower vibration.  Click on Magic Words to find 44 ways to RAISE VIBRATIONS "and move back into our Home Port of LOVE."
 ~ Gratefully, Peter.  Thank you.

        Downloading the Programs for our 

New Solar Planetary CAUSE of Divine Love




I won't let myself be without it!  ~  Anne

I don't know why I never shared this before. I have, individually... but I believe this should be available to everyone.

About three or four years ago I received a little booklet in the mail which I prompty tossed in the trash. Something made me pause, and retrieve it. As rushed as I was, I didn't have time to read it, but.... put it in my luggage to read on an upcoming flight.

The story that I read caused me to first order one box, then three... and now I order by the year. I do not want to ever be without Cho-Wa.

This is not a business. I buy off the website like all retail customers. Some of you have heard me refer to my Morning Time, or Quiet Time. And Cho-Wa is what makes it happen. Even as pressed and busy as I am, once the drinking of my porcelin cup of Cho-Wa is complete, the easiness and mellowness of perfect meditation arrives. My mind becomes serene and quite and Messages of Inspiration flow in. It is the BEST time of my day and it is what anchors me in the Divine.

                      ~ Anne


Earthing Audio Book... Free!!

         "Earthing" ... Natural Healing that Works
How often have we heard Zorra encourage us to "Return to Nature?"  Zorra reminds us to connect with Terra's Earth-Energy ... walk barefoot or wear leather moccasins ... hug a tree ... talk to a tree.  

Through this new "Earthing" science, we can at last see measurable health-enhancing Earth frequencies either reaching and supporting our body-energy, or ... being blocked from our bodies by rubber soles, asphalt, concrete and mechanical vehicles.

We are hearing more and more amazing health testimonials from members who are regularly practicing "Earthing."

This comes very close to receiving "free healing."  Most participants recommend the "starter kit" ... a one-time cost of about $200.

Zorra recommends connecting with Mother Earth's beneficial energies by wearing leather moccasins with leather soles!

Click here for more information.

Dale Ratcliffe
Hi Anne,

I was listening to the last conference call and heard you talking about the earthing book and products , I found a site in australa about 8 months ago and bought the bands kit to place around my back, it was very good in relaxing the body and releasing stiffness in my back and joints, you can also wear this at night while you sleep. The leather shoes/moccasins are a good idea for winter, it is very hot and humid here in summer so I also bought a pair of earthing thongs which I wear most of the day at home, they are very comfortable and when I wear them I notice not being tied as much. Sometimes I go barefoot here in summer for short periods of time especially when at the beach, feels good to walk without shoes when you can.

Love Light and Joy

Miss Dale


Search for Minnetonka Thunderbird Soft Sole Suede
Mine arrived today and they are the real thing.
I ordered black suede to go with my black pants.
I have them on now and just love them.
$34.15 shipped.

Jose in California just wrote

I find good moccasins at this company from Canada.
All leather from the sole to the top.
I highly recommend it.

Grounding Sandals!

Throughout the duration of our bi-weekly calls, Zorra has repeatedly reminded us to be aware of what is vibrating within us!  What we eat, directly affects our level of vibration; our level of consciousness.  Zorra tells us:

*     Eat nothing that is dead!  Eat nothing that has a face.  These are beings and have souls and consciousness!  Yes, a cow has a soul!

*     Eat only live food:  fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, grains.  Dairy is all right.  Do not eat the yolk of the egg.  Check it out by dowsing with a pendulum, or by muscle testing!  I did.  And now I do not eat the yolk of the egg!

*     Eat those foods that are grown within your own geographical region.  Foods from other regions will delivery the negative vibes of the pickers and handlers.   Zorra identifies geographical regions by time zones, as shown in our telephone books.  We should eat foods grown within our own  time zone.  Eat organic, or ... from your local Farmers Market!  Ask where each product is grown!

*     Plant a garden.  Plant an indoor garden (get kits at Wal*Mart).  Grow alfalfa sprouts indoors for organic vegetable protein.

*     Drink lots of good water.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada