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April 2 2011 -  July 13 2013

Ongoing calls are now archived at


I'm sorry, but occasionally, people will encounter the recording stopping at a particular point ... 3 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.  Yet, I can go back in and listen from beginning to end with no break.  What can cause this?


This is just a quick message to sort out the audio's failing, part way through.

It is best just to right click on the link and save target, as this will quickly download it to one's computer. I now do this myself to avoid the audio stopping at some point.

If you instruct others to do this, instead of clicking it, you will find you get less emails from people informing of the fault. Why it happens, who knows, but if everyone just right-clicks and saves to their computer, Problem Solved   : )

Be happy
Graeme from Scotland

Thank you, Graeme!
~  Ann

1.  Check with your computer manufacturer or a computer technician. 

2.  Try another browser.  --  Your Internet Service Provider's speed may be too slow.
      People have changed browsers and it plays all the way through.

3.  One man downloaded it to his iTunes and it played fine.

4.  The most recent recorded call, recorded on Free Conference Calling, will have a telephone number option through which you can listen to the whole call.

5.   As a last resort, here is the URL for the Ashtar/Gaia Jan 2 audio which I have just re-posted today, January 9th.  Try copying it and pasting it in your browser address:


6.  I'm sorry, but this is a unique problem at the user's point.  I wish I could help more.  
                                                                                                                                 ~  Anne



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3 Hours

This call is a Classic.  This is the Story of Hollow Earth Network ... of Zaraya, of Billie Faye Woodard, of Zorra.  This has been called the Call of All Calls.  It is three hours of "Magic."  Not to be missed!



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1 Hour
The ever-watchful eye of Zorra / Father God has prompted this special call ... to set the record straight.  Zorra covers today's immediate news ... what the Galactic Federation of Light is doing to prevent a race of dark energies from trying to move in after the Reptilians moved out!  How close we are to Ascension and the importance of protecting those on the surface as they begin their Ascension. - Confirmation of the imminency of the Prosperity Programs ... NESARA, Freedom Club ... and that the Global Currency Reset must precede these programs.  Reconfirming ... the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnamese Dong are valid investments and will bring relief from hardships.  The release of thse global currencies into circulation is something to be met with joy and happiness... no guilt about "greed."  Rejoice!  Zorra wants to make this clsar!  There is no condemnation for those who made these investments and who plan to do good works. - Ascension is at hand.  About Kathryn's Ascension program, what it is doing, and ... how we will each Ascend.  Zorra speaks in depth about Ramtha and his upcoming homecoming.  Remember the early "Zorra Calls" each Saturday?  We can look forward to a new kind of call a week from this Saturday, October 5th. The Saturday calls will be "Calls of Upliftment."  They will confirm the coming Emergence and our reunion with our Hollow Earth brothers and sisters, our relationships with them, etc.  And again, Zorra reconfirms ... "This release of this money will change people's lives... they will bless each other in so many ways."  Our lives will return to Joy, Harmony, Peace and Love ... reuniting with our Selves, Mother Nature, Mother Gaia, and the Universe.



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Less than two hours

As Peter, or Tartus, told us at the start of this call, "We are in a Dimensional "Dog Fight." -- Yes, our channel, Kathryn has been attacked.  So has Peter, or Tartus.  And we have been pulled into the fray. Learn what each of us needs to do, every day.  Go to:

Ashtar dictated this directly to his Twin Flame who meticulously wrote it down ... NO COMPUTER!  She read it directly to me.

This needs to be circulated widely.  Also, watch for major announcements about our Disclosure Fast and Meditation:  July 17 - 18 - 19 plus additional four days when able. 
"The whole Galaxy is watching Planet Earth.  What we are doing, here, will become a model..."  ~  Zorra



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2 Hours - 45 Minutes!

Looking for a particular topic?  This will help!

We opened with an historical summation of how Zaraya (Colonel Billie Faye Woodard, USAF Ret.) arrived on the surface, his service in the Pentagon, Area 51, and the 60 years he spent, awaiting the right connection to fulfill his Mission: Delivering Zorra's Message, the existance of Hollow Earth.  MIT scientist, Peter Olson, Hollow Earth's Senior Advisor here on the surface, explained the Science of Love, more about Zaraya's history and our connection with Hollow Earth.  
Kathryn E. May, PsyD, began her trans-channel of Zorra's message.  

Zorra explains more to us about his recent revelation as "Father God." 
Zorra explains the Oneness of consciousness, Mother God, the I AM Presence, the animals and plant life of Nature ... Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Mary Magdalene, Sananda ... the need to separate our identities into human aspects to be accepted by Earth Humans and for them to enjoy the warm and loving interaction.  "Today is a new day, a new way of reaching across the boundaries - separation gone - we can touch each other - this has not happened in many years on this planet, as Humans have been taught of 'God on High' -  time to set erroneous beliefs aside - join with me and other Masters who came to teach - this is an Historic Time, something you will tell your grandchildren about: the historic 'shift in consciousness,' happening now."  About the reluctant skeptics and the I AM Presence capturing minds and hearts.

"Small announcement" - St Germain succeeded in his long journey to provide the funds - gold bars and valuables have been distributed to every country - reliable people will protect and see funds go into humanitarian purposes.  1st funds went to Iraq and it is now a liberated nation, removed from bankruptcy.   Next: global reset, allow financial systems to be taken away from cabal and banksters.  You are now free, though not an official "announcement."  Behave as free individuals - not slaves of corporation - must evolve slowly, would be disruptive if if all came at once.  - Healing Pulse

Q & A - Now using Zaraya as trans-channel:  

*  Media announcements?  Mass media, listen carefully, you will understand.
*  Dale announces new PayPal 6-month financing, no interest, on headbands/healing rods.  Also $50 discount on all items till July 3rd.
* Richard - attending fund-raising for cancer victim.  Zorra?  Zorra explains group healing for the individual.
* Rebecca:  must I have a degree to study Kathryn's tech?
* Bill/Okla - Hierarchy from Prime Creator - Zorra gives lineage including Sananda, Zorra, Mother/Father God of Milky Way - lesser Gods of other galaxies.
* Zorra explains why he endorses headbands, healing rods, Laminine as tools for Ascension.  
* Disclosure?  Landings?
* The sun is not hot, it is a hollow planet of the "Shining Ones." - Holograms of "flares" discourage visitors.
* Ellenin - a ship twice the size of Earth, parked in front of the sun.
* Celebrating now on New Jerusalem - New Jerusalem parked in front of Venus.
* Landings?  Each family will have a mentor.  Announcemts in all mass media, all languages, instantaneous, globally.
* 4th of July?  Can be?  Yes.  -  Will be? .....
* Dr. May tells us where she was while Zorra occupied her body at beginning of call.
* Am in AA. Feel so alone. - Zorra gives guided meditation for release of addiction. 
* Barbara in Colorado - feel like ground left my feet, dangling - no $ - fear loss of apt - so alone - no support, barely hanging on.
* Zorra tells Anne to start a General Fund to help those desperate, alone, afraid.
* Where do Mushaba people originate from? Where do they fall in order of Creation?                                                                                                                       
* Deja Vu?
* Need funds for humanitarian housing project.  How they will come...  
* Nibiru? Coming in August.  What is it and is there danger?
* Governments think they have nuclear capability - wrong!
* My Twin - Mother Sechmet - my beloved mate/companion - in Hollow Earth
* Questions about Brooks Agnew's desired trip to Hollow Earth. - Did Nazi's come in? Various opening's to Hollow Earth.
* RN whose job was canceled.  Short on $ - so tired.  - Zorra: Energy Pulse
* Center of gravity? - Zorra: Central Sun.
* International Sheriff's Organization? Support? Grand Jury? Clean up Dark.  - SIGN THE PETITION.
* Mother Earth's expansion - new land rising.  Destructive?
* People into Light Chambers - minimal upset - enough land inside Hollow Earth for all.




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3 Hours - 9 minutes

To listen by telephone:  1-712-432-3131 + 12888616

These notes are not a synopsis of the content; these are to help you locate a point on this 3-hour call.  Peter  tells difference between Heart-Mind and Brain-Mind - Quasar - Zaraya "just heard troops being pulled out of Afghanistan" - Anne introduces Kathryn, Kathryn speaks briefly - Zorra through Zaraya: Zaraya is on The New Jerusalem with Ashtar, AAMichael, Sananda, St Germain - Zorra explains to Kathryn he will hold off trans-channeling until she is comfortable - Have no fear of nuclear exchange, zero chance - no fear of nuclear power plants or waste dumps, all neutralized by Agharthans - chemtrails harmless - bee population being held safe off of Gaia - Monsanto losing ground rapidly - weather changes diminished in frequency and severity as attitudes change - coming temperate climate, deserts become green - the trees, roots are interconnected globally, embrace their leaves, they want to receive your love and connect with mankind - all is One, us, trees, grass - wildlife will soon come to us, tigers, bears become more docile, the I AM Presence making the change - Zorra through Kathryn now: - Zaraya asks why GFL will not allow Zorra to bring his ship to pick up Zaraya and Quasar - Anne asks about Light Chambers, how Zaraya used them to reduce to 3D -  Zorra explains how Kathryn and he are experiencing this adjuustment into larger, or smaller, bodies - Quasar asks about Laminine and Zorra tells about reformulating, how Laminine presents itself very well to absortion of Light and new full power of I AM Presence as Laminine is constructed for Light - shark cartilage and egg white removed and replaced by seaweed, but box still says "egg," no radiation, has been removed from planet, safe now for vegan's ascension - all animals, us, becoming friendlier thru electrical attraction to Light - effects very positive, stay aligned - as vibrations continue to increase, capsules are calibrated to increase with Light and become an "internal beacon" to draw us higher - crystals in headbands and healing rods are alive and will also increase in vibration as it continues to rise. - Quasar asks for update on the petition that was briefly posted: Petition created quite a flurry, as some of you suspected, it was indeed a dark trojan horse, a test. Kathryn felt it was a trap, and it was indeed. It contained great thoughts but did not overshadow dark elements. Would have caused problems, will find a way, your own convictions, own voices. Kathryn has rewritten to eliminate darkness, accept it. Each of you was tested.  Anne: On Internet, supposed danger to those who signed first petition. True?  No danger at all. It is dead. Has no influence, can burn it if like. - Kathryn is back, tells who she saw... St Germain,  Ashtar, Grener (landed Neptune on New Jerusalem for "shore leave), Sananda, AAMichael, AAGabriel, Buddha.  Zaraya and Kathryn discuss "travel" experiences.  HEALING PULSE - Quasar, today is 15trh, energy has peaked - Zorra, shall increase.  Solstice? "Powerful, enlightenment, a day of surprises, an eye opening. Email question, Koran? Q & A questions not all listed here - how to pyramid-protect communities from tornadoes - kind of structures for "new city"? Round, pyramid.  - She is seeing colored globe (it is the Neptune medical healing vessel), - how to see New Jerusalem parked in front of Venus - Question about NESARA, Zorra says Kathryn can ask St Germain, so she does and St Germain answers - will all occur pretty much simultaneously and will be announced loud and clear, no question! No date. Summer Solstice will bring great high energy and hope. Will increase possibility, align, ensconce yourself in I AM Presence. Increase the flow. Events orchestrate according to your energies.  Zorra asks if any others have a message?  "Hello and Hallelujah!" Kathryn says they all are speaking in one voice. Hold attention steady. Attention, hearts, minds, interaction.  Remember, you do not need to call to speak to them - open your heart-minds to hear their voices. Solstice meditation for group? Zorra: "fast and then 4-hour meditation. Turn off all tech devices. Send full interest.  More later. Maybe open a line during meditation for interaction? Next show will be on Blog Talk Radio.                                               



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3 Hours!  Yes, we went wild!

Dear Family,
We all left this call on such a "high."  And before I jot down your navigation notes, I want to thank Caroline for her timely email just after the call, reminding me of John Lennon's lyrics to Imagine. Of course, I found it on YouTube, and now have the music/lyrics posted just above BREAKING NEWS, followed by a link to another YouTube of John Lennon, Live, in Madison Square Garden. --  Oh, I only listened six times or more, and want to go back again ... but I must get these notes typed.  I know you will love this inclusion on our Home page as much as I do.  I'll probably listen every day!  And now for notes for this call ....

Peter Olson launched our call with information on our four bodies and how we connect with our Higher Selves. - Zaraya read a document drafted as a model, based upon the Supreme Court's decision supporting our 4th branch of government:  Citizen's Grand Jury, and how we can implement this. Already, some of our members are rolling up their sleeves and organizing the implementation of this knowledge.  Watch for postings on BREAKING NEWS.  --  Zorra announced the release of the I AM Presence in full power upon our planet; all global filters removed. This is part of the plan to Awaken Humanity, and if it goes as well as expected, will continue beyond June 30th.  Quasar shared a beautiful YouTube on the Implementation of the I AM Presence by Patricia Cota-Robles.  This, too, is posted above BREAKING NEWS on our Home page.  So much inspiration here! - Zorra commented that many of us are not balanced, since the new energies arrived, and did a balancing technique for all.  This was followed by a Healing Pulse for us, and for Mother Nature's plants and animals who are still suffering from decades of chemtrails. We should petition government to STOP chemtrails (although we know now that the chemicals have been neutralized).  How it affects the bee population. Our love vibrations extend over one mile in every direction.  Meetings with Galactics preparing for outflow of I AM Presence. What will we do with this new energy? A call to action of We THE People!  The whales and upcoming massacre? It is Galactics job to return our world to its Pristine Earth, protecting whales, baby seals, etc. Also, underseas, preventing Navy's experiments with sonar. - Japan refused our GMO wheat! Don't buy GMO! How to  purify GMO. - How long till fully empowered with I AM Presence?  "June 15." -- And then?  Then our RNA/DNA? Our frequency? Command ability? Present level?  "5.4D. - Dale's story / Dale's surprise. Dale extends his $50 discount on all items till end of June. -  Q & A - Laminine Parkinson's results and appreciation -  Wild birds interacting like clockwork! -  Hand feed squirrels -  Our new pristine state in progress and how Federation is counteracting chemtrail residue - how handling "modified seeds" now in plants - computer problems Windows 8 and what to do - how can we stop child abuse and atrocities worldwide? - How can I AM Presence be "given" to us? -  How duplicate Dale's experience with headband and Hollow Earth - Zorra: This is mind travel.  How Mind Travel? Zorra recommends: Through the Eyes of a Traveler and Rev. Martin sent in the direct links:  and  Zorra says this works every time. -  Web site: for Absolute Data Exchange and documents to interact with agencies -  Why hasn't Jack Lew acted? (Answer: the petition was not filed, it was a model). - Nicholle Burget invites all to join on her Facebook: Hollow Earth Network - Family Heart Connection:  - Elizaabeth applauds website: saying, "It is all set up!  Unplug from the Illusion!"  - Unusual weather?  Man made? - Zorra: attitude of people and how to change the weather. Healing Rods used by Atlanteans and Lemurians to manage weather.  Rensa, God of Wind/Weather.  - Zorra: Energy Pyramid instructions to shield community from bad weather - Karen ready to go to DC Provost Marshall - Zorra says "Through Eyes of a Traveler" will put her in front of Provost Marshall and he can see her! Works every time!  - Zorra clears questions and now asks for people's experience with new I AM Presence energies. A flood of fast stories follow.  Zorra: NESARA, Dinar, Revaluations now taking place. Quasar: "This call was the most powerful day so far! We are not separate; we are One. I AM my I AM Presence."  - Zorra's gone!  Zaraya's back!  Where was he?  In Hollow Earth, celebrating with his family!  A ship appeared above the Dolphin massacre - broadcast voice: " Stop and desist, or you will be dealt with!"  They stopped. The whales are now a protected species ... and that is why we were celebrating in Hollow Earth! -- What high energy today!  Just as Quasar said!  And this was Day 1 of the new I AM Presence energies!

Karen Kasold is spearheading the petition to Jack Lew and Provost Marshall, Washington, DC. Those interested in joining her group:  "
Please allow others to connect with me; this is Karen Kasold again in Chandler, AZ. Please have interested gods/goddesses be able to find me on Facebook, and at or  I am Global Rain on Facebook.


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2 Hours - 15 Minutes

Peter Olson launched this call by providing health information about eating habits; particularly where to find the food that is best suited to our body. It is simple, and at this time, quite important in facilitating the Ascension process. Zorra began with the Healing Pulse which has helped so many. - Eclipses? Coming up: Lunar Eclipse of full moon which will be a powerful energy day/night, bringing a high energy Event... higher than December 21, 2012. The Galactic Federation of Planets and Creator gave permission to remove the global energy filter for a solid month: June 1 - 30. The full force of this new and intense, unfiltered energy will wake up many! - Washington DC Disclosure was attended by a representative of the UN who listened. Now, in the coming month, the UN with other countries will have a vote to set up a worldwide day of meditation which will have the effect of an invitation from all the peoples of the world, to the Galactics, to make themselves known in our atmospheres. In response, the Galactics will universally speak through all media at once, "announcing our arrival" and will then decloak. All done in areas not accessible to military. - Question about military vehicles seen transported throughout country? This is last ditch effort to create negative reality. Just focus on the positive and it will fade away. All weapons of mass destruction have been rendered inert. All biological /chemical weapons... chemtrails... are now spreading harmless non-toxic material. - What about Truth Embargo of our media? The UN Meditation will bring media disclosure worldwide and force US disclosure. - Obama? Will be free to disclose after UN Event. Our focus must stay on God's Love and Unity Consciousness; do not focus on any form of fear or confusion. - Still in 5.3 Dimension; soon into 5.4 D. As each month passes, raise one level per month. There are 12 levels to each dimension. - Signs of lifting to higher 5D. People searching for "more." Awakening grows. Do not focus on untruth of death. How to actually see your True Self in mirror. What if make transition before Ascension? Explains Ascension with physical body, or Light body. About Galaxy and Universe changes of location. After UN Meditation, when Agharthans reveal themselves; Galactic ships ... all helping to train humans. Peter: "EARTH" - "HEART" - SAME LETTERS! - Q & A: The Universe is also relocating? - What is Galactic Federation doing? - Many from Inner Earth already on surface. - Will street weapons work? - When will violent weather change to peaceful? - Will people be taken off Earth? (new answer) - What about removing skyscrapers, asphalt, concrete? - Can I contact Zorra personally and will he help? - When will new financial system begin? - NESARA? - Will we still plant crops? - Zorra, do you talk to God? - Can GMO's be neutralized? - What about minions of Illuminati? - Will there be a pole shift? 3 Days of Darkness? - Is Obama on Sirian Council? - Twin Flames - physicality? - Laminine from Agharthans: a mind product - rejuvenator - positive effect on Alzheimer's - muscular distrophy - Lupus - cancer - macular degeneration - open capsule and put powder into food/water for faster effeact - FDA says cannot say "cure." - will cure all manner of illness/disease - mental - enhance memory - think clearer - Galactics added technology to "remove shark cartilage, replaced by seaweed supplement from Sea of Japan which no longer has radiation" - helps Ascension symptoms: tired; sleepy - also for pets: shedding, fleas, mange, tick-resistant. - no longer has "egg" effect/vibrations or shark - has been rendered "vegan by Galactics."


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1 Hour - 35 Minutes
Loud and Clear!

Technical difficulties have been cleared.  The above recording is loud and clear.

Now ... about this amazing call.  DO NOT POSTPONE LISTENING!  There is vital information here that is time sensitive, so listen as soon as possible.  I will post this much, so you can understand the time sensitivity, and you can get started while I continue with the description....


Day 2

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21 Minutes

Zorra and Quasar update us on the National Press Club's Citizen Hearing on Disclusure.  What a wonderful call, and just full of surprises!  Don't miss this timely 21-minute call!!


2 Hours
Allow time to load

PETER  The call started with an enlightening message from Peter Olson (Tartus).  Peter told of his website:, the basis of its science, and the years of proven accuracy and confirmations. No anomalies. Peter's explanation is worthy of more than one hearing. All agree: the choices of our evolution come 1% from our conscious mind and 99% from our Heart-Mind. Our work is to wake up the Heart-Mind.  Home Page of above website: Section 37, Many of One, gives 88 items that lower vibration.  Click on Magic Words to find 44 ways to RAISE VIBRATIONS "and move back into our Home Port of LOVE."  - is also spotlighted on our own website, on the page: RAISING VIBRATIONS   ~   Gratefully, Peter.  Thank you.

ZARAYA commented on the Spring snow in Chicago... things happening behind the scenes. However, Zaraya stepped aside to allow his father, Zorra, to give more detailed information.  As Zaraya says, "These false flag events is their last ditch effort, trying to create the emotion of fear, which supports and feeds the dark forces. Those dropping into fear are those who will turn to the government "to save us."  Rather, let's let this information empower us into choosing our allies, the Galactics; not in begging the government "to protect us."  

ZORRA - Quick overview headlines: Confusion and last ditch efforts of cabal's minions. Zorra and Quasar attended Chicago Laminine event and spoke with one of the owners; Boston bombing was an FBI event (FBI is offshoot of CIA) and blaming an innocent by-stander. The two guys implicated will later be found innocent - Texas was not a false flag; it was the result of poor workmanship and inferior materials.  Quazar asked if there were more events to come? Zorra said the government was wanting to limit the Internet to stop our communication, but... IT WILL NOT BE STOPPED. -- North Korea's inter-continental ballistic missals to the US? - All nuclear weapons have been rendered inert and will not deliver their payload. All weapons of mass destruction are now inert. --  Christians must now deal with the fact that "Lucifer" is also eliminated from this plane and the thought-form known as "Devil," -  "Satan," is no longer in form; has been removed. (See Mother/Father God messages). - What about "Fallen Angels?"  They were InterGalactic travelers who have influenced our population and their time is now ending.  --  As to the needed ingredient for vegan Laminine coming from the Sea of Japan ... an email saying this sea is contaminated with radiation?... Zorra says that this is just one of many locations... all around the coastal lines of the former continent of Lemuria and he lists all safe harvest areas. -- Zorra told of the video shown at the Laminine conference in Chicago by PBS' American Health Journal which included Kevin Sorbo, the actor who played Hercules, in which Kevin shared how Laminine had cured him of a brain aneurysm. Quazar told how she took it for insomnia and how well she slept. Zorra tells about the "boost" additive, already issued into our Laminine capsules by the Galactics and what it is doing. - Announcements: nuclear waste stockpiles have already been neutralized; all nuclear weapons in silos, under construction ... the isotopes are not working anymore. No need for fear now. --  Terra-forming?  Desert areas will be turned green.  Skyscrapers, asphalt/concrete jungles? Yes, will be returned to their original elements. It was Mother Earth who requested the population temporarily remove themselves from the surface so that this could happen. - Earth's twin flame? Maldek, but new name...  -- Fear factor must be below 2% of population for Galactics to join us. Two days ago: 5%; today: 4%. We must help to eliminate fear! - What level are we in, in 5th Dimension?  Third level, as of the beginning of April! Zorra removes global energy filter and gives Healing Pulse. 
Q & A    6-inch ET shown on Sirius trailer? - How reclaim former abilities? - She could feel Energy Pulse, from place to place in her body. - Why does Obama support Monsanto? - The tears in Obama's eyes?? - How deal with so much pain? Hear answer on Laminine users call of April 18th.  Decloaking? - Solar Flares? - Can friends meet during sleep? -  More on nuclear waste neutralized. - Healing rod successful with dogs with Parvo -  All biological and chemical weaponry and all in storage have been NEUTRALIZED!! - Who will channel after Billie leaves? - Banks closing; is new financial system ready? -  Big benefit from Zorra's Healing Pulse today - UN's plan to internationally control Nature? 


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2 Hours - 11 minutes

This call is alive and ready; just click on the link above
The telephone recording is also active.

Quazar introduced our Senior Advisor, Peter Olson, who gave a good explanation of the 3rd Dimensional mind and the 5th Dimensional mind. Healing Rod and Headband information. North Korean War??  Earth's protective shield. ZORRA:  I have been away, working with Galactic Federation of Light.  Obama ... yes, is of the Light and why. According to InterGalactic Law, Galactics may not enter our lower dimensional planetary system until they have an official invitation from one of Earth's major world governments.  That is what they have been waiting for, and Obama no longer has exclusivity on this. The Galactics are now moving forward as two world governments HAVE extended an Invitation!  - War with North Korea?  Zorra tells about the planetary "bubble" that now protects Earth. - National Press Club's Citizen Hearing on Disclos will have unannounced guest appearances:  Ambassadors of the Creator. He reveals one name. - Zorra explains why our probes of Mars indicates it is unfavorable for habitation. - For some attending the upcoming SIRIUS Documentary on Disclosure, "It will open many eyes and some may question their existence." - As to the Washington DC 5-day National Press Club event; aerial vesels will be positioned over the area of the city where the Hearings are being held, UNCLOAKED!  They will be seen by many, but they won't land. - Zorra gave a Healing Pulse specific for those dealing with cancer.  He lifted the planetary filter for several hours, allowing full effect of the incoming high energies.  Q & A:  Explanation of how diseases are eliminated through proven mental application. - Will Zorra speak at National Press Club? - Should we still watch for a September event?  - Extraterestrials and their families living in cities throughout the world. How to spot them.  Small public landings, ongoing. One recently in Mexico City. -  Tips on using the Healiong Rods. -  What race is Zorra? - If Hollow Earth has no currency, how do they exchange? -  Is the new Pope "someone special?" -  How long have ET's been living amongst us?  -  Why does she feel energy when observing crop circles?  Aurora Borealis? -  Intestinal hernia, self help?  Zorra recommends: Tibetan Medical Clinics and Pharmacies; Shaolin Temple in Los Angeles. -  Is NESARA a fraud? - To hear the National Press Club Hearing, no computer?  Hear it by telephone, daytime and evening sessions: DIAMONDS FOREVER CONFERENCE: 209-255-1000 + 883267#. -  If Obama is of the Light, WHY did he just sign these bills against us? - San Diego natural healing (intestinal hernia):  Dr Mark Stenglar:;  -  How create personal protection while in court? - How handle chronic inflammation?                              


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2 hours 19 minutes

What a special call!  We began with good information from Peter, telling us of a continuing race of Atlanteans with surface access from southern Brazil. Peter explained the origination and expansion of Heart-Mind and how it differs from Mind-Mind. Quezar and Zaraya gave information on Nataure Spirits and Fairies, and how to reach them.  Dale gave an update on his many orders for the Lemurian Healing Rods.  

ZORRA gave a powerful Healing Pulse.  He also lifted the filter to allow us to experience the full intensity of the cosmic energies now energizing Gaia  Q & A:  Duality? Timelessness? - Fear is falling away - Another asteroid due here on Tuesday - Wild animals feeling the new LOVE energies and approaching humans with love - Should we build dome homes? - Should we plant gardens this year? -  Why and how did Lemuria sink 5,000 feet? - How are babies conceived and born in Hollow Earth? - How should I direct my life focus now? - Are there openings from Atlanta? - Getting reports of healing responses now from Zorra's Healing Pulse - My dog just died - Tell me about art and music in Hollow Earth - Should I sell back my Iraqui Dinar? - Zorra, tell us about your spouse - New information on The Gathering - Why do we need the to use the Light Chambers? -  Tell us why other sites credited the Pleiadians with destroying the asteroid - Who will destroy the one arriving on Tuesday, March 26th? - The proper way to spell "Aghartan." - Where is incoming asteroid supposed to hit? - Who is the walk-in Ascended Master we know as "The Pope?" - Coming Disclosure and new Monetary  System - Prosperity Programs? - There will be a very special speaker at the National Press Conference in Washington DC (not Zorra) - Zorra will go to this 5-day press conferenace and speak directly with the media - We will initiate a Donation Program to contribute to the cost of going to Washington DC - Are there still new souls being newly created? -  Again, at People's Disclosure, National Press Conference on TV, the "Special Guest" will "do something" before the whole nation and we will know who he is - Where did the uncloaked space ship land on the East Coast? - Why Light Chambers? - Aligning with the Fairies - The Galactics told Zorra to put back the filter as causing accidents, people disoriented - Sink holes in Louisiana - Any Cities of Light near Miami? - She received 30 earthquake warnings for Canary Islands - Follow Nancy Tate's, especially Thursday March 21st (Anne will be posting on RECORDED CALLS) - Quasar: Yes ... we will be at National Press Conference - Zaraya returns, and where has he been in Zorra's body??? - What did he see??? - And what does NASA think about a meteor slowing down??  -   Wow! - This call left us all on an exhilerated "high!"  - Don't miss it! 

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2 Hours -  6 minutes

Call is now available to hear from the link above;
Also at, Call Code: 426672
And by calling the telephone number above

When Zaraya awoke this morning and found he had no voice, he was about to call off today's call.  Then, Zorra suggested he call Rodney Cluff to see if he could fill in.  Although traveling, Rodney agreed, and what was expected to be a brief one-hour call, expanded to a very enlightening, more-than-two-hours call.    Rodney is probably has the most completely researched site on the Internet for Hollow Earth rinformation, developed over 45 years.  And, as each of us has our own passion, Rodney's is the scriptures of the Morman Church, which gave us a uniquely new viewpoint of history, based on Rodney's understanding.  

Before Riodney began his presentation, our own Peter Olson again shared his gratitude for Zorra's swift and thorough action in preventing a large asteroid from crashing onto the surface of Earth.  Peter reminded us that the last such impaact, millions of years ago, resulted in the extinction of the dinasaurs, commenting that had this asteroid been allowed to enter Earth's atmosphere and impact our planet ... none of us would be here today. This is quite sobering and well documented; see  BREAKING NEWS on the Home Page of this website for the video of Zorra's ship entering the tail of the asteroid ... merging with the asteroid's field and entering the center of the object...  then raising his ship's forcefield, exploding the asteroid ... and we see Zorra's ship emerging and taking off to the right!

We then heard Rodney recap the information he gathered here on the surface from various sources as to the validation of Hollow Earth and his bible's predictions.  He also went into scientific explanations of why the Earth has to be hollow, relative to various geographic situations. - Rodney gave the date he expected full ascension; then Peter gave his date derived from research, BUT...  Peter then told about the "Dramatic Acceleration Event" now underway, supported by Creator, Sananda, Ashtar, St Germain and Archangel Michael ... all verifying the 9-month period ending September 21 2013.

Quazar presented emailed questions:  the massive sinkhole in Arizona, Rodney told of a moving video demonstrating Earth as an expanding being, alive and growing; Quazar began responding to questions about the Light Chambers when... we heard ... "INDEED!"   -- and there was ZORRA!   Zorra was then able to handle all the rest of the questions... the Light Chambers and the disinformation trying to prevent people from being IN THE LIGHT Chambers; the new Healing Rods and how at the expo the Dr. Christian Lear (?) held the rod and described the energy ... "one end healing; one end total magic," ... what are the beams of light coming from pyramids all around the Earth? ... US Navy sonar and pyramids ... the video (I will post it) of the two sun's, which confirm Zorra's earlier predictions, as Elenin moves slightly to the side of the sun, all about NIBIRU, reported, great cavities under California and why.  And us?  RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS AND CONSCIOUSNESS!  Will Zaraya/Zorra and Quazar go to the National Press Conference in DC?  Today's vibrations 2x, 3x last December's ... and March 22 ... highest ever!  Royal Bank of Scotland collapsed.  New governments coming in.  We DID change on 12/21/12 ... what to look for.  Healing rod testimony.  Ireland will play a role in this. The Venus lineup?  All helping Dr. Steven Greer.  Live food geometry. Stopping a fat comtrail. Where find Earth's true history?  Friend in prison, wrongly accused.  When will ships decloak and save him?  He will be freed soon after Disclosure ... all wrongs will be made right.  Zaraya/Zorra/Quazar have Chicago Event March 24th ... watch website.   We are stabalizing.  Zorrea's Healing Pulse.  What people noticed.  Dale has 9 Healing Rods in production ... and oh, the ENERGY!  -- What a call!


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2 Hours 

Call is now available to hear from the link above;
Also at, Call Code: 426672
And by calling the telephone number above

Peter Olson, Hollow Earth Network's Surface Senior Advisor gave mathematical, impact, and course information of the asteroid and an understanding of the devastation that would have ensued had this asteroid not been destroyed before entering Earth's atmosphere.  We are the very few, here on the surface, with authentic and realistic information of how close Earth came to extinction.  Thank you, Peter. -- Zaraya named this event: Demonstration of Disclosure. He also assured us that this demonstration reveals how well we are protected, how the Galactic Federation is committed to our safety and well being and assurance of no nuclear wars or other disastrous events.--  Zorra explained what would have happened... annialation of Russia, Alaska and Washington state and how the Earth, itself. would have been left uninhabitable.  He tells us other space debris, some the size of planets, will continue to arrive, but the large motherships are able to divert them away from our planet.  --  Q & A:  -- Her friend "did not make it" - she died before full Ascension.  Zorra's explanation -- About One People's Public Trust -- An opening in Carlsbad Caverns? --  Gates in pyramids, sphinx's? -- Am I a walk-in? --  Inner Earth Beings? --  Using our questions for our awakenings --  The asteroid did not come into our atmosphere. --  About Healing Rods and what they do -- Dianne Robbins has 10 Telos commemorative 1-oz pure Silver coins -- About financial timing --  Hollow Earth friendly dragons we can ride on -- Prophetic dreams? --  Technology in Inner Earth to help us become fully conscious - light cubicles, or chambers (Sheldan Nidle) -- We CAN breathe underwater, how to --  Will we need precious metal valuations in use on Earth in five years  --  Spring Equinox? Pope resignation? --  How to know if cave leads to Hollow Earth --  What does "full consciousness" mean??   --  How rid children's' hair of head lice? --  Nuclear storage tanks leaking -- Solar Council: "Zorra deserves a medal!" --  He dreams of a white Pegasus? --  Duality gone? - Earth quarantine lifted - Next, permission to Disclose (Ashtar will be first). -- Cabal's last ditch effort --  "Kill" them with love -  No defense against Love, Harmony -- Forget "research" and concentrate on your Ascension and raising your vibrations -- Why are we only planet with humans living on surface? -- Zorra tells of the Experiment - Quarantine"  -- Why Earth?  --  Mono Polar and Bi-Polar???  --   Best way to get rid of the cabal --  If Zorra were only able to have one reply today, it would be...  ??? --  Zorra gives the Healing Pulse - People tell of their response to Pulse --  A Reading by Zorra about Healing Rods...  To order Healing Rods... Click Here   Closed with playing of Galactic Hymn of Earth's Emergence. To hear this beautiful hymn on YouTube, it is posted at the top of Today's Inspieration.


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2 Hours - 40 minutes

Peter reports seeing armada of 40 - 50 ships in Fairplay, Colorado  --  Zaraya tells about new 5D grandchild and how our new 5D babies will be --  Zaraya reads from Dianne Robbins' book, Messages from the Hollow Earth:  Mikos, Caretakaer of the Earth tells how Hollow Earth's oceans are alive with onsciousness  --  Zaraya tells difference between the brain's "storage vault" and our Heart-Mind, where we think  --  Zaraya tells why artificial hearts did not work and why patients receiving them did not live - ZORRA:  explains why Obama did not make the announcement as expected before the Saturday call  --  Ashtar's ship back on White House lawn and gives location of other cloaked ships now on the surface, waiting.... --  Prosperity Programs, NESARA, do not have to wait for announcements  --  Blackout at Super Bowl caused by....--  She was told "Take it easy, ;you have just been to Inner Space 6..." --   Are Beings from Angelic Realms incarnate here on Earth at thiss time?  --  Those who recently died in last 5 - 10 years.... --  Example of disinformation site  --  Are you in 5D with 3D thinking?  How to open ourselves  to 5D  --  Recommend The Living Matrix -  Dianne Robbins tells her personal Laminine health improvements --  Gathering? Prosperity Prograams? --  Why can Obama override us with HIS "free will?" -  She calls from Greece: Do all governments know what Obama knows? Can they release the info? --  From Toronto, "... the difference between Violet Flame and White Flame?  How use? How long?" --  Dianne Robbins: St Germain Foundation has book to explain the difference  --  Call or email Dianne:;  DIANNE ROBBINS   --  The power of crystal and jade skulls --  Zorra demonstrates again raising vibrations as blowing energy through teeth  --  Zero Point Energy devices and lasers, approved by Zorra, HEALTH PROGRAMS  -- Why must we wait for Obama for our futures? --  Zorra: Other governments can now disclose  --  What if they declare Marshal Law and confiscate our weapons? --   How Hollow Earth protects themselves with no wweapons -- Strange pictures and activity before falling asleep --  How can I go to Hollow Earth? --  Choices to bring about Disclosure:  April 29 - May 3, National Press Club in Washington DC will hear 30 qualified testimonials, which will be the people's Disclosure.  Call White House Comment Line:  202-456-1111, and courteously let them know you want Disaclosure. --  He told bipolar person who went into overload  -- Zorra tells how to heal bipolar --  Another excellent reading  of Q & A's from Messages from Hollow Earth, by Dianne Robbins.  --  Dale just released his new Healing Rods -- Zorra tells how to use them; they came from the Galactics who use them as a common tool for healing -- Zorra gives a powerful Healing Pulse, supported by Councils of 12 in Hollow Earth, Telos, Agartha, by Ashtar and Sananda, by the Galactic Federation of Light.  The Healing Pulse will continue all lmonth. There was just SO MUCH good information on this call!


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1 Hour - 47 Minutes

Before the call began, Dale Benadum, maker of our fine Lemurian Crystal Headbands announced that he will soon be completing the first Healing Rods.  He is taking advance orders to enable him to purchase supplies of needed materials.  To learn more, go to HEADBAND ORDERS where you can find Dale's phone number.  He is offering special prices for the advance orders. -  Zaraya commented on Sandy Hook and his father, Zorra's, firsthand knowledge, as he was able to see the event. These happenings are created to instill fear.  We must turn away and look into 5D thoughts and events. - Inauguration Day - Civilizations on surface of other planets?  No - all other planets have civilizations INSIDE. Only Earth on outside.  --  ZORRA: How they use YouTubes to instill fear - Inauguration? Not contingent on Obama now. All were there, patiently waiting, and are disappointed, as are we. What held it up? - Do not take your attention off of your Ascension - try not to focus on Earth 3D. Media "news" takes you from your Goals. Ascension has already happened; examples. - Q & A -  Why so tired??? - Zorra explains history/use of Healing Rods - How can I heal my dog? -  Obama?  - Disclosure will now come from Russia,  China, Germany, maybe US. -  What can we do to raise our vibrations?  - Time:  no thing - Still clones out there? - Twin Towers event was ahologram. Where are the real lpassengers? - The Gathering will still take place - More info on Healing Rods / Power Rods - How did Moses part the Red Sea? - Zorra gives Healing Pulse - Watch your questions; they show where you are!  Stay out of 3D, 4D - we are in 5D, Level 2. Stop robbing yourself of your Ascension!  Wonderous world, Gaia, needs your good vibes to complete her Ascension. Send her your Love. (See Prayer for Gaia,)  Help Gaia to her Terraforming; our Gathering. - Adama asked Zaraya and Quasar if they would consider staying on surface to help Gaia's Ascension.  Answer: "We feel it would be best for population for them to go in." -  We need an Event?  THIS could be  our Event! We can manifest this! - Laminine?  Influenced by Agarthians.  Used in "Think tanks" of Atlantis, Lemuria. Even Galactics use a form of Laminine. How Vegans can take Laminine.



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1 Hour - 40 Minutes

To listen by telephone:   
1-712-432-3131 + 98914584

Folks, this is an extraordinary call, not to be missed.  I won't even tell you about the guest speaker and the Message she brings.  You have never heard anything like this!  We will get a preview of how our lives will soon change, as well!  
And Nancy brings new  messages from St. Germain,  Hatonn, and Adama.  
What a delightful and soul-awakening Message!

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2 Hours - 12 Minutes

Quasar opened the call, updating us on how it came about that she and Zaraya are still here on the surface,  Discussion with Peter about any noticeable changes experienced during the three power days of December 12, 21, 28, 2012.  Zaraya read explanation from Dianne Robbins' book, Messages from the Hollow Earth, as to how humanity's diseases will drop away, once the Agarthians and Galactics have cleared this planet of pollution.  --  Zorra opened his talk by first assuring us that we are definitely in 5th Dimension, Level 1... already quickly approaching Level 2, commenting that this is quite rapid.  He also told us that on December 22, Earth began Year 1 and our consciousness levels raised one octave.  Zorra explained factors influencing Gaia's slowed acceleration, and why.  He also addressed those who are still, not "asleep" but, "uninformed."  Discussion as to when they will permit themselves to be informed, coming power days enabling more and more to wake up.  Disclosure - prosperity - new governments worldwide that are imminent.  Obama's Inauguration?  Obama will be President when Disclosure takes place.  There will be no "world government" -- rather, an organization of countries.   Global peace and prosperity programs.  No one leader; rather, councils around the world and a Galactic on every council.  No wars, no military.  How long before Gaia is fully ascended?  Before end of year; only Creator can stop it now. --  Disclosure?  Some on ground now ... Paris, Kremlin, White House lawn, Central Park... invisible to the eye, but on the ground.  All world governments being revamped.  IRS and other 3-letter agencies being rapidly disbanded, prisoners wrongly incarcerated will soon be released, troops returned. -- The massacre?  The main cabal have been removed; the "spokes" still here, but going fast.  Shooting victims were already gone from their bodies, so no pain.  Was not a virtual event.  Rather, disoriented individuals, personal problems, brain cells imbalanced, computer games in early years, personal family problems. --  9/11 was another "call for help." These shared, painful events brought people together worldwide, and were used to bring forth unity. -- Tolec's warning about the Hollow Earth light chambers?  Nothing to fear; only for those who are destined to live in Hollow/Inner Earth; a complete clearing of body toxins and disease, bringing translucency.  Those going to home star systems would be cleansed by their technologies.  --  Laminine?  For vegans, marine shark residual vibrations can be purified by doing the same purification technique as for food/water.  Brought to us by Agarthians to help us raise vibrations, healing, enlightenment, focus, and joyful, high vibrations, enabling ascension.  Depression, M/S, Alzheimers, Lupus, Shingles ... -- Questions:  Banking - IRS threats - People's Public Trust - Dale's new product: healing rods.  Headbands' history of use by Lemuria, Atlantis, and before that, the Galactics.  Dale's Galactic headband experience, his new show location. --  Zorra's request for Love Donations to help Quasar/Zaraya live a normal life until they leave for Telos. Send love donations from the heart to PayPal: .  This account is in the name of Billie Faye Woodard.  --  Is Obama of the Light?  No guns in 5D.  Upon Disclosure, all will become clear; Obama a White Knight, confirmed. Obama will be President and work with Galactic Federation of Planets.  --  Prosperity Programs? What is holding them up and what we can all do about it. --  How does he deal with ecessive fees to pay or lose car ... feed family. --  After all these years she is pregnant.  Zorra: you are having a 5D child.  Laminine okay?  Yes!  People's Public Trust?  Zorra had response from St. Germain:  "It is in the Divine Plan."  Healing Pulse.  Comments after Healing Pulse.


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36 Minutes

Here is a surprise visit by Zorra in a casual call between Zorra, Quasar, and Anne.  Zorra told of Galactic ships, sitting on the ground (not hovering) in prime locations, globally.  He tells of people "bumping into" the cloaked ships ...
funny!  Why are they positioned, cloaked and on the ground, globally?  Zorra tells of possible date for Disclosure announcement.  Obama and Michelle talking about it now ... a big step for them.  Zorra tells us to send love and support to them.  Zorra also talks about Gaia, telling us to send her love and support, as well.   He tells us of various dimensions ... Hollow Earth is now at 6th Dimension.... how we are already moving upward in 5D and what to expect.  
We are told about the importance of taking Laminine to help deal with these very high energies ... upcoming dates that will bring even more energies.  What vegans can do to purify the shark cartilege and make Laminine acceptable to vegans.  Confirms upcoming Saturday call.

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38 Minutes
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Sunday night about 8:00 PM, Anne received this call from Zorra and Quasar.  Zorra requested that  the call be recorded so that you could all hear this directly from him.  Yes, good news and bad news.  And by the time we get to the end ... it is very good news!

And we still have good events right on the horizon, including Disclosure.  So click on the link above, and see where we are in this VERY ACTIVE COSMOS!


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23 Minutes

Zorra Called Anne Sunday Night 
With a Special Message for All:

The Essence of Ascension

Allow Time to Load! 

1 Hour - 9 Minutes - Complete Edited Call
To listen to Part 1 by telephone:  1-712-432-3131 + 79271430
Not Edited - No Healing Pulse

Part 2 not available by telephone

Zorra responded to two very long emails posing questions that only Zorra could answer AND set the record straight. Cabal Gone?  Whose left?   Manifest your prosperity. Why Ramtha not on Austin call?  Where Obama stands?  More about Disclosure; how and when it could happen.  Zorra instructs us on his own "Vibration & Frequency Raising Technique" that, as he says, "... is NOT copyrighted!"   Zorra reminds us to stop listening to other sources that disburse"fear."  We must stop being in disagreement with each other!"    

Nancy Tate comments on our lives getting in "disarray."  Nancy tells us this is coming because we are now dealing with things that happened deep in the past ... things from the "depth of your being"   and how to be rid of them.  

Zorra tells of many ships uncloaked in high orbit above large cities, awaiting word for siteings to take place .... imminent.  Federation soon to bring uncloaked ships into low orbit day and night. Keep your eyes on the skies. There will be many siteings over incoming days and nights.  "My ship is over LA in high orbit.  Will be dropping lower ... as will other uncloaked ships over Mt Shasta, Rainier, McKinnley, Mt. Hood, Mt Baker, Mt Everett, Superstitions, Mt. Lasson AND large cities... Chicago, New York, Miami, Seattle ... simultaneously with Moscow, Baghdad, London, China ... ALL will see at once!  How to send messages to ships and get response.  

Sananda speaks of the role his son, Hector, will soon be playing. Where Sananda originated.  Mushaba Force/Race.  Sananda tells of ships now at Grand Canyon placing devices for better clarity of ships/surface communication. Speaks of "time"  Many more star ships to be seen.

Zorra reveals this is last conference through Billie/Zaraya.

Adama:  Hollow Earth Network will take on a new flair and represent not only what Zorra/Zoraya,  Quasar and Anne DeHart bring.  Beautiful, positive energy and interaction so beautiful is coming as this network continues in evolution and as purveyors of Truth. I and others will come forth. Consider "time" as "occurrences."  Zaraya and Quasar  will be escorted by me and my two brothers to Telos and Hollow Earth. Adama will come to Hollow Earth Network.  Zorra will be coming through Nancy Tate.

Zorra: This completes the last call through Zaraya and Quasar as they soon depart.  Adama and others will be active in the continuing Hollow Earth Network  Zorra invites Anne to tell of her conversation with Adama at the Prescott Ascension Tour and what she can look forward to.

HEALING PULSE  -  Zorra announces all those who will be joining in his Healing Pulse....


Prescott AZ Tour Event

Thank You Sue Sammarco

Part 1:   Folks, both of these parts take a LONG TIME to load!  I have checked both, and they play all the way through.  ~ Anne

Nancy spoke of the journey she has been on that has led to this time, and what she has learned. Hatonn spoke of the major members of the cabal who are now on a distant planet, and the love that, on a soul level, humanity is emitting to them now. He also spoke of the Mushaba energy as it relates to these times. Adama spoke of an invitation to Zaraya and Quasar, as well as for the rest of the Tour group. He also spoke to Anne DeHart of the continuation of the Hollow Earth Network with new participants, and of a lightning strike into the inner central sun. Tara, Mother Earth, shared with everyone something that she will be doing in the next days to clear out parts of her body, and then she spoke of more.

Part 2:
Quasar welcomes everyone back from lunch, and introduces Zaraya. He spoke of his recent experience with their RV. He then told Nancy that there was someone else who wished to speak through her. Horus spoke of other planets in the universe whose inhabitants are in understanding of what we have been through. Sananda introduced us to his son Hector. Zorra spoke of the dwellers of Hollow Earth. He spoke of the Roswell incident as a part of the introduction to the advanced age of computers. He also spoke of the coming decloaking of more ships, of what will come from the fifth dimension, and more. Questions and answers came and then some healing.

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2 Hours - 8 Minutes


We were updated with Ascension Tour information by Jane - Peter Olson told of two events in his life relative to today's energy positioning -  Billie gave overview of how this giant storm has been recorded in Porthologos Library - Billie shared how Nibiru and Lemur are one - Zorra gave more detail about Nibiru and Lemur; how, on all other planets, the populations live within - Zorra identified the storm, Sandy, as a natural storm that others were trying to manipulate and escalate. He told of all the Beings that worked together to spare Humanity what could have been massive destruction. - Nancy Tate reveals the information she was given upon awakening; that had to do with an event that could happen on election day. - How many cabal are left now? -  NESARA... when??? - Sister planet and her skies and moon - New Consciousness and Energy-type technique soon to be revealed - Military bases? -  When will Obama disclose? - A story about "There will not be an election." - The upcoming two events:  1) Sandy, the storm; 2) The happenings told to Nancy regarding election day. - Sandy has already changed the information in Porthologos Library - How we could do the same, as to changing info in library - Question to Zorra: "Why are we the only civilization living ON the planet, while all other planets' populations live within?" -  How the new surface of Mother Earth will soon be - Military chemtrail plane is confronted by "flying disk" and what they were told - At what level is the surface population now? -  At Austin Event tomorrow, Zaraya will bring forth TWO Beings:  1) Zorra; 2) Ramtha! -  Disclosure is up to the Galactics; they are free to Disclose at their discretion - How to "be the teachings" - After Ascension??? -  Is the newest Beth Trutwin message TRUE???  Sananda replies - Healing techniques - Energy Blast - Healing Pulse, Declarations - 

After the call: I had a phone call with Zorra, Billie and Jane.  Billie told us where he had been during Zorra's time with us.  He was in his father's ship, uncloaked, over Iraq and Afghanistan.  His father's ship (Zorra's) was one of many, uncloaked, on view to the two armies.  THERE WAS NO FIGHTING! 


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2 Hours - 8 Minutes

This is a wonderful call!  Just imagine, being privileged to be included in a conversation between Zorra from Hollow Earth, Adama,.High Priest of Inner Earth, Sananda (Jesus),  St. Germain, and Hatonn from the Galactic Fleets!
I am very grateful to Grace for providing this comprehensive summary of Saturday's call. When you want to re-listen to a particular part, it helps to locate the time line.

Thank you, Grace!
  • Peter Olsen shares his experiences with sky-watching and activating the Heart-Mind, where we connect with the Heart/Love through the emotional body and integrate the Spiritual; then the Heart-Mind can take over the limited Mind-Ego
  • Larry relates his own encounter with an uncloaked craft (Pleiadian mother-ship) of massive size (about a mile square), which was corroborated by other witnesses; his experience turned his life around
  • Zaraya reveals that Hatonn informed them that the Cabal presence has been removed from the planet; they have been re-located elsewhere to continue their Life experiences; Obama and Michelle are aware of their duty for Disclosure, pre-Ascension events that have been planned are imminent
  • Adama also informed that 28 Beings from Telos will be making contact with representatives globally, these events will be documented, and that he himself will also be appearing in person
  • Sananda gave a short description of the birth of Jesus; more details in the channeling that will be posted on Nancy's website in a few days
  • How headbands help in raising our consciousness and healing
  • Sananda: Our powers of creation/manifestation will be instant after Ascension; "Keep your thoughts genuine and happy...harmonious"; right now the buffer time between thought and creation is getting shorter and shorter
38-minute mark
  • Zorra: Permission has not been given by JZ for the use of the Raising Vibrations video, meeting with JZ did not materilise because she was too busy
  • "We destroy Mother Nature, we destroy ourselves"
  • Awakening/Ascension symptoms have to do with detoxification of our minds, emotions and bodies; they need to be released with gratitude and blessings
  • Not necessary for messages to be translated because they can be "understood" in the respective native language
  • St Germaine: "Prosperity is in the works!" So are Disclosure, financial reconstruction, assimilation of energies of change within and without, Ascension itself, and all their derivatives, therefore we ourselves must be in the appropriate energy-field/heart-mind to allow them to unfold without further delay
  • Zorra: Manifest what we wish (in regard to being relocated off-planet or to Hollow Earth), stop thinking negatively (because some do not believe this will occur); Elenin (now in front of Helios) is here for this purpose
  • Nancy: Have compassion for our loved ones who are still operating from 3D but continue to live in our Heart-Mind and follow our passion and instinct
  • Zorra: There are no guns (or any need for them) in 5D! "Who are you going to shoot?"
  • Our bodies are beautiful, nothing to be shameful about
  • Earth 2 (on other side of Sun) has its own Moon
  • Mass media will be free to broadcast revelations that are coming out, military now under jurisdiction of Galactic Federation of Planets, plan already in place to transition military to peace-based operations
1:15-hour mark
  • GMO products will be non-issue
  • Implementation of Sharia Laws will not take place, all processes will come from a place of Love and all these will happen very soon, this includes those in jail
  • No such thing as Anti-Christ
  • Obama and loved ones under protection of GF, he will be able to bring forth Disclosure
  • The Natives and Aborigines are fore-runners of Ascension Movement; they are now coming out of seclusion in 5D reality and helping to awaken the people
  • Sasquatch also revealing their true Selves as 5D Beings which is different from what they have portrayed until now
  • Animals and pets also transitioning their physical bodies into 5D
  • We will come to a point where we understand that money is unnecessary in Higher Consciousness
1:32-hour mark
  • ISCE (International Society for a Complete Earth) sojourn into Hollow Earth will be allowed but all participants must be in harmony and have peaceful intentions (no weapons of any sort allowed)
  • Children in foster care and victims of human trafficking will have the same access to Ascension; the decision lies with the Oversoul and is regardless of whether we are in captivity
  • We will be on the ships or Hollow Earth for as long as it takes until New Earth is ready; time is of no consequence at that dimension and there's much to do. Also we will see that the re-patterning of Mother Earth is not a thing of destruction, but a beautiful creation
  • For those who are talking about 2013 and later, they will be experiencing those timelines on Earth 2.
1:48-hour mark
Healing Pulse delivered by Zorra.


Zorra / Sananda

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2 hours - 14 minutes

This exceptional call began with updated Ascension Tour information. Jane asked Zorra about RV time discrepancies, his observations in other countries, media limitations and Disclosure. Zorra brought in Sananda, also known as Jesus, and the call continued with questions and answers... answers sometimes from Zorra, sometimes from Sananda. We learned our part in Disclosure. To support your contacts with our beautiful free Hollow Earth business cards, send a self-addressed envelope stamped with $1.95 postage to Anne DeHart, P O  Box 4841, Tubac, AZ 85646.  I will fill it with 25 or more free cards and send to you. US Government today?  "Anti-christ," satan, demons, devils?  Obama and Disclosure. How to help small children through Ascension?  How relate to family members not yet awakened? If you cannot visualize?? -  Meditate?.., or move and FEEL?  Prosperity funds, debt forgiveness? Galactic Federation of Light on all dimensions? WHERE IS GREG GILES?  Importance of Crystal Skulls?  Who are the "144,000?"  How dark is Earth's sister planet on which some will continue???  Releasing emotions through pain. Zorra/Sananda's Healing Pulse.  The Crucifixtion was "a dance!" ~ A truly exceptional call that left many in tears. - Welcome Sananda!


ZORRA, through his son, Colonel Billie Woodard!
HATONN, HORUS, SANANDA, brought to us by Nancy Tate

Click Here -   Morning Recording
 Zaraya spoke of some of his earth experience from the time he first was brought to the surface.
Zorra spoke through Zaraya, speaking of the times of Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as other things
    Click Here -  Afternoon Recording
Hatonn, Horus and Sananda spoke through Nancy, with a, first time for Nancy, 
trans channel in part of the Sananda Message when he spoke of the 
value of all messages that are broadcast through the various messengers. 

Nancy's FIRST trans-channel, bringing us
SANANDA (Jesus) LIVE, handling Q & A!

News about Ascension and what to expect - Sananda promises to tell us what REALLY happened at the "crucifixion" when he walked up to the cross and "took his power." -  Who were the Salem "witches?"  -  Moses' Rod?  Zaraya's Power Rod - Immense power of these rods for Intergalactic communication -  Zaraya met Telosian at Mt Shasta who also had a rod and demonstrated it - Sanada, "It gives a complete healing." - Healing Pulse from Zorra and how to receive it properly - How to stop addictions and stop smoking.  Sananda, Q & A. - Secrets of Healing - Mary Magdalene - Earth released from Duality and Karma - Zorra guarantees "Your hearing will return!" -  Sananda: "Your family and friends are all on the threshold and will experience their own Truth Realization before Ascension.


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1 Hour - 51 Minutes

To Listen by Telephone:  1-712-432-3131 + 92835689
Folks, this call is up and ready to download.  

You can also listen to it at www.Free Conference 
Call Code: 426672
Chat with Peter Olson while call still loading - Peter is "exploring" higher levels now that we are allowed to raise our vibrations above 4D - how he does it - Ascension Tour info updated - Questions:  What do we do with our real estate holdings and private property? -  All Presidents have had contact with Galactic Federation of Light - All will be brought out -- no Marshal Law/Panic - cabal will be taken care of - We have to prepare for our own vibrations, frequency, consciousness - Unity Consciousness,  and if not, where do they go? - What about family mementos? -  How we will change; how Mother Earth will change. - How we can recreate in 5D from our memories  - Can't imagine our new life. - Ramtha corporation claims copyright; we took down energy and consciousness demo until Zorra can talk to JZ Corp in Ranier (Zorra knew this technique before Ramtha was born!) Ramtha did not die; he ascended. Zorra knows him well.  We have no "ownership" here, we are guests.  Mother Earth owns all. - 5th Dimension happens to everyone all at once, instantly. - Individualism of surface world is wrong.  Man should be in interior of planets - all planets and sun are hollow - sun is not hot - What Zorra observed when over the Afgan/US war zone - your husbands and children coming home from war soon. -  Media reports only what will keep the war going - Why no disclosure at Olympics - Why both Kennedy's were assassinated.  Our government brought down twin towers and why - Ascension symptoms and how to deal with them.  What the headbands do.  Our job? Spread the word! - Dinars?  Sept 25 - 30th.  Quazi crystals?  Will we have mentor to guide us through Ascension?  Zorra gives Healing Pulse globally. Next call in two weeks.


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2 hours - 35 minutes

What a call!  For her debut on our Hollow Earth calls, author, Dianne Robbins, told us the truth about Peter Pan and Wendy and how, a couple of months ago she was awakend by the Hobbits who kept her up half the night dictating the Hobbits' Poem. Dianne read this precious poem to us, opening our inner vision to the magical Shire where the Hobbits live.  They will soon be up here visiting with us. To order Dianne's book on the Crystal Kingdom which contains this poem: offers direct orders. - Peter Olson named the four sources of pure knowledge. --  Zaraya (Billie) shared information on how he and Zorra change places for Zorra's direct conversations with us, while Billie finds himself at what ever location Zorra's body happened to be.... which, last time, was in Zorra's ship, decloaking with other Galactic ships, above Afganistan/Iraq war zones.- Depleting chemtrails --  Galactic visitors to Hollow Earth -- The healing ship, Neptune, is quietly taking Earth people on board to heal and then return to Earth in their "new bodies." -- Toddlers see Elementals, which are real. --  Dissipating chemtrails. -- Ascension Tour itinirary. --  ZORRA: Hobbits, all truths. Filming Lord of the Rings, Hobbits as extras. -- Most fairy tales are based in fact. - Decloaking 500 feet above battle zones, Afgan and Iraq!  Fighting will end; troops return home. LOVE is key to vibes/frequency. 3D thinking must stop! - More tunnels opening to Inner Earth. --  "Concrete jungle" must end and return to original elements.-- Earth's original two moons. Ascension Symptoms: dizzy, naseous, headaches, detox as body adjusts to higher frequencies. - Sister "Earth" behind sun from us - Sun is a planet, not a burning strar - Solar flares are an illusion (NASA knows) -- Lumberjacks - get stethascope and hear trees scream when being cut down - Do not destroy the tree people! - Hemp can replace wood - Leave animals to live - The heart is our true brain for discernment -  Q & A: About Olaf Jensen and Arians -  Group manifestation exercise for prosperity programs -  Original races - People on far side of Moon?  Yes, and also living within. - Bible: Nibiru's magnetic influence on Earth?  Hail and brimstone? Bible: Noah, flood.  Mark of the Beast. - Healing from Zorra - Comments on their healings.


Peter Olson, Zorra, Zaraya, Quazar

Click Here

This link takes you to the Blog Talk Radio website. As you
 listen on the Internet, if the voice stops, click on the little blue link down below the time bar where it says to use alternate browser.  The voice will come back. You don't want to lose any of Peter Olsen's dialogue. Peter always brings a very informative message. Zorra reminded us that although Earth had been under quarantine via the "hands off" clause, that has changed. Our governments have not complied; the non-interference clause has been  lifted for the betterment of the planet, and our Galactics have much more freedom relative to assisting Earth. Ships will no longer hide in lenticular clouds; they are uncloaking worldwide.  All mountains have Inner Earth cities beneath them (some named). Some inhabitants are Fairies, Elfs, and Hobbits (who are not fictitious). Next Saturday Dianne Robbins will be reading a poem "The Hobbit Story." We will hear more from Dianne relative to her writings on next Saturday's call.  Our origin... stars or _____?  Zorra: Stars!  About Laminine: she took some just before bed and experienced massive "downloads" all night long. Correct?  Zorra: "Bingo!"  Laminine opens the brain cells. Heart is our "thinking brain,"  Area between ears stores information. Heart is source of discussions. When will healing rods be available? About new frequency rods that  restore frequency balance to body; same as healing rod. Same. Technology, from Agarthians. Anne will be posting ordering information. Q: Must we leave the surface? A: Yes.  Identifying good and bad ships. US Election: Obama and Michelle taken to ships, so they should be the elected. All Light Workers being protected. 90% of Oversouls:  "Ascend."  Abundance, Dinars?  Yes. Cities of Light?  One will be in Locke Ness. Will appear when ships appear.  Crop circles coming to US Midwest. A child in Edinborough will teach crop circle meanings. How to use his communication device. Laminine, headband, left/right brain. All just tools to help. Heart Chakra holds all the answers. Laminine, a tool. Up to you to step through the door. Can order directly from website. How to order Zorra's portrait wihch carries his energy. Page: Emergence / Zorra.  Egypt pyramid, beam of light to work with ships to clear atmosphere. Large birds seen at Mt Shasta are Telos people (Adama) who have shape-shifted to enjoy the surface for a while. To order headbands, Laminine, and new frequencty zero-point energy balancing tools, see links at bottom of Blog Talk website.  


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2 Hours 15 Minutes

No call next week as Billie and Jane prepare for cross-country tour.  Billie (Zaraya) tells of unique experience during last channeling with Zorra.  Billie was free of his body with no silver cord!  Saw even MORE ships arriving for our Big Event ... more than he could count!  ArchAngel Michael says 90% are ready for Ascension!  Chemtrails greatly diminished: blue skies! Coming up to Ascension in a rapid way,  ZORRA: Energy at Solstice will be quadrupled of today's. You are in for a heck of a ride!  Ascension is emminent. More craft decloaking and coming to eye level.  Cross country travelers will see them. Watch the skies, cameras ready!  We are entering a High Unity Consciousness, departing the 3D Duality Consciousness.  We are in 11th level of 4D, going rapidly to 12th level 4D. Current Ascension Symptoms:  detox - stomach upsets - digestion -  lucid dreams - astral travels - high energies permeating our bodies and are more aware of our surroundings, the beauty, our speech more loving... soon catapult entire being into Oneness for all. Our sons, brothers, husbands will be coming home from Iraq. As Ascension comes nearer, wars cease. Ascension is gradual now, but will soon move into high gear. Cleaner skies mean less illness.  Our ability to clear chemtrails, tropical storms.  New Orleans Category One storm reversed to tropical storm.  Katrina was directed to New Orleans by our governbmemt:  HAARP, which was an ancient technology discovered in Atlantic and revamped.  Agarthians shut down this "storm director." Gone!  Over!   Cabal losing ground and control next days, weeks. People's veils falling away and see goernment as they are.  An improved government before Ascension. Earth's sister-planet identical to Earth; where our remaining 3D will go.  Why we won't miss them, or they miss us? Holograms!  Earth people now on ships being trained for using their technology.  Sea walls 1-inch thick, done in less than 1 hour!  They are preparing for us... lots of us!  Hollow Earth, Galactic Federation of  Light, Telos Council of 12, Shamballah.  All meeting, to prepare for our Ascension. Our housing. The big Andromeda vessel in southwest sky ... triangle ... no stars can be seen within triangle. Elenin's "second sun?"  After Disclosure; before Ascension. Ascennsion "between now and December 21." Steve Olesky's trip to Hollow Earth.  Definition of Source Creator, Supreme Creator, Elohim, Jehova,  Allah, Lesser Gods. No clouds in 5D?  Plants watered from beneath. All HAARPS built on zippers .. Mother Earth expanding ... HAARPS will be swallowed weeks to come. Garden of Eden is in Hollow Earth.  City of Eden (as seen on website banner). Noah's "deluge" was only in one section of the planet; the flood was not global. Cloud cover created oceans. Q & A: Healing happens when doubt & fear are gone. How Sananda/Jesus healed. Have your vibration workshop out in nature; encircle a tree and let it teach you.  Billie Miers in Switzerland is in direct contact with Pleiadians. Bad candidates for President; Interim President?  "Obama - He is in contact with ..."   All of Australia, New Zealand, Easter Island is Lemuria.  Gives complete outline of Lemuria. Caves in Outback connect with Telos.  Those in 3D on Earth's sister planet will have anoher chance at Ascension after Mother Earth Ascends. Zorra's Healing, supported by Glactic Federation of Light, Council of 12, Telos ...  Reports of healing experiences.


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2 hours - 15 minutes

Billie/Zaraya updates us on his and Jane's extended stay on the surface - Appreciation is given to those who have donated to their cost of living fund, since they had just given their own funds and assets away to those in need -  The Power Rod, an ancient science tool that will soon be available. What does it do for people, automobile engines, animals, plants, weather management and chemtrails?  - The triangle of stars that can be seenn in southtwest sky is a huge ship from Andromeda, several thousands of miles across - The 75% eligible for Ascension has now grown to 90% (but they don't all know it yet!)  -  Will we experience a deep loss of loved ones? - How today's energy shifts are affecting us -  How long will Ascension take? - How to manifest - Troops will return and peace must come for Moher Earth to ascend - Why Galactic Federation of Light will now intervene -  No ships cloaked now  -  Ascension can occur anytime between now and December 21 -  Our responsibility to heal and to teach because we CAN -- Two important "must hear" channeled messages coming through Annette: September 14th with Archangel Michael; September 21st, with Elenan, a 12th level of 10th Dimension great Teacher from the University of Sirius -  Will China be the first to experience Disclosure? - Neptune brings healing to many - How do we orient to our new 5D life? - Global Healing Pulse from Zorra, Council of 12 from Inner Earth; Council of 12 from Hollow Earth. - Billie returns, and WHERE has he been??  WHAT did he learn???  You'll love it!!


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2 hours

Zorra returns via his son, Zaraya.  Jane Stevens moderates.  Why did Zaraya and Jane stay on the surface?  Peter Olson explains.  Zorra:  Earth's Non-Interference Clause has been lifted as of August 4th; Disclossure now in hands of Galactic Federation of Light.   Armadas of ships decloaking. You are hearing the truth here; no disinformation on this call.  No guesswork. The Over Soul and our contracted Life Plan.  I have been watching Hollow Earth Network and your confusion with disinformation; so I am back and will keep you on the right page. Will have a call EVERY Saturday, as things are moving very fast,. Disclosure coming on mass scale.  How GFL will contact some and pick them up.  About seismic activity, sea walls, etc.  Gathering will still take place at end of 2012.  Only Supreme Creator can change this.  Mother Earth must expand and we must get out of the way. About Neptune and Elenin. Healing. Cabal on last legs. Area 51 is shut down. Where is last cabal stronghold?  Zorra and Hollow Earth Council of 12 give Global Healing Pulse. When will Dinar RV?  Where those staying at 3D will go. We all leave surface and go where? Post-Ascension Terra. Year 2013 or Year 1?  HAARP??  "You were one of the High Priestess's."  Steve's planned trip to Hollow Earth.


Dale's Blog Talk Radio Show 
Zorra and Zaraya!

A rare opportunity to, probably for the last time, 
hear Zorra through his son, Zaraya (Billie). 
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Any doubts about how 2012 will end?
Listen up!

JUNE 6 2012

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2 Hours   20 Minutes

Also available by using the Express Route 
and listening direct from
Input Call Code:  426672
This call was especially called by Zorra after advisement from ArchAngel Michael, ArchAngel Gabrial, ArchAngel Raphael, ArchAngel Arial, Adama and his High Council of 12 in Telos.  The purpose of this call is to dispel the barage of disinformation abounding on the Internet.  Zorra's Message:  "To set the record straight: all that I have told you, all that has been recorded and posted on our website from April 2011 to April 2012, remains true.  Other channeled messages suggesting facts other than what I have told you many times on our recorded calls is disinformation. Terra is on her way to 5th Dimension and will not be stopped.  As I have said before: Wait and see what happens!

Neptune is on High Alert and will become visible as a vessel, not a cloud, in locations throughout the world.  2012 will end as I have told you. The next year will be known as Year 1.  How are Inner Earth and Hollow Earth preparing for arrivals from the surface?  Where will you live?  How about families?  What can you do to release the prosperity programs?  What percentage is ready for 5th Dimension?  What can you do to raise your own vibrations?

A special thanks to Quazar (Jane Stevens) for organizing and moderating this call!

Blog Talk Radio
Monday, May 21 2012
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Headband update - Jane's work to do before 5th Dimension - Introduction to Annette Sassou  -   Adama:  "Buckle up! - All eyes on Humanity - How close are we to the 51% "tipping point"??"  -   
Zorra:  Ramtha, "Humanity 450,000 years old."  -   What we should be doing right now  -   She was told she was one of 144,000; Zorra: "You are in for a lot of work."  -   Eclipse energy?  -  NESARA?   


MAY 3 2012

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About One hour - 30 minutes

Nancy does a great job juggling three Beings as they respond to questions!  This is a wonderful call with lots of updated information from  Metatron, Horus, Adama AND ZORRA!  Don't miss all the information that is pertinent to unfolding events!  Zorra: "2013? ...  or, Year 1??"    And isn't it great to be able to hear Zorra's voice again???



 and ZORRA!

Thursday, April 19th

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1 hour; 30 minutes   -  Code 716481

If you are missing that delightful voice and humor of Zorra, you are in for a treat.  Toward the end of Nancy Tate's Family Gathering, Zorra joins Nancy's call and provides much new info.  

Call begins with Nancy bringing Archangel Michael, Hatonn, Adama and Horus. When Zorra joins the call, we also hear Peter Olson who has met a Telosian and doesn't know it!  We hear about the 50-mile radius cleared around Mt Shasta for "countless numbers" to successfully enter Telos.  We hear about their Telos orientation to 5D and their eventual locations in Inner and Hollow Earth. We hear about the groups who successfully visited Neptune and groups yet to go. Jenna saw a lady unicorn step on to her properthy; Zorra confirms. Jane asks about the effect of the Solar Eclipse on the Cabal ... on Dinars and NESARA.  A delightful and heartwarming visit with Zorra, with a successful healing burst of energy as it closes.  Indeed!

Saturday, April 7 2012

Note:  Please allow 3 - 5 minutes to load!

Zorra - Channeled by Billie Faye Woodard
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Horus w/visit from Sananda Channeled by Nancy Tate
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Adama / ArchAngel Michael Channeled by Annette Sassou
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Closing the Event Was a Surprise for Zaraya
Days before the Event, Nancy had been inspired by Zorra to change
some of the lyrics of the original song and to sing it with the new name:

Go Rest Deep 'Neath Shasta Mountain
Click Here to Listen
Music courtesy of 
Original Version: Go Rest High on that Mountain, by Vince Gil

Saturday March 31 2012
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3 hrs 28 minutes

Listen by phone:  1-712-432-3131 + 20768153

Billie's last call - Billie's Mission fulfilled - Jane on Mission - whales, dolphines already leaving - 9/11 and WWII created by?  -  Headband info - Photon Belt - Daylight much longer, soon ALL daylight - Continue lottery - Dinars, NESARA - Laminine info - Energy input points worldwide - Jesus ate no fish - Transition meats - Fukushima, caused by Mother Earth or human nuclear devices? - To find Mt Shasta entrance, other entrances - People in prison? - Underwater pyramids -  Billie: "Hundreds of thousands of ships"... WHY???    Zorra:  "Over one million people already on board Hollow Earth Network"... in exactly one year!

Saturday, March 17 2012!!
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2 Hours - 16 Minutes

To listen by telephone:  1-712-432-3131 + 24163922

LANDMARK CALL! - Awaiting Written Transcription!

Unlike any other call!  Plan on two hours.  Listen and re-listen! - DNA evolving  ExtraTerrestrial Coding identifies "us" - So many ships; more than you can count!  Main Vessel, Elenin and its role - Neptune's Earth Visitors -  Time to know "You are not alone!" -  24 hours are now 18  - Time compressing! -  WHO will head our new world government???  SURPRISE!!  -  If they wanted to, they have the power, but ... do not use it.   Creating perfect weather  -  When Terra is totally engulfed in Photon Belt -  Recorded Energy Healing Bursts from Sananda - "You are all loved greatly," ~ Grand Master Sananda  -  Entities called "Devil," -  "Satan" do not exist, should never have been put in Bible -  Dead Sea Scrolls were the only pure "Word" -  Gods and Higher Gods yet - These recorded healing energies will work! - "No gas... can you pick me up?" - Visions - She received signals... her ship has arrived  -  EAT RIGHT or live an inferior life -  Crystal placements - Create a Crystal Space Time Communicator Generator  -   All energy surges to Terra must be agreed upon by the  Galactic Federation of Planets  -  "Solar flares?" - Poppycock!  -  Another Energy Pulse to all headbands and third eye  -  Billie returns from... Helios! (The Sun!), delivers their Message, and describes the surface of the Sun  An invisible gateway to Inner Earth tunnel shuttle in New York City!! -  Note: When critical information is being given, you will hear all  kinds of sounds by government agents trying to block the message.  Amazing!

Saturday - March 3 2012
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To hear this call by telephone:  1-712-432-3131 + 99699538

One of the most impactful calls yet.  This is a not-to-be-missed call!  Our path to Ascension and how it affects Terra's surface, Inner and Hollow Earth!  Adama's nightime classes. Meeting Telosian's at Mt Shasta. Photon Belt - get ready! Dale's revelation.  Rita's Guide from Elenin.  Anne saw Elenin. ALL tunnels shut down!  More!

Monday February 27 2012
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Billie and Zora answer listeners' questions.
What happened to be black boxes on our western beaches?
Why are the dolphins beaching themselves on the Atlantic coasts?
David Wilcock announced a country-wide power failure for Sunday.
How and who averted this?
Do we need to stock up on food?  For how long?

Click on above live link to listen online
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Listen by telephone:  1-712-432-3131 + 76394821
1 hour; 47 minutes

Billie was ON Neptune during last Monday's call; describes Arch Angel Michael's tour, Surface visitors on Neptune tour, the beginning of Disclosure! In depth "tour" of Hollow Earth with Jane and Billie, how babies are born in the ocean,  educational system, calling the Surface via telephone from Hollow Earth, Earth's sister planet, we can dissipate chemtrails, now accepting headband orders, Laminine benefits, purifying shark cartiledge, soon all natural; How eat living plants? Billie returns, this time from Elenin where they are very busy preparing to "separate" from sun and be seen! 

Monday, February 13 2012
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Billie responds to selected questions pre-submitted by listeners... What are the humming boxes on the beaches?  How do 3D and 4D Humans adapt to Hollow Earth?  Difference between Hollow and Inner Earth?  Zorra tells more about the Neptune ... a mere 2,000 feet in diameter! Why did the planned "Joy Ride" fail?  Dale invites Steve Beckow, Linda Dillon, Grener, Arch Angel Michael to next show.  Why do other groups say that people will remain on surface after December 21 2012?  WILL THEY???  
Why not?  Surprise about Neptune visitor.

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Enjoy a delightful excursion on our
"Journey to Hollow Earth"

Jane Stevens interviews Billie and Zorra
on a guided tour as we join her on our this delightful trip.
And... WHERE was Billie while we visited with Zorra??


Click on date for online listening


BILLIE explains the source of permeating sounds being heard worldwide as coming from the Agarthians, now at work cleansing our atmosphere, lakes, rivers, streams and water table. It is nothing to fear. The most important focus for us? Raising our vibrations and consciousness! Earth's global population needs to get out of 3rd Dimensional thinking! Billie explains the exercise which can also be seen on on the page: Raising Vibrations. We must dilgently practice this exercise daily! Billie's Mission and why Admiral Byrd's failed. - How to recover our telepathic abilities. Trees have souls. Hear them scream when being cut down. All planets are hollow and have populations living inside. Want to see Disclosure? Not until we raise our vibrations to higher dimension.
ZORRA... Cabal tried to prevent this interview. We must get away from 3rd Dimensional thinking! 4th Dimension began January 2006 with a shift in consciousness and understanding. We have had more channelers, more healings since then. All walking on Terra today are more than their essence ... are Gods, Goddesses ... All One with trees, squirrels, etc. - Wish to Ascend? See Disclosure? ...Only when we achieve our Oneness with Earth and Nature. You have a subconscious mind which is your God-Mind to be used in a loving manner. Cabal is no longer in charge;.you are in charge; you have the ability! Get ready for it. Get your consciousness rising! Energy, rising! Vibrations, rising! It is up to you! You hold the Key to your evolution! -- How we came to Planet Earth. - Use the technique Billie described to achieve a Higher Understanding.

January 21 2012

Listen online:  click on the above date/link - allow time to load

Billie's phone schedule - Headband science -  you are God's and Goddesss and one with each other - You are not limited - Bible mis-quotes - Where does lava flow from? - Mars is populated - Auroras - Dolphins - Tsunamis - You are healers - YouTube demo by Zorra - Adm Byrd - Billie's Mission - Loud strange noises are Agarthians purifying atmosphere and oceans - Earth after terraforma - 3 days darkness - 12 days light - love ocean, ocean loves you back - Laughter is a healer

January 16 2012

BBS Radio Show

Listen free online:  Click on the above date link - allow time to load

An outstanding call!  --  You won't be bored!

Headband orders end Jan 23  *  Elenin can be seen in front of sun  *  All planets are hollow

3D is gone, we are in 4th heading for 5th  *  Dinosaurs still alive in Hollow Earth

Exact location of Atlantis  *  The Gathering and where we will each go    

Entrances to Hollow Earth  *  How to know if a tunnel is an entrance    

US underground bases now held by Agarthians  *  No FEMA camps!    

Huge financial shift, monies being released to population  *  How to prepare?

Religion??  *  For those not believing this...  *  Zorra's position in Hollow Earth   

100,000's surface population already in Hollow Earth    

Names of those we know who are there  *  Restoring broken and damaged bodies    

Ships surrounding our planet  *  How we got here  *  Honoring who we really are  

January 7 2012

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This is a re-post.  This call had been removed earlier. It is re-posted only to be read with the following understanding: Zorra has clarified that his comments were intended  for listening government agents.  Zorra was instructed by the Hollow Earth Council and the Ashtar Command to deliver this message in a very firm tone to the surface populations of Earth.  As you read this, read with the understanding that when Zorra says "You" -- he is intending this message for the universal "You" ... the surface peoples of Earth.  

Zorra's comments are NOT intended as personal to the reader.

January 02 2012

BBS Radio Show

Call Transcript

New!  Click on Call Transcript!

Listen free online:  Click on the above date link - allow time to load

Billie tells of his arrival on the surface  * Service with USAF Area 51

6 trips to Hollow Earth through tunnels  *  North Polar Opening and How it Works

Billie's Mission  *   ZORRA Explains How to Raise Vibrations through Breathing

250,000 Agarthians on Surface as I speak, some meeting with other
Prospective Governments at this time...

Germany, Russia, England, China, India, etc.    

Present governments will soon lose their power and shut down.

About Cancer  *  You Are Unlimited Beings  *  How to visualize and manifest

58 Minutes

December 17 2011

Listen online:  click on the above date/link - allow time to load

Listen by telephone:  712-432-3131+ 58560858

Earthing!  *  Elenin/NASA  *  Billie in Shamballa  *  Agarthians have Area 51

250,000 Agarthians have Emerged  *  Possible Denver Event *   

How to Raise Our Vibrations  *  After Winter Solstice?  *  We have exceeded Atlantis

Understanding Billie's 4th and 5th Dimensions *  Headbands before Christmas!

Zorra: Grow Your Own Food!  *  What people are seeing  *  Living in Hollow Earth\

2 hours  36 minutes

November 19 2011

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Agarthians' Emergence begins  * Ascension protocol 

Health Program  *  Billy/Sister's H.E. Life before Surface 

How Phyllis healed her knee  *  Watch ship remove chemtrails 

Zorra "Remember Who You Are!  *  Purify foods before cooking 

Expedition to Polar Regions  *   Bring photos back! 

Karen's 11-11-11 at Mt Shasta  * Zorra tells Mt Shasta entrances 

Inviting Agarthian contact  *  Zorra "I Am Disclosure"  *  Earth is last 3-D 

2nd "Sun" will come/go  *   Billie was just on/in Elenin!

2 hours; 25 minutes

November 05 2011 

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New Hollow Earth Prosperity Program, Private Consultations with Billie, 

Billie's Timeline, Twin Towers Disclosure, Denver Flyover, 

Hollow Earth Family Life, Peter & Zorra, Response from

2 hours; 53 minutes

October 22 2011

 Sirian Ship becomes visible to force disclosure,

 5th dimension mind expansion; photon belt; 

all star systems here to witness Earth's ascention to 5th; 

karma? underground bases deactivated by Agarthians;

earth etchings, crop circles; Laminine from Agarthians for brain food; 

Emergence brings medical tech, Laminine counteracts innoculations

2 hrs - 30 minutes

October 08 2011

Emergence - Gathering - Disclosure

Portals - New Health Program 

Stress - Calmness

2 hrs - 36 minutes

September 24 2011

When will Sirius ship dock and uncloack?

All about Gathering and why.

Our unlimited abilities.

Emergence immenent.

Nazi's in Hollow Earth?

We can heal!

2 hours; 22 minutes

September 10 2011

Volume Modified Part 1

Volume Modified Pafrt 2

Volume Modified Part 3

 Powerful information from Zorra!

Understand Dec 21 2011 / Dec 21 2012

2 hours; 3 minutes

August 20 2011

All about Hollow Earth

From Chicago Expo

 2 hours; 4 minutes

August 06 2011

All new topics!

3 hours; 21 minutes

Working on Call Outline

July 23 2011

More info on incoming Sirian ship!

Emergence before end of 2011

4 hours; 20 minutes

Working on Call Outline

July 9 2011

Wow!  What a Call!

This call is posted; follow above directions

3 hours; 30 minutes

Working on Call Outline now!

June 18 2011

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Watch for the top of Page 6 - "It is a Ship!"  Amazing!

4 hours; 45 minutes

June 4 2011

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This is a wonderful call with much new information!

3 hours; 58 minutes



May 21 2011

Billie and Zora   Narrative   Q & A   

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4 hrs: 23 min

May 07 2011

Billie and Zora. Narrative.  Q & A  

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3 hrs: 32 min

April 16 2011

First announced call to large audience.  Billie's full story.

Zora speaks. Q & A    

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4 Hr; 40 min 

April 02 2011

Last half of the first call with about six or seven people. 

1 hr: 27 min




Some of our recorded calls became quite lengthy and many of you are unable to stay online for the duration of the call.  Some like to come back and listen in segments. Others cannot stay located at the same computer for any length of time.  And still others, from distant lands, must access a US telephone to connect!


Is there a solution?


If you take the Express Link to and input the call code, you can select any call for a download to an mp3 player, iPod, etc.  Now it is portable to join you on walks, in a private location, etc.


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