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Where are we going?

Will we be happy?


Because similar questions to the above have begun to arise, we have added this page.

From time to time, messages that relate to this area will be posted.


And now let's read the words of Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Ret.,

as he responds to a request for clarity on The Gathering.

Wake Up Call
February 09 2012

Nancy Tate

I am here today to give you a lowdown on many things that will be part of your world when the time comes for the changes that will be taking place on the planet. As the sturdy bridges, mountains and valleys all collapse into themselves they will rebuild in new formations and bring about a new way of living. They will represent how you can surmount obstacles that have come into being in the time on earth and how easily they can be taken down and reformed to be advantages for living in a pristine world, one that harmonizes with your every moment.

As these mountains and bridges to other factions of the earth body are seen to be in rapid evolution there will be sanctuary within the earth and on ships above the planet. All will be given the chance to be uninterrupted in their transition, and in so doing you wont have a long time to withstand the changes. In fact it will be as if in the blink of an eye they will take place. Such will be the span of time in which you will be not only taking part in the restructuring, but also in the transition of your own bodies, right along with that of Gaia.
This will not mean for you that you will have trauma, quite the opposite. You will find that the changes that will come into being will do so with flow and resonance. You will enjoy the transition and take part in it as it reforms your molecular beingness into that of crystalline nature. You will experience such a wonderful transitory period that you will feel as if you are floating on a cloud of gold dust while heaven is singing to you. You will join in the dance of love that is being beamed to you. It will be as a walk with the angels into a new you and a heightened way of being. All of this will take place as Gaia is experiencing herself being reborn. She will gain such an ecstatic feeling that she too will not undergo any trauma. For her too it will be as a dance into perfection and the feeling of heaven within her entire body. You will not see a whole lot of change of the beauty of earth; it will involve mostly the inner beingness, the matter will transform to antimatter, crystalline in nature, as will you.

As these changes come about there will be many transitions of the life on earth. The animal life will be in safety, for they too will be held and comforted in another dimensionality in which they will undergo their transformation. Some of them will return to the new earth, and some of them will go on to their original place of being on other planets. Some of them came to earth for specific journeys and will find their time to return to their homeland is here. Those who return to earth and the fifth dimensionality will be with you in their beauty and love, harmonizing with you in every way. You will have complete ability to communicate with them.

As for the vegetation, you will find that there is a complete reordering of their beingness. Most will retain their outer look, while being able to communicate with all other life on earth. They will begin to evolve into living beings that are able to live with you in a way that does not mean they will be used for the purposes that have evolved over time. No more killing of trees for housing, fire, or anything like, that no more killing of anything. You will find that they live with you in complete harmony and love.

The insect world will no longer be feared, killed, or found to be a nuisance. You will understand the purpose for them being part of the ecosystem, and you will not only honor that, but you will be in co-operation and appreciation with it. The beauty of the spider webs will marvel you for the intricacies of the interlacing of the webs. The nests of the bees will reap a glow and fragrance that will draw you to its beauty. All of what is now in the insect world on earth will be considered works of art and treasures for keeping the harmonic balance of nature.

As you venture out into the world today and for the rest of your time in this world you live in now, call to yourself the appreciation of the ecosystem, and all that help to keep it in balance. See it for what it is and for what it will evolve to when all is in a higher dimensionality. As you do this you will contribute to the rise in the ascension of life on and within earth. As you go forth in your present world, see it for what I have been telling you it will be. In doing so, you will be already creating it as is destined. You will have great part in the ascension. You are already living it, by stepping forth and regaining your power in the freedom that it takes to realize your abilities to create your world as you see fit.

It is all about being part of it. So much can be done through the use of your eternal Mind. You are waking up to what you are capable of and what you once did in your evolutionary progress. In this way you will see that the lives you have been living on Gaia have been part of the plan in which you placed yourselves in the positions of being who you are not, for reason. You stepped forth in bravery and in that to be able to grow even more than you had already accomplished. You knew that to fall back as far as you could without losing yourself completely would not only be a giant experience, it would also be a giant leap forward from the falling back that has never been explored before.

At times it may feel like you and others have fallen too far. Realize if that were so, you would not exist any more. You have so much power to make that leap! You are in the process now. Can’t you feel it? Isn’t it right on the tip of your tongue of expression? Yes! You are doing it. You have that power and you are creating your new world as I speak. Know this as you make your next step, and the next, to that pinnacle of freedom from all boundaries. You will fly through the heavens and welcome back all of your universal family to the celebration that is awaiting your tapping into it. As you turn the knobs of evolutionary openness you will know what I am saying is the truth that you are feeling is right around the corner. It is, dear ones, it is. You are so close! Keep this in your embrace in the times to come, and you will realize that it was all a whisper of change that you have risen above.

I close this communication for now with this word. LOVE! It is everything. Keep it in your every moment. Love your days, your nights, all of the evolutionary process. You will understand why, when you are on the other side of the door and it is glowing in your image of Spirit, forevermore.

Thank you once again dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate


Nancy Tate

Intro, Nancy: This is a channeling of Horus on Dec 21st 2011. I’ll just take a moment.

Horus: She doesn't need any more than a moment. I'm so glad to see all of you here this evening. It is with the utmost of respect and love and joy that I see you all here today. 

There is upcoming in this community a splash of energy that will reunite many, many beings that have been here and that are continuing to come forth from the inner Earth and from the Hollow Earth, especially from inner Earth from Telos. There is an abundance of energy that is being pronounced throughout the ones here in this village that speaks of what is to come. It has been translated in many ways throughout the community and is being perpetrated, for some, as a lot of unloading of old energy that does not have anything to do with today; it's all about yesterday. In these energies it cannot remain within these people, any of you.

As you progress, as you lift your energies, you release all of this old 3-D energy and you allow it its freedom to, as well, be transformed into an energy that can circulate back, and come to you as brand-new, slippery ice, warm ice, slippery enough to come flowing back into you as potential, as remembrance of who you are. As it touches out in the universe with all that information, with all that energy of your other experiences in this universe, it starts from the first time, the first seed, the first experience that you all have. As that progression takes place, as that touching in with all that there is carries with it the potential for what you'll be doing from this point on, there is great significance to what has been expended, what has been expressed and what has been desired and intended for the coming time.

Yes you have had, all of you, all of Earth life of any form, from one cell to the completion of whatever the state of being is in the moment, has experienced on some level that which is desired. That is the way that you all can know what it is you desire. It is first an inner idea, an idea that comes to you on a spiritual and a soul level, and then it comes to your consciousness as a desire and intent. You are tapping into what you have already created. If it does not materialize in your life it is because you have had another idea on that inner level of something that is different, that is possibly more in keeping with what happened in the moment and the next. So there is this continual, constant creation of what you have intended and what you follow through on and give life to in your consciousness. 

This is something that you will be realizing on many levels as you evolve throughout your ascension process, and that will affect the way you live your life. It will affect the way that you create your desires, the idea that you have and how you can follow through on those ideas. It will be a blending of all of the beautiful energies of creation that corresponds with the Christ consciousness, with the Mushaba energy, with all that there is, with the spark of inner knowing that you all live in.

As this takes place, not only in this community but in all the communities on the globe, you will see an uprising of truth come. There will be nothing that the energies who are not coming from an intent of love can do but fall into what they have created, and at some point return to themselves and begin the journey back to an expression an involvement that is in tune with their inner beauty. There is nothing that can put love down. There is no way that love can be overcome, for love is. It is the being energy, it is the originator. This is where you came from. It is where you are; it is what everything is, everything.

Love always, always is there and so when these people, these energies on the planet give way to the fear that they are expressing and living in, they will find less and less ability to carry on with it, for there will be nothing to back it up. They will be actually making that circle back to who they truly are from having come in that circle of expression. When they get to that point where they are, they feel that they are, at the very depths of their fear, the love will be right on the other side of it. They will fall over into that, and that is when they will be reborn. They will be reborn in the love that never ends, that never goes away. Nothing is ever lost completely; nothing is ever gone forever, it always is. 

Now when we come to the surface we will come at a time when those in the area we will be arriving in are ready, when those energies are ready for us. We will come when you are ready to bring us into your community and into your lives. We will share with you, live with you in community, those of you who have invited us and we will begin the restoration of this beautiful planet. You will, those of you who choose, will remain here with us for the time. I use the word time loosely. For the experience of making this restoration we will bring to you the remembrance of what you already have and will be able to take further of how this can be done without having to go through the process that you used to create it in the first place.

In other words, it will not take months, maybe even years to create a village, to create a home, to create a city. It will be in the blink of an eye in some cases, and it will be, in other cases, through your intent to change that, which is not in sync with you, with your energy. You will be creating the new earth, the new vibratory expression of earth-thought bit-by-bit, intent-by-intent. Some things will transform before your very eyes; some things you will step into with your abilities and your desires for that actual physical involvement to create the changes that will take place. It will be a mixture of the energetic transformation and of the physical ones that are part of, that are desired, on your journey back to yourself. It will be as if there is that mixture that is taking place.

As more and more is seen to be true, to be happening, then more and more will resound into, suddenly it will morph into, the very expression of that which you desire. It will be as a spiraling of energy that will take place, and more and more of the physicality will fall away. Then there will be a beautiful expression and creation of the intent, and it will be in that moment that it will be created. The difference between then, and how it is now is that will not be that interim between now when you have the expression, when you have the idea, and then.

But you won't see it immediately, that period, that interim which could last now for days, months, or years. At some point it will be an instant, because there will be no ‘well maybe; no, I won't want that anymore’. It'll all be instant because it will come from your higher self, it will come from that knowing of what is best, what's most desired, what is fun, what is playful, what is heart-lifting, what is in tune with all of existence.

So for now dear ones at this point we will be coming visiting those who are ready to see us to feel us to welcome us and we will share with you, let’s say, the inspirations that will assist you to reading on an inner level that which you already know and are calling for to come to your consciousness. We will be guiding those of you who have stepped forth to offer to create with us, to work with us. We will be taking the steps that will be in the timeframe that will happen in a flowing manner, in a way that some people will be able to see and understand and flow with. There will be no fear brought on with this, for those who do not understand and do not comprehend will not see what the changes are until they are of that frequency.

It will be such a process that there will be no fear associated with it. Those on the planet who are not aware, or do not believe that this can be taking place will gradually find their worlds are shrinking. Their abilities to manifest what they desire are falling further and further away from them because it will not harmonize with the rest of the world. So all of this unrest will gradually come to a stop. It will cease to be in this new world that is going to be created right before the eyes of the seeing. The eyes of the unseeing will not realize what is taking place. They will just know that their world seems to be getting smaller, less in harmony with them. At some point they will be returned to themselves, to who they truly are. They will make their journey back to the light to be in harmony with all that has reached that ascension, that higher level that is the destiny of this beautiful planet.

As we come, there are chambers through which we will come to visit. These are chambers of light in the mountain from Telos, in this particular area, all over the globe, in other majestic mountains, under rolling oceans, through the trunk of a tree, in a forest, and a cave opening. In various places all over the globe there are these chambers of light through which the beings will come. They will come, and they will be made known to those hosts who have invited them. The changes will begin anew in a higher pace. You will see these changes take place, and you'll know more and more as the world transforms, that the evolution is spiraling over the globe.

As that takes place it will quicken, until one moment it will be all in perfection and you will go forth from that in the creation of how you want to live and how you're being inspired to create anew. You will have opened a door to an incredible potential and you will know that this Earth experience in this duality was well worth what you've done because you have seen how far away you can fall from yourself. You've given yourself the potential for ideas about what to do from the point of your returning to yourself. It will be an infinite future, if you want to call it that, because you'll be creating. Oh it will be so much fun, it will be so wonderful. It will be so incredibly empowering to be able to create in the moment and live it in any way you desire, all in love, all in peace and joy, and with each other throughout the universe.  

I am ready now for questions if anyone has any.

Q: Thanks Horus. I would love to be a hostess for you and the other light beings. How can I make that known?

H: You just have. Be expecting some word, some connection, or communication, and you will be able to follow through on what is to come. I deeply welcome you to the throng. It will be an experience in which you will be most welcome.

Q: Are you aware of Billie and Zorra? He claims that right now there are 250,000 Agarthians coming onto the surface. Is that correct? How can we meet them?

H: That is correct. When on a soul level you have come into agreement with them that you are ready then you will be able to meet them in a knowing way. You have however already had several exchanges with them. An exchange may need only be maybe a nodding of the head as you pass someone on the street, a smile, or an interchange on a soul level, of recognition. As you become ready to be able to meet with them, then that will come about.

Q: Are there Agarthians truly in Mt Shasta?

H: Yes there are. They come and go; they travel the planet. Some of them will be in one place at one time, and then they will flow to another. Mostly they are on the move because they are answering different calls from different people, different souls of these people. They are able to travel in a light way, when they recognize that they are needed in another area. There is an intermingling of the Agarthians with some of the Telosians that are here as well. I'm speaking in general and now specifically as well. They are always in readiness for roaming the planet in one way or another.

Q: What exactly is their mission?

H: Their mission is to assist in the readiness all of humanity and all of life on earth for the coming changes in whatever way the people, the animals, all of life, whatever way they are able to comprehend.

Q: Also can you confirm what was said about the gatherings?

H: There are certain potentials with that event and those potentials are garnered according to the conditions energetically and physically on the planet at any given time. It could very well be in that way, the way the energy is right now. That vision of some off planet and some within is a very strong potential. We shall see as this all progresses how it will look in the near future on earth. There will definitely be some kind of gathering. How it will speak itself to be is to be seen.

Q: It is also said that some people will be evacuated from earth to ships. Is this true?

H: Yes, and that is the most likely way right now the way the energies are that it could happen. However it could be that potential could change to speak in another way, depending on the choices that all the people on earth make in the interim. It could be that no one will have to leave; it could be that only some. It could be as they see it is to be now.

Q: You mentioned just now of some people leaving the earth. Could that be with the so-called physical death, or being evacuated by UFOs, or just dissolving the body and reappearing on another planet? Can you elaborate on that?

H: Some people will choose to leave the earth through a physical death. Some people who have come here to the planet to serve a certain purpose in this lifetime, and maybe the last few years of a lifetime, will see that their purpose in being here is complete and they will go back from whence they came because they have come for a certain mission. So it is according to the circumstances surrounding that particular event and the peoples’ lives themselves what their purpose, their mission and intent is.

Q: What might we expect as far as the economic conditions of the planet are to be?

H: You can find a significant change in the first few months, possibly two. There will be a major shifting of that energy. Once the downfall, if you want to call it that, begins it will have no recourse but to complete. However that does not mean that the world would be in chaos that means one door closes and another one is ready to open. When you look at the ending of, or the resolution of anything that is not in harmony with love, peace and joy then you know that it is inevitable that that which is based in fear cannot survive in these rising energies. It will be the most peaceful, possible way of resolving that energy based in fear. It depends on how much resistance is garnered by those who insist on staying in that comfort zone of fear. However it cannot overcome the peacefulness that is being created by so many on this planet right now.

Q: Those of us who have in our contract in this lifetime come here to go through the ascension, then we will be taking our physical bodies into the fifth dimension, is that correct?

H: Your physical bodies, yes. However they too will ascend. You will remain with the same, hah; you will still look like Bob. However you will have a glow and there will be a lightness about you. Yes, those who have chosen to ascend will take their countenance in a glowing way with them into this new beauty this new way of being. You will have the ability to change the way you look once that has been accomplished, if you desire.

Q: So you are saying that it is not necessary that we here on the surface go in to meet you; you are coming out to meet us. Is that correct?

H: We will be coming. You will be invited at a certain point to come in and visit us. However there are experiences, things that will be taking place on the surface before you'll be able to come in and visit. I'm not talking about a lot of things, a lot of time. I’m talking about possibly even in the next moment, depending on how this all comes to be, what takes place. Remember that living in the moment is where we are now and the more you come in tune with that, the more you realize you are living that. So yes, there will eventually be visits within the earth and it will be in harmony.

Q: I had never heard of this gathering. If it worked out where we needed to be rescued would we go to the Inner earth?

H: As to whether you wanted to go to the Inner or Hollow Earth, or to a ship up there, off planet, if it came to be that, that was necessary. Even if it were not necessary some of you may do one or the other because that was your pre-destined plan.

It’s that there can only be harmony in order to be able to go where we are in the Inner Earth. If you are not in that vibration, you would not be well to do it. If you would run into a stonewall sometime; if you come around the corner in a cave and that stonewall is there, then that door would not open for you if you were not a high enough vibration. Doesn't mean that you have to be completely in the fifth dimension. That means that you would be in a potential where to come into that energy would bring you up that much more. It's all a matter of your willingness and your intent to be in harmony with what you are ascending to.

Q: So your last incarnation on earth was an Egyptian god?

H: That was a word many people used. I was a being who came to serve in a way that would bring the idea of the Annunaki to a new level. I am a genetic precedent to this one whom I speak through. She was my genetic daughter in those days and she has in several lifetimes served in my family line in a way that does not speak of the duality, but speaks of her original line and original energy. She has had seven lifetimes you might say of service on earth as, let's say inner earth, as a spokesperson for the inner beings of earth to various people on the surface who were in that vibrational range of understanding. In those seven lifetimes it was like she stepped outside of the duality role of other lifetimes that she has had on this planet. In this lifetime she is encompassing both roles.

Q: So what is your job at this time; what are you doing in Inner earth at this time?

H: I am helping to compile all of the information in the Pathalogos Library with Mikos into energetic leaflets of understanding for everyone to tap into. It has always been there for everyone in existence to tap into the information. Now they're like these gold leaflets that are energy, that are being created for the use of everyone. Every person is generating these and we are creating them for them in their cooperation for their use in the new order of being. It will be there when you are ready vibrationally. You will realize that you have it.

You will have these leaflets of information; they will be part of you, and they will give you the information of what your next step will be to begin the new way of being. It will be that each one is a compilation with all the information that you have generated, created through your existence not just on earth but from the time you are created from The Creator. It will be with you instead of having to go outside of yourself, outside instead of having to reach in to that higher knowledge. It will be in your consciousness. All you will need to do is to have the desire and the intent to tap into a piece of knowledge and it is there.

These gold leaves leaflets are what you might call your trademark. They are your own specific nameplates, you might want to call it, there so many names you might use for it. But it is yours and yet at the same time it is not separate from any of the other. That is how you are all able to access information from each other and about each other. It is a beautiful interweaving. So we called it the Tree of Life with all of these leaves, leaflets in presence for you to be able to experience. It is our gift to you. It could have been done in some other way, any way that you want to call it. You all know about the Tree of Life and so you all agree that, it was the most natural way for you to have the vehicle to tap into. It’s a beautiful symbol of life.

Q: You mentioned just a while ago about the Annunaki. I have heard and read various sources about the Annunaki which are conflicting with one another which makes it difficult for me to grasp perhaps an accurate picture, or perspective of who they are and what they have to do with our lives today. Are you able to elaborate on any of that, or do I have to be more explicit in questions?

H: What that represents is it is different perspectives that different people have had throughout the history of life on Earth. The records that are kept and the interpretation of these records whether they be energetic records such as in the Pathalogos library, or on tablets, or in designs etched on stone walls and so forth. There is such a vast array of information, interpretation. This is why some of the details of the history, for instance of the history of the Annunaki varies. When you look at it all, the many see an over-weaving of all of this and you may find a key element in it that can enable you to see the string of origin and see that origin. That string that weaves through will give you the truth as you know it. You experienced some of it and as you experienced it you had your own interpretation of what it was.

The Annunaki have been a key part of the evolution of mankind, as you know. Through that each person who experienced it had their own thread of origin that is woven into that tapestry. That is their truth; that is the truth of their experience and interpretation. So as you read the different reports of how it was then you can see.

As you know in today's life we pass around in a circle whispers of something, and by the time it gets around to the original speaker, the whisper is changed. There may be some threads that are the same that you can trace back, but it's a different story with different incidences in it, different elements. This is what has happened. However, when you receive the leaflet from the Pathalogos library you will have it all in entirety. All of the interweaving will show you a beautiful picture that is the totality of the experience, and you'll understand it. You'll see why it is that way, and you will see the truth behind it.

Q: Now you’re living in the Hollow earth, and do you on a regular basis talk to beings like Adama, Anomar, Aurelia? Can you tell us about Aurelia? We’re studying her book.

H: Aurelia right now is coming to something that she gave herself when she was here on Earth. She gave herself a promise, which I will not divulge at this time. Right now she is living that; she is experiencing it and she is in ecstasy. She is going to come from that energy, that experience and she will step forth in an expression that will reflect that ecstasy. It is something that she began here on Earth, was given to her an idea, like the seed of the idea in her work on earth in this lifetime. Now she is growing that; she planted the seed and now it is growing, developing and bursting forth into bloom, this beautiful, incredible bloom of all these colors of light. From that she will come forth on the surface at some time, some expression and she will spread this around the whole globe.

Q: I was wondering if you could say anything about the natural disasters that are happening and how we will get through all that.

H: Natural disasters are a part of the clearing of Gaia, part of the clearing of all life on Earth, part of the clearing all the old intent of the residue of the fear expressions. There is a certain amount of the free will expression that is being washed away, cleansed. It is not going to be as devastating as it might have been at one time, because the vibrational energy of those on the planet has risen to a level that has kind of soothed, or smoothed out all of the turmoil that could have just erupted. It is happening in such a way that it is drawing the old energy, negative energy out, and yet it is not letting it happen in such a way that it would cause devastation it's been an easier mode, shall we say. So yes, there will continue to be earthquakes and tsunamis, and maybe some of the mountains will spew forth.

It will not be as it might have been, as was seen to be, several years ago. It's been a calmness that has been interlaced in the last 20 years. So those who are here on earth with the contract to leave the physical body and earth will do so. They have placed themselves, knowing on a soul level where to place themselves, to be part of it to have this happen. They know on a soul level that it is just a physical picture that is involved, an illusion. They will leave that physicalness before the destruction of the body takes place.

There is once again a combination of different things that will take place, but it will not be as devastating as it might have been. That is because there are so many beautiful people such as you who have risen, and helped to raise the vibration of the planet. There is such a beautiful glow around this planet that speaks of the imminent coming of the Christed energy into fullness. Fear not. Those of you who have chosen to remain on the planet and be part of the restoration will be safe. So fear not. All is in divine order.

Q: As lightworkers what would you suggest that we do to promote this, to continue on, to happen?

H: Continue to follow every idea, to follow your heart, and enjoy what you do. Enjoy your life; play, sing, dance, joyfully run up the mountain, go out and play with your dog or cat, ride your horses, anything that gives you joy, pleasure and comfort. Give yourself the best life you can and know that you are contributing not only to your own life, but also to all of life. The more this takes place, the faster, the quicker, the quickening will happen. That is the way to accomplish that which you are here for. Be ready in the moment for any change that may come your way that is of peace and joy and love.

Q: Is there a connection with all of us in this room? Are we from Lemuria, do we have different roles to play? Are we all here for a specific purpose?

H: Those of you who feel a connection, honor that. Realize that there need be no specific reason in your in your mind in your outer knowledge. Just follow the promptings that you have in any moment to meet with each other, to attend different functions. Whatever it is, know that it is all in purpose and that those of you who are here tonight don't necessarily have to be together as a group in all things. You are part of many things that will be taking place. You are diversified and you have something for so many different groups, so many different protocols, so many different people, one-on-one.

So follow that guidance, follow that inner knowing and know that the group is far bigger and more versatile than has been originally thought of as a group. We are all one group here on earth. As it narrows down to different groups, a group here, a group there, don't feel that it has to be cemented into place that these are the only people in this group, and in this one and this one, or that you only belong in this one. Know that once again it's the tapestry, it’s the threads that are connected with so many different things. It all goes back to the one beautiful tapestry of creation.
In closing I would like to sing this in your native tongue. (Horus sings in foreign tongue, then in English, below)

And in that I say to you, you are my brethren and my sisters. You warm my heart with your love and good wishes. My love goes to you. My love goes to you. My love is yours.

Thank you.




The Gathering

Colonet Billie Faye Woodard, USAF Ret.


Recorded Conference call of September 24 2011



You commented on the timeline, the end of 2011 and the end of 2012, and I know that that isn’t part of your mission but we have been educated about it, and of course from our view point its important to know where we’re going. So a little bit of information brings up more questions. And for the record, there are people that are concerned and considering the gathering as an evacuation, which is not a word that I don’t believe you have ever used. Could you just put people at peace about what the gathering is about and why we have to get out of the way for Mother Earth?


Sure. Well like you know it’s not part of my mission, but I will bring this out. First off, the emergence is the Agarthian people coming up to the surface, as given by Adama. He gave a message to you not long ago about the emergence time. His time frame was before the end of this year, before 2012. There would be the emergence of the Agarthian network coming up to the surface with their technology to straighten out the Earth as far as pollution, and water pollution, air pollution, things of this nature that is hindering the surface. And they will be doing this before the end of this year. And they could be even doing it even as we speak, in very low, beginning strokes of it. You probably noticed less chem-trails in the skies, clearer skies. Well, that’s because they’re doing what they said they were going to do.


Now the gathering is not an evacuation. It’s part of the evolvement of Mother Earth.  The gathering is where ships are coming from the other star systems: the Pleiadians, the Andromedans, and these others. They’re coming to collect their people that have incarnated on the surface of the Earth. So they’re coming to gather them, take them back home. The ones that are left will be slated to go either into Hollow Earth or Inner Earth. And the reason for this is because the Earth has to go through a transformation, returning to pristine state of existence, and an advancement or an ascension into the 5th dimension.


Now, during the time the Earth is going through its change, its physical changes, there’s not going to be anybody that’s going to want to be on the surface of the Mother Earth because she’s going to be rolling and up heaving all over the place, both in earthquake magnitudes of unheard frequencies. And obviously you wouldn’t want to be around when that happens! But the Earth is returning herself to a pristine state of existence. Her surface will change. All of man’s achievements such as major skyscrapers,  big cities and all this, will simply vanish, sent back to their elements from which they came, and the Earth will return to a Garden of Eden state all over, globally. Not just in one area, but globally. And all of man’s creations that have marred the surface will be eliminated.


During this time period, you will be safe in the Hollow Earth, in the Inner Earth, or off world. Upon the completion of this change to the 5th dimension, change of the surface back to a pristine state, those that wish to return to the surface will be allowed to do so. But the world will be a totally different world to you when your return to it. It’s going to be new, it’s going to be a new Earth as you know the Earth to be. It will be more beautiful than it is right now. It’s pretty beautiful right now, but you think about having no cities, no highways, nothing to mar the surface, nothing to interfere with Mother Nature.

Now, when you come back to the surface, you will speak forth your dwelling and it will appear, manifest out of thin air. The structures you will build will be in and around nature. And they will be round in structure. They won’t be reaching toward the sky. They’ll be in and around nature, and abiding by Mother Nature’s rules. And Mother Nature’s in charge, and she’s always been in charge.  The governments of the world are trying to encroach upon Mother Nature and trying to mold Mother nature to fit their way of thinking, and that’s not the way it works. Mother Nature’s reclaiming the Earth. And when Mother Nature reclaims that Earth everything that Mother Nature reclaims will be pure. I think that may have straightened a lot questions and put a lot of people at ease. 


Message from Saul

Through John Smallman

September 14 2011

It is to be an event of unprecedented significance.

We - all of God’s divine creation – are almost euphoric as we observe the moment of humanity’s awakening approaching rapidly. The “we” includes you, because deep within you, where you know that you are divine beings, you too are well aware of the momentous event that has been meticulously planned and whose time is almost upon you. To understand this with the limited sentience that you have available to you in the illusion is impossible. But your awakened Selves – at One with God – fully understand, and are filled with joyful anticipation as we wait for the divine dawn to break and awaken you all.

It is to be an event of unprecedented significance that will amaze and delight you as it unfolds, and you finally awaken from the dream into Reality. It is a state that is impossible for you to imagine, despite its being your natural state. Nevertheless, when you awaken, you will instantly realize that you are Home, and your joy will be boundless.

You have been traveling for a very long time on your spiritual journey toward awakening, and much of what you have experienced has been extremely traumatic. Initially it seemed that separation from God would be fun, interesting, and exciting. The fun did not last long, but the excitement intensified and then changed to fear as your survival became increasingly threatened, and you began to identify yourselves more and more as bodies, instead of as spiritual beings having an imaginary bodily experience. And with that misidentification of yourselves your fear and confusion grew. You began to imagine strange gods whom you could offend, and who, unless expiated, would punish you severely; and any catastrophe – flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, drought, famine, and even personal tragedies – became evidence for you of the gods’ anger with you. It is only very recently that beliefs of that nature have been released, allowing you to start making progress on the spiritual path that would lead you Home, and your rate of progress has been accelerating wonderfully since then. No longer are you trapped in a seemingly endless loop of punishing disasters and constant acts of expiation.

The realization that God is all-loving and never punishes was a great spiritual step forward for humanity – a step into true knowledge. There are still many who are hanging on to the belief in a judging and punishing god, and many more who are atheist or agnostic. However, all have the divine Flame burning within them, and the powerful energy effects that those who pray and meditate regularly are creating all across the planet are nudging these lost ones to look within and discover their own divine Flame.

Not one person on Earth today remains unaffected by the Love that sweeps constantly across, through, and around the planet, nudging all toward their natural state of wakefulness. Everyone is feeling it, although they may be very confused, initially, by what they are feeling. But that confusion is clearing as people start to experience love, compassion, and acceptance on a scale that has never before been seen on Planet Earth.

The awakening process is accelerating and intensifying. No one is completely unaware of the divine energies embracing them. All that is necessary for all to awaken is a desire for peace, love, and abundance for all. And that desire is growing and strengthening in every moment as the dawn approaches. And as it passes, the glorious brilliance of eternal day will envelop you and embrace you forever.

With so very much love, Saul.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada