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Pubished on May 1, 2012 by Stephen Hannard ADGUK   Massive object recorded by Cor 2 (white-Light) (SECCHI) Stereo 'A' satellite. Recorded 2 April 2012. This object is at least three times the size of Earth, and seems to be in a fixed orbit around the sun. Able, not only to withstand the tremendous temperature emanating from the suns surface, but also its massive gravitational pull. At certain points also, you can clearly see the Suns plasma rays bounce over the spherical anomaly, this proves the object is not a glitch but is in fact a real object, only question is what is it. 

Almost every shot had not one or two Orb ships, but FLEETS!! 

So....in Texas today the sky blessed us with hours of indecridable beauty. We had some storm systems blow thru with huge NORMAL looking clouds of every shape and kind, morphing with every passing minute. It was just incredible to watch, all the while picking out various formations I would surely be zooming thru and playing around, if I had the ability to fly.
When the Sun started to set behind the clouds, sending "God Rays" down to earth, I had to go get my camera. Before shooting I invited whom ever was in ear-shot to please allow me to see them.
I took around 70 shots. Came in and put them on the computer, and proceeded to freak out. Almost every shot had not one or two Orb ships, but FLEETS!! They were everywhere! Really makes me wonder what so many are doing in the skies of small-town-Hicksville-out-in-the-boonies of Texas....lol
I just saw my first UFO around the end of last year, then unknowingly filmed one flying thru and punching a hole in a chemtrail...discovered months later. Then about a month ago Orbs began appearing in my shots of the planets near the Moon....and now this. I wondering if I'll come down from this High enough to get any sleep tonight!
So here's the best one

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Higher Dimensional Being Makes Surprise Appearance

A higher dimensional being of light with Angel-like wings makes a surprise appearance in a shopping mall in Indonesia in 2011.

The Sightings of Ashtar Command Lightships Continue!

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Ashtar Command Ships Performing Amazing  

High Speed Manuevers
Over Hong Kong

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Amazing Video of Ashtar Command Fleet over Las Vegas Boulevard 3/21/12

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An Ashtar Command lightship filmed over Mission, British Columbia, Canada on 3/27/12. The red lights on the bottom of the screen are a reflection of the lights on the video camera, but the lights in the sky are not a reflection. The Ashtar Command has said that their ships would appear only as lights to us from our 3rd dimensional perspective, as their command exists within the higher dimensions.

Ashtar Command Lightship Filmed Through Telescope Over Italy 3/22/12

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hi-Res Image of Spacecraft Orbiting next to 

Hubble Telescope

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ashtar Command & Galactic Federation of Light Ships

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ashtar Command Lightship Over Germany 3/23/12

A brilliant Ashtar Command Lightship videotaped after turning on its outboard lights over Germany.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Galactic Federation of Light Mother Ship Over New York City, U.S. 03/22/2012

Just days after the Galactic Federation of Light advised they would now increase the number and quality of the sightings of their ships, this mother ship was captured on video orbiting over New York City in the middle of the day. At the end of this video, you will see a small scout ship drop from the mother ship.

Posted February 7 2012

If you were on last Saturday morning's call (February 4)  when Billie returned to us after Zorra left -- you were among the first in the world to hear Billie describe what he saw from his father's ship ... docked alongside the Neptune!

Since then Steve Beckow of Scenario 2012 has done his own research to verify the authenticity of  Billie's visit ... as well as John Lear's email from the Neptune, posted below.  
Here is the transcript of Steve's interview with Grener of Ashira, of Neptune, President of the Intergalactic Council via Linda Dillon which is posted today, February 7 2012, on Steve Beckow's web site, 2012 Scenario:

SB: All right, Grener. Thank you. I’m going to ask you three questions that I hope you’ll answer just very quickly so that I don’t lose too much of this hour to them.

Accounts are starting to emerge of people who are claiming to be on the Neptune. There’s one account that features a description from John Lear, who used to write about UFOs and Area 51. Is that an accurate, reliable account?

G: Yes.


SB: So the account was accurate?

G: There are some accounts that are coming forward that are very accurate—

SB: All right.

G: —‌and will be shown as reliable, some more than others.

SB: Including photographs?

G: That is correct.

SB: Okay. And Billy Woodard said that he traveled outside his body and viewed the Neptune and saw you and Archangel Michael. Is that account accurate and reliable?

G: He travelled outside of his body. He did astral travel. He was not in form.

SB: Right. Well, I think he went in his—‌I actually don’t understand the mechanism—‌went in his father’s body, or….

G: Let’s just say he has had a glimpse.

SB: So it’s accurate and reliable, though, that he did have the glimpse?

G: Yes.

SB: Okay, well, that’s good to know. 

And here is a link to Steve's posted Transcript of Billie's call:  Click here

And here again are Billie's own words in Billie's own voice:  Billie's Visit to the Neptune

So, if you have any "Doubting Thomas's" challenging Billie's story ... it has already been challenged, confirmed, and endorsed by Steve Beckow.

John Lear's earlier email is posted below; also confirmed by Grener.


Sent: Monday, February 06, 2012 3:39 PM
Subject: Galactic Joyride: Post from the Mothership Neptune 2/6/12
Monday, February 6, 2012

GALACTIC JOYRIDE --- First Ever Post From The MotherShip Neptune!!!

Galactic Joyride
First Ever Post From The MotherShip Neptune!!! -

It was a long tour. It's a big ship. A literal flying city. Sorry I didn't report back sooner. I was exhausted. The amount of wondrous things I saw and all the information I learned can really tire one out. Anyway only a small number of folks were actually picked up. 25 that I counted personally. It was told to use [say] that Mr Beckow and a lot of others could not be picked up at this time due to the fact that Mr Beckow made all of this too public. It was suppose to be a behind the scenes first step. But with all the attention on Mr Beckow it was almost impossible for them to retrieve him and most of the others as there were safety concerns. We were told that Mr Beckow and others were put under surveillance after all this becoming so public against the wishes of those on the Neptune. But they said they do appreciate all the work he has done and he will be contacted personally at the first possible time when it is safe.

Today I am allowed to take photos and post them back to earthnet. I have a few mandatory training exercises I need to go do but I will check back in later. This is all so surreal. Can't believe this is actually happening. Mr Beckow made this too public and had some unsavory intelligence types watching his every move. There was no way they could have picked him up without incident is what we were told.
I have taken over 200 photos. However the terminals on the ship don't have a USB port so I will ask the adviser assigned to me my best option for uploading some of these photos the next time I see her. You should see the clothes these people wear. quite cool

And I can assure you this trip was most definitely not canceled. It was revised and made smaller. You guys gotta remember there are some very powerful people that don't want this open contact between our space family and us to take place. Especially by passing the 'official government channels'. Might we actually learn the truth for ourselves without 'gov't officials' filtering it first! this is inevitable. And from what I"ve learned what you gotta realize is that the Earth is equivalent to a backwoods small town in the big galactic picture. There are many billions more humans living throughout the galaxy than on Earth.

These other humans see us as quite naive babies actually. Like a tribe in the Amazon who has not made contact with the rest of the world. On top of that they see most of us as being brainwashed with lies and abused. Made to eat unhealthy crap. Poverty. We are in quite a sad state. Hopefully this will all change soon. As for Mr. Beckow, hopefully he learned an important lesson about shouting things from the rooftop when they should not be. Remember he is under surveillance. At this time it is better for him to believe this was a failure and he is leaving public life. This is for his own safety. When the time is right he will be told that in fact, the trip was a success and finally be able to see the fruits of his labors.

Anyway I have already become addicted to the gravity free game court. so much fun floating around. the rest of the ship has artificial gravity, but they have told us it is only at 83% of what it is on earth so it feels quite nice actually and a bit different. You want to hear something funny. When I first tried to post yesterday I got a message "Banned from GLP" from the ship lol. God knows what ISP range they are using. Anyway it took a few attempts before I was finally able to post. This isn't my normal GLP ID. So whatever those other threads are seems like an attempt by the dark cabal to derail this at every chance.

They don't use deodorant! I forgot my deodorant so I tried to go get some in the supply area. They said they don't use deodorant. The lady at the counter rolled her eyes and gave me a package that contained two small strips. really small, about a 1/4 of an inch long by 1/8 inch thick. She looked at me like I am some sort of caveman and told me to just stick each strip inside my shirt in the pit area and i would be fine. I asked her how it worked and she said it was akin to what we would consider some sort of smart nanotech, where this stuff could find the stink particles and eradicate them lol. she didn't seem like she is the scientific type so who knows. anyway hopefully they work!

Speaking of dinner there are literally THOUSANDS of options to chose from. Including earth cuisine. I tried some exotic stuff. I tried some form of seafood from some planet they call Octuria. I tried to act polite but had to spit it out. But alot of the stuff is very similar to what we eat. And a lot of it isn't. We have been told that tomorrow we will be taking a tour of this local part of the galaxy. Starting with a stop at each planet in this solar system. So far we have just remained in orbit around the earth. Tomorrow should make for some really interesting photo opportunities. And I have been assured I will be able to upload the photos I have taken. But a more interesting option is that I will be able to use one of their 'image capturing devices' to take pictures which somehow will make uploading them instantaneous. Exciting times friends.


Last night we left the solar system to go on a most amazing tour of this corner of the galaxy. The one thing that I kept thinking to myself was that quote Jesus said, "In the house of my father there are many mansions". Indeed there are. Today I saw wonders that yesterday I could not have possibly imagined. Simply unreal. But the thing is... it IS real. I feel much much happier. I have a totally different perspective to what this all is. And it is just amazing.

My fellow humans from Earth. We have been cheated and abused in the worst possible way. We have been enslaved through corrupt governments and are given just enough to survive. We are brainwashed into believing this is a world of scarcity. But I can tell you with no doubt... this is a universe of abundance. We have been robbed of living and enjoying life and all the wonderment that should go along with that. They have told me that indeed the elite of the Earth have had propulsion and energy systems that would have turned the Earth into a paradise 50 years ago. But that they have withheld this from the masses of Earth in the name of greed and control. Out of their fear of losing control and losing their self appointed place of authority. NO LONGER. This will all end this year.

John Lear and Sleeper on Planet Neptune
Posted by John MacHaffie at 12:17 AM


Ashtar Command 

 Michael ElLegion


December 18, 2011 6:26:44 PM MST


“Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, Federation of Light. It is a time of great joy and excitement, that we are all feeling, those of you of Earth and we who are members of your “Extended Cosmic Family” that so many important and vital Truths are now being Officially revealed and Documented, into the “public domain” for the masses of humanity, the “99%”, that have for so long been either “rumored,” theorized or only briefly referred to up until now.

I refer specifically to these very recent Revelations concerning the information that two of your fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, he known as David Wilcox and Benjamin Fulford, have officially released to the world, so that everyone else will now know for sure of the fact of — well, at least just SOME, or rather more accurately, ONLY A REALLY SMALL AMOUNT of the ACTUAL AMOUNT OF TONAGE of the vast majority of EXACTLY HOW MUCH gold and other precious metals, and treasures that actually DOES exist; have always existed for many years and centuries, scattered all around the planet.

Yes, of the fact, that as this Channel and so many others of you have sensed and known, from within yourselves, and which you were told about in our communications with you in the past, and which as stated, is now Documented, that this Revelation is only one of many yet to be exposed and officially Documented in the coming months. But of this immediate one, of these millions of tons of gold and other precious metals and treasures are indeed, actually, “indirectly” part of a vast “planetary Trust” that my/your friend, Ascended Master St. Germain, is in charge of—and is also part of what is funding the new planetary economic system known as “N.E.S.A.R.A.”

First, I wish to comment on & Confirm what this channel and many others of you were sensing and specifically receiving messages from we “Galactics” in the last few days, regarding Protection of both David & Ben, in making sure that they both are Protected from any threats and/or actual attempts on their lives. And especially David for having had the courage of Officially releasing this very important and critical Documentation to Verify & Prove these facts that Ben had received & had shared in his earlier interviews with David from his contacts & sources connected with the “White Dragons” & “White Hats.” These, of course, are also both “directly” & “indirectly” definitely working with those of us of the Galactic Federation, as we all gear up for even more important Revelations yet to be revealed and documented for the whole world to now see and acknowledged as historical fact, to now become very well known in the “public domain.”

So rest assured, that these two courageous individuals, as well as all our many millions of fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, fellow Lightworkers, are always being watched over and Protected. As this Channel has often stated to himself and many others, that when interference does occur, even though it is usually not allowed as being “deadly” to those of you who are Volunteers, it can SEEM or APPEAR initially as extremely deadly, or at least dangerous. But as he has stated many times, when numerous initially “irritating” examples of his e-mails and/or phone calls would be interfered with, or ATTEMPTS to block or sabotage certain projects that he was in the process of completing were experienced, it dawned upon him that as he stated, “Well, if I’m THAT MUCH of a threat, then I must be doing something RIGHT, or I would NOT have experienced those many attempts to not only kill me or at least totally block or stop me from what I was in the process of doing. So I really APPRECIATE those moments of “tender lovin’ care’ that these agents would go out of their way to try to stop me and even ATTEMPT to literally kill me! Wow, what an AWESOME example of TOTAL CONFIRMATION that I was obviously ‘doing something right’, that I was RIGHT ON, and so I will just ‘turn the thumb screw a little TIGHTER’ on these forces. Don’t they understand that this so-called ‘interference’ is only making me MORE DETERMINED & MORE DEDICATED to exposing these plans and agendas of the cabal? So I THANK them for this (one more) wonderful CONFIRMATION of the IMPORTANCE of my deeds and actions! GOD BLESS them for these examples that we all, at times, have experienced, which has helped us all to develop even greater Discernment and Cognitive Deductive Reasoning,” Or as it is also referred to by those of us in the Federation of Light, of being “Cosmically-Galactically Street Wise” for being on planet Earth.

Now, of course, as this Channel experienced, there are some rare exceptions, in his case, of his very brief death at the hands of the cabal, and of him then immediately right afterwards of being physically taken aboard one of our Light Ships and brought back to life and actually made stronger on all levels of his being, from this attempt upon him. But this, of course, was planned for him to go through it, long before it had actually occurred. So, yes, in this particular situation, which is a rare exception, after it was all over, he was made stronger and immune to any other attempts to use any form of “psychic deadly force” [also known as “psychotronics”] against him by the cabal. This experience allowed us, directly, physically on board the ship to powerfully improve & strengthen his own DNA for his Transformational Channeled Readings, of helping to Activate, Enhance and Strengthen the DNA/RNA of other fellow Volunteers/Lightworkers [the “Cosmic Downloading” thru Elohim “Consciousness Technologies” of Higher Light Encodements onto the CD of these sessions] from also being immune from such attempts of “psychic assassination” that was actually attempted upon many Volunteers in years past. [This and many more experiences are described in detail in the book, “Prepare For The Landings!” (PrepareFortheLandings.com)]

But getting back to the subject at hand, and of the fact that now the true facts are indeed being documented about how many—or at least just SOME of the ACTUAL amount of how MANY, MANY MILLIONS OF TONS of gold and treasures have been available for many years and centuries.

We of the Galactic Federation and the Ascended Masters of Earth, and those of Agartha, of the Inner Earth, feel that it is indeed very important for everyone to finally and fully acknowledge the vast implications of what this truly means. Especially now, as this knowledge in the last few days has quite literally become knowledge in the “public domain” level; that the “genie has gotten out of the bottle and will never get back in” But, again, this is only one of many more very important Revelations to be fully and Officially Documented for everyone else upon planet Earth.

But from a financial or economic standpoint, of course, the implications are enormous, to put it mildly, and as stated earlier, this fact, of how much gold and precious treasures do actually exist, helps to make it a “no brainer” of how obvious and factual the N.E.S.A.R.A. economic system actually is -- despite various “disinformation” attempts, by the “powers that were” and skeptical type people, to make this system seem only as some “fictional fable” or just mere unsubstantiated “urban legend” with no basis of historical facts. But despite those attempts by the cabal, in so many different ways, to sabotage this eventual plan of St. Germain, this has always been our plan, we of the Federation of Light, and of the Ascended Masters of Earth, to ultimately help bring into reality this new and uncorrupted eonomic system, that would — AND WILL VERY SOON --completely replace the old corrupt federal reserve & usury-credit system.

As I had also once communicated with this channel a number of years ago, right after he had watched the movie titled “The Sting” [Paul Newman & Robert Redford played in it], I had stated to him about how we of the Federation had our own “Cosmic Sting” Operation in motion, and that one day we would literally outsmart the entire cabal and force them to step down from power (which would, of course, include a new and uncorrupt planetary economic system for the people of Earth).  

Well, these recent developments are definitely part of the steps to help force this new system into place and begin to expose all of the rest of the complete history of how the illuminati has ruled and manipulated humanity for centuries and ages upon this planet. And this is, as stated, the beginning of more revelations that have always needed to be completely and fully documented for the masses of Earth’s humanity, so that not only would the cabal never be able to ever manipulate humanity, economically, politically or in any other way ever again, but that this would also result with the final and complete end of the illuminati once and for all. This is, quite literally, the “final nail in their coffin.”

I will now step aside and let your/my friend, the Ascended Master St. Germain now communicate to everyone his own very important feelings and thoughts regarding these very recent developments that have been revealed and documented, and the ultimate implementation/Activation of this new planetary N.E.S.A.R.A. economic system.

We are gearing up now for not only Official Discloser by your governments of our presence in your skies over this planet and of our history of visiting planet Earth, but how we have protected and guided you for many centuries and ages. So, too, the rest of your history, of economic and political facts long suppressed, is now being revealed and documented. This has always been our plan, working with the Ascended Masters, and the Agarthians of the Inner Earth, we planned to end the reign of the cabal or power elite. To help you all to transform your world with this new economic system, and how much has been hidden from the masses, but is now truly beginning to be Officially and totally revealed for all to see and acknowledge.

One more thing that I want to mention, as I also telepathically told this channel a few days ago, that we of the Federation of Light, and of the Ashtar Command, are definitely going to start making much more open appearances of our ships. Both in greater numbers over your major cities and population areas, sometimes with whole fleets of our craft, as well over many of your homes. So we would definitely strongly suggest for all of you, and to have your friends and family members do this as well, to make sure that you now, more than any other time in you past, to make sure you carry with you at all times, your cameras, I-phones and digital recorders. Because it would be important to continue even more now for anyone still skeptical of our existence, to get more used to more images and footage of our ships. For things will now begin to step up as we will begin to show ourselves much more now and as stated, in greater numbers, so that all people of Earth can get used to the greater numbers of our ships leading up to eventual even greater mass appearances, and ultimately mass Landings all over the planet.

And for those few who happen to also have a pair of 3rd Gen. Military Night Vision Goggles, you will also, of course, really start to have even better views of our ships even further out in the night skies. And, of course, now that this channel has recently helped in setting up a way so that whatever is observed thru these special goggles over the Phoenix, AZ area, can now be seen, over the Internet, by everyone else, who are scattered all throughout the entire planet on UFOSkyWatch.com. We are definitely very excited now that the final “home stretch” to what we all have been waiting for so many ages and years, has now finally arrived, as we get ready for these next major events!

Blessings to all for the glorious times and the Golden Age to soon manifest upon Earth. Blessings to all! This has been Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, Federation of Light, and yes, “Keep Your Eyes on the Skies!

Adonai Vassu Berogus!\


June 18 2011 - Zorra


On the June 18  2011 Hollow Earth Network Call, Zorra, for the first time, reveals that the incoming "celestial body" already entering our Solar System is not a comet, not a meteor ... "It is a ship .. a ship from Sirius.  It is an 'Ark.'  It is enormous.  Coming  to pick up its people."


On the July 9 2011 Hollow Earth Network Call, Zorra goes into more detail revealing upcoming communication from this ship, twice the size of Earth, its purpose, and its effect on the awareness of the peoples of Earth.

By September 26 2011 it will begin communication with the people of Earth, educating them on the arrival of other ships, the Emergence, and the Gathering. ~ Zorra
This ship from Sirius is twice the size of Earth and will assume an orbit between Earth and the Sun. ~ Zorra
It is not a comet, it is not a meteor; it is a ship. ~ Zorra

While visiting with Zorra at my house, and later on the August 6th call, I told him about a YouTube that showed the full moon AND a blue sphere directly below it ... quite large!  I  asked Zorra if it was the Sirian ship we had learned about earlier.  "No," said Zorra, "It is another ship."  -- :"From where?" I asked. "From the Pleadies." was Zorra's reply.  To see this YouTube, click on link immediately above.

MAY 5 12 SEE HIGHER DIMENSIONAL BEING APPEARA higher dimensional being of light with Angel-like wings makes a surprise appearance in a shopping mall in Indonesia in 2011.
APR 17 12 ASHTAR SHIPS ILLINOISClick on YouTube logo to enlarge the screen.  Amazing flashes of lighting!  Champaign, Illinois April 4 2012.
APR 17 12 HONG KONG High Speed Maneuvers

Beautiful Ashtar Command Lightships Over Southern California?

MARCH 26 2012 FIELDS OF SHIPS!Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation of Light Ships - Mother ship releasing streams of UFO's
may 25 12 GREAT!! LIGHTSHIP!

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