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Some of our best and most inspiring information comes to us from our Readers.

It is an honor to post some of their personal spiritual stories and experiences.

I am always in awe at the high level of spirituality embraced by our Hollow Earth Family.




Folks if you know anyone who can
take this cat
(checkout pictures)
please contact deborah

Pass this thanks, Rosanne
From: "Deborah Corday" <deborahcorday@gmail.com>
To: "Deborah Corday" <deborahcorday@gmail.com>
Subject: URGENT!!! from Deborah Corday. Mark needs a home ASAP!!!!!
*Pls share this email as far and wide as possible! Pls send to your email
contacts, post on FaceBook, Instagram, anything! I apologize to those of
you whom I haven't spoken to in quite some time but I am desperate! Thank
you!!!!! I am the contact person for Mark. *

​I locked eyes with Mark 2 years ago while at the Van Nuys shelter dropping
off old towels and sheets. I couldn't stop thinking about him, how sad he
looked. His intake paperwork read that his former owner "didn't have time
for him". My lovely and kind 90 year old friend and neighbor, who some of
you have met, had just lost her cat to cancer and agreed to foster him.
That was 2 years ago. Sadly, my lovely neighbor passed away on ​
​Friday evening and her son wants Mark out NOW! He actually wanted him gone
today but I basically begged him for more time. PLEASE!!! I am grateful for
any help in finding Mark a home! I will start him off with plenty of food,
litter, and other supplies and I will make a generous donation to a rescue
group that can help me find a good home for him as well. Mark is about 9
years old, timid until he trusts you, healthy, and has no bad habits. he
loves to sit on your lap and sleep on the bed next to you. He is freaked
out being alone and it broke my heart to hear him crying like a a baby this
evening when I went in to feed him. I have attached 2 photos of him as well
as the video I took 2 years ago when I was bringing him home from the
shelter. Pls turn the volume off because my cooing at him might make your
stomach turn. THANK YOU!!!!!!

[image: Inline image 1]

[image: Inline image 1]
*Save lives! Please spay and neuter your companion animals.*

*"I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to
protection by man from the cruelty of man" M. Gandhi (1869-1948)*



This beautiful tree will be cut down very soon. The manager of the complex tried to save the tree because I told her that they are our brothers and sisters, but people on the top told her that the tree must go because one of his roots is threatening one gas line.  

I am here, sitting on my brother Oak Tree, mourning him, crying with him. I feel his pain and sorrow.

I love him so much.

Jose Contreras
Fresno, California

Galactic Hymn Of Earth’s Emergence 


How This Song Came About

Written by


Hello, my name is Shurlene Wallace. I and my sister Earlene Carr are what many in the UFO community call, “contactees.” For those that may not be familiar with the terminology, this means like tens of thousands of people around the world, we interact with various races of Galactic Beings. They are more commonly referred to as “extraterrestrials” or “aliens” by our society. 

This odyssey has been probably the most enriching and personally rewarding experience I have ever had in my life. It has taught me so many wondrous and new things about myself, my relationship to other people and given me a broader perspective of life throughout the galaxy. 

On one particular evening, I was lying on my bed, and soon found myself taken away in an elevator-like container that floated through the galaxy. I remember drifting through the timelessness of space, once again viewing the awesomeness of it. Both while in the box-like structure, and upon being returned to my bed, I heard a song being played as though it was on the radio. I recognized the tune, which is a familiar song in our country. The tune was to the song titled, The Battle Hymn of The Republic. I had no idea why this particular song was playing for me to hear. I remember thinking, outside of a July 4th celebration, I never thought of that song. 

Shortly after that experience, I and my sister began to have an interesting series of coincidences that continued to bring this particular melody back into our awareness. For instance, my sister invited me to a concert for an incredible acapalla singing group called Sweet Honey In The Rock. We were so moved by their inspiring songs, that we decided like many other concert goers, to buy their CD at the intermission. Unfortunately, they had sold out by the time we got to the front of the table. 

A week or so later, Earlene, still desiring to buy their CD, stopped at a Blockbuster Music Store and purchased one of their CD's. Low and behold, there is a song on this particular CD entitled Sojourner's Battle Hymn, and it is all about the slaves that were freed to fight in the Civil war. Coincidentally, it is to the melody of The Battle Hymn Of The Republic. It is very moving, as you hear the marching of footsteps representing these proud African slaves desiring to show their patriotism and win their freedom. 

The next coincidence involving this melody occurred when we went to a musical exhibit called Wade In The Water. It featured the history of black gospel music from the 1950’s and 1960’s. As we walked along, my sister excitedly called me to see an exhibit of Sojourner Truth. We were both shocked to see a huge display detailing the entire history of the various lyrics of this same melody. All three renditions were displayed. They included The Battle Hymn Of The Republic, Sojourner’s Battle Hymn and John Brown’s Body which was an earlier version of this melody before The Battle Hymn Of The Republic by Julia Ward Howe was written in 1862. 

Ms. Truth’s version memorialized the African slaves who were to fight in the Civil War. What was so interesting about Sojourner Truth’s version was that she composed words to this and other familiar melodies in spite of the fact she had never learned to read or write. The posters really drew the viewer into a time gone by and for us, was another interesting piece of a puzzle that was unfolding before our very eyes. After the exhibit, we pondered what had been the significance of our having this melody yet once again brought into our awareness.

The last coincidence but certainly not the least was the fact that on July 4th, NASA sent the Pathfinder to Mars to collect soil samples and explore the surface of Mars. A twelve-year-old by the name of Valerie Ambroise of Bridgeport, Connecticut., competed in an international competition of nearly 17,000 entrants who wrote essays on how a planetary rover, named for their heroine, would translate these accomplishments to the Martian environment.  Representatives from JPL and NASA Headquarters selected Ms. Ambroise' essay as the winning essay; thus naming the Mars Pathfinder rover “Sojourner,” because it meant traveler. 

Ms. Truth explained that God had directed her to leave her home and travel to the North, which was a distance from her home, to begin preaching her message against slavery and equality for women. Rightfully NASA named the Pathfinder after this great African-American as its job was to travel to Mars to seek out new information, which might propel humankind in a new direction. Hearing her name reminded me of the song. Was the voice of this great ancestor trying to come forth and tell me something from another realm? 

On Memorial Day of 1997, we were at my sister’s house contemplating all of the interesting coincidences that had occurred around this melody. Earlene suddenly said to me, that she thinks we should write our own lyrics similar to The Battle Hymn Of The Republic and Sojourner’s Battle Hymn except we would make our song about Man’s Emergence into the Galactic family of planets. Of course, I thought that she was crazy. I immediately chimed in, “We are not songwriters; we should hire someone to write."  Her response was “Shurlene, you can’t just go to a professional songwriter, explain these other worldly experiences, and ask him to encapsulate it into a song similar to The Battle Hymn Of The Republic.”

She went on to explain that this had to be our job and that perhaps this was the reason I had brought the song back from my “trip” and perhaps that was why we were experiencing all of these coincidences regarding the song.  Earlene began writing and handed me a pen and paper and I decided to give it a shot. By the time we had finished, we had written three verses each. We read our verses to each other and thought we had done quite well. When Earlene’s husband, Freddie, returned home, we sang the new version of our song to him. He loved it. That was good enough for us. He has been so supportive throughout all of our unique experiences. 

Later as we looked at the words to our new song, we could not help but wonder if the creation of a song was what was meant to happen in light of the chain of events surrounding the song. We were not certain, but somehow we feel its creation is the purpose of the strange unfolding of events surrounding the song. After writing the new song, the coincidences surrounding the song ended. We named our new song, 

Galactic Hymn Of Earth’s Emergence 

We believe that this song holds mystical origins. 

The article sums it up beautifully, Who really wrote the tune that was used for John Brown's Body and later for Julia Ward Howe's The Battle Hymn of the Republic? Perhaps we will never know for sure.

In closing, we hope that we have served it well in our attempt to describe both humanity’s and Earth’s emergence into dimensions of time and space that has previously lain just below the surface of human consciousness. 


What We Can Do

Chris Evans
Toronto, Canada

I just listened to Zorra speak about Gaia.  This is what I do each and every day.
It may help if you post this on the website so that “ALL” our members
can contribute for the benefit of our magnificent planet.

Blessings in Love and Light


Uplifting Mother Gaia

I hereby invite the Divine Love and Golden Light that is active in the Christ Consciousness, to flow gracefully through me and anchor upon the Earth – Planet Earth – (Mother Gaia)

I now ask for an awakening connection within my DNA, to Divine Love, Compassion, and Light, from the Highest Source to the 12 strands of DNA within me - creating the full helix of Light - that activates my 12-chakra system.

I ask for my Soul’s alignment to all the Divine Love and Light that I can receive for the good of my evolution and the evolution of Planet Earth (Mother Gaia) at this time.

I hereby COMMAND and invite the assistance of the Beloved Angelic Masters, The Beloved Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Angelic Hosts, Great Cosmic Beings of Love and Light - who work for my awakening - to be with me in this process.

I hereby COMMAND that you all “STEP IN” and Stop Planned Destruction and also stop the Destruction, being a side effect of the discord upon NATURE.

I call for Divine intervention to Balance the Planet – to Balance the Structure of the planet – to Balance the Atmosphere – to Balance the Weather conditions – to Release the DISCORD that has enslaved Mother Earth

May all beings awaken to their Divine Potential and bring the presence of Divine Love and light into their hearts.

May ever more Grace flow through us all, to bless this planet – Planet Earth – (Mother Gaia)

May Planet Earth (Mother Gaia) be honored in a new way that allows our beautiful planet to thrive and flourish

May every heart feel the gifts of this loving Presence within them, so that Peace may prevail on Planet Earth (Mother Gaia)

Thank you God for this and all our blessings

And So Be It and So It Is!



Hi Anne,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I don't have tv so I have not been keeping up with the storm as it has moved over the areas since leaving Florida where I have family. So, you can bet my attention is now on this storm and what needs to be happening.

I am writing to ask you if you have heard of Sylphs? These are air elementals and one can easily learn to identify them in the sky. They are wispy looking 'clouds' if you will, and can be very tiny about the size of the end of your thumb to huge ones that encompass the entire sky. And they often take shapes of different sorts.., angels, dragons, even puppies!! You can use your search engine to do your own research on the internet to better understand the validity of these beings/elementals. I know for a fact that these elementals respond to being summoned. I have used this method over many years to dissipate chemtrails over my area. In fact.., just this past week.., I think it was Thursday I got up to a huge sky of chemtrails being dispersed. They were everywhere criss-crossing and shooting straight up and just all over the sky.., not in just one area. First I used the method Zorra has taught us and then I called on the Sylphs to come and help At that time.., there were no Sylphs apparent in the entire sky. I explained the enormity of the situation to them and kept summoning them for a bit and then went about my business. I kept watch over the sky and would see more and more planes appearing with their trails beginning in new places. Then I began to pick up on the Sylphs showing up.. at first smaller ones then I noticed a huge mass coming over which the Sylphs had formed. This work took into the afternoon before they had the sky cleared.., but by the later afternoon all that was left were beautiful puffy smaller clouds (not Sylphs) and a beautiful blue skies. I thanked them repeatedly for their help. The next morning I was out to check and already there were some Sylphs overhead.., like standing guard in preparation if they were needed. Again I thanked them for being there and keeping watch.., and sure enough there was maybe 1 or 2 at the most jests up doing the dumping..., but that was a piece of cake for the Sylphs and those trails was gone very quickly.

I know this sounds phenomenal and unreal. But these beings are real. I have even seen them on planes while flying. If you can believe this.. I was simply wondering if there were any Sylphs and then suddenly here's one right at my window cruising right next to the plane!! One can communicate with them by just thinking.., you don't have to speak out loud. When I first started summoning them I would introduce myself and tell them where I was and what I was seeing and ask them if they would please come and help. And they did. I didn't truly trust this whole concept in the beginning.., but I am totally convinced now and love them dearly. So..., this morning when you asked for the help in the area of the storm for all of us.., I did my visualizations but I also called on the Sylphs to help please with this situation. I do not know how they function with storms. I only know of their help with chemtrails. But.., it surely can't hurt the situation.

And you are so right about NOT listening to weather forecasting!! It is TOTAL HYPE!! They use our thoughts and fears of what they are saying to actually create these messes!!! This has got to be the way things are..., how many times have we been told that we create our reality.., so then on a world wide plane.., guess what.. ideas that are 'spun' out there for use are either taken up and energized or can be just disregarded as nonsense!! We really need to realize and follow the concept that the world is changing and purifying herself and we are moving into the 5th and the planet as well.., there is no more negativity the 'schooling' is over.., we are done! If people want that kind of world.., then that's where they will evolve to.. the world I want to be in is the one that's through with negativity and moving toward a peaceful, loving and beautiful world.

So.., there's my story. If you want to use some of my story.., I would appreciate it if you would not pin point my location.., for obvious reasons.

Thank you Anne and please learn to understand and love the Sylphs!!



The clouds have often opened up...

I testify to this:

The clouds have often opened up to let the Sun's rays reach me. It has often happened when I do my prayer to Helios and Vesta of the Sun asking 'Let the Light flow within my being, Let the Light expand within the centre of the Earth, and all mankind, and let the Earth be born into the New Day'.. and sometimes I send the violet flame that I call for from Saint Germain for the elementals...the clouds open up above me and it's like they position themselves in a circle... but I have only asked if it seems it won't cause too much inconvenience to the elementals (Cloud beings) because they have to use up mankind's bad energies I suppose - and that manifests as bad weather. 

But with the use of the violet flame, you could transmute the worst of weather
With Love,


The Loss of Her Lifelong Friends - The Twin Trees

Eva shared the following story with Jose, a dedicated Hollow Earth Member.  Jose passed this on to me. And I felt this story so touching, that perhaps some of you in our "Tree Family" might want to send Eva your words of compassion.  Here is her email:  
eva ruletheworld

hey jose

i hope you are regenerated form your surgery and your scars are healing fast..
i want to tell you i think a lot of you..you come in to my mind just like that..
also i am not very busy with writing emails..;-)

i started the tree work now again.. after reading the tree talk from dianne..

i am very busy with trees the last years and doing some energetic work with them..but reading diannes book and so getting a lot of information this brought new colours to my tree feelings.. i can feel moods of trees and if they are healthy or not.. i had one special tree..it was here since my childhood. 

i live in the middle of germany.. our house is directly at the front of a river , its called *Main*.. I had some favourite tree since i was a child..
i got some knowledge of tree work through my spiritual journey with the stuff of R.J. Stewart.. its an american author and i would call him a shaman too..maybe..
he is busy with underworld energetic work..today i see it as a work with the hollow earth..must be like that..maybe he doesnt know ;-) .. he see his work as the celtic underworld of fairies and beings like that..(i know the word fairy got a walt disney touch..but you know what i mean)

i did long time some energy changing with *my favourite* tree.. its a flow of energy which you imaging as a yellow liquid ..coming to your feet up your bodies..to your head.. you can move your arms up also while the liquid is flowing..but not let it flow out of your head..bring the energy back to the tree..

ok ..one day i was worrying cause the *quality* of energy from my tree was changing.. i could not name it but it felt more weak and weak.. like he went more far from me..every time i came to the tree and did the lightwork his soul moves more far away..like a voice from a person which runs away from you..i was really wondering and asking myself maybe the tree did not like me anymore..but also i was wondering about this.. a tree will not *like or not like* a person.. so i was confused.
some day i come to my tree again he was cut by the public gardeners..

this was very very heavy to my heart and it was like a little world fade away from me.. it was not to accept at all for me.. i gave phone call the office which is responsible for public garden stuff..they told me somethings like the tree was too big and might fall on the playground which was there and might be also sick or something like this.. i told them how they can decides this just like that..without asking the people living around the tree.. they absolutly not understand me.. i am sure they thought i am insane or something..

this tree had a twin tree ( i call them like this cause they was both same huge and same art).. they cut the twin tree two months later.. and i felt like i was on a battlefield.. this made me really really angry inside.. until now i am really angry of this action of this stupid fears of the public gardeners or of which souls fruit this idea was..
even now i cry for my twin trees..they look me up all my life.. when i was baby and was carried by my mother along them..when i was little child playing in the green beside them or in the snow in wintertime..

they know me struggling through the years with love..educations..they know my feelings and how my heart speaks.. i guess they know..because they was there since all my life..
i hate the person who decided to cut the trees down..i know i should not think like this and i know i should try to feel love also for this person..but i can not..
it is unbelievable how damaging the ignorance of people can be, and how they feel themselves in a postition to rule over things which absolutely not belong to them..which they have absolutly no authority to rule.. the world is so wrong jose and full of artificial intelligence.. must be million of this so called humans running around here.. poor souls..

now i read the book from the tree people which dianne wrote down.. i think my tree tried to make me aware that they will be gone soon or that he is feeling not well anymore..but i did not understand.. this make me also pain now.. that they had to go witth the feeling that i not understand them..this is really heavy to my heart..i think now if i had understand them i could help them and maybe heal them somehow.. or plan some action with other people to save them from the cutting.. this makes me really crazy...

ok its late already i will read a little bit more and then go sleep..

i hug you jose and i wish you everything i wish for myself..


Here is a photo of my tree and his new branches and me :-)..


From: eva ruletheworld   gettranced@hotmail.de
To: Jose Contreras <jose_contreras@rocketmail.com>;
Subject: Trees
Sent: Mon, Nov 5, 2012 11:46:29 PM 

(Eva writes to Jose from Germany)

José you Not believe..

I told you about my trees which they cut.. And Ann put the Foto of me and the tree stump to the "readerTalk"..I was so happy that One of the trees Build up New Branchen.. Now i come today and they Cut again all the new branches and put much Much Earth and Sand over it to prevent that they grow again..this really too much now.. I go now tomorrow and do a Complaint about the Office ( and the man) which Decided this.. I will do a Complaint of special Public interest and a Complaint about Repeated behave of cruelty against living creature.. I am so so angry .. U Not want to know how much.. The man who Decide this, Alexander Roth.. Calls Hisself a tree Specialist.. I will bother him in any Way i can.. I thought i go Crazy today as i saw this.. I will go next Night and Burry this Sand Off First ( this Night I am alone with the Little Girl so i can Not go.. )
And i will Check what they destroy.. Then i will ASK my tree what to do.. I think he not know what a Complaint is so i will do this Anyway.. I am so angry!!

 The Secret Caves of Giza


Just in case you havent heard of this before I would like to share to you this info. During the conquest of the French in Egypt they found a map that shows theres an underground 'City' underneath the Giza Plateau, but they were not able to locate it. Similar story was told about a Russian man who went to Egypt carrying an ancient map from ancient religious group from Iraq. In the map it shows the underground city/settlement in Luxor, Egypt that connects to Giza. The map showed him the exact entrance that will lead him to the underground cities. There were Egyptians who can verify that he went to Egypt. After finding the entrance, he never went back and no one knows why.
Last year, the Americans were able to detect from space by using infra red which reveals the cities underneath the Saqara area which is very near to the place traditionally believed to be the "Labyrinth" mentioned by Greek historians Herodotus when he visited Egypt long time ago. Labyrinth is a place where they store technology, books and ancient records. Using the satellite from space (documentary featured by BBC) it was able to reveal several more underground structures including several unknown pyramids. Then the Arab spring happened in Cairo and the whole expedition about this stopped.
The same similar story happened with British group headed by Andrew Collins in 2008. They were able to find a cave that stretches from north of Giza into the area near the Sphinx. Take note this cave is really unknown to the local Egyptians not even Mr. Hawass. But they found it. The entrance was located at the tomb of the birds at the very end of its wall. There was a small crack on that wall which they found out was a very thin wall and its HOLLOW! Then they were able to get inside this cave. They went back several times with proper equipment as inside there were so many bats. Watch this video for more info: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTEVvkL-l3Q&list=HL1336823397&feature=mh_lolz Ground penetrating radar revealed there were hollowed cavities underneath the northern areas of Giza plateau which clearly shows the caves. The British got tired of exploring the caves when they decided to share this new discovery to the world and to the Egyptians. They were not able to explore the caves completely as its interconnected leading to the pyramids. But they believed its goes all the way beyond the pyramids. Eventually they were able to persuade the Egyptian Antiquities and they went there. But the surprise of the British the entrance was sealed and they placed a gate so that no one can enter.
Could it be that the Arab Spring that started in Egyptian was staged (somebody paid people to create artificial chaos/street rally for distraction purposes) so that people will not know what exactly going on underneath the Giza Plateau? Did the Arabs finally found the evidences that they are not the original people of Egypt and that this structures were made by people not from this planet? Did they found the Labyrinth (hall of records) and want to keep the find in secret?


Professor Blackie and My Spiritual Growth 

Donald O'Dell
May 8 2012

Hi Anne,

I recently read this quote from Joseph Campbell: "The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature."

The resonance of that quote has happened to me a lot this past year – and just again this past week. One of my earliest posts was about this very sense of connection (Msg-1-December-2011, “The Unity of life.” Click on Message Archive at the bottom of this post.) I discussed my sense of unity as I was cleaning out the wet-weather creek that flows through our property:

“… I was cleaning out sticks, wild water grasses and weeds. As I would pull a clump of vegetation, the roots, all mired in creek muck, contained all sorts of bugs, beetles, and other tiny critters. Each clump of muck was its own little universe. It was a remarkable moment, as I tried to imagine life in that clump of muck from the perspective of the inhabitants. 
“In a short while I knew the muck would dry, the critters would either die or scatter, and the water vegetation would die. One day the creek muck is alive as its own little world and the next it is apparently dead. What happened? What's missing?  What the heck is Life, anyway?

“…as far as I know, many indigenous cultures … have had an intrinsic reverence for this thing called Life.… Life was a mystery and was revered. Not some of life was revered some of the time; all life all the time. There was no hierarchy in Life. Human life was not more valuable than animal or plant life. Life was Life. It was a mystery. It was honored."

Normally, my connection to nature has left me with good, unified feelings of not being so damned unique and/or feeling very connected to everything. This time the connection to nature was very strong but with a totally different feeling.

Let me explain.

Near our front door we have an ornamental lace-leaf Japanese maple tree. Since the deer relish the new spring shoots of that maple, I put lightweight netting over the tree. The deer really dislike it. Additionally, all through the winter I watched evidence of a rodent (mole? vole?) as it burrowed in and around that maple and other shrubs we have in the front of the house.

Several weeks ago I noticed a black snake curled under the maple – and no signs of our burrowing critter. “Aha!” I thought. “Nature is handling our garden pest. What a wonderful, natural solution. I like that.” Several days later, the snake was still there and we named it Blackie. It stayed there day after day, not moving very much –obviously rather contented, I thought, with the burrowing critters and the nearby frogs in the creek pond.
Finally, I concluded that something just wasn’t right. So, I got down on my hands and knees and had a really good look at Blackie. It hadn’t moved at all since the day before. I poked. No movement. Blackie was dead. Then I noticed the real problem. Black, almost invisible, nylon netting. Black snake. Dark mulch. The snake had gotten all tangled in the mesh netting and had died. What had really happened? Malnutrition? Dehydration? Exhaustion? All of the above. I don’t really know.

What I did know was I felt terrible – absolutely terrible. Intensely terrible. I was angry. I felt sick to my stomach. I was disappointed. I was ashamed.

As the day progressed and night fell, I continued to feel horribly saddened by Blackie’s passing. My ego-based perception had interpreted all the events of the last 10 days from the perspective of my perceived “struggle” to learn which perennials do well here, are reasonably unattractive to deer, can handle periods of heavy rain and drawn-out draught, look nice, and are easy to maintain. Blackie was just a very welcome and very “natural” cog in the machinations of my ego-perceived gardening. I felt proud and special. I had never had a snake help me protect my plantings. Wasn’t this really wonderful? “Ahhh! Isn’t nature truly magnificent?”

It never dawned on me to try to really look and watch Blackie. Why would it dawn on me? After all aren’t my perceptions relflective of reality? The overarching answer from A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is “No!”

I’ve never had a reaction like this before to a “natural” situation. As I tune out the chatter in my monkey mind (including the should/ought – shame/blame), I’m beginning to understand the shift of my “knowing” of the oneness of life. I’m aware that I am changing. A year ago, I do not believe I could have experienced these intense feelings. I am learning that my connection to Blackie was very real and, although I selfishly personalized the relationship between the snake and me, the unity-of-life emotions I am experiencing actually represent a step forward for me.

So, I am officially acknowledging the significance and power of Blackie – my latest teacher/guide in my spiritual journey. Please join me in thanking him (her?) for providing a wonderful – albeit very painful – lesson to me.

Thanks for listening and, as always, feel free to share this message with your family, friends, and spiritual acquaintances.

#1 May, 2012

Donald O'Dell



April 6 2012

James here.  I've been listening to the rdio show calls since January. I've listened to a few calls from your Point Person Stephen Olesky. I understand how passionate he is about connecting with Inner Earth/Hollow Earth beings but something from Zorra struck a cord in his last broadcast. I have been on the path of my Ascension for 10 years now. I started in 2002 in Mount Shasta City borrowing books from the I AM Reading Room. It's been a solitary path but worthwhile. Once I started down it, I could never quit because going back to my old ways would be living a lie.

this path is one of self-mastery where one seeks to unite the limited self with one's I AM Presence, so that only the Divine will is expressing into the physical octave through the aspirant. After 10 years, I am still seeking to be one with my I AM. I have learned to draw my Supply from my I AM Presence as well as healing. Zorra stated that anyone trying to access the North polar opening would not be allowed in unless they were one with their I AM Presence. This is a tall order for anyone who has started on the path of their ascension in the past year. After 10 years, I am still trying to get there. It would make sense to attempt entry at a portal like Panther Meadows to see if you meet the prerequisite mastery of self before flying to the North Pole. I have even seen a picture of the big rock that Zorra talks about on the internet.

I have had 2 small aeroships (2003, 2010) from Agartha fly into the ground at very high velocity and phase out at the last moment before impact. The first time happened on Mount Shasta Blvd just before Ski Village drive at 2AM PST 50 feet in front of me. The other time happened the same time in Piscataway, NJ 300m from me. Numerous times I have been signalled by them always by lightiing up a ship and flying in a downward arc in the sky in daylight and at night. My reading with Michael Ellegion confirmed that they were Agarthan and I had 3 or 4 lifetimes in Agartha and I am close to Adama. I just wanted to echo your review of MIchael Ellegion's transformational readings. Mine was amazing, and I listened to the CD of the reading to receive the Light Codes many times. It's well worth the price.

I am making plans for a 4 month backpacking trip at Mount Shasta. I will attempt entry at the Panther Meadows portal. I'm vegetarian and my body is getting more and more pure. I will be there July-August. I'll be staying 3 days at the campground and camping in the woods on and off. I hope to see others out there.

Chemtrail Clearing Device
April 6 2012

Janet Faubion

I have known a gentleman named Bill Reed (engineer/teacher/intuitive) and had the honor of meeting his business partner Slim Spurling prior to Slim's passing a few years ago. At a seminar I attended several years ago in Boulder, I purchased an "Environmental Clearing Disk" from Bill and Slim. I began using this whenever I would notice nasty CT's being formed. Almost without exception, this disk goes to work clearing the artificial chemicals and God knows what else we are being exposed to. Those who intend harm seem to be intent on blocking our rising sun and our setting sun and then clouding up an otherwise beautiful and sunny day. The disk is seems to clear about a 3-mile radius.

Slim and Bill were instrumental in the 1970's in helping to clear the brown cloud over Denver. There is a book about their work called "Slim Spurling's Universe." (Slim is considered the modern day Lord of the Rings).

I have noticed that when I play the disk, there is either a black helicopter or a small white (unmarked) plane that flies over our home and then about 10 minutes later, we will see another plane come by spreading more chemtrails. I know that it is wrong to send negative vibrations, so I try to send love and help dissipate the trails that way too.

It is my understanding that the disk emulates the vibrations of Mother Earth and anything artificial cannot survive in the vibration of the sounds (love). I direct speakers to the outside through our open window.  Our kitty, wild birds, deer and other critters seem to gather when they hear the sounds.

Here is a link for purchasing the disk. My family members have also purchased copies and use them the same way. If each of you could purchase one and share the information within your circles, imagine the ripple effect  we can have on helping return our skies to their beautiful blue and  pristine state. Please consider spreading the word. 


Thank you

Janet Faubion

And thank you, Janet!  I wonder if we could record the Sounds (Sights and Sounds page) that people have been hearing around the globe and play THAT?


Kathy Bradley
Fred, The Tree
October 28 2011


"This is the time of celebrating all that you are. Notice how my leaves change color, glisten in the sun, and dance before they drift to the ground. I let them go with ease, and I do not struggle to hold onto them. There is a time for all things. Celebrate all that you are, and let go of the things that no longer serve you. I know what is best for myself. I know this wisdom resides within me. I do not look to the other trees for guidance. I can see them and appreciate them for their Divine beauty, all the while knowing I too am a Divine being and may desire things of a different nature. Look around you and notice what you focus upon. I can chose to gaze at the water shinning in the sun, or to look at the "dead tree", and still all the while see the beauty that resides in each vantage point. And all is in perfect order and harmony. Fill yourself up with love, with joy, with peace..until you can fit no more. Then radiate these powerful energies out to others, for it will make a difference.

Soon I will be naked, stripped of all my leaves. I do not hide in shame, rather I stand tall and proud, for I am strong and filled with love. I do not seek elsewhere to find love in order to fill myself up. Remember you are a Divine creator. Use your energies to create, whatever it is you chose to create! We are the keepers of the magic of desire.

I shake with delight for what is to come to be. Trust that you know what is best for yourself! Enjoy this time in your life, for it is special indeed.

I love you always, in all ways"

Fred and company

             ~ Thank you Kathy, and Thank you Fred!

January 15 2012

Dear Anne

Many thanks for your site and beautiful calls which I have listened with interest. I have worked in finance for the last three years with access to the UK/London parliament system at a senior level.

My journey thus far has been one of the light and a wonderful journey, instead of university I was tutored by Native American Wichache Wakan (how I ended up in finance is a mystery still to me) :-) who laid my foundations for what was to come later.

Mostly I have put together the puzzle and your site has greatly helped me complete it.

I have a question for Billy and was wondering if he could answer it via email through you or what ever works best for the team?

The Cabal are of a seriously high intellect but a dark and low consciousness! Surely they must know that they can not win. Why wont they surrender now and leave with grace?

Various writings now tell us the cabal is caving in, many have already changed sides ... Sheldan Nidle and various channels on our Disclosure page speak of this, as well as Benjaman Fulford, and more recently on the BBS Radio Show of January 2, Zorra told us "While we talk here, others (Agarthians) are meeting with other potential governments in Germany, UK, China, India...

And, in their actions are they more serving as an opposing force in some ways to help us combat our weakness (fear) that we may grow into beings of full potential?

Robert, this is a question you may want to ask Zorra on the upcoming Radio Show Monday night at 5 PM Pacific. I think that would be about midnight your time. However, I am copying our BBS Radio Host, Dale Benadum, as well as Billie, to see if they can talk with Zorra about it for you.

Lastly how many beings of this nature which I am presuming are not of this earth are at the head of the cabal spreading their disease?

Personally, I thought the cabal was just this basic known group here on Planet Earth (that seem to keep reincarnating over and over again!) -- however, in a recent posting which appears to be authentic on YouTube, they have located and identified an armada of 58 star ships headed toward Earth who, they say, are here to shut down the cabal once and for all. This would indicate a far larger collection of cabal as we have seen identified. I cannot verify that one, but I bet Zorra could! Hopefully Dale can put this before Zorra.  Watch the Radio Talk Shows.

Many thanks and I very much look forward to your reply.

You are welcome. I hope I have helped. And I, too, would be interested in Zorra's response.
May harmony, peace and joy be with you always,

Dear Anne

Many thanks for your beautiful reply and for answering my questions.

Sadly I may not be able to call in to the show due to the international call and wait time. It is my understanding from the above that the cabal may be headed by other negative beings not of this earth here to push those who are awakening as lets say an opposing negative force. If our world was perfectly and positively in balance, we would have already shifted.

If that is truly the case then those of us who have been called by our brothers and sisters inside our Mother, can use our new upgraded skills of thought = manifestation to help. Many are irritated, scared and or angry with the cabal but these thought patterns are negative in the long run and only add power to negativity and therefore the cabal.

Forgiveness, compassion and love directed inwardly to our own negativity and that which we have created in giving the cabal their power could perhaps be a much stronger weapon to help dissolve them along with all of the work our Brothers and Sisters are doing outside of our human vibrations.

Perhaps if Zorra resonates with my message this could indeed be covered? I believe if we show forgiveness in our awakening, compassion and love it will do much more to dissolve the cabal than using our anger, fear and vengeance so to speak.

So in short if my mail is of the right energy a message heard by all of those who are awake through your community, a clear message of love, forgiveness and compassion to direct their vibrations of love to the negative side of the planet may be able to help all of us seeking further awakening and assist with dissolving their power. I am already seeing the results of this with smaller articles in the press backing of wide scale fear mongering with Iran, straights of Hormuz closure for oil trade! Thankfully. Thank you Creator for helping us here.

On another note I had dinner with a friend last night and only discovered recently that the school I was educated in- sat on top of our beloved Mother's Heart Chakra; between Glastonbury and Shaftesbury. I have had recurring dreams all my life where I enter through the cellars of my school into another dimension deep deep under the school. They have been calling to me for so long and whilst I am happy to have found home, I am sad I didn't find it sooner.

Please ask Zorra to thank Horus for me for giving the last message I received in my dream-time to help me come home.

Many blessing to all of you and the work you are doing. May the Creator always protect you and give you much strength for helping us all.

Warm regards,


December 13 2011

From the Philippines - a wonderful story!

Yan, thank you for sharing this amazing story that has appeared, in parts, on our Instant Contact Yahoo Group  Chat.  And thank you, Theresa, for encouraging Yan to share.

Actually, I have been to the Philippines three times ... Manila, Quezon City, Bagio, Mindanao... and I have personally seen miracles happen before my eyes.  The Phililppines are quite advanced spiritually.  A psychic healer friend of mine, Reverend Marcos Orbito, told my husband and me about how, during the war, they would hide from the Japanese ... right before their eyes.  His uncle would enclose them in a white cloud of invisibility and the Japanese would walk right past! 

And now, enjoy the first four parts of Yan's Story...  just the way it was posted to our Instant Contact Yahoo Chat Group!   ~  Anne

Dear Teresa,

It all began when I was 17 years old, I was a fresh high school graduate at that time in 1993-1994. I had a science teacher who was a baptist preacher. He preached to me about Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and the wrong doings and errors of the catholic church, the priests and the pope. In short I became a baptist but to the disapproval of my entire clan, including distant relatives. They utterly detest my decision. I was extremely persecuted by my family, and friends for five long years. To cope with my pain I plunged myself into a deep, exhaustive bible study. I had numerous kinds of bibles at that time. I had Latin Vulgate, NIV, King James, etc. You name it I have it. In a few years time I became a sort of Bible expert. The pastors in our church also trained me in apologetics( how to lawyer/advocate/defend for your faith against other doctrines, religions,etc). And being a good researcher and having a good analytical mind I was able to detect some peculiarities in the bible. Here's an example:

Philippians 2: 10

'that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

You can see that the statement 'under the earth' would tickle your imagination. For me it was mind blowing and I found several of these 'under the earth' references all through out the bible. So, I brought these up to my pastors. They argued that these references pertain to a person buried six feet under and his/her soul would always bow to Jesus as lord and savior. But deep in my mind that these are not metaphors but literal statements. In 1994 a certain pastor visited our church. Again I brought these references to him. He told me to wait in the backroom where we can talk privately. In our conversations 
he affirmed that I was right in my observation and these references are what he termed as 'strong spiritual meat' compared to 'spiritual milk' which can easily be digested. He said that most pastors and church members in every denomination are unable to fathom these things. He also said that the Holy Spirit blessed me with an opened and illumined mind regarding these things for these are not meant for everybody. He told me to continue searching but tell no one. He gave me the title of books 'The Hollow Earth by Dr. Raymond Bernard' and 'The Phantom at the Poles by William Reed' to search and read. At this time I already had internet access so I was able to secure copies of those books rather easily. But early at this stage there were still no websites pertaining to hollow earth. I had read in those books that hollow earth people used free energy devices and anti-gravity gadgets so... 
In 1996 when I was a 2nd year college student I was into free energy research and met a guy named Leo ten years my age who have the same inclinations as I am in a physics class. One day we were talking about these devices when it slipped from my tongue about hollow earth. He asked me to explain all I knew about hollow earth. When I finished, he just had a grin on his face and told me bluntly that his father, uncles and nine of his father's friends, one odd fellow who is a hollow earth dweller all went to the hollow earth 20 years ago about the time of my birth in 1976.

I am really amazed by this coincidences, I only realized later that the Law of Attraction is always at work here, drawing all the people, places and events... So going back to Leo
this was his story:

During world war 2 when his father was just 9 or 10 years old, in the mountains of Agusan del Sur, befriended a boy of about the same age. In school this boy was peculiar in that he always was an A student,he was their class valedictorian,performs things way beyond his age like can easily explain subjects like hyperdimensional physics, vector calculus, all very grown up subjects. This child is just out of place at that time. Even their teachers were confounded and perplexed by this kid's intelligence and information that he knows. One day this kid told Leo's father that he will be going home soon and promised him that he will be back. He told his father that his home is beneath the earth. His father was taken aback because he thought that this friend of his must be a midwayer or dwarf or gnome or supernatural creature disguising himself as a human for this is not uncommon specially in far flung barrios. His friend assured him that he is none of these creatures. He is human a s he is.

In 1966, twenty 20 years after, his father was already married to his mother and Leo was just less than a year old when his father met a priest named Father van Eise, a dutch guy posted as the parish priest in the town of Cabadbarran in that same year. His father noticed that the guy always has a daily supply of fresh and current washington post newspaper. He asked this priest how was he able to obtain this newspapers when in fact Cabadbaran was more than 5,000 miles from the US mainland. Even if he got those papers from the US bases in Luzon which is 2 hrs flight time from Cabadbaran would still require at least 8 hrs of travel in military aircraft. Remember this was 1966 there was no supersonic air transport available yet. Logic would simply show that in order to get fresh newspaper it would take no less than a day to reach so when the newspaper reaches the priest it must be at least already a day old. (Cabadbaran is a far flung town in the province of Agusan del Sur in t he island of Mindanao)Due to his father's persistent query the priest finally divulge his secret.

The priest invited his father in the convento at midnight. In the back of this convent there was an 8 feet tall walled enclosure about 100 square meters in size that can only be accessed through a secret hidden door inside the priest's quarters. What his father saw inside blew his mind...it was a flying saucer! The priest saw his reaction and assured him not to be afraid. The priest said that he used the craft to travel to all parts of the world every midnight when everybody in the town is mostly asleep. The priest then showed him other fresh newspapers from other countries. His father asked how was he able to possess such a craft. The priest answered that the vatican has a fleet of this craft and understood its technologies for quite sometime now. The priest also told him that the US, British, French governments, aliens from outer space, inter-dimensional aliens and people from hollow earth has them. The priest then invited him to have a ride with him to New York to get a fresh newspaper and had some coffee in the times square.

Ten years later in 1976 his father's long lost strange childhood friend returned and ...

to be continued

The vehicle then silently lifted about 10 feet from the ground and zoomed away. They can see from the windows numerous other vehicles floating above the ground flying away. His father asked the tour guide what manner of propulsion are they using to lift and run this vehicle. The tour guide said that they are using energy from the earth itself and they already mastered gravity. His father pressed the question further by asking extremely technical details about this vehicle. The guide patiently listened and answered by telling him that he will learn all the knowledge required to engineer this vehicle and much more, later in the trip.( By this time Leo and I where deep into a discussion into physics stuff and formulas of what his father learned.) His father asked the guide if there are infernal creatures such as gnomes, fairies, midwayers, etc in hollow earth. The guide said there is no such things as midwayers, faeries, gnomes, dwarfs, etc to disturb them there in hollow earth for they live in total bliss, safety and harmony. ( Zorra said these creatures dwell harmoniously with hollow earth inhabitants and they indeed exist)

The guide then told the group they were near their destination. They observed that most of the structures were round, some of which with gold fringes and bricks and immaculately huge. The vehicle landed beside a huge dome or mushroom top shape building where they all went inside. On the top of this building are pods that ferry people to a floating building a few miles into the air. Leo's father told him that it look like circular platforms with railings to hold onto and when someone step on it immediately activates and fly towards the floating building. This they did. (Leo made some drawings exactly what his father described and showed it to me)

The guide also toured them around the lakes, rivers and seas. The guide explained that some of these rivers goes out to the underground system all the way to the surface world. The guide also mentioned that this Agarthian city they toured is exactly beneath Mt. Kamingawan
a few miles down from there.

Their final destination was another huge round building. The guide told them that this building is an information center or learning center. The guide said that in Hollow earth, we can learn anything we desire free from cost, boredom, and time constraints. There are no classrooms with boring teachers and annoying classmates and they are totally 100% efficient. So the group went inside and each were assigned a reclining chair to relax, the guide helped each one of them to his chair and asked what subject matter they wished to learn.
Then robotics tubes came down from the ceiling, one attaches to the head, another to the solar plexus and other parts of the body and the machine puts them to a deep sleep. When they woke up his father complained to the guide that he learned nothing, he only went sleep. The guide told him that vast quantities of information was directly download into his brain and spirit. His job now is to simply remember.
(Leo's father learned everything about physical technologies, his uncle energy work and metaphysics, another learned everything about botany, still another learned about religions, the rest his uncle told me he cannot remember)

By this time the guide ask them if they wanted to stay, all of them said no. They all chose to return to the surface. Leo's father and uncle returned to their respective families. The remaining 7 chose to emerged in another country especially in the US, EUROPE and Middle East and never came back to the country.

Leo told me that by the time his father arrived from their excursion, 6 months of surface time has elapse. His mother thought that his father was already dead. His father insisted that he was only gone for 2 weeks max. His father secretly told him that their entire excursion lasted only 5 hours.

to be continued



 janjalanex <adelaserna13@gmail.com>
Subject: [Hollowearthinstantcontactgroup] My Story continuation part 3
To: Hollowearthinstantcontactgroup@yahoogroups.com
Date: Saturday, December 10, 2011, 11:17 AM

(If you haven't read the first few chapters please do so.
[1.] My Story [2.] Re: My Story - continued [3.] My Story continuation part 2 [4.] My Story continuation part 3 [5.] My Story continuation part 4 and so on)


You must be yawning right now since what I had told you is quite long and boring already but anyway I will just continue in case you find it in your heart to continue reading later.

After the excursion, Leo's father returned to farming but this time with pizzaz..hydroponics. Remember this was in 1976-77. Hydroponics was mostly unheard of in our country at that time. He also became a very prolific award winning inventor in our country. He also had made the blue prints for the anti-gravity vehicle he rode, free energy generators, formula for using ordinary metals such as iron for to create nuclear fission and the flying platform, they used while in hollow earth. Leo also showed me a souvenir that his father brought from hollow earth. It was a shiny greenish-yellowish metal about 1 square inch in size and as thick as a cardboard. This metal upon testing showed extra ordinary properties, it was totally heat and damage resistant. We tried cutting it with a 9000 degree celsius acetylene torch and didn't burn a thing. I touched it quickly right after we torched it and feels cold to the touch. We tried to cut it with a diamond stone cutter and it didn't made a single scratch. We tried denting it with a sledge hammer and the hammer was dented instead. We tried to chisel it in two and the chisel was damaged instead. The metal is also very light. We then went to a university lab to ascertain its make-up. The lab technician told us he never saw this kind of element before. It was not found in the periodic table. The hollow earth guide told Leo
s father that this is the metal they used to make those vehicles, extremely sturdy and the same time very light in weight.

His father also learned to write in the hollow earth language. Leo's uncle called it 'the Lectron writing' or cloud writing because it looked like clouds. In an art class when you draw a cloud with curved lines and straight lines, just add plenty of dots. The process looks exactly like that. It's a very condensed form of writing. ( Leo's uncle showed some of these writings to me written on a piece of white handkerchief, the writing looked like two nimbus cumulus clouds with lots of dots and lines. He explained that this writing is equivalent to a 5000 page fine print book in information content.)His father's notebooks and diary is so full of this lectron writing.

to be continued to part 4

In 1984, the governor of Los Angeles, California visited Cagayan de Oro City. He brought with him some business leaders, a university professsor and a scientist from NASA . Leo's father, due to lack of funds and financial support from the Department of Science and Technology presented many blue prints to the visiting governor and he in turn  
referred these blue prints to the NASA scientist, some which was also presented to the accompanying university professor. These blue prints include, the anti- gravity vehicle from hollow earth, free energy generator and a design for a rocket engine that could use your ordinary cooking oil as fuel. Leo's father called this engine 'the white-hot-wall' or 'WHW' system. His intention of presenting this invention to the world was to even the playing field of space exploration when at that time it was dominated by US and Russia. The NASA scientist was fascinated by this engine. He wrote a letter to Leo's father after the visit stating that his engine has the potential to save billions of dollars of tax payers money per space launch since it only cost 1 million dollar per launch using cooking oil or any fossil fuel at that time. The scientist further stated that his engine was extremely safe and reusable for an indefinite number of space launch. I told Leo
his father made a grave mistake since after many years of waiting nothing came out from this noble enterprise. His father's ideas may have been filed away in some black ops library in a corner collecting dust.

Most of his father's ideas presented here would have benefited mankind but not all. He also invented weapons of mass death and destruction. A good example would be his father's experiments on particular type of sonic weapon. According to Leo as he witnessed the testing of this device, causes the brain of any living creature including humans to
burst or hemorrhage. This could be used to target entire cities without destroying infrastructure. Leo showed me an old picture of this device and its test subjects: a rabbit with blood coming out from the ears, some dead cockroaches, dead birds that were perched on a nearby tree. Another would be the high intensity white light beam weapon. Leo and I
made a replica of this device, it burned down our workshop. It was practically a laser on steroids. In our replica we used a fused fiber optic cable instead of a high grade ruby rod.

What I love most among our discussion with Leo was that how he was taught by his father to access the knowledge dimension so that he himself could do what his father was doing without going to hollow earth. Leo told me that with consistent practiced one can attain this skill. This is how it goes: 

1) Find a place where nobody can disturb you.

2) Sit on a comfortable chair that supports your back. Lotus position will also suffice.

3) Relax your entire body. You can use any modality to achieve this.

4)Go to a Theta state. This is where you feel totally drowsy but not asleep yet. In this state you can hear the clock ticking loudly on a nearby wall or head board . 

5)Repeat the mantra 'white light' many times.

6)This is not an OBE but mind travel only. You will know you have
arrived when all you see in your closed eyes vision is a pure bright
white light.

7)Go then, mentally state your question.

This is Leo's protocol when mind traveling to this dimension taught by his father. To tell you the truth I some success with this but not always. Maybe because I seldom practice. Leo told me he practiced consistently straight everyday for five years until he achieved it.

to be continued to part 5


Mayan Calendar????

There is a lot of speculation today about a "conflict" in the end date of the Mayan Calendar.  Zorra explained this in detail on the September 10th recorded call.


We are also fortunate to have, within our Hollow Earth Network, Peter Olson, who has done immeasurable, long range, verified, research on the Mayan Calendar.  Here is an email from Peter providing links to his research:




The link to the Mayan Calendar Webpage is



Section 6 of this webpage shows all the key dates.


If the question is "When will life as we have known it be changing with evidence?"--  the answer is "Winter Solstice 2011."


If the question is "When will the transition be complete?"--  the answer is "Winter Solstice 2012."




Thank you, Peter!  Grateful for your insight!




Inspired by the book, Tree Talk, by Dianne Robbins

Recommended by Colonet Woodrd


Kathy Bradley and Fred the Tree

August 21 2011


This is the info I channeled this morning from our friend Fred the tree.

"I am happy and strong.  The bugs and birds are housed and live on me.  My branches are each happy individually and collectively.  No two branches fight for they no this is of no value.  Each allows the other branch to BE.  There is no judgement or sensor of how it is to BE.  as such if one branch dies and falls off we know this is as it is, without question as to " why " . we are evolved and  know the divine wisdom is in, through and around All things.

When you see differences among your family, let it be.  Each one has been given free choice to do and be what it is.  Lovingly send your positive vibrations to them.  They will feel it.  I tell you to vibrate joy.  Vibrate love. Vibrate harmony and peace, and it will be put out into the  ethers in waves, and it will be felt. 

Be your beautiful self and stand tall knowing you are a beacon of light. 

Farewell and until next time, I love you always, in All ways."

Feel free to share this, if you feel it to be of use.   Anne the tree also mentioned to put your hands upon it for heeling...Thank you for everything!!

Kathy Bradley



Kathy Bradley and Fred the Tree


"I have weathered the storm!

You see I have weathered the "storm" quite nicely, indeed.  How does one do this you may ask?  By remaining flexible, and moving with the wind.  If I were to stand here prepared to combat the wind forces, by being rigid I would have snapped by the sheer forces of the wind gusts.  Rather I moved With the wind, not against it! As you know, anything you resist persists, does it not?  If you want to get rid of something, love it, until it no longer exists.  Let it move through and around you, without holding onto it.  

There is a time for all things. Can you feel this? Remember to connect with your feelings!

You are a great being (as are all souls) Accept this truth.  It is the time of revealing these truths.  We have waited many eons for this awakening, and are joyfully prepared to assist you.
Share with others, this truth that the elemental kingdom is here alongside you to share it's wisdom for the greater good of All.  Yes, time is speeding up, and it is of great significance and importance for all of you to spend time in nature, to see what words of wisdom she has to share with you.  

Free your mind and body of worry. Trust...trust that everything is happening exactly when it"s supposed to happen according to God"s Divine Plan!  You nor I are in control. Surrender and release your need to control matters, as they are not your domain. This involves having faith my dear one.  Have the faith of the mustard seed I tell you, and great and wondrous things await you!

Farewell, I love you always, in Allways!"


Thank you, my beloved friend, I love you!




John and  Bruce the Spruce

Wow, thank you so much for this newsletter, it came at just the right time for me.

During Hurricane Irene, I have this huge spruce tree in my yard, taller than my house which is 2 stories with an attic. I named him Bruce the Spruce. During the storm, a huge branch came crashing down off of Bruce. Now, he made sure not to hit any other houses and landed safely in my yard. I thought, oh what a bummer and I wonder if it bothered Bruce that such a huge branch came off of him. I was actually wondering about this today and what do I receive? Your e-mail, in divine timing.  (Fred the Tree)



Thanks again so much.







At last, the time is truly here when governments must face their fear

Of loosing power … and control of World Attentions …

Our Earth has long been a HOME BASE for more than just the “Human” Race

From both our In-and-Outer SPACE …… From all DIMENSIONS…


Beyond Her priceless Land and Sea – Earth is a living Entity

We are not incidental guests … Wake UP, it’s HAPPENING!

The GRAND AWARENESS of CREATION, RISING from its hibernation

Lifting Hearts of every Nation … Now AWAKENING …


She’s pregnant with the Cosmic Seed, there’s no more room for hate or greed

She has a PURIFYING need … There’s NO ABORTING IT!

She’s going to take the upper hand … and soon She’ll RAREFY Her Land,

The Truth is GROWING … deep inside, and God’s SUPPORTING IT!


We all deliberately came here, to learn from Love, and Pain, and Fear

Along with MANY OTHER “Non-Terrestrial” Races…

But we were lulled into a sleep so mesmerizing… and so deep

That our own governments have hidden all but traces


But, now it’s time to shed our tears, release the pain, transform our fears


EARTH is about to undergo a Transformation that is SO



And, since those changes have begun, let us UNITE to make it FUN

The toughest challenges are DONE … A CAUSE TO CELEBRATE!

We each have special skills and gifts … Let’s do what thrills us and uplifts

Our INNER KNOWING, as things SHIFT and swiftly ESCALATE!


As for those Souls who won’t shift gears… clinging to anger, pain, and fears…

Another “world” will give them TIME to process all their shit . . .

But here - on Dear Old Mother Earth - we must embrace our OWN REBIRTH

Or, hitch a ride to other realms which are distorting it!


As for the rest of us, dear ones, we can unite … and make this fun!

Follow the path of Love and Truth… Revive the GOLDEN RULE!

By letting go of pain and fear, our suffering will disappear

And we will transform all our tears into a CLEANSING POOL!


Please don’t get drawn into the violence, go meditate in silence

There’s no need to get sucked up into the DRAMA!

Reclaim your Essence, feel the Surge, fine tune Your Soul’s Creative Urge

To understand your unique role with Earth, Your Mama.

                                                                              by Light Dancing, September 7 1989

Copyright © Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, Pahrump, Nevada