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Zorra's Technique



Zorra - Hollow Earth
December 1 2012
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1.  Press hands together at chest level - as in prayer.  Palms together, fingers together. up tight against chest.
2.  Thrust and extend both arms directly forward, palms and fingers still touching.
3.  Keeping heels of hands touching at wrists, open the hands left/right, like a butterfly's wings.
4.  Take a deep breath and energetically force it out in short bursts through the teeth.  Take another deep breath; repeat.  Etc.
5.  This is an excellent way to raise Vibration and Frequency,
6.  This is Spirit - the Essence of Ascension.
          ~  Zorra


Peter Olson 

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April 20th 2013 Teleconference

The call started with an enlightening message from Peter Olson (Tartus).  Peter told of his website:, the basis of its science and the years of proven accuracy and confirmations. No anomalies. Peter's explanation is worthy of more than one hearing. All agree: The choices of our evolution come 1% from our conscious mind and 99% from our Heart-Mind. Our work is to wake up the Heart-Mind. Home Page of above website: Section 37, Many of One, gives 88 items that lower vibration.  Click on Magic Words to find 44 ways to RAISE VIBRATIONS "and move back into our Home Port of LOVE."
 ~ Gratefully, Peter.  Thank you.




Listen to the audio booklet

I won't let myself be without it!  ~  Anne

I don't know why I never shared this before. I have, individually... but I believe this should be available to everyone.

About three or four years ago I received a little booklet in the mail which I prompty tossed in the trash. Something made me pause, and retrieve it. As rushed as I was, I didn't have time to read it, but.... put it in my luggage to read on an upcoming flight.

The story that I read caused me to first order one box, then three... and now I order by the year. I do not want to ever be without Cho-Wa.

This is not a business. I buy off the website like all retail customers. Some of you have heard me refer to my Morning Time, or Quiet Time. And Cho-Wa is what makes it happen. Even as pressed and busy as I am, once the drinking of my porcelin cup of Cho-Wa is complete, the easiness and mellowness of perfect meditation arrives. My mind becomes serene and quite and Messages of Inspiration flow in. It is the BEST time of my day and it is what anchors me in the Divine.

                      ~ Anne

Throughout the duration of our bi-weekly calls, Zorra has repeatedly reminded us to be aware of what is vibrating within us!  What we eat, directly affects our level of vibration; our level of consciousness.  Zorra tells us:

*     Eat nothing that is dead!  Eat nothing that has a face.  These are beings and have souls and consciousness!  Yes, a cow has a soul!

*     Eat only live food:  fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, grains.  Dairy is all right.  Do not eat the yolk of the egg.  Check it out by dowsing with a pendulum, or by muscle testing!  I did.  And now I do not eat the yolk of the egg!

*     Eat those foods that are grown within your own geographical region.  Foods from other regions will delivery the negative vibes of the pickers and handlers.   Zorra identifies geographical regions by time zones, as shown in our telephone books.  We should eat foods grown within our own  time zone.  Eat organic, or ... from your local Farmers Market!  Ask where each product is grown!

*     Plant a garden.  Plant an indoor garden (get kits at Wal*Mart).  Grow alfalfa sprouts indoors for organic vegetable protein.

*     Drink lots of good water.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada