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Worldwide Movement


Here is a wonderful resource for everything you wanted to know about Pyramids... their power - their history!

Read about the oldest pyramids on Earth, just discovered in

Learn the power and intent of pyramids

Are pyramids part of our future?



Incredible Edible Town!

Todmorden is an old mill town in England where there is a  community wide, massive investment in growing their own produce.

Vegetable gardens have sprung up everywhere. They've planted several orchards and are working with public bodies in the town to use their land to grow food, like the fire station and the railway station.  EVERY school there is now involved in  growing.

See this town getting ready for the future!

 Video: (2:31)
Thank you Joe!


You know I think we could be planning to SPROUT seeds whereever we are!   I have purchased bulk seeds; it' so easy, delicious, and healthy!  A few mason jars with a mesh cover to rinse, and in a few days... live food!  No long waits for the crop to happen!   I say let's do it ALL !!!

Love & Happiness to You
Linda Wright

Thank you Linda!  Yes, I used to sprout alfalfa sprouts on my sunny window sill.  What fun!  In just days, I had  fresh organic home-grown sprouts ... with lots of protein!  ~ Anne


Growing Family Food

We have been advised to have gardens and, obviously, raise at least some of our own food. In this endeavor, it is helpful to know that solar greenhouses of several designs allow year-round food production even in very cold climates without any external heat source other than our sun. This can be achieved even without using solar panels or other sources of electricity. There are families who raise their own food year-round at over 8000 ft. elevation in greenhouses constructed of recycled materials, costing somewhere around 500 dollars or less. 


Even in the Himalayas there are solar greenhouses which produce year-round food http://www.solargreenhouse.org/index.html

Other sources also exist. Zorra recommends a pyramid structure for a greenhouse based on the proportions of the pyramid in Giza for spectacular results. http://www.carpenterdesign.com/Products/Pyramid_Plans/pyramid_plans.html 


For individual preferences, do a search for solar greenhouses or earth-sheltered greenhouses and choose that which fits your budget. This effort can be very rewarding and give a sense of peace that we are providing for ourselves, and therefore, less dependent upon an unstable external system. Have fun. 





Thanks, Kate, in Colorado!

Overcoming Effects of Innoculations

Blue Green Algae

On the July 23rd call, Billie was speaking about overcoming the effects of childhood innoculations.  Since this included many of those adults now on the call, the question was asked if there was anything we could do, at this time in our lives, to nullify the effects.  Billie recommended chelated copper, colloidal silver, blue green algae and Shasta healing water.  As to the blue green algae, which he said was very good, he just said it came from a lake up north.  We can Google it, or click here to find a supplier.



We may have to survive on our own for a couple of weeks or so.  What kind of food should we store?

Dried fruits  *  Breakfast cereals, hot and cold  *  Pastas *  Canned Vegetales  * Dried Beans, Rice  *  Nut butters  *  Flour  *  Chocolate!

For longer periods, which Zorra has not indicated (but others have commented):
See food storage packs on Internet  *  Camping Supply Stores  *  Powdered Milk, Powdered Butter, Powdered Eggs

Don't forget stores of toilet paper! 

Some services may go down for a brief period:    Candles  *  Water Storage  *  CB Emergency Radio

Get a few hens!

Dale - Australia

Just a few things I thought might be helpful about keeping our bodies and our hosehold enviorment clear of unwanted chemicals. As our skin is our largest organ for absorbing things into our bodies, it is helpful to be aware of what we are using. We are also breathing in things from our enviornment.

I have found that many of our soaps and shampoos even some that do contain natural products also contain sodium lauryl sulfate or SLS.  This can cause skin allergies as well as being absorbed into our bodies. Use the ones that are SLS free.

Household cleaners also contain many chemicals, using vinegar or bi carb of soda are just a couple of ones I use.  Vinegar can also be used to kill weeds.

Cleaning your drains with bi carb and lemon juice or bi carb and vinegar, just put a few tablespoons of the bi carb down the drain then pour 1/2 a cup of lemon juice or vinegar down it will make the bi carb foam, leave for about 1/2 an hour the flush with water.

Natural pesticides I have been using are neem, penny royal, eculyptus and tea tree extract or oil added to water (these can be used together) in a spray bottle. These can be used to spray indoors or on plants.

There are many sites on the internet to find natural solutions for everday uses.
Love Peace and Joy

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada