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  A Powerful Healing and
Galactic Transmission and Receiver Tool

This image has encoded alive energy for this NOW
 that I hope everyone can feel and enjoy.

Blessings, Christine


Please note proper placement of headband - directly over Third Eye. Zorra just informed me with the insight to have EVERYONE who has a headband to wear it for the Healing Pulses! This is very important, as this will allow their Healing Team and Twin to go above that Being's programming and allow in the healing. We all have a problem with receiving! This will greatly HELP those who are sincerely ready to receive. - This also goes for their Twin contact allowance. ~ Christine


We three took our headbands and went on a trip
high into the mountains of Mexico!

We saw several ships. We cried so many times, as we peeked under our veils at the indigenous lives that we had once lived.

It was such an amazing trip... took me back to my roots!

~  Janet Ariel

*  Enjoy an enhanced Meditation
* Enhanced Healing Pulses
*  Connection to the Divine Realm & Twin
*  Third Eye opening to more insight and creativity
*  Better overall understanding of your life

 Includes a free cleaning cloth to polish your headband.

Understanding the Headband

This special headband is ancient in its conception. It dates back to the days of Lemuria. The Lemurians were a civilization who were a peaceful and highly intelligent enlightened beings. Of course, they were already full 5th dimensional beings. When they created this tool, they used it primarily as a healing tool as well as a device utilized to communicate with other beings from other star systems. It was used only for the highest purpose and good for all. So as you use it, know that this was a special gift for us to have during this Ascension Transition period. Know also that it is highly powerful. Be respectful of it and keep it in a safe and special place in your home.

Healing your bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Ascension transition: assists with the ability to communicate with the Galactics and Higher Beings of Light.
Meditation: assists in achieving a deeper and focused meditation.Mind: balances both left and right brain hemispheres. It enhances greater concentration and clarity.
Body: promotes a calmer and peaceful countenance.

How to energize your headband
Go out in nature or outside your home when it is sunny and it is quiet and peaceful. Find a tree if possible and place your back against the tree. You can also just plant your feet on the ground (not on concrete). Ground yourself and face the Sun. Put the headband on over your forehead making contact with the 3rd eye area (between and just above the eyebrows). Now, begin to take a few deep breaths, concentrating on relaxing and removing mind chatter. When you have reached a state of calm and peace within, then say out loud or to yourself, “I call upon the Lord God of my Being and Zorra to energize this headband.” You can repeat this at least three  times and know that "it is finished.” Keep this headband on for 15 minutes and then remove it. Your headband is now energized. It now has your unique energy signature.
Wear this every day for only 15 minutes per day for at least 3-4 days. Give the energized headband time to integrate into your bodies. If you have a headache at first, that is normal and that will subside. It is part of the integration process. After that you can go ahead and wear it all day long and even as you sleep if you desire.

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 Zorra's Request

Sunday, June 28 2015

On Zorra's Saturday, June 27th call, Zorra encouraged everyone to help others if you have the ability to do so. Below is a DONATE button to send a Headband or Healing Rod to someone unable to purchase now who really wishes to use these tools. The receivers will be chosen by Christine. Please click this donate button now if you feel led to empower one of your family members that are ready to awaken.

To Donate to Headband/Healing Rod Fund
Please click below:
The button above lets you enter any amount. So if you can only do 1/2 of an item please enter a note so we will know your intentions and how you wish for it to be used.

And, of course, if you wish to donate one of these tools to one who is close to you, just place the order below with their name and shipping address, charged to you.

 Blessings Love & Light... Christine


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