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Point Being:  Lori Blackwell
  Hello, fellow kindred spirits of the Hollow Earth Network!

My name is Lori Blackwell. I am the Point Being for our Lottery Program. I live in a small seaport village in Connecticut, an area formerly known for whaling, and in the recent decades made famous by one of Julia Roberts' first films, Mystic Pizza. I'm a mother of three grown daughters, a sculptor, writer, shamanic practitioner, and have been actively seeking to re-member my true God nature since the age of 16. I have a youtube video: Got Soap! Got Hope! featuring the angel sculpture I created, as well as a song I wrote regarding Hope and the power world gains as we each come to realize and own our God nature and share it with those around us. You can view it by going to .....http://youtu.be/X9S3uYlpmkw

I have long played the lottery and have been told numerous times from my guides that this would be a valid, viable way to create monies... a seemingly effortless way to access to the financial abundance I seek....one that could free myself, and loved ones from this oft-times major physical limitation. Once money, or the creating of it was NOT an issue, one could then be more free to turn to the world and gift the fullness of who we really are. We would have more time to be the extensions of Gods that we all are, and hold this vibration and knowing for others to match. The gift that keeps on giving, so to speak.

I have also been aware that although I've played for years, I have not, as of yet, created a winning ticket. Why not? I suspect it had most to do with freeing myself of those lower vibrational, undeserving thoughts about winning large sums of money vs. "earning" them through effort or labor, fear of others' jealousy of my good fortune, my own present and past life misperceptions about people with grand abundance and the negative ways they may have misused that power...and all sorts of other silly old thoughts that no longer serve me! But, that was Then! Today, I am willing to set aside those fears. Be gone! Full Truth and Knowing, I now choose!

So, that's my roundabout way of saying that I am completely onboard with Zorra's latest idea, and smiled knowingly when I heard it announced on the call last week. I am in complete alignment with all of us receiving this fantastic way to create more abundance for those of us on the Hollow Earth Network. This is exciting, and I know it will be an unlimited source for all who believe themselves worthy of receiving God's Love in this form. I can already see us, sending off the multiple winnings to all who've participated! The phrase the "check's in the mail" has never sounded so uplifting and exciting!

For those who live in the States, I found an easy site for checking your numbers is: www.usamega.com

Cell: 860-536-1935

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Eastern Time

With Much Knowing that All Is Well,
Lori Blackwell


December 24 2011

Welcome to the Hollow Earth Network's Lottery Program and Guidelines.  This program is absolutely voluntary.  As we participate in the Lottery Program, we acknowledge that we do so on the Honor System. We acknowledge that should we become a Lottery Winner, no one will know except ourselves. If we do not announce our winnings and do not send our net proceeds to The White Cloud Holdings; no one will know except ourselves. That is why we acknowledge our Honor each time we purchase a lottery ticket.

However, as we have all come to know one another, sharing our deepest spiritual beliefs, the quality of The Hollow Earth Network's individuals becomes very apparent.  We know, love and believe in one another, and so we shall bless one another with showers and showers of prosperity.

Welcome!  And thank you for participating!



To enter a qualified lottery drawing, it is necessary that each participant purchase $10’s worth of a lottery of their choice. Each ticket bought will cover the next 10 consecutive draws at $1 per draw of that particular lottery. You can play numerous lotteries (i.e., Powerball, Classic Lotto, Megamillions, etc.), but it is necessary that you always buy for the next 10 consecutive draws of that game. Your ticket will show your chosen set of numbers, as well as the time frame or dates that your ticket and numbers are valid. (ex. Tues. Nov 08 11 - Fri. Dec 09 11 ).

Remember, that to qualify to share in the proceeds of any Hollow Earth Lottery winning ticket -- whenever it happens -- your ticket’s TIME FRAME MUST SHOW that the winning ticket’s date is WITHIN the time frame that your ticket is VALID. So, to make sure you’re always covered, we recommend always having your next $10 set of numbers -- 10 $1 draws -- purchased without any gap in dates!

To verify USA winners go to: www.usamega.com

Remember to ALWAYS save EVERY original ticket, even if it has expired.  Often, winners are not aware of their Winning until some time after the winning draw.  And of course, the proof that you had a live ticket on the date of the winning draw entitles you to submit a Notarized Copy of that original ticket for your pro-rata winnings!

We recommend playing these same numbers with each subsequent ticket you buy. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Remember, IT IS UP TO YOU TO CHECK YOUR OWN NUMBERS  -- to see if you are a Winner and to contact us accordingly.  That's the fun part; so keep checking for that happy day!

Lottery Winners’ Protocol 

Congratulations!  Thank You!

What size winning ticket is qualified for our Pro Rata Group Share?

We realize small winnings occur frequently and would not be practical for pro-rata sharing.  The minimum amount of net proceeds after taxes qualified for group pro rata sharing is $1 million (one million dollars).   


Lottery Winners are asked to fax the following information to Anne DeHart at  520-625-5385:

{C}{C}A.      {C}A COPY OF THE WINNING TICKET, name and location of the lottery, the estimated winning lottery jackpot, and the date of the winning draw.

{C}{C}B.      {C}Their postal mailing address, phone number, and email address.


Lottery Winners will identify and qualify themselves to their respective lotteries as The Winner, opting for the LUMP-SUM PAYMENT OPTION. Winners will receive and accept their lottery winnings, less all applicable taxes.


Lottery Winners shall pay themselves their Hollow Earth Winner's Bonus: 10% of the net proceeds received from their winnings after taxes.


Lottery Winners shall then send the remaining balance - after taxes, after Winner's Bonus - in a Certified Check made payable to The White Cloud Holdings, sent via Registered  Mail, Return Receipt, to: 

The White Cloud Holdings 

190 West Continental Road  

Suite 220-213

Green Valley  AZ  85622

This mailing should include:

1. A copy of the lottery winnings check payable to you.

2. A copy of taxes paid from winnings.

3.  A copy of your Winner's Bonus Check, being 10% of above net proceeds. 

2.  Cashier’s check for remaining balance payable to The White Cloud Holdings.

3.  Your postal mailing address

4.  Your phone number

5.  Your email address

Anne DeHart will deposit Cashier's Check for remaining balance into the existing Wells Fargo bank checking account for The White Cloud Holdings. 

Lori Blackwell will be established as a co-signer on this account.

Notice of a Lottery Winner

Upon faxed notice and verification of a lottery winner, Anne will send notice of the winning ticket to Lori. This notice will include the winning lottery number, name and location of the lottery, the winning jackpot amount, the lump-sum payment amount less taxes, amount of Winner's Bonus Check and the date of the winning draw.

Notice of a Winner will then be posted in a Special Edition of the Hollow Earth Newsletter. The Newsletter will be listed on the Newsletter Archives page and the Lottery Abundance page of www.HollowEarthNetwork.com.  Posted date of this Special Edition Newsletter shall determine NOTICE.  This Notice shall also include the deadline date and address to which Notarized Copies of all eligible tickets shall be sent via Registered Mail Return Receipt. 

Qualifying for Share Distribution


At close of deadline, within 10 (ten) days Lori Blackwell shall verify and qualify all submitted entries.  Any discrepancies shall be reconciled within this ten day period.  Any entries not Qualified shall be notified by phone or email and certified mail.  

To be considered for Qualification, a submitted entry must include: 

A Notarized Copy of your eligible lottery ticket(s) mailed to the specified address, Registered Mail, Return Receipt. (Take your ticket to a Notary who will make a copy and notarize it, certifying it as a true and correct copy of the original).

This same paper should also include the owner's...

*  Name

*  Postal mailing address

*  Phone number

*  Email address

At close of the 10-day qualifying period, Lori shall announce via the Hollow Earth Newsletter the total net amount available for disbursement, the total number of Qualified Shares, the pro rata payment per share, and the deadline by which checks will be mailed.

Disbursement of Net Proceeds

Certified Check from Lottery Winner (Winner's Protocol, Step 4) shall be deposited by Anne DeHart into banking account for The White Cloud Holdings.  Lori Blackwell shall be a registered signer on this account.  Lori shall itemize and facilitate distribution of these funds as follows:

1.  Colonel Billie Faye Woodard:        

 a)  Same 10% Bonus as Winner's Bonus; being 10% of Winner's net check from lottery after taxes on every Lottery Winning Ticket until Billie has reached the accumulated total of $1,000,000. This $1 million will contribute to the cost of a 30-passenger Hovercraft which will be used to transport Billie and approved Hollow Earth Network Lottery Participants on a one-way or round trip visit to Hollow Earth.  


b)  After purchase of Hovercraft, net proceeds of subsequent Hollow Earth Lottery wins shall pay Billie a bonus of $100,000 per win. This is our Hollow Earth Network's way of thanking Billie for all the knowledge, energy, time and love he has so generously shared with those of us on the calls and in our community.

2.   With first round trip, a Hovercraft transportation fund shall be established and maintained.

3.  An Administrative Expense Fund shall be established and maintained to cover such items as  banking fees, checks, envelopes, postage, shipping, etc. Monies for this fund shall be deducted from  the net net proceeds (after 20% total pay-outs to Winner and Billie) and before pro-rata disbursement.

4. The remaining lottery net proceeds shall be disbursed pro rata.


Pro rata disbursement of net proceeds from winning Hollow Earth Network ticket(s) shall be as follows: (1) one share/portion of the net proceeds for each Notarized Copy original ticket submitted and Qualified. If, for example, you had a qualifying number/ticket for the Powerball AND the MegaMillions Lotteries, you would be entitled to two pro rata portions of the net proceed winnings.

Payee: Checks will be made payable to the name and postal mailing address  submitted with the Notarized Copy of qualifying ticket(s). 

Please keep a copy of your submission for your records.


Point Being Lori Blackwell and her two Co-Point Beings shall be responsible for receiving and qualifying Notarized Copies of all pro rata tickets. After withdrawing Colonel Woodard's above-designated portion and administrative costs (check and bank costs, postage, etc.) from the net proceeds, amount per pro-rata point and number of total points will be determined and posted on the Hollow Earth Newsletter and www.HollowEarthNetwork.com. No personal names will be posted.

Lori's group will type checks, apply postage to window envelopes, and prepare an accounting of net proceeds, in and out. Lori will sign checks and ship via FedEx all signed checks and postage-paid envelopes to Anne DeHart. Anne will compute and verify accounting of net proceeds in and out, sign checks with double-signature, and mail checks in the postage-paid envelopes provided; all to be completed by designated mailing date.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada