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That Are Frequency Raising


SOUL WE CAN SEE RESULTS IN LIVING BLOOD!This is amazing! ... We can watch what happens in the blood at regular intervals after taking SOUL!

Amazing talk with Tina Wood - How t o sell Soul!  Our whole group loved it!  Here is the link...

SOUL PRODUCT & ORDERINGIt is recorded in the Bible.  Islam Prophet Mohammed stated that the black seed can heal every disease except death. Over 200 international studies document same results recorded almost 1400 years ago!

LAMININE - PERSONAL STORIESLifelong depression - gone in two weeks!!
Down's Syndrome! - Autism! - Fibromyalgia!
Autistic grandchild couldn't form words!  -  Gashed! Almost to the bone!

LAMININE - PRODUCT & ORDERINGZorra recently told us that Laminine will be very much needed in the final stages of Ascension.  --  Why?  It eases our emotions ... relaxes and dissipates stress, depression, worry, fear, tension, anxiety.  It is just wonderful. And we want this to be a truly beautiful experience. So, be good to yourself.

LAMININE PROFESSIONAL INFORMATIONArchives and Research that professionals want to see.  Extensive files.

ZERO POINT GLOBAL"The next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine."  ~ Dr Oz.
"The Energy is in the Field."  ~  Albert Einstein
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