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The Light on the surface is expanding at hyper-speed and exponentially increasing faster than we can believe.

You are all in for the “ride” of your lives, racing to catch up in consciousness with your unseen brothers and sisters living inside the Earth.

We can hardly wait for your masses to reach our level of consciousness...

Peter Olson

 Mt. Shasta

Tuesday, 24 April, 2012, 15:34

We saw Adama for about 1 min at the HiLo Restaurant where you and Ann took us for breakfast... so exciting!

He almost 8' tall with a full head of vivid blond hair.

Later that morning Adama spoke to us thru Nancy and said he would join us at the table next time.

What fun to have direct confirmation. A new day has dawned.

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Nancy Tate

April 24 2012   16:55

Nancy Tate

Dear Ones

I want to share with you something that happened today. There were four of us at breakfast in a nearby restaurant. Suddenly I happened to look out the window at a man who was coming into the place. He was extremely tall, and almost fell against the corner of the building as he rounded it to come in. His hair was flying in the breeze and he had a happy look on his face. As he came into the restaurant and sat down at the counter, we noticed that he must have been about 8’ tall; his hair was blond and all askew, but in a good way.

There was something about him that intrigued us. In the next instant we all agreed at the same time that it must be a Telosian. We were talking about it for a minute or 2; I looked outside at nothing in particular and when I looked back he was gone. Nobody at the table saw him leave; he didn’t come back. We asked the waitress about him, and she said that he has come in maybe a couple times in a couple months. One time he ate something, and another time he disappeared in a few seconds. That confirmed to us that we were visited. I received the info that it was Enlil.

Then later at home one of us received the info that it was Adama. That concerned me because of what I had been told, so I asked what was going on. I was then told that Adama is an aspect evolvement of Enlil. We were told the fullness of it, because it is an example of what is in store for so many of us, in being able to recognize the fullness of our experience in existence.





This message was received through
Dianne Robbins on February 11 2011

Greetings from the subterranean City of Telos.

I am Adama.  I am so pleased to share this time with you today.  We come bearing the fruits of wisdom and bringing you the elixir of life, as you join your hearts with mine.

I am an Ascended Master residing in the City of Telos and wish to connect to the hearts of all our loved ones who came from Lemuria and are now residing on the surface.

The conditions on Earth are very different now and you have made great strides in lifting the consciousness of yourselves and humanity during your lifetime.  It is time now for you all to rejoice, for the moment for our emerging from our city underground is about to occur.  There is less than one year left until 2012 and by that time, our meeting face to face will have occurred. For all those Light Servers who have yearned for our presence, we are joyous beyond joy, knowing that at last the reality of our meeting is cemented into an actual Third Dimensional time frame.

Mt. Shasta hosts a City of Light above our mountain that will soon become visible to your eyes as you expand your consciousness and periphery vision, as the Creator’s Energy continues to pour into your dimensional realm.

Just open to receive all that is coming to you in quantum waves of light and sound, pouring forth from the Heaven Worlds to bring you the bliss you have all been yearning for.  For Bliss is the Key to Enlightenment.  For when you are in Bliss, you are in an expanded and heightened state of being and can access more of All That Is, right here from the physical location where you are.

We are here to serve you and encourage you to reach out to us in your expanded state.  And we will reach back to you, creating a union of hearts that you will feel, as assuredly as if we were touching you.   Know that our time to meet is at hand.  We will come to you; you don’t have to go anywhere.  We will reach out to you and you will find us suddenly standing before you. It will seem like magic to you and very real, as indeed it is.  Actually, we are standing before you now, only your eyes cannot fathom our appearance.  Just a few more notches up in your level of vibration, and we will be there for your eyes to see.  For, in actuality, we are always standing here before you.  We can see you clearly, and soon your eyes will be able to hone in and see us clearly, as well; as if you are looking through a telescope.

We have been looking forward to this day in great anticipation and it is now speeding toward you.  So catch the wave and be prepared to meet us face to face as we embrace in joyous reunion.

We are your lost brothers and sisters who you have been yearning for; lost only to your sight.

I am Adama.

Son of Prime Creator



October 15 2011

Hi Anne,

My name is Nancy Hundrup from Cincinnati, Ohio.

This past summer I participated in what I call a hypnosis session (I have been told it is better described as "trance-channeling," where I consciously connect with a being or beings, and they can relay messages through me).  As I was trancing, I suddenly met with beings from the Inner Earth.  I then proceded down deeper below the Earth and met other beings.

I had heard a little about people that lived under the surface, but never really believed it could be possible!  Following this experience, I walked around for three days with my mouth hanging open!!!

Then a couple of months later my friend and I both got the message that we should do another session, but this time in front of our group members (a group that meets once a month to establish open contact with extraterrestrials).  In the beginning of the session nothing happened; then I asked my guide to assist me in this session.  Suddenly my guide appeared, took me by the arm, and said, "I have someone I want you to meet!"

Together we walked down a white corridor and out into a beautiful meadow.  He led me up a white platform where a man stood.  As I approached the man he turned around, and I recognized him to be Adama!  As I stood there he took my hands in his and gave messages through me to our group!  The amount of love that flowed from him into me, and out into our group, was overwhelming!  Here is a transcript of the session.



R   Rima, the facilitator

N   Nancy, the channeler



R  Is that how we are supposed to call him, Adama from the Hollow Earth?


N  He said “yes,”-- “that’s fine.”


R  Greet him and let him know that with much love and with much thanks         we stand in his light.


N  There is so much love coming from him, and he says that all our sisters and brothers from Hollow Earth are sending out their love to us now.


R  And we receive it with much love and with much thanks.


N  And it won’t be long until we are reunited with them.


R  That is wonderful because we are so eager to be reunited with them once again.  Do they know how eager we are?


N   Yes, they have come to understand.


R  That is wonderful. And he is holding your hand and giving you this message, then?


N   Yes.


R   Does he know that there are many here in this space listening to him?


N  Yes, he is aware.


R  Then, let him know that we are very honored and very blessed to be in his presence at this time.


N  He says the honor is his!



R  The honor is mutual and we all express a moment of gratitude and deep


thankfulness, deep love and we can all feel the love and the joy of this


reunion.   Let him know that we await for our meeting in person and in


physical form with much love and much thanks.



N  We will be coming soon!



R   We thank you for keeping us, and for being the guardians of the Earth.


Now I wish to ask and allow Adama to give any message that is now


appropriate to give to those of us that are in this space and in his


presence.  So, I will now allow him to say whatever he wishes to say to all


of us here at this time.




N  We have been watching your group with eager anticipation of meeting


you in person.  Your work (contact group) is more important than you


realize, and we love you all very dearly.




R   Is there anything we need to do as a group in order to prepare the way


for our brothers and sisters from Hollow Earth to come forth?




N   Your group works together as one. Just continue what you are doing.



R   Just continue what we are doing?



N   It is coming to fruition.  Soon you will see us in the skies and coming


from the mountains.



R   Coming from inside of the mountains?



N   Yes.


R   Coming in ships?


N   Yes.



R   And you say that will be soon.  Will that be in the next month?  Or in the


next years?



N    I cannot give you an exact time. There are some events that must occur first.


R    Do these events have to do with our restructuring of society here on 

the surface?



N   There are some physical Earth changes, some shifts, that must occur.



R   Does that mean that our Mother Earth will be enduring some


geophysical changes?



N   Yes.



R   And, we were wondering if we need to prepare for those changes in


order to be protected. Is there anything we need to do?



N  There are some energies that must be released, some Earth energies.



R   Is this part of Earth’s rebirthing?



N   It is the very beginning stages of her cleansing.



R   So, this is a good thing then, that is going to happen?



N   Yes.



R   And it is a necessary thing?



N   Yes.



R   OK,  and…



N   It will bring about great changes.



R   So these changes are just starting to happen now?



N:  Yes.



R   And they will increase?



N   They will increase with great frequency.



R    We have already started to notice these changes.  We have noticed the


earth quakes, and the great fires, and the tsunamis.  Are all of these the

changes you speak of?



N   (Laugh) I’m sorry, I lost that. He winked at me!  I smiled at him and he


winked at me.  I’m sorry I didn’t hear that question.



R   That’s ok, I will ask again.  If Adama is willing to provide information


about the changes we have already experienced on Earth, like the tsunamis


and the earth quakes in Chili and Japan, in Australia and other places.  Are


these part of the physical changes that the Earth is experiencing, and…



N   It’s a clearing away of stagnant energies, so that there can be a new





R  I want to know if it is accurate that some of these changes have been


clearing away the portals.



N  That is true.



R   Can you talk about these portals?  What do they look like, or what are


they like?  Can you give us an image or an analogy that we may be able to





N   They are a vortex of energy that allows us to enter your world.



R   So, are they physical?  Can we see them with our physical eyes?



N   Not at this time.



R   But, we will also be experiencing changes within our own physical


bodies that will enable us to see those vortexes later?



N   Yes.



R   Ok.


N   That is coming soon.



R   How are those changes going to happen to our physical bodies?


N   You will notice that you feel lighter and happy.



R   And these are changes that are happening within our cellular





N   It’s happening within your bodies.  It’s happening now!


R   Is it happening in our DNA?


N   Your DNA is changing.


R   And is it changing because of higher frequencies?


N   Yes.  You are resonating to a higher frequency, to prepare for the




R  I also wish to know if we are to expect some people to be taken off the


surface before these geophysical changes. Is that accurate?



N  That will be in the future, that is not happening  at this time.



R  As far as our group meeting here, will we need to prepare ourselves in


order to be protected from these geophysical changes or do we not need to




N  You will be protected.


R   So, we can be at peace knowing we will be at the right place at the right


time, and be protected always?



N  I am hearing something like “your group is highly regarded.”


R  That is wonderful, and we are so honored.  We are so thankful.  Will we


also be able to go through these portals into the Hollow Earth?



N  Yes, that’s the gateway.


R   But do we need to pass through the portal of death in order to go





N   No!


R   So it is something we can do in our physical bodies?


N   Yes, but not your physical body as it is today.  After it has changed.


R   Will we receive help in the physical transformation of our bodies?


N   What do you mean by help?  We will be instructing you as to what to




R   Is that part of the instructions that you will bring when you visit us?


N   Yes.  We will have classes.


R  Will those be out in the open, or will they be more in secret?


N  They will be underground.


R   Do you mean physically underground, or…


N   Yes.


R  And you will be able to take us to these underground places where we


will receive classes?


N  Yes.


R   Before going underground do we need to experience physical changes


to be able to go underground, or can we go in our physical bodies now?



N  You will be in your physical body but it will have made changes.



R   And will you and our brothers and sisters of the Hollow Earth be able to

come to the surface, in our contaminated surface as it is now?



N  They will have to have a protection to come to your surface.


R   I have heard Billie say that the atmosphere will be cleansed; is that





N  That is accurate.



R   And, dear Adama, will you also be coming to the surface?


N   Yes, I will be there!


R   And others will be with you?


N   I will lead my peoples.


R   Is it possible for you to say now where you will be first appearing?


N    I’m hearing “Mt. Shasta.”


R    But is it also accurate that you can travel anywhere you wish to travel


with your thought?


N  That is true.


R   And will the others also be traveling with you?


N   Do you mean my peoples?


R  Yes. Will your peoples be traveling with you?


N   Yes.


R   Will you be traveling all over the globe?


N   Yes.


R   So you will be showing yourselves to many other groups and many


other individuals as well?


N   All over your world.


R   The surface world?


N   Yes.


R   We are very happy; we are very honored, and we have been waiting for


this moment for eons.  What can we do for preparations for you and your




N   Hold love in your hearts, and love and understand one another.


R   Is it true that we are, as a humanity on the surface… are we emanating


more love…is that why the ascension is being more possible?



N   Yes!  Very much more!



R    Does that mean we passed the test, so to say?


N    (laugh) He’s laughing!  Yes, you could say that!


R   Well, we are very glad to hear that, and we also would like to know, will


we be able to travel with you?  In the skies….in your ships from Hollow


Earth, when you come?



N   Some of you will go in the ships and some of you will…(I don’t know if


he’s saying “walking”…) Oh, go through the gateways.



R   Adama, I know that you are a great healer and we thank you for that,


and I also want to know if Nancy is being helped in her healing process.


She has stopped eating dead food and that is very very good, and….is


there anything you can do at this time to help Nancy’s metabolism to give


her more strength and vitality?



N   We have been working with her, little by little.


R   She has been expressing some discomfort in her foot.  Is there anything


you can do to relieve that discomfort?


N  Yes, it can be done.



R   You have mentioned, previously,  memory patterns.  Can you clear away


memory patterns that are causing discomfort in her foot?


N   Yes.


R   Is that something you would be willing to do at this time, now?


N   Yes, I can do that.



R   Thank you.  That would be very good because we all want Nancy to be


healthy and to experience vitality and health for the greatest good of all.  Is


it possible for me to ask questions while you heal Nancy’s foot?



N   Yes.


R   I thank you.  I want to know if you can tell me who Horus is?  I am aware


there is a Horus of Inner Earth, and Nancy was in the presence of Horus.


Can you talk a little bit about Horus to us?



N   Horus is a Divine messenger.



R   Is that why he shines with such a bright light?



N   Yes.



R    Nancy was standing in his light, and Nancy expressed that it was a


most magnificent experience.  Is this the same Horus that is the assistant


to the librarian in Inner Earth?  Or is that a different Horus?



N   “Not to my knowledge.” that is what I’m hearing.



R    OK, thank you.  So, Horus is a Divine messenger.  Adama, do you work


with Horus?  Is that someone you work together with?



N:   Yes.



R   And, is he the one relaying messages also to _______?



N   Yes.  And many others.  Now is the time for the messages to come, to





R   How can we come into contact with Horus, Adama?



N   Meditate and ask.  Just simply ask to be in his presence.



R    And even if we don’t feel like we are in his presence, is he aware of us,


if we ask?



N   Yes, he’s always aware.



R   So, we can always communicate even if we are eating or playing or


working?  We can always communicate with him and he will hear us?



N   Yes.


R    I was wondering if at this time Horus would like to come forward?


N   (after long pause)  I think that will be another time. Tonight was Adama.


R    Adama, are we still standing in your presence?


N    Yes.


R   Are there others of your people there with you, at this time?


N   They are here but you can’t see them.


R    Are you, at this time, in the crystal city?


N    Adama and I are standing inside this pyramid of light, and we are


standing facing each other, and he is holding both of my hands.  We are


in…I don’t know if it is in Hollow Earth. It’s like a beautiful field full of wild


flowers and it’s a sunny day. I don’t know if that’s in Hollow Earth, or…



R    Ok.  That is beautiful.  Adama, there are some of us here in this


group…you said that we are highly regarded, and we are loved and cherish


and protected.  We are wondering if there are some of us here who have


connections to Hollow Earth, that we are not aware of at this time.



N    Yes, but you are beginning to understand.  That is why your group was


brought together.



R  To begin to understand these mysteries and these messages?


N   And to work together.


R   And working together means coming together and sharing?



N    That, but it’s so much more!  It’s the energies that you put out to others


in the universe.


R    Is it a frequency that we generate?


N    Yes.



R    And that frequency is changing and allowing the ascension to


happen?  Is that how it happens?



N   Yes.



R    So, is that frequency shattering this damper that has been preventing


the Earth from ascending before?



N    Could you say that again?



R    Are we emanating a frequency that is allowing the ascension to





N:  Yes!


R:  We thank you Adama, for all the information, all the beautiful messages


and healing that you have done to Nancy today, and the messages you


have brought for us – all of us here in this space at this time.  And we look


forward to meeting you and your people, and working with you.  With much


love, and with much thanks we take our leave.  We will meet again, soon.

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada